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#adyson sweetwater
bianchi2021 · 2 hours ago
Adyson = brash, headstrong, snarky, no-nonsense, impulsive, extroverted
Gretchen = intelligent, logical, introverted
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fereality-indy · a day ago
Summer Camp Tent Leader
Adyson: Okay gang, I suggest we run this tent in a democratic fashion. The first thing we'll do is elect a tent leader. We'll have to prepare some ballots, and we'll do this democratically. We'll vote to see who's leader - one gal, one vote. However, we can't pass the ballots until we voted to see who's gonna pass the ballots. This will be done very democratically. Let's see... I vote that Gretchen prepares the ballots. Gretchen: Wait a minute! You can't vote unless we have ballots! Ginger: If we can't vote to see who will pass the ballots, how can we have ballots to vote? Isabella: Yeah, who cares? Adyson: All in favor say "aye". Aye! Ginger: Aye! Gretchen: No! Isabella: No! Adyson: It's settled, Gretchen will pass the ballots. Okay Gretchen, pass the ballots. Everybody mark their choice, either vote for me or against me. That'll be fair. Gretchen: Wait one darned second! How about if we nominate somebody first? Adyson: Good idea! I nominate me! Any further nominations? If not, the nominations are declared closed. Okay gals, let's vote. *all four of them do so* Adyson: Ginger, pick up the votes and tally 'em. Ginger: Alright, here's the way it went- one vote for Gretchen, one vote for Adyson, one vote for Isabella, and one vote for Ginger. Adyson: Huh, a tie vote. I guess I'll have to decide the casting vote. Gretchen: Huh? Adyson: The deciding vote is for Adyson! Adyson is the leader! I am the leader! It was fair and square! Isabella: *oozing sarcasm* Well, I'm •very• happy for you! Gretchen: Boy, some vote!
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bianchi2021 · 10 days ago
Here's a list of books Adyson subscribes to:
- "Sarcasm for Pros"
- "Sarcasm 101"
- "Sarcastic Sam's Sarcastic Book of all things Sarcastic"
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fereality-indy · 11 days ago
Horror Show
Buford: I keep thinking about which horror movies I’d make my kids watch. Adyson: I don’t wanna have kids with you. Buford: Why? They’d love it. Adyson: Oh, so you wanna have kids with me? Buford: When I die mysteriously at 46, the nights in which we cuddled on the couch watching horror movies will be their favorite memory of me. Adyson: Or they’ll think your ghost still haunts our house. Buford: Which is pretty comforting. Adyson: NO!!!
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bianchi2021 · 12 days ago
- While in my spinoff you may think Adyson is spoiled, obnoxious and stuck-up, she is still a really good and caring person. She may tease, but mostly she does it to motivate others, and is prepared for anyone who would dare tease her own friends...
It's not her fault for her behavior, she was raised by people who were both very competitive in school and the best at what they did, they raised her to be just like them -- she takes none of their lessons for granted.
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bianchi2021 · 14 days ago
So after reading this, you're probably never gonna stop calling Adyson a brat... @springsfordays
- Adyson keeps a journal of every person she mocks, teases and ridicules. And has had it since GRAMMAR SCHOOL... courtesy of @bianchi2021 and @rovenami
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fereality-indy · 16 days ago
Waiting Game
Adyson: Follow me. Baljeet: I think we should do as she says. Buford: Alright but we don't have to just jump when she says it *waits 3 seconds* Buford: Ok that’s long enough, lets go.
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fereality-indy · 18 days ago
Feeling Special
Adyson: My two greatest weaknesses are being attracted to bad boys and not being able to argue without crying. Holly: What about like... being stabbed? Adyson: Like anyone would waste their time stabbing me. Milly: Don’t be like that Adyson, I’m sure plenty of people would love to stab you! Gretchen: I don’t think that’s the best way to put it— Adyson: *tearing up* Thank you Milly. Gretchen: But apparently it worked...?
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fereality-indy · a month ago
Scratching Post
Adyson: All right, look, you've got a great short game, I'll give you that. But when it comes down to it, making it with you is kinda like eating Chinese food. It's great going down, but it's just not that filling. Buford: So, you're, uh, you're not attracted to me anymore? Adyson: Oh, I didn't say that. No, I had an itch and it got scratched. So thank you. Buford: I know what this is, you're, uh, you're doing the whole reverse psychology thing on me, right? Adyson: Oh, yeah, 'cause a psych degree is certainly what's needed to crack the code that is Buford. Buford: You know, maybe before I was a bit quick to... uh... what I mean is, if ever you get another itch or anything... Adyson: Are we talking my itch or yours? Buford: Uh... our itch? Adyson: All right cowboy. Let's see what you got. Oh, and remember - the key is to scratch slowly.
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fereality-indy · a month ago
Stupid Is...
Adyson: Stop being so stupid! Buford: I can't stop the stupid, it runs in my bones!
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fereality-indy · a month ago
Talking It Out
Baljeet: You gotta help me. Ginger: What, you couldn’t talk Buford out of dating Adyson? Baljeet: Oh, I talked Buford right out of dating Adyson. Ginger: Great, so what’s the problem? Adyson: *coming in* YOU STOLE MY PARTNER? Baljeet: That’s the problem. Ginger: You asked Buford out?! Baljeet: No, gross! Adyson: *bumping their fists angrily* COME ON, BALJEET! LET’S GO, RIGHT NOW! Baljeet: *to Ginger* You see what you get me into?!
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fereality-indy · 2 months ago
Bless You
Adyson: What's going on? Buford: I'm not sure, I sneezed the plan away.
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bianchi2021 · 2 months ago
Adyson: "Phin and Izzy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Izzy with... MAJOR EYE DAMAGE!" (laughs)
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fereality-indy · 2 months ago
Baljeet:  That guy is not whelmed, not whelmed at all. Adyson:  What is it with you and this whelmed thing?
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fereality-indy · 2 months ago
Fireside Chat
Adyson: All’s fair in love and war, mate! Brigitte: Oui - And we French know much of both!
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Adyson to Isabella: Isabella, you're tenacious. You're strong. You're a great leader. And most importantly, any basic bitch would be lucky to be like you.
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springsfordays · 3 months ago
Some Fireside Girls Headcanons that make no sense but I like anyway
So to preface this I have nothing to back any of these up. They’re all super ooc headcanons. So think of them as more like suggestions if they were to be written out as actual characters lmao. And of course these are just my own silly headcanons!! I absolutely love seeing other’s characterizations and I thought I share my own :)
Ginger is the athlete of the group. While all of them have athletic abilities Ginger is just a monster when it comes to sports. She even gets accepted into her school’s football team
Ginger only joined the fireside girls because of Isabella for when they were little Isabella joined and not wanting to be alone just kind of followed Isabella around. And I guess she never really stopped in a way
Ginger’s the shyest and most reserved of the group and is actually the most sensitive. Even though she can be sassy when she wants she’s also kind of a nervous wreck at all times. (WILL cry as a warning before she fights you)
Despite being pretty smart Adyson doesn’t apply herself to school and is considered a “bad and sassy child”
She’s basically the snarky comic relief character with a heart of gold
Adyson is in the foster care system
She lets out her frustration with her home life through the fireside girl activities and considers her troop her real family
Holly is the mom friend who is obsessed with safety and being germ free. She‘s basically the only reason the other girls haven’t died from their adventures
She also loves punk rock music and dresses like one in her regular clothes which throws off the other girls because the very definition of punk is to disobey rules and live life dangerously which is very much NOT what Holly does. But hey who are they to judge?
Holly is Nigerian and was in the fireside girls back in her home town but was seen as the “odd one out” in her old troop. But when her and her family came to the U.S. and she joined the main troop she suddenly found her own group of misfits
Holly and Katie live in the same apartment complex and are the closest to one another in the troop
Katie is Swedish, why? Idk it just fits for some reason lmao
Katie has a horror obsession and loves anything gore, psychological thriller, or monster invasion related
Her entire room is decorated wall to wall with horror movie posters, figurines and gothic decor which contrasts her personality so much. But secretly reinforces how Katie has a very scary dark side to her cheerful demeanor 
Also she’s adopted!! By two wonderful fathers who are a little creeped out by her fascination with horror and get very nervous when she’s out running around collecting the most dangerous sounding patches ever. But hey as long as Katie’s happy, they’re happy.
Milly is Greek-Italian
Milly’s family is looooadeddd. They are filthy rich
Not only do both her parents come from wealthy families they both became even wealthier. On her father’s side he is a land owner and basically owns all of the housing in Danville. On her mother’s she’s a brilliant Italian-American actress
Milly is extremely materialistic and values her collections and personal stuff very much. Whenever someone is in her room they can’t touch a SINGLE thing
Though even through this she’s genuinely very sweet and will help anyone in need. She’s probably objectively the nicest girl in the troop however she will absolutely destroy you if you provoke her
Gretchen is as smart as Baljeet and the two develop an ugly rivalry
Gretchen is French-American
She lives an extremely quiet life at home. I hc that her mother is deaf, her father a naturally quiet man who can’t stand loud noises, and her sick grandfather can no longer speak or hear. She spent most of her childhood alone and reading books quietly in her home
When she joined the fireside girls she became open to a whole new and loud world that she can’t get enough of now
I’ve got more but this post is long enough lolll.
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springsfordays · 3 months ago
Something that means nothing but I still find funny: Django Brown was inspired/named after Swampy’s son. Adyson Sweetwater was inspired/based off of Swampy’s granddaughter.
Both were introduced in the first season but Django was taken off the show pretty much entirely after the first season since he didn’t have enough chemistry with the other characters. However Adyson stuck around and became one of the main fireside girls as the seasons went on.
That just sounds like the most grandpa thing for Swampy to do. Thinking your son’s not cool enough to be on your show but your granddaughter totally is.
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fardell24b · 3 months ago
Daria in Danville - Resolving the First Day
Part 8: Resolving the First Day
Phineas and Ferb completed lashing the seat back to the roof just before the vehicle landed. The landing sent a judder through the vehicle and new cracks appeared in the stonework, causing the passenger compartment to be filled with dust.
  Everyone emerged coughing. “I think we need to drag it back,” Daria suggested.
 “I don’t think so. We can still repair it,” Phineas said.
 “After all, we still have most of the afternoon,” Isabella said.
 Daria looked at the vehicle. “You have bottled water?” she asked.
 Ferb gave her a thumbs up.
 “You’re thinking we can use the water and dust to seal the cracks, aren’t you?” Phineas asked.
 “Yes, but it’ll be a quick fix at best,” Daria replied.
 “Of course,” Phineas said.
 “I would add some plaster for security but that’s just me,” Jane put in.
  “We do have some plaster in our medical kits,” Adyson Sweetwater, one of the Fireside Girls, said.
 “That would work,” Jane said.
 “Let’s do it,” Phineas said.
   After another fifteen minutes, they had sealed most of the cracks with plaster. “But we have to wait a while for it to set,” Jane said.
 “That’s obvious, but how long?” Isabella asked.
 “Ideally, for another three days, but another forty minutes should do it,” Jane replied.
 “That’s a while,” Phineas said.
 “The sun is still high in the sky,” Ferb said.
 “That’s true, Ferb,” Phineas said.
 “I guess you’ve worked with plaster before?” Daria asked Jane.
 “Of course.”
  After another thirty five minutes, they were on the move again. “We should take it slowly, Trent. I’m not sure it can hold up to fast speeds,” Phineas suggested.
 “I agree,” Trent said. He looked at the speedometer, 25 miles per hour. He wasn’t going any faster, despite the traffic piling up behind. He also saw Ferb at work on the wing mechanisms but he wasn’t sure that it was necessary to fly again.
They made it all the way to the Flynn-Fletchers neighbourhood without any further difficulties. But as they turned onto Maple Drive there was yet another shudder. “What was that?” Isabella asked. Some of the plaster came loose and new cracks appeared.
 “I thought, like, that this vehicle wasn’t roadworthy,” Sandi said.
 “You said that earlier!” Baljeet said.
 “It may not last much longer!” Sandi rebutted.
 “Relax, Sandi, we’re almost at the Flynn-Fletchers,” Jane said.
 “That doesn’t, like, inspire me with confidence, Daria’s sister’s art friend,” Sandi said.
 “So, you know that Quinn is Daria’s sister,” Jane whispered with a smirk.
 “Of course,” Sandi said with a devious smirk. They were then thrown from their seats as Trent hit a pot-hole.
 “Oops,” he said. But more cracks appeared. “We’re almost there.” Further cracking occurred.
 “Uh oh!” Phineas said.
 “It’s going to fall apart!” Ferb said as he emerged from the left wing mechanisms.
 “Oh no!” Stacy R. said, hyperventilating yet again.
 “Pulling over!” Trent said. He pulled over to the right, just short of the Flynn-Fletcher’s neighbour’s yard.
 “Bail out!” Sandi told her brothers and Stacy R. She then leapt out the door. She was quickly followed by most of the group, including Candace, Isabella, Phineas, Jane, Daria and Stacy H.
 The vehicle collapsed into a heap of rocks and pieces of wood on the roadside. The Fireside Girls, Buford, Baljeet and Trent emerged from the wreck mostly unscathed. Then there was another shifting of the rocks and Ferb emerged, holding Perry, followed by the squirrels and the remaining birds.
 “That was close,” Phineas said.
 “Very close,” Daria agreed.
 “No No NOOO!” Candace said, looking at the wreck.
 “Relax, Candace,” Jane said.
 “There’s still tomorrow,” Daria said, remembering the deal they had made that morning.
 “True,” Candace said.
 “Anyone up for afternoon tea?” Phineas asked.
 “Sure,” Daria said.
 “I guess so. I should also thank you for the rescue,” Sandi said.
 “You’re welcome,” Phineas said.
  The group entered the Flynn-Fletcher’s kitchen. “Look at that, the stone building is gone,” Jane said.
 Candace looked out into the yard. “Wait a minute, the building is still there, just in one of the yards behind! Mom! Mom!”
 “What is it Candace?” Linda asked as she entered the kitchen.
 “Look at that!”
 Linda looked at the stone building.“Oh that strange statue? It’s not in our yard.”
 “No, Mom, Phineas and Ferb built it!” Candace said.
 “It’s impossible,” Linda said with a shake of her head.
 Candace sighed.
  After an afternoon snack, Daria, Jane, Trent, Stacy R. and the Griffins went out to Trent’s car to prepare to return to Lawndale. Sandi looked at Trent’s car. “How are we, like, going to all fit in that… car?”
 “It’s been done before, and this time there’s no drum kit,” Jane replied.
 “I don’t want to know,” Daria murmured.
 “There’s enough room,” Phineas said.
 Stacy looked at the car. “But not enough seatbelts!”
 “That shouldn’t be a problem at this time of day,” Phineas conjectured. Ferb gave him a look. “If you leave soon that is,” he continued.
 “Let’s do it,” Jane said to Trent.
  Stacy, Sandi, Sam and Chris sat in the back seat, with Sandi sitting between her brothers to ensure that they wouldn’t fight whilst Trent was driving. Daria and Jane sat in the front passenger seat, with Daria between the two Lanes.
“I’ll drop you guys off first,” Trent said to Sandi and Stacy after the car reentered the town.
 “Sure, you’ll drop us off, like, at Stacy’s house,” Sandi said.
 “The address?” Trent asked.
 “324 Eichler Street,” Stacy answered.
 “Got it,” Trent said.
  After Trent had driven off, Sandi turned to her brothers and Stacy. “Thank you for the rescue,” she said.
 “That’s what family is for,” Sam said.
 “You’re welcome. Now I’ll go inside and tell Quinn that you’re safe!” Stacy said.
 “Go ahead. I’ll call when I get home,” Sandi said after some thought. She turned to her brothers. “Let’s go.”
  Trent let Daria and Jane off at the Morgendorffer’s house. “See you later,” Jane said to Trent.
 “Spiral has a gig at the Zon tonight, Daria. You’re welcome to come,” Trent suggested.
 “Maybe,” Daria said with a shrug.
 “That would be cool,” Jane said, nudging her friend.
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What if Dipper was the one who taught Adyson about "manipulating the situation"?
Can I offer an alternative? Mabel taught Adyson to manipulate the situation, and when Dipper found out, he told Baljeet about it because a) you never accept relationship advice from Mabel and b) he's the only one who gets to manipulate the situation, goddammit!
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