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#after all
the7thcrow · 4 minutes ago
i’m about to start writing a one-shot that i am so very excited about.
say hello to violinist!hyunjin y’all 😌🤚🏼
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jaratekid · 6 minutes ago
That last post reminded me of this artist I saw that was like “STOP thirsting in the comments over my art and sexualizing my art!! I don’t wanna see comments like “wow that ass” and shit it makes me uncomfortable!!” And I go to their page and literally all they drew were pinups, characters in lingerie and suggestive clothes/poses, cropped p*rn and soft p*rn like... ok you have a right to say that makes you uncomfortable and to delete comments but like what do you expect.. I know some of that stuff isn’t inherently sexual and like yeah if it were a real person it would be disgusting but uh. It’s art so.. idk. You’re gonna have weirdos commenting on a character’s ass no matter if it’s a pinup or not. But yeah it was like.. what do you expect.. maybe tell people beforehand you don’t like that shit or don’t draw sexually charged shit idk lmao
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vegetarianbisexual · 7 minutes ago
No one has disliked my crappy edits (which is surprising) except one person on both of my Marvin ones.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
now the question here is: is it because they are about Marvin or because of the imovie editing?
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zainamalik · 9 minutes ago
The first condition of being a Muslim is to have belief in the Oneness of Allah Almighty. And to affirm the prophethood of the last Prophet.
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dionideatta · 27 minutes ago
Maybe the deleted scene will use the set for cha young's bedroom? Maybe it'll be the bye bye balloon scene? Maybe it'll be the scene in the ep 16 preview of someone stepping on bungeoppang which never appeared in the end?? Maybe a flashback to someone's childhood??? Chayenzo in Malta??? Han seo's funeral??? Han seo in Malta??? 10 minutes of Mr nam clicking a lighter??? Vincenzo's unreleased cooking show?? Han seo sitting through a step by step presentation on the fundamentals of microeconomics?? An appearance from Luca?? Chayenzo tending to the vineyards??? Chayenzo wedding??? Inzhagi's backstory?????
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theharriediaries · 28 minutes ago
things that have the same energy as not reblogging thé fics you like
- trying on everything in a clothing store and leaving without buying anything
- rich people tipping 10%
-when ariana grande licked a donut and then left the store
-leaving early from a concert because you want to beat traffic
-walking into a restaurant at 8:45 and wanting to be served when they close at 9
-leaving « here’s a tip: smile more » on the receipt instead of actually tipping
-leaving a mess in a retail store or restaurant because « the employees will clean up thats their job. »
-clearing your plate at a restaurant and then asking for a free meal because you didn’t enjoy it
-basically being a karen or the male equivalent please stop being that way
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lostlittlenerd · 28 minutes ago
Excuse my totally random return to Tumblr but I would very much so like someone to join me in screaming over this, please and thank you.
(And yes, I did become a BTS fan in the time that I was gone, so brace yourselves for that.)
Tumblr media
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buttercupcherry · 29 minutes ago
this twist at the end has the same energy of Tommy calling George at the end of the stream at Vikkstar's house. but like 10x more impactful
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russquez · 43 minutes ago
why is every song in english I don't want to understand what you're singing about let me be confused I'm here for the vibes only
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gleeincorrectquotes · 54 minutes ago
• Samcedes (Sam x Mercedes)
• Samchel (Sam x Rachel)
• Blaine & Sam
• Tina & Sam
• Artie & Sam
• Hevans (Kurt x Sam)
• Satina (Sam x Tina)
• I genuinely can’t think of a third?
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ask-mrsakurayashiki · 55 minutes ago
Thanks for your help the other day Princess. Was a little bit of hard labour too much for you?
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busybeingmakebelieve · an hour ago
I'm still stuck on the Russian lady tbh
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