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#a6 quiz
writersgonefishing · a month ago
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Which one of you lovely bastards did this, I hope your having a lovely day you’re my hero sjdfbsjkfbks
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writersgonefishing · 4 months ago
In spite of my ADHD and general procrastination, i have finished the second quiz!
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writersgonefishing · 6 months ago
I do be making a second quiz 👉👈
Trying to make it a bit longer cause that was request a bit so I was thinking closer to 15-17 questions and this one will be about which planet your from! And yes, I mean all 8 planets,
including the prison
And I know some ppl will get it and be all like "noooo!!!" But hear me out,,,,,,
It would be kinda funny
Anyways, coming up with questions that are related to the planets and somehow still vague enough to where you won't immediately get it is a little harder than I thought it was going to be especially when I'm trying to make them longer and unique so expect a few jokes questions for tinny but of filler BUT I'm also half way through so!!!!
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writersgonefishing · 6 months ago
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writersgonefishing · 6 months ago
Made A uQuiz for A6!
Because of the way tumbler acts with links I'll put it in the comments vjdhshhdch
Its "Which A6 LI do u share a vibe with?"
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craigcraig2 · 5 days ago
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LinkedIn Microsoft Excel Exam Answers 2021
Microsoft Excel linkedin badge
When using Goal Seek, you can find a target result by varying _ at most.
four inputs
three inputs
one input
two inputs
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In the image below, which option(s) can you select so that the appropriate field headers appear in cells A4 and B3 instead of the terms Row Labels and Column Labels, respectively?
Show in Tabular Form
Show in Compact Form
Show in Compact For or Show in Outline Form
Show in Tabular Form or Show in Outline Form
Microsoft Excel linkedin Quizlet
A cell contains the value 7.877 and you want it to display as 7.9. How can you accomplish this?
Click the Decrease Decimal button once.
Click the Decrease Decimal button twice.
In the Cells group on the Home tab, click Format > Format Cells. Then click the Alignment tab and select Right Indent.
Use the ROUND() function.
Microsoft Excel linkedin Quiz answers
Which formula is not equivalent to all of the others?
linkedin Microsoft Excel assessment answers
Which function returns a reference to a cell (or cell range) that is a specified distance from a base cell?
Microsoft Excel assessment linkedin answers Quizlet Microsoft Excel assessment linkedin answers linkedin skill assessment answers Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel linkedin assessment answers
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peachyteabuck · 2 months ago
3.4.2021. i feel gross but that’s life tbh
update c spreadsheet
update c doc
1/2 questions
2500 ‘peace’
send email for intialling
update hours 
he disc board
a6 quiz 
hst disc board
desk trash 
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spiritaed-kth · 8 months ago
Today’s schedule:
(this didn’t post. ****)
- pages 10-23 of PSYCH 1 (chapter 1 + take notes for quiz)
- pages 1-28 of CDEV 28 (chapter 1 + take notes for quiz)
- classwork #1 + 1.1.1/2 for MATH 38A
- study for English quiz (today, noon) + history quiz (tomorrow)
- M:MoE fics (write, edit)
- A6 fics (plan, write) + prompt list (plan)
- M:MoE gif set (per request)
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malkaivian · 9 months ago
not me taking the a6 quiz twice (for research purposes) and getting vexx AND damon respectively. sometimes i hate myself so mfing much
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flamingflyingv · 9 months ago
Took the A6 quiz floating around by @tofuuvi
Said I was gonna get roasted
Didn't expect to get roasted
Got roasted. But an oddly uplifting roast?
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