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#a6 game
writersgonefishing · 7 days ago
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Which one of you lovely bastards did this, I hope your having a lovely day you’re my hero sjdfbsjkfbks
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andramada6 · 11 days ago
Once again thinking about how I NEED andromeda six to pick up steam on tumblr Bc I am absolutely obsessed with how they’ve applied the best tropes imaginable to this story like PLEASE I’m begging y’all
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devilled-eggs · 20 days ago
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Tumblr media
the way i’d risk it all for him goodbye
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sateenkaari-draws · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here’s @flamingflyingv‘s Xandra and @writersgonefishing‘s Malifer. Thanks for the requests!
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sateenkaari-draws · a month ago
Tumblr media
I can’t pick between these four color options for my A6 traveler Reinier. Please tell me which ones you like the most to help me decide!
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andramada6 · a month ago
Episode 5 was everything I’d hoped it be and MORE totally worth the wait
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ladyelizabethraven · a month ago
I want to give my Andromeda Six Episode 5 impressions, but....
**** throws wads of money on screen ****
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glittersploots · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
sketches because i may be busy but bash deserves the content:)
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breezinous · 6 months ago
A little fake sprite of my traveler, Ophelia Pegasi!! She loves everyone and sometimes can even look a little, well 'intimidating' for her short stature. Mainly a Junemancer and Vexxmancer however! This is for the game andromeda six on, and I heavily recommend you go and support them uvu
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loukja · 6 months ago
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If you love me, don’t let go...
Everyone’s backstories are so sad and I felt that X Ambassadors “Unsteady” really fit well with that. They all deserve someone to hold on to <3
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deniizen · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Dramatic Tarot for a dramatic boy.
Gonna maybe post art again? idk yet eheh
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loukja · 8 months ago
Incorrect Andromeda 6 quote
Cal: Every time we talk I want to strangle you.
Vexx: And every time we kiss, I swear I can fly.
Cal: What the fuck?! This is exactly what I mean!
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loukja · 9 months ago
A6 Headcanons  - Amusement Park Rides
Since I love rollercoasters and all sorts of rides at amusement parks it made me wonder what rides our lovely crew might enjoy :)
June: He likes the type of chairoplane that is like ten meters high where you can enjoy the view and maybe reach out to your royal companion and hold their hand. He’d also like riding the ferris wheel with you. Basically everything that involves more talking to you and looking at you rather than screaming (or being turned away because he’s too tall for the ride :D)
Cal: I AM SUPPOSED TO PAY HOW MUCH TO GET IN THERE?! Not the biggest fan altogether. He’d enjoy certain rides, but would still say that it wasn’t worth the money. (If he gets to witness you having the time of your life he wouldn’t mind the money, but he would not admit that.) He might get queasy on the wilder rides and would also try to not let it show, especially in front of Aya or Damon. (“Cal, are you alright? You look a bit pale.” “I’m fine!”)
Damon: His favourite rides would be the really fast ones. Especially launch coasters. That sound when they accelerate from zero to hundred in mere seconds and it feels like you left your soul and stomach behind – that’s heaven to him. His second favourite past time would be to scare the performers in the haunted houses. Which would be really mean, because let’s face it, those poor people don’t get paid enough to deal with someone like him.
Bash: He’s all there for the action. Be careful, or he’ll drag you on every ride until you hurl. If you’re not into wild rides it’s safer to just let him run off with Aya. But he’d be delighted if you joined them. He especially likes top spins, laughing and whooping the whole ride through. But if you got scared he’d also hold your hand and would not let go. And if you really got sick he’d make fun of you to no end, but he’d also take really good care of you, making sure that you have enough water and everything. He wouldn’t leave your side and he’d hold your hair back if you threw up like the gentleman he is
Ryona: She’s a lady, so of course she enjoys a ride on a beautiful carousel horse. If you ask nicely she might even share her horse with you. Apart from that she also likes, surprisingly, the water rides. She might worry a bit about it ruining her appearance, but in the end it’s just too much fun to get upset over wet hair and clothes. Also, while someone else might look like a drowned rat after getting soaked at the water ride, she’d still look just as magnificent and regal as always.
Ayame: Same as Bash, she has nerves of steel and can stomach just about every ride even after eating a ton of food. The slow rides are not for her. What, she did not pay good money to be bored! What she loves most are freefall towers. Give her the highest and scariest there is. Also, she’s the person who would pull a prank on you like presenting a screw to you moments before the thing drops like: “Wait, I don’t think this should be disconnected from the seat, right?”
Vexx: He’d fit right in with Bash, Aya and Damon. Let’s face it, these four would be the ultimate chaos squad and really hard to keep up with. He loves everything wild, especially pendulum rides. The mean ones. He just enjoys the sound of other people screaming in terror. And he’d totally be the dumbass who tries to film during the ride and loses his device in the process. (“No, Vexx, I’m not going to help you find your holopad that you yote across the park from a height of fifteen meters!”) Also, have you ever tried kissing someone on a rollercoaster? Because he’s the guy who’d try that if the seats aren’t too restraining for it ;) (it’s probably a shitty idea and would end in disaster, but hey, that’s Vexx for you.)
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wynnakang · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I drew the gorls! Alisa, Ayame, and Ryona belong to @andromeda-six
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