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#aelin whitethorn
“He was hers and she was his and they had found each other across centuries of bloodshed and loss, across oceans and kingdoms and war.” -Empire of Storms
Don’t mind me, I’m just sobbing in the background
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cloudywriter · 23 hours ago
camp staghorn - 6
Tumblr media
hey babes! i honestly got this out faster than i thought i would but i’m pretty happy with it. enjoy!! (send me some rowaelin prompts please i need some new stuff).
masterlist, main masterlist, AO3
Aelin was munching on her breakfast early the morning after Rowan and his boys rudely dumped her entire camp into the lake. The mushy eggs she continued to shove in her mouth had her appetite dissipating but Aelin was staring off into space, mindlessly consuming her breakfast while trying to think of the perfect way to get Rowan back.
Lysandra sat down across from Aelin, her tray smacking on the table effectively snapping Aelin out of her trance.
“Thinking hard over there?” Lys asked, sipping from her glass of water. 
“Yeah, I need to get Rowan back, but I’m not sure what to do,” Aelin huffed. 
“Aelin Galathynius is running out of ways to annoy others? Never thought I’d see the day.” Lys replied with a smirk, picking up her knife to slice her waffles. 
Aelin rolled her eyes. “Oh, ha ha,” she replied drily. 
“I’m sure you’ll think of something, don’t force it, it'll come to you. Anyway, I have to eat quickly. My girls are dying to get on the big inflatable slip and slide today.”
“There’s a slip and slide today?” Aelin asked, intrigued by the multitude of possibilities that suddenly presented themselves. 
Lysandra nodded, “Yeah, I heard from Dorian, he and a few other boys were helping Gavriel blow it up this morning.”
Aelin hummed, watching as Lysandra spread a generous amount of butter on her waffle. Her mind was reeling, working to develop a plan, a way she could maybe use the slip and slide in her retaliation. 
If Aelin were in a cartoon a lightbulb would have appeared above her head, signaling the donning of an idea. 
She might just take the slip part of the slip and slide up a notch or two.
As Aelin left the dining hall that morning she grabbed a fistful of single slice pre-packaged butter from the plastic container near the end of the food line. Her campers followed along each seizing what they could after Aelin briefly outlined her plan.  
There was one hole in her scheme, however, that needed rectifying before she could execute it. She needed to figure out Rowan and his camp’s scheduled slip and slip time. Aelin certainly couldn’t ask him herself, that would be far too suspicious, she needed someone on the inside. Someone who was unsuspecting, someone Rowan trusted. 
Aelin made a mental list of the other counselors Rowan seemed friendly with, running through her options. There was Lorcan but he didn’t seem to be a big fan of Aelin’s nor did he seem to enjoy fun. There was Vaughan but Aelin had never talked to him before. There was Connall but again Aelin didn’t have much of a relationship with him. Then there was Fenrys. He was a risky choice but he was likely her best bet. He definitely had a playful side and loved to tease Rowan as much as she did, always entertained by their rivalry. 
Maybe, just maybe he would be willing to play both sides. 
Thus, as soon as she left the dining hall she spotted Fenrys heading down towards the lake, his campers marching in a line behind him. 
“Fenrys!” She called, waving her hand to get his attention. 
Fenrys turned around, a wolfish grin overtaking his face. “Need something, Galathynius?”
Aelin jogged towards him, taking a moment to scan the area for a lurking Rowan. 
“I need a favor,” she revealed, still checking over her shoulder. 
“A favor?” Fenrys raised an eyebrow, intrigued by this development. 
“Yes, but it requires a level of discretion that you have to promise to uphold.”
Fenrys hummed, tapping a finger on his lip, “I suppose I can promise to be discreet.”
“Perfect,” she responded, her grin now matching Fenrys’ own. She looped her arm through his and walked down with him to the lake all while articulating her master plan. 
It was halfway through lunch when Fenrys passed by her, shoving a piece of paper into her hand as he walked by. 
Written on the paper was only a sentence but it was all Aelin required. 
He’ll be there at 2pm.
Aelin kept a close eye on the clock the rest of the day and when it was finally nearing 2pm she and her girls made their way towards the camp’s entrance where the slip and slide was. 
Luckily, the coast seemed to be clear, not a counselor or staff member insight. 
“Alright, girls, you know what to do,” she gave the all-clear and they unzipped their bags eagerly, dumping out of the slices of butter they’d acquired earlier. 
As Aelin unwrapped a few slices of butter she threw them onto the giant, imposing green and blue inflatable. They were relying on the sun to melt them into an oily mess before Rowan and his camp showed. Her girls followed her lead, unwrapping and tossing repeatedly until their butter supply was depleted.
Time was ticking and Aelin was happy to see that the butter was melting fast under the blazing afternoon rays. She even grabbed the hose and sprayed over the inflatable for good measure, dispersing the clumps of butter before they were ready to retreat into the cover of the trees. Once she felt that the slip and slide looked innocent enough she motioned for her girls to follow her to the tree line and wait. 
They didn’t have to wait long, Rowan and his boys showed up soon enough dressed in their bathing suits, carrying towels slung over their shoulders. 
Aelin’s girls struggled to keep their giggles at bay, laughing through the fingers they pressed to their mouths in an attempt to stifle them. 
The boys got into a miniature argument discussing who got to test the slide first. Rowan stayed quiet until one of the boys suggested that Rowan be the one to go. The others seemed on board with the idea; they started to excitedly cheer on their counselor, demanding he go on the slide. 
“Go, Rowan! Go!” They began chanting, swinging their towels in a helicopter motion above their heads. Rowan smiled, shaking his head but complied. “Alright, boys, let me show you how it’s done.” 
He took up his position a few feet away from the beginning, getting in a few running strides before leaping onto the inflatable belly first. Rowan went flying down the rubber track so hard he flipped over the end wall onto the ground, now muddy with water from the slip and slide’s earlier use. His boys went crazy, some laughing while others climbed up onto the slide ready for their own turn.
“Holy crap,” Rowan breathed trying to wipe the mud off of his thigh while clutching where he had fallen on his hip. 
The boys that had climbed onto the inflatable struggled to even keep upright, their feet constantly slipping out from under them. 
“Is it supposed to be like this?” One of the boys inquired as he fell for what seemed like the 10th time. 
More of the boys got onto the inflatable to investigate, each falling over themselves. 
Rowan was rubbing his hands down his chest and arms, likely figuring out that he felt more oily than wet. He looked out towards the forest and Aelin dropped her head, praying he missed the flurry of movement. 
She deemed her prayer had gone unanswered as a shadow appeared over the thick bush she was crouched behind. 
She looked up, meeting Rowan’s pine green eyes. “I should’ve known.” 
“Struggling a bit, Whitethorn?” 
He looked back towards his boys all on the slide flailing their arms trying to keep balanced long enough to stand. 
“Maybe a little.” 
“You smell like a pancake,” Aelin commented with a smile.
“A pancake?” Rowan asked, a question in his eyes. 
“Mhm, a very buttery pancake,” Aelin clarified. 
Rowan seemed to catch on, putting the pieces together like a puzzle. “You covered the slide in butter?”
Aelin shrugged, flicking an empty butter packet at his face. 
“Very clever,” Rowan deadpanned, flicking the wrapper right back. 
Aelin scrunched her nose, knocking the wrapper out of the air before it could connect with her face. 
“Did your campers even get to go on the slip and slide before you defiled it?” Rowan mused. 
Aelin looked out to the line of girls next to her, “They can still go. I just made it more fun, twice the slip.”
Rowan just shook his head, laughing slightly as he walked back to the slip and slide where his campers were still tumbling over each other. 
Aelin deemed the buttered slip and slide successful enough. 
That night Aelin settled into bed after washing her face and brushing her teeth. She was always thoroughly exhausted after each camp day and had no trouble falling into bed, finding some much-needed rest in the black abyss that swallowed her. 
She could have only been asleep for a few hours before she thought she heard the rustle of leaves and the snapping of twigs outside the cabin. Her eyelids were still heavy; her body protested the thought of waking up. In her sleep-idled mind, she could barely discern whether the noises were all in her head or not. 
She decided to ignore it, chalking it up to regular nightly forest sounds. Aelin’s consciousness was just beginning to slip once more when she heard the most obnoxious banging. 
Pots and pans were being slammed together, the loud metallic sound echoing through the forest, offensive and abrupt against the previously quiet night. She was suddenly very awake but also very confused as shouting joined the racket. 
All of her girls were sitting up in their bunks now, grumbling and wiping the sleep from their eyes.
“What’s going on?” Ansel rasped, dramatically falling back into her pillow. 
Aelin stumbled out of her bed, nearly tripping over the sneakers she’d discarded earlier. The thumping and shouting was incessant. 
“Wakey, wakey!” The sound of a young boy screeching came from outside.
Aelin pushed open the cabin door with a groan, rubbing her eyes. She was met with the sight of Rowan and his campers all armed with various pans, pots, and utensils beating them together relentlessly. 
“Good morning, Princess.” Rowan greeted, hitting what looked to be the lid to two pans together like cymbals.
“What are you doing?” Aelin demanded as a group of her girls gathered behind her to see what all the commotion was about. 
Rowan shrugged. “We’re giving you a rude awakening, I suppose.” 
“Well, if you could shut it down that would be greatly appreciated,” Aelin replied walking down the steps to come face to face with Rowan, resting her hands on her hips. The boys didn’t falter, continuing to make an obscene amount of noise. 
Aelin’s foot landed on the length of green hose that snaked around their cabin, coming from its side. She smirked, reaching down to grab its head. Ansel seemed to know exactly where her mind had wandered, she rushed to the hose’s knob and twisted it, a spray of water erupting out of it, directed straight at Rowan Whitethorn. 
He cursed, holding up the lids for cover while rushing out of Aelin’s line of fire. She aimed the hose at the line of boys, spraying them without mercy. They started yelling and running in an attempt to find cover and escape the projection of water. 
“Hey! Hey!” A shout came from down the trail that led to Aelin’s camp’s cabin. 
Gavriel materialized from around the bend, looking very annoyed. 
“What is going on?” He demanded, stopping in front of the guilty parties with his hands on his hips. The hose suddenly switched off, the water turning into a trickle and the boys tucked their kitchen items behind their backs. 
Aelin and Rowan briefly made eye contact but neither made a move to explain. 
Gavriel sighed, rubbing his eyebrows with two of his fingers. “Obviously, I’ve noticed you two have a bit of a rivalry going and that was all fine when it was harmless stuff but now you’re getting disruptive. I mean it’s almost 2am and you’re making a racket. You’ve woken up half a camp full of children!” He paused then.
Rowan cleared his throat, “I’m sorry, sir, this was my idea and I should’ve thought of the repercussions first.”
Gavriel huffed. “Anything to add, Aelin?”
“Nah, this was on Rowan,” Aelin offered, shooting Rowan a grin filled with mirth. Gavriel only shot her a reprimanding look. 
Aelin sighed, “I’m sorry, Uncle G, we will keep it more lowkey from now on.” Rowan seemed surprised by her use of uncle but quickly schooled his features into neutrality. 
“No, guys, you need to call a truce. Shake hands or something and make up,” Gavriel asserted. 
Rowan and Aelin looked at each other but again made a move, unwilling to declare peace. Gavriel motioned for them to get on with it. 
Rowan reluctantly offered up his hand, Aelin shot Gavriel one more look hoping it conveyed how much she did not want to let Rowan have the last word. Gavriel only gave her a hard look in return so she grabbed Rowan’s outstretched hand, his calloused palm wrapping around her own. They both gave a weak shake.
“Truce?” Rowan asked.
“Truce.” Aelin agreed with a huff.
taglist:  @live-the-fangirl-life // @rowaelinismyotp // @gosuckadickghostman // @camilamartinezdunne // @charlizeed​ // @story-scribbler​
if i ever miss you for the taglist or you wanna be tagged let me know!!
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mariamuses · a day ago
stay stay stay | rowaelin au
Tumblr media
summary: aelin's and rowan's relationship takes a little tumble and, as always, taylor swift is the answer
word count: 5.4k
a/n: this fic is a collab with the amazing and fantastic human @stardustsroses who, even though she's on hiatus, took the time to write with me and hype me up.
find it on ao3
Aelin’s been cooped up all day, going so far as skipping her dance lesson, but she needs this.
Being a literature student while keeping a dance scholarship and having a boyfriend who’s also an athlete is not an easy feat; and this week of midterms has kicked her ass very thoroughly.
As soon as she’s done with her last exam, she drops by her room to leave everything behind and pick up her football jersey, the one with her boyfriend’s name and number on it.
They’ve barely seen each other this week, and the only thing that would make her feel instantly better was Rowan. Not even dance made the cut, she was too burnt out for it to work.
So, even though she would much rather chill with him on her couch and cuddle as they watch a movie, she drives herself to the stadium because he’s about to play one of the most important games of his career and she’s going to play her girlfriend role well and she’s going to cheer for him.
She tries to park near the entrance but as soon as she turns the street that leads to the arena, hoards of people meet her; so instead, she parks at the next spot she finds and walks the rest of the way.
Once she gets to the gates, she shows the security guard her annual pass and he indicates the way to the section she’s become very familiar with after a full semester of dating the star of the team.
The game is a close call and Aelin screams her lungs out every single time Rowan scores, but he doesn’t seem to notice her on the stands. It ticks her off, but she was late so maybe he looked beforehand and doesn’t want to search for her again and break his concentration.
Finally, the game ends and the Terrasen Kingflames take the victory, which means the afterparty is going to be packed with cheerleaders, football players and their significant others, as well as athletes from other sports; instead of a sad all-you-can-drink get together to forget their woes.
Aelin heads towards the locker room doors, waiting for Rowan and the rest of the players to get out of the showers to head to the party.
She can already see Lysandra, Manon and Elide waiting for their men, so she approaches them.
Lysandra sees her coming and screams, throwing her arms out in a tight hug:
“Ace! You made it! Wait, how long have you been here?”
Aelin snorts, sensing the inebriation coming from her friend.
“I made it to the last forty minutes of the game, but I was so hyper-fixated on Rowan that I didn’t even see you guys..”
The three girls boo, making their sadness known at the fact.
“Your boy played well, girl,” comments Manon, bumping her shoulder slightly.
Aelin sighs.
“Yeah, I know… he didn’t seem to spot me at the stands, though. And I screamed. Very loud.”
Elide shakes her head and brings an arm around Aelin’s shoulder.
“You know guys, Ace. They can only think about one thing at a time or they implode. He was probably too busy thinking how he’d celebrate with you after the game; with his head between your-”
“Elide!” interrupts Aelin, covering Elide’s mouth with her hand. “Get your mind out of the gutter!”
“Salvaterre really has corrupted her,” Manon snorts. “She was such a sweet, innocent soul and now-”
She’s cut off by the sound of the doors opening, letting out the hoard of players, freshly showered, with new uniforms on and ready to celebrate.
Aedion, Lorcan and Dorian head towards them as they spot all the girls looking for them, and proceed to kiss their girlfriends; which leaves Aelin searching for Rowan, who’s the last one to come out.
“Babe!” calls out Aelin, while waving her hand above the six foot players around her.
Rowan lifts his head at the sound of her voice, and drags himself towards her, accepting the compliments from his teammates for the incredible game he played. When he gets to her, she hugs him fiercely and whispers in his ear:
“Well done, buzzard. You were amazing.”
He chuckles at the nickname and asks:
“What are you doing here, Ace? Weren’t you swamped with exams and assignments?”
The comment makes Aelin pull back and frown at his boyfriend, green eyes looking into her blue and gold ones.
“Why, aren’t you glad I came to see you?”
Rowan’s eyes widen and he shakes his head unconvincingly.
“No, no, no. I’m glad. Just... surprised.”
“Well then, I’m here. And we’re going to celebrate!” Aelin decides. “Wanna go home and… relax?” she says, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.
“You know I can’t, Fireheart. I need to go to the afterparty as the captain. It’s a good morale-boosting exercise for the team.”
Aelin sighs but nods.
“Yeah, I know... I was just tempting you. One day, it’ll work.” she concludes, determination taking over her face.
Rowan chuckles and heads towards the parking lot, pulling her with him while he talks to some of the freshmen on the team, still discussing the game.
Aelin and Rowan get off her car and walk hand-in-hand towards the frat house that’s holding the afterparty, booming loudly even from the outside.
As they near the door, Aelin slowly stops, gathering strength to face what’s inside; but Rowan heads on, not noticing her girlfriend hesitating.
Aelin frowns at his back, but hurries to catch up to him before he gets lost in the insane amount of people the house is hosting at the moment.
“So, buzzard; how did you do in your midterms?” she asks, curious about what his week had been like since they’ve last seen each other.
“Good” he states nonchalantly.
“Okay… and the rest of your week? How was-”
“Hey, Whitethorn!”
Rowan whips his head towards the shout and grins at the man it came from.
“Moonbeam, my man! Good game!”
The blonde player bows his head in appreciation and starts shouting again:
“You’re one to talk, MVP of the league! You smashed it out there!”
“Thanks boyo! Have fun at the party!”
“Will do, brother.”
Aelin watched the interaction with curiosity and slight unbelief at the amount of testosterone floating in the air, following Rowan into the kitchen to get a drink.
“Anyway” she continues. “As I was saying before we were loudly interrupted by-”
“Rowan!” a chorus of voices sing-sung.
A group of eight cheerleaders circled her boyfriend, separating their linked hands and pushing Aelin out of the way.
“Hey, excuse me!” protested Aelin, throwing her hands in the air.
The cheerleaders however, were too busy fawning over Rowan to be affected by it.
They kept touching him gently and vying for his attention, which he didn’t seem to mind, so Aelin decided to just go get a drink for herself and come back in a few minutes, when the sharks were done with their prey.
Stepping into the kitchen she couldn’t help but feel cheated.
Who was Rowan thinking she was?
He’s barely paid her any attention since the game ended.
She actually skipped a dance class for him and this is how he repaid her?
She couldn’t think that way.
She’s sure he loves her, she can’t be doubting his love for her because of a few midterms and silly girls.
But he surely could try a little to be excited, since she made the effort, right?
Opening the fridge, she finds a beer can and takes it out, chugging half in one sip, trying to drown her jealous thoughts in alcohol.
“Ace! You came here too?” Lysandra says, slipping into the kitchen with a red cup in her hand.
“Yup. I did. Not that Rowan seems to care.”
Her friend gasps dramatically, her black eyes going wide as her mouth does.
“What did he do?”
Aelin shrugs.
“I don’t know Lys, it’s more what he didn’t do.”
She pauses, and the other girl motions her to continue with her free hand, curiosity filling her posture.
“Okay, see how I just paused for dramatic effect and you begged me to continue? Why can’t he do that?”
“Huh?” Lysandra mumbles, confused about the development of the conversation.
“Yeah! Like, I had midterms this week right?”
Lys nodded.
“And I have been swamped with assignments too, so we’ve barely seen each other; other than a five minute facetime every other night. And yet, when I finished today, I dropped my ballet class-”
Her friend gasps.
“I know, right? Me, skipping ballet?” she agrees. “And I come to his freaking game, and I cheer for him and he doesn’t even glance my way for more than two seconds. But that’s okay, ‘cause maybe he didn’t see me. But then I met him at the locker and drove him here, and I even stayed here! And yet, the second anyone but me claims his attention, he’s like a puppy with a new toy, but when I do it’s like I’m annoying.”
“Men are bastards” states Lysandra, matter-of-factly.
“They totally are,” agrees Aelin. “But I love him.”
“Yeah… I love my bastard too.”
The blonde leans her head on her friend’s shoulder and sighs again.
“What do you think?” she asks.
“Well,” Lys observes. “Even though my drunk state should be taken into consideration in order to make your decision based on my very wise advice... I think your best bet would be to talk to him.”
“Ugh. You’re probably right. However, he’s just constantly surrounded by people, how am I gonna get him to talk to me? That’s how this whole mess started in the first place.”
Both girls get a pensive look on their face, but Lysandra’s face quickly turns into a scheming one.
“How about you head upstairs to Aedion’s room and I go talk to Rowan and tell him you have an emergency and send him your way? If he doesn’t pay attention in an emergency you should just cut him off and if he does you can finally talk to him.”
“Hmm, I don’t know Lys, what if he gets worried?”
The other girl snorts.
“Then he’ll rush upstairs and check on you in ten seconds, girl. He won’t die.”
Aelin sighs.
“Okay. I’m going. Thanks, babe.”
“You got it boo, this is what girlfriends are here for.”
Aelin smiles softly as she takes the stairs towards her cousin’s room and then sits down on the bed, wringing her hands in anticipation.
Not even a minute later she hears heavy steps nearing her and the door opens, showing Rowan on the other side of it, with a frown on his face.
Not too worried then, just annoyed.
“Aelin, what the heck? What’s so urgent that you had Lysandra come fetch me but couldn’t do it yourself?”
Aelin sees red.
“Couldn’t do it-” she seethes. “Rowan freaking Whitethorn, are you kidding me? All I’ve been trying to do the whole afternoon is talk to you myself but it seems like you just can’t be bothered by me.”
Rowan rolls his eyes, throwing his head back.
“Jeez, Aelin take a chill pill. I’m just cruising.”
Rage takes over her, hands trembling as she fists them.
“Chill pill? Cruising? Who do you think I am Rowan? We’re not “mates” or “buddies”. You’re my fucking boyfriend and yeah, when all I’ve done this week is study and work and then I actually decide to spend my barely-there free time with my boyfriend I do expect him to say more than monosyllabic sentences or slang words to me when I try to talk to him about something that’s bothering me if I think it’s affecting our relationship.”
“I think you’re being dramatic” states Rowan, crossing his arms.
“Oh yeah? How’s this for dramatic?” she says, picking her phone and chucking it at him. It hits the wall next to his head, leaving him with a bewildered look on his face, mouth wide open. “You know what? I think it’s best if you just stay here for the night. Wouldn’t want to interrupt your “cruising”. That way, it gives me time to take a “chill pill” and decide what to do with a wannabe man who can’t take the time to appreciate the effort that’s being put into this relationship.”
Aelin gets up and pushes a stuttering Rowan out the door, closing it behind him.
Tears are starting to fall down her face so she washes her face in the sink and breathes a few times before flicking her hair over her shoulders and heading out, done for the day and wanting to sleep it off in her very big and comfy bed.
As she walks down the stairs, Aelin sees Rowan sitting on the couch, a white-haired girl almost perched on his lap, giving him a tight and long hug before kissing him on the cheek.
All the rage she had is knocked out of her by that sight and her eyes start to fill again so she hurries off and drives herself home, thinking about how much it hurts to see him move on so quickly.
The morning after
The sun has absolutely no business being this bright.
At least that’s Aelin’s first thought upon waking up, her eyes puffy and her jawline hurting — a clear indicator that she slept while clenching her teeth, which in turn is a clear indicator that her foul mood followed her all the way to bed and beyond consciousness.
Damn him.
Damn him to hell and back.
As she sits up in bed, glaring at her open curtains with the burning rage of a thousand suns, Aelin is tempted to just… ignore everything and go back to sleep. With so much work piling up on her desk, with so much revising to do for her final exams, with the back of her knees hurting for all the dance practice she’s been doing these last few months for her show at the end of the month… Gods above and beyond, she just wants peace from everything.
Aelin stares at her ballet shoes, dirty and ragged, lying on top of a mountain of newly purchased books that she still needs to find space for. Oh, hell. Her dance teacher is surely ready to whack her in the head with her cane after Aelin has skipped last night’s practice to go to her boyfriend’s football game.
And where did that get her?
A whole lot of hurt and jealousy and an aching throat from all the yelling.
Aelin sighs, breathing in deep, and then reaches for her phone to check the time — when she realizes her phone is not on her nightstand. Nor anywhere to be seen.
Aelin stands in the middle of her apartment as memories come back to her in hot, feverish flashes—
Oh, no, no, no, no—
Her screaming. Rowan yelling. His football uniform still on as she…
...threw her phone at him—
Oh, Gods save her.
Why did she do that?
What kind of rage possessed her—?
And what kind of demon possessed him to yell at her, too?
Aelin wants to crawl into a hole and stay there forever. Embarrassment clings to her like sweat, mixing with her rage. That was so immature of her. She’s in college, for heaven’s sake—
Aelin settles her thoughts with some bitter coffee and even more bitter chocolate, skipping breakfast altogether and sitting on her computer in her fluffy pink pajamas. As she tries to get some work done, Aelin realizes that it’s well past ten o’clock now, and… despite the anger she still feels, she admits that she had expected Rowan to be at her door by now.
He’s probably still pissed-off drunk.
She wonders if he really did give up on her after her fight.
Embarrassment and anger slowly fade, giving in to just pure sadness, a canvas painted blue inside her chest. Could he have… gone home with that girl from the afterparty? The one clinging to him like—
No, despite their fight, Aelin doubts that Rowan would do that to her. He wouldn’t go that far.
But then again, that was the ugliest fight they’ve ever had in their two years of dating.
And they tend to bicker constantly.
Somehow, she finds herself opening up her browser and ignoring her schoolwork.
And she writes something so specific in the search bar that, despite everything, it makes her chuckle inwardly at her own foolishness:
What to do when you almost broke up with your boyfriend last night after throwing your phone at him.
But the Internet has no answer, no advice, for her.
Except a song in the first result.
What the—
She finds herself clicking on a video and a cheerful song begins playing. Taylor Swift, it reads, Stay Stay Stay.
Unfamiliar with Taylor’s earlier works, Aelin allows herself to just bask in the joy of the brand new first few notes, appreciating the lilting ukulele chords as she leans back in her desk chair, spinning around and around, closing her eyes—
I’m pretty sure we almost broke up last night.
Her eyes fly open abruptly at that first lyric.
I threw my phone across the room at you.
Aelin stares at her computer accusingly. Reaching over, she searches the lyrics online as the song continues to play and…
“Taylor?” She whispers, a single breath falling from her mouth as she widens her eyes. “How did you know?”
Aelin can’t fathom how similar those lyrics are to her own situation. What kind of weird coincidence—
Knock knock.
Aelin stops the song, staring past her bedroom door to the hall beyond, her heartbeat picking up speed. She hopes, desperately, that it’s him—
She does not think. She runs over, not even checking the peephole of her door (foolish, really), and yanks it open—
To see a very wide-eyed first year student standing there, a package in his hand, staring at her as if she is the incarnation of some dangerous Goddess.
“Hum…” he begins, and Aelin realizes she’s still in her fluffy pajamas, though she cannot dare to care, not even if her hair’s a rats’ nest and she might very well still look puffy from a long night of crying.
“Who are you?” She truly doesn’t mean to sound so rough or look as if she (desperately) expected someone else to be at her door but she cannot help it.
“Your… package,” he says hesitantly, holding it out to her.
Ah. So not a student. A delivery kid.
“Oh,” Aelin mutters, slowly taking the package addressed to her. She doesn’t remember ordering anything, but then again, who knows, these days? Her head’s been all over the place with everything that she has to do weighing on her shoulders. “Sorry, yeah. Thanks.”
She watches the boy go and she’s about to close the door when a large figure steps into view in her apartment hallway.
Aelin stands there, struggling to keep hold of the box, struggling to keep hold of herself even more. Because—
Her boyfriend is here, looking drop-dead gorgeous, his dark green shirt hanging loose, two or three buttons undone on his collar, sleeves rolled up to his elbows and… a rutting football helmet on his head.
Aelin’s first instinct isn’t to be angry.
Because the song keeps playing in her head, a catchy rhythm she cannot get rid of.
And as if things can’t get even more bizarre, Rowan’s first words to her are:
“Fireheart, let’s talk.”
That’s when you came in wearing a football helmet and said, okay, let’s talk.
Those lyrics. Those brilliant, beautiful, funny lyrics—
There’s no way.
No way.
Aelin opens and closes her mouth a hundred times. Rowan looks ready to bolt — or pick her up and crush her to him. Either.
Out of all the things she wants to say, what comes out of her is:
“Are you, by chance, following the instructions of a Taylor Swift song?”
And Rowan, to her eternal surprise, smiles. Bright and beautiful and so him, as if their fight had never happened, as if she had never gotten mad at him, as if he’d never hurt her.
“I thought maybe she could give me some pointers.”
Aelin stares at him up and down, box in hand.
“Are you serious?” She gestures wildly at his helmet.
Rowan actually holds up his hands, smile faltering. “Fireheart, it’s just in case you throw something else at me. And the delivery… well, I wanted to deliver that to you myself, but I wanted to check if it was safe first.”
She seethes at his amusement, no matter how tentative it is. “I didn’t throw my phone at you! I threw it across the room, because I was angry! I was livid at you!”
His smile comes back, somehow hesitant. “Just like in the song.”
“That’s just a weird coincidence!” Aelin shakes her head, not knowing if she wants to yell or laugh or fall into his arms. She cannot — she will not give in. Whether he meant to or not, he hurt her.
“I didn’t even know you listened to Taylor.”
“You didn’t?” She can imagine him raising his eyebrows through the helmet. “Maybe it’s because we’re always listening to your music, Fireheart. Not that I mind. I love your playlists.” He shrugs. “Red is my favourite album. It’s also her best album.”
“Reputation is her best album, but whatever you say.”
He smiles again, and instead of saying anything else, he gestures with his chin to her box. “Open it.” And then, like an afterthought, he takes her phone out of his pocket and places it in the pocket of her pajama shorts. “It’s not broken, thankfully.”
Aelin eyes him for a second too long, and then pivots on her heels and brings the box to the kitchen, leaving her door open as a silent invitation, as if to say, Either come in or don’t. Whatever.
She opens the box on her kitchen table, and a floral scent fills the small space. Flowers — Kingsflame, her favourites, a beautiful bouquet that leaves her staring, open-mouthed. It must have cost him a fortune. Kingsflame, after all, are so rare, and so, so precious.
Underneath the bouquet… chocolate. Her favourite, also. Lots and lots of chocolate.
Her heart somewhat softens.
Until she hears his steps coming into the kitchen.
Rowan slowly removes his stupid helmet, laying it on the counter, staring at her.
“I don’t like how we left things between us last night,” he begins, facing her. “We’ve never gone to sleep angry at each other before, and I don’t want that to happen again.”
Aelin crosses her arms, swallowing hard. “Don’t make me feel worthless next time, then, Rowan.” She breathes in, all the words that she struggled to say last night coming back to her. “I’m sorry I yelled. I’m sorry I got angry. I’m sorry I threw my phone, I… that’s not right, and that’s not me. I just… I felt like you didn’t care whether I was there to support you or not. I wanted you to have your win with your teammates, don’t get me wrong. I wanted you to have your moment. But at the afterparty, when you barely looked at me… it made me feel so ignored and so… worthless to you.” She turns away from him, facing the window, both her hands on the kitchen counter so she has a steady grip on something. “I just felt unappreciated. I skipped dance practice. I let my work pile up. I have to pull an all nighter tonight so I can finish that stupid essay. I would do it again just to watch you play, because I love you and I want to be there for you, no matter the cost, but when you behaved as if I wasn’t even there…” She trails off.
And his voice is so full of sadness that Aelin almost — almost — turns and kisses every inch of his face, but she cannot ignore how he made her feel last night. It was truly the first moment in their relationship where she felt as if she was climbing a mountain just to watch him slide down with a grin on his face, right past her, instead of waiting for her at the top.
He touches her shoulder gently, and when Aelin refuses to turn, he murmurs:
“I’m an oblivious prick, Aelin.”
She lets out a small breath that sounds like a humourless laugh.
“Will you look at me, sweetheart? Will you do that for me?”
Hesitantly, wondering if she’s strong enough to bear what comes next, Aelin slowly turns.
He touches two fingers underneath her chin, watching her carefully, his eyes full of emotion.
“I’m sorry I made you feel like that.” He caresses her cheek, so gently. “I truly am, Aelin. Even if it wasn’t intentional, I vowed, when I kissed you for the first time, that I would never be the one to hurt you, and I broke that vow. I was high on the adrenaline of winning, loving the attention of everybody around me, but you are the only person that matters to me, Aelin. When…” he shakes his head, smiling slightly, his eyes suddenly faraway, chasing a memory. “When I was walking into that field, Fireheart, the first thing I did was look at those bleachers, wishing you were there. But I understood why work kept you away. I thought to myself, Gods, I’m proud of her. I thought, She works so fucking hard everyday, she needs a break. Not to come to a game, but… a real break. From work, life. But then you were there.” His fingers skim the line of her jaw, his forest eyes following the shape of her face. “You were there, front-row, cheeks red from the cold, smiling and waving and shouting at the top of your lungs. And you’re right, Fireheart, I didn’t appreciate it enough. I didn’t appreciate you. And that will never happen again.”
He pauses, placing a loose strand of her knotted hair behind her ear, breathing softly. He rests his forehead against hers, and Aelin lets him, even allows her hands to drift up to his arms, keeping him close. Gods, she missed him. This apartment is more theirs than hers at this point, and going to sleep without him…
… which reminds her of something.
Aelin pulls away, glaring at him. “What about that girl?”
“What girl?”
Aelin frowns. “When you crashed on Aedion’s couch. There was a girl there, all over you.”
Rowan watches her with mild confusion, and her glare intensifies.
“Why the hell are you smiling, Rowan Whitethorn?”
The prick. The bastard.
“Fireheart… her name is Sellene.”
“Oh, so she has a pretty name to go with her pretty face?” Aelin pushes past him. “Good to know. Did she even know that you have a girlfriend, Rowan? Gods, she probably didn’t, did she? So she’s probably going to feel like shit after realizing that she’s been all over you while not knowing that you have me, and it’s not even her fault so I can’t even be angry at her and—”
“Aelin, Gods above, Fireheart, Sellene is my cousin.”
Aelin stops in the middle of the kitchen.
Her mind goes deadly silent.
“Say that again.”
“Sellene,” he emphasizes, drawing near her, his smirk widening, “is my cousin.” His face scrunches up in plain disgust. “And what you call all over me, was a hug and a kiss on the cheek, for we haven’t seen each other in forever.”
Aelin looks up at him, her mouth falling open. “Oh.”
“Yes, oh.”
Aelin blinks the fuzziness out of her mind. Long white hair. Forest green eyes. Previous memories come back, of Rowan telling her stories of his childhood, playing with his cousins, and—
“Yes, Fireheart,” he smiles slightly. “That was Sellene.”
Aelin bites her tongue. “So, it appears that I have graciously fucked up.”
“Ah, well,” Rowan gestures, without taking his amused, twinkling eyes off her, “you were pretty angry to see reason. I understand.”
“You still came back, even after that. With flowers and chocolate,” Aelin mutters, shaking her head at herself. “And you’re staying.”
“I’m staying,” Rowan says, taking a step closer to her. “I’m staying, Aelin.” He smiles down at her, kissing her forehead. “Like in the song.”
Aelin echoes quietly, “Like in the song.”
I think it’s best if we both stay.
“I’m sorry, Fireheart.” He wraps his arms around her, so gently. “I promise never to take your actions, much less your sacrifices, lightly. I’ll never make you feel like you did last night.”
“Thank you. I’m sorry, too.” Aelin rests her forehead against his chest, breathing in his scent. “I promise I’ll talk to you first before getting mad.”
She looks up, and Rowan is smiling again. And Aelin realizes, perhaps for the hundredth time since that very first kiss, that she wants him now, tomorrow, and for every day after that, no matter how long the Gods might grant her. She wants him loving, raging, sad, curious, mad and happy. Every facet of him.
He nears her mouth, but doesn’t kiss her yet, their eyes lingering. “I am convinced,” Aelin murmurs softly, “that Taylor Swift wrote a song about our relationship.”
“Without even knowing us,” Rowan agrees.
“She’s an oracle,” Aelin concludes. “A songwriting goddess and probably a seer.”
Rowan laughs breathlessly, taking her chin. “She does state some truths, though. I do like hanging out with you all the time, Aelin Fireheart. And you’ve given me absolutely no choice but to stay.”
Aelin smiles, brushing her nose against his, her tiptoes on the cold kitchen tile. “I think we’ve found our song, then.”
“Well,” Rowan says, his voice growing quieter by the second as he tilts his head to kiss her cheek, letting Aelin’s arms wrap around his shoulders, “Taylor did get one thing wrong.”
“I definitely do not think it’s funny when you’re mad.” He takes her waist, pulling her to him, grinning down at her. “You’re absolutely terrifying.”
Aelin lets out a laugh right before he kisses her. It’s a long and lingering kiss, his hands splaying on her back, his breathing, his very own heartbeat, syncing with her own, his lips dragging from her mouth to her cheek, her jawline, up, and up, to her eyelids, down to her nose, trailing a path right back down to her mouth.
She remembers then, like lightning striking inside her.
“I…” she hesitates, and then Rowan pulls back to look at her, a question in his eyes. “I have a gift for you.”
“A gift?”
“I’ve had it for a while.”
“Aelin.” He narrows his eyes. “Why do you look so suspicious?”
“You’re doing that thing — that thing with your eyes. You look like a cartoon spy.”
She snorts a laugh. “Get off me, you big goof. Let me give you my gift before I regret it.”
Rowan watches as she slips from his arms with the grace and skill of a dancer, his eyes trailing over her pajamas as she opens a drawer in her kitchen. Adorable, he thinks. Terrifying.
He loves her.
Gods, how he loves her.
Aelin takes a little box out of her drawer and hands it to him. Inside lies a key. He’s so familiar with the shape that he immediately realizes what it’s for.
“You don’t have to move in if you don’t want to,” she murmurs, her hands, covered with her too-big sleeves, suddenly fumbling. “It’s just… you already sleep here most nights and there’s a lot of your stuff here, so I figured…”
“I love you, Aelin.”
That whisks any thoughts right out of her mind.
No matter how many times he says it, Aelin is still taken aback by those short, lovely words.
“Yeah?” She smiles.
“Yeah,” Rowan says, closing the box and holding it to his chest as he comes close again. “Yes, Fireheart. Of course I’ll move in.”
She almost brings him to the ground — that’s how hard she flings herself at him. Rowan catches her easily, his arms wrapping around her, plastering kisses all over her face.
“You’ll stay, then,” Aelin whispers to him. Not because she needs the reassurance but… hearing those words might be the most wonderful song in the world, a song she will never get tired of, no matter how many times she hears it:
“I’ll stay, Fireheart. I’ll stay.”
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Rowan: You have to apologize to Lorcan.
Aelin: Fine.
Aelin: 'Unfuck you' or whatever.
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Infuriating: Feelings
Chapter 9 here!!! :))
Rowan wakes up the first full day with everyone at his and Aelin’s apartment to a missing Fenrys and a missing Dorian. 
Aelin is already awake, unusual for here, and freaking out while Manon—Manon of all people!—is trying to calm her down. She’s doing a shit job at it, though. 
Rowan can hear them from his bedroom as he gets dressed. “But where did they go! Neither of them have answered their phones!” Aelin screeches while Connall groans from the noise—just waking up.
Manon replies, “They probably banged.” Connall pipes in, “I agree. Fenrys complained to me about how handsome Dorian was last night.”
Rowan makes his way to the living room, where he finds a near-hysterical-looking Aelin. They lock eyes. 
Don’t worry too much, Fireheart, Rowan says but doesn’t say. 
I’m just anxious, Aelin replies, but she visibly calms down. 
“You guys are so creepy,” Manon says, breaking the moment. 
“Yep!” From Connall.
Rowan scowls. He asks them where everyone else went. Aelin answers, “They ditched us to get breakfast.” She adds in a mocking voice, “They said ‘You don’t have any food’ and ‘We’re going to starve!’”
“That is not what happened.” Manon rolls her eyes. “They went to get breakfast, and they’re bringing some for us back.” 
Aelin glares at her. “You ruined the joke.” 
Manon’s golden eyes meet Aelin’s teal, matching the stare. 
They only break it when Connall intervenes, “Alright, alright. Calm down.” 
Rowan checks the digital clock in the microwave as he pours himself some coffee. Eleven fourteen. He brings the coffee back into the living room, relishing in the bitter taste of black coffee as he always does when tasting it. 
The door clicks and he expects their friends back with breakfast, but Dorian walks in instead. Alone. 
Aelin walks up to him and looks at him uncontrolled anger. “Where the hell have you been? Are you hurt? I’m so glad you’re okay.” She goes from anger to concern to relief in seconds, pulling him in for a big hug after her lecture. 
He wraps his arms around her. “I’m sorry, Ae. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was...out.”
“And Fenrys?” Connall asks, worry evident on his face. Moments like these Rowan can clearly see the brotherly love between Connall and Fenrys. 
“He’s okay. We went out drinking last night, just got a bit too drunk.” He continues while looking at Aelin, who’s still hugging him slightly angrily, “We rented a hotel room, that’s why we weren’t here.” 
“Where is he, though?” Rowan asks. 
“He said he was gonna take a walk, but that he’ll be back soon,” Dorian answers. 
Everyone else walks in with food, then. Lorcan sees Fenrys and punches him in the shoulder—his own way of saying he’s glad he’s back. Elide goes straight to Manon, Lysandra going to Aelin. They all find their places next to each other as the food is passed around. 
Rowan got a bacon, egg, and cheese on an egg bagel, his favorite. 
They spend the day coming in and out of the apartment. Rowan going with Aelin to the grocery store to get junk food; at some point Manon, Elide, Connall, Vaughan, and Aedion go out for ice cream. 
At some point, there’s only Rowan, Aelin, and Dorian there—all the others having gone somewhere. 
And then there’s a knock at the door. 
None of them answer it, just staring at the door hoping if they’re quiet the person will go away. (It’s definitely not any of their friends because, before everyone got here, they had fifteen keys made.) Then the knock comes again and Aelin bravely walks up to the door. 
Rowan tries to stop her, thinking what he knows she’s thinking too: What if it’s Arobynn?
But she opens the door. 
And a young woman with long, curly brown hair and slightly darker brown skin waits on the other side, looking frightened and relieved all at once. 
Aelin asks her something and the woman looks like she’s regretting knocking, but she nods and answers. 
Rowan follows them into his room when the woman says it's okay for him to be there. 
She starts telling them what happened, while Aelin looks paler and paler as she listens. The woman’s name is Yrene. And she’s met Arobynn. 
Aelin starts apologizing and Rowan tries to comfort her, smoothing her hair and rubbing her back. He hates to see her like this, he knows she feels guilty for Arobynn threatening Yrene. 
Yrene leaves the room after saying she wants to help put Arobynn away and Rowan whispers, “It’s not your fault, Fireheart.” 
“I just—” She stops as if she doesn’t know what to say and Rowan sees a tear fall down her face. He pulls Aelin to him and she cries, letting it all out. 
When she pulls away, getting ready to apologize for getting his shirt wet, he says, “Listen to me.” He makes Aelin look into his eyes before continuing, “You can’t start blaming yourself, Aelin. That’s what Arobynn wants. He wants you to get scared and stop fighting.” 
Aelin’s lip trembles, but she sits straighter in his lap (he pulled her into his lap when she started crying). “You’re right, gods, I know you’re right. Why do you always have to be right?” She glares playfully at him, that beautiful smile back on her face. “I think you might have been a war general in one of your past lives, Buzzard.” 
He grins with her, “It’s possible.” 
She thinks for a moment, humming as if she doesn’t already know what she wants to say. Rowan is waiting to hang on to her every word. “Or a therapist.”
Then she looks at him and suddenly neither of them are smiling. He can’t remember how to draw breath. 
She tilts her head and Rowan’s hands travel to her waist, pulling her closer. 
Her breath comes out in short gasps that make Rowan’s remaining common sense useless. 
Aelin must not even notice she’s clutching Rowan’s shoulders as if her life depends on it, but her warm hands send white-hot jolts through his body. And his gaze has finally gone to her lips, they’re getting closer together. 
Her eyelids droop closed. 
Aelin draws in a sharp breath as he exhales slowly. 
There’s a knock at the door, making the two of them jump apart. Aelin’s cheeks have gone dark red, while Rowan’s finally remembered how to breathe, gasping and trying to sound normal, “Who is it?” His voice sounds deep and he thinks Aelin’s breath hitches, but he can’t be sure. 
“Aedion. Are you guys coming to listen to this girl’s story? We’re all here.” 
“Yeah, we’ll be out in a minute,” Aelin sounds like she’s doing a much better job acting as if what just happened—or almost happened—didn’t affect her. 
Maybe it didn’t, Rowan thinks. Maybe I’m just hoping it did. 
Then, he thinks hopelessly: Maybe I need to sort through my own feelings before I dive into Aelin’s. 
Let me know what you think!!!! :)))
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I Want Your Love Masterlist
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Unexpected Encounter: Join the Fight
Here’s chapter 1! Set during chapter 9 of Infuriating! :))
Chaol won’t leave her mind. His copper brown eyes are distracting Yrene even hours later, making her pay less attention to the children she is teaching. 
A student raises their hand. Yrene told them no questions at the beginning of her lesson, but she calls on the boy anyway. 
“Are girls hurt when they bleed? Do they have a cut or something?” He asks, with all the childhood innocence only an eight year old could pull off. 
Yrene almost winces. “We’ll, no. Girls aren’t hurt when they have their menstrual cycle. It is just a natural process that happens to all young women as they go through puberty.” 
“But why?” Another child calls out, she doesn’t seem happy at the prospect of bleeding every month for almost a week straight.
“Well, do any of you have younger brothers or sisters?” Yrene asks, she thinks she knows how to explain this. 
Some children call out “I do!” and others nod along.
“Alright, do you remember your mommy being pregnant?” More nods. “Well, every month a woman’s reproductive system prepares itself for being pregnant. It builds a lining. And when that woman doesn’t get pregnant, the lining sheds—with some blood—out of the woman.” 
“Does it hurt at all?” A girl with wide brown eyes and thick curls asks. This is why Yrene was chosen—why she willingly accepted—to do this. To console the children should one or multiple get upset. 
“No, sweetie. The blood doesn’t hurt. It might be a little uncomfortable at times, but it shouldn’t hurt. There are things called menstruated cramps, though.” She might want to console them but there is no point in lying either. “And they can be very painful, but there are many steps to prevent and ease pain when you do get them.” 
The little girl nods. Another asks, “Will you tell us what we can do to stop the pain?” 
And Yrene does. 
After a long day of parents chaperones telling her she’s done an amazing job at teaching the heavy subjects and boys and girls alike thanking her for any advice she gave them, Yrene collapses into a chair in the break room.
One girl had started crying, and no-one had been able to calm her down except Yrene. One boy had vowed to carry around pads and tampons—which Yrene explained to them previously—for any girl who might need them. 
A nurse comes into the break room. Yrene knows her—her name is Alex. 
She stops before Yrene. “A man is asking for you up front.” Her kind eyes shine with anxiety. 
“Is something wrong?” Yrene asks, worry setting in. 
“I—No. Well, I have no reason to judge this man. But, h-he gives me a creepy feeling . As a friend, be careful,” Alex warns. 
Yrene nods earnestly. “Thank you, Alex.” 
Alex nods and scurries away. 
A man with vibrant red hair greets Yrene at the front desk. His smile sends uncomfortable shivers down her spine. 
“Good evening, sir. What can I help you with?” Yrene asks politely, just because he seems like a creep doesn’t mean she can’t be polite; do her job. 
His voice is deceptively soft. He glances around and seems content when he finds no-one else around. Strange, Yrene thinks. People are always around. “It’s very nice to meet you, Yrene Towers. You probably don’t know me. Though you will soon. I’m just here to warn you. Be careful.” 
And then, before Yrene can say a single word, before she can call for security or help or someone, he sweeps out of the building. 
She rushes to the break room, where two doctors and a nurse wait. Doctor Emrys, Doctor Malakai (who are husbands), and Luca. 
She breathes a sigh of relief, though a small one. She always feels safe with these three. She still scrambles to gather the stuff she brought with her today.
“I have to leave early today. I’m sorry. I’ll come in early tomorrow.” With that she leaves, though Luca runs after her. 
“Is everything okay, Doctor?” 
She sighs at him calling her ‘Doctor.’ Yrene had told Luca to call her by her name when they were alone, it would make it seem more like they're friends and less like she’s his boss. 
“Everything is fine, I just have to leave,” she lies. “Thank you for worrying, Luca.” 
“Of course.” 
And then she’s out the door, her keys in her hand, and walking at a fast pace to her car. 
She drives home in record timing, but instead of going to her apartment—taking out her keys and clicking them in the same lock—she finds herself going to the door she saw Chaol and his friend go into that morning. 
Her reason for doing this, Yrene doesn’t know. She just knows something—something in the back of her mind—is telling her to come here instead of home. 
She knocks. 
She knocks again. 
Yrene is greeted with beautiful blonde hair and gold-ringed blue eyes. Her heart sinks (she’d like to say inexplicably but she knows why). 
Shit, she thinks, Chaol’s got a girlfriend. 
The blonde grins at her as if they know each other. Well, technically, they’ve passed each other in the hall many times, so they sort of do know each other. 
“Hi,” her neighbor says. 
“Hi…” Yrene trails off. 
“Do you wanna come in?” She asks. 
“Umm,” she almost backs out, afraid of what she originally wanted to say. “Yes. Do you think we could…talk?” 
Her neighbor must have picked up on her shaken demeanor, because she immediately said, “Of course. Come in, but I must warn you, it’s a bit crowded.” 
Yrene tilts her head, confused. The blonde just shakes her head. 
She doesn’t need to ask again, because— moments later—she walks in her neighbors apartment to the living space of at least five more—if not more—people. 
“Oh my gods…” She murmurs in awe. 
“Yeah, it’s a lot of people, but that’s a story for another time,” she leads Yrene to one of the bedrooms as she talks. “By the way, I’m Aelin. I hope you don’t mind, my roommate, Rowan, will be in the room as you talk. I can kick him out if you’d like.” 
“No, no it’s completely fine. I just—I don’t know why I’m here. Something just told me to come here to tell you what happened.” 
Finally, they make their way to the bedroom and Aelin invites Yrene to sit on the bed with her. 
And Yrene starts. 
“I guess I should tell you—tell you both,” she acknowledges Aelin’s roommate. “That I’m a doctor. Doctor Yrene Towers. Today, I was just at work; in the break room because I had had a long day. Some eight-year-olds had a field trip, and I had to teach them about puberty.” Yrene cringes at the pointless details, but Aelin urges her to continue. “Anyway, a nurse came in and said there was a man waiting at the front desk for me.” 
She pauses, takes a deep breath; trying to remember the man’s exact words. 
“He had bright, long red hair and green eyes,” she hears Aelin gasp quietly and murmur and “Oh gods no.” 
“He said, ‘It’s very nice to meet you, Yrene Towers. You probably don’t know me. Though you will soon. I’m just here to warn you. Be careful.’ I don’t know why I’m telling you this, but-but…I’m scared. And I needed someone to know.” 
Aelin replies, sounding guilty, “I’m so sorry, Dr, Towers. This is all my fault. He-he must have realized you lived in the same apartment building as me and thought we were friends—oh gods—“ Rowan is at her side, rubbing her back and telling Aelin it’s not her fault. 
Aelin takes a deep breath, mutters a thank you to Rowan. And starts. “The man you met’s name is Arobynn Hamel. He’s a bad person. His threat—and trust me, telling you to ‘Be careful’ is a threat—is not an empty one. He will hurt you.” 
“H-How do you know him? Did he do something? Shouldn’t I—Shouldn’t we call the police?” Yrene is near hysterical, she doesn’t want to get hurt, she doesn’t want other people hurt. 
“Back when I was in college, I was in love with a man named Sam. Arobynn told Sam and I he could help us with grades, get us good dorm rooms, and so much more. Then he drained Sam’s bank account, and I helped Sam out. I couldn’t let the love of my life die because he had no money, when I still did. When Arobynn found out, he hired a guy to kill Sam.
“He’s made sure there’s no proof of anything he’s ever done, and he seems indestructible. But he’s not. If we can get proof, out in the open, about him, then we got him.” Aelin finishes her explanation. 
“But if you don’t want to be part of his downfall—then we’ll leave you alone. But we can’t promise he will.” Aelin hopes Yrene will accept the offer, but it’s clear Yrene is getting an out. 
She thinks over it, though she knows what her answer will ultimately be. 
Aelin’s story is terrible and gruesome, and Yrene is sure there must be more to it. Yrene thinks about the other people’s lives Arobynn must have ruined. 
“I’m in.” 
Aelin grins, but it wobbles slightly, as if feeling her story has taken most of her energy. Yrene sees Rowan’s eyes soften as he rubs her back comfortingly. 
Rowan says, “Would you mind telling everyone else? They’re not all here yet, but we’d appreciate it.” 
Yrene nods once, “Of course. Is it okay if I wait here? I-I don’t want to go home right now.” 
Rowan tells her it’s absolutely alright and she leaves the two of them to each other. 
When she sits on the living room couch, Yrene notices Chaol’s friend from that morning. She didn’t see him when she walked in, still in shock and panic from Arobynn’s words. 
He watches her quietly. Then he says, “Hi.” 
“Hi,” she says quietly. 
“What’s your name? Why are you here?” He asks her. 
“Yrene. I met Arobynn.” 
His eyes widen, almost comically. “Shit, I-I’m sorry. I’ve heard he’s an a-hole.” 
“He is.” 
“Are you joining the fight against him?” 
“I plan to put him in jail for the rest of his life.”
Let me know what you think!!! :))
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You’re The One That I Want: Complicated
Set during Chapter 9 of Infuriating!
Dorian wakes up in a bed not his own.
With Fenrys sprawled across his chest. His bare chest. Fenrys’ bare chest.
Oh gods no, Dorian hopes they didn’t—
He peeks under the sheets. Naked.
He freezes, not knowing what to do. Wake Fenrys up? Leave before Fenrys wakes up and pretend this never happened?
Dorian is tempted to do the latter, but he knows that would be wrong.
It’s not that it wasn’t good. No. He remembers it, it was glorious. It was amazing.
But this will make things very…complicated.
He feels Fenrys stir in his sleep and warm breath—that sends a shiver down Dorian’s spine—fans across his neck.
Slowly, as if not to wake Fenrys, Dorian starts to move out from under him. Finally, after a lot of maneuvering, Dorian gets out. Fenrys let’s out a light snore and shifts to lay on his back. Dorian’s heart jumps at the sight of bare chest.
Dorian looks around the room and sees that it’s actually a hotel room. So our drunk minds were smart enough to rent a hotel room, but not smart enough to not do this.
He grabs his phone off the floor—it must have been knocked off the end table during their…activities—and sees he’s missed four messages and six calls.
One message from Connall, asking where he is. Two from Aelin asking what happened to him. And one from Chaol checking to make sure he’s okay.
Three calls from Chaol—with three voicemails. One from Connall, asking if Fenrys is with him in the voicemail. And two from Lorcan threatening him if he doesn’t answer his “godsdamned phone.”
He checks the time and his eyes widen. He’s scrambling to get dressed immediately.
It’s ten-thirty.
Shit, shit, gotta get to work, he thinks, then stops.
He doesn’t have work. He works from home—well, Aelin’s home—now.
Dorian let out his breath in a whoosh. He’d panicked, but there was no reason to.
Dorian hears the sheets rustling and a groan—signaling Fenrys having the same hangover Dorian has. He turns around and sits back down on the bed, waiting for Fenrys to realize what happened last night.
And praying, praying, to all the gods Fenrys remembers it.
Fenrys sits up and looks at Dorian, his onyx eyes showing he’s putting the pieces together of what happened.
“Oh gods,” he mutters when he figures it out.
Dorian just nods, not saying anything.
Fenrys looks under the sheets and nods as if confirming what he had already thought. Dorian had already put underwear and a shirt on.
Fenrys lays back down and Dorian hands him a bottle of water sitting on the end table. He takes it and murmurs, “Thanks.”
Dorian doesn’t talk, knowing it will only worsen both of their hangovers.
When Fenrys has drained the entire bottle, he starts talking, “So…should we talk? I mean we just met, so I guess that makes it weird. And you’re Aelin’s friend and I’m Rowan’s friend which I’m realizing has nothing to do with this, so I’m just gonna stop—” He doesn't, in fact, stop, so Dorian takes it upon himself to stop him.
“I mean, it’s not that weird. We were drunk, there was a mutual attraction, and we things.” He takes a deep breath before continuing, “So, if you want, we can just move on.”
Fenrys looks at him with wide eyes, before starting to nod. “Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. Awesome.”
And then he stands up, forgetting he’s naked. How does someone forget they’re naked? Dorian thinks while trying not to ogle.
He tears his eyes away and closes them for good measure
The fire in his veins makes it hard to think straight, hearing the scratch of clothing as Fenrys gets dressed is very distracting.
Moving on is going to be hard.
Let me know what you think!!!
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cecily1113 · a day ago
U know, I am still expecting Aelin Galathynius to fall through our world.
Yes, that is why I’m constantly staring out at the window.
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Day One ➝  Throne of Glass
Over the next few days, I will be linking Instagram Guides full of my favorite book fanart for all of you! Enjoy!
Throne of Glass Fanart Part I
Tumblr media
All art was compiled with the artist’s permission!
All character belong to @sjmaas​
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Rowaelin Fic Announcement
Tumblr media
A World Away
Aelin Galathynius x Rowan Whitethorn - World Travelers AU
Aelin had to be hallucinating. She recognized that silver hair and those green eyes. She recognized that tattoo. She knew she was looking at the same man whom she met in Italy—the one she spent two hours standing in line behind, waiting to get into the Uffizi Museum in Florence.
But Aelin was certain there was no way it could be him. Then the man turned his head and she caught a glimpse of his scowl. Okay, it was definitely him.
The charming, infuriating, man that she kept running in to at museums, cafes, and tourist attractions all those weeks ago.
But that was during her short adventure in Florence, Italy.
So how the hell was she seeing him across the street from her in Reykjavik, Iceland?
When you travel, you meet people and share an experience with them. If either of you had been a day, an hour, maybe even a minute later, you never would have known the other existed. You’ll associate the person with your memory, being in that place at that time. Then you go your separate ways, never to see each other again. The only tie you have to them is that memory.
But what if you did see that person again? And again? Somewhere entirely new?
Would you recognize them? Wonder how it was possible that of all the people in the world, of all the cities and times to be there, that person somehow crossed your path again?
Would it be coincidence? Or fate?
Florence, Marrakesh, Reykjavik, Athens…city after city, country after country, Aelin Galathynius and Rowan Whitethorn continue to have chance encounters.
The first time it happened could’ve been chalked up to coincidence, but how long can you pretend that the odds of seeing the same person all over the globe are infinitesimal. At what point do you accept what the Universe is apparently telling you: this person came into your life for a reason—and is staying so you can figure it out.
This is a journey of adventure, exploration, and self-discovery. How do two people in an unbelievable circumstance of fate move from hostility, disbelief, and annoyance to mutual respect and friendship? Or possibly even love?
Could your soulmate be right in front of you, but somehow still be A World Away?
@allthebooksunderthemoon | @astra-ad-mare | @becarefuloflove | @bisexual-genderfluid-fan | @charlizeed | @cookiemonsterwholovesbooks | @danibutterr | @doubt-less | @emily-gsh | @enormousbooklover | @foughtconquered | @fromthelibraryofemilyj | @hakunamatatazz | @i-have-but-one-brain-cell | @in-love-with-caramel-macchiato | @jorjy-jo | @mayhemories | @midsizewitch | @morganofthewildfire | @rowaelinismyotp | @rowansfirebringer | @sayosdreams | @sheharahu | @stardelia | @story-scribbler | @superspiritfestival | @surielandiareendgame | @swankii-art-teacher | @westofmoon
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A Little Braver - Chapter 10
Evening everyone!
I have a present for you.
This lady here will be off on holiday for a week on Friday, so I thought about landing the new chapter tonight.
This one is a juicy one and I hope you will love it. A bit of fluff before the angst gremlin comes back for a visit.
This chapter comes with a smut warning. Yes, you read correctly. In the future I will be using FTB mostly because I find it difficult to write and keep it non cringy, but for this chapter I wanted to try and add some hotness.
Also, for those who haver read Island Dreams, I am heading to Lewis on my holiday, and i might post some photo of the locations mentioned in the fic.
Well, now i can let you enjoy the chapter
Tumblr media
Aelin was at home sitting on the sofa, enjoying the food she had just ordered in, a bottle of beer and hockey. Her favourite team the Stags was playing an away game with the Skull’s Bay Pirates. 
The Stags were in the lead in the championship and the Pirates were just in second place, which made that game quite an important one. She was glad she had the night off although they would usually all camp in the communal area of the firehouse and watch the game all together. At least being at home meant she could have a beer.
Ice hockey in Terrasen was a religion. She had been a fan of the Stags since she was a kid and her dad would take her to the games. Then Aedion became her hockey buddy and once she joined the station she started sharing the passion with the rest of the team and they would also go and watch the games all together if possible.
She took a sip of her beer and kneeled on the sofa, the game was getting intense and she could not stand still.
In that instant her phone went off and she let out a curse.
“Oh for crying out loud.”
“What?” She answered while her eyes were glued to the tv.
“Good evening to you as well.” Rowan sounded almost offended by her brisk tone.
“Whitethorn, I am watching the game.”
Aelin groaned as something happened on the screen and the Pirates almost scored.
“Ice hockey, Whitethorn. You have been in Terrasen enough to know it’s a religion here.”
He replied with a low chuckle. Then she heard him move and then all of a sudden a noise in the background and realised he had his tv on “wonder if they show it here. Wendlyn is not big on ice hockey.”
“You can tell. Their team sucks.” She drank a bit more “I can tell you that we are winning for now against the Pirates.”
“That’s the big match of the season I am gutted I am missing it.”
Aelin got agitated and swore a few times during some actions.
“You are a very scary woman.” She heard him switch off the tv “do you want me to call later?”
“No,” she said softly. She was actually quite happy. Since he had left three days before they had talked quite a lot over the phone at night and she had started to love their ritual. He was the one calling once he was free and she loved that new dynamic of theirs.
“How was your day training?”
“Oh, just wonderful. I spend my days dealing with cocky idiots who think they are gods because they have been admitted to flight school. Then they go ahead, mess up the exercise for everyone, almost get killed and have no respect for rank.”
She let him vent “sounds like you have a bad class.”
Rowan sighed loudly “I have been a flight instructor for six years. I had a few bad apples along the way, but this class is hopeless.”
“Can you do something about it?” She was still following the game but her attention had shifted to him. He sounded quite down.
“I reported them to the academy Commandant. I explained that starting flight school with the wrong foot was not recommended.” Another sigh “In the end it’s their school and they can do whatever they want. I don’t care. Being reckless in a jet is like jumping into a fire in t-shirt and shorts.”
“That would be very bad.”
“I know what the fuck I am doing. I have been doing this for the past 12 years. I have been in combat. Real bloody combat. Those idiots have only seen simulators. What do I need to do to be taken seriously?” He was really mad and Aelin wished she could do something for him.
“Ro, two weeks and a half and you are out. You are back with your team and students that you like.”
“How’s the game going?” He changed the topic, clearly being done talking about it.
“We increased our lead.”
She heard a popping sound “did you just crack open a beer?”
“Oh yes, I need it.”
Aelin smiled “I am having one too. Brullo has this friend who opened a brewery and I bought a few bottles and they are so good.”
“You have such connections and don’t even tell me?”
“I am sorry your highness.”
“You are excused this time. But don’t make it happen again.”
Aelin laughed “what are you going to do? Spank me?” And she froze. She should really need to learn to connect brain and mouth.
“Depends, will you like it?” His reply surprised her so much that she froze with the bottle halfway to her mouth. 
“You just have to hang around and see for yourself.”
He moaned “I will need to get back to you on this.”
“Will it help you decide if I tell you that I am wearing a hockey jersey and nothing underneath? I just had a shower…”
“What? Are you interested all of a sudden?”
“Obviously.” He groaned.
“I am teasing you, I have clothes on, but good to see where you stand.”
She heard him groan in frustration “you really are a menace and I don’t know why I bother with you.”
“You don’t have to stay on the phone if I irritate you so much. You are the one who called.” She bit back. Why they always end up fighting?
“I did not mean it like that.”
“Well then go and learn how to communicate with people because I am sick and tired of your attitude.” Her tone had grown angrier.
“Aelin, please. I was joking.” His voice was thick with sadness.
“No, I am so fucking tired of this.”
“Why can’t you believe that I was joking? Why do you always believe that I hate you?” He shouted back “I have been quite supportive with you recently. I have flown in to stay beside you after you lost a colleague. You have a problem with my attitude?” He vented “well, yours is not any better either.”
Aelin sighed “Rowan, why do we always end up like this?” She lay down on the sofa, the game completely forgotten “we had a nice conversation and then it always gets ugly between us.”
“I am sorry…” he paused and meant it “I have been looking forward to calling you. I had such a bad day that knowing I was going to phone you kept me going. I didn’t want any of this. I did not want to fight with you.”
“We are both bad at communicating.” She relaxed a bit. She did not want to fight with him either. And he was right, he had been supportive and amazing. Then she had an idea “Ro, I have four days of holidays coming up. I booked them ages ago, I had plans but they went to hell. Would it be crazy if I flew to Wendlyn? I will play tourist when you work and be out of your way, but what do you think?”
“I’d love that. Very much. It really sucks here.”
“It’s for this Friday. I known it’s short notice—” he interrupted her.
“No, it’s perfect. I don’t have a class this Friday, I can pick you up at the airport. Have Saturday and Sunday as tourists and I assume you are flying back on Monday.”
“Yes.” Her heart started racing. It was a crazy plan, but all of a sudden she was excited.”Let me check my roster, because if I finish at a decent time I can fly in Thursday night so we have three full days. Do you think you can manage that?”
“Ok, stay there Buzzard, I am putting you on speaker phone.”
She ran to the kitchen and had a look at the calendar on her fridge with her roster and cheered loudly.
“I come off shift at four. Now let me check for planes.”
She went to get her laptop and sat back on the sofa, “do you know any good airlines for Wendlyn?”
He laughed “Yes, my own plane.”
“Funny. Us common mortals don’t have that privilege.”
“I have no idea, Fireheart, I haven’t flown commercial in a lifetime.”
“Fine.” Aelin was silent for a few minutes typing away and looking for flight options. “Ok,” she said after a while “I can get one flight that gets me into Doranelle at 10.45pm your time, is it too late?”
“I guess I will postpone my nap.” He joked and she laughed back. He suddenly relaxed. The fight had been verging on vicious and he had not cared for that.
“On Monday I can fly back with a noon flight.”
“That one is perfect. I can drive you back to the airport and be back in time for my class.”
Aelin smiled wickedly “great, give me five minutes while I book it. Go and do grampa stuff in the meantime.”
“I am not a grampa.” Aelin heard him munching on something. Knowing him it was probably a carrot.
“Ok, now I need to find a place where to stay.”
“My flat?” He added shocked that she would think about staying anywhere else “Aelin, I have a flat. It has a second bedroom. And you don’t have to worry about giving me anything because it’s a flat owned by the airforce. It’s not a castle but it’s nice. You are not paying for a hotel.”
“Are you sure? Three days with me 24/7. That’s a lot of fighting.” She asked. She loved the idea, but wasn’t sure yet if they could survive that long in close quarters without killing each other.
“Perhaps we can leave the fighting aside and work on us?”
Aelin was silent for a moment “Us? As in…”
“As in more than two idiots fighting and pining for each other.”
Her heart pounded in her chest “Yeah, that would be intelligent, wouldn’t it?”
“But that’s a conversation for when you are here.”
Aelin smiled. She could not believe it was actually happening.
Rowan yawned over the phone “This grampa here would like to go to bed now. It’s quite late here.”
“Okay,” she said softly.
“I am looking forward having you here.”
Aelin hugged the pillow all excited “me too. Good night, Buzzard.”
“Good night, menace.”
Aelin squealed and threw the pillow at the other end of the living room in utter joy.
Thursday had finally arrived. Aelin thought the day would never come and that time had slowed down on purpose just to annoy her.
“Aedion you are in charge while I am away, will you be fine?”
The man was driving her to the airport “I will be. Go and enjoy your break. We will cope.”
“Ok, you know you can always call Dorian. He can come out on a call.” She was nervous. She hadn’t been away from the firehouse on holiday since before Sam died and was worried about her team.
“Stop fussing. We will be fine. You need a holiday. You haven’t been away in a lifetime. You deserve this.”
She breathed out, relaxing at his words. She knew she could trust Aedion and Dorian had given her his blessing too. 
“Just tell airforce boy to behave or I’ll scratch his toy plane.”
Aelin laughed. Rowan seemed to have a problem with the army but Aedion’s dislike seemed just as strong. To her it was just hilarious.
They arrived at the airport, she grabbed her duffel bag and backpack from the backseat and went to hug Aedion “thank you for driving me.”
“Let me know when you land on Monday and I will come and pick you up again.” And he hugged her back.
They parted and Aelin walked into the airport with a spring in her step and the biggest smile ever.
Rowan realised he had arrived at the airport a bit too early. He was so eager to see her that he had arrived with an hour to spare. He was a thirty year old man giddy like a child waiting for winter solstice presents. Considering their track record, three days together could go down in flame or be a success. A part of him was definitely anxious at the prospect, but when Aelin had suggested the idea he had no doubts. He wanted to do it.
Bored, he paced the arrivals section when a woman walked past him and her trolley ran onto his feet. He almost shouted at the woman but then decided to ignore it.
He viewed airports as pure madness. Utter chaos and he hated them. The good thing about his job was that if he had to travel for work he could use his jet. And when he used to travel with Lyria they had always driven. Now he remembered why he had avoided those places of pure chaos.
He moved to the big window where he could see the runaway and for a while studied the airplanes. One of his ex squadron mates after retiring from the airforce had become an airline pilot and on plenty of occasion had tried to convince him to join him, but Rowan always declined. There was little enjoyment in flying that way. 
While staring at the aircrafts landing and taking off, his hand was tapping on the handrail with excessive energy. 
He huffed a puff and and bored kept wandering around the airport. He had alway considered himself a decently patient man, but in that moment he felt as if he could not wait any longer. Had to really tell himself that she was coming and that it was not his imagination playing tricks on him. 
Luckily by the time his wandering was over, the arrivals notice board had changed the status of her flight to on approach and he went in front of the arrival section, knowing full well it would still be ages before her entrance. 
Forty minutes later he saw her and he was positive he now had the most stupid grin on his face. He recognised her golden mane tied up in a complicated braid. Gods, she was stunning and Rowan did his best not to drool too much.
She was dressed in simple jeans and a hoodie from the Terrasen Fire department and he chuckled. He waved at her and called as well.
Her smile when she spotted him could have lit up the night sky and he was positive his heart had just skipped a beat. 
Quickly an eagerly he walked to her, making his way through the crowd that had gathered.
She ran to him, then dropped her bags on the floor and in an instant she was in his arms. He lifted her up and kissed her. Not caring about the consequences. She was there. That’s all he cared about.
She kissed him back and for a while they were the couple that meets again after a long time apart and could not keep away from each other.
“You are here.” He said kissing her again and then brushed her hair in a tender gesture.
She smiled at him and slowly slid down from his arms.
He bent down and grabbed her bags “let’s go. You must be tired.”
Aelin took his hand and he did not pull away “the flight was crap. As soon as we hit the ocean it was bumpy as hell.”
Rowan chuckled “those civilian pilots struggling to handle a bit of wind.”
With her free hand she pinched his side “Meanie.” She told him “and it was bad and scary.”
He kissed her head “be glad that you have never experienced what a really terrifying flight his.” His voice was sad for a moment and Aelin squeezed his hand back.
“My car is over there.” They reached his vehicle and he dumped her stuff in the trunk.
It was fifteen minutes later when they reached his flat.
“I am a bit outside town but I love it. Much easier to go to work as I don’t have to drive through the centre. Saves me so much time.”
They entered the building and Rowan headed for the lift but Aelin stopped “pet peeve of mine. I don’t take lifts. I have saved enough people trapped in them, that now I don’t use them at all.”
“It’s eight floors, Aelin.” He complained.
“It’s good for your butt. Let’s go grampa.” Aelin grabbed the duffel bag and backpack from him and threw them on her shoulder and made her way to the stairs.
He realised that she was used doing stairs. But he was lazy and always used the lift.
“I am taking my chances.”
Aelin grabbed his hand and pulled him away “Don’t be an idiot. Come on.”
He protested but in the end caved.
Aelin relentlessly climbed on for eight floors and Rowan followed a few steps behind cursing that he had chosen to fall for a super fit firefighter.
“I can tell you some horror storie that will put you off forever from using them.” She told him while climbing the steps two at a time.
When they finally reached his floor, Aelin wasn’t even tired, Rowan instead was ready to strangle her.
“Come on grampa, I am sure your butt and your heart are thanking you right now.”
“Move.” She moved aside and let him open the door of his flat.
Once in, he flicked the lights on and Aelin looked around. The living room was spacious, from one door she could see a kitchen but what stunned her were the floor to ceiling windows at the end of the living room and the view. She dumped the bag and walked there and went to the windows.
“This is amazing.” He stopped at her side “Doranelle is called the City of Rivers. It’s not as beautiful as Orynth but it has its charming spots.” He explained with flat voice.
“Well, from up here it’s pretty cool.” Below her lay a sea of lights, then looking more carefully, she noticed the dark areas and assumed those were the rivers. She was looking forward to see that sight during the day.
Rowan pulled her arm “come on, you must be knackered, I’ll show you to your bedroom.”
She followed him into the room and smiled when she saw the bed. It looked so cozy.
She looked at him smiling “Orynth is a few hours behind so I am actually quite fine.” Gently she pinched his arm “you are trying to get rid of me.”
“I was just being considerate. You flew here after your shift.”
In one step she was close to him “I am quite hungry, though.”
Rowan laughed and patted her head “I knew it so I made something that just could go back in the microwave. Give me five minutes.”
“I’ll go and get changed in the meantime.”
It was much later when she was finally full and she and Rowan were now sitting on the sofa watching some tv. She had curled up her legs under her and his hand was absentmindedly tracing up and down the length of her exposed leg. It was much warmer than Orynth so she was wearing shorts and a baggy t-shirt.
She turned to look at him and saw Rowan concentrated on the documentary they had been watching. His face was relaxed, the tension had left his body and the sight of him like that took her breath away. His features always had an hard edge, but in that moment, relaxed, she could not look away. 
“Do I have something on my face?” A half smile appeared on his face.
“No.” She shimmied down to his side and leaned her head on his shoulder and he adjusted his position so she could be comfortable.
“You know I am not a pillow, right?”
In challenge, Aelin snuggled closer and her arms went around his waist. Rowan brought one arm around her shoulder and squeezed it almost in a silent gesture to tell her it was okay. He pulled her so close she was almost on his lap and in instant later his lips were on hers in a demanding kiss. 
Aelin sighed in delight and melted in the kiss. Rowan’s hands sneaked under the t-shirt touching skin. The kiss turned avid, all teeth and tongue and eventually she found herself straddling him. 
Her hips ground against his in a suggestive motion and a wicked smile spread across her lips when she felt him hard against her. Fingers found their target in his hair, and with a gentle tug she angled his neck and her lips began tracing its lines eliciting a loud moan from Rowan. 
His strong hands were a steady presence on her sides, pulling her closer with his thumbs brushing timidly the underside of her breasts.
Rowan’s tongue slowly traced the shape of her lips and she opened for him and when he intensified the kiss she began pondering what that tongue of his could do somewhere else. That image was her undoing. Aelin came up for breath and looked at him, his eyes smoky with lust.
She looked at him with the same desire and she was positive he had noticed the need in her stare as well.
Then Aelin stood and removed her t-shirt revealing her bare torso. She moved a step back and without ever removing her gaze from him she wiggled her finger in an invitation, then turned and swayed her hips on her way to his bedroom.
Rowan ran a hand down his face and eventually stood and followed her.
Shit. He was in such deep, unending shit.
It was the middle of the night and both Rowan and Aelin were still awake. They lay naked under the blankets while she was nested in his embrace, her head tucked under his chin, while he traced lazy lines on her back with his fingers.
She looked up at him and noticed his downcast stare. He looked sad and could not understand why. They just had some mind-blowing sex. Three times. 
“Hey, what is it?” She asked him, caressing his face.
He shook his head gently “nothing. Just thinking.”
“You are regretting this,” she said in accusation sitting up beside him.
Rowan threw an arm on his face and sighed “No.”
“Liar, that is not the face of someone who is happy after getting laid three times.” She folded her arms at her chest. 
He remained silent and Aelin bent over to grab her clothes “don’t worry. I get it. I’ll leave you to it. I’ll find a flight home tomorrow.”
His arm shot out and stopped her, then he sat on the bed and pulled her back “please, no.”
“Then talk to me, damn it.” She threw her clothes back on the floor “I can’t read your mind.” She shouted back frustration rising again. 
Rowan’s hands fisted for a brief moment “I am crazy about you,” he whispered, as if terrified by the admission “and there is a part of me that tells me that is wrong. Reminds me that I lost my wife a year and half ago and I should not replace her so quickly, not after I swore forever love at the altar.” he sat at her side but never looked at her, too scared of her reaction “I loved every single of minute we had together tonight but my stupid conscience keeps telling me that is wrong.” He lowered his head “and I know that my guilt will ruin everything, eventually.”
Aelin fully turned to him and cupped his face “Ro, look at me.” He lifted his eyes and stared in the blue depths of her own eyes “for some crazy unexplained reason I fell for you as well. I think I must be crazy,” she chuckled “I know your pain. Sam was not my husband but almost. After I lost him I promised myself I would not commit anymore. The pain of losing him was so bad that I decided I’d rather remain alone than suffer again.” She told him, caressing his cheek with her thumb “then you annoying bastard came along and destroyed all my resolutions. I wanted to hate you, for so many reasons, but the more I tried to do that, the more I failed.” His lips twitched in a faint smile “the way I see it, moving on is not a betrayal on your wife. You will alway love her, as I will always have a space for Sam. We are in our early thirties, what do you want to do? Stay celibate and miserable for the rest of your life? Pass on opportunities just because you want to be faithful to her?” She explained “also, and I do not mean this to be disrespectful, but didn’t she have divorce papers ready and a plan to cut you off from your kid’s life?”
Rowan collapsed back on the bed and sighed heavily. She was right. He had loved Lyria but she had planned to leave him. “what do you want to do?”
She looked at him with a puzzled expression.
“About us.”
Aelin leaned against him and snuggled back to his chest “one step at a time, remember?” She looked at him and his wonderful green eyes shone in joy “and if my memory does not fail me, you told me you were all in if I were.”
Rowan nodded gently and kissed her head “I still am.”
“Well, we have covered sex, even if we broke the rules, and we know that in that field we have plenty of chemistry, we just need to learn to talk without shouting and communicate better. We both have lots of baggage. What I suggest is that we spend these three days playing couple and once you come back we’ll just go from there.”
His arms folded around her and pulled her as close as possible, her golden hair in his face and the scent of lavender enveloping his senses “I think I like this plan.”
“Good, now let’s sleep though. It’s the middle of the night.”
Aelin kissed him and not long after fell asleep in his arms.
Rowan woke up the following morning and smiled at the warm body at his side. Aelin was sprawled on him, using his chest like a pillow. The blanket had fallen down to her waist and he realised they had fallen asleep naked. With his fingers he traced gentle lines on her shoulders, then leaned over and deposited a few kisses fully inhaling her scent. She moaned and slowly came to awareness and when she realised where she was she gave him a wonderful smile and he kissed her, fully, avidly.
“Someone looks happy,” she joked brushing his short hair.
“Nope, just trying to get back my side of the bed.”
She gently patted his shoulder but Rowan rolled on top of her and gave her a deep kiss “good morning, you.”
She stretched luxuriously in his arms then she kissed him back pulling her body close to his.
“Mmmm,” she moaned “morning wood or are you just happy to have me with you?”
He kissed her, then his head dipped in the hollow of her neck and his tongue traced the length of it “both.”
“We should definitely tend to it.” She teased and a moment later she straddled him “I do like being in charge, just so you know.” She leaned forward and kissed him, then disappeared under the blankets and Rowan cursed as soon as her mouth was on him.
Rowan stood and still naked went to make breakfast. They had remained in bed much longer that he had planned but it had been totally worth it. Their chemistry in the sheets was definitely perfect. Aelin followed him and she leaned, naked as well, against the counter. He bent forward and kissed her “we definitely need coffee.” She turned and Rowan looked at her, her long blond hair unbound and reaching her lower back. Along ragged breath escaped from him, then he went back to preparing breakfast. Staring at her naked form could lead to more dillydallying and he wanted to take her out to explore.
She walked back to him with two mugs of coffee while he finished to prepare French toast.
“Take the strawberries out the fridge, please.”
“I usually put maple syrup on.”
Rowan rolled his eyes “well, I am making them so we follow my rules.”
She pinched his butt “brute.”
Five minutes later they were sitting on the sofa, enjoying their breakfast. She brushed his hair with her hand. “Thank you for this. It was so lovely.” She placed her empty mug on the coffee table together with her plate and she turned to him fully and went for a kiss. Now that they had crossed that line she could not keep her hands off him. He pushed her down on the sofa, laying on her back and he kneeled between her legs. She propped herself on her elbows opening more for him and bit her lower lip at his lustful glance “you are so cute like this…” his voice rough with need.
Without ever averting her gaze she brought a finger to her mouth and slowly sucked it in a suggestive gesture, then her hand trailed down along her abdomen.
“Touch yourself.” At the same time his hand went around himself and started moving up and down while watching Aelin. Her fingers circled around her sensitive spot and he saw her threw her head backward and close her eyes. Her mouth slightly open. He leaned forward and kissed her, his tongue brushing her lips before clashing with hers. Her fingers buried inside her and Rowan lost it. He pushed her all the way down “I can’t fucking resist you.”
She looked up at him and smiled wickedly “then bury your dick inside me, captain.”
Rowan lifted her and walked back to the bedroom in a quick motion. 
His mouth landed on her breasts and Aelin’s hands kept him there, while he sucked and teased with his teeth. A moment later he moved away and went for the drawer grabbing a tie and Aelin lifted her arms above her head as soon as she realised his intentions. 
“This is very interesting, captain…”
Rowan very gently tied her hands to the boards of the head of the bed and then sat on his haunches to stare at her naked form in adoration.
“You are stunning,” he said while slowly caressing her belly. Keeping her hips in place he bent forward and his face disappeared between her legs which then quickly propped on his shoulders.
A savage moan left Aelin’s lips as his tongue found its target on her bundle of nerves and when he teased her with a finger she was all ready to combust.
“Fuck Ro— ” he cut her words with a second finger inside her. Those long digits that curled inside her, causing her legs to jerk while she felt the pressure build inside her. The orgasm creeping up quickly.
“I need you….” She told him breathlessly.
Rowan smiled, undid her ties and turned her around and then tied her again. He grabbed her butt and propped it up and his mouth was on her in an instant “you are so wet and ready for me.”
He went up on his knees and aligned himself with her entrance. His first thrust was gentle and enough to allow her to get used to him, he pulled back just a little and slammed into her to the hilt.
“More…” Cried Aelin grabbing the pillow and fisting her hands in it.
“More…” she begged him again.
His speed increased and Aelin felt her core tighten.
Rowan reached with his finger and teased her clit at the same time. Aelin moaned in the pillow as his ministration grew in intensity, until she could not hold it any longer and pleasure exploded in her making her crash over the edge. And while she was about to collapse into oblivion, she realised that Rowan hadn’t joined her in his release.
The grip on her hips grew stronger and she knew she was going to carry some marks. She met his thrusts and when his pace became frenzied she knew he was close as well. 
“Aelin, I am— ” he groaned loudly as he spilled into her and then collapsed exhausted on her back. He deposited gentle kisses on her back then collapsing exhausted at her side.
Rowan untied her then he took her hand and brought it to his chest “you are a wicked woman.”
Aelin chuckled “I had no idea I had it in me. I never… I mean Sam and I we never… this way, tied hands and all..…” Rowan brought her hand to his lips “Lyria and I did it, at the very beginning. Then it stopped and we calmed down until it became mechanical just because we were married. Once she found out she was pregnant she did not allow me to touch her at all.” He rolled over, facing her and his hand caressed her face “I thought it was because she was not well but…” he sighed “I haven’t told this to anyone but I suspected she was cheating on me.” He confessed and felt lighter. He had kept that to himself for a very long time “and to make things worse, I have a very, very strong feeling that the child was not mine. I think she lied to me on how far along she was.” He closed his eyes for a moment in a pained expression “I know she had stopped being happy about our life for a while. Whatever I did was not enough. She wanted me to retire and give up my job.”
Aelin extended her hand and brushed his cheek with the top of her hand “but she knew from the beginning what you were and what you job entailed?”
“Yes, I was clear from the start. Explained that my job took me away from months on end and all the dangers involved in it as well.” He closed his eyes enjoying the touch of her hand on his face “I think she hoped I would drop my career after we got married.”
“I loved her. I did all I could to show her that I was doing my best to keep the promise I made her at the altar.” He covered her hand with his “I failed her.”
“No,”Aelin whispered, this was conversation was giving her an insight into him and she realised she had no idea of how much pain and regret he was keeping bottled in him.
“I can’t fail you as well.” And she heard his voice break and snuggled closer to him “Ro, look at me.” She pulled his chin down to her “I am all in. I want to be all in. I am terrified, but I run into fires as a job, I know how to control my fears.”
He kissed her in a heartbreaking sweet kiss “I don’t deserve you.” His voice soft.
Aelin cackled “No one does, I am amazing that way. But you come pretty close to being worthy.” She joked and he kissed her back.
Rowan pulled away from her and then pushed her off the bed “come on, time to explore.”
Her blonde head emerged from the side of the bed “shower is mine.” And she bolted for the bathroom, he ran as well but once he got there she slammed the door in his face.
“Don’t spend half an hour in it.” He shouted. Then the door cracked open a little and her hand darted out “there is space for two…”
Rowan laughed and followed her inside.
The shower took much longer than expected and when they finally left the flat it was much later that he had planned. The whole morning had been totally worth it though, they had talked and he had a feeling it had helped move their complicated relationship in the right direction. He had even confessed her things he had never mentioned to anyone. He felt like he could trust her. She knew loss and darkness like he did.
They had lunch at one of the street vendors he had grown to love and now they were walking hand in hand along one of the the rivers and off toward the palace. Aelin walked silent at his side, taking in the city. “That’s the old royal palace.” He pointed at the stunning building they could see in the distance. “There was a monarchy once… and then the people rebelled and it got ugly and it went down and a government similar to what we have in Orynth was created.”
“The palace looks stunning.”
“I think they do tours to go inside. It’s where the government resides now but some areas are open to the public.”
“It’s fine I’d rather walk around and see the city. We can just see the palace from the outside.”
“As you wish,” his arm went around her shoulder and the feeling was incredible.
They walked to the palace and Rowan guided her behind it. When they arrived she was speechless. “It really is the city of rivers.”
Eight of them joined just behind the palace to form a gigantic basin with isles in the middle full of trees. In some parts the rivers went down a wall forming a waterfall.
“This is… gorgeous…” then she looked over and the spray of the waterfall had formed a beautiful rainbow “look,” she said to him pointing ahead.
He pulled her closer and kissed her temple “It’s quite an amazing corner this one.”
Aelin disentangled from him and walked around the area for a while and Rowan took photos of her. She was wearing an amazing green dress with a flowy skirt and he could not keep his eyes off her. 
“Come here you.” He did as he was told and joined her. “Hold me from behind.”
His arms went around her waist and they both gave their back to the basin. Aelin moved her phone so they both could be in the picture together with the magnificent background.
When she was about to click he kissed her temple.
Aelin looked at the photo “I am gorgeous.”
Rowan scoffed “I think you are the one who should move in with ego, although I think that in your case he needs a house on his own.”
She ignored him while she changed the picture as her phone background.
“I am pretending you never said anything.” And walked away from him.
Rowan laughed and a moment later he grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a kiss “Indeed you are stunning, captain.”
Aelin offered him her hand “shall we continue our tour?”
He took the hand she offered and they continued their exploration. They made their way to the area that was known as the historical one. The houses were built in stone of different colours and it looked very charming “here there are a lot of lovely small shops and some very cozy restaurants. It’s probably the most beautiful part of Doranelle.”
They continued walking until they reached a very colourful area “this is so pretty,” said Aelin pulling him toward the built up area.
Aelin dropped his hand and started walking toward all the small shops. She noticed a bakery and she walked in and Rowan followed in silence. Once inside he noticed she was busy chatting with the owner about their delicacies. Five minutes later she joined him with a bag in her hands.
“Did you buy the entire shop?”
She inclined her head and gave him a smile “almost.”
They reached the main square and discovered there was a market on and the place was full of stalls and food vendors. The air smelled of spices and food and Aelin stopped at every food stall enjoying some samples of the local food and buying some as well. Rowan followed her in silence and enjoyed seeing her relaxed.
“Are you going to spend you entire salary on food?” He joked, placing a hand on her lower back.
She turned and looked at him “I am on holiday Whitethorn, shush.”
They reached the end of the road and Aelin stopped in front of a clothes shop. In the window they had the most stunning black dress she had ever seen. She took Rowan’s hand and dragged him in.
“Hi, I saw the black dress in the window, is it possible for me to try it on? It’s stunning.”
“Of course,” said the shop owner “I make all the dresses myself.” She passed it to Aelin and pointed to the changing room.
Rowan sat on a chair and waited for her while his mind tried to picture her in the dress. When she finally emerged again he realised he had no idea how to picture her in such a dress. He swallowed hard as she walked to him.
“What do you think?” She turned to give him a full picture. The back of the dress dropped in a curve halfway down her back. It hugged her curves spectacularly and it had a cut up to above her knee. He was close to a heart attack.
“You… it’s…” he actually had no words “you are perfect.”
She smiled at him and for a brief second Rowan wished they were back in his room because he wanted to show her in another way what he really thought about it.
“Good, I am taking it. I will find an occasion to wear it.”
Once they were outside Aelin looked at him “did you really like the dress?”
Rowan wound his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, his mouth close to her ear “I had so much fun imagining all the possible ways for me to peel that dress off you.” 
“That’s the type of dress I would wear completely naked underneath by the way…”
He pulled her to his chest and bowed down for a kiss “I really hate that we are in public right now.”
She kissed him back. She was loving this side of him. One she had not expected him to have. He always appeared so composed and impossible to fluster. But under the captain’s mask she was discovering him to be quite a very interesting man. 
“You can ravish me tonight.” She added smiling against his lips and then walked away, leaving him alone and dumbstruck.
Yes, they could make it work.
She really wanted to.
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talkfantasytome · 2 days ago
Fiiiiiiiiinally reading the Throne of Glass series! On Heir of Fire, and I have a little letter for Rowan....
Dear Rowan,
Please stop biting Aelin if you don't want me to fall in love with you too fast.
A Person Who May Need Help
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sydneymack · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Aelin and Rowan - Throne of Glass
Artist: @theclever.crow
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silversparks27 · 2 days ago
Friendly Reminder
All the events from Throne of Glass to Kingdom of Ash take place within a single year. Let that sink in.
Now contemplate all our beloved characters had to go through within the span of one year.
All Aelin had to go through. The competition, losing Nehemia, embracing her powers and royal status, finding her mate, learning she is to be sacrificed, being captured and tortured by Maeve, defeating the Gods AND Maeve, also Erawan. Not to mention all the childhood trauma, shit with Arobynn Hamel, losing Sam and Endovier just before all this.
You may now attempt to enjoy the remainder of your day.
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artemismel · 2 days ago
Celaena: I'm not telling you anything!
Bad guy: We have our ways to make you talk... *pulls out knife*
Bad guy: *cuts into a chocolate cake*
Celaena: I want a piece.
Bad guy: Sorry, this cake is for talkers only.
*half an hour later*
Celaena: *mouth full of third cake* and THEN-
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theonewhoimagined · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Me after reading The Assassin's Blade and finding out Sam has been in love with Celaena for years and only pretended he hated her just to get her attention. And his punishment was watching her get beaten unconscious while he could do nothing, but shout his murderous intentions to Arobynn. He was so sweet and kind. WHY WOULD YOU WRITE SUCH A TRAGIC ENDING FOR SAM. He deserves the world and more 😭
Don't get me started on "My name is Sam Cortland and I will not be afraid". I AM A MESS
I don't even know what to do with my life anymore. This definitely took my mind off of Rowaelin's separation a bit. But wow Aelin's damn love life at 19 is better than mine lmaoooo what with 5 extremely accomplished men (An assassin, a foreign assassin, a royal prince, a royal captain of the guards, and an immortal Fae prince) in her long list of suitors!!!
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