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islaswurld · 3 minutes ago
hey whorez just a short update for today 💋💋
guyz its been a hot min, first off how r u guyz?? anywayz so today was my dads early birthday lunch, quite dry, BUT there was some tonk waitorz x3 anywayz we just went out 4 lunch. ALSO this butters group of randomers kept staring at me. like they were all so ug wearing work out gear. they kept giving me the dirty and chatting breeze, but anyways, after that i was supposed to kotch with taylah but shez grounded :// we were gonna go to the basketball (minging i know but free tickz !!) mum had a little bit of a benny because she had to pull sum stringz to get the tickz but its ok <3 im actually supposed to be omw there rn but im listening to millionarez and writing this instead xD 
OMG!! also i ttly forgot but i might b getting my phone tmrrw :D so i started deleting most of my socialz. im acc so happy im doing this like its so lush. like the amount of randomers that would hmu was crazy !! like idk u stop acting like a hufter. anywayz its also good cuz i dont have to be reminded about some of the cowz that r obsessed with me. like plz leave me alone. 
anyways, im just at home listening to music, having fun. i did my makeup so ill post sum picz i took <33 i hope u guyz r having a lush day 💋💋 ttyl <3 love, isla <3 P.S. i luv u guyz so comment and keep me updated on ur lives <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pekorosu · 5 minutes ago
tagged by @radio-charlie​​ tanks!!!
rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better
last song: all the stars - sza, kendrick lamar. i think?
last movie: honestly don’t remember... sorry
currently watching: nothin... my list is so long but i just can’t bring myself to start anything new 😔
currently reading: all of these to various degrees...
Tumblr media
1. about translating japanese, 2. about being a stuntman, 3. what is x-gender, 4. about BL in asia (from queer & feminist perspectives)
the 2nd one especially is 2+ years old at this point lmao. oh but i did finish a book on strength training for the elderly last night lol. yea im trying to start exercising but every guide out there is so... MUCH... and so confusing... and catered to people who aren’t literal skin and bones like me who gets random cramps from just turning the wrong way or smth stupid like that 😔
currently craving: good restful sleep beef? idk i just want somethin meaty today :/
tagging: my brain’s kinda fried for today @_@ so tagging anyone who reads this! i mean it! 
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patrickrose-brewer · 32 minutes ago
10 fandoms, 10 characters, 10 tags
RULES: Make a new post, and list your fave 10 characters from 10 different fandoms
TAGGED BY: @davidbrewer!! thank you so much!! :) TAGGING: @ruthclancys @dessertwaffles @sarah--tonin @illbeyourreasonwhy @stars-aligning
Schitt’s Creek — David Rose
BBC Merlin — Merlin
Killing Eve — Villanelle
Brooklyn 99 — Amy Santiago
Community — Annie Edison
Teen Wolf — Stiles Stilinski
Anne With an E — Anne Shirley-Cuthbert
Percy Jackson and the Olympians — Percy Jackson
MCU — Peter Parker
Avatar: The Last Airbender  — Aang
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stylesluxx · 35 minutes ago
Tumblr media
my name is skyy
i’m nineteen
i’m a cancer sun, taurus moon, and taurus rising
ariana grande, bella hadid, harry styles, anime, harry potter, marvel, twilight
my favorite anime (so far): demon slayer
currently watching: haikyu!!, bnha, and the falcon and the winter soldier
currently reading: my hero academia
feel free to send book and show recommendations! i’m not a huge movie fan, but i’ll watch them if you recommend them
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chibijamz · 37 minutes ago
Catch Up Meme
Tagged by @mechanicalism (I will be looking up all those songs :]), tagging @lovekore, @beybep and @t0m4tosxxp if you’re interested
Five songs I’ve been listening to on repeat:
“Pussy Poppin” - Rico Nasty
“Love Rollercoaster” - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
“Abracadabra” - Brown Eyed Girls
“1991” - Azelia Banks
“Noid” - Yves Tumor
Currently Watching: Kath & Kim (2002-2007)
Last Movie: But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)
Currently Reading: just finished Attack On Titan (2009-2021)
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psycho-mocha · an hour ago
horrrible question asks-
16, 37, 62, 68.
16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
depends on the situation and the person tbh
62: What makes you happy?
coffee, rain, music, sitting in a cold room with the lights off, plushies, hoodies, plaid shirts, lip balm, vanilla scent, cocoa, time alone, pencils with the eraser at the back, new hair ties, green apple shampoo, the feel of a cheap ball pen(that one kind of reynolds pen which is now rorito) you found behind your couch, ice cream, smooth stuff, fidgeting with my earrings and more <3
68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
an irl, i miss them very much oof (this was around 1am ish last night)
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iammissingautumn · an hour ago
Ayup! My name is Vexerin,my pronouns are qui/quem, and this is my About My Blog post! Never be shy to send in asks about anything! I like interacting a lot even if we aren’t mutuals.
Usual dni criteria is all I say!! (sexist, homophobe, racist, transphobe, etc) + dni if you’re an exclusionist of any kind, aphobe, pan or biphobe.
My ao3 is iammissingautumn as well!!! I really love writing!!!
General rule of thumb, don’t ever be shy to send in a writing prompt!!! I really enjoy doing prompts (mcyt atm!!) especially since it’s length can range and it’s just nice to grab inspo from anything.
(For prompts please at least have a character/concept and smth extra, a word or song or something to get me goin :D )
But also if you enjoy my writing and want to support me I have a commissions post that would mean the world to me if you helped me out.
Right now I mostly post Dream SMP and OSMP, and generally post about any stream for Jack Manifold, Tommyinnit, and Wilbur Soot and a few others (though those are the most common.)
I used to be into Pathologic, Dndads, Yakuza 0, Fruits Basket, Jreg, and South Park, I sometimes reblog things from all of these but I have a large focus on mcyt here (atm) and those posts mostly go to my alt.
Speaking of which. I have my alt/spam, @missingautumn-spamalt. It’s mostly for reblogs so I don’t spam this account and can have my posts more kept together.
Personal tags:
#mod caden: for any personal posts I make, from fandom stuff to reblogs. Anywhere where I say stuff or more.
#live blogging hell: live blogs of tv shows, more often nowadays used mostly when i’m watching twitch streams
#my writing: my writing that i’ve posted on tumblr/links to my ao3
#fav: favorite posts!!!
#asks: for answered asks I have done in the past (generally I tag the asks username/if they’re anon as well)
#tag game: for tag games im participating in
Asked to tag:
#nsfw: won’t be used much, always in the context of jokes im reblogging from other people, mostly keep stuff like this to my alt.
#detroit become human: for posts about dbh
#south park: for posts about sp
if there’s anything you guys need tagged don’t be afraid to dm/send in an ask and I’ll keep it in mind!! cant promise 100% success but i’ll do my best!
Only leaking the kin list when a ballsy mf asks for it.
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alvallah · an hour ago
@an-infinite-tenderness tagged me to do this a little bit ago and I can’t sleep (shocker) so here we go.
5 Things I Love About Myself
1 | I looooove that I’m curious. I feel like I just have this huge capacity to grow, develop my opinions, have new experiences, and grow closer to others. My life and my mind are so much richer for it.
2 | I love my aesthetic sense. I have a very wide appreciation for beauty and it’s always expanding. I like that I balance my habitually negative thoughts by being able to see the beauty in so many people, cultures, aesthetics, styles, etc.. It helps make life worth living when it seems shit otherwise so I try holding onto it and letting it motivate and inspire me.
3 | I love that I’m petite. It’s one of the few traits of mine that actually makes me feel feminine and girly when I’m struggling with my other physical features.
4 | I love how affectionate I am. While emotionally I might get stuck or moody sometimes, I will almost always be physically loving. I love touch of all kinds and I love giving affection as much as I love receiving it. I am happiest when I can share a sense of peace and feeling loved and cared for with others.
5 | I love that I love teaching others and am good at it. I’ve been told that even though I can sometimes come off very intimidating in way of intelligence, I am very good at not being condescending about it --which makes me so happy because I’m just excited to share and I don’t want to make people feel bad so it’s a win :D
EDIT: I forgot to tag people! @moonglowpond @languagessi @margalotta @petrashappyplace @blacklinguist @baapi-makwa @theeaumiel @arabskaya-devushka @jour-de-printemps @chaandinya @jaanuye @aanzheni
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odelschwanks · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Someone I love told me this is one of her favorite photos of me so here you go tumblr
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stardust-walker · an hour ago
the person next to me at the stop light when they hear my playlist go from hells bells to the lonely goatherd from the sound of music
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captainshazamerica · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I always forget @taylorswift 's cat's name is also Meredith and did a double take when I looked at the trending tags, i was so confused for a hot second. I was like, why the hell is my name trending 🤣
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artsymaddie · 2 hours ago
3 facts
If you get this, answer with three random facts about yourself if you feel comfortable! Then send this to the last seven blogs that are in your notifications. Can be anonymous or not! Let's get to know the person behind the blog!
Tagged by my queen my starlight @steeeeeeeviebb 🥰
1. I went to an Arts high school to specialize in musical theatre, and was the youngest (only grade 9) student in my school’s glee club where we came in first place in the first ever Show Choir Canada Championships back in 2010
2. At Fan Expo in 2012 (I wanna say?) all in the same day Nathan Fillion called me adorable, Steve Yeun hugged me and we shared an elevator, and Stephen Amell hugged me. I also tripped in front of Alice Cooper LMAO
3. I have sang on a TTC bus twice LOL First time was a Jonas Brothers song on a dare for $10, and the second time was the bus driver said he wouldn’t let us off the bus unless someone sang a Journey song that wasn’t Don’t Stop Believin’ and I was the only one who knew one and he MADE ME US HIS LITTLE MICROPHONE/BUS MIC THING
Tagging (no pressure!!!) : @steeevienicks @shmoopybop @max--phillips @pedropasscals @thembohux @jettia @frankiemorales
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alfredodanielcarranza · 2 hours ago
Some people really be believin’ their boy pussy is their heart. Then, there’s those of us who pulsate our boy pussy with our hearts.
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strangerinafriend · 2 hours ago
the second covid vaccine is absolutely kicking my ass
I feel like I have the flu. Im running fever. I can't get warm. everything hurts.
I just want to sleep.
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xia-xueyi · 2 hours ago
tagged by @vishcount and @jockvillagersonly thank you both!! i have mutuals who think of me enough to tag me?!?! come here i'll give u a kiss
relationship status: in a long term relationship. 6 years? we met in high school and i liked him for 3 years before we got together HAHA
favourite colour: orange! specifically the spectrum of red-orange-purple in a late late sunset. don't tell anyone but if i were a vampire or an anime protagonist i'd want my eyes to be that color. all of those colors yes please
three favourite foods: i love all sorts of saucy rice. like, a thick-ish sauce with meat/veggies poured on top of rice. so - lu rou fan, curry, gyudon, etc.
that counts as 1, so #2 is artichoke pizza which i ate all the time in undergrad at 2am after a long study session. it's associated with a sense of accomplishment plus there is so much crust and so much cheese n SAUCE
#3: taiwanese fried chicken. basil flavor.
song stuck in my head: 十年人間 (10 Years) by 李常超. it's a DMBJ song released on august 17th because of course they chose that date. good if you like 戏腔 (that chinese opera-esque style singing)
last song i listened to: Priscilla Abby's cover of 星辰大海 (Sea of Stars)
last thing i googled: "klarna" - i was interviewing for its competitor and i dont remember why i was panic-googling it
time: 8:39pm
dream trip: taiwan for the night market noms, then japan for noms (AND WEEB MERCH?), then 漓江 again since i don't think i properly appreciated it last time - did you know that in those chinese paintings where the mountains look all ironed flat and layered, irl they Just Look Like That. also for the noms.
anything i really want: a new job please get me out of here. also lately i've been looking at vitaly's rings and they are so edgy and COOL but the one i want is out of stock
i see that most of my mutuals have already been tagged by other people... @kholran have you been tagged yet? :D no pressure though
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claveldelaire · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Story time!
My coworkers kept insisting I should go out with a male coworker I'm not interested in. I don't find him attractive and a little disgusting, in fact. So I've said multiple times 'stop with that, I'M NOT INTERESTED' and they went on and on.
So today, a female coworker suggested (again) I should give him an opportunity (which he hasn't asked for, btw). My brain shortcut at the problem they clearly have not understanding what I'M NOT INTERESTED means.
I had to apply the 'you think I should like him BUT YOU DIDN'T ASK ME IF I LIKED MEN'. She got pale at that and apologised.
But I'm super upset because I had to make up a lie to be left alone because saying I'M NOT INTERESTED IN HIM IN PARTICULAR wasn't enough to shut their mouths up, even though I've been repeating it for more than a month now.
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thedevilinmybrain · 2 hours ago
sign and plane, if you haven’t done either of them yet 😘
hi sweetheart 🥰
Sign: i think i communicate pretty well. Like i am a little dry and sarcastic sometimes, but i always mean well and have good intentions. So think an asshole with the biggest heart.
Plane: Europe! I really want to go to Italy! And also Japan! I want to go everywhere
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binaryeclipse · 2 hours ago
thanks for the tag @shatouto :D
rules: we’re snooping on your playlist. put your entire music library on shuffle and list the first ten songs and then choose 10 victims
Electric Pow Wow Drum - A Tribe Called Red Really excellent First Nations band, highly recommend you check them out if you can.
Birdsong - Saint Saviour This song may or may not be on my Anakin playlist.
Money - Mystery Skulls I've loved Mystery Skulls for a long-ass time, and this is something I love to blast on the way home from a craptastic day working within capitalism.
Something To It - Great Big Sea I grew up with the album this off of and I know this song by heart. Good for a melancholy mood and definitely softer than the songs GBS is known for.
Ornamented Melancholy - City Girl I think I've bought every album City Girl has put out. I almost exclusively listen to them when writing (unless it's an action scene). Just very chill lofi stuff that doesn't really break up my flow.
My Boy Builds Coffins (Acoustic) - Florence + The Machine A fairly rare version of the song. I think I have copies of all three versions 😅 (I really love Florence + The Machine)
Pavlov's Bell - Aimee Mann Loved this song since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls It's a toss up between this and Iris for my favourite Goo Goo Dolls song. That whole album is a work of art tbh.
Gasoline - Jann Arden I. Love. This. Song. It's also on the Anakin playlist.
The Old Apartment - Barenaked Ladies I was worried BNL wasn't going to show up on this list and they came in right at the end. My favourite band of all time. One of my favourite songs of all time. BROKE INTO THE OLD APARTMENT!!!
(honestly the fact that 40% of the artists on this list are Canadian is probably all you need to know about me)
I'm gonna tag (and I'm sorry if Shatou already tagged you, we run in the same circles): @elysian-prince, @syssarcosis, @anakinspraisekink, @jasontoddiefor, @simpskywalker, @twilightofthe, @tomicaleto, @obiwanobi, and YOU, random citizen!
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