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#a6 spoilers
blazogirlsoneshots · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Did anyone else feel like they had fifty million things going on this month or was it just me? April is also Zutara month so that completely consumed my life. If you want me to make a separate list for that I would be more than happy too. I didn't read as much as I normally do, but I still found some amazing reads anyway.
As of 1949 by @spidermandes: A collection of y/n Rogers losing her temper with the new man holding her brother's shield and wearing his shoes, and Bucky Barnes thoroughly enjoying it. (Bucky Barnes x Fem!Rogers!Reader) ~Nothing has quite captured my hatred for John Walker like this fic. The author does such a great job of encapsulating all of the frustration that Bucky and a sibling of Steve's would feel with that man as well as the trauma of losing him. This definitely has spoilers for TFATWS so you are warned, but please check this series out.
Stardust by @not-aeriie: A moment with June and the stars (June x Traveler) ~Okay, so Andromeda Six is an amazing game and everyone should play it. I love June so much and oh boy do I need more moments like this one. It's just so fluffy and perfect that it gives me butterflies.
Crushing (on) the Competition by @spxllcxstxr: Studying for hours in the library can lead to some strange dreams about one of your competitors. (Lily Evans x Reader) ~Why is there something about low-key rivalries that are so appealing to me? Like you want to beat each other but will still help the other. This fic captures this perfectly.
The Story of a Girl by @ch0colatefr0gs: A snapshot of Y/N's and Lily's relationship (Lily Evans x Fem!Reader) ~Oh my god, be still my beating heart. If you just want a fic of two people being madly in love then you have come to the right place. I just love how their relationship is built and how soft it is.
Childhood Cove Headcanons by @coveholdenlover: I wanna touch more on the friendship after both Cove and MC become best friends. The headcanons take place in between part 1 and 2 so here we goooo! (Cove Holden x MC) ~I love this boy so much. You need to check out Our Life: Beginnings and Always because I swear this game gave me the love of my life. This headcanon set does a great job giving more depth to their friendship. Spoilers, but the author's idea for why Cove comes through the window is the most adorable thing ever. My poor heart can't take it I swear.
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devilled-eggs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the way i’d risk it all for him goodbye
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cucucaca · a month ago
Wow every vexx scene !!!!! in a6 !!!!!!! just breaks my heart !!!!!! Then rebuilds it !!!!!!!! tHEN BREAKS IT AGAIN !!!!!!! (love it)
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crowtrinkets · a month ago
Tumblr media
Can I offer you a meme in these trying times?
I got my vaccine and I feel like ass so doing stuff is hard lmao
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saplilpat · a month ago
Tumblr media
Another fan art for the amazing VN Andromeda Six with my MC Xira and LI Damon, ‘cause that’s how I roll.
18h 29m journey meant to be done in one sitting...One day maybe I’ll have an efficient process that doesn’t involve a zillion accidental marks...
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specialgirlxoxo · 2 months ago
Vexx really said “I will never hurt you, I promise.” then had the nerve to turn around and get shot... see how all men do is lie?
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s-ewell · 2 months ago
all I can think about since chapter 5 dropped is June! I just love him so damn much and like to have him show the darkest side of himself and still get to smooch him afterwards?? wonderful!
Yes!!! I know right!! I absolutely love him and I was very curious about when we'd get to see that side of him, and even though I was expecting it I still felt surprised, specially when he talked about his mother, cause it's such a contrast with his usual kind and calm behavior we're used to (or the sad tone when he talked about his parents previously)! And oh god I'm sooooo curious about the fact the mother apparently is still around. Like I feel bad for him but also can't wait to hear him talk about it more when he's.. you know... his usual self. But angst aside, that last dialogue scene was *chef kiss* just perfect 💖
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've been waiting for him to train my Traveler since chapter one 😭
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brightburner · 2 months ago
Spoilers for A6 episode 5 beneath
MMMM WHATCHU SAYYYYY Would have been a perfect save name for the end of this episode
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liamcowles · 2 months ago
wait is vexx dead? i saw sum abt that on the tl and now i’m worried
well i hope not considering we just locked the romance route 😂 wouldn't that be hilarious tho shshshs
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Vexx's stans at the end of Ch 5:
Tumblr media
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liamcowles · 2 months ago
yea anyway, played the new chapter 😔
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slushrottweiler-blog · 2 months ago
Reactions to Ch. 5 of Andromeda Six
Because I have to do something with my feelings. This is written out as a Live reaction, coz it matched my other post like this. MILD SPOILER WARNING
Ooohh, Another flashback
A lot of shit happens in this hallway
Dayum, Nerissa is looking good for her age.
Like… suspiciously good. Even if we took the smallest age difference imaginable, and assumed the traveller is the canonical age (21), Nerissa would have to be at least 10 yrs older than MC, if not more.
Hmm, so Vexx and my sis are buddies *suspicious eyes*
OK my current guess, Vexx has either always been working with Nerissa and she charged him with infiltrating Zovack’s faction, or Zovack sent him to engraciate himself with Nerissa as well as find entry into the palace.
Omg, imagine if Nerissa was Vexx’s target all along, and MC was even more of a convenient method of infiltration… God the ANGST.
Ok, no more theorising, back to game
Vexx, Don’t WINK at me, my sister is right there.
Ok back to the present, and OOOOHHHHH sparring yasss!!
Pin me to the floor LIs
Now how do I choose the style of fighting imma use. Do I pick based on what I think each of my traveller’s would actually prefer, or so I pick based on which style I think will get me into training with my LI???
Well I’m a Ho so… LI training it is.
I kinda wish you got to choose a level of competency you had to the training. I mean, it kinda lets you, but at least two of my three travellers are quite physically capable, if not legit combat ready. I guess that would have been a TON of extra writing…
Damon: Holy shit you flirty bastard. We’re just throwing subtlety out the window aren’t we. God I’m way too into this jerk
Aya: Lordy, I cannot choose which flirt option is more spicy, but I gotta admit, calling her My Girl got my heart pumping
Calderon: Ummm… excuse me but did the grumpy captain just admit that he wants to fuck me? That’s not subtle holy fuck
Bash: another one where i cannot decide which option to chose. All I know is I want this tin man to RUIN me. I also really like that I gave my Bash-main traveller he/him pronouns. Idk but it makes it better for me.
June: I swear to god, this guy is perfect switch bait. I oscillate wildly between wanting to make him blush ridiculously and wanting him to pin to the closest flat surface.
Vexx: I’m kinda sad I don’t get to have any flirty sparring with my fav carrot boy. I also kinda wish he was at every training group just so he can see how much traveller has grown
NEVERMIND I got my soft Vexx flirt options.
Fuck those are too damn cute for my fav feral traitor boy
I knew they fucked with his head, but I do kinda wish his negative actions were not so explicitly tied to the re-wiring of his brain. Like, he’s turning into a very redeemed good guy
Wait… are we terrorists now?
I think we might be terrorists
Holy shit June
Things got dark REAL Fast
That CG is fucking WICKED.
June bug, you are a literal cinnamon roll of sweetness and sunshine baby let me hold you its gonna be ok
If I every meet your ‘mother’ I’m going to gut her. Just you wait
This is a very light Bash and Aya episode today. I’m kinda hoping they get their time to shine in the next few chapters. But we’ve already been to Bash’s home world, so I do hope he gets a chapter to be the star
And of course Vexx was only working with Zovack for noble reasons…
I was hoping he was out for revenge on the doctor that fucked with his head, or maybe he was looking for notes and documents about what they did to him. Different direction but not bad at all
No, I don’t wanna leave him. It feels so wrong. My June traveller would really have liked to have stayed, even just in the hallway
Wait… did he remember these bombshells before and just kept mum about it, or did he just remember since Ry has been helping him + trauma?
Either way, i need to scoop up this fox and give him pats
That crying sprite is making me FEEL things
Run away run away run away
Lol, I’m with Ry, that was a terrible entrance Damon
YAASSSSS! Traveller Kick some ASS
Oh shit…
I have multiple save files imma chose them all.
omg I called him “the bastard”, we know him so well
My hero, the stabby lad
Yassss battlefield make out
Awww he looks so in love in this CG
I knew he’d be a tease but omg.The dialogue exchange between these two is *chefs kiss*
how is she holding me up
Dayum babe, you’re strong for such a tiny person
Fuck can I kiss her again
Awww, baby, you’re too cute
I wanna scoop her up and spin her I’m so happy
He calls me stowaway <3 <3 <3
He’s so mad at me holy shit
Kiss me you moron!
Wow, that was way smoother than I thought it would be
Pin me to the tree captain!!!
Get lost again, I’ll only get lost in your eyes
Robot BF to the rescue
He looks so worried about me awwww baby boy
Even his Kiss is cute goddamnit bash
How is he so damn cute, yet so damn sexy
This isn’t fair. You’re not fair bash
you are handling this a lot better than I expected June bug, given the amount of shit you’ve been through today
Superstrength is quite handy
Holy… *swoon*
Traveller.exe has stopped working
Once again, I don’t know if I want to ruin you or let you wreck me.
Stop pushing my switch buttons Juni
oh so you remembered you were my bodyguard huh
He’s yelling at me and all i wanna do is kiss his dumb face
So I did and it was AMAZING
The whole crew has got to be so sus about traveller going missing with just Vexx. Like… that’s gotta raise some concerned
Oh no… the CG… its so beautiful
I demand more kisses Vexx. Kiss my broken heart better
I really wanna write this out with my non-canon traveller, just to make it work in my HCs. It’ll be so fun
Big Twist
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freckled-lili · 2 months ago
Traveler: June, eat a Snickers®.
June: WHY?!
Tumblr media
Traveler: Because you have a mental breakdown and smash evil labs when you're hungry.
June: Wow! I feel so much better now!
Tumblr media
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freckled-lili · 2 months ago
When you come across a bug after you've been locked into Ayame's route:
Tumblr media
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charleii · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im dying
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freckled-lili · 2 months ago
Traveller, after kissing their LI: Oh boy, nothing will stop my good mood now! Especially not some unforeseen tragedy---
Vexx: Hey guys I just found an unforeseen tragedy! 👀
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freckled-lili · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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