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#a6 damon
Damon: Hate when people say I'm "lurking in the shadows" when I'm just chilling.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 2 days ago
Ryona: Care to come with us?
Damon: And spoil my carefully calculated air of selfishness and unconcern? Not until the last second, thank you very much.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 5 days ago
June: When Damon says "enterprising," he means "morally deficient."
Damon: No, I mean enterprising. When I mean morally deficient, I say, "Now that's something I would have done".
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 7 days ago
Damon: When you say lifetime ban, whose lifetime are you talking about?
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 10 days ago
Damon: I don’t understand, Traveler. Why won’t you allow me to meet your friend?
Traveler: You can be slightly... judgemental.
Damon: What a ridiculous thing to say. Name one time I’ve been judgemental.
Traveler: Ok. "What a ridiculous thing to say."
Damon: Ah I see. Mere seconds ago.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 12 days ago
Aya: You can't cancel! Damon is even wearing his formal leather jacket.
Damon: It's the one without any blood on it.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 13 days ago
Traveler: Maybe the real reward was the friends we made along the way.
Damon: No, I want my fucking credits.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 13 days ago
Aya: You should style your hair. I think a nice undercut will give you that “don’t fuck with me” vibe, you know?
Damon: I mostly use my face for that.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 14 days ago
Traveler: What do you want?
Damon: A lot of things, Traveler, but right now I want money for a cat.
Traveler: You owe money to a cat?
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 14 days ago
Damon: Spend a few years as an assassin and a sunny beach just looks like a vulnerable tactical position with no decent cover...
Damon: I’ve never found a good way to hide a knife in a bathing suit.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 17 days ago
Damon: In my whole life I’ve only said ‘I love you’ to one person and every cat I’ve ever met.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 17 days ago
June: I hope something good happens!
Damon: I hope whatever bad thing happens is at least pretty funny.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 18 days ago
Damon: Apparently, it was Rude™ of me to pitch in my two cents on a conversation I happened to overhear, despite agreeing with them. On an unrelated note, I am no longer allowed in the ceiling vents.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 20 days ago
Damon: If someone stabs you, you get to keep the knife.
Alisa: If someone stabs you and you don’t bleed out in 15 minutes, you’re legally allowed to leave.
Zane: If someone throws a knife at you and you catch it, they’re out.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 21 days ago
Bash: Pick a card, any card!
Damon: Fine
Bash: My credit card was not an option, please give it back
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 22 days ago
Damon: What’s going on between you and Traveler?
Cal: Nothing. They're a respected colleague.
Damon: Uhhhh-huuuh.
Cal: I don’t have time to pursue a relationship, my work is too important to allow distractions. Traveler is a remarkable person, they're a valued friend, they're... standing right behind me, aren't they?
Traveler: Don’t let that stop you, keep digging.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 22 days ago
Damon: "Ladies and Gentlemen" is unnecessarily gendered, overly formal, lengthy, and honestly puts me to sleep.
Damon: "Cowards" on the other hand is inclusive to all genders, casual and fun, short and to the point, exciting, and dramatic.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 23 days ago
Cal: We’re going out in public. I expect you to be on your best behavior.
Traveler, to Aya, Bash, and Damon: Yeah, guys. Listen to the captain.
Cal: I was talking to you.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 25 days ago
Cal: Since you grew up rich, I have a test for you.
Traveler: Okay, let's hear it.
Cal: How much does one banana cost?
Traveler: I mean a banana must be like... ten dollars?
Cal: You think one banana costs ten dollars?
Traveler: Yes.
Cal, looking to Damon: Tell them how much a banana is.
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xikizoid · 26 days ago
Interacting with Damon is such a unique experience lol. I was a little bit cold towards him in the main game but I came to love him thanks to this incredible DLC!!! I'm so glad I listened to the request for me to play the Damon route!
More Andromeda Six content coming up soon as well btw, come on in and join me for the ride! 💛
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