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#a3 juza
unluckyamuleta day ago
reblogs appreciated a lot,,,
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Tumblr media
hey my commissions are open again! check my carrd for details :))) thank you for the support!
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kurr-dappyaa day ago
I think taichi can easily be part of akigumi's problem children w azami and banri and akigumi's goodbois with juza and omi.
He's the kind of kid Sakyo would feel conflicted punishing like: "... Well nanao looks apologetic enough... Atleast... " So he'll let him off the hook sometimes or give him lighter punishment. Azami and Banri are grounded for a week while Taichi for 3 days, because he has puppy eyes and says sorry 馃ズ
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screenshotsbyspring5152 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I LAUGHED SO HARD WHEN I SAW THIS. (all my screenshots here are from my personal game account) **I started Tumblr after in the middle of April. Sorry, this is not timely. A3! USERNAME: 515spring
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gompereatsall2 days ago
Sakyo: You were supposed to do something about the raccoon under the porch.
Juza: We did.
Kumon and Muku: We named him Rocket and he likes Fruit Loops :)
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jumukus2 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Epilogue: Full Speed Ahead Translation
Now that Trump the Phantom Thief play had completely wrapped, Muku focused on practicing for his relay race.
Tumblr media
Izumi: Good job on the play, guys! Cheers!
Muku: Good work, everyone!
Juza: Good work.
Azami: Man, we sure had a lot of people this time.
Banri: Especially on the last day.
Kazunari: Right, right~! Never would have thought real thieves would appear~!
Yuki: It's my first time receiving a letter of appreciation from the police.
Izumi: We even made it to the news. Did you see the "Bravo, Theater Man!" one?
Sakyo: It was also trending on social media. This is such a great promotion for us.
Kumon: Man, so jelly~! I wanted to catch the thieves with you guys!
Misumi: I also wanted to run with Muku~!
Banri: The heck, dude? If you want to run with him, you can do it anytime.
Izumi: (Now that we've done the mixed plays, our popularity has pretty much increased compared to before鈥)
(I guess that means we took a step closer towards the Fleur Award.)
Juza: Muku, you still have your race next, right? How's your practice going?
Muku: I'm doing really great. While I'm not as fast I used to be in the past, I'm slowly catching up.
I have a lot of fun joining the club activities after a long time. Please come and watch the race, guys. I'm going to do my very best.
Juza: Yea. Looking forward to that.
Tumblr media
Muku: ...Haah. Haah.
Three more trees--.
Kumon: Hey, Muku.
Juza: We brought some snacks.
Muku: Oh, you came!
Juza: Are you doing okay? You go practicing even on your day off.
Kumon: You can take it easy.
Muku: Thanks for the concern but I'm doing okay. My teammates have come up with an efficient training menu.
Kumon: Oh, okay.
Juza: Looks like you're getting along well with your fellow club members.
Muku: Yep. They're supporting me a lot.
I'll run around three more trees and take a break.
Kumon: Good luck!
...He looks like he's having fun.
Juza: Damn right. I'm glad he decided not to give up on track and field.
Kumon: Yeah.
Tumblr media
Muku: (Today is finally the day of the tournament鈥)
Juza: Muku. Good luck today.
Muku: ...Thank you. I'll be going, then!
Tumblr media
Kazunari: Oh. I see Mukkun.
Misumi: Heeeey, Muku~! Good luck~!
Kumon: He looked this way!
Yuki: Did he notice us?
Tenma: That aside, what a crowd.
Juza: I guess it's only to be expected since today is the final race.
Banri: Though we kinda stand out since we're the only group of men here.
Sakyo: Look who's talking.
Kazunari: Guys, look! Mukkun is the last runner!
Announcer: "First Lane, St. Flora High School--."
Izumi: I'm getting nervous just by watching.
Tumblr media
Muku: 鈥
(I've got to show the result of my practice鈥)
(For Juchan and the others who always support me, and for my fellow club members who willingly welcomed me back.)
(And for the past me who had to quit track and field because of my injury.)
(I will run at full speed so that I will have no regrets later on鈥)
*gun sounds*
Muku: --.
Spectator A: Whoaa! Go, go~!
Spectator B: Do your best~!
Muku: (First runner鈥econd runner鈥 Good. The pace is great. Now the baton is in the third runner's hand--.)
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka!
Muku: Yeah!
Juza: Muku, run!
Muku: (Watch me, Juchan--.)
Announcer: First place, St. Flora High School!!
Muku: I did it鈥!
Track and Field Club Member A: Great job, Sakisaka!
Track and Field Club Member B: We won!
Muku: Yes!
Kumon: Hooray!
Misumi: You're amazing, Muku!
Kazunari: Grats, Mukkun~!
Juza: You did it, Muku.
Tumblr media
Track and Field Club Member A: Thanks for coming back, Sakisaka. It's thanks to you that we could win today's race.
Muku: I should be the one thanking you for giving me the chance to run again.
I'm so happy I got to practice with you all and won the tournament.
I can finally get rid of the regrets I felt that time.
*phone notification sounds*
Muku: ?
Juza: [I'll take you home if you're still there.]
Track and Field Club Member A: Sakisaka, you're gonna ride the train too, right?
Muku: Ah, no. I'll take this road. Good bye, guys.
Track and Field Club Member A: Bye bye!
Tumblr media
Muku: Juchan!
Juza: Hey.
Muku: Sorry for making you wait. Where are the others?
Juza: I'm the only one here. They all said you were awesome and praised you a lot.
Muku: Ehehe.
Juza: I also thought you were so cool when I watched you run at full speed.
Muku: Thanks for watching until the end, Juchan.
I heard your voice when I was running.
Remember when I confronted the thieves at the cruise? I've gained strength because of your voice.
Your support is my driving force, Juchan.
Juza: You give me too much credit.
Muku: Remember when I just started track and field, you wished me good luck?
Back then, I couldn't talk to you like I do now since you seemed hard to approach, and that comment might not be a deal to you. But鈥
Your words gave me so much strength. I'd never thought you'd cheer me like that.
Juza: ...Did something like that happen?
Muku: It's such a precious event to me.
Juza: Well, I'm glad it could give you strength.
Let's go home. I heard Omi-san and Guy-san prepare something to celebrate your victory.
Muku: Seriously!?
Juza: By the way, the dessert will be special chocolate parfaits.
Muku: Wow! Can't wait to eat that!
Juza: Same.
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finch-writes2 days ago
autumn troupe & back hugs
鉁 summer troupe & reader / headcanons, fluff 鉁 spring troupe / summer troupe / winter troupe
banri: a fiend, if only in private. has a reputation to maintain outwardly but he's a sucker for physical affection, presses his face into the back of your neck and just chills there when he needs a moment and he knows nobody else is around. makes snarky comments when you do it to hi,.
juza: a little awkward with the practise of it, but likes the concept and how it feels to hug you from behind. he's very solid and that's comforting, likes when you put your hands over his around your waist. remarkably chill with being hugged too, but prefers to be the one hugging.
taichi: also a little awkward but Enthusiasm Edition. pulls you backwards a little bit when he does pull you in for a hug like this. likes chilling like that while you talk about your days! on the flip side, hell yes he'd like a backpack hug, thanks.
omi: PRIME OFFENDER NUMBER TWO. THIS JACKASS (also affectionate) KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HE鈥橲 DOING. sets his chin on your shoulder/head so he can see what you're up to and just chats while he has his arms around you, 100% aware you're a little distracted.
sakyo: no.* *i am mostly kidding, he's a very affection-behind-closed-doors person and is likely to just pull you into a hug properly if he wants one that badly. does not mind backpack hugs, again, as long as it's behind closed doors
azami: NO?* *if hand holding is for after marriage what makes you think you鈥檙e getting in hugging range?
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xxxbookaholic3 days ago
Juza, turning around in his chair: Do you want to tell me where you've been all night?
Kumon: I was... with Azami!
Azami, also turning around in his chair: Think again.
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jumukus4 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Episode 10 Translation
Muku offered to help when Saionji and the ship crew ran into problems.
Tumblr media
Saionji: One of the evacuation boats is gone?
Guard: Yes. It was still there when I checked yesterday鈥
Saionji: If Sakisaka-kun didn't let me know, I would think of it as nothing but a mere incident. But now there's a chance it may be related to the thieves.
Sakyo: They may use the boat to escape.
Yuki: Makes sense.
Banri: But judging by what Muku said, I assume they will carry out their plan tomorrow during the unveiling. Does that mean they stole the boat and made some preparation in advance?
Azami: Or they might have noticed someone find out about their plan and decided to steal it earlier鈥
Muku: In that case, we have to catch the thieves quickly before they steal the jewel!
Saionji: That will be the police and the guards' job.
In the first place, they're probably blending in with the other passengers. We can't just catch people randomly.
Muku: I know how they look.
A man, and a woman who may be an accomplice鈥 I'm begging you. Please let me help.
Saionji: But鈥
Izumi: I can't put you in danger, Muku-kun.
Muku: Saionji-san, you have been looking out for us a lot to make sure we don't have any problems during our stay here.
You have been helping us so that we could perform at an unfamiliar place like this鈥 I'm grateful that you offered such a request.
I want to do whatever I can to help you protect the thing you treasure.
I'll regret it if I don't do anything and let the jewel be stolen.
Juza: Director, let Muku do what he wants. I'll protect him.
Banri: It's not like the cops are going to arrive soon, anyway. If you want to catch them for real, his help is necessary.
Azami: I'll help out too if Muku-san is serious about it.
Yuki: It's not like Trump to let the jewel be stolen without doing anything.
Kazunari: Yepyep! The treasure is ours~!
Sakyo: God. Fine, fine.
Muku: You guys鈥
Izumi: Promise me you will run away once you know it's dangerous.
Muku: Yes.
Izumi: Saionji-san, will you let us help you out?
Saionji: I'm actually hesitant about this, but I have to admit Sakisaka-kun's testimony is very important during this time.
I'll let you help too. However, you have to be very careful and move along with the guards.
I'll contact the police again. And if possible, I want to avoid causing confusion among the other passengers鈥
Muku: Oh. In that case鈥
Tumblr media
Suspicious Man: 鈥
Female Passenger?: ?
Muku: "I shall take this treasure first."
Suspicious Man: ...You!?
Female Passenger?: Hey, wait!
He did hear it. I made a mistake by letting him go.
Muku: (She's really an accomplice鈥)
Juza: Muku, run!
Muku: --.
Tumblr media
Muku: Haah...Haah鈥
Suspicious Man: Don't let him get away!
Passenger A: Kyaa!
Passenger B: What is it? An actor?
Passenger C: Is this the continuation of the play? A performance?
Kazunari: "King, over here~!"
Muku: "--."
(I only need to run until there鈥!)
Kazunari: "Q. Get the net over there."
Yuki: "I've already had it in my hands."
Muku: "Hey, you two, lift it up!"
Kazunari: "Okey dokey~!"
Yuki: "Too heavy鈥!"
Suspicious Man: Whoaa!?
Female Passenger?: --ugh.
Guard: We secured the criminals!
Female Passenger?: Shit.
Saionji: Sakisaka-kun, can you confirm if they are the right persons?
Muku: Yes, that's them.
"But the other person should be a woman."
Female Passenger?: I'm just like Q.
Guard: The police are here!
Passenger A: So they're holding a performance outside the theater venue.
Passenger B: That was interesting!
Muku: T-Thank you very much!
Kazunari: Thank you~.
Tumblr media
Saionji: I really appreciate your help today. You helped me a lot.
It's all thanks to you all that I am able to protect this gem.
We also managed to avoid confusion between the passengers. They were all calm. Your idea to pretend to hold a performance worked, Sakisaka-kun.
Muku: Will the unveiling be cancelled after this incident鈥?
Saionji: Because we didn't suffer any damages, it won't be cancelled. I'd like to hold the event as planned while consulting the police.
Allow me to offer my gratitude once again.
Muku: T-There's no need鈥!
Saionji: I shall take my leave now. I have to do some cleaning up and prepare for tomorrow.
Juza: Muku, are you injured anywhere?
Muku: I'm fine. It's a good thing the thieves are caught.
Juza: You worked hard.
Muku: --.
Juza: ...Good luck on track and field.
Muku: ...Yes!
Juza: What's wrong?
Muku: ...It's nothing.
I could help them out because Juchan and the others backed me up.
Thank you.
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shirasuchiru4 days ago
one of my fav muku x juza conversation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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soimplayinga34 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Messages for Children's Day from the Autumn Troupe 2021 (A3! Eng Server) / Spring Troupe / Summer Troupe / Winter Troupe
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jumukus4 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Episode 9 Translation
Muku accidentally overheard something bad on the last day of Trump the Phantom Thief run.
Tumblr media
Izumi: Today is finally the closing show鈥 Time flies, as always.
Muku: I still want to continue both this cruise and play!
Juza: I don't want it to end.
Yuki: Living in this ship is really comfortable.
Azami: Not only the theater venue, but the mirror in the dressing room is huge.
Kazunari: I wanna go around the world at this rate~.
Sakyo: How long are you planning to keep this plan, god.
Banri: I've gotta admit I feel kind of sad today is our last show, though.
Kazunari: Oh, yeah! Let's take a pic at the deck to commemorate our closing show!
Tumblr media
Kazunari: It came out great~.
Sakyo: It feels like we're still on the stage since we're still wearing our costumes.
Juza: I can't get away from Jack.
Banri: It's not everyday we get to perform a play set at a similar location as our venue, after all.
Kazunari: This looks so Inste worthy! Gotta upload it~.
Yuki: By the way, the jewel showcase is tomorrow, right?
Sakyo: We're getting off this ship after that. You better start packing now.
Izumi: Let's head back to the dressing room. You all need to change.
Muku: 鈥
Izumi: Muku-kun?
Muku: Oh, sorry. Can I stay here a bit longer?
I want to stay in this King getup a little bit longer鈥
Izumi: But make sure not to come back late, alright?
Muku: Okay.
Tumblr media
Muku: 鈥
(I was surprised when I got casted as King. I've never thought I could pull it off.)
(But I was able to be more confident, little by little, as I continued performing various roles on the stage.)
(Everyone's support helped me gain the desire to try new things.)
(I'm glad I decided to try taking on a role I love and ran through the performance until the end.)
(I might have a hard time deciding if I should go back to track and field, but I shall challenge myself so that I won't regret it in the future.)
(I took a step forward, just like the time when I started theater鈥)
I should go back soon.
Tumblr media
Muku: (I'm a little bit thirsty鈥)
(Let's go buy something at the vending machine. Maybe I should buy the strawberry milk too since Juchan likes it鈥)
Suspicious Man: ...It's going as planned.
Muku: ?
(Why is that person making a call while looking around restlessly鈥)
Suspicious Man: ...The security will be tightened if we miss the unveiling.
Muku: (Unveiling?)
Suspicious Man: We'll get close to the target when the audience is thrown into confusion鈥 The escape route is鈥
Muku: --.
(Is he talking about something bad鈥)
Female Passenger: What's wrong?
Muku: !?
Female Passenger: Are you alright? Are you looking for something?
Muku: U-Umm鈥 The vending machine鈥
Female Passenger: The vending machine?
Muku: (This is bad. We'll get caught by that suspicious person if we stay here.)
I was on my way to buy some juice, but I forgot to bring money.
Female Passenger: Oh no.
Muku: I will go back to the dressing room.
Female Passenger: All right. By the way, you're one of the actors from the play, right? Your acting was so great. Best of luck to you.
Muku: Thank you so much!
Tumblr media
Yuki: Welcome back.
Banri: You sure took your time.
Saionji: I think the preparation for the closing party is going to be complete soon.
Muku: 鈥
Juza: What's up?
Muku: Umm鈥! I have something to tell you guys!
Tumblr media
Izumi: Thieves, you say!?
Azami: Seriously?
Kazunari: That totes sounds like a crime plan!
Yuki: Wish that only happened in the play, not in real life too.
Muku: I don't think I misheard what he said鈥
Saionji: I shall use all proper caution and contact the police. I'll also re-examine the guards station.
Muku: If there's anything we can help--.
Saionji: It鈥檒l be bad if anything happens to you. I appreciate the thought, though.
Banri: You should think about your own safety instead, Muku.
Kazunari: True. If he finds out that his plan has been leaked, he's going to gag you.
Muku: Ah!
Saionji: Just to be safe, I'll assign someone to guard you.
Juza: Did someone notice when you heard about the plan?
Muku: I don't think she noticed but a female passenger was talking to me. She complimented my performance.
Sakyo: I hope she's not an accomplice.
Muku: 鈥
*door knocks*
Guard: Saionji-san, this is bad!
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a-wild-inky-boi4 days ago
Anyway I saw this scenario and
Tumblr media
I drew it shittily
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm sorry for the level of cursed
(also go look at the hell that is the McMankai Instagram thing it's hilarious)
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imaginesfora35 days ago
17鉂 for Juza ,please , if you don't mind馃槉
Hyodo Juza:聽
17.聽鈾 What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?
Good baker.聽
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jumukus5 days ago
A3! Event: Trump the Phantom Thief Episode 8 Translation
Play time! A heads up on the characters' names:
Muku: King Yuki: Q Kazunari: Ace Juza: Jack Banri: Fox Sakyo: Club
Tumblr media
Saionji: Muku-kun, how are you doing? Are you getting seasick?
Muku: I'm doing alright, thank you. Oh, and the room is so beautiful.
Saionji: I am glad it is to your liking. We purposely built the suite rooms in a place where you can't feel the ship's motion.
I am planning to take every possible measure for the theater venue as well, though do not hesitate to let me know if you are unsatisfied with anything.
Muku: I will. Thank you.
Kazunari: Dude, not only the suite rooms are superbs, but to think we also get a whole staff to ourselves鈥! We can even get the beverages here as many times we like!
Yuki: True. The service is just so good it surprised me.
Sakyo: Don't get too engrossed in these service or you'll be havin' a hard time once we return to Mankai Company.
Izumi: You have a point鈥
Banri: I don't wanna go back.
Juza: ...I'm thirsty.
Muku: Wanna get some beverages in our rooms?
Juza: No, it's fine. Our rooms are far from here.
Azami: There's a lot of vending machines there. I think they have your favorite strawberry milk.
Juza: I'll go get it.
Tumblr media
Muku: 鈥
Izumi: (Today is finally our opening show. I knew it. They all seem pretty nervous because we're going to perform in a different venue.)
Juza: 鈥
Izumi: (Juza-kun looks stiff.)
Kazunari: OK, guys! We've gotta form a circle in times like this!
Banri: Be more specific. What d'you mean by "in times like this"?
Yuki: Bet you already thought of what kind of circle you wanna do.
Kazunari: Righty right! Since our play is about phantom thieves, we all should strike a phantom thief pose!
Sakyo: The heck is that?
Kazunari: No complaining! Just follow me!
Yuki: Fine. Fine.
Juza: ...Muku, do the chant.
Muku: First things first, I'm sorry for causing you guys troubles when I was at a loss of what to do.
I don't want to give up on all the things I want to do. I've decided to do everything I can in all of them.
I'll run through until the end. Follow me, guys!
Juza: Yeah!
Kazunari: Okie!
Banri: Yea.
Tumblr media
Q: "It's as musty as always."
Ace: "Clean it up."
Q: "How about you do it?"
Ace: "No way. Geez. This place used to be clean, wonder what happened to it."
Q: "That's because we had a clean-freak before."
Ace: "Okay. Leader, you do the cleaning."
King: "I think it's pretty clean, though."
Q: "Seriously?"
Ace: "Should've known a messy room owner like Leader would say something like that."
Q: "Anyway. Since this is the first time we gathered here after a year, that means you've already set our next target, right? Let's cut to the chase already."
King: "Our next target will be "Mermaid's Tears", a 12-carat diamond."
"It's going to be sold during an auction held at the Royal Star cruise. It's one of the event's highlights and expected to sell for 6 billion."
Ace: "Woo-hoo."
Q: "Heh. Interesting."
King: "Royal Star is currently hiring staff. Q."
Q: "Got it. That means I have to sneak in as one of their staff members, right?"
King: "Ace, get close to the ship's captain and collect information."
Ace: "Roger."
Izumi: (I expect no less from Summer Troupe. They have great teamwork. I can totally feel it.)
(Not to mention Muku-kun's King is able to unite them as a leader.)
Tumblr media
Q: "I'm in charge of the rooms in Block A鈥 Laundry and鈥 Ugh. What a hassle."
"This isn't my job in the first place, after all. If that person were here--."
Crew Member: "Are you new here? You seem lost."
Q: "Yes. I don't think I can get out of this place if I lose the map."
Crew Member: "You can ask anyone if there's anything you don't understand."
Q: "Thank you."
Crew Member: "What's wrong?"
Q: "I think I saw someone over there--."
Crew Member: "But there's only a garbage can over there. Is it a ghost or something?"
Q: "Hey. Stop. I don't like it."
"Hm? A letter?"
"Could this be--I have to report to King."
Tumblr media
King: "I'll take the Mermaid's Tears--Jack."
Ace: "Can't believe he's aiming for the same thing."
Q: "Him and King sure are compatible in a strange way."
Ace: "Even though their personalities are the exact opposite of each other."
Q: "What are we going to do now?"
Ace: "Guess we're gonna have a change of pla--."
King: "We'll continue the operation."
Q: "Come again!?"
Ace: "So you mean we're gonna compete with Jack?"
King: "I will not send out this notice. Let's call it a direct confrontation between Trump and Jack."
Q: "Whaaaat!?"
Tumblr media
Jack: "Weird. The cops aren't on the move."
"Hm? Where's my noti--."
"It's been a while. How about a reunion? At The Mermaid's Tears' chamber. Trump."
"King, huh鈥 It's just so like him to do something like this. Fine. Let's have a showdown."
Tumblr media
Fox: "Here. I got what you wanted, the Royal Star's blueprint."
King: "It is indeed the blueprint."
Fox: "I got you some addition as well. This one is a lil bit pricey."
King: "Figured as much."
Fox: "What are you going to do with this information, though?"
King: "It's prohibited to poke your nose into your client's private life."
Fox: "Oops. My bad. I was curious since you rarely asked for something like this. Oh, yeah. Your master said he wanted to see you."
King: "Club? I wonder why. I'll try contacting him."
Club: "I'm comin' in."
Fox: "Speak of the devil."
King: "Long time no see."
Club: "Perfect timing. Are you free now?"
Club: "I'm goin' to retire soon. Take whatever you need."
King: "Retire? Are you serious?"
Club: "My body is startin' to fall apart. It's an age thing. Tell this to Ja--Oh, right. I heard you two broke up."
King: "You made it sound like we're dating. Please don't do that. He just decided to quit my group on his own."
Club: "Y'all never change. Here I thought you'd keep workin' together. That's what you call youth, I guess."
King: "To be honest with you, I'd also never thought he would betray me."
Club: "Looking at that guy, I think he's in his rebellious phase rather than betrayal."
King: "Rebellious phase?"
Club: "He's got some strong sense of rivalry, y'know? Add that with the fact that he's never won against you."
"He must be jealous of you. You're a genius, while he can only do things in a crude way."
King: "Really? I like his way of doing things, though."
Club: "That's exactly why you're hated. Oh, well. You better make up before I die."
King: "Please tell that to him too. You're going to meet him after this anyway, right?"
Club: "You're right. Guess I'm also gonna tell him directly. Both of you are my most excellent apprentices, after all."
King: "Please take this as my present for your retirement. This one is 40 years old."
Club: "You sure are well prepared."
King: "I was actually planning to use it for the celebration party, though."
"--Oh, right. If you're going to retire, please give me that. You know, the 'Venus Ring'."
Club: "I refuse."
Fox: "Welcome. Man, I guess we've got a lot of 'speak of the devil' moment today."
Jack: "What are you saying?"
Fox: "Nope. Forget it. Anyway, this is your requested uniform and safe."
Jack: "Thanks."
Fox: "Oh, yea. Your master said he wanted to see you. Why don't you give him a call?"
Jack: "Long time no see."
Club: "Hey. Is it just me or did you lose some weight?"
Jack: "What do you want to talk about?"
Club: "I'm gonna retire soon. Take whatever you need."
Jack: "Whatever you need, huh. By the way, the 'Venus Ring'..."
Club: "Y'all really have the same taste. I ain't gonna give it out. I sent it to the right place."
Jack: "By y'all鈥 Do you mean King?"
Club: "You should just go back and regroup with him."
Jack: "I'll never go back until I win against him."
Club: "What a pig-headed kid. So? You see any chance to accomplish that?"
Jack: "I have a feeling we're finally going to settle this soon."
Club: "Heh. You seem confident."
Jack: "Because I've made arrangements ahead of time."
Club: "That's so you. You still look as gloomy as ever, though. Why don't you go soaking up the sun in some warm places in the south once in a while?"
Jack: "No--But you have a point. Maybe I'll do that once this is over."
Club: "Do that. And make up with King."
Jack: "...It depends on him."
Tumblr media
Guard A: "Wait there."
Guard B: "This place is restricted to authorized personnel."
Q: "'Mermaid's Tears' has been carried away."
King: "Got it. Looks like they put it at the expected place."
Q: "How about the security? Can you unlock it?"
King: "I've already made preparation for that. We just need to see how things will turn out."
Ace: "Hey, wait a sec. Please, King."
King: "Find out the schedule for the guards' lookout."
Q: "Ugh. What a pain. Why do I have to do this鈥"
Q: "The guard will change at 1 P.M. The key will only be handed over when a substitute comes."
King: "So we need that key and the password that the captain has to unlock the door."
Q: "Ace, gain some time for us."
Ace: "Roger. Leave it to me."
Q: "Don't screw up."
Ace: "Hey, good work."
Guard A: "You're here sooner than I thought."
Ace: "Boss said my shift would start 30 minutes earlier since I'm always late, you see. Today I got here on time, though."
"Oh. Don't tell me you're gonna get scolded if you end your shift early? Wanna have some chat for thirty minutes then? Man, being a guard sure is easy."
"I actually want to increase my shift more, you know. But I don't reall--."
Guard A: "No, it's fine. I'll end my shift now. Bye."
Ace: "Oh. Okay, then. Bye."
Ace: "Mission complete. It's your turn now, King."
King: "Let's see, now. This is unexpectedy such a hassle~."
Ace: "I'm glad you seem to be having fun but please hurry up."
Q: "It's almost been thirty minutes."
King: "Just a little bit more鈥"
Q: "The guard is coming."
King: "I'm counting on you, Ace."
Ace: "Hey.."
Guard B: "Hm?"
Ace: "Ouch ouch ouch鈥"
Guard B: "What's wrong?"
Ace: "Oh, are you the substitute? Thank God. I'm starting to panic since my stomach is killing me. Good bye!"
Guard B: "Hey, wait, the key--."
Ace: "Key? Oh, right. I've gotta hand it ove--ouch ouch ouch."
Guard B: "Hey, you okay?"
Ace: "Wait a minute. Just until I calm down. Ouch ouch ouch鈥"
Guard B: "F-For now, just go to the toilet first."
Ace: "Don't think that's possible. I feel like it's gonna come out once I move."
Guard B: "Whaaat!?"
Ace: "Do you have some medicine or anything?"
Guard B: "No, sorry鈥"
Ace: "Can you bring me one from the infirmary? I'm on the edge here."
Guard B: "O-Okay! Wait a little bit!"
Ace: "King, you better open it now."
King: "...Weird. We may not make it."
Ace: "Come again!?"
King: "Oh, I got it. This one."
"...Nice. It opens!"
"Q, carry it out. Let's retreat."
Q: "Got it."
Guard B: "Hey, I have the medicine!"
Ace: "Very thanks, man. Here, your key! I'll leave the rest to you."
Guard B: "Yeah. Hope you recover soon."
Tumblr media
King: "...This is weird. Jack didn't come in the end."
Q: "Maybe he realized it's impossible to go against phantom thieves."
King: "No. That guy鈥"
Police: "Freeze! We're police!"
King: "--."
Q: "!?"
Ace: "Since when!?"
King: "We're being set up. Q, throw the 'Mermaid's Tears' to the sea."
Q: "Huh!? Do you hear yourself now!?"
King: "Do it now. We'll escape the moment the police look away."
Ace: "You're lying, right!?"
King: "Quick."
Q: "You're the one who told me to do it, alright!"
Police: "H-Hey! The jewel! Pick it up, quick!"
King: "Let's go!"
Police: "Wait!"
Tumblr media
Q: "What do we do now!? All of our hardship went to waste!"
Ace: "Our 6 billion鈥"
King: "That was a fake jewel Jack had prepared."
Q: "What?"
King: "Jack had stolen 'Mermaid's Tears' in advance and replaced it with a fake one."
"He was the one who snitched on us."
Narration: "The day before鈥"
Guard A: "Hey, what's wrong?"
Jack: "No, it's just鈥 the engine鈥"
Guard A: "Hold on, hold on. If there's any trouble, you better do something about it or else it'll get worse later on. If we're liable for the damages鈥"
Jack: "There's smoke coming out!"
Guard A: "Say what!?"
Jack: "Stay away from the car!"
Guard B: "Whoa!"
Guard A: "C-Call the fire station! Wait, we gotta get the safe first!"
Guard B: "Hey, is it okay?"
Jack: "Yeah. The smoke disappeared. I found no issues with the machine too."
Guard A: "That means the safe is alright, yeah? God. Give me a break. We almost carry it away ahead of time."
Q: "So that's why Jack didn't show up鈥"
Ace: "He really got us! I already thought it was weird for the police to appear at times like that!"
Q: "Ugh. Even if the police didn't appear, Jack still won since he already got the 'Mermaid's Tears' before us."
King: "I wonder about that."
King: "He hasn't made any changes in his base. Well, isn't he a little careless鈥"
"Even his security system is so weak."
"Hm? A card?"
"'Out of respect of Master's retirement, I will hand over the victory.'"
"Don't be satisfied with second place. You could have taken measures if you know there's a chance it'll get stolen. Oh, well. I'll accept your kind offer鈥"
Jack: "..."
"He really came鈥"
King: "Hey."
Jack: "--ugh. Why are you still here, King?"
King: "It's been a long time, I want to renew our friendship. I even brought alcohol with me."
Jack: "This is why you're hated."
King: "But you don't hate me, do you?"
Jack: "How did you find out?"
King: "I got some information about you from Fox. It helped me understand your strategy to some extent."
Jack: "In that case, why did you fall into the trap?"
King: "Because, otherwise, you won't move forward as planned. I'll be troubled if you're on your guard."
"I could narrow down your base thanks to the location device I planned on the alcohol I gave to Club. The rest is my intuition."
Jack: "I can never bring myself to like you in the end."
King: "Now, now. Let's have a toast for the 'Mermaid's Tears'. Q and Ace are waiting."
Izumi: (This is the only scene where Jack and King talk face to face. Even so, you can tell how close they are just by watching this scene alone.)
(Maybe because they are cousins, they can create a unique relationship between rivals who understand each other the most.)
Muku: Thank you so much!
Juza: Thank you.
Sakyo: Thank you.
Yuki: Thank you.
Kazunari: Thankies thankies~!
Banri: Thank you.
Sakyo: The audience's reaction on our first show is great.
Juza: King was so cool.
Muku: Jack was even cooler! The fact that he's active behind the scenes is just so Juchan!
Juza: I can also feel the gap between King, a sharp person with a gentle look, and you, Muku.
Muku: I-Is that so? Ehehe. But your Jack鈥
Azami: They're going to be like that forever at this rate.
Yuki: When are you going to stop?
Banri: But well, it was good overall. Right?
Kazunari: Totally! Their chemistry was just perfect on the stage, even the audience was pleased!
Izumi: Let's keep this energy until the closing show!
Muku: Yes!
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