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#a3 kumon
xxxbookaholic · 23 hours ago
when azami plans dates, they’re super formal, like candlelit dinners, watching fireworks (2 feet apart from each other of course, because some things must wait until after marriage), and five star restaurants
kumon tries to live up to the fancy dates but most of his end up being baseball/soccer games, drive in movies w/ takeout, and picnics at the park
despite their very different tastes and ways of viewing relationships, they can’t imagine a single day they’d rather spend without the other.
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pandapillow · a day ago
Itaru & Kumon: I summon thee, aged Power of the Abyss, to eradicate this evil creation.
Their workload/homework: (PД`q。 ) ·。 ' ゜
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the-himawari · 2 days ago
A3! Hyodo Kumon - Translation [SR] Sparkling Snow Globe (2/2)
Tumblr media
*Please read disclaimer on blog; default name set as Izumi
Kumon: Done!
Taichi: Amazin’, Kyu-chan! It looks just like Juza-san!
Kumon: Hehe, it’s cause I’ve always been making my snowmen while imagining nii-chan’s face, see~.
Muku: That’s Kyu-chan for you. It really looks just like him!
Tumblr media
Misumi: Its eyes are triangles~!
Citron: Ohh… The norse twin* is getting intense...
Sakuya: Norse twin? Ah, the north wind, right!
Izumi: It’s gotten cold now, so how about we head back inside?
Taichi: Yep!
Misumi: ‘Ka~y!
Kumon: …
Izumi: Kumon-kun?
Kumon: I wonder if it’ll melt when tomorrow comes…
Tumblr media
Izumi: It’s a bit small, so there’s a chance it might melt, huh…
Kumon: Yeah, I thought so… Actually, I had a dream a moment ago.
Izumi: A dream?
Kumon: Yep. It was about a time I built a snowman together with nii-chan when I was little.
Izumi: Fufu, that sounds fun.
Kumon: We made it pretty huge when we built it together, so I didn’t think it would melt right away… But it was a goner when I went to check on it the next day… So that’s why I feel a little lonely when I have to leave my snowman.
Izumi: Yeah, it does feel a bit painful when the snowman you made yourself melts away...
Kumon: You're right about that…
Izumi: Ah, good morning, Juza-kun.
Juza: Mornin’. It snowed, huh?
Tumblr media
Izumi: Yeah. I made snowmen with Kumon-kun and the other guys last night.
Juza: I heard from Kumon. Sounds like you had fun.
Izumi: I also heard about the time you two made a snowman together when you were younger. But Kumon-kun seemed a little sad when he said the snowman you made melted right away.
Juza: Ahh, that reminds me that happened too… It rained that night, so the huge snowman we made didn’t last long.
Izumi: I see…
Juza: Back then, Kumon was cryin’ while sayin’ he wished unmeltable snow existed.
Izumi: (Unmeltable snow, huh…) Ah, I know!
Juza: ???
Izumi: He’s here. Kumon-kun.
Kumon: What’s up, Director?
Tumblr media
Izumi: I’m giving this to you.
Kumon: …? Is it ok if I open it?
Izumi: Of course.
Kumon: This is.. a snow globe? It’s sooo pretty! Ah, there’s a snowman inside!
Izumi: Fufu, this is a snowman that’s unmeltable.
Kumon: …! Director… You remembered my story that time! I’m suuuper happy!!
Izumi: I’m glad if it cheers you up.
Option 1: “The snow has piled up quite a bit now.”
Izumi: The snow has piled up quite a bit now.
Kumon: Yeah, it piled up a lot, so everyone in Summer troupe agreed to have a snowball fight together later!
Izumi: Oh, really—that sounds fun!
Kumon: Yep! Ah, join us too, Director!
Izumi: Can I? If you say so, then I guess I’ll join you guys.
Option 2: “Aren’t you cold over here?”
Izumi: Aren’t you cold over here?
Kumon: This much is fine! Plus, I try to eat food that warms up my body every day. Ah, there’s also stretches that warm you up easily, so I’ll teach them to Director too, next time!
Izumi: Sure, I might ask you about that…
Kumon: Anyways, this snow globe sure is beautiful. I think I could watch it forever and never get tired of it! And now I can meet this snowman 365 days of the year! Thanks, Director!
*Citron originally says "北影" (kita kage: north shadow), which Sakuya corrects as "北風" (kita kaze: north wind)
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gompereatsall · 2 days ago
Sakyo: You were supposed to do something about the raccoon under the porch.
Juza: We did.
Sakyo: ‘We?’
Kumon and Muku: We named him Rocket and he likes Fruit Loops :)
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jumukus · 2 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Epilogue: Full Speed Ahead Translation
Now that Trump the Phantom Thief play had completely wrapped, Muku focused on practicing for his relay race.
Tumblr media
Izumi: Good job on the play, guys! Cheers!
Muku: Good work, everyone!
Juza: Good work.
Azami: Man, we sure had a lot of people this time.
Banri: Especially on the last day.
Kazunari: Right, right~! Never would have thought real thieves would appear~!
Yuki: It's my first time receiving a letter of appreciation from the police.
Izumi: We even made it to the news. Did you see the "Bravo, Theater Man!" one?
Sakyo: It was also trending on social media. This is such a great promotion for us.
Kumon: Man, so jelly~! I wanted to catch the thieves with you guys!
Misumi: I also wanted to run with Muku~!
Banri: The heck, dude? If you want to run with him, you can do it anytime.
Izumi: (Now that we've done the mixed plays, our popularity has pretty much increased compared to before…)
(I guess that means we took a step closer towards the Fleur Award.)
Juza: Muku, you still have your race next, right? How's your practice going?
Muku: I'm doing really great. While I'm not as fast I used to be in the past, I'm slowly catching up.
I have a lot of fun joining the club activities after a long time. Please come and watch the race, guys. I'm going to do my very best.
Juza: Yea. Looking forward to that.
Tumblr media
Muku: ...Haah. Haah.
Three more trees--.
Kumon: Hey, Muku.
Juza: We brought some snacks.
Muku: Oh, you came!
Juza: Are you doing okay? You go practicing even on your day off.
Kumon: You can take it easy.
Muku: Thanks for the concern but I'm doing okay. My teammates have come up with an efficient training menu.
Kumon: Oh, okay.
Juza: Looks like you're getting along well with your fellow club members.
Muku: Yep. They're supporting me a lot.
I'll run around three more trees and take a break.
Kumon: Good luck!
...He looks like he's having fun.
Juza: Damn right. I'm glad he decided not to give up on track and field.
Kumon: Yeah.
Tumblr media
Muku: (Today is finally the day of the tournament…)
Juza: Muku. Good luck today.
Muku: ...Thank you. I'll be going, then!
Tumblr media
Kazunari: Oh. I see Mukkun.
Misumi: Heeeey, Muku~! Good luck~!
Kumon: He looked this way!
Yuki: Did he notice us?
Tenma: That aside, what a crowd.
Juza: I guess it's only to be expected since today is the final race.
Banri: Though we kinda stand out since we're the only group of men here.
Sakyo: Look who's talking.
Kazunari: Guys, look! Mukkun is the last runner!
Announcer: "First Lane, St. Flora High School--."
Izumi: I'm getting nervous just by watching.
Tumblr media
Muku: …
(I've got to show the result of my practice…)
(For Juchan and the others who always support me, and for my fellow club members who willingly welcomed me back.)
(And for the past me who had to quit track and field because of my injury.)
(I will run at full speed so that I will have no regrets later on…)
*gun sounds*
Muku: --.
Spectator A: Whoaa! Go, go~!
Spectator B: Do your best~!
Muku: (First runner…second runner… Good. The pace is great. Now the baton is in the third runner's hand--.)
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka!
Muku: Yeah!
Juza: Muku, run!
Muku: (Watch me, Juchan--.)
Announcer: First place, St. Flora High School!!
Muku: I did it…!
Track and Field Club Member A: Great job, Sakisaka!
Track and Field Club Member B: We won!
Muku: Yes!
Kumon: Hooray!
Misumi: You're amazing, Muku!
Kazunari: Grats, Mukkun~!
Juza: You did it, Muku.
Tumblr media
Track and Field Club Member A: Thanks for coming back, Sakisaka. It's thanks to you that we could win today's race.
Muku: I should be the one thanking you for giving me the chance to run again.
I'm so happy I got to practice with you all and won the tournament.
I can finally get rid of the regrets I felt that time.
*phone notification sounds*
Muku: ?
Juza: [I'll take you home if you're still there.]
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka, you're gonna ride the train too, right?
Muku: Ah, no. I'll take this road. Good bye, guys.
Track and Field Club Member A: Bye bye!
Tumblr media
Muku: Juchan!
Juza: Hey.
Muku: Sorry for making you wait. Where are the others?
Juza: I'm the only one here. They all said you were awesome and praised you a lot.
Muku: Ehehe.
Juza: I also thought you were so cool when I watched you run at full speed.
Muku: Thanks for watching until the end, Juchan.
I heard your voice when I was running.
Remember when I confronted the thieves at the cruise? I've gained strength because of your voice.
Your support is my driving force, Juchan.
Juza: You give me too much credit.
Muku: Remember when I just started track and field, you wished me good luck?
Back then, I couldn't talk to you like I do now since you seemed hard to approach, and that comment might not be a deal to you. But…
Your words gave me so much strength. I'd never thought you'd cheer me like that.
Juza: ...Did something like that happen?
Muku: It's such a precious event to me.
Juza: Well, I'm glad it could give you strength.
Let's go home. I heard Omi-san and Guy-san prepare something to celebrate your victory.
Muku: Seriously!?
Juza: By the way, the dessert will be special chocolate parfaits.
Muku: Wow! Can't wait to eat that!
Juza: Same.
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finch-writes · 2 days ago
summer troupe & back hugs
✧ summer troupe & reader / headcanons, fluff ✧ spring troupe / autumn troupe / winter troupe
tenma: Absolutely Not What The Hell Would He Do That For. kidding, mostly - but he is unlikely to hug you from behind. he will, however, spontaneously combust and then just kinda melt if you hug him from behind! please do it. it'll be funny.
yuki: listen, the closest you've gotten is being measured for a costume. not super comfortable with backpack hugs unless it's from one or two very specific people - but there is a tiny chance that he might as long as you don’t ever call attention to him doing it.
muku: generally only if he needs comfort, and it's mostly to get your attention so you can turn around and hug him properly. probably won't do it when there are others around because it's such an obvious show for "please help".
misumi: backpack hugs with his arms around your shoulders instead of your waist! congrats you now have a sumi cape. just drops his whole body weight into the hug dude what the fuck. loves being hugged from behind though!
kazunari: slightly more likely to come at you from the side and pull you in to him with an arm around your waist, but can definitely be known to hug from behind! another one that loves being backpack hugged.
kumon: PRIME OFFENDER. THIS JACKASS (AFFECTIONATE) WILL HUG YOU FROM BEHIND AND EVEN PICK YOU UP IF HE KNOWS YOU'RE COOL WITH IT. thinks it's hilarious, genuinely very cuddly, extremely chill with having it done to him. pats his cheek affectionately.
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xxxbookaholic · 3 days ago
juza being so fucking proud of kumon that he cries at the end first crush baseball’s last run
banri had never seen him truly, really cry until then. he was just ASTOUNDED by how much he cared for his brother - it really shined a new light on the hyodos.
azami overheard juza telling everybody stories about kumon’s childhood and came to join the crowd just for that, entertained by listening to it all in a way he could never have imagined. despite having not known kumon for too long, even he was so, so proud
kumon is too exhausted to be embarrassed, still running on adrenaline alone. more than anyone else, he’s proud of himself for getting so far. for the first time in years, he feels relaxed, like there isn’t anything he can’t do
the summer troupe loves kumon like family, just as he does them. they’re a group, no doubt about it. they are each other’s inspiration, light, joy, brothers. there’s not a thing they can’t do when they support each other.
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the-himawari · 3 days ago
A3! Hyodo Kumon - Translation [SR] Sparkling Snow Globe (1/2)
Tumblr media
*Please read disclaimer on blog; default name set as Izumi
Kumon: It's cold today too...
Tumblr media
Juza: Kumon, look outside.
Kumon: Outside? UWAH! It’s snowing! Nii-chan, I wanna build a snowman!
Juza: Sure. Then let’s go out for a bit?
Kumon: Yayyy!
Juza: Make sure you’re bundled up before you go out so you don’t catch a cold.
Kumon: Okaaay!
Kumon: And done! Look, look! I tried making the face look kinda like nii-chan!
Tumblr media
Juza: Do we look alike…?
Kumon: Ehh, I think you guys look super similar though!
Juza: I dunno if we look alike, but it came out pretty strong-lookin’, huh?
Kumon: Right!
Juza: …It’s gettin’ really cold out. Let’s head back in.
Kumon: Ok! We’ll see each other again tomorrow, Mr. snowman!
Kumon: Mornin’, Mr. snowman! I’ll make a friend for you today—. HUH!? The snowman melted… Even though I said I’d see him tomorrow…
Juza: …We can make another one.
Kumon: *Sniffle*… he came out so cool though…
Kumon: —HAH! (I fell asleep before I knew it… and I had a really nostalgic dream.) …Ah, it’s snowing! Hey, hey, Sumi-san, it’s snow—.
Tumblr media
Kumon: Ah, huh? He’s not here…
*door opens*
Misumi: Kumon~! It’s snowing. Everyone’s outside, so let’s head there together?
Kumon: I’ll go!
Kumon: Uwahh, it’s pure white…!
Sakuya: What is that, Citron-san?
Tumblr media
Citron: It’s a snow Kamekichi!
Taichi: That was Kamekichi!? I thought it was Akapoyo-kun…!
Izumi: Your snow bunny is adorable too, Muku-kun.
Muku: Ehehe, there just happened to be red berries around, so I tried making one. Attach them as the eyes and… done!
Misumi: Everyone, I brought Kumon over too~.
Tumblr media
Izumi: Ah, Kumon-kun! We’re making snowmen together right now.
Kumon: Snowmen…
Misumi: Wahh! Amazing, everyone, amaaazing! I’m going to make a triangle snowman~!
Taichi: But the snow hasn’t piled up at all yet~. The only snowmen we can make are tiny!
Citron: We can’t hold a snowfall fright* either!
Izumi: You mean a snowball fight?
Citron: That’s it!
Sakuya: When it piles up even more, I’d love to make a snow hut too!
Misumi: Let’s make a snowman together, Kumon~!
Kumon: Yeah!
*Citron originally says "雪ガッテン" (yuki gatten), which Izumi corrects as "雪合戦" (yuki gassen: snowball fight)
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usotranslations · 3 days ago
The Liar Night is Forever Event Story Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*door opens*
Chikage: I’m home.
Taichi: Ah, welcome home, Chikage-san!
Chikage: What’s everyone watching?
Tumblr media
Kazunari: It’s “Space Wars”.
Tsuzuru: It’s a sci-fi movie using state-of-the-art technology, it became popular recently.
Taichi: Aliens, who came to invade Earth, fight humans~!
Tumblr media
Tenma: It’s a fierce battle. Though, I don’t think humans can survive against them…
Tasuku: It kinda looks like an octopus, but the technology’s pretty advanced.
Homare: The humans do look quite odd!
Tumblr media
Azami: That’s not a human.
*door opens*
Izumi: It’s crowded in here… is everyone watching a sci-fi?
Tumblr media
Kumon: It’s really fun~! Watching with everyone!
Izumi: Is this Space Wars? It’s a little nostalgic.
Tsuzuru: The director of this movie has a new one coming out soon, and I heard it’s going to be streamed.
Chikage: The visual effects are rather realistic for this age. They created that alien from scratch? Bravo.
Sakyo: Seems like it costs a lot.
Azami: They use special effects makeup too, right? Those facial expressions are difficult to pull off with visual effects alone.
Homare: Hmm, to make an alien that doesn’t exist.
Taichi: Don’t say something so meta!
Izumi: Ah. Which reminds me, we got a performance request for something like this.
Sakyo: What’s the specifics?
Izumi: In short, it’s a story about extraterrestrial life forms and humans fighting for survival.
Taichi: Extraterrestrial life forms!? Like aliens, right!?
Kumon: That’s awesome!
Taichi: I’m so excited~!
Izumi: After someone saw some of our performances lately, we were approached to do a series of performances. It’s a collab with a college student and the cost is covered by a sponsored company so it’s a guarantee. The distribution of it is also covered, and I don’t see anything that could negatively impact us, I say we take it.
Sakyo: If you think so, then I see no reason we should decline. It could be a great opportunity. Accept it.
Izumi: Then, let’s decide the cast.
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xxxbookaholic · 3 days ago
Juza, turning around in his chair: Do you want to tell me where you've been all night?
Kumon: I was... with Azami!
Azami, also turning around in his chair: Think again.
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yukki-rurikawa · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
damn taichi back at it again with the lies 🤔
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icharchivist · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how did you not realize it was going to happen one day Banri 😭
Tumblr media
hc that Banri specifically wears triangles specifically for the rush. the danger. knowing he could be chased down at any time. just to feel something.
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tappdancing · 4 days ago
Who was a lot more/less popular than u intially expected?
(I’m going off what I’ve seen in the EN server/fandom)
In summary:
Who’s more popular than I thought: Itaru, Muku, Misumi, Omi
Who’s less popular than I thought: Masumi, Tsuzuru, Tsumugi, Tasuku, Hisoka, Homare, Azuma, Kumon, Guy
For the record, I’d watched the Spring & Summer cour of the anime not knowing anything about A3!
Explanations below the cut
From the anime my thoughts on the Spring Troupe were:
Masumi’d be popular due to his trope but he’s not that popular
Tsuzuru would be very popular due to his relatable self. I was proven wrong...and I don’t think I’ve ever met any Tsuzuru stans either
Itaru was an ok character when I first met him, didn’t think he’d be super popular
From the anime, the Summer Troupe popularity thoughts:
Muku wouldn’t be quite popular as he’s quite a boring generic character (his character development was cut a lot which is why I thought this)
Misumi was an enigma, I didn’t expect as many fans as he has
After Spring & Summer ended I read the translation for Autumn & Winter
Thoughts on Autumn Troupe’s popularity:
Omi was a lot more popular than I thought he’d be
Thoughts on Winter Troupe’s popularity:
Tsumugi would be in a lot more of people’s main favourites due to his sweet, angel-like self
Azuma due to his interesting personality, but I’ve not come across many stans
Just Winter in general isn’t that popular though, I thought there’d be some more fans for all of them ^^;;
The Rookies:
Kumon, I thought he’d have a lot of fans due to his wholesome-ness but I’ve never met a Kumon stan
Guy due to the amazing development we get in the Greatest Journey but like most Winter Troupe characters, there aren’t many stans
But interesting question you have anon~
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jutsuzuban · 4 days ago
“I don’t care that you’re sick– in fact, you need to be cuddled now, more than ever.” Masukyu... (also there's so many of these I could want to do uuuuu cute prompts)
Masumi lays on his bed, curled up under his comforter because he’s cold and sniffling.
God, he hated fevers. He hated being sick.
(At least he isn’t alone anymore.)
Masumi picks up their head and drops it back onto the pillow, bored out of their mind yet too tired to care. They want to sleep, but Tsuzuru said he’d come back with rice porridge for them, and their roommate had promised to sneak in a Vietnamese spring roll if no one was around to see him make it. Masumi didn’t care if Tsuzuru made one for him or not, and had said so as much as plainly as possible. Tsuzuru had just laughed and patted their head. Masumi had rolled away from it a second too slow.
The sick boy hears the door creak open, so pokes his head out to ask Tsuzuru what took him so long, wanting to bicker a bit to ease his boredom. Except, it’s Kumon at the door, a smile spread wide across his face. Masumi feels his cheeks warm at the sight of his boyfriend, ducking his head back under the covers to avoid being caught.
"You're not supposed to be here," Masumi says. He hears Kumon scoff and Masumi's bunk shakes a bit as Kumon climbs up the ladder.
"What do you mean? My partner's sick, so of course I came to see him! I can't let my boyfriend suffer alone." Masumi warms at Kumon's words, no matter how embarrassing they sound, because sometimes embarrassing is nice.
"What if you get sick?" Masumi asks, bringing his head back out from under the blanket to frown and hoping his nose isn't running. It would be bad to look gross in front of Kumon. The other boy hums as he flops into the empty space at the foot of Masumi's bed.
"I won't! I'm immune from the common fever." Kumon puffs out his chest, ridiculous since he's lying flat on his back. "Besides, I'm only here to talk with you! I haven't seen you all day."
"Yea, because I'm sick. Leave." Masumi doesn't mean for it to come out harsh, but it does, and he cringes as he ducks his head back under the safety of his blanket and sniffles. Kumon huffs, and Masumi thinks he's getting up to leave, but his bed keeps dipping, and suddenly Masumi finds himself tilting into something solid. Solid and warm. Kumon.
"I don't care if you're sick," Kumon declares. "In fact, I think you need a cuddle! Cuddling's always nice when you're sick." Warm arms that Masumi knows have many scratches and faded cuts on them wrap around him. Masumi squirms.
"You just said you only wanted to talk. You're going to get sick this way."
"We've got a blanket separating us! Plus, it gets lonely when you're sick. I don't want you to feel lonely." That's bordering a topic Masumi doesn't want to think about, so they decide to drop the subject and jab Kumon in the stomach lightly.
"Fine, only because you're so insistent," Masumi begrudgingly agrees. Kumon cheers.
"Awesome! Nii-chan and I did this a lot when one of us was sick. I kinda miss being a kid, but now we have Mankai! And I have you!" Masumi drops his head onto Kumon's chest, sighing contentedly as Kumon rambles on about his childhood, baseball, theatre and Summer Troupe; Masumi's warm.
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