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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#acrostic poem
my-blood-of-ink · 11 hours ago
Drained of light Afraid of what lurks Reined by fright Kneeling down to a fractured crown Never to stand in the sun Eager to escape this treacherous fate Sadness follows in my wake Secretly bound to a prison of darkness
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Much of her is flawed, Omnipotent she is not, To call her perfect, would be wrong. However, she is a goddesses in her right, Earning her title for the love in her eyes, Reaching deep within the soul of her child. (more…)
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Dissonant Dissent
Eventually, I give in to him and his Xerox copies clattering my desk, Pleading and needling and— Look, it’s not like it’s a bad idea. Just Bond— Obnoxious prick! Day in, day out— In my office! Not giving me a moment’s piece with his request forms and eyes Gawking, lingering, and always there!
Pale ribbons hug the small box tight as it trembles. Eagerness lights up his eyes brighter: Now, that’s what I call Christmas, Q!
I’d like to thank @soufflegirl91 for giving me the phrase to acrosticize. (yes, the X was a little bit evil of her.)
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Life is uncertain
Our love story is still unwritten
Vulnerable, that's how you make me feel
Everyday is a new story
Happy and sad, surprise us
Aren't we all scared?
Ready to take the journey?
Drop the fear
Everything will be alright
Remember, we're in this together
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mochiimoo · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
14. The meaning of your name | napowrimo
“Flying Kiwi” by anv
No, it’s not NO-lani Or KNOW-lani, a common confusion Ephemeral as the chiming korimako after dawn Like Eden’s dew on frangipani plumes in fragrant slumber An island fusion grill with live music on weekends Near Redwood City and the bay In between the roots
photo: Internet Archive Book Images | Source book page | No restrictions
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bleedinginkpoetry · 4 days ago
the sweetest softest touch brushes against me causing warmth to spread throughout my being
unlike anything i have ever felt before i quickly turn expecting to find who came with the touch yet no one is there
gone before i can blink i search looking into strangers' eyes hoping for a spark of recognition
getting nothing in response
i move about my day as normal yet my soul keeps
nagging me to continue the search
gentle winds blow through my hair sending it to tangles
another sweet touch is brought on but i'm alone so i follow the persistent wind
transfixed by the dancing leaves i too join in
swaying and twirling a smile makes its way to my flushed face
hardly caring where my feet guide me a melody begins to play
a song of melancholy fills the air mingling with the wind my soul beams in my chest and i lift my hands for a waltz pretending as if another is here with me
death kindly grabs hold of my hand and wraps his arm along my back pulling me closer charmingly twirling me round and round
oh the waltz has never been this alluring
with a dip his passion-filled eyes peer down at me i gaze at his lips spreading into a familiar smile he gently releases me and i slowly drift into the open ground
soul who knew you longed for him
a longing dance (tugging at shadows) B. Rhanay 41521
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poetrytidbitz · 4 days ago
If there is great Icarus Then who am I? A little spec, Too afraid to fly? Like a red camellia My emotions run deep, yet, I keep my behavior Mellow like a sheep. And why? A great feat it is to be unforgettable, Being comfortable is much easier. I can never fly, for I embody the great coward.
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voxyldy · 4 days ago
Source: Bangtan TV 📺
They left out the corn salad 🌽🥗
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voxyldy · 5 days ago
Source: Bangtan TV 📺
석진와 정국
Corn salad is in the menu! 🌽🥗
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poetsbloom · 6 days ago
Social media
'I find you toxic' she screamed
But she was quickly silenced
By a loud alert
That she simply did not care about any longer.
'Who me' it haunted
'I'm everywhere, you can't escape me'
And she knew it was right.
She looked around
All of her friends still stuck in the cycle
Scroll, like, repeat
But the thought of it sickened her
She'd spend years of her life
Stuck in a sea of bright colours and notifications,
In fact she was so blinded by it
She'd forgotten how to live.
'I'm done letting you control me'
She said holding down firmly on the place
She'd lost years of her life to
And before her eyes it began to shake with fear,
Her fingers swiftly moved across the x,
Silence fell abruptly afterwards.
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aheartfullofquestions · 8 days ago
Death's Touch
Death’s Touch
Do wrong or do right Each will earn this sleep in their plight. A sleep whose essence is often a wonder to the live, To fear, or to accept, Her touch will be the last one in your life. Photo Credit: In Hindu mythology, Yama is the god of death and upholder of dharma, a concept closely related to morality. He is responsible for the dispensation of law and…
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poetsbloom · 9 days ago
I didn't choose this life
Grief isn't something you
Can just choose not to feel
I didn't choose to fall into this depression
Obviously i couldn't.
If i could have chosen
Whether to waste my life
In a coma of numbness
I would have said no
But yet here i stand
Sad to admit i regret the days
I let my head win the battles
If it was up to me
I would have lived my teens
Like any other person
But alas
I could not choose.
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Poetry Prompt: Pick a vegetable to guide your acrostic poem and then write a poem that’s not remotely related to vegetables at all. / #PoetryPrompts
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Lucy (The Eggcademic) [she/her] wants to thank Agnes Laurens for tagging her in this acrostic poem challenge! As someone who plays the piano but also the trumpet and the flute, this was certainly a tough choice to pick a favourite! / #AuthorBio
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creatingnikki · 15 days ago
People are the  Real hell you should know.  Endlessly spewing words so Tactless and actions so cruel.  Everyone is included in this,  Not a single soul is an exception.  Don't you know it's us too?
Liking someone  In the moment never changes that.  Keep everybody at a one arm's distance, Especially those you're taught to love. 
I am not bitter or cynical. 
Doors have been  Opened and closed without warnings. Not a single thing rounds up to be fair.  Tirelessly waiting still for karmic retribution. 
Each time  Xenon like, your existence still gets to me.  I am fed up, let's play the blame game.  So, tell me, what have I done to wrong you Today?
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