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#a6 prompt fills
homeformyheart · 25 days ago
Ooooo let's do 16. kissing knuckles for your traveler and Cal!
thanks for encouraging me to write more A6, @captainsaku! Decided to keep it short and simple (*eyes the 20 other prompt wips*).
author’s note: this is more raynie than cal, but this is my first time writing more than a few sentences for an A6 pairing, so i hope you enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games (@andromeda-six). series/pairing: andromeda six – calderon lynch x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none word count: ~500 words based on/prompt: physical affection prompts // 16. kissing knuckles summary: raynie is nervous and cal calms her down.
raynie peeked out from where she was waiting behind a curtain backstage. her eyes widened at the sheer size of the crowd and she quickly turned away, closing her eyes and trying to push away the fluttering in her stomach.
after everything the crew did, after everything she went through, they were finally here. at this long-awaited moment where she would address goldis for the first time since her family was killed.
she wiped her sweaty hands down the side of her dress, hoping it didn’t stain.
how did nerissa manage to do this so easily?
how could she think she could do this at all?
why would she even want to do this?
“hey stowaway.”
raynie lifted her head and looked straight into the soft blue of cal’s eyes, his large build creating a shadow over her smaller one.
“you can do this,” he said.
searched his face for any signs of sarcasm or teasing, but she knew she wouldn’t find any, not like she would have if it were damon in his place.
“how do you know? i don’t know how to be a ruler, i was barely let out of the palace and i have no experience.”
raynie covered her face with her hands, trying to take deep breaths and keep the onslaught of panicked tears at bay.
cal gently pried her hands off her face, holding them in his large ones.
“i know because i’ve seen what you’re capable of first-hand. you’re reckless and careless with your safety sometimes,” he said, a hint of fear glinting in his gaze. “but you’re brave and resourceful.”
she dropped her gaze, feeling a flush begin to creep up her neck and color her cheeks.
he raised her hand to his lips, forcing her to draw her gaze back up to meet his.
“but most of all,” he murmured against her knuckles. “you care about others. it’s why i fell in love with you.”
his lips brushed against her knuckles, the featherlight touch sending goosebumps up her arms. cal released her hand and gave her a soft smile before turning her around so she was facing the stage.
she looked back once as he nudged her forward, catching his gaze that seemed to hold a million promises between them. he bowed before making his exit, and a renewed sense of determination fueled her steps.
maybe she could do this after all.
* * * * * taglist: @gloynporslen; @anotherbeingsworld; @pearlsandsteel;
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homeformyheart · a month ago
The prompt 'don't leave' for traveller x June! 💚💚
thank you for the request, alya! I hope this little microprompt does them justice (it gives me some ideas for a wip I have at least xD)
author’s note: thank you, @anotherbeingsworld! this is a little more than ten sentences, but whatever xD. this was a great chance to explore a little bit of their dynamic to inspire me to do work on my post-nightmare comfort wip featuring these two. it also took me forever to settle on a traveler name that would be shippable. hope you all enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games @andromeda-six series/pairing: andromeda six – juniper nyux x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none   based on/prompt: microprompts // 1. don’t leave word count: ~200
raynie woke up to the sound of loud knocking against her door and she rubbed her eyes sleepily. “come in,” she called out, eyes widening in surprise when june appeared before her.
“your door was open and i heard screaming,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
it was raynie’s turn to flush. “sorry about that, i should’ve remembered to close the door.”
“i’m just glad you’re okay,” he said, relief visibly leaving his tense shoulders.
a faint blush tinged his cheeks as he glanced at her thin tank top before looking away, making a concerted effort not to stare.
“i shouldn’t intrude on you this late at night, um, excuse me.”
“wait, don’t leave,” she called out, tucking a stray hair behind her ears shyly. “can you stay with me until i fall asleep again? you know… because of the nightmares.”
june hesitated for a second before nodding and making his way over to the bed, removing his weapons and shoes before climbing in next to her, taking extra care to stay on top of the blanket. raynie snuggled against him, laying her head on his chest, the warmth of his body and steady heartbeat lulling her quickly into a dreamless sleep.
from these microprompts (always accepting)
* * * * * taglist: @gloynporslen; @anotherbeingsworld; @pearlsandsteel;
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falloutglow · 4 months ago
A6 Nick/Stranger
You picked the Mystery Word: Solve
Tumblr media
You picked the Mystery Word: Dull
Sensors and Sensations
Found only on Ao3:
Nick Valentine/Mysterious Stranger
Summary:  Another late night at the agency when Nick turns in for the night, feeling a bit more stiff in the joints than usual. He has a pain in his neck, both literal and in the form of a Stranger.
Tags: Eldritch, Enemies to Lovers, Kissing, Prompt fic, Prompt fill
One shot. Complete. Word Count: 2,072
About time this happened huh. Lol. Still fuckin laughing that the random word generator gave me solve and you somehow managed to picked it right up haha
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Belated Celebration
I reached the astounding milestone of 1.1k followers back in October which also marked a year from when I started this blog and put a celebration to the side in order to do kinktober because I had plans to do this in November. Health issues got in the way so this will be a belated celebration.
Again, thank you so, sooooo much for putting up with me. The fact that you lovely people want to read what I have to offer and are willing to share pieces of yourselves with me through your requests and comments means a lot to me.
I’ll accept as many entries as I get from today (December 6th) until December 13th at 11:59 pm CST. All of them will be filled throughout January and —if necessary— February.
FAQ | fandom/character list
Send me one or two AUs/situations, up to five prompts, and a character (you can send more than one character if you want me to write a poly relationship or a threesome/orgy and in that case, you can send up to eight prompts.)
If you’re not interested in any of the AUs or situations, you can tell me to pick those myself or send me a song and I’ll write a fic based on that song with the prompts you’ve chosen.
Please specify gender. If you don’t, I’ll write the fic with a gender-neutral reader by default.
When it comes to smut, I always write the reader as a person with a vagina. If you want me to write the reader as an intersex person or a person with a penis, please specify.
You can send in as many requests as you want, but please do it in separate asks.
prompts and AUs/situations under the cut
AUs & situations
✳︎ soulmate AU ✳︎ roommate AU ✳︎ neighbor AU ✳︎ modern AU ✳︎ fake dating AU ✳︎ college AU ✳︎ baker AU ✳︎ artist AU ✳︎ fairy tale AU (specify which one) ✳︎ library AU ✳︎ bookshop AU ✳︎ CEO AU ✳︎ Hogwarts AU ✳︎ arranged marriage AU ✳︎ royal AU ✳︎ bodyguard AU ✳︎ teacher AU ✳︎ bartender AU ✳︎ rich person AU ✳︎ actor AU ✳︎ model AU ✳︎ photographer AU ✳︎ movie AU (specify which movie) ✳︎ omegaverse ✳︎ canon universe
✳︎ there’s only one bed ✳︎ dating app ✳︎ secret admirer ✳︎ at a wedding ✳︎ accidental marriage ✳︎ wedding date hire ✳︎ locked in a room/closet together ✳︎ love triangle ✳︎ game night (truth or dare, love dice, never have I ever, etc.) ✳︎ secret relationship ✳︎ oblivious sexual tension ✳︎ break up/makeup ✳︎ age gap ✳︎ frenemies with benefits ✳︎ friends with benefits ✳︎ frenemies to lovers ✳︎ friends to lovers ✳︎ childhood friends to lovers ✳︎ enemies to lovers ✳︎ friends to enemies to lovers ✳︎ enemies to friends to lovers ✳︎ finally home after a hard day ✳︎ stuck in a place together for a long period of time ✳︎ seeing each other for the first time in a while ✳︎ meeting for the first time
Angst & hurt/comfort
A1 - “My heart hurts when I look at you.”
A2 - “Don’t blame it on the alcohol, you tasted like you wanted me.”
A3 - “If anything ever happens to me, remember that I’ll always love you.”
A4 - “Darling, your heart is too pure for me.”
A5 - “Don’t pretend that you don’t feel the same way.”
A6 - “Don’t leave me like that again, you scared me.”
A7 - “I can’t be without you.”
A8 - “Don’t tell me you love me unless you mean it.”
A9 - “They told me that you’d break my heart, but, holy shit, they never said it would hurt like this.”
A10 - “We need to talk.”
A11 - “Surprise! I have feelings and you just hurt them.”
A12 - “The worst thing is, that even after all of that, I’m still in love with you.”
A13 - “You look beautiful in your wedding dress/attire, I’m happy for you.”
A14 - “Choose me or lose me. I’m not a backup plan, and I’m definitely not a second choice.”
A15 - “Did it ever occur to you that you’re hurting me too?”
A16 - “You’re right, I did love you, I just don’t know if I can say the same now.”
A17 - “I wasn’t the one who walked away from us. You were.”
A18 - “I fell for you without even knowing it and, Jesus, does it hurt that you can’t see it.”
A19 - “Please don’t love me the way you loved your exes.”
A20 - “I know you think we’re not right for each other, but we’ve run into each other too many times for you to tell me this isn’t fate.“
A21 - “There’s always a place in my bed for you, I will wait no matter what.”
A22 - “Do you even still love me?”
A23 - “I told you not to fall in love with me.”
A24 - “Don’t leave me.”
A25 - “I can’t pretend anymore.”
A26 - “Tell me I’m wrong.”
A27 - “Don’t you dare walk out that door.”
A28 - “There was never an ‘us’.”
A29 - “Do you really think I’m happy?”
A30 - “I don’t want your apology.”
A31 - “Stop pretending like everything is fine.”
A32 - “What the hell were you thinking?”
A33 - “I didn’t believe you cared.”
A34 - “You’re jealous.”
A35 - “You may be attractive, but I’m not sleeping with you.”
A36 - “The bed is cold without you.”
A37 - “When did you stop loving me?”
A38 - “How do I make you love me again?”
A39 - “Shouldn’t you be with him/her/them?”
A40 - “I wasn’t lying when I said I loved you.”
A41 - “They don’t deserve you.”
A42 - “I never meant to fall in love with you. I just did.”
A43 - “Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like.”
A44 - “Shit, is that blood?”
A45 - “I think we need a break.”
A46 - “Are you even listening?”
A47 - “Just leave me alone.”
A48 - “What’s wrong with me?”
A49 - “We don’t/wouldn’t work.”
A50 - “You had me! And you ruined it on your own.”
F1 - “You look beautiful in anything.”
F2 - “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
F3 - “I have so much love for you. I actually never thought I could feel like this, but you proved me wrong.”
F4 - “I don’t care where I’m sleeping as long as it’s with you.”
F5 - “God, I’m never leaving your side again.”
F6 - “Every inch of you is breathtaking.”
F7 - “Why do you have to look at me like that? It’s making me weak, please stop.”
F8 - “Is this the moment that we kiss?”
F9 - “The more I look at you, the more I think we need to leave.”
F10 - “Look at me. I love you.”
F11 - “I—I think we should go for dinner first.”
F12 - “I love you more than coffee.” distant gasps
F13 - “I’m asking because I’ve seen the way you look at me.”
F14 - “I’m tired and my bed feels so empty without you here.”
F15 “Are you going to kiss me or will you just keep staring?”
F16 “I think you need to tell me the truth about how you feel towards me.”
F17 - “You keep saying we’re friends, but you look at me for a moment too long for that to be true.”
F18 - “Not only am I deeply in love with you, you’re my best friend.”
F19 - “I know you haven’t done anything, but can you please stop looking so goddamn kissable? My parents are here.”
F20 - “The things I would do just to see your face right now.”
F21 - “You’re the only person I’ve ever actually wanted to spend the rest of my life with.”
F22 - “Please come home, this doesn’t feel right.”
F23 - “You look like you could use a hug.”
F24 “Why do I feel like I’m home whenever you’re near me?”
F25 - “Oh my God... you’re in love with him/her/them!”
F26 - “Do you want to make out as badly as I want right now?”
F27 - “Are you flirting with me?” / “You finally noticed?”
F28 - “I just wanted to let you know that I think you’re beautiful.”
F29 - “I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone this much before.”
F30 - “Take my bed tonight, I’ll sleep on the couch.”
F31 - “I could kiss you right now!”
F32 - “You’re cute when you’re half asleep.”
F33 - “You should sleep in my bed more often.”
F34 - “Have you always been this beautiful?”
F35 - “Apparently all our friends have a bet going that we end up together.”
F36 - “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but can I kiss you just like another ten, please?”
F37 - “Oh, wow, holy crap, wow... you’re so pretty.”
F38 - “Can you please... uh... I don’t know, put a shirt on?”
F39 - “I’m so madly and deeply in love with you, please meet me so we can discuss this.”
F40 - “I would’ve waited an eternity if I knew you were what I’d get at the end of it.”
F41 - “Thank you for loving me, I couldn’t have been luckier.”
F42 - “Every morning you kiss my forehead before I leave for work, why was it my lips today?”
F43 - “You keep that photo of us in your wallet?”
F44 - “I’ve fallen for you and it’s becoming difficult for me to get anything done.”
F45 - “All I can think of is your lips on mine.”
F46 - “I fought so hard to get you and thank God I can finally rest.”
F47 - “I never thought we’d end up together, but here you are confessing everything to me.”
F48 - “You were never the person I wanted, but you were the only one I ever needed.”
F49 - “That night you kissed me and I thought I might melt.”
F50 - “From the moment I saw you, I knew I was in love.”
S1 - “Do you like it when I touch you like that?”
S2 - “Want to head back to my place?”
S3 - “What a pretty sight.”
S4 - “You have no idea what you do to me.”
S5 - “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
S6 - “You look so good with my hand wrapped around your throat.”
S7 - “I don’t care how good it feels, you better not come until I tell you to.”
S8 - “Look, I’m not into choking but I wouldn’t mind if you grabbed me by the neck every once in a while.”
S9 - “You better be quiet or everyone’s going to know what a naughty little slut you are.”
S10 - “Maybe If I punish you it’ll help you remember who you belong to next time.”
S11 - “If you keep making those sounds I’m not going to be able to stop myself.”
S12 - “Such a needy little thing, aren’t you?”
S13 - “Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic.”
S14 - “When we get home I’m cuffing you to the bed and I’m going down on you all night until my jaw is sore.”
S15 - “Did you touch yourself while I was gone?”
S16 - “These walls are pretty thick, you can be as loud as you want.”
S17 - “Come sit on my face, let me show you how much I missed you.”
S18 - “I wonder what your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner would do if they knew what you’re doing right now.” (the story would contain cheating if you pick this one.)
S19 - “I bet all our neighbors can hear what a dirty little slut you are.”
S20 - “Come here, baby, let mommy/daddy take care of you.”
S21 - “Scream my name, I want everyone nearby to know who’s making you feel this good.”
S22 - “You look real pretty when you cry out.”
S23 - “Tell me what you like.”
S24 - “Shhh, don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you.”
S25 - “Think you can handle that much?”
S26 - “Call me selfish, but I don’t want anyone else to touch you.”
S27 - “I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole.”
S28 - “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?”
S29 - “Baby, I know you’re not trying out the new shower head without me.”
S30 - “I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard you moan... it was like a fucking melody.”
S31 - “I know for a fact that you can be a hell of a lot louder than that.”
S32 - “God damnit, now all I can think about right now is you licking my cock like it’s that ice cream cone.”
S33 - “Just let me finish this level and I swear I’ll go down on you until you come at least three times.”
S34 - “You’re virgin? How?!”
S35 - “Are you going to eye fuck me all night or are you going to do something about it?”
S36 - “If you don’t stop looking at my lips without doing anything about it, I will take you right here on this counter.”
S37 - “Shall we— shall we go back t—to my place?
S38 - “You don’t know half the things you do to me.”
S39 - “I’m aggressively thinking about having sex with you and trying to keep a straight face at the same time. Do you know how hard that is?”
S40 - “You’ve been giving me bedroom eyes for the past half an hour — time to show me what, exactly, was on your mind.”
S41 - “Bite your lip one more time, I dare you.”
S42 - “God, I love your hands.” / “Let’s put them to good use, then.”
S43 - “I don’t care what you do as long as you also do me.”
S44 - “I’ve never wanted to fuck somebody so badly.
S45 - “Just shut up and fuck me.”
S46 - “I might have seen this very moment in a wet dream once.”
S47 - “I know we’re just friends, but you’re sitting on my lap so I’m sorry if I get hard.”
S48 - “You know, there wasn’t a single thing to eat in the kitchen until you walked in.”
S49 - “I didn’t wanna say anything because we’re such good friends, but I would totally fuck you if you asked.”
S50 - “What are you doing?” / “Hopefully you.”
M1 - “I desperately want to take you out for dinner and slow dance with you until the sun comes up, but I also want to grip your hair as I watch you writhing underneath me.”
M2 - “You’re very attractive. Therefore I will stare at you.”
M3 - “Somebody’s cranky.” / “Somebody needs to shut the fuck up.”
M4 - “You’re not short. You wouldn’t understand.”
M5 - “(Character/Your Name) NO.” / “(Character/Your Name) YES.”
M6 - “You’re cute when you’re angry.” / “Yeah, well, I’m about to get really fucking adorable.”
M7 - “I’m not arguing, I’m simply explaining why I’m right.”
M8 - “Do I look like I give a fuck?”
M9 - “What are you doing?” / “Hiding.” / “Hiding from what?” / “Everything.”
M10 - “You’re really cute and it’s ruining my life because I think about kissing you all the time.”
M11 - “Not to dictate your life, but dump your asshole boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and drop your shitty friends.”
M12 - “If anyone can do it, then someone who isn’t me can do it.”
M13 - “Man, how many eye contact until we date?”
M14 - “God has a favorite TV series and it’s called my life.”
M15 - “It’s a beautiful day to stop wasting my time, honey.”
M16 - “Women aren’t complicated. You’re just dumb.”
M17 - “I’m actually pretty cool if you give me five tries to get it right.”
M18 - “Well, this social situation isn’t going the way I acted it out in the shower.”
M19 - “Do the dark circles under my eyes and my unwashed hair turn you on?”
M20 - “My opinion is no.”
M21 - “Are we gonna hold hands or what?”
M22 - “True love is having a crush even when they get a bad haircut.”
M23 - “Be prepared to add a cute emoji next to my name in your contact list because you’re gonna love me.”
M24 - “Was that just awkward eye contact or were we checking each other out?”
M25 - “His/her/their use of common sense is so fucking hot.”
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tsukkisbean · 6 months ago
fjsijdesiis if not atsumu maybe osamu? 🥺
Tumblr media
beep beep...a6 detected...thunk!
your item has arrived, thank you for using tsukkibean’s vending machine! we hope to see you again in the future!
pairing: detective!osamu x gn!reader
genre: angst, tokyo detective!au
warnings: like 2 swear words
word count: 955
prompt: a6. you used me...?
a/n: and this ended up longer than a drabble oop. but ty for participating mochi!! 💖💖
Tumblr media
you lean against the doorway, watching as osamu mindlessly works away at his breakfast, “long night?”
shoveling a spoonful of rice and grilled mackerel into his mouth, he gives you a small grunt in response.
for the past year you’ve watched him drill away at the same case. a thief known only by the name “red” made their grand debut at the beginning of last year. their appearance has resulted in countless priceless pieces being stolen from various museums throughout tokyo.
despite the amount of resources and time put into catching them, red always seemed to find a way to slip away at the last second. what made matters worse was that they had the audacity to notify the authorities of the exact location a heist would take place. all it took was a little red card with gold detailings to set your entire office into chaos. it was clear the countless dead ends, and multiple all nighters were starting to take a toll on osamu.
“hey osamu, why don’t you take a break tonight?” you ask, fingers fiddling nervously with the hem of your shirt, “i can come over and cook you dinner or something?”
osamu was never the type to engage in office romances, that much he made clear with the way he interacted with others in the office. that is, except when it came to you.
at 7pm sharp you arrive outside the apartment you’ve spent numerous nights at. you’re greeted at the door by osamu, bleary-eyed and grey hair a disheveled mess. stepping aside, he lets you in and you make your way to the kitchen to start on dinner. as you pull ingredients out of your bag and from the kitchen cabinets you look over your shoulder at osamu, “listen i know you’re a better cook than i am, but i’m in charge today.” you hold a stern finger out at him, “no back seat cooking.”
he shoots you a lazy smile, saluting at you mockingly, “ya got it, boss.”
rolling your eyes, you stick your tongue out at him playfully before turning back to the task at hand. after an hour, the sweet aroma of curry fills the apartment. as osamu sets the table, you hold a spoonful of curry to your lips, wanting to have one last taste before serving.
“what if we just ran away for a bit?” the question startles you, causing you bite down on the spoon of still steaming curry, “ah fuck-”
immediately, osamu runs over to you, cupping your face in his hands, “are ya alright? does it hurt?”
you nod your head, trying to blink the tears away, “i’m okay, really.” you look at him, searching his eyes for any sort of hesitation, “did you really mean what you said just now? about running away?”
his lips curve into a small smile, one hand reaching into the back pocket of his pants, “every word, in fact i have something for ya. close yer eyes”
you immediately do as you’re told. what he could possibly have for you? although you weren’t exactly a new couple, you definitely weren’t in the position to get engaged. unless...he really thought you were the one? before your thoughts can stray any further, a cold sensation wraps around your wrist - click
your eyes shoot open, to find that you were now locked to one of the kitchen cabinet handles by a pair of handcuffs, “osamu, what the fuck?”
the male side steps around you, stopping in front of the stove. you watch as he serves himself a portion of food, as if he didn’t just handcuff you. “well you see,” he starts, mouth full of food, “i needed someone to take the fall for me.”
by the look on your face he can tell you’re confused, “what ‘m tryna say is, ‘m red.” he glances on the clock on the stove, “i already tipped off the office that they might find some items of interest at yer place. they’re probably tearin’ it up as we speak.”
“you used me…?”
you shake your head, unable to accept the situation. to you, osamu was the perfect boyfriend. he cooked your favourite dishes whenever you were hungry. he let you “accidentally” take his hoodies home after you spent the night. when you caught the flu, he took the week off to nurse you back to health. whenever you have a bad day at work, he’d bring you your favourite desserts and let you cry in his arms for hours on end. he spent the holidays with your family, even taking the time to teach your younger cousins how to play volleyball.
but the more you try to assess the situation, the more you begin to understand. you realize how he always conveniently managed to show up at the crime scene just a moment too late. or why you would wake up randomly in the middle of the night to an empty apartment. why he sometimes snapped at you for startling him.
the reason the case was taking so long to solve was because he was the one keeping it open. he was the one who referred you to your current job when a spot opened up. of course he was red.
after dropping his dish into the sink, he leans over to press a kiss to your forehead. you watch as he casually strolls over to the balcony door, sliding it open.
immediately, the wailing sound of sirens in the distance floods the apartment. “sorry, love,” he says, giving you one last lopsided smile over his shoulder, before disappearing into the night.
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writerwrites · 7 months ago
Little Town Street
Pairing: Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: A college fling with Andy Barber is rekindled when you move back to Boston and you’re both single. 
Word Count: 3.7k
Warnings: Smut 18+, language, tinge of angst, Defending Jacob spoilers / all the warnings that would go along with the series, fleeting mentions of divorce and bad breakups
A/N: *THIS IS A ONE SHOT* This is the Week 3 prompt to the Optimistic Captain Donut Challenge created by @captainchrisbaby, @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho , and @donutloverxo​ || The Week 3 Prompt was based on  All Too Well by Taylor Swift || I’m only 3 months late, minimum || Fall dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
Boston. Your heart raced just thinking about getting back to the place you went to college. The glide of the tassel across your cap and the memories of late night conversations over pizza and beer while elbow deep in a tort. You’d loved the smell of law books and the haze of the green lamps on the library’s oversized and ancient oak desks. The magic of that place was lost on you while you were there, as was the magic of the few relationships you managed to establish while getting your law degree. But here you were, the little suburban town just out of the city, boxes piling up in the empty living room as you settled into your newly single life at a small firm that liked your big New York City success. This was a needed change after a painful breakup. This was your clean break.
Covered in sweat with your hair in a messy top bun, tank top slithering up the steep curves of your soft sides while the sun kissed the back of your bronzed skin, you heard a honk at the intersection in front of your house. The unexpected sound jolted you and the heavy box of books slipped from your fingers and landed on your foot. Hopping to the steps of your new brick home, you looked over at the intersection. It was a near-accident that was the cause of the ruckus. Both cars now at a standstill at the center of the four-way intersection. It took a minute for you to process the shock as you rubbed at your aching foot, but there he was, thick brown hair and bright blue eyes looking at you through the windshield of a black Audi A6. Andy Barber.
With such a public court case and the subsequent car accident, every news-viewing American knew who he was and knew a little too much about him. The problem was that while you’d sat in your own office in the Big Apple, trying to put yourself in Andy’s shoes, you watched a person you once knew in a new light and while your now-ex kept bringing up the commentary of obvious guilt, you couldn't help but sympathize with the collapse of his life. It was too easy for you to slip into the heartache of a family stalked and ruined, a person left so completely exposed and judged by everyone that you’d trusted. It was, after all, why you’d left New York. It was a miracle you’d gotten your fresh start, the Barbers certainly didn’t. You could picture it, but you never speculated, never stayed on the channel when the case came on. Every fiber of your being couldn’t look at him, not because of what broadcasters said but because of the too real memories of a love lost.
You were the one that ended the stare-off, your foot aching more with every passing second. Jaw clenched and lips pressed into a line, you were just about to convince yourself that there was no way Andy Barber, your biggest competition in college and your first love, was outside your new home… and then you heard him say your name. God, it always sounded so good coming from his mouth. The last time you’d heard it he was asking you not to go, drunk outside the bar you’d had your first date telling you that what you two had was bigger than the careers ahead. He didn’t see the tears streaming down your face once you turned away to get in your cab. Maybe, after all this time, he thought you didn’t hear him scream your name.
When you opened your eyes Andy was there at the bottom of your driveway on that little town street, brows knit together with concern as he locked his car that was perfectly parked on the steep driveway like he’d done it a million times. “Don’t look so worried about me, Andrew. You’re the one who just nearly crashed a bajillion dollar car.”
He laughed, despite noticing how you’d used his full name like you two were standing on opposite ends of a courtroom- and maybe you were. But that laugh, the warmth of it wrapped you up and you were thrown back through the magic and memories of that romance once more. The plaid shirts you stole in the middle of the night to run to the kitchen for a midnight snack. Your skin was covered in goosebumps despite the heat as you remembered how Andy had peeled you out of his shirts to warm you back up with his skin on yours, the metal of the fridge pressed to your back. Every moment with him was crystal clear in your mind the smells of autumn and taste of cider and beer when your tongues met, the feeling of his beard scratching your thighs, and... It took his hands on your chin to pull you out of the pain and want of those happier days that you’d ignorantly run from scared of settling. “Are you sure the box didn’t land on your pretty little head?”
The sound that passed your lips was practically a damn purr, you mentally cursed him for pulling it out of you with familiar ease. Opening your eyes to look up at him, you wondered if the emotions of that tumultuous relationship sat at the forefront of his mind too and if it was written on your face. “Nope, definitely landed on my foot.” Swallowing at the sandpaper in your throat, you looked at the swollen discolored mess. “You didn’t have to see if I was okay.”
“First, yeah, I did. It’s been fifteen or sixteen years since I’ve seen you. Second, I saw you hop over here clutching your foot. I can’t leave a wounded deer on the side of the road, can I?” His hands were stubbornly placed on his hips and that’s when you noticed the pale indent of a missing wedding band on his left hand’s ring finger. His blue eyes followed your gaze and he rubbed at the spot like he’d not gotten used to the absence of the cool metal. A similar thin, faded line from a discarded engagement ring on your matching finger. “I guess we’ve both been through it.”
Offering him a small smile, he helped you up and as Andy’s strong hands clutched your waist you wondered if he’d remembered just how ticklish the space between your ribs and hip were when he was careful to not touch you there. When you grabbed at the perfectly tailored coat trying to hop around the man let out an amused grumble and scooped you up. “Aren’t we a little old for grand gestures?” Your head rolled back as you laughed and he turned to get you through the door without smacking your injured foot on the frame. “Jesus are you hitting the gym and benching thick girls, Barber?”
The laughter filling the house was only amplified by his unceremonious dropping of you onto the love seat. The crooked smile looking down at you made you melt. That look, it was a drug that you’d had you first taste of in a mock trial, when he knew he’d won his case and looked back at you in the seats behind him, taking notes. “Other than the box on the lawn, are there any more?”
“You don’t have to..”
“But I’m going to and I want to. Besides, you can’t.” Andy was already pulling off his coat, loosening his tie, and buttoning his shirt before you could protest... not that you were capable of it. He bit his lip when he caught sight of you drinking him in. The slacks and the undershirt that clung to him. “Like what you see?”
“It’s rude.” You stated matter of fact, gesturing to all of him. Andy raised his hands as if to apologize, heading to the door to get to work. Closing your eyes, you could perfectly picture that one picture of the two of you at your graduation. Inadvertently, you mumbled to yourself. “I miss looking that damn good.”
If your eyes hadn’t been closed maybe you would’ve seen the way he froze in the doorway, biting his tongue before stepping out. It wasn’t until you heard the hefty thunk of a box on the hardwood floor that you peaked your eyes open. A clear sheen of sweat glistened on his brow and you bit your lip, the heat running over your body was hardly from moving boxes or the summer heat pouring in the front door. “Please tell me the rest of it isn’t boxes of books, Legal Beagle.”
Scoffing at the old nickname you sighed, “Nope, it’s just bottles of wine and liquor and pictures. The remnants that I didn’t want to break or misplace in the moving truck that came a few days ago.”
“You’ve been here for days and you didn’t call.” His tone was surprisingly wounded.
“Well, Legal Eagle, you didn’t exactly shoot me an email either.” Andy’s eyes burned into you when you used his old nickname back, but you couldn’t decipher what that look really meant. Before you could ask or apologize he was turning back out the door, leaving you there to chew the inside of your cheek raw.
Andy made quick work of the boxes in your car while you nursed your bruised foot trying to unravel the feelings bubbling to the surface of your mind in memories and regrets. When the front door shut, you couldn’t even bring yourself to look up, eyes fixed on the bruise while you thought about the emotional bruising you’d caused each other. It wasn’t hard to really know why he hadn’t emailed, nothing funny in the broken pieces you bother were left to pack up and move on from. When had you started crying? Cheeks wet when his hands cupped your face, forcing you to look up at him, thumbs brushing the tears away. “Hey, if it hurts that bad maybe we should take you to get it looked at.”
Reaching up you grabbed Andy’s wrists, but you found yourself hanging there, incapable of pulling him off of you. Instead, your thumbs brushed across the inside of his wrists just applying a little bit of pressure before skimming your hands up the firm muscles of Andy’s forearms. Each of you tried to translate the signals the other was putting off. If it hadn’t been for the haze of being so close to him, maybe you would’ve had the sense to pull away. With a sniffle and apologetic smile you shook your head ‘no’- or at least to the best of your ability when he was still comforting you like no time or pain had passed between the two of you. How long had you been holding on to this first love?
This close you could see it, the little creases of age at the corners of his eyes and a little salt and pepper in his beard. Despite the way those lines seemed to crease his face like words of chapters you’d not been privy to, his blue gaze was unchanged and every welcoming detail of them looked at you like you hadn’t changed either. The moment his knee pressed between your thighs to your core you realized just how needy you were, whimpering and parting your legs as he lowered himself onto you. His hands moved down your neck to your breasts and a firm squeeze and the brush of his thumb over your nipples elicited another breathy moan from your lips. How long had it been since anyone had looked at you like that? How long since you’d gotten off?
“Andy,” The weight of his name on your tongue was dizzying, but the way he said your name back was just as heavy. You pulled his mouth to yours and he parted his lips to wrap around  your bottom lip. His beard scratched at your chin, sending shivers down your body.
Picking your hips up from the couch, you satisfied the ache between your legs on his thigh. Smirking against your lips Andy pressed harder into your core. “You missed me.”
“To the bone,” The confession passed your lips and all you wanted was for him to stay, the thought alone so wholly selfish. Your eyes fluttered open, scared that it had been poison on his own tongue, noticing how he’d pulled away ever so slightly. “That wasn’t fair.”
Though it seemed like a poor apology, Andy was already shaking his head to reassure you that it wasn’t. That quiet, it wasn’t a trait in him you recalled. His hands moved down your frame and he pulled you onto his lap, careful to let you move your legs to straddle him and not hit your foot along the way. “Did you think I wouldn’t care that you were coming back?”
Before you could answer, he stole your air again. Andy’s lips pressed to your neck and he hummed as he tasted the salt on your skin. Then he found the spot he used to always mark, that spot that always seemed to peak just a little out of your favorite courtroom blouse. Gasping, your nails scratched softly at his sides. He took it as a hint and pulled off his undershirt, throwing it at the boxes that had his tie, coat, and button up. “Andrew. I’m trying not to assume anything here but…”
He looked up at you so sweetly that it erased whatever logic you were trying to pull on him with that one dopey smile. “Tell me this isn’t home.”
“I..” Your mouth bobbed open and you looked at him with wide eyes. Did he mean Boston or this moment on his lap like pieces were falling into place since you’d left.
Squeezing your thighs in his palms he repeated the question. “Tell me this isn’t home. Tell me you don’t remember the promise you broke. Tell me those boxes with pictures don’t have the pictures of us all over this town.” Was this a call out? If he hadn’t been looking at you with such heartache you would have looked away. “Maybe I asked for too much and maybe I was just as scared as you were about the future I saw for us… but tell me we didn’t just find our time.”
The tips of your fingers moved up his chest and settled at the sides of his neck, innocently tugging at his beard. Leaning forward you pressed your lips to his forehead and slipped off of his lap though your whole body seemed almost unamused by the cruel neglect of his warmth, your legs staying draped over him and one arm still linked through his. Looking over the boxes you found the stack with the bright blue sharpie, ‘winter clothes’ sprawled across the top as it sat halfway between the bottom of the stairs and the closet by the front door. “Grab that one.”
Andy untangled himself from you with his fingers burning across your skin, reluctantly slipping off the couch to grab the box. When he came back with it you noticed a hesitant look on his face. His eyes moved to his discarded clothes and you sighed and pulled him back to the small couch. “Want to tell me why you’re avoiding my questions?” Ignoring him you peeled the box open and moved a few things out of the way while you pulled out exactly what you knew you needed. “I don’t break over honesty anymo-”
Words seemed to escape him the moment he saw his scarf from the first time he’d gone home with you to meet your family. He didn’t do the meet-the-parents charade and the relationship had been new, but yours had welcomed him in and made him want his own one day. Andy never thought he’d settle with someone else, but that’s exactly what he’d done when you didn’t call, write, visit, or move back… he’d settled. That little trip was a memory he’d revisited often in the torment of waiting for you to come back. The pair of you had spent most of the holiday either studying for exams on your twin sized bed or pouring over old photographs from your childhood. Now you could practically see the memories flooding back as he reached for the scarf and brushed his fingers over the soft fabric.
So, it was your turn for a confession, an apology even. “I remember it all. I miss it all. We may have been young, but we weren’t wrong. No one knew me like you did. No one ever has. We grew up, but you lingered here.” Your fingers combed through his hair and tapped his temple before moving down his body to his sternum, tapping at his pulse, “... and here.” Andy covered your hand in his, drawing your fingers lower to the buckle of his slacks. Your cheeks went red and you nodded a ‘there too’ without being able to form the words.
“Do I get a hundredth chance?” The hope in his eyes was mirrored in your own, your racing heart no longer felt like a warning sign.
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” A shaky laugh passed your lips. Andy wrapped his arms around you, tender, before he laughed too, his body shaking against yours. “Oh, this is a prank? Well, damn. That’s embarrassing.”
Andy looked at you and lunging forward, mouths ricocheting in a deep kiss, tongues hungry for the lost time. Only when you came up for air, the pair of you now buried in the couch cushions, did he speak up, “You deserve all the hell I’m going to give you for waiting this long to let me love you.”
“Does that mean you’re going to stay and rub my skin raw with this beard?” Squirming under him, the pair of you frantically reached for every clasp and zipper until there was nothing left between you. His lips moved down your frame and you surprised yourself, pulling him back to your mouth. “You’re staying with me Andy Barber.” Your fingers wrapped around his length and pumped him, brushing the head of his cock against your slit, already dripping. “You’re staying so beard on thighs can wait.” Pressing your mouth back to his as you continued to tease him you whimpered, not even needing to say it but recalling how much he used to love hearing it. “I need you. Don’t make me wait anymore. I need to feel all of you. I miss-”
The begging and pawing, he couldn’t take you slowly, not yet at least. Andy rutted himself into you, growling when your tight wet heat wrapped around him. He buried his forehead into the curve of your neck as he thrust into you over and over, savoring the way you gasped at his every slight movement. Andy worshiped the new softness of your frame and none of this felt like strangers trying to figure out how to get each other off. His thumb brushed back and forth across your swollen clit and, unlike anyone else, you stuttered his name as you got closer, clamping around him, hips bucking off the couch to meet every deep thrust as he slowed his pace to draw this out for both of you.
You loved the look on his face, the way he bit his swollen lips between a million kisses left on your sweaty skin. The way he lost focus when you said his name and how he gently grabbed your chin as you stuttered his name again; so close, so wet for him, so ready to finally get off. Permission, your legs shook and you whined as he kept you right there at the tipping point, building himself up to his own orgasm while he edged you. “Come for me, lover.”
The words were so welcome, just enough to push you over the edge and quickly chased by you begging him, “Stay inside me.” Andy throbbed inside you as you pulsed around his cock, your fingers digging into the meat of his thighs as your orgasm didn’t seem to stop, the room seemingly silent as the echoing thrusts and calling out of names tapered out to the sticky collapse of you both tangled up on the love seat.
Your eyes closed, exhaustion settling in, and Andy watched you breathing. Softly, Andy nuzzled his nose against the top of your head. “If you fall asleep, I’ll fall asleep.”
With a hum you nodded, reaching up to his hand that had settled on your breast, patting it, “Would that be so bad?”
More to himself, voice so low you almost couldn’t hear him. “I can’t lose you again. Can’t lose anyone else.”
“There’s probably a lot we can’t talk about, but this isn’t a dream, Andy.” Pivoting just enough to look at him you held his hand and kissed his chin. “I can’t lose you again either. I already lost a foot.”
There it was, that cheeky little smile. You both sleepy laughed and you watched his body relax. “You almost cost me my car.”
“I couldn’t run away again, even if I wanted to.” Crinkling your nose you smiled, brushing your finger over the smooth part of his skin where the missing ring marked him. He did the same. The scarf hung over the back of the sofa and looked up at him. “I don’t want to, if that wasn’t obvious.”
His blue eyes closed, his smile went soft, and Andy Barber fell asleep in your arms. If someone would have told you that this would have happened when you left New York you would have run back to Boston and spared the pair of you a world of pain. Though you were scared of bridging the gaps caused by the many roads the pair of you had taken to get here, you shut your eyes and smile at the reality that all those roads led home- to him. Like kintsugi everything seemed hopeful, incapable of breaking like the last time, stronger and made beautiful through the healing time of quiet apologies, verbal and physical.
It had been him all along, no denying it. Neither of you would ever have to ask the other to stay again.
Tumblr media
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spiritaed-kth · 9 months ago
❝ When Traveler is unwell... (Part 2/6) ❞
genre: fluff
prompt(s): n/a
pairing: Damon Reznor x Unspecified Traveler Reader
word count: 1094
notes: I am actually starting to feel a little better. I don’t spend all day snoring my head off, so hopefully we can knock out the rest of this sick!Traveler headcanon series.
warnings: language
tags: @justqueerandhereforthetea (comment if you’d like to be tagged in my A6 works!
Now now now
Where to start with our assassin man?
Damon probably snuck up on you as you were leaving your room, ready to pounce with a remark about how you had slept in. (”Get your beauty sleep, prince/cess?”) It wasn’t until you turned around, brows furrowed and lips pouted out of agitation, that he realized that that was not the case.
You looked absolutely miserable, and he was not going to let it go.
The first half of the day, he was mostly taking a step back to observe you. You couldn’t help but squirm under his gaze; the way he stared at you was quite similar to a cat (aha) and it was quite intimidating. Why was he not saying anything?
There is not much of a difference in how he treats you that first day. After your lunch break, he starts breaking out the taunting and the teasing. He isn’t all up in your face, but he does make it a point to have a smug smirk on his face.
Don’t mistake his failure to address your illness as ignorance. He might not admit it out loud, but keeping you distracted from your misery is his way of showing that he cares enough for you.
When you’ve finally had enough of the bickering and lash out on him for worsening your headache, he backs off to watch over you again. It doesn’t last long like that, unfortunately, but he gives you time to blow some steam before he starts messing with you again.
He pretends that he just happened to be passing down the hall when Ryona finished checking on you. Did he pace for about half an hour? Maybe. You’ll never know.
He walks back to your room with you, pestering you about your diagnosis. You stubbornly admit along the way that you’ve come down with a cold, congested so much that your words sound like gurgling to his ears.
This dickhead probably makes a joke about you no longer being hot, and it takes everything within you to not throw a punch at his jaw.
When you start spending your days isolating in your room (Cal has a stick up his ass and takes all the measures to ensure this illness of yours doesn’t spread to the rest of the crew), he starts sneaking into your quarters. At first, you’d always be asleep by the time he found the time away from his duties to pay a visit, but as your body got the rest it needed for recovery, he begins being there in your conscious moments.
Your room is absolutely trashed. There’s balled up tissues in and around the trash can. Your bed is unmade, pillows scattered here and there with one hanging off the edge of the mattress. Your blanket was sliding off it as well.
It disgusts him a little bit because let’s be real: Damon is also an orderly man. Everything has its place. He doesn’t know how many weapons he has on board or where they are for that matter, but his living space was clean enough for him to walk about and roll around without the worry of stepping into something dirty.
The only person that had stepped inside your room is Ryona. As the only individual who was really qualified to tend to medical emergencies and such, it was her duty to regularly check in on you and aid you in your recovery. 
Do the other members know that he’s been visiting? No.
Calderon would have popped an artery if he found out someone other than Ryona was being exposed to your cold.
He doesn’t make his visits long. He has some excuse about being too bored of having to mess with the captain (not so much the others).
“I just need my fill. You should be honored by my courtship.”
Cue you aiming a pillow at his head.
Even though he’s an ass, you do enjoy it when he comes to your room. There’s an odd satisfaction in seeing him eye the chaotic state of your room suspiciously with disgust in his eyes.
That and he is a great person for cuddles.
He acts like it’s the end of the world when you wrap your arms around his frame. After the first time you had hugged, back when he had apologized to you after Cursa, you couldn’t help but seek his touch a little more than you should have. He would often glare down at you and squirm a little bit in discomfort and awkwardness, but he hadn’t killed you in your sleep for it yet!
He’s the first one to pull away when you first make this a habit.
“Alright, alright. That’s enough, leech.”
He enjoys it but he won’t admit that directly.
“So needy for me, aren’t we?”
Goddamnit. This man and his flirting.
But of course, eventually he can sit still enough for you to rest against his shoulder or his chest and try to get some fucking air. Your nose is still so congested and you can’t breathe laying flat on your bed. You find that it’s much better to sit upright not backed up against the metal wall behind your bed.
When the back of your head is to his chest, you’ll be staring out your window, looking out into the galaxy until you space out (hahah space.. get it?) When your face is buried in his chest, you simply close your eyes and try to focus on steadying your breathing.
Not much is said. Sometimes Damon will complain that his arm and leg have gone numb, or he’ll let you in on his antics from earlier that day.
After years of fending for himself, he has taught himself how to stay awake against his body’s will. You feeling unwell is enough for him to stay awake until midnight or past, if you’re feeling restless. Even when you’re passed out and it’s safe for him catch a wink, he never really sleeps. He’ll stir at the slightest movement.
Eventually he starts spending more time with you than in his own quarters. Your recovery is slow, as your cold seems to be stubbornly clinging to you. His nights are spent keeping you company, and he starts staying until morning.
Ryona walked in on the two of you in bed and she nearly dropped her tray. By the time Damon woke, your door was sliding shut and her footsteps could be heard down the hall.
He definitely did some investigating when he left a few hours later.
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fandom-puff · 9 months ago
Pairing: Harry Potter x reader
Requested by: anon
Prompts: A6(doggy style)D9(spanking) #58 (if you keep making those sounds I’m not gonna be able to stop myself) & #62 (wanna see what I’m wearing under all this?)
AN: the original prompt had D5 in there as well, but I couldn’t really figure out how to work it in- sorry! Anyways I hope you enjoy 💕 gif creds to owner as always
Summary: you surprise Harry at work
Warnings: smut
Tumblr media
It had become a regular occurance for Harry to stay late at work. At first you didn’t really mind, as it was only a few times a week. But soon it became more often than not, anf you’d fall asleep in an empty bed. You decided to change this one day, taking a deep breath as you knocked on the door to his office.
“Come in,” he called, and you slipped through the door. He didn’t look up from his desk, where he was working on some paperwork. You grinned at him, walking over, your heels clacking on the floorboards.
“Hey,” you murmured, smiling when he looked up at you.
“YN, love! What’re you doing here?” He asked, setting his quill aside as you came to his side of the desk.
“Oh you know... got tired of my husband not coming to me, so I thought I’d come to him for a change,” you smiled, stroking his cheek gently. “Thought I’d be able to get you to come home,” you hummed.
He leaned into your touch, clearly torn between insisting on his paperwork and rushing home to you. “I suppose... well... I can always send this on to someone else in the department...” he murmured, moving to press a kiss into your palm. “But... I’m nearly done...” he sighed, not sounding entirely convinced with himself.
You grinned, kissing his forehead. “You know... I have a surprise for you,” your murmured.
“Oh really?” He asked, peeking up and grinning slightly “what is it? Where is it?”
“Yep,” you giggled. “You wanna see what’s under this?” You gestured to your robes, grinning as he reached to unbutton the front. As he finished unbuttoning, he revealed a beautiful set of pale pink lingerie. “I was gonna wait up for you but... thought it’d ruin the effect if you walked in on me in this, but snoring and drooling,” you grinned.
Harry let out a laugh, but it was clear in his eyes exactly what he wanted.
“Right,” you said suddenly, buttoning your robes. “See you soon,” you grinned, using the floo to get back home. Harry stared after you and after assigning his paperwork elsewhere, he followed you, grinning.
When he found you, you were laying on your bed, no longer clad in your lacy underwear, laying stark naked in front of him. “Well hello there,” you grinned as he came over to you, loosening his tie. Your lips collided in a searing kiss and he groaned into your mouth.
“Need you, YN,” he groaned and you smirked.
“How, darling? Any way you want,”
“Hands and knees,” he demanded and you were all too happy to comply, quickly getting into position and wiggling your arse at him cheekily. He smacked it firmly and you gasped and shuddered, moaning. “Oh, you like that, do you?” He grunted, smacking you again and again, smirking at the sight of you pushing your arse out to him.
“Oh, god yes!” You cried out, arching your back. “Oh, please fuck me!”
“Oh don’t worry. If you keep making those noises, I won’t be able to stop myself,” you shuddered at his words as you heard the rustle of his clothes, and felt the tip of his cock brushing against your entrance. You pushed back impatiently, whimpering as he filled you.
Almost instantly, he began pounding into you, the angle of your position meaning he bumped your spot each time he thrusted, causing you to moan and tremble. You called out his name as he thrust into you, loving the strained grunts of ecstasy he was making. He soon felt you clenching right around him and groaned. “Come, come with me, yn! Please!” He gasped and you nodded, letting your release was ovef you as you came together.
Panting, you lay next to eachother, kissing one another all over, caressing and touching as you came down from your high. “I love you,” Harry murmured. “I’ll be home at a reasonable time, instead of burning the candle at both ends,” you nodded and nuzzled close, kissing his chest as you settled into his arms.
Tag list: @obsessedwithrandomthings @haphazardhufflepuff @diksy1112 @zodiyack @axriel @hiddensapphic @samnblack @tinylumpiaa @in-slytherin-we-trust @thatoneasrastan @emmaloo21 @kyn-lyn54-blog @eleven-times-lively @summer-writes @sleepylunarwolf @holysantana @rai-strangebr
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crimson-snowfall · a year ago
F1, Vincent, third person please 👀 if someone chose that prompt already A6 because i love suffering 🤡
Heyo Annicka~ iirc, when i opened these requests vinny’s 3rd birthday cg has yet to be released… and what a coincidence who would’ve thought that it would be so fitting lol
Disclaimer: I may have seen the 3rd birthday cg but since I do not understand Japanese I haven’t really read it yet/have no idea whatsoever about the story…so yeah y’all get the point. 
Prompt: “I like the way your hand fits in mine.” (Fluff, #1)
Word Count: 625
Tumblr media
A deep sigh escaped Athena’s lips as she regarded the canvas before her with mild dissatisfaction. Recently, she had picked painting as a hobby, but no matter how hard she tried, nothing just turned out as good as she had hoped it to be. While Vincent had praised her for her affinity in mixing colors and achieving her desired shades and tints, she felt that she was rather lacking in technique.
More specifically, she just knew that she’d been rather tense the whole time that she inevitably ended up applying too much pressure on her brush strokes, and she just couldn’t help it. Setting aside the paintbrush and palette, she dropped her head over palms, deeply brooding over things in frustration that she did not even hear the soft click the door as Vincent came in, nor did she feel the subtle shift on the cushioned seat as her lover sat next to her.
Only Vincent’s warm, gentle embrace pulled her out from the pits of her loneliness; his affectionate gestures akin to sunlight filtering through dense forest canopies of her anxieties, reaching through the dejected forest floor where she had condemned herself.
“What’s wrong, mijn schatje?” A trail of soft, ticklish kisses along her neck accompanied his question. Athena wriggled in delight as she half-heartedly tried to escape Vincent’s sweet assault, the tender embrace having turned into a bear hug.
“There’s nothing wro- haha, nooo, it tickles!” The unrelenting flurry of kisses resumed as soon as she tried to deny that something’s been bothering her.
“No, maybe I won’t stop until mijn schatje tells me what’s wrong.”
“Fine, fine, I’m telling!” Athena managed to squeak out in between peals of laughter. After reaching a truce, she calmly shared her little woes, whilst Vincent just listened carefully.
After hearing what she had to say, Vincent rested his head on her shoulders, still embracing her from behind. He briefly examined the painting– and indeed, it was evident how her pressurized strokes subsequently kept her from achieving the softer feel she wanted her painting to give off.
Keeping one arm on her waist, Vincent reached out to pick up the discarded palette and paintbrush, ghosting over a few strokes on the canvas, before placing the brush in Athena’s hands. Vincent engulfed her smaller hands with his, guiding it towards the canvas, only to stop halfway through as soon as their hands were within his direct line of sight.
“Vincent? Why did you stop?” Athena craned her head a little to look up at her lover. Vincent met her curious gaze with one that’s filled with so much warmth that it reminded her of the sun’s gentle heat on a fair day.
“I just think it’s wonderful,” his voice matched his radiant expression.
“What is?”
“I can’t believe how I noticed it just now, but look,” returning his gaze to his hand on hers, he continued, “I like the way your hands fit in mine. Our hands fit perfectly in each other’s, and I think it’s really nice.”
Her cheeks looked like someone had sparingly applied a fresh shade of vermilion over it. “Y-yeah. It’s wonderful indeed.”
With Vincent guiding her hands, Athena felt all the tension leave her body, and long before she even realized it, she had been administering the gentle, relaxed brush strokes all by herself. At the end of the day, her initially glum expression had been replaced with that satisfaction as she looked over the partially-finished canvas.
“See? I knew you could do it.” Vincent commended her with a soft peck on her forehead.
“Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it without you, Vincent.” And it’s true– you would’ve probably struggled reclaiming your spirits if not for his benevolent radiance guiding you along.
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