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#a3 muku
xxxbookaholic · 3 hours ago
Muku, in his head while auditioning: Don't let them know how awkward you are.
Kazunari: Nice weather today!
Muku: Thanks.
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screenshotsbyspring515 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I really like the sharpness of Yuki's mouth. His lines hit my heart. He kinda reminds me of someone I know in real life but he is more reasonable.
I want to post some shady lines from Yuki's dialogues in my Facebook but I just can't. Those adults will be offended.
Good night.
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gompereatsall · 2 days ago
Sakyo: You were supposed to do something about the raccoon under the porch.
Juza: We did.
Sakyo: ‘We?’
Kumon and Muku: We named him Rocket and he likes Fruit Loops :)
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jumukus · 2 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Epilogue: Full Speed Ahead Translation
Now that Trump the Phantom Thief play had completely wrapped, Muku focused on practicing for his relay race.
Tumblr media
Izumi: Good job on the play, guys! Cheers!
Muku: Good work, everyone!
Juza: Good work.
Azami: Man, we sure had a lot of people this time.
Banri: Especially on the last day.
Kazunari: Right, right~! Never would have thought real thieves would appear~!
Yuki: It's my first time receiving a letter of appreciation from the police.
Izumi: We even made it to the news. Did you see the "Bravo, Theater Man!" one?
Sakyo: It was also trending on social media. This is such a great promotion for us.
Kumon: Man, so jelly~! I wanted to catch the thieves with you guys!
Misumi: I also wanted to run with Muku~!
Banri: The heck, dude? If you want to run with him, you can do it anytime.
Izumi: (Now that we've done the mixed plays, our popularity has pretty much increased compared to before…)
(I guess that means we took a step closer towards the Fleur Award.)
Juza: Muku, you still have your race next, right? How's your practice going?
Muku: I'm doing really great. While I'm not as fast I used to be in the past, I'm slowly catching up.
I have a lot of fun joining the club activities after a long time. Please come and watch the race, guys. I'm going to do my very best.
Juza: Yea. Looking forward to that.
Tumblr media
Muku: ...Haah. Haah.
Three more trees--.
Kumon: Hey, Muku.
Juza: We brought some snacks.
Muku: Oh, you came!
Juza: Are you doing okay? You go practicing even on your day off.
Kumon: You can take it easy.
Muku: Thanks for the concern but I'm doing okay. My teammates have come up with an efficient training menu.
Kumon: Oh, okay.
Juza: Looks like you're getting along well with your fellow club members.
Muku: Yep. They're supporting me a lot.
I'll run around three more trees and take a break.
Kumon: Good luck!
...He looks like he's having fun.
Juza: Damn right. I'm glad he decided not to give up on track and field.
Kumon: Yeah.
Tumblr media
Muku: (Today is finally the day of the tournament…)
Juza: Muku. Good luck today.
Muku: ...Thank you. I'll be going, then!
Tumblr media
Kazunari: Oh. I see Mukkun.
Misumi: Heeeey, Muku~! Good luck~!
Kumon: He looked this way!
Yuki: Did he notice us?
Tenma: That aside, what a crowd.
Juza: I guess it's only to be expected since today is the final race.
Banri: Though we kinda stand out since we're the only group of men here.
Sakyo: Look who's talking.
Kazunari: Guys, look! Mukkun is the last runner!
Announcer: "First Lane, St. Flora High School--."
Izumi: I'm getting nervous just by watching.
Tumblr media
Muku: …
(I've got to show the result of my practice…)
(For Juchan and the others who always support me, and for my fellow club members who willingly welcomed me back.)
(And for the past me who had to quit track and field because of my injury.)
(I will run at full speed so that I will have no regrets later on…)
*gun sounds*
Muku: --.
Spectator A: Whoaa! Go, go~!
Spectator B: Do your best~!
Muku: (First runner…second runner… Good. The pace is great. Now the baton is in the third runner's hand--.)
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka!
Muku: Yeah!
Juza: Muku, run!
Muku: (Watch me, Juchan--.)
Announcer: First place, St. Flora High School!!
Muku: I did it…!
Track and Field Club Member A: Great job, Sakisaka!
Track and Field Club Member B: We won!
Muku: Yes!
Kumon: Hooray!
Misumi: You're amazing, Muku!
Kazunari: Grats, Mukkun~!
Juza: You did it, Muku.
Tumblr media
Track and Field Club Member A: Thanks for coming back, Sakisaka. It's thanks to you that we could win today's race.
Muku: I should be the one thanking you for giving me the chance to run again.
I'm so happy I got to practice with you all and won the tournament.
I can finally get rid of the regrets I felt that time.
*phone notification sounds*
Muku: ?
Juza: [I'll take you home if you're still there.]
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka, you're gonna ride the train too, right?
Muku: Ah, no. I'll take this road. Good bye, guys.
Track and Field Club Member A: Bye bye!
Tumblr media
Muku: Juchan!
Juza: Hey.
Muku: Sorry for making you wait. Where are the others?
Juza: I'm the only one here. They all said you were awesome and praised you a lot.
Muku: Ehehe.
Juza: I also thought you were so cool when I watched you run at full speed.
Muku: Thanks for watching until the end, Juchan.
I heard your voice when I was running.
Remember when I confronted the thieves at the cruise? I've gained strength because of your voice.
Your support is my driving force, Juchan.
Juza: You give me too much credit.
Muku: Remember when I just started track and field, you wished me good luck?
Back then, I couldn't talk to you like I do now since you seemed hard to approach, and that comment might not be a deal to you. But…
Your words gave me so much strength. I'd never thought you'd cheer me like that.
Juza: ...Did something like that happen?
Muku: It's such a precious event to me.
Juza: Well, I'm glad it could give you strength.
Let's go home. I heard Omi-san and Guy-san prepare something to celebrate your victory.
Muku: Seriously!?
Juza: By the way, the dessert will be special chocolate parfaits.
Muku: Wow! Can't wait to eat that!
Juza: Same.
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finch-writes · 2 days ago
summer troupe & back hugs
✧ summer troupe & reader / headcanons, fluff ✧ spring troupe / autumn troupe / winter troupe
tenma: Absolutely Not What The Hell Would He Do That For. kidding, mostly - but he is unlikely to hug you from behind. he will, however, spontaneously combust and then just kinda melt if you hug him from behind! please do it. it'll be funny.
yuki: listen, the closest you've gotten is being measured for a costume. not super comfortable with backpack hugs unless it's from one or two very specific people - but there is a tiny chance that he might as long as you don’t ever call attention to him doing it.
muku: generally only if he needs comfort, and it's mostly to get your attention so you can turn around and hug him properly. probably won't do it when there are others around because it's such an obvious show for "please help".
misumi: backpack hugs with his arms around your shoulders instead of your waist! congrats you now have a sumi cape. just drops his whole body weight into the hug dude what the fuck. loves being hugged from behind though!
kazunari: slightly more likely to come at you from the side and pull you in to him with an arm around your waist, but can definitely be known to hug from behind! another one that loves being backpack hugged.
kumon: PRIME OFFENDER. THIS JACKASS (AFFECTIONATE) WILL HUG YOU FROM BEHIND AND EVEN PICK YOU UP IF HE KNOWS YOU'RE COOL WITH IT. thinks it's hilarious, genuinely very cuddly, extremely chill with having it done to him. pats his cheek affectionately.
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Tumblr media
Basically, Mankai Company is a yakuza-backed theater company. God Troupe can be easily doomed. Aside from yakuza connections, they have a spy and an assassin in the troupe.
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peabeanmilk · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
muku with a cat for the soul
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yukki-rurikawa · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
damn taichi back at it again with the lies 🤔
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xxxbookaholic · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
baby man
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jumukus · 4 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Episode 10 Translation
Muku offered to help when Saionji and the ship crew ran into problems.
Tumblr media
Saionji: One of the evacuation boats is gone?
Guard: Yes. It was still there when I checked yesterday…
Saionji: If Sakisaka-kun didn't let me know, I would think of it as nothing but a mere incident. But now there's a chance it may be related to the thieves.
Sakyo: They may use the boat to escape.
Yuki: Makes sense.
Banri: But judging by what Muku said, I assume they will carry out their plan tomorrow during the unveiling. Does that mean they stole the boat and made some preparation in advance?
Azami: Or they might have noticed someone find out about their plan and decided to steal it earlier…
Muku: In that case, we have to catch the thieves quickly before they steal the jewel!
Saionji: That will be the police and the guards' job.
In the first place, they're probably blending in with the other passengers. We can't just catch people randomly.
Muku: I know how they look.
A man, and a woman who may be an accomplice… I'm begging you. Please let me help.
Saionji: But…
Izumi: I can't put you in danger, Muku-kun.
Muku: Saionji-san, you have been looking out for us a lot to make sure we don't have any problems during our stay here.
You have been helping us so that we could perform at an unfamiliar place like this… I'm grateful that you offered such a request.
I want to do whatever I can to help you protect the thing you treasure.
I'll regret it if I don't do anything and let the jewel be stolen.
Juza: Director, let Muku do what he wants. I'll protect him.
Banri: It's not like the cops are going to arrive soon, anyway. If you want to catch them for real, his help is necessary.
Azami: I'll help out too if Muku-san is serious about it.
Yuki: It's not like Trump to let the jewel be stolen without doing anything.
Kazunari: Yepyep! The treasure is ours~!
Sakyo: God. Fine, fine.
Muku: You guys…
Izumi: Promise me you will run away once you know it's dangerous.
Muku: Yes.
Izumi: Saionji-san, will you let us help you out?
Saionji: I'm actually hesitant about this, but I have to admit Sakisaka-kun's testimony is very important during this time.
I'll let you help too. However, you have to be very careful and move along with the guards.
I'll contact the police again. And if possible, I want to avoid causing confusion among the other passengers…
Muku: Oh. In that case…
Tumblr media
Suspicious Man: …
Female Passenger?: ?
Muku: "I shall take this treasure first."
Suspicious Man: ...You!?
Female Passenger?: Hey, wait!
He did hear it. I made a mistake by letting him go.
Muku: (She's really an accomplice…)
Juza: Muku, run!
Muku: --.
Tumblr media
Muku: Haah...Haah…
Suspicious Man: Don't let him get away!
Passenger A: Kyaa!
Passenger B: What is it? An actor?
Passenger C: Is this the continuation of the play? A performance?
Kazunari: "King, over here~!"
Muku: "--."
(I only need to run until there…!)
Kazunari: "Q. Get the net over there."
Yuki: "I've already had it in my hands."
Muku: "Hey, you two, lift it up!"
Kazunari: "Okey dokey~!"
Yuki: "Too heavy…!"
Suspicious Man: Whoaa!?
Female Passenger?: --ugh.
Guard: We secured the criminals!
Female Passenger?: Shit.
Saionji: Sakisaka-kun, can you confirm if they are the right persons?
Muku: Yes, that's them.
"But the other person should be a woman."
Female Passenger?: I'm just like Q.
Guard: The police are here!
Passenger A: So they're holding a performance outside the theater venue.
Passenger B: That was interesting!
Muku: T-Thank you very much!
Kazunari: Thank you~.
Tumblr media
Saionji: I really appreciate your help today. You helped me a lot.
It's all thanks to you all that I am able to protect this gem.
We also managed to avoid confusion between the passengers. They were all calm. Your idea to pretend to hold a performance worked, Sakisaka-kun.
Muku: Will the unveiling be cancelled after this incident…?
Saionji: Because we didn't suffer any damages, it won't be cancelled. I'd like to hold the event as planned while consulting the police.
Allow me to offer my gratitude once again.
Muku: T-There's no need…!
Saionji: I shall take my leave now. I have to do some cleaning up and prepare for tomorrow.
Juza: Muku, are you injured anywhere?
Muku: I'm fine. It's a good thing the thieves are caught.
Juza: You worked hard.
Muku: --.
Juza: ...Good luck on track and field.
Muku: ...Yes!
Juza: What's wrong?
Muku: ...It's nothing.
I could help them out because Juchan and the others backed me up.
Thank you.
< Episode 9 | Masterlist | Epilogue >
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shirasuchiru · 4 days ago
one of my fav muku x juza conversation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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skateboarding-poet · 4 days ago
Can I request a 🌛with Azami, Banri, and Muku? Thank you so much!!!
A late night text with Azami, Banri and Muku, thank you for the request!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sorry that requests have been slow, I've been dragged into my family's easter festivities and didn't have much time for anything lol
Emoji text starters for a3!
BONUS! Redhead Azami lol
Tumblr media
Took me very long to figure out what would make Azami stay up late so he could send a text, but it was worth it in the end, since it lead to me making this beauty
He looks amazing with red hair but maybe my Taichi stan ass is biased
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juuten · 4 days ago
For You | Tenma Sumeragi
@chewie-santatoast​ says:  Merry Christmas! How about ‘secrets’ with Tenten? ❤️💚🤍🧡
Aimee replies: Hello! Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry I couldn’t greet you ‘Merry Christmas’ during that time :< That’s why I wish you a very advanced Merry Christmas! Also, stay safe and healthy!
This fic really took me a while to finish mainly because I needed to revise/shorten lots of parts. But surprisingly, I didn’t stray away from my initial idea when I thought of secrets and Tenma.
Anyway, the story takes place before Act 2. I hope this story will make you smile :D
For ‘A December with You’ event.
Tumblr media
Today, Summer Troupe made sure to have the living room for themselves.
Fairy lights hung on the walls, painting the living room with an orange glow. Blankets and pillows surrounded the coffee table with a plate of onigiris on it. However, a winter’s night would never be complete without steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Muku delicately placed three mugs beside the onigiris, Yuki setting down the other two.
“Mr. Triangle!” Misumi grinned at the familiar triangle drawn on his cup of hot chocolate.
Muku grabbed his cup and giddily sat on his star-patterned blanket. "Mine's a crown!"
"The bear's almost like mine.” If one looked closely, a small smile dangled on Yuki’s lips.
Tenma reached for his mug and peeked at what Kazunari drew for him. "Is this a bonsai?"  
"Yep yep!" Kazunari sat on his spot in the living room. Then he winked and made a peace sign. “Kazunari Miyoshi’s latte art, everyone!”
Tenma's lips curled upwards. "Not bad." 
"Yippie! Now everything's set," Kazunari clapped his hands, "Operation ‘Tenten Living as a Non-Celeb: Christmas Edition,’ start!” 
But before Kazunari had the chance to show off his plans, the doorbell rang. Muku, being closest to the door, set down his mug and stood up.
"Who is it?" Muku said as he opened the door.
A brunette man wearing a gray suit smiled at him. “Good evening and advanced Merry Christmas, Muku-san.”
“Ah, Igawa-san! Likewise." Muku politely bowed.
Igawa set down an enormous sack on the ground. It looked like it was about to burst at any moment. "Please accept these gifts for the MANKAI members. Sumeragi-san and I chose them with utmost care." 
Then Igawa placed a thick scrapbook on Muku’s hands. "Also, please give this to Tenma-kun."
Muku obediently nodded. "I will! And thank you so much, Igawa-san!"
Igawa bowed and bid farewell before driving off. Muku secured the scrapbook under his armpit. Then he rolled up his sleeves. Pulling the sack with all his might, he trudged towards the living room.
“Mukkun, are you- Woah! Where did that super-duper big sack come from?” Kazunari’s eyes became as wide as saucers when he saw the boy set down the sack beside the Christmas tree. 
“It’s from Igawa-san and Tenma-kun's parents. They're gifts for us," Muku said in between pants. Tenma made a mental note to call his parents later.
Misumi put a familiar yellow triangle with a Santa Hat on Muku’s palms. “I'll give you Mr. Triangle Claus!”
Muku giggled and said thanks. When Muku returned to his spot, he presented the scrapbook to Tenma. “Tenma-kun, Igawa-san said this scrapbook was for you."
Tenma looked at him with confusion. Igawa always dropped off gifts from fans at his house while he delivered the important ones to the dorms. The gifts for the members were certainly one of those. However, the scrapbook was questionable. He was sure his parents did not make this; their careers always ate almost all of their time. Igawa was possible. However, Tenma knew managing his schedule was currently hectic. He always received more offers for both acting and modeling during the Christmas season. 
Suddenly, another potential person popped inside his head. With wide eyes, Tenma said, “Muku, who did it come from?"
“Um…” Muku flipped the scrapbook. He stumbled upon some initials at the far corner of the scrapbook. “There’s (First Letter of First Name) (First Letter of Last Name) written at the bottom.”
Within a blink of an eye, Tenma grabbed the scrapbook from his hands. All of the Summer Troupe members looked at each other in mild bewilderment.
Kazunari was the first one to recover as he playfully nudged Tenma’s arm. “Hey, Tenten, who’s (First Letter of First Name) (First Letter of Last Name)?”
“S-someone I'm close with!” 
Yuki suspiciously eyed Tenma as he drank his cup. “Hm…” 
Tenma fidgeted under his gaze. “Wh-what is it?”
Yuki placed his cup on the coffee table. Then with a menacing look, he said, “If you don’t tell us who they are, I’ll make you wear that rabbit costume again on Veludo Way. This time, alone.”
Misumi grinned. “I want to see rabbit Tenma again."
“That was supposed to be a one-time thing!” Tenma protested.
“Maybe the money-grubbing yakuza will increase the budget for costumes if I tell him the hack will advertise MANKAI Company this Christmas.” Yuki tapped his chin in thought.
Tenma grumbled. He was always careful to not expose your relationship with him when he was barely prepared. But now that his reputation (dignity) was on the line, he could not remain tight-lipped. Letting out a defeated sigh, he said, “Fine. I’ll tell you.”
Tenma breathed in before saying, “The initials stand for (First Name) (Last Name). It’s my girlfriend’s name.” 
“Someone managed to date the hack, huh," Yuki said.
“What do you mean by that!” The man in question violently reacted.
"Hold up, fam. Since we're on this topic," Kazunari wrapped his shoulder around the orange-haired man and shot him a grin, “we should look at the scrapbook together!"
Tenma glared at Kazunari. “No way. And this isn’t part of your operation or what in the first place!”
"It's fine, it's fine!" When Tenma still had a scowl on his face, Kazunari clasped his hands and pleadingly looked at him. "C'mon, Tenten! Please!" 
Tenma hugged the scrapbook to his chest. He knew he was doomed to be teased once he showed the scrapbook. Knowing you, you put lots of pictures he was unaware that you took them. Nevertheless, this was a risk he would rather take instead of wearing a rabbit costume for the whole Veludo to see. Besides, he trusted that his members would never leak his and your private lives to the public. 
Tenma unwrapped his arms from the scrapbook and placed it on his lap. “Fine. But no taking of pictures or videos.” With that, everyone sat closer to Tenma. 
Tenma’s heart pounded as he opened the scrapbook. A photo of a smiling couple sitting on a flowery meadow filled up the upper part of the first page. Below the picture was a handwritten caption that said, "First date planned by Yours Truly ☆." Then at the bottom of the page, there was a colored drawing of the meadow. Tenma's eyes widened in astonishment. Your illustration looked the same as he remembered. The difference was you put a dried sunflower at the center above the flowery meadow and drew its stem.
"(First Name)'s drawing and design are totes amazing! Kudos to her!" Kazunari said, which Tenma replied with a proud 'of course!'
Muku turned to the orange-haired man with excitement gleaming in his eyes. "Tenma-kun, what did you do on your first date?" 
"Did you find triangles with her?" Misumi asked.
"Only the Trianglian will do that there," Yuki commented.
“We had a picnic, talked and took some photos. Then, uh...” Tenma scratched his head, trying to remember any fascinating but not too embarrassing moments from his first date. "We also played Twenty One Questions.”
“So what do you do?” Tenma asked the moment you proposed this game.
“We just alternately ask each other twenty-one questions and answer them. The questions can be about anything at all!” A mischievous glint passed your eyes, which you covered up with a smile.
Your boyfriend seemed to be unaware of it as he smirked. “I’ve handled many interviews, so this one’s easy.”
“It’s still your first time playing this though. That’s why I’ll start asking you.” You intertwined your hands with his. Then with the most serious face you could muster, you said, “If you meet an alien who lands in Japan, what is the first thing you will give them?”
You tried to hold back your laughter when you saw his dumbfounded face. He was so confident seconds ago, and now, he was a flustered mess. 
You brushed your thumbs on his hands to help him relax. “It’s only a hypothetical question, Tenma-san. You don’t need to think too much about it.”
“Still, how did you even come up with that question?”
You wagged your index finger. “It’s not yet your turn to ask a question.”
“I can’t ask at all?!”
“That’s a question, Tenma-san.”
Tenma groaned, making you laugh. Then he scratched his head. “I’ll give the alien a map of Japan, I guess.”
You frowned. “I don’t know if they can understand our language though.” Then you shook your head. “Well, a map’s still a good choice!”
You squeezed his hands. “It’s your turn to ask a question, Tenma-san.”
Now that Tenma paid attention to it, you still used an honorific for him. It was progress compared to the early days wherein you called him by his last name. At that time, it was so awkward for him; it felt like you two were co-workers instead of lovers. But even now, he wanted you to be comfortable with him. With those thoughts, he said, “You know you could drop the honorific, right?”
You nodded. “I know. But I can’t just casually call someone who I really respect and admire.”
At the corner of your eye, you saw a pair of bloomed sunflowers near your side. You unclasped your hands from his and plucked the sunflowers. Giving one to him, you said with a tender smile, “To my sunflower who I adore.”
Muku tightly hugged his pillow to his chest. “That’s so romantic of (First Name)-san!”
“Yeah… but then she asked another random question for the game.” Tenma sighed at that. Then he looked at the next page. Red painted his cheeks as he saw a stolen shot of him eating your homemade sandwich.
“The sandwich is a triangle!” Misumi grinned.
“You’re right, Sumi! It is!” Kazunari patted him on the back. 
Meanwhile, Yuki pointed at the picture and said, “Hack, you eat like a kid. Look at the crumbs on your mouth.”
“It only happened during that time! Besides… (First Name)’s sandwich was delicious,” Tenma murmured the latter part as he munched on an onigiri.
As Tenma continued to tell what happened in the other photos, his gaze softened. He never thought that he would enter a romantic relationship and last this long. After all, school and his career demanded so much of his attention. But this scrapbook proved him wrong. It carried the many memories both of you made. If he had to choose his fondest memory of you, it would be you watching his performance. Tenma beamed with pride whenever he saw you laughing, crying, or overall getting hooked alongside the audience. It meant that Summer Troupe’s efforts paid off. Moreover, he got to express his gratitude towards you through his acting. Nonetheless, the ambitious actor would never stop improving and showing you the best performance. 
As Tenma flipped to another page, a photo fell out and landed beside Kazunari’s lap. The latter looked down and picked it up. Kazunari stopped chewing his onigiri, his jaw dropping in surprise. 
“OMG! Tenten, you look super cute!” Tenma had no time to react as Kazunari shoved the photo to his face. Tenma grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand out of the way. 
“Kazunari, what-” 
The orange-haired man froze. Out of all the pictures, why did you include this one in the scrapbook? It was a photo he definitely could not show to anyone without stripping his dignity away. But you were an exception since you begged for it as your birthday present. Still, you owning the photo did not mean you could put it without letting him know first! Anyone else could see it the moment the scrapbook landed at the dorm. And news traveled fast in a dorm with many people.
Misumi giggled. “It’s baby Tenma.”
“He doesn’t have the ‘Ore-sama’ air around him yet,” Yuki said as he stared at the photo.
Tenma snapped out of his trance and snatched the picture from Kazunari. "Oi! You don’t need to see it!” 
Misumi tilted his head in wonder. “But it was in the scrapbook.”
"Yeah, but still!" 
Then Muku noticed the black ink on the back of the polaroid. Tugging on Tenma’s sleeve, he said, “Tenma-kun, I think there’s something written at the back.”
Tenma begrudgingly flipped the photo on its back. He immediately recognized your handwriting that wrote the following message:
I hope your true friends will see all of your sides that I love, including this one. 
P.S., Merry Christmas, Tenma-san! I hope you like my gift ♡ 
Tenma covered his face with his hand, trying to fight off the smile forming on his lips.
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tappdancing · 4 days ago
Who was a lot more/less popular than u intially expected?
(I’m going off what I’ve seen in the EN server/fandom)
In summary:
Who’s more popular than I thought: Itaru, Muku, Misumi, Omi
Who’s less popular than I thought: Masumi, Tsuzuru, Tsumugi, Tasuku, Hisoka, Homare, Azuma, Kumon, Guy
For the record, I’d watched the Spring & Summer cour of the anime not knowing anything about A3!
Explanations below the cut
From the anime my thoughts on the Spring Troupe were:
Masumi’d be popular due to his trope but he’s not that popular
Tsuzuru would be very popular due to his relatable self. I was proven wrong...and I don’t think I’ve ever met any Tsuzuru stans either
Itaru was an ok character when I first met him, didn’t think he’d be super popular
From the anime, the Summer Troupe popularity thoughts:
Muku wouldn’t be quite popular as he’s quite a boring generic character (his character development was cut a lot which is why I thought this)
Misumi was an enigma, I didn’t expect as many fans as he has
After Spring & Summer ended I read the translation for Autumn & Winter
Thoughts on Autumn Troupe’s popularity:
Omi was a lot more popular than I thought he’d be
Thoughts on Winter Troupe’s popularity:
Tsumugi would be in a lot more of people’s main favourites due to his sweet, angel-like self
Azuma due to his interesting personality, but I’ve not come across many stans
Just Winter in general isn’t that popular though, I thought there’d be some more fans for all of them ^^;;
The Rookies:
Kumon, I thought he’d have a lot of fans due to his wholesome-ness but I’ve never met a Kumon stan
Guy due to the amazing development we get in the Greatest Journey but like most Winter Troupe characters, there aren’t many stans
But interesting question you have anon~
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little-ideas · 4 days ago
For all his admiring people in the company for princely, Muku’s really skipped on Taichi who, besides Tasuku and Citron, probably has the most experience acting princely.  Given Godza’s plays, and Taichi’s desire to be on their stage, he absolutely practiced the lines and tried to learn as much as he could about the roles for any small chance he could get.
He also has younger siblings and I bet they both had/are having their royalty phases, so Taichi would act make-believe while playing with them. Then one day Muku sees Taichi interacting with his siblings and now Taichi helps give Muku pointers and Muku joins in playing with his siblings
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