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#acnh flower wreath
wind-n-woods · a month ago
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Designed some flower wreaths inspired by those I made in real life 🌼🌷🌻
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meereltjuh · a year ago
HELP ive been collecting so many flowers lately, yet i dont even have like any wreath or flower crown recipes... so if anyone wants to trade me a recipe please DM me and we can work something out :)
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haileaf · a year ago
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I love the door decorations! I have 3 wreaths now - lily, rose and windflower.
Also check out my pocketcamp campsite sign!
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isitinacnh · 3 months ago
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Tumblr media
the flower wreath became the fancy rose wreath in acnh
as well as 25 other varieties of flower wreath
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rsdean1314 · 6 months ago
Get all animal crossing snowflake DIY recipes
The winter-themed DIY recipes that will last until January 6 have come to Animal Crossing: New Horizons' islands in the northern hemisphere. Let us catch snowflakes, make snowmen, and get new wallpapers to create the winter in our hearts!
The snowflake recipe will have snowflake packets, ski slope wall, ski slope flower, the tip of the iceberg, iceberg floor, falling snow wall, and snowflake wreath. These are beautiful recipes that we can collect or make. But before that, let's see how to catch snowflakes!
Snowflakes are like Bells on, all over your island. You just need to treat your island as a web-like spider, carefully discover each piece of snowflakes that adhere to the web, and then capture them and put them in your inventory. But be aware that snow will melt. Some facilities that can swing like a swing will make the snowflakes disappear. Isn’t it interesting? Don’t forget the large snowdrifts and ordinary snowdrifts around your town. You may be able to catch larger snowflakes. Collect a lot of snowflakes, it will help us a lot in the recipe.
Obtaining snowflake recipes is very difficult because it can only be obtained from inaccurate balloons. These floating balloons always appear in your town at specific time intervals, and you can get resources by shooting them down. But unlike you can get bells by Buy ACNH Bells , it will only randomly drop furniture, clothing, tickets, recipes, etc. You may not get what you want.
Of course, there is a way, because balloons are usually generated every 4 or 9 minutes. You have to figure out which side of the island they will appear from during the day and night, and then appear in advance on the beach where it will appear, and shoot down the recipe full of recipes. Balloon it. Let us go through troubles to get precious animal crossing: special seasonal DIY in New Horizons.
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gncpiers · 6 months ago
hi acnh mutuals i have a TON of extra DIYs just sitting on my beach if anyone would like them ^^ some flowers are free for the taking too, as well as fruit!
the DIYs are first come first serve (though i would be happy to place one or 2 on hold)
shell arch
lucky gold cat
peach rug (x2)
spooky garland
fruit wreath (x2)
cool hyacinth crown
ironwood table
floral swag
gold bars
large cardboard boxes
tulip surprise box (x2)
decoy duck
wooden-block chest
windflower fan
wooden chest
coconut juice
stacked magazines
pile of zen cushions
wooden simple bed
log bed
let me know if u want any & ill give u a dodo code at some point to pick them up ^^
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hollowsart · 8 months ago
I wanna do some cool stuff to my acnh island and I’m in need of some items whose diy’s I don’t have, though I’m doing my best to try and get them myself, but if you guys happen to have any excess diy’s for these and would like to help me, please do!! IM me of message in private ;v; I could use all the help I can get with this tbh..
Lily record Player
Wild Log Bench
Beekeeper’s hive
Angled Signpost
Garden Rock
Mossy Garden Rock
Sign Post
Stone Lion-Dog
Tall Lantern
Western-Style Stone
Garden Wagon
Hanging terrarium
Aroma Pot
Flat garden Rock
Coconut Wall Planter
Any of the Bonsai’s..
Pond Stone
Tiny Library
..also.. as a bonus.. if you have them.. the dark lily wreath and crown.. I’ve been wanting them since I learned of them.. I’m not good with breeding flowers, but I’m trying my best to make it happen!!
I have some rare flowers, like blue wind flowers and orange roses, on my island if you guys would want some of those in exchange! I don’t have too much to offer, but I’m going to time travel to collect lots of mushrooms, so I may have an excess of those to share!
As well, I have loads of summer shells I can part with! loads of them..
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gabedemon · 8 months ago
ACNH DIY Wishlist
DIY workbench
Street piano
Walls & Floor DIYs
Cherry blossoms tree wall
Flower DIYs
Blue rose wreath
Dark rose wreath
Cool hyacinth crown
Purple hyacinth wreath
Purple hyacinth crown
Dark lily wreath
Cool windflower crown
Cool windflower wreath
Lovely pansy crown
Pansy crown
Dark tulip crown
Natural mum wreath
Item Wishlist here
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doggendoodle · a year ago
New Horizons Status Report #19 (Day 10)
Session 1
oh my God Isabelle is so cute. Anyway, morning announcement: the campsite is up and running! Construction has also finished on the suspension bridge and started on the Able Sisters' shop
I found an ankylo tail fossil (new!) in the bamboo forest, and retrieve my shopping from the mailbox, as well as thank-you letters from everyone
Flick is in town and he's geeking out about bugs, aw. I sell some bugs I had on me, and then go get my emperor butterflies out of storage to commission him
ok maybe geeking out wasn't strong enough of a word - he's basically worshipping them... it's kinda adorable
The bugs supplied Jeremiah with another DIY recipe, this time for a garden rock. I take a copy for myself, and also found a recipe from "Ed" for a decoy duck
Then I go fossil hunting - I find a mammoth skull (new!) on the east coast, a a tricera torso (new!) on the cliff near the orchard, a loom from a balloon (not a fossil, just wanted to mention it), and a stego skull (new!) at the picnic spot
I finally manage to give Pinky her windflower wreath and she gives me 936 Bells in exchange :)
I make and customize a few decoy ducks - one mallard, one spot-billed and one common pochard. I keep the mallard, give the spot-billed to Boots (in exchange for a layered shirt :O) and mail the pochard to a friend
Session 2
I visit Resident Services, and Tom Nook says that the campsite is blowing up in popularity, and we should expect visitors soon. I access the Nook Stop real quick, sending a gift to a friend and buying the ACNH Switch, and then talk to Isabelle about the town flag. I change it to a flag depicting the day/night cycle, with a crescent moon against a red beaming sun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And now, with its town tune and flag, Ryland is finally a home away from home :D
Paula gives me a pair of triangle shades, and I find a floor sign in a tree
Paula and Jeremiah have a conversation in the plaza. Jeremiah is surprised that Paula knows about flowers, and to strut her stuff, she tells me about roses. Yellow roses mean friendship, and orange mean trust. Jeremiah wishes he could have an orange rose, so that's my first plan as soon as I get some (second plan is giving red roses to Boots, third plan is giving the girls roses too)
Speaking of flowers, I buy some hyacinth and pansy seeds from Nook's Cranny and plant them in my flower garden. I do so much gardening I attract an emperor butterfly. I also shoot down a recipe for a bamboo-shoot lamp, and added one to my collection of bamboo-related items, surrounded by bamboo fencing, since most of their recipes are listed as "seasonal" and I don't know what that means, but I know that if the recipes disappear in summer, I want to at least have all these items made
Session 3
I spend some time watering my flowers, and Paula teaches me how to Laugh! I shoot down a balloon containing 5,000 Bells, another one containing a colourful wheel, a third one containing a cute sofa, and a fourth one containing 5,000 more Bells. I also found out you can hop between wharfs, if they're close enough, and dig up a few manila clams to make fish bait
I spent 1,500 Bells on a fax machine for a TikTok idea, and purchase and redeem another Nook Miles Ticket. I end up at an island with a koi pond. I spend a long time there, catching fish that are going away in April, emperor butterflies, plenty of koi and goldfish, and some trash because I have recipes that require trash
Earlier, Paula wanted to talk to me, but forgot what about. When I get back, she remembers and gives me some square glasses while... blushing?
I find Flick in the bamboo forest, and sell him all my emperor butterflies for exorbitant amounts. I then sell most of my fish to Nook's Cranny for an even larger amount, except for one goldfish which I keep as a pet. I make so much money off my trip to the island that I can pay off the final part of my house loan. I get to remain debt free for longer than usual, as I decide to hold the ceremonies for the suspension bridge. Then I go straight back to Resident Services and upgrade my house again because I desperately need the storage, especially since the Able Sisters are opening tomorrow too, and I have ways of making money quickly *cough99000BellMoneyTreescough*
Session 4
I shoot down *another* 5,000 Bells while hunting for sturgeons and stringfish. Aurora compliments my humble sweater and gives me some traditional suteteko pants to go with them, so this is now my outfit, sorry honey I don't make the rules I just happily enforce them
Boots tries to flog a sleeping bag to me for 1,400 Bells. I've got plenty of Bells for it from all the occult stuff I've been doing with Flick, but he seemed really worried about not being able to sell it before I talked to him. He really likes the vest with binoculars that I gave him, though. I place the bag at the campsite
I'm getting tired of the ladder, so I pop into Resident Services and talk to Nook about an incline. I pick the natural one and head to the west coast to place it, picking up a reply letter & gift of a mounted blue marlin from my friend on the way. I cut down a tree to make the path to the incline more clear, but I discover a wasp's nest. Thankfully I manage to escape to the museum in time. Then I make a small contribution to the incline fund, since it isn't as critical as the bridge was, and go back to sturgeon-hunting
I redeem another Nook Miles Ticket and head off to a waterfall island, so I scale the falls to head to the top. I head down when I see there's a river mouth, and what do you know, I catch a second, third and fourth sturgeon! The first one being the sturgeon I have at home
Apparently Paula used to live in a rural town, but came on the Deserted Island Getaway Package for a change of pace
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