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#addison gill
ensaiofashion · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Laura Biagiotti - Spring 2010
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ensaiofashion · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Laura Biagiotti - Spring 2010
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ensaiofashion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Laura Biagiotti - Spring 2010
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ensaiofashion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Cynthia Rowley - Spring 2010
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ensaiofashion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Marco de Vincenzo - Spring 2011
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ensaiofashion · a month ago
Tumblr media
Marco de Vincenzo - Spring 2011
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ensaiofashion · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Louis Vuitton - Fall 2009
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ensaiofashion · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Collette Dinnigan - Fall 2011
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darktributary · a month ago
I wish I didn’t feel sooo basic saying that Kylie is peak sexual attraction. I’m so horny in the morning it is bonkers yo.
She just flaunts it the most I think actually idk. Cuz sometimes Addison is like DAMN that’s peak but other times it’s like Amber Gill is totally peak but then other times it’s like none of them are even that great looking so idk.
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winsonsaw2003 · 2 months ago
Looking for descendants of Captain Thomas Parr(?-1799),1st regiment of Madras European Infantry.
Captain Thomas Parr,Resident of Malacca,Malaysia from(1795-1796).Came to India as cadet in 1771.Became a colonel in 1773.Served as lieutenant in 1778.He became captain in 1783. Promoted as major in 1796.He became a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1797. He died in 3rd May 1799.He married Jane ?. His issue:- i) John Parr(1781-?)
ii) William Parr(1783-1828) married Mary Powney. His issue:- ai) Charles William Parr(1824-1905) married 1stly,Frances Shaw,2ndly,Jane Peters,3rdly,Charlotte Innis. His issue:- bi) Susan Anne Parr(1865-?).
bii) Thomas George Parr (1866-?).
biii) William Parr (1869-?). biv)Albert Christopher Hilary Parr(1880-?). Bv) Jane Mary Bernerdette Parr(1881-?). bvi)Florence Winifred Parr(1882-?)
bvii)  Ann Lydia Parr(1883-?) married Arthur Joseph Foxen. Their issue:- ci) Mary Hilda Blanche Mildred Foxen(1908-1987) married Cecil George Paul. Their issue:- di) Rudolph Wilmot Paul(1936-2013) married Patricia Ann Gissing. His issue:- ei) Graham E Paul. eii) David George Paul. eiii) Anthony Neil Paul. dii) Paul.
cii) Walter Augustus Anthony Foxen(1910-1996) married Merlyn A Pereira. His issue:-
di) Foxen. dii) Foxen. ciii) Edna Mary Evelyn Foxen(1912-?) married Percival Douglas Carroll. Their issue:- di) Arthur Douglas Carroll. dii) Diana Lydia Mary Carroll. diii) Maureen Yvonne Margaret Carroll
div) Patricia Gloria Mary Carroll. civ) Naomi Foxen(1915-1916). cv) Phyllis Mary Foxen(1916-2002) married George William Gill.
evi) Olga Mary Foxen(1918-?).
evii)Leslie Wilmot Foxen(1922-1998) married Shirley Ann Fenton. His issue:- fi) Judith A Foxen. eviii) Barbara M Foxen(1924-2014) married Patrick R Morgan. Their issue:- fi) Karen B Morgan. eix) Rita Foxen.
bix)Edward St. John Parr(1885-?) married Violet Maud Lazar. bx) Charles Ernest Parr(1887-1913) married Margaret ?. His issue:- ci)Ernest Charles Parr(1911-1989) married Edna W Wells. His issue:- di) Janice May Parr married Malcolm Wells. dii) David A Parr married Georgina Margaret Tyrrell. His issue:- ei) Denise Parr. eii) Louise Annette Parr.
cii)George Arthur Parr (1913).
Bxi) Theresa St.Clare Parr(1889-1892). bxii)  Hilary  Beatrice Parr(1891-1892)
bxiii)Irene Agnes Parr (1896-1898). aii) Leonara Parr. aiii) Parr. iii) Samuel Parr(1786-?) iv) Thomas Parr(1788-?). v) George Parr(1790-1863) married ?. His issue:- ai) George Faulkner Parr(1817-1897) married Mariah Hopkins. His issue:- bi) Alphonso D Parr (1854-?). bii) Samuel August Parr(1856-1920) married Florence Gertrude ?. His issue:- ci) Charles H Parr. cii) William P Simpson Parr(1885-?). biii) William Parr(1859-?).
biv) Florence L Parr(1866-1930) married Abram Louis Robinson.
Their issue:- ci) Minnie E.Robinson(1894-?). cii) Lewis Parr Robinson(1895-1974) married Nora Hamilton. His issue:-
di) Clifford Hamilton Robinson(1920-2004) married Evelyn Annette Lister. ciii) Clifford D Robinson(1897-?). civ) James Abram Robinson(1901-1971) married Elizabeth J.Chandler.
bv) George Truman Parr(1852-1902) married Elizabeth ?. His issue:- ci) Alfonso Parr(1878-?). cii) Samuel Parr(1879-?). ciii) George T Parr(1883-?). civ) Frank Parr(1885-?).
cv) Addison Parr(1887-/). cvi) Maria Parr(1889-?). cvii) Florence Parr(1891-?). cviii) Scott Theodore Parr(1893-1956) married 1stly,Ellen Alsberry,2ndly,Emma Hill. His issue:- di) Samuel Alsberry Parr(1914-1983) married 1stly,Elsie Gilkes,2ndly,Queenie Marie Battle. His issue:- ei) Vincent Everton Parr(1933-1992) married Jean Johnson. His issue:- di) Vincent Everton Parr married Meredith Hope Eten. dii) Dorothy M Parr(1918-1993)  married ? Brown. diii) Theodore Scott Parr(1923-1999) married Nettie Estelle Blake. cix) Gerald Parr(1897-?).
Please contact me at -
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socialmediapromotion2020 · 3 months ago
What Is Graphic Design
Tumblr media
Graphic design is a calling whose business is the demonstration of planning, programming, and make visual interchanges, for the most part created by modern methods and proposed to pass on explicit messages to explicit social gatherings, with an unmistakable reason. This is the action that empowers graphically impart thoughts, realities and qualities handled and integrated as far as structure and correspondence, social, social, financial, tasteful and mechanical. Otherwise called visual correspondence plan, since some partner the word figure just to the printing business, and comprehend that visual messages are directed through numerous media, not simply print.
Given the gigantic and quick development in the trading of data, the interest for visual originators is more prominent than at any other time, especially as a result of the improvement of new advances and the need to focus on the human factors that are past the capability of architects who create them.
A few orders are generally utilized visual computerization: promoting plan, article plan, corporate personality configuration, website architecture, bundling plan, typographic plan, signage plan, interactive media plan, among others.
Visual depiction History
The meaning of the visual depiction calling is somewhat later, in what concerns their readiness, their exercises and objectives. Despite the fact that there is no agreement on the specific date of the introduction of visual communication, some dating during the interwar period. Others comprehend that starts to recognize as such to the late nineteenth century.
Seemingly explicit realistic correspondences purposes have their starting point in Paleolithic cavern canvases and the introduction of composed language in the third thousand years BC. C. However, the distinctions in working techniques and preparing required helper sciences are to such an extent that it is absurd to plainly distinguish the current visual architect with ancient man, with xylograph fifteenth century or the lithographer 1890.
The variety of assessment mirrors the way that some see as a result of visual depiction and any remaining graphical exhibit just those that emerge because of the use of a model of modern creation, those visual appearances that have been "anticipated" thinking about requirements of various sorts: profitable emblematic ergonomic context oriented and so forth
A page from the Book of Kells: Folio 114, with designed content contains the Tunc dicit illis. An illustration of craftsmanship and page design of the Middle Ages.
The Book of Kells - A Bible transcribed lavishly outlined by Irish priests in the 10th century CE-is for about an exceptionally lovely and early illustration of visual depiction idea. It is a realistic exhibit of incredible imaginative worth, high caliber, and that even a model for figuring out how to plan for even outperforms in quality to large numbers of the current-publication creations, and furthermore from a useful perspective contemporary This realistic piece reacts to all requirements introduced the group of individuals who made it, anyway others accept that it would be visual depiction item, since they comprehend that their plan isn't changed in accordance with the possibility of current visual computerization project.
The historical backdrop of typography-and by transitive, additionally the historical backdrop of the book-is firmly connected to visual computerization, this might be on the grounds that there are basically no illustrations plans that do exclude such things designs. Henceforth, when discussing the historical backdrop of visual computerization, typography additionally refered to the Trajan section, middle age miniatures, Johannes Gutenberg's print machine, the development of the book business, the banners Parisian Arts Movement and Crafts (Arts and Crafts), William Morris, Bauhaus, and so on "
The presentation of versatile kind by Johannes Gutenberg made books less expensive to create, and encourage their dispersal. The previously printed books (incunabula) scored the good example to the 20th century. Visual computerization of this time has gotten known as Old Style (particularly the typefaces which these early typographers utilized), or Humanist, because of the overwhelming philosophical school of the time.
After Gutenberg, no huge changes were seen until the late nineteenth century, especially in Britain, there was a push to make an unmistakable division between the fine and applied expressions.
In the nineteenth Century
First page of the book "The Nature of Gothic" by John Ruskin, distributed by the Kelmscott Press. The Arts and Crafts proposed to resuscitate the middle age craftsmanship, motivation in nature and physical work.
During the nineteenth century visual message configuration was endowed then again two experts: the craftsman or the distributer. The originally was framed as a craftsman and the second as a skilled worker, regularly both in similar schools of expressions and specialties. For the printer as craftsmanship was the utilization of decorations and choosing textual styles imprinted in his structures. The craftsman considered typography to be a youngster and focusing closer on fancy and illustrative components.
Somewhere in the range of 1891 and 1896, the William Morris Kelmscott Press distributed probably the main realistic items Arts and Crafts Movement (Arts and Crafts), and set up a worthwhile business dependent on the plan of books of incredible expressive refinement and offering them to the high societies as extravagance things. Morris demonstrated that a market existed for works of visual depiction, building up the division of plan from creation and the expressive arts. Crafted by the Kelmscott Press is described by its diversion of notable styles, particularly middle age.
First Vanguards
Banner for the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Made by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec with shading lithography in 1891. Because of Art Nouveau, visual communication and visual lucidity acquired by the piece.
Isotype of the Bauhaus. Established in 1919 by Walter Gropius, is viewed as the origination of the visual communication calling.
Given Poster for Matinée. Made by Theo van Doesburg in January 1923. The free textual style association, communicates the soul of the Dada development, nonsensicalness, for opportunity and restrict the norm and visual articulations of the time.
Corporate character plan for Lufthansa, by the Development Group 5 of the HFG Ulm. Ulm School was an intonation point throughout the entire existence of plan, since there is illustrated the plan calling through logical technique.
Current pictograms plan for the National Park Service of the United States. The plan to disentangle the images structures created during the 1950s.
The plan of the mid 20th century, just as the expressive arts of a similar period, was a response against the wantonness of typography and plan of the late nineteenth century.
The interest in ornamentation and the multiplication of estimation changes and typographical style one piece plan, inseparable from great plan, it was a thought that was kept up until the late nineteenth century. The Art Nouveau, with its reasonable longing complex was a development that added to higher request visual creation. While keeping an undeniable degree of formal unpredictability, did as such inside a solid visual consistency, disposing of the variety of typographic styles in a single realistic piece.
Craftsmanship developments of the second decade of the 20th century and the political disturbance that went with them, produced sensational changes in visual depiction. The Dada, De Stijl, Suprematism, Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism, the Bauhaus and made another vision that impacted all parts of the visual expressions and plan. Every one of these developments contradicted to the brightening expressions and famous, just as the Art Nouveau, which affected by the new interest in math advanced into the Art Deco. Every one of these developments were a revisionist and intrusive soul in constantly. This period likewise distributions and statements multiplied through which specialists and instructors communicated their conclusions.
Exclusively On Fiverr By  socoolstyle
Tumblr media
During the 1930s created for the organization fascinating parts of visual depiction. The realistic style change was critical on the grounds that it shows a response against variance ornamentalist organicism and the time and proposes a more stripped and mathematical. This style, associated with Constructivism, Suprematism, Neoplasticism, De Stijl and Bauhaus applied an enduring impact and inevitable in the improvement of 20th century visual computerization. Another significant component comparable to proficient practice, was the expanding utilization of visual structure as correspondence component. This thing showed up generally in the plans delivered by the Dada and De Stijl.
The image of current typography is the sans serif text style or serif, enlivened by mechanical kinds of the late nineteenth century. Features incorporate Edward Johnston, creator of the text style for the London Underground, and Eric Gill.
Configuration Schools
Jan Tschichold encapsulated the standards of current typography in his 1928 book, New Typography. He later renounced the way of thinking introduced in this book, calling it extremist, yet stayed extremely powerful. Herbert Bayer, who dirigó from 1925-1928 the typography and promoting workshop at the Bauhaus, made the conditions for another calling: the visual originator. He put the subject "Promoting" in the schooling program including, in addition to other things, the investigation of publicizing media and the brain research of promoting. Quite, the first to characterize the term Graphic Design was the fashioner and typographer William Addison Dwiggins in 1922.
Accordingly Tschichold, Herbert Bayer, László Moholy-Nagy, and El Lissitzky became guardians of visual communication as far as we might be concerned today. They spearheaded creation procedures and styles that have been utilizing later. Today, PCs have drastically adjusted creation frameworks, however the methodology that added to trial configuration is more pertinent than any other time dynamism, experimentation and even unmistakable things like picking textual styles (Helvetica is a restoration, initially a Typography configuration dependent on the nineteenth-century mechanical) and symmetrical organizations. To know more visit the official website
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tabloidtoc · 4 months ago
Globe, December 14
You can buy a copy of this issue for your very own at my eBay store:
Cover: Jeffrey Epstein
Tumblr media
Page 2: Up Front & Personal -- Robert Downey Jr. goofing off in Malibu, Jay-Z works out in Hawaii, Corinne Olympios in a bikini 
Page 3: Nicole Scherzinger doing a workout in L.A., Kelly Osbourne in an eyepatch, Machine Gun Kelly 
Page 4: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mistress Ghislaine Maxwell snapped countless kinky photos of topless teens at his Palm Beach mansion and kept the dirty pictures in a secret album charges their former butler John Alessi 
* Lori Loughlin’s two daughters are frantic with worry now that both parents are behind bars in the college admissions bribery scandal -- Isabella Rose and Olivia Jade Giannulli were very upset when they said goodbye to Lori but to have both parents now in prison at the same time is very upsetting and they are beyond worried 
Page 5: Donny Osmond is heading back to Las Vegas without sister Marie Osmond and without regrets after his sister was pushed out at The Talk -- Donny is bringing his first-ever solo show to Harrah’s and the singer couldn’t be thrilled 
Page 6: Naya Rivera’s ex-husband Ryan Dorsey has filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of their son after the actress’ fatal drowning in a California lake -- he’s suing for negligent infliction of emotional distress and the complaint claims Naya’s death was preventable and the boat that she rented to cruise around Lake Piru with her son Josey didn’t meet Coast Guard safety standards and there was not a single sign anywhere warning of the lake’s dangerous currents 
Page 7: Angelina Jolie’s custody war against ex Brad Pitt could end up killing him because he is so strung out he’s puffing up to three packs of cigarettes a day -- Brad is desperate to quit the habit but the anxiety of his legal woes with his ex-wife is making it impossible -- he tried using vapes for most of last year which worked for a while but the drama and misery had him reaching for the old school smokes and now he’s chain-smoking all the time and as a result he stinks to high heaven and it’s affected his appetite to a point he just picks at meals and often skips them entirely 
* Harvey Weinstein is deteriorating quickly behind bars at California’s Wende Correctional Facility -- he’s in the prison’s isolation ward with spiking fevers and conditions related to his high blood pressure and heart problems and diabetes and twisted spine
Page 8: Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle blindsided Queen Elizabeth by sneaking out of their British home Frogmore Cottage in the dead of night and handing over the property to Princess Eugenie in a hush-hush deal -- with no public warning or royal fanfare a late-night parade of moving vans showed up at Frogmore on November 20 and cleared out anything left behind by Harry and Meghan when they bolted for North America last spring -- it’s a sure sign they’re never coming back to live in Britain and the ultimate slap in the face for the queen who gave Harry and Meghan the cottage as a gift 
Page 9: Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s are lurching from the loss of their beloved dog Lupo 
Page 10: Priscilla Presley is being chased out of her $15.9 million Beverly Hills home by the ghost of her tragic grandson Benjamin Keough -- when Ben’s specter first appeared Priscilla was spooked but she calmed down when Ben assured her he’s okay and he’s with Elvis -- a month after Ben killed himself Patricia put her longtime residence on the market and made the move to Graceland and she believes Elvis still haunts Graceland and since Ben is buried there too her grandson’s restless spirit will finally be happy there 
* Jennifer Aniston is a two-time loser at marriage but that hasn’t soured her from looking for new love and she’s open to finding new love even if it could end in heartbreak
Page 11: Fearing for his life the nephew of North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un is being hidden by the CIA after his dad was horrifically killed by the murderous dictator’s assassins -- Kim Han-sol fled and was put into protective custody by the CIA after his dad Kim Jong-nam was executed on orders of his half-brother who saw him as a rival -- Jong-nam died when two North Korean killers smeared deadly VX nerve toxin on his face at a Malaysian airport in 2017 -- now Han-sol is reportedly living in luxury under CIA protection thanks to his family’s dough 
Page 12: Celebrity Buzz -- Chris Noth shooting The Equalizer in NYC (picture), RHOBH blabbermouth Lisa Rinna’s model daughter Amelia Hamlin seems like a chip off the old block at least when it comes to getting stuff off her chest like she had breast reduction surgery at 16 after a secret nipple piercing became dangerously infected, suddenly celibate Meghan Trainor who’s definitely not all about husband Daryl Sabara bumping into her pregnant belly bump admitting she can’t have sex while their son is between them, Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband Ryan Phillippe gave their son Deacon an unforgettable out-of-this-world surprise which was a trippy Joshua Tree stargazing search for alien encounters 
Page 13: Kit Harington gets a touch-up on the set of Modern Love in Ireland (picture), Judi Dench (picture), Hilary Duff on the set of Younger in NYC (picture), Gilles Marini is opening up about a quickie first-time in an orphanage at age 13 seduced by a more experienced 17-year-old girl 
Page 14: Cybill Shephard is returning to the small screen in the new comedy I Love This for You playing the icy boss of a home-shopping network starring alongside Vanessa Bayer and Molly Shannon, Name That Tune is getting a family-friendly reboot hosted by Jane Krakowski with Randy Jackson as band leader 
* Fashion Verdict -- Christine Hendricks 5/10, Sofia Carson 3/10, Addison Rae 4/10, Chrishell Stause 9/10 
Page 16: Dr. Mehmet Oz is trapped in a bitter family feud with his own sister who is suing him for refusing to cough up the $15,000-a-month rent he’s collecting from two luxury Manhattan condos purchased by their late father -- Nazlim Oz who lives in Turkey charges her TV star brother owes her cash and bank statements related to swank properties he manages which are estimated to be worth a combined $10 million
Page 17: Alicia Silverstone loved her son Bear’s waist-long hair so much she cried inside when he suddenly decided to chop it off -- it was an emotional moment for Alicia because it meant her baby was growing up
Page 19: Halle Berry dished she had her first orgasm at age 11 and she did it to herself
* Nicolas Cage’s out-of-this-world martial arts moved in the sci-fi flick Jiu Jitsu are the real deal according to the movie’s director Dimitri Logothetis -- in the film Nic heads an ancient order of alien-bashing fighters and Nic is trained in jiujitsu 
* Kathie Lee Gifford admits she’d like to find a guy but steers clear of online dating sites and apps and she hopes to find her next love in an authentic way like how she met husband Frank Gifford who died in 2015 
Page 20: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Ken Jennings
* Iggy Azalea’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly but don’t call her that -- only the one percent of people who know her well use her real name because it feels cozy
* Hollywood veteran Sam Elliott is getting the toon treatment bringing his signature stache and unmistakable gravel voice to Family Guy as Mayor Wild Wild West a cousin of Quahog’s late mayor Adam West who was voiced by the Batman star himself until his 2017 death 
Page 21: True Crime 
Page 26: Health Report 
Page 30: Tight and toned Jennifer Lopez is blasting blubbery beau Alex Rodriguez’s dad bod and the retired baseball slugger couldn’t care less -- J.Lo told A-Rod many months ago he was starting to sag and get lumpy but he kept dipping into the bread basket and now he’s out of control feasting on pies and chips and sweet treats and he rarely works out even though they have a fully equipped gym in every home they own -- Jen’s wondering if this is a downhill slide that’s never going to get fixed and she has a lot of guys drooling over her and a lot of options as she often reminds Alex 
* Parkinson’s-plagued Michael J. Fox is done with acting -- he says increasing symptoms of the disease which he’s been battling for three decades have left him no choice 
Page 38: Real Life 
Page 40: Steve Martin is living up to his wild and crazy guy image with out-of-control online shopping sprees and he’s ordering so many goodies he’s running out of rooms to put them in and that’s making his wife Anne Stringfield go crazy too -- Steve is spending a fortune on things he doesn’t really need and that’s just not like him; he used to be such a modest spender until he discovered all these wonderful sites where you just click and it’s yours and he gets so excited when new packages arrive it’s like Christmas every day for him 
Page 44: Straight Talk -- Katty Kardashians slam dunk loose-lip Larsa Pippen 
Page 45: Doomed comic John Belushi was a sloppy mess who who snorted cocaine like a pig and went on an out-of-control six-month drug binge in the Big Apple shortly before dying from a kill-shot of coke and heroin in L.A. 
* Ian Somerhalder lost his virginity at age 13 to an older gal 
Page 47: Bizarre But True 
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doubleattitude · 5 months ago
24 Seven Dance Convention, Birmingham, AL: RESULTS
Sidekick Solo
1st: Penelope LeMieux-’These Boots’
2nd: Calla Massey-’Helium’
3rd: Lainey Hess-’Amazing Mayzie’
3rd: Mila Simunic-’Never Enough’
4th: Macey Strickland-’Wind It Up’
5th: Brenna Himber-’To The Moon’
6th: Maddie El-Amin-’I Will Survive’
6th: Lily-Kate Nance-’Lost Boy’
6th: Annie Cardwell-’Yes I Can’
7th: Reese Braga-’Rule the World’
8th: Paisley Black-’Finding Wonderland’
9th: Addison Daniel-’Somewhere Over the Rainbow’
10th: London Roundtree-’Respect’
10th: Scarlett Shirley-’Riverside’
10th: Myla Boler-’Single Ladies’
10th: Cece Hanley-’Spanish Rose’
Mini Solo
1st: Kya Massimino-’System Activated’
2nd: Emma Caudill-’Big & Loud’
2nd: Georgia Beth Peters-’Come Together’
2nd: Allie Plott-’The Path’
3rd: Ella Dobler-’Shrine East’
3rd: Keelyn Jones-’The Call’
4th: Clare Gibbons OR Chloe McVay-’Baby I’m A Star’
4th: Lily Hackney-’Static’
5th: Emily Core-’Without Limits’
6th: Alyessia Isabella Chiavatti-’Dreaming in Red’
7th: Raegan Hess-’Black Hole Sun’
7th: black hole sun
8th: McKenna Dorr-’Silhouette’
8th: Reed Knight-’Skeletons’
8th: Ella Birdsong-’The Garden’
9th: Dakota Casteel-’Heart of Glass’
9th: Charlie Stone-’Never Enough’
9th: AnaKate Danner-’Unleashed’
10th: Emersyn Malone-’All Aboard’
10th: Sariah Benitez-’Blank Page’
10th: Avery LaSaicherre-’Hide and Seek’
Junior Solo
1st: Mary Jordan Clodfelter-’Mind’
2nd: Audrey Mayernik-’Anchor’
2nd: Taylor Harrison-’Dawn Chrus’
2nd: Londyn LeMieux-’Tar’
3rd: Riley Fiorello-’Crippled Bird’
3rd: Leila Winker-’Takt’
4th: Gisella Gandarilla-’Expressions’
5th: Caroline Powell-’How Rare’
5th: Gracie Elder-’No More Tears’
6th: Addison Murphy-’How Does A Moment Last Forever’
6th: Lydia Smith-’My Heart With You’
7th: Collier McLain-’Love Has No Limits’
7th: Lucy Claire Reilly-’Whisper’
8th: Piper Lucassen-’Billy Jean’
8th: Chloe Wiest-’Hold Your Breath’
9th: Abigail Hirota-’Me Oh My’
10th: Kaitlin Cho-’Synthesize’
Teen Solo
1st: Georgia Greene-’Alpha and Omega’
1st: Sarah Moore-’Tombs’
2nd: Finley Williams-’Curious Yellow’
3rd: Kaylin Motton-’Are You That Somebody’
4th: Jordan Lassiter-’Joyful Girl’
4th: Janai Burton-’Justice’
4th: Jesse Detroy-’Once Upon A December’
4th: Quincy Wilson-’There Will Be Sunshine’
5th: Annamarie Messina-’Bitterly’
5th: Kylie Nequette-’Dream State’
5th: Wells McEntyre-’Like Water’
5th: Maria Laughlin-’Little Voice’
5th: Carrington Hodge-’Mercy’
5th: Natalie Bumgarner-’Omnia’
5th: Maddie Laine Callaway-’Piece By Piece’
6th: Madison McLain-’Madness’
6th: Courtney O’Bryant-’When You Loved Me’
7th: Daelyn Kreis-’Know My Rights’
8th: Payton Gray-’Only The Bravest’
8th: Faith Stoner-’Solids’
9th: Julianna Mazzucco-’Exile’
9th: Katie Ambrose-’Tiny Victories’
10th: Chloe Ollard-’252′
10th: Cate Greer-’Keep You Safe’
10th: Liza Grace Cole-’Time’
Senior Solo
1st: Chloe Jeffcoat-’As For the Fall’
2nd: Julianna Abenoja-’Elephants’
3rd: Alexandra Jinglov-’Action Reaction’
3rd: Payton McCormick-’On My Bones’
3rd: Sophie Grabau-’Unravel’
4th: Brianna Butler-’Ain’t No Sunshine’
4th: Meredith Link-’Chapters End’
5th: Caroline Lybarger-’Clown’
5th: Madeline Underwood-’Say Goodbye’
6th: Cameron Claire Rhodes-’The Last Event’
7th: Lexie Little-’Free Me’
8th: Reyna Foslien-’Human’
8th: Raya Briley-’Turn To Stone’
9th: Leslie Blakney-’Where Does the Good Go’
10th: Ariana Gilles-’Honeymoon’
Sidekick Duo/Trio
1st: Dance Force Clarksville-’Donkey Pot Pie’
2nd: New Level Dance Company-’I’ll Be There’
3rd: Glamour and Grace Studio of Dance-’Wherever You Will Go’
Mini Duo/Trio
1st: Centre for Performing Arts Studio-’I Look To You’
2nd: Glamour and Grace Studio of Dance-’Geometric’
3rd: The DANCE CENTER on Main-’Looking for the Rainbow’
Junior Duo/Trio
1st: Center Stage Performing Arts Studio-’C’mon Talk’
2nd: The Dance Centre-’Us’
3rd: The Dance Centre-’You Will Be Found’f
Teen Duo/Trio
1st: The Difference Dance Company-’Come Let Us’
2nd: The Dance Centre-’Factory’
2nd: The Factory Dance Productions-’That’s Life’
3rd: The Dance Centre-’Dreamland’
Senior Duo/Trio
1st: Miss Amy’s Competitive Edge-’Forever Young’
Sidekick Group
1st: New Level Dance Company-’I Need A Hero’
2nd: The Dance Centre-’Fruit Machine’
3rd: Encore Dance Company-’Mr. Postman’
Mini Group
1st: The Dance Centre-’You’ll Be Back’
2nd: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Another One Bites the Dust’
3rd: The Dance Centre-’Life’
Junior Group
1st: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’All I Want’
2nd: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’State of Shock’
2nd: The Dance Centre-’Storm Coming’
3rd: Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Control’
Teen Group
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’California Love’
1st: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’The Chain’
2nd: Dance Force Clarksville-’O.C.D’
3rd: Impulse Performing Arts Studio-’The Great Escape’
Senior Group
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Fix You’
2nd: Dance Force Clarksville-’See Me’
3rd: Dance Force Clarksville-’Heaven I Know’
3rd: Dance Force Clarksville-’Rescue’
Sidekick Line
1st: Dance Force Clarksville-’Dinosaurs’
2nd: Studio H Dance Company-’ABC’
3rd: McCalla Academy of Dance-’Birth of the Boogie’
Mini Line
1st: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Jailhouse Rock’
2nd: The Dance Centre-’Jindigo’
3rd: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Be Our Guest’
Junior Line
1st: The Dance Centre-’Heroes’
1st: Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Surrender’
2nd: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’It’s About That Walk’
3rd: The Dance Centre-’Woodland Fairies’
Teen Line
1st: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Salvation’
2nd: Birminghman Dance Theatre-’Perception’
3rd: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’One More Time’
Senior Line
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Spring Fling’
2nd: Dance Force Clarksville-’Escape’
Sidekick Extended Line
1st: The Dance Centre-’Candyman’
Mini Extended Line
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Pirates’
2nd: Birmingham Dance Theatre-’The Birthday Card’
3rd: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’I’m Alive’
Junior Extended Line
1st: The Dance Centre-’Jagged Roots’
2nd: Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Footloose’
3rd: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’I Look To You’
Teen Extended Line
1st: The Dance Centre-’Scorned’
2nd: Birmingham Dance Theatre-’The Skaters Waltz’
3rd: The Dance Centre-’Tabula Rasa’
Senior Extended Line
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’The Stars’
Junior Production
1st: The Dance Centre-’The Tina Turner Review’
2nd: Dance Force Clarksville-’Walk the Plank’
Teen Production
1st: Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Somebody to Hold’
1st: The Dance Centre-’Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!’
High Score by Performance Division:
Sidekick Jazz
The Dance Centre-’Candyman’
Sidekick Tap
Encore Dance Company-’Grease Lightning’
Sidekick Contemporary
Glamour and Grace Studio of Dance-’Flickers’
Sidekick Lyrical
New Level Dance Company-’I Need A Hero’
Sidekick Specialty
Dance Force Clarksville-’Dinosaurs’
Mini Tap
Encore Dance Company-'Boogie Woogie’
Mini Lyrical
The Dance Centre-’Perfect Way’
Mini Jazz
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Jailhouse Rock’
Mini Musical Theatre
The Dance Centre-’You’ll Be Back’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Be Our Guest’
Mini Hip-Hop
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Pirates’
Mini Specialty
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’I’m Alive’
Mini Ballet
The Dance Centre-’Rodeo’
Junior Hip-Hop
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Emergency’
Junior Musical Theatre
The Dance Centre-’The Tina Turner Review’
Junior Specialty
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Footloose’
Junior Jazz
The Dance Centre-’Jagged Roots’
Junior Tap
Dance Force Clarksville-’Sorry’
Junior Lyrical
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’All I Want’
Junior Contemporary
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Control’
Junior Ballet
The Dance Centre-’Woodland Fairies’
Teen Hip-Hop
The Dance Centre-’Meet the Plastics’
Teen Tap
The Dance Centre-’Blinded By the Lights’
Teen Specialty
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’California Love’
Teen Jazz
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’One More Time’
Teen Contemporary
The Dance Centre-’Scorned’
Teen Lyrical
The Dance Centre-’I Do’
Teen Musical Theatre
The Dance Centre-’Welcome to the Moulin Rouge!’
Teen Ballet
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’The Skaters Waltz’
Senior Contemporary
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Spring Fling’
Senior Lyrical
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Fix You’
Senior Jazz
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’The Stars’
Senior Hip-Hop
Dance Force Clarksville-’Roman Holiday’
11 O’Clock:
Dance Force Clarksville-’Dinosaurs’
New Level Dance Company-’I Need A Hero’
The Dance Centre-’Candyman’
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Hocus Pocus’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Pirates’
The Dance Centre-’Jindigo’
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Jailhouse Rock’
The Dance Centre-’Jagged Roots’
Dance Force Clarksville-’Welcome to the Party’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’I Look To You’
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’Surrender’
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’All I Want’
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Salvation’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Somebody to Hold’
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’The Skaters Waltz’
The Dance Centre-’Scorned’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Spring Fling’
Dance Force Clarksville-’Escape’
Studio Showcase:
Jill’s Studio of Dance-’Salvation’
Heidi Knight School of Dance-’Spring Fling’
Encore Dance Company-’When Tomorrow’
Birmingham Dance Theatre-’The Skaters Waltz’
The Dance Centre-’Scorned’
McCalla Academy of Dance-’Step In Time’
Dance Force Clarksville-’Escape’
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xmichelleevansx · 6 months ago
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xmichelleevansx · 6 months ago
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@selenaravenz​ @shinningsimmer3​ @sagi34-blog​ @domanofashion​ @tabi1357​ @delimon​ @addison-nikki​ @grethacarolinafenner2013​ @mozjesus​ @buybeautywithoutcruelty-blog​ @simium​ @neonlion11​ @the-sims-fr3akkkkkkk-blog​ @everygoodguyknows​ @valleygirl123us​ @mcrsims-blog​ @torettoorigins-blog​ @kaifye​ @dreamingjay​ @savannahartslife​ @jennylc14​ @livinglikeasimme​ @emmie91things​ @universal-currents​ @matitia-blog​ @circasim​ @omgfashionfactory-blog​ @unknownsketchbook​ @olo-olo-blr​ @minusmexo​ @x-fxckdot-x-blog​ @aliveoralive​ @s1mcraycrayxo​ @ashisims​ @nimlish-blog​ @creaturefearsims​ @chelsee-12​ @glitter-and-gills​
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stainedful · 10 months ago
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hi there ! i’ve never done an alt faceclaims list before so bare with me but i’m tired of seeing m*ggies face circulate in the rpc still after her problematic behavior . i’d appreciate if you wouldn’t send me asks regarding her ( it’s a known trigger of mine ) rather if you’d do a simple google search with her name followed by problematic . anyways , i compiled this list based on overall vibes so let’s get into it . under the cut is some basic info on the faces above all from sources on the internet — if you notice any errors please im me ! ♡
sydney sweeney : 22 years old — white .
ryan destiny : 25 years old — african american & white .
jennie kim : 24 years old — korean .
kiana ledé : 23 years old — african , unspecified latina & native american .
sofia carson : 27 years old — colombian including arab ( syrian-lebanese + palestinian ) , spanish , possibly english & possibly other .
dua lipa : 24 years old — albanian & bosniak .
madelyn cline : 22 years old — white .
samantha logan : 23 years old — african american & white .
olivia o’brien : 20 years old — white .
madison bailey : 21 years old — african american & white .
alisha boe : 23 years old — somali & white .
lana condor : 23 years old — vietnamese .
maggie lindemann : 21 years old — white .
sarah jeffery : 24 years old — african american , english & native canadian .
cierra ramirez : 25 years old — mexican & colombian .
mishti rahman : 27 years old — bengali .
liz gilles : 26 years old — white .
halle bailey : 20 years old — african american .
madelaine petsch : 25 years old — white .
china anne mcclain : 21 years old — african american .
normani kordei : 24 years old — african american , creole .
addison rae easterling : 19 years old — white .
amandla stenberg : 21 years old — african american & white , identifies as NONBINARY .
barbara palvin : 26 years old — hungarian .
becky g : 23 years old — mexican .
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beautiful-and-daring · a year ago
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Addison Gill
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Valentino _ Fall 2009
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