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#a6 fanfic
kiki-the-creator · 25 days ago
46. shimmer pls 🥺👉👈 💕
i love your writing so much, keep being amazing and wonderful
only if you keep being amazing and wonderful yourself
okay but!! this prompt!! is so good!! because!!! who’s skin glows when they get excited??? tilaari!!!!!! and who am i the biggest simp for????? correct!!!!! ryona!!!!!!!!!!
this is just a very strange way to say i tried writing ry and my tilaari mc lmao
mini story prompts
Ryona x MC (Lexa, she/her)
~300 words
She shimmers. There’s no other word for it. No other string of letters that could properly convey the sight of her skin when a faint blue tinge takes over, when every feature and limb is basked in a brilliant glow, when every pore and sliver of skin is illuminated from the inside out.
She shimmers. With a blush on her cheeks and a smile hidden behind pale curls, she shimmers. As if she had become a jewel, a priceless stone sitting, light refracting off in the most dazzling of ways. As if she had become a star itself, she shimmers.
And she might as well have exploded into a nebula, might as well light a galaxy with the way her very being warms alongside that shimmer. With the way her heart pounds and her head feels light, the way a heat settles in the pit of her stomach. With the way the world appears brighter, lighter, everything more beautiful, even the cool steel walls surrounding her at every turn.
But the best part, Lexa realises quickly, is the shimmer she’s met with every time, the glow that’s always reciprocated. The shimmer on rich blue skin, the shimmer surrounding gentle eyes the colour of sunshine, the shimmer alighting the sweetest smile she can imagine. It’s everything she never dared to dream of, a shot of light right through the dark of space.
Every little smile and brush of nimble fingers, and an explosion sparks to life, a magnificent blaze right beneath Ryona’s skin. Every clash of eyes and caring touch, and a fire burns bright on the surface, with an entire wildfire smoldering in Lexa’s chest.
Whether it be sharing bashful glances across the bridge, or laughing opposite one another in the infirmary, or leaning against the other’s shoulder outside a sleazy bar to hide from the cold chill of night, they shimmer.
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homeformyheart · a month ago
The prompt 'don't leave' for traveller x June! 💚💚
thank you for the request, alya! I hope this little microprompt does them justice (it gives me some ideas for a wip I have at least xD)
author’s note: thank you, @anotherbeingsworld! this is a little more than ten sentences, but whatever xD. this was a great chance to explore a little bit of their dynamic to inspire me to do work on my post-nightmare comfort wip featuring these two. it also took me forever to settle on a traveler name that would be shippable. hope you all enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games @andromeda-six series/pairing: andromeda six – juniper nyux x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none   based on/prompt: microprompts // 1. don’t leave word count: ~200
raynie woke up to the sound of loud knocking against her door and she rubbed her eyes sleepily. “come in,” she called out, eyes widening in surprise when june appeared before her.
“your door was open and i heard screaming,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
it was raynie’s turn to flush. “sorry about that, i should’ve remembered to close the door.”
“i’m just glad you’re okay,” he said, relief visibly leaving his tense shoulders.
a faint blush tinged his cheeks as he glanced at her thin tank top before looking away, making a concerted effort not to stare.
“i shouldn’t intrude on you this late at night, um, excuse me.”
“wait, don’t leave,” she called out, tucking a stray hair behind her ears shyly. “can you stay with me until i fall asleep again? you know… because of the nightmares.”
june hesitated for a second before nodding and making his way over to the bed, removing his weapons and shoes before climbing in next to her, taking extra care to stay on top of the blanket. raynie snuggled against him, laying her head on his chest, the warmth of his body and steady heartbeat lulling her quickly into a dreamless sleep.
from these microprompts (always accepting)
* * * * * taglist: @gloynporslen; @anotherbeingsworld; @pearlsandsteel;
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brightburner · 2 months ago
I missed wip Wednesday but here is a snippet from a short vexx x traveler fic I’m working on:
"Do you trust me?"
What a question. Trust was nothing more than folklore to people like her, raised in the highest position in Goldis. It was a lofty notion, like chivalry or courtly love... things that only held a place in stories told to starry-eyed children, unaccustomed to the dark things that lurked in the corners of life.
She was not a child and yet— and yet.
The impulse to take the hand Vexx extended out to her from where he perched in the now open balcony window was so natural she wondered for a blink, for a beat, for a breath... was this trust?
Saying yes felt like an act of rebellion. Small and insignificant in the scheme of things, but within her own breast it sparked across the kindling of her heart and set to flame something that she knew somehow would only grow.
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wayhavnsfinest · 5 months ago
The Misadventures of Baby Sitting
This is a “crack fic” I thought up of one day on my way home from work. It’s chaotic and I ran with it. There is strong language in this and mentions of torture. Read at your own discretion. 
Word Count: ~1.7K
Summary: Vexx and Damon find an abandoned baby. Part 1 of ??? 
Characters: Vexx Serif, Damon Reznor, traveler. 
The mood on the Andromeda Six is tense. Aya had gone after June after the announcement of the trip to Orion which left Calderon to pilot the ship. Ryona had gone to the med bay to begin her research on Vexx’s condition. Bash had gone to the cargo hold to investigate the goodies Alisa had bestowed upon the crew, leaving you alone with Vexx and Damon.
You shift uneasily from one foot to the other, terrified that one of them might attack the other. 
“So we’re working together again?” Vexx grins as he holds the icy stare that Damon is throwing his way. 
Damon’s icy exterior shifts into a grin. “Just like old times. Except don’t expect me to haul your ass out of trouble.”
“You never did any such thing.” Vexx retorts sliding back into the familiar banter with his old friend. 
“Bull. Shit.” Damon enunciates. “How about that time you found a baby.”
“Oh my god. I forgot about Bryce.” Vexx smiles. 
“I still cannot believe you named it Bryce.” Damon goes to lean against a wall, still cautiously eyeing Vexx.
“Bryce is infinitely better than Wilbur.” Vexx says as he crosses his arms.
“Hold up!” You say as your brain finally comprehends the conversation happening in front of you. “You two found a baby. And you named it?!”
“Well we weren’t just going to leave it.” Vexx says as he looks at you with genuine shock. “ What kind of monsters do you think we are?”
“Yeah, your majesty, shit, we weren’t about to leave a defenseless baby alone in the city’s underbelly.” Damon replies.
“There is definitely a story here,” You say. “I want to hear it.”
“How much time you got?” Damon asks. “We can give you the long version or the short.”
“Spare no detail” you say as you slide down the ship’s wall into a sitting position.
“Well it all started a few years ago. Carrot head and I were working together on a job for Zovack.” Damon explains. “I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard voices outside our shitty rented room.” 
~2 years ago~
Damon walks out of the shower, his shirt clinging to his still damp skin. He looks around at the rundown motel room Vexx and he had to share. The room is dingy and dark. Only one of the bedside lamps worked, leaving most of the light to filter through the broken shades. The air conditioning in the room had long since stopped working. How this hell hole managed to draw in new customers was beyond him. 
Where the hell is Carrot Head? Damon thinks. He walks to the mini fridge and is about to pop open a beer when he hears a voice. Instantly recognizing it as his work partner’s he heads in the direction of the sounds.
“Come on dude. Just tell me what you need.” Vexx says as he holds a very distraught baby by the armpits.  “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me.”
Damon just stares at the scene. Vexx is still in the clothes he wore to bed the previous night, and the baby he is holding couldn’t be more than 7 months old. “What the fuck is that?!”
“It’s a baby dipshit, what do you think it is?”
“A fucking joke is what I think it is.” Damon says, still trying to wrap his mind around the situation. The smell instantly hits him. Damon’s nose wrinkles at the smell. “How hard did you get hit in the face last night?”
“Why?” Vexx asks turning his attention away from the baby to face Damon. 
“Little dude needs his diaper changed.” Damon states. Vexx continues to stare at him blankly. 
“What the fuck do I change it with?”
“Well I don’t think anyone will miss your pillow case.”
“Fuck, no.”
“Then we need to find a general store and hope they have a diaper or something.” Damon says hunching over and putting his hands in his pockets. This is certainly now how I wanted my only day off to go. He thinks to himself.  
After fashioning himself a baby sling out of extra bedsheets, Vexx leads Damon to the general store in search of baby supplies.
“So how did you find this guy?” Damon asks. 
“He was left alone outside the motel. I heard him crying as you were in the shower. You take long ass showers by the way.” Vexx says as he checks his holo pad with one hand and cover’s the baby’s head from the sun with his other. 
Damon shrugs. “That chick’s body glitter was hard to get off.”
After walking in silence for several minutes, Vexx finally takes his eyes off the holo pad. “The extranet says that there is a family planning store about two miles from here, we should be able to find everything we need there for Bryce”
“Woah, hold on. You named it?! You can’t name it, you’ll get attached. You can’t afford to get attached because we’re not keeping him.” Damon pinches the bridge of his nose with his pointer finger and thumb, taking a deep breath before continuing. “We need to find a hospital or one of Orsanna’s guards to take him.”
“We can’t just keep calling him, it, you idiot.” Vexx says. “You got a better name than Bryce?”
Damon studies the baby. “Wilbur.”
“That’s an old man’s name!” Vexx huffs.
“He kind of reminds me of an old man, he’s bald, he can’t take care of himself, and he shits his pants.”
“Wow,” Vexx says as he blinks, taken back. “You know I’m seeing a new side of  you Damon and I don’t like what I see.” 
Sighing and knowing he’s going to regret it the minute he asks. “Were you thinking we could keep him? What the hell would we do with him? Dress him in a top hat and a Kevlar vest and take him on missions with us like a little mascot?” 
“I wasn’t thinking of a top hat….”
Damon actually stops in his tracks. “You cannot be serious.”
Vexx shrugs, “I always wanted a little brother.”
Damon continues to stare at Vexx in disbelief. “You’re shitting me right? Like actually shitting me.”
Vexx continues to walk to the family planning store all the while ignoring Damon’s nagging. 
“HOLD UP!” you shout. “You kept the baby?!”
“Would you let me finish.” Damon says crossing his arms. 
“Yeah he didn’t even get to the good part where I get swarmed and propositioned by many beautiful women. Nothing wins ladies over like a baby.” Vexx smirks.
Damon rolls his eyes, “skipping that part. Anyway back to the story.”
Finally arriving at the family planning store Vexx consults with a manager who gathers up all the basics for Bryce. Meanwhile Damon tries to distance and distract himself from Vexx and Bryce. His distractions don’t amuse him for long and he finds himself saddling up to Vexx and the baby. “Are we done here-“
“Oh wow! What a cute baby! Are you the fathers of this little angel?! Oh I just love seeing young families out together.” An old woman steps up next to Vexx and coos over the baby. “What’s his name?!” 
Vexx and Damon find themselves saying the baby’s name simultaneously. Damon and Vexx share a look before Vexx recovers the situation. “His name is Bryce Wilbur, named after both of our fathers.” Vexx gives the old woman a charming smile.
Damon can’t help but roll his eyes. “Laying it on a little thick there bud.” He mumbles. 
The old lady continues to coo at the baby until the smell coming from Bryce’s diaper has her recoiling. “Oh someone made a poopsies. Your daddies better change you.” She pats both boys on the arm and leaves. 
Damon frowns at the old lady and helps Vexx with the bags full of baby supplies. The two of them leave the store and head back to their rented room. 
Once in their rented room, Damon takes the baby from Vexx and cleans him up. “There you go, you little poop monster. Feel better now?” Bryce looks up at him and coos. “Fuck, you are pretty cute. You’re going to be a little heartbreaker one day, aren’t you?” Damon can’t help but smile at the baby.  “We need to get him to a hospital or a guard.” Damon says as he looks in the direction of Vexx.
“Yeah, Yeah, you’ve said this before.” Vexx says popping open a beer and taking a long swig of it. “Let me shower, then we’ll find someplace to take him.” Vexx says with a hint of sadness.
Vexx emerges from the shower to the sight and sounds of Damon threatening their mark who is tied to a chair. Realizing Bryce is nowhere to be found, Vexx feels his heart speed up. There is no way Damon got rid of Bryce in the fifteen minutes I was in the shower… Could he?! Vexx wonders to himself. Vexx frantically looks around for Bryce. He starts to fear the worst when all of the sudden Damon turns around. 
“You gonna help me with this bastard or not?” Damon asks. 
Vexx notices Bryce strapped to Damon’s chest. His heart rate returns to normal, seeing that Bryce is safe. How Damon still manages to look menacing with a baby strapped to his chest is quite impressive in Vexx’s opinion. “Yeah I’ll take it from here.” A sinister grin forms on Vexx’s lips. 
“OKAY! Spare some details!” You shout covering your ears. “I don’t want to hear how you two tortured and/or killed a man!”
“Kill?! How the hell are we supposed to get the money and manpower from him if we killed him?”  Vexx asks matter of factly. 
“I don’t want to hear it!” You say with a frown.
Damon waves his hand dismissively, “Alright, we will skip that part.” He’s about to launch back into his story when Calderon’s voice comes over the comms. 
“Damon! I need you on the bridge!”
“Sorry, your majesty. We will have to finish the story another day.”
“I’ll finish the story.” Vexx throws a wink in your direction.
“Oh hell no!” Damon snaps, “You’ll lie and embellish the hell out of it and I’ll look like a complete asshole.”
“It’s not an embellishment if you did act like an ass.” Vexx retorts.
“Damon. Now.” Calderon’s voice echoes. 
“To be continued, your majesty.” Damon says as he makes his way to the bridge to help Calderon. 
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brightningstar · 5 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Andromeda Six (Visual Novel) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Calderon Lynch/Traveler, Calderon Lynch & Traveler Characters: Calderon Lynch, Female Traveler, Traveler (Andromeda Six), Traveler/MC Additional Tags: Fluff, Romantic Fluff, Comfort, Hugs, Cal Being Soft, Cal bby Summary:
A one shot off fluff for my Traveler and Cal.
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hallithedm · 6 months ago
I will never complain about being able to write cute men in space.
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hallithedm · 6 months ago
Did I write almost 8,000 words of erotic fan fic this week?
Yes. Yes I did.
It’s better than sitting around fretting all day. At least I’m turning my nervous energy into some kind of productivity (?)
And if y’all don’t know this visual novel, I encourage you to check it out!
Andromeda Six
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wayhavnsfinest · 7 months ago
Stardust- Andromedatober Day 6
The new Carver Michael’s single is floating through the speakers at the upscale night club in Goldis. You had convinced Vexx to take you out for your 20th birthday.
And baby we’re stardust!
Floating through the cosmos
I keep on holding onto hope that I’ll
Run into you
“For fucks sake, how is this dude so popular?!” Vexx groans as he finishes the dregs of his beer.
You frown as you drink your virgin daiquiri, even though it was your birthday Vexx still wasn’t going to let you drink after the little fiasco a month ago. “He has the voice of an angel.” You swoon as you bop your head to the beat. “You’re still salty about that one time..”
“Do. Not. Mention. That.” Vexx hisses.
You grin knowing you struck a nerve. “You know what would help me forget….” you wave the virgin drink in front of him.
“Not after the shit you pulled last month.” Vexx flags down a server and gets a beer from her. “I had to lie out my ass to the crown princess.”
“I had no idea a drink called Stardust would be so potent. I was puking glittery liquor for hours.” You pout. “Just one drink. It’s my birthday. I’ll even let you pick the drink.”
Vexx puts the bottle to his lips and considers as he swallows.
“I get to pick the drink?”
You nod excitedly at the prospect of actually getting to drink on your birthday.
Vexx flags down another server and orders the drink. You can’t hear him over the speakers.
You bounce in your seat until you see the server bringing an iridescent drink. The sight of the beverage in front of you, makes your stomach lurch.
“You didn’t…”
Vexx can’t wipe the shit eating grin off his face. “Happy Birthday Princess.”
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wayhavnsfinest · 7 months ago
Andromedatober Day 4- June
June was uncharacteristically quiet. The rest of the crew was celebrating a successful mission, but June was quiet. You sat at the bar nursing your drink studying the gunman.
“If you think any louder, the whole bar will hear your thoughts.” Damon says as he saddles up next to you. “What has your brow furrowed?”
Snapping out of your daze you look at the assassin. Ever since two of you reconciled after Cursa, you counted him as one of your closest friends. “When you’re with Alisa, you seem so comfortable, you two have your own language and clues….” You sigh and take a sip of your drink. “I wish I had that with…” instead of finishing your sentence you finish your drink.
“You know, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.” Damon pats you on the shoulder and walks off to go gamble with Bash. Damon wouldn’t lie to you, not after everything it took to get the two of you to this place in your relationship.
You gnaw on your bottom lip and try to get up the courage to go talk to June. He hasn’t been the June you know since Orion, and that scares you. What if the June you knew is gone forever? The idea of losing your first friend on the crew and the man you’ve come to care for deeply, terrifies you.
You decide you need some more liquid courage before talking to June, but you decided you would talk to June tonight.
Several drinks later you make your way over to a still sullen June.
“Hey handsome.” You smile at him.
June looks up and blinks a few times at you. “Your majesty! I didn’t see you there!”
“I just walked over so no harm done.” You smile.
June forces a smile then looks back at his drink.
You take a seat next to him. “So, uhm, is something wrong June?”
“No. Yes.” June groans. June takes a deep breath and continues to stare at his drink. After a while he speaks “Do you want to take a walk? I need some fresh air.” June gets up and leads you out of the crowded bar.
The two of you walk in silence until June stops in front of a small garden. He looks up at the stars and takes a deep breath. “I really don’t know how to say this.” He stays quiet for a few moments before meeting your eyes. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”
He chokes back a sob. “I’m in love with you and I’m terrified of the danger that would put you in.”
“I’m in danger regardless, June. I am a princess on a mercenary ship. Being hunted by a usurper and his gang of professional killers.” You grin, trying to lighten the mood.
“No. That’s not…” June runs his fingers through his hair. “You’re in danger from me. You saw what I am, you saw what I did on Orion.” He gulps down air to try to maintain his composure.
“Juniper Nyux.” You walk over so you’re directly in front of him. You make him look you in the eye, “Juniper Nyux, I love you too. I love everything about you. Nothing will change that.”
June looks at you and tilts your chin up and kisses you gently.
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scgdoeswhat · 7 months ago
Day 2: Memories
Summary: Sometimes memories are all you have.
Rating: T
Words: 320
Author’s Notes: A little something completely different than my usual fare.
Written for the @andromeda-six​ Andromedatober prompt list.
Tag List:  @hellomynameisdevi​​ @brightpinkpeppercorn​​ @leondaltons​​ @toglidethroughlife​​ @the-strangerthings​​ @ayameikeda​
Tumblr media
Walking through the ruins of the palace, it takes everything in your power not to turn around and run away as far as your legs can carry you.
This was where you grew up, even if it was a gilded cage.
But now?
The place you once called home was nothing more than an unrecognizable heap of debris full of crumbled marble and broken glass.
You take a steadying breath. You can do this. You have to do this. 
Each step brings back memories of your childhood, happy or unpleasant as they might be. Sure, there were times where you wished things were different, but you never wanted this to happen. They were your family.
Looking out to the courtyard, you see the burnt remnants of your mother's prized gardens. You remember those gardens well. It was one of the places you were allowed to move through freely, without suspecting eyes watching your every move.
The lingering smell of copper and iron waft through your nose and you pause, coughing to clear it out of your system and the reality of the situation sinks in deeper, if that’s even possible. It's one thing to hear about what happened, but it's an entirely different thing to see the destruction with your very own eyes.
"My family..." you croak out, the words dying on your lips. 
You don't know how to feel. Sadness? Anger? Desperation? Despair? You've had months to process how your life was ripped to shreds... but nothing could prepare you for this.
A comforting hand lands on your shoulder, bringing with it an instant calm. You look at the source of warmth and their eyes meet yours, full of sympathy for everything you've been through. 
Your gaze focuses on them, the fear in your eyes receding and somehow you know that at that moment, everything was going to be okay. This is now your time to build new memories.
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wayhavnsfinest · 7 months ago
My first submission for Andromedatober.
By the time you reach the palace, it’s nightfall. You had  lost track of time in the city. You spent your entire  day wandering around searching and scanning the city for answers or clues. You visited all of his favorite haunts to no avail. 
Looking at your watch you realize the hunt caused you to miss dinner and you know your mother will be pissed. It’s Soren’s rehearsal dinner after all. You were supposed to be there in that chartreuse monstrosity she picked out. Knowing better than to invoke her wrath you opt to take one the passages to your bedroom.  
You forgot how creepy the palace is at night. Especially the secret passages. The way your footsteps echo through the narrow halls sends goosebumps up your arms and down your back. You miss the comfort and warmth that came with your guard constantly at your side. It’s been days since you’ve seen or heard from him and you’re getting worried. Your worry is what caused you to venture out into the city. You can’t shake the feeling of dread that sits in the pit of your stomach. It isn’t like Vexx to disappear like this. He is your royal guard, he is your friend, your closest confidant, he is the only person you truly connected with except for Rissa.
Shit, Nerissa! Your eyes go wide at the realization not only will your mother will be wondering why you missed the rehearsal dinner but so will Rissa. 
Sighing you run a hand over your face. You brace yourself and change directions to head to Nerissa’s room to explain yourself to her. 
Reciting your explanation in your head over and over, you finally reach Nerissa’s room to find it empty. KY-L3 was nowhere to be found and neither was Nerissa. It’s odd, you’ve never been alone in your eldest sister’s room before. If you were one of the twins you may have taken this opportunity to snoop, but you love your sister and understand her need for privacy. Deciding it will be best to just explain everything at the wedding tomorrow you make your way to your bedroom. You debate whether or not to take the secret passages. Something feels off in the palace though so you decided to take the main hallways to your bedroom
Once you reach your room you do your nightly routine, afterwards you settle into bed you fall into a fitful sleep. 
“Come on your majesty.” Vexx smirks at you as he checks out the hideous ensemble your mother ordered for you. “God, I cannot wait to see you walk into the rehearsal dinner in that.”
You shoot a scowl in his direction. 
“I’ll much prefer taking it off you afterwards though.” 
Your cheeks and ears heat up at his comment. “You’re so naughty.” You turn to him and walk over to him so your chests are touching. “You could always practice taking it off now.” 
Vexx smirks and leans in and places a searing kiss on your lips. You close your eyes and  lose yourself in the kiss, soon you feel Vexx’s hands freeing you from the chartreuse nightmare. You and Vexx make your way over to your bed, lips never straying far from each other. You feel the bed against the back of your legs, then you feel Vexx’s hands playfully push you into the bed. Laughing you land on the bed with a bounce. 
You open your eyes to look up at him, only to see a dark bedroom. Confused, you rub your eyes, and look around, you realize you are once again, alone. 
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scgdoeswhat · 7 months ago
The Little Things - Damon x Alondra
Summary: Damon Reznor wasn't a fan of celebrating his birthday but lucky for him, Princess Alondra Peg'asi was very good at convincing him otherwise.
Originally written for Damon's birthday - July 17, 2020
Rating: NSFW
Words: 9519
Author’s Notes: Welcome to my first foray into the A6 verse! This was originally written with the intent of being posted for Damon's birthday, but it took a little longer than planned to finish.
Thank you for reading and hope you all enjoy! All characters except Alondra are property of Wanderlust Games.
Tag List: @hellomynameisdevi​ @brightpinkpeppercorn​ @leondaltons​ @toglidethroughlife​ @the-strangerthings​ @spookoofins @venuscrescent @mygeekycorner @ayameikeda
Tumblr media
Ring. Ring. Ring.
Alondra bit her lip while waiting for the other line to pick up, her anxiety spiking as she ran a hand through her long, straight, jet black hair. This might have been the most nerve-wracking call she'd ever made, especially considering who she was calling. She could feel her pulse racing and her palms sweating as the line rang once, twice, three times until a click came through on the other side, the sound of people chattering in the background becoming more faint until the noise disappeared following the familiar closing of a door.
"Hey, Damon! Please don’t tell me you’re calling because you did something to fuck up what you have with the Princess.” It was definitely Alisa who picked up the communicator and just the person she needed to talk to.
"Oh, ummm... Hey Alisa, it's Alondra, not Damon," she tumbled out, trying to shake the nerves from her voice.
"Oh. OH. Hi Princess, what can I do for you? Wait, don’t tell me. Did he do anything I need to kick his ass for? Or for that matter, that I need to kick your ass for? But if you’re calling for advice about that jerk, don't forget that I told you so."
Read the rest over on AO3: The Little Things
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wayhavnsfinest · 7 months ago
wayhavnsfinest’s masterlist
Andromeda Six
Reading Lessons
R&R (Damon Edition)
Swimming Lessons
Another Love
Birthday Boy
Musical Madness
Andromeda Six Drabbles
The Misadventures of Babysitting
Chapter 1
The Wayhaven Chronicles
Mason x F!Dectective
Wedding Date 
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
A short Bash x Reader drabble for Andromeda Six.
If the Andromeda Six was a solar system, Bash would be the star you would revolve around. He drew you in with his easy smile, contagious laugh and fierce determination. You found yourself around him more often than not. He was,no is, your best friend. And best friends do stupid shit. Which is how the two of you found yourselves wandering through Goldis in search for a good karaoke bar. 
“Can you believe we dodged the captain.”
“And ended up here?!” 
Laughter erupts from the two of you as you finish each other's sentences. 
“I need to sing a crappy rendition of that new Carver Michael’s song!” you say looking around at the neon signs that decorate the entertainment sector of the Gold District. “You’d think growing up here I’d know where the hell a karaoke bar would be.”
Bash shrugs and looks around. “I’m just having the time of my life being here with you.” His smile grows bigger as he points to a bar that a group of university aged kids just walked out of. “They look liquored up and content!”
“Let’s go check it out!” You grab his metal arm and lead him over to the crowded bar. Showing the bouncer your fake ids the two of you find your way into the building. 
“Holy crap! This place is packed. Let’s divide and conquer. I’ll get the drinks if you sign us up for some horrible singing.” Bash says as he makes his way over to the bar. 
By the time Bash makes his way back over to you, you were able to sign the both of you up for a slot singing Carver Michael’s newest song.
“You weren’t kidding when you said you needed to sing his new song.” Bash smiles as he hands your drink to you.
You take a sip and enjoy the multiple flavors dance over your tastebuds. Bash was the only one who could get your drink order right. Aya always tried her best and failed and Damon, being Damon, would just order you whatever he was drinking. “Okay, you’re literally the perfect man Bash, you once again without fail have gotten my drink 100% correct.”
Bash smirks and takes a sip of his beer.  “Oh I know I’m perfect. I mean I do own a mirror.”
The two of you laugh and take in the sights of the bar. You can’t help but wonder if in another life that you and Bash would have found each other and gone to places like this every weekend. You shake your head and realize that you’re lucky enough that you found him in this life and that you have this time with him now. 
Before the two of you can finish your drinks, you’re called up to the stage. The guitar riffs and groans from the patrons who have heard too many bad renditions of this song fuel you as you and bash strut your stuff across the stage.
You and Bash sing terribly but your energy is infectious and soon the whole bar is singing off key with you two. 
“Cause baby you’re my supernova,
There’s no gettin’ ova,
You sing the final chorus and bar erupts into whistles and applause. You laugh and make your way back to the bar and order a few more drinks. 
Last call rolls around and you look at Bash. “We are entirely too drunk to go and try to find a terminal to make it back to the ship.”
“No...shit….” Bash laughs. “I think I saw a hotel….that direction.” He points.
The two of you stumble in the direction that Bash had pointed. You manage to find and book a hotel room. The room is small with one bed and one bathroom. “I can sleep in the bathtub.” Bash offers.
“Nonsense! We’re both adults. I think we can handle sharing a bed.” You take off your shoes and crawl into bed. 
Bash removes his shirt and shoes and crawls in right after you. Gently draping his metal arm across your midsection he snuggles in close to you and whispers. “Goodnight.”
You fall asleep with a smile on your face, knowing that tomorrow will be another adventure with your best friend.
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
Swimming Lessons
This lovely idea was given to me by @writersgonefishing. I sort of ran with it. I also wrote this while battling a severe sinus infection so if things don’t make sense let me know.
Pairing Damon X Reader
Universe: Andromeda Six
No one is quite sure how it was brought up. You’re  pretty sure it came out while the crew was sitting in the mess hall one night playing cards.
Neither you or Damon could swim. 
Which isn’t shocking considering the environments you two grew up in.
Damon is from Cursa. Fifteen hellish districts under a storm torn sky. Not exactly ideal swimming weather. Kids on Cursa were lucky enough if they survived to adulthood. No one really considered swimming to be a life skill.
You on the other hand… It just wasn’t a necessary court skill. Royals don’t create laws and alliances next to a pool. Not that you really were expected to do that, being eleventh in line. You were just supposed to sit there and look pretty. 
Whatever the reasons as to why you never learned to swim; the fact remains neither of you knew how. 
Ryona wasn’t having any of it. “Next planet we land on, you two are getting swim lessons! Actually you know what, you all are getting a refresher course.” This earned her a very indignant response from Aya and a scowl from Calderon. 
After Ryona’s declaration all of the crew found themselves at a local pool in a little town on Tilaarin. After about a two hour refresher for most of the crew she dismisses them. She then turns her full attention to you and Damon. “Alright you were able to watch the crew with their refresher course. It’s your turn now. Into the pool you two.” 
Damon and you look at each other. There is no way in hell Ryona is going to take no for an answer, as she stated the night before. It is a life saving skill.
Damon looks at you and shrugs “The expression is ‘sink or swim.’ I think I would rather learn to swim.” He shrugs out of his shirt and jacket and waits for you to get into the pool. “Ladies first.”
Taking a deep breath you jump into the pool. The water is cold but refreshing. Your legs hit the bottom with a jolt and you realized you jumped into where you could actually stand. You look up at Damon who is smirking. 
“That was graceful, your majesty.”
“Shut up and get your ass in the water.”
Damon begrudgingly gets in the water with you. After about 5 hours of going over the basics Ryona decides you two have had enough for the day and lets the two of you stay in the shallow end by yourselves. 
“This is embarrassing.” you state. “I feel like I’m being treated like a child.”
Damon snorts. “Well how do you think I feel? I’m being treated like I’m you.”
With that comment you send a giant wave of water in his direction. Hitting him in the face. He sputters and then retaliates. The two of you are locked in an epic battle of ‘tidal’ waves. Children run screaming to their parents. Parents send you two death glares as they pick up their children and take them to a different part of the pool. 
Neither of you care. You’re having too much fun. Night comes quickly and the two of you make your way back to the ship.
“You know, I guess there are worse people to get stuck swimming with.” Damon says as he walks. “She could have forced me to practice with Carrot Top.”
“He doesn’t look nearly as nice as I do in a two piece.” you respond with a wink. You and Damon had developed a sort of romantic relationship ever since Cursa. The two of you were strictly professional where the rest of the crew was involved. But you lost count of the number of stolen kisses that the two of you shared. 
Damon chuckles as he enters the ship with you. “You got me there.”  
The next morning Ryona has you and Damon practicing one at a time in the deep end of the pool. You find yourself clinging to the side more often than you should.
“Your Majesty, you need to learn how to swim and you won’t do that by clinging to the side.” Ryona treads water in the middle of the deep end. “I promise I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
You muster your courage and push off of the pool wall. You swim a very graceful doggy paddle to her. Damon snorts. “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it.” 
“I don’t see  you in the water smart ass.”
“Damon! Enough! She’s trying to swim.” Ryona turns to you. “I need you to put your face in the water and practice free style like I showed you yesterday.
You groan but does as she says. You find yourself picking it up easily. After about 20 hours of swim lessons you and Damon are granted the Ryona seal of approval. “I wouldn’t let you go and save anyone, but you two will be able to at least keep your heads above water.” Ryona says as she gets out of the pool and goes to lounge next to Aya. Damon gets out and goes to join the boys in a game of sand volleyball.
You find yourself a floatie and close your eyes. It’s not long before you’ve dozed off into a little cat nap. 
You wake up to find yourself being flipped into the water and you hear a familiar laugh. 
“Asshat!” you screech.
Damon laughs and puts his hands up defensively. “I was just trying to join you. That swan is definitely big enough for the both of us.”
You give him a small smirk then pull him under with you. You open your eyes under the water to see him with a shocked expression on his face.  Not knowing when you’ll get another chance you quickly kiss him while underwater. 
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
Reader convinces Cal to let the crew have some much deserved R&R. I was inspired partially by this and by my own need for vacation even though it’s only the second full week of school. As I wrote this I decided I am probably going to a Damon one as well. So stayed tuned for that!
Pairing: Reader X Cal.
You walk into the bridge as you watch the captain and his second-in-command verbally battle it out. The crew had just collected their third bounty in two weeks time, to say they were overworked would be an understatement. 
Cal pinches the bridge of his nose in exasperation as Damon slinks off to his room like an angry cat. 
You turn to Aya who was uncharacteristically quiet during the exchange. “What did I miss?” Your brow furrows as you try to decode the last of the argument you observed. 
“Damon basically completed a contract on his own and pissed off some hoity toity in the process.” Aya activates the ship’s autopilot as she turns to you. “Honestly under normal circumstances it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. However everyone is just exhausted and tempers are high because of it.” 
You definitely noticed the strained tensions between the crew the past week. Damon’s dark circles were darker. Cal’s frown lines were deeper. Aya was considerably less chipper. Bash was actually quiet. Only Ryona and June managed to remain calm under the additional pressure. You were tired as well. Your new “boss” had you working all sorts of odd jobs around the ship as well as additional hand to hand combat and weapons training.
 You bite your lip and rack your brain for a way to try to cheer up the crew.  “Hey, we’re not far from Teranium are we? What if we visited that oasis you told me about.”
Aya snorts and manages to grin at you. “If you can get grump ass over there to agree, I’ll set the course immediately.” She turns back to the controls to monitor the course as the ship sails on autopilot. 
In the short time of your exchange with Aya; Calderon managed to disappear. You wouldn’t say you were close to the former commander but you hoped you were friendly enough to convince the guy to let the crew take a break. You make your way to his quarters as you rehearse your case in your head.
After knocking on his door and getting no response you walk into his quarters. His door was unlocked, so it’s not like you picked it or anything, he can’t get too mad. 
“Can I help you?”
You look down to see a very shirtless, very agitated looking commander doing sit ups. 
“I knocked and you didn’t answer so I wanted-“ 
 “I didn’t answer because I wanted to be left alone.”
Yikes. Okay. 
“Just hear me out okay.” Damn he’s ripped. Like his muscles have muscles. You collect yourself and concentrate on those gorgeous baby blues of his. “The crew is tired. We’ve been working hard, we’re cranky. We won’t do well if we keep running ourselves ragged.” 
Calderon shoots you an indecipherable look. You continue. “We’re not far from Teranium, Aya told me about this oasis. It seems far enough removed where we won’t attract attention if we land there for a few days, but it’s also close enough where we can refuel and restock before heading out on our next contract. I think it would be really good for the crew to just take a few days and rest.”
You gnaw on your bottom lip as you wait for his response.
“Alright. You convinced me. Go tell your partner in crime that she can set the course. You can also tell her that sending you to do the dirty work, was a well calculated move and I respect that.” He gives you a small smirk and you feel your heart beat just a little faster as you make your way to Aya. 
Aya sets the course for the oasis and you smile triumphantly as she tells you the ETA.
It takes about 18 hours but you finally arrive at the oasis. Aya wasn’t hyping this place up for nothing. It is gorgeous, white sand, palm trees, crystal clear water.  Best of all, it is completely deserted. The Andromeda Six crew has the run of the place and you can already sense everyone relaxing.  
You watch as everyone splits off to do their own thing. Your eyes meet Cal’s and he gives you a slight nod, you interpret it as a sign to follow him. You walk over to him and take in the sight of the normally buttoned up captain in a tank and swim trunks.
“You up for a bit of swimming?” He asks as he shrugs off his shirt. You once again get a view of his physique. You make a mental note to ask what his arm tattoo stands for. 
“Sure!” You quickly shed your clothes and reveal your swimsuit underneath. You walk with Cal into the water and try to keep up with him as he leads you to an unknown destination. 
After a few minutes of swimming you get to a spot where you can once again stand. You take a breather and look around. Cal has led you to a shallow cave where small schools of exotic fish swim in the tide pools.
“Oh wow!” You are mesmerized by the colors of the fish. They are colors of periwinkle, lavender, teal, rose and chartreuse. You have never seen fish like these before and they take your breath away with their beauty. 
“They’re beautiful.” 
“Yeah they are, but they are nothing compared to you.”
You turn and look at the captain in shock. Did he really just say that?! 
“I know we didn’t get off on the right foot, but I wanted to let you know I felt. You haven’t had it easy, but you’ve taken it all in stride. You’ve handled your situation with grace and poise. I…” The captain takes a breath and looks at you. “I really admire you.”
You can’t help it, you close the gap between the two of you and kiss him passionately. You wrap your arms around his neck as he pulls you close and holds you against his body. The heat of your bodies and the coolness of the water has a small moan escaping from your lips. He takes this opportunity to have his tongue slip past your lips and battle yours for dominance, it’s not much of a fight as you surrender yourself to him.
Breathless you pull yourself away from him. “I really admire you as well Cal.”
Calderon smiles and kisses you again.
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
Musical Madness
Pairing: Vexx x Traveler
I have no idea why but Vexx is so hard for me to write for.  I’ve struggled to figure out what to name this little drabble. If you can think of a title please share. I will give you credit for the title. I hate this one. 
Vexx has been many things in his life. Orphan, gang member, mercenary, now he’s a guard. Not just any guard, but the guard of the youngest Peg’asi. When he took the job; he figured princess duty would be a glorified babysitting gig. Easy stuff like escorting her to various lessons and engagements. He told himself that he wouldn’t get attached after all it’s just a job and jobs can end instantly. He’s learned that lesson many times over, which is why he now has a set of rules he carefully follows. 
Rule 1- don’t get attached. 
Rule 2- always have an exit strategy.
Rule 3- always carry a backup knife.
The list of rules goes on and one. He figured it would be easy to stick to those rules with his guard gig. Turns out, it’s not. He finds himself wanting to make the princess smile at every chance. He finds himself sneaking her out of the castle to go to parks and museums. All those carefully curated rules out the window, much like how they’re currently exiting the palace. 
“I’m not sure why you’ve insisted on leaving this way.” He comments as he shimmies down the side of the palace with the princess.
“I saw it in an old human movie. This is how the teenagers used to sneak out of their parents’ house. I thought it would be fun to try.” She smiles at him and damn it, if he didn’t almost lose his grip.  Her smile always leaves him breathless. Her smile isn’t perfect, it’s crooked with the left side going up slightly higher than the right, her eyes crinkle… shaking his head he focuses on finding footholds so he can scale the castle walls safely. 
“We could have snuck out the back door that is also popular in those movies.” Vexx could quote most of those old human movies because she loved them so much. They would watch them whenever she was having a bad day, which unfortunately was more often than not lately. Her uncle was killed and her father was even more stressed out, causing Nerissa to be even busier; which left less time for his princess to spend with her sister. Finally reaching the ground, he holds out his arms for the princess to fall the remaining few feet into his arms. Hell if they’re going to act out an old movie, they’re going to do it right. Sensing what he is doing the princess falls gracefully into his arms. 
“My hero” She giggles and kisses his cheek as he sets her down. 
“Where do you want to go today?”
“Well, there’s this band….”
“Vexx, Please!” She pouts and looks at him. 
“If it was any other band, I would say yes. But their music is just SO bad.”
“You just have terrible taste in music.” 
“I have excellent taste in music.”
“You have an old man’s taste in music.”
“Fine. We’ll go, but don’t say I didn’t warn you when we get there and the concert is cancelled because no one is there.” The comment got him a rude gesture from the princess’s right hand. The two of them leave the palace ground until they are far enough to hail a ride without being recognized. 
The concert is loud and bright and crowded. Vexx has never felt older. He doesn’t understand how the princess enjoys this music so much. It’s just noise, it has no soul. He suffers through it for the sheer look of joy on his princess’ face. 
The princess dances, spins and jumps in time with the music. She has never had so much fun before. This is her first concert, it’s even more special with Vexx there with her. The opening acts are even better than she expected. She has to do a double take when she sees the lead singer, he looks just like Vexx. She turns to look at Vexx, his reaction to the lead singer is priceless. She has never seen him look so annoyed before. 
The concert ends and Vexx has never been more thrilled to leave a concert. The princess and him finally make it out of the crowded arena when Vexx hears someone running after them. He turns wielding his back up knife in his left hand pushing the princess behind him with the right. 
“OH EM GEE!!!” 
Several screaming girls come rushing toward him. Deciding they probably aren’t after the princess he puts away his knife and walks away with her. 
“Carver Michaels!! Look at me!!”
“Who the fu-” Vexx turns around to see a large group of women surrounding him with holo cameras.
“Take a picture with me!”
“Sign my shirt!”
“Can I have your autograph?”
“I want a selfie!”
Vexx’s eyes practically bulge out of his head. The princess is unable to contain her laughter. She’s shaking trying to suppress it. 
“I’m glad you find this hilarious.” He shoots her a look, then returns his gaze to the group of fans. “I’m sorry ladies, I’m not who you think I am.”
The fans don’t believe him and continue to pester him. Vexx makes a very graceless decision to grab the princess and take off running with her. The two of them weave through the crowds, losing the fans in the process. 
Rounding the corner into an alleyway. He finally manages to get them to a place where they can stop to catch their breaths. Panting he looks over at the princess to see how she is holding up. She’s doubled over laughing. 
“This is hands down the best night of my life.” She manages to get the words out between breaths of air. 
Chalking it up to adrenaline Vexx grasps her face between his hands he kisses her hard and passionate. The princess leans into it and closes her eyes and surrenders herself to the kiss.
Slowly releasing her from the kiss, Vexx looks down at her before he can explain himself, she busts out in a fit of giggles. 
“I love you Carver Michaels” 
“You are incorrigible!” Throwing his hands up in the air he walks off to find a ride for the two of them back to the palace.
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
Birthday Boy
I wrote this bad boy on our 1.5 hour round trip to get our new flooring. I apologize if there are any grammar and spelling errors. I wrote it on my phone. Here you go, I hope you enjoy!
Pairing: June x Female Traveler Universe: Andromeda Six
June is kind. June is tough. June is strong. June is soft. June has never had a real birthday party. You love June and when you mentioned how you missed your Mimi’s double chocolate cake she used to make on your birthday, he did his best to recreate it. Everything June does is with love. Which is why you want to return the favor. 
“Bash! Aya! Come here, I need your help!”
The pilot and mechanic come rushing to your aid.
“What’s up Navi?!” You roll your eyes at the nickname they gave you. It’s an inside joke. After remembering your past, the crew agreed to train you as the navigator to keep you safe. Which is how Aya and Bash came to refer to you as Navi. 
“Does anyone know when June’s birthday is?”
The two most boisterous members go quiet. Their silence is your answer.
“Would it be bad if we made one up for him?” You ask, you like to think you know June well, but the truth is that Aya and Bash have been with him for much longer. 
“Are you kidding?!” Bash grins. “He would love it!”
Aya preens at the idea. “If you can get Damon to take care of the cake, Bash and I can throw everything else together!” She pauses, “Which would leave you to distract him. Which I think you can manage.” She adds with a wink. 
You feel your face flush at her insinuation. 
Bash laughs at your embarrassment. “I’m sure Ry would love to take you shopping for that special something. You should have seen the little lacy thing she wore the other-OW!” He laughs and flinches at the barrage of attacks Aya is laying on his flesh arm. 
The three of you work through the night to plan the perfect party for June. When the day of the party arrives you take June on errands.
“I did not realize we had so many bags of laundry.” June says as he hoists a second bag of laundry over his shoulders. “I’m not mad about it though it’s a nice day. I’m glad we get to spend it together.” After walking a few minutes in comfortable silence you pass Oppo’s Club, causing June to speak up again. ”It’s finally starting to cool down. I bet Oppo is happy. Cooler days tend to keep their bar busier than hot days.” 
June prattles on about Oppo’s business model as the two of you walk back to the ship. On your way back to the ship you pass what appears to be a small farmer’s market. “Want to take a little detour and explore?”
 June very clearly wants to stop and explore and you can’t tell him no on a normal day. Much less on his made up birthday. “I’d love to!” 
June and you spend about an hour walking and sampling the local food and admiring the crafts. You’re eyeing a hand braided bracelet when you realize you never got June anything for his birthday party. 
You know Bash was messing with you when he suggested the lingerie, well now it might be the only thing you can get him. You spot a small clothing boutique tucked in between two run down apartments. Looking around, you duck into the store and browse its inventory. 
After a few minutes of what seems to be futile searching you do manage to find a few suitable gifts. However none of them scream “June”. You sigh and rub the back of your neck. What do you get your first friend on the crew/your boyfriend at some rinky dink hole in the wall shop? 
You wander around a little bit longer before you find what looks to be the perfect gift for June. After purchasing it you tuck it away into your bag and head out to find him. 
June smiles when you reach him.”Where did you go?”
“I wanted to explore a few of the shops.”
“You ready to head back to the ship? You know how Cal gets cranky when we stay too long in one place.” 
You nod and walk with him back to the ship. As you enter the ship the crew jumps out.
June’s face goes from shocked to ecstatic!
“What is all of this?!” 
“Well, Navi wanted to throw a party and we all decided that it should be your birthday.” Aya elbows Bash. “Okay it was all Navi’s idea.” 
June turns to you. “You did this for me?”
“Of course.” You smile and kiss his cheek.
The crew parties well into the night. Damon did an amazing job on the cake. Aya and Bash killed it with the decorations and music. 
June turns to you with a look for pure adoration. “I can’t believe you did all this for me.”
 “I wanted to make your first real party perfect. I even got you a gift.” You smile and take his hand. 
“Oh? You really didn’t need to. I’m just happy I have you in my life.” 
Of course he would say something so sweet. “If you come with me to my room. I’ll show you.”
June’s eyes darken at the thought. The look he’s giving you makes you think you should have bought lingerie of some sort. You lead him to your bedroom, pulling out the small package you purchased earlier. You give it to him. 
June unwraps it gingerly. You couldn’t imagine his smile getting any bigger, but it manages to. He pulls out the digital photo frame. 
You smile sheepishly. “I thought you might like to brighten up your room with pictures. Well pictures that aren’t of Lizzie. NOT that Lizzie isn’t cute!”
June cuts you off by placing a searing kiss on your lips. The kiss leaves you breathless. “I love you”
“I love you too, Happy Birthday.”
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wayhavnsfinest · 8 months ago
Another Love
Paring: Calderon x female character
I made up this female character specifically for this short little Drabble. A good portion of this story takes place as memories. @nerdymathteacher gave me the title after I forced her to read it. She said it resonates with Tom Odell’s song by the same name. The rest of the drabble is under the cut! 
Calderon feels the sweat trickle down his neck into the collar of his uniform. He grips his gun and readies himself for the next assault.
When the fuck did everything get so messed up?! They did everything right. They lost the guards after Teranium. Damon got them the C.D. on Cursa. Alisa ensured their escape. They were clear when they left Orion. How did the Guard find them? Calderon made a mental note to have a private word with the redheaded K’Merii when they finally have a moment to breathe.
Calderon peeks around the corner and fires the remainder of his clip; taking down the K’Merii soilders that had pinned the Andromeda crew down. “Move!” As he issues the order the crew makes their way to the ship.
He knows that voice. That voice belongs on Goldis. That voice brings back memories of whispers in the night as he worships the body it belongs to. That voice shouldn’t be here.
”LT?” He turns to the voice.
She looks tired. His sentencing was hard, but it was harder on those who loved him. Collateral damage, Damon called it.
Her hair is shorter now. She was always messing with it when it was longer. Whenever she was nervous or excited she would twist the pieces that framed her face. He adored that about her. He adored everything about her.
He adored the way she would hum as she made breakfast in his apartment only wearing his shirt. “Pancakes or Waffles?” She would ask. She already knew the answer and would hand him his plate with a mug of coffee. They would sit and eat as she would chat about whatever she had planned that day. Usually visiting her little sister at the hospital then she would head off to her work duties.
He adored how she would get him to relax. Whether it was with her dexterous fingers getting tangled in his curls as she massaged his scalp while they relaxed on the couch or how she would intertwine their bodies on the dance floor at that crappy bar she loved so much.
He adored how his mothers lit up when he brought her home to meet them for the first time. He adored how much she loved his mothers. She would dote upon them, she would make dinner for them every Sunday. She always had cake and gifts for them every birthday.
He adored how she would volunteer the two of them at the animal shelter on their rare coinciding off days. How she would make plans for their future, the animals they would have, the family she wanted to build with him.
He adored how their bodies would come together at night. The sounds she would make as he kissed the more sensitive parts of her body. They way she would shiver under his touch.
He didn’t just adore her. He loved her.
“It’s Commander now actually.” She holsters her gun. “I had hoped I’d be able to get to you before the rest of my squad. Jes Zovack has taken over- I’m sure you know that though. I stayed with the guard in hopes it would protect our families. Cal, there’s so much-“
Neither of them see the sniper. The bullet rips through her chest before he can scream.
Words he didn’t get to say when he left Goldis fly from his lips as Bash, June and Damon drag him to the ship. Her body lies lifeless. His words hanging in the air around her.
He loved her. And he lost her.
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