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#a6 calderon
incorrect-andromeda-6 · 3 days ago
Cal: They ask me how I manage a mercenary crew and a busy schedule.
Cal: Truth is, I don't. I have no control over them.
Cal: This morning, Bash asked to show me something so I went to see what was going on, and then Aya shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 4 days ago
Cal: I may seem as an angry person on the outside but in the inside I’m actually angrier.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 4 days ago
Traveler: I’m stronger now than I’ve ever been in my life.
Cal: Are you emotionally strong?
Traveler: Yes. I can cry VERY loudly.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 8 days ago
Cal: It’s a mercenary crew. It’s a melting pot of people too crazy to work anywhere else.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 9 days ago
Bash: We have fun, don’t we, Cal?
Cal: I’ve never been more stressed out in my life.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 10 days ago
Cal: You were supposed to do something about the raccoon under the deck.
Aya: I did! I named him Lord Moseby. He likes Coco Puffs.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 19 days ago
Aya: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Cal: Why?
Aya: To get to the idiot’s house.
Aya: Knock knock.
Cal: Who’s there?
Aya: The chicken.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 20 days ago
Cal: Yesterday I overheard Bash saying “Are you sure this is a good idea?” and Aya replying “Trust me.” and I have never moved from one room to another so fast in my life.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 21 days ago
Cal: I don’t think we could come up with a crazier plan.
Bash: We could attack the K’merii with superglue.
Cal: I stand corrected.
Bash: Just keeping things in perspective.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 23 days ago
Cal: We’re going out in public. I expect you to be on your best behavior.
Traveler, to Aya, Bash, and Damon: Yeah, guys. Listen to the captain.
Cal: I was talking to you.
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homeformyheart · 24 days ago
Ooooo let's do 16. kissing knuckles for your traveler and Cal!
thanks for encouraging me to write more A6, @captainsaku! Decided to keep it short and simple (*eyes the 20 other prompt wips*).
author’s note: this is more raynie than cal, but this is my first time writing more than a few sentences for an A6 pairing, so i hope you enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games (@andromeda-six). series/pairing: andromeda six – calderon lynch x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none word count: ~500 words based on/prompt: physical affection prompts // 16. kissing knuckles summary: raynie is nervous and cal calms her down.
raynie peeked out from where she was waiting behind a curtain backstage. her eyes widened at the sheer size of the crowd and she quickly turned away, closing her eyes and trying to push away the fluttering in her stomach.
after everything the crew did, after everything she went through, they were finally here. at this long-awaited moment where she would address goldis for the first time since her family was killed.
she wiped her sweaty hands down the side of her dress, hoping it didn’t stain.
how did nerissa manage to do this so easily?
how could she think she could do this at all?
why would she even want to do this?
“hey stowaway.”
raynie lifted her head and looked straight into the soft blue of cal’s eyes, his large build creating a shadow over her smaller one.
“you can do this,” he said.
searched his face for any signs of sarcasm or teasing, but she knew she wouldn’t find any, not like she would have if it were damon in his place.
“how do you know? i don’t know how to be a ruler, i was barely let out of the palace and i have no experience.”
raynie covered her face with her hands, trying to take deep breaths and keep the onslaught of panicked tears at bay.
cal gently pried her hands off her face, holding them in his large ones.
“i know because i’ve seen what you’re capable of first-hand. you’re reckless and careless with your safety sometimes,” he said, a hint of fear glinting in his gaze. “but you’re brave and resourceful.”
she dropped her gaze, feeling a flush begin to creep up her neck and color her cheeks.
he raised her hand to his lips, forcing her to draw her gaze back up to meet his.
“but most of all,” he murmured against her knuckles. “you care about others. it’s why i fell in love with you.”
his lips brushed against her knuckles, the featherlight touch sending goosebumps up her arms. cal released her hand and gave her a soft smile before turning her around so she was facing the stage.
she looked back once as he nudged her forward, catching his gaze that seemed to hold a million promises between them. he bowed before making his exit, and a renewed sense of determination fueled her steps.
maybe she could do this after all.
* * * * * taglist: @gloynporslen; @anotherbeingsworld; @pearlsandsteel;
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 25 days ago
Cal: Since you grew up rich, I have a test for you.
Traveler: Okay, let's hear it.
Cal: How much does one banana cost?
Traveler: I mean a banana must be like... ten dollars?
Cal: You think one banana costs ten dollars?
Traveler: Yes.
Cal, looking to Damon: Tell them how much a banana is.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 26 days ago
Zane: Give me one good reason I shouldn’t punch your face in.
Aya: I’m so underdressed.
Traveler: It would be way too rewarding.
Vexx: The scheduled walloping time isn’t for another half an hour.
Bash, pointing at Ryona: The doc specifically told me to have a good day.
Damon: The judge said I’d go to jail if someone punched me in the face one more time.
June: Wounding me emotionally would pay much higher dividends.
Ryona: I’ll open my mouth and swallow your whole arm.
Cal: I’d rather just do it myself.
Alisa: My teeth are not ready to be harvested.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 27 days ago
Cal: I don’t do “love.” Love is for fools.
Traveler: Hey there.
Cal: Fuck
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 28 days ago
Bash: Guess what I’m about to get.
Cal: On my nerves?
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 29 days ago
Cal: Stowaway, I never doubted you for a moment.
Traveler: Thank you, Cal. You’re lying, though, right?
Cal: Oh, yes. I doubted you very strongly.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · a month ago
Aya, about Traveler and Damon: They make a cute couple, huh?
Cal: They certainly are standing next to each other.
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silverdreamsstudios · a month ago
Aya: Tell me I’m pretty. Cal: You’re pretty fucking annoying is what you are.
Original post here by @incorrect-andromeda-6
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · a month ago
Cal: Listen, Stowaway
Traveler: You can call me Traveler
Cal: I’d rather not. If I named you, I’d get attached.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · a month ago
Zovack: What do you call disobeying the System's rules?
The A6 crew: A hobby.
Zovack: ......
The A6 crew: That we do not engage in.
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