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#a3 imagines
nanamisflowerfield · 38 minutes ago
idk why but i just love these three so much. Can I have tenma, yuki, and kazu with a s/o who's a kpop idol/trainee??
Of course!~ I hope that you like it! Have a great day!~
Tumblr media
🌻 You were a kpop idol?! Wow! Then Tenma and you had one thing in common and that was your popularity! While your boyfriend was an actor of theatre and movies and very known in Japan, you sung your great music during concerts and had a big fanbase! Many people all over the world knew you!
🌻 He is very proud to have such a great and talented s/o! Like you were so cool and creative!
🌻 Sometimes you two help each other with some movements. As a great actor, Tenma knows how to stay and move on stage, which is why he will always try to help you and appreciate your help too.
🌻 He talks to you about your music and is smiling happily, whenever the orangehead may listen to one of your songs.
Tumblr media
🧵 Denies that he hummed one of your songs and walks off, so he can cool down his blushing face.
🧵 He is like many other ones, very supportive. So supportive, that he will make all your costumes and help you with your clothes! His s/o just has to look great!
🧵 Secretly listens to your songs, when he is all alone and misses you, while you are singing on concerts.
🧵 Shoots many photos of you, when Yuki sees you on magazines, posters or merch. Especially, when you were his designed clothes!
Tumblr media
📱 Kazunari will make so many photos and selfies of and with you! He just wants to show the world who you belong to and what a great and famous s/o he has!
📱 During some instablam stories, your music will be in the background or will be hummed by him!
📱 The blond actor will visit your concerts and film you. (He will also try to sing the song, but his Korean is a little bit too bad… But he will try his best to learn the language for you!)
📱 Smiles like a sweet corgi, when you talk about your concerts or when he sees you winking at him during your songs and photo shootings.
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keylimedye · 8 hours ago
A3! Boys and Their Signature Scents
An exploration of the vast world of perfume via A3! boys. Most scents are from independent perfume houses, and all descriptions were taken from their websites, which are linked.
Library Ghost: studious marshmallows surrounded by books, ink, and polished wood
Memoriam: An olfactory ode to love and loss. Heirloom roses, memories wrapped in woodsmoke, a scattering of ashes. Contains an infusion of Balm of Gilead - an ancient herb for dispelling sadness and soothing sorrowful hearts.
Whisper Your Bitter Things: pressed coffee beans, dried clove bud + cassia bark, jasmine and neroli blossoms, roasted vanilla pods
Achievement Unlocked: A bold blend of Mahogany and Merlot with tart elderberry and a single long-stemmed rose. Wear this sumptuous scent to amplify your confidence and hone your skills. Anoint the tools of your trade to move you swiftly toward success.
Sadzi: An energetic brightness of mandarin orange, tangelo citrus, tart key limes, calamondin, pommello, bergamot, and fig tea infused in sparking lemongrass musk.
Drakon: Dragon's blood incense, coriander, vetiver root, ambergris, green cardamom, bergamot leaves, Talamanca del Caribe peppercorns, spice viburnum, and freshly steeped Darjeeling tea.
Ambre Gris: A rare blend of proprietary perfumery ingredients carefully oxidized by sunlight, sand, air, sea salt, water, and ocean minerals. The result is as changeable and morphing as the ocean... earthy, sweet, musky, saline.
Quokka: A cheerful blend for comfort and interpersonal connection. Fig tree, twice-toasted gingerbread, tan suede, and manuka honey. Wear to dissolve social anxiety, attract friendly people, and find common ground.
La Vie Est Belle: fragrance notes of iris spring flowers and the intoxicating earthiness of patchouli. These are layered alongside perfume notes of delicious spun sugar and sensual warm vanilla. Plus, like a bright blooming bouquet, it also has other flowery hints of exotic Arabian jasmine sambac and sparkling Tunisian orange blossom.
Whisper of Stars: The ethereal magic of a summer night. Cool dew and airy musk whispering over green stemone, lily of the valley, jasmine tea, and Spanish tree moss.
Seven Watermelon Suns: A slightly surreal blend of ripe red watermelon, English cucumber, white leather, golden fig, white poppy, night flowering datura, and water musk.
Voice of the Sea: An olfactory musing from the underside of a wooden dock - salinaceous seabreezes, sun bleached driftwood, crushed seashells, a twist of Meyers lemon peel, barnacles, mineralistic sand, and seasoaked timbers.
Academy of Pleasure: Secrets from the private rooms of an exquisitely debauched gentleman. An indecent proposal of red and golden ambers infused with a bottle of fine cognac liqueur, a suede waistcoat hurriedly abandoned on an antique chair, a haphazard tangle of bergamot scented linen sheets, cardamon-hashish coffee, and a cedar lined cigar humidor.
Black Forest: Agarwood, Nagarmotha EO, Tobacco Absolute, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Cocoa Absolute, Maraschino Cherries, Black Cherries, Hay Absolute, Sandalwood EO, Whipped Cream & a drop of Pink Peppercorn Essential Oil
Mahogany Oud: An enticingly masculine blend of elegant mahogany wood, precious oudh, labdanum incense, and patchouli infused mosses smoldering with the beckoning warmth of cardamon and cassia.
Baiser du Soleil: Sun warmed black coconut and white musk with faint breezes of vanilla orchid, star jasmine, and white hyacinth.
The Highwayman: An irresistible mix of gentleman and bad-boy. Riding leathers, dark night air, forest oakmoss scattered across an old dirt road, fine linen lace, a trace of campfire smoke, and a pinch of gunpowder.
The Wild Atlantic Way: A triple blessing of flowering trees and plants sacred to Ériu - yellow gorse, faerie hawthorn, and broom blended with a dark mystery of seaside bog myrtle, peat moss, and oceanic ambergris.
Leaves Falling Like Rain: A comforting base of brown sugar, caramel, gingersnaps, and cappuccino is sparked off with hints of vintage patchouli, hyssop, mullein, and white pepper.
Fumé Oud à la Vanille: An exultation of divine sensuality. Crushed tonka beans, woodsmoked amber, and bourbon vanilla aged with oud wood.
Myself Invisible: stacked books, spilled ink, black tea, shy violets hiding deep in the forest
Sleepy Ghost: marshmallow pillows sprinkled with natural lavender essential oil and absolute for sweet dreams
Peace: A gentle blend to instill a sense of calm and tranquility. Bulgarian lavender and honey are tucked into a soft bed of cooling clary sage and meditative sandalwood.
Last Hours of Empires: A rich blend of precious oils, evocative of regret and resplendence, featuring highest quality Omani frankincense, true Indian sandalwood, delicate top notes of bergamot and tangerine, and the smallest wisp of black patchouli.
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lawrencethot13 · 2 days ago
helloo!!! i am deleting this blog but not my ao3 account! please follow me there for updates to my series and other misc things! will reblog this for a week for yall to move over/unfollow 😎
go here for my marvel pseud!
and here for my obey me!/a3!/dangerous fellows/haikyuu! content!
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mokuhchi-manuscripts · 4 days ago
If that's okay could i request Masumi with a s/o who likes to draw but they're very shy about showing their drawings to other people, and he's the only one who they've shown their drawings to so far?
(They draw like anime fanarts and stuff)
A/N: 🤝 loving Masumi club. Hope you enjoy! Thank you for your request ♡
CW(s): n/a
❀ Masumi Usui
Masumi is so incredibly supportive of your art; he thinks you’re so talented and amazing
He feels honored that you share your art with him, and he’ll always encourage you to share it with others if you’re comfortable. But the fact you only share your art with him makes him so happy in the sense that you trust him enough with your art
If he could make you see yourself through his eyes, he would; he thinks you're incredibly talented no matter your skill level and will always praises you
He will watch any of the animes you draw from so he can talk to you about them and talk to you about the characters you draw as well
If you ask for critique, he’ll gladly help you but it will most likely devolve into him complimenting the heck out of you and your art
If you ever gift him art, he’d simply die on the spot. He’d be so beyond himself with happiness that he’d most likely kiss and hug you on the spot. Any art you give him goes up on his wall, but if you’re not comfortable with it on his wall then he’ll put it away in a special box or drawer so he can look at it whenever he wants
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imaginesfora3 · 4 days ago
Can I request Masumi, Azami, Taichi and Banri react to antother boy liking they S \ O?
Izumida Azami: 
Azami doesn’t feel any type of way about it. Your feelings were outside of his control so he didn’t want to sweat over it, knowing he wouldn’t ever force your hand no matter how desperately he wanted your eyes on him, he’d just have to prove he’d make a better partner. The only issue that would arise is if he sees them touching you, getting annoyed immediately about them crossing a boundary and disrespecting you in such a manner. His glare is scary enough but having someone as tall as him looming over you with a glare at the rival in question would likely send them packing, never to talk to you again.
Nanao Taichi: 
Taichi feels a little pang of jealousy at seeing you with another person, wondering if they made you happier than he did and curious if you enjoyed spending time with them more. He’s a little too scared of asking your feelings directly as the potential rejection loomed ominously over him like a dark cloud, threatening to strike him down when he least expected it. But he knows if he doesn’t take a chance he’ll truly never win your heart, deciding that he should just push forward and continue wooing you to the best of his abilities (hoping that will be enough to keep your attention on him).
Settsu Banri: 
Banri would love to see someone try to take you away from him. He might not be a ‘fighter’ anymore because he promised to be on his best behavior for the sake of Mankai but that didn’t mean he wasn’t willing to throw a punch or two at someone having the audacity to hit on you. He knew he was better than most others in every conceivable way and he’s not worried for a second, not just because of his amazing level of self-confidence but because of his implicit trust in you. He almost felt bad for the other person not realizing how little of a chance they had. 
Usui Masumi: 
Hopefully that other boy keeps those feelings to himself and never acts a fool around Masumi because he is ready to launch a full assault. Masumi is very protective over you and disliked when someone looked your way with a certain glint in their eye for too long, even if the gesture was purely friendly in nature he was very wary of what others wanted from you. Seeing someone so blatantly like someone he was enamored with just wouldn’t end well, specifically for the other person.
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imaginesfora3 · 5 days ago
If it's alright to choose multiple numbers, could I ask for Tsumugi with 13, 14, and 29 please? Thank you!
Tsukioka Tsumugi: 
13. ♥ Do they sleep in the same bed/room as much as they can or do they sleep separately?
Tsumugi doesn’t really mind so it’s based on your preference. He has a specific way he likes to sleep, with the room pretty cool, so he could understand if that didn’t match your specific sleeping conditions. He doesn’t think it’s the end of the world if a couple sleeps in separate rooms as long as there’s an understanding there but he did think he’d personally sacrifice his own comfort to at least spend some nights at your side. It’s hard to not want to cuddle up with you at night as when he gets tired is when Tsumugi feels the most cuddly. 
14. ♥ Do they make it a point to eat at lease one meal a day together with their partner, or do they do as they please?
The only way Tsumugi even tends to remember to eat, specifically when a play he’s taking part in is coming up, is if you gently remind him. It falls to the side because his general excitement over his practicing caused him to forget the little things but thankfully, you’re there to sort it out for him. You tried to convince him to at least eat one meal a day with you so you can be sure he consumed anything at all, messaging Omi to keep an eye on him and to make him eat dinner just in case you didn’t see him. Tsumugi always felt guilty for worrying you like this but you told him it’s no big deal, mentioning that you liked to look out for him and that his enthusiasm for acting was part of the reason you fell in love with him.
29. ♥ How do they express their love to their partner?
Tsumugi has a way about him that’s both glaringly obvious and oddly subtle at the same time. The fact he’s even making time for you outside should make his feelings for you obvious yet there’s still some doubt, especially because it takes him so long to make an actual move. He sends flowers to your house constantly, meanings attached, and yet there was still a part of you that thought he didn’t mean it in that way because of how much he truly loved acting. Tsumugi knows he has to actually say something rather than relying on items to get his feelings across but he’s awkward when it comes down to it, and paranoid himself that he won’t be able to maintain the relationship properly.
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citowon · 5 days ago
spring troupe and gender neutral s/o watch horror movies
about time i finally write for this blog... i was hit with the image of masumi watching a horror movie with my s/o, thought how lovely it would be if there was content of that, then realized i have that power now
gender neutral reader, established relationship, non-detailed mentions of horror themes (gore, monsters, etc)
sakuya sakuma
🌸 when the topic of a horror movie date first comes up, he’s a bit scared. he’s only seen a couple, one of which was for mankai play research.
🌸 when it’s actually showing, though, he’s pretty calm! the anticipation was the worst part, and he somehow doesn’t get scared even during the most terrifying movie of the year. he’s great at reminding himself it’s just fictional in the end
🌸 vampires? not scary. aliens? he thinks they’re cute! gore? well, yeah, it’s unnerving at first but it’s all fake, and once he reminds himself of that he’s fine
🌸 he gets scared at the littlest things though. there might be a continuity error where a knife is its holder on the counter in one shot and then removed the next, and no one in the movie acknowledges it nor is it supposed to mean anything but he can and will psych himself out thinking about just what moved it
🌸 king of predicting plot twists! he might be very good at spotting continuity errors, but he’s even better at picking out little bits of foreshadowing and putting together the mystery
🌸 gets spooked the most by jumpscares. every time he squeaks a bit (on really bad ones he might scream) and every time he always does the same embarrassed sigh afterwards and goes to squeeze your hand to calm himself
🌸 psychological horror is definitely the best pick for sakuya. he thinks a lot about what’ll happen next in the movie and loves to discuss about movies with you regardless of the genre, so with thought-provoking psychological films it fits him like a glove
🌸 and hey, if things ever get too intense he loves b-list horror movies! he thinks the bad acting is endearing and always finds something to compliment even with the trashiest, corniest flick
🌸 if you ever get uncomfortable, he might commentate in the movie and try to poke fun at it- i mean, the killer clown is kind of funny! look how bright and colorful it is compared to the rest of the set! he keeps his voice light and sunny so you have something comforting to concentrate on
masumi usui
🎧 he loves the idea of horror night. cuddling with you, holding you protectively as the suspense rises, stealing kisses to distract you from the monster and erase your fear...
🎧 he’s only seen a few horror movies in his life, less than the fingers he has on one hand, but whatever. it’s a movie. it’s not real. if he got too immersed he could just tell himself it’s fake and be done with it.
🎧 spoiler alert: he didn’t.
🎧 masumi did not, and i repeat, did NOT expect to get so invested??? he’s definitely the most terrified
🎧 that’s not to say he’ll show it. he’s doing everything to keep a neutral face, and you’ll probably assume he’s holding to you tighter during the scary parts like he’s protecting you.
🎧 (it’s actually because you’re the one [1] thing grounding him. you’re protecting him, not the other way around! in hindsight, he likes being cared for even when he thought he’d be the one spoiling you, not the other way around. he just wishes it didn’t have to be during such a scary movie, that’s all)
🎧 will take his fear to the grave... unless you ask him directly about it. please hold him and tell him the monsters aren’t real, even though he’s a heavy sleeper he will stay up until 3 am, his mind reminding him how creepy the movie was every time he’s about to drift off
🎧 so does not fuck with ghosts, if he didn’t believe in them before he certainly does now. the poor guy looks up how to ward away spirits and ends up carrying around a salt packet on him for the next two weeks
tsuzuru minagi
📖 tsuzuru’s not exactly a horror fan. he claims it’s brainless and pointless
📖 (admittedly he’s a little scared of them, but he still thinks they’re dependent on shock alone, and have zero rewatch value since the writing is more focused on in-the-moment spooks than actual plot.)
📖 he’ll roll his eyes and tease you a little but eventually he’ll go along with watching a horror movie
📖 to psych himself out of his fear tsuzuru decides to watch them critically and note what plot points to do (or more likely not to do) for future plays
📖 this works out for the beginning but by the middle of the movie he’s enraptured. he can’t tell if it’s actually good or if it’s a car wreck he can’t help but watch
📖 does the corny move where he yawns and wraps an arm around you, and you’d almost buy it from his earlier cynicism but then the killer shows their face and he tenses up like hell and you just know
📖 gets embarrassed every time he’s scared- he even turns pink, and gets even redder if you try to hold his hand or cuddle him closer (even though there’s nothing he’d want more after something that creepy)
📖 by the end he’s got a few new ideas that might go to autumn or winter troupe’s latest plays, and admits okay, fine, maybe horror isn’t so pointless after all
itaru chigasaki
🎮 screw movies, you’re playing horror games instead!
🎮 most of itaru’s horror games are single-player, so one of you takes the controller while the other sits next to the player, but itaru’ll drape his arms around you from behind in a back hug the entire time you play
🎮 he doesn’t really shut up. the entire time, he’s either cracking a joke or trying to freak you out more, if only so he doesn’t get in his head and overthink the creepy atmosphere
🎮 asshole only quiets down when the game gets tense, and then suddenly puts his hands around your shoulders or neck to scare you. regardless if you fall for it or not, he always laughs at himself and just-so-happens to break the tension as a scary cutscene plays
🎮 still commentates when he’s the player, but gasps or jumps even at small atmospheric scares
🎮 itaru definitely overthinks the game. he gets super cautious over tiny details and makes the missions way harder than they should be since he keeps overestimating the enemy line of sight and how noisy the avatar is
🎮 if you happen to be playing a co-op horror it’s a constant “no u” battle over who should do the scariest tasks
🎮 “reader, we need to cleanse the room next. you should do it” “no, you should do it. you have the quartz item remember” “i can give it to you since you have the ghost ward” “the ghost ward doesn’t apply to this quest, besides, you’re better at this ghost attack quick time event than me” “no it does, and you’re more optimized” “i can just give the items to you-“ “no you should do it” “no you” “no you” “no you” “no y-”
🎮 you both lose
👑 citron loves horror movies! he thinks they’re... comforting?
👑 turns out he’s only seen movies about cursed dolls and b-horror, which explains a lot- he loves dolls too much to be scared by them and he things b-list horror is hilarious- but he’ll still proudly proclaim he’s unflappable and swear to protect you from the bad guys
👑 when you’re actually watching the movie you can’t tell if he’s faking his reactions or not. he’s very noisy
👑 he gets scared enough during the gruesome and horrific scenes to hold you close and tight like a teddy bear, and during the worst of it he might muffle a scream by diving into the crook of your neck, obscuring his vision until the scene changes
👑 and yet, he laughs at the next scene’s unrealism, and manages to poke enough fun at the movie that you giggle and his terror disappears, he loves your laugh way more than he can be afraid of monsters
👑 can’t do gore for the life of him, but when it comes to the actual plot, he’s rather critical of characters acting dumb. he catches on to nonsensical writing quick, but usually asks you to clarify the plot holes before realizing that he found a loophole in the writing
👑 whenever you’re scared and not even his goofy reactions and commentary can help, he plants a sweet kiss on your cheek, strokes your hair, and holds you close to his chest until the fear goes away. he’s surprisingly good at protecting you from the movie
👑 after the movie he’ll say his country has a similar legend to the movie monsters, but he claims the legends are true in zafra, and zafrans have a very specific tradition to prevent the monsters from attacking them
👑 the movie also gave citron the idea of creepily standing behind you silently until you turn around and get startled, or occasionally chanting in a strange, cultish language and pretending he didn’t say a thing, or making a doll with the same markings as the clown puppet from the movie...
👑 citron continues to be even scarier than the actual horror movie, but can’t wait until the next horror night! maybe watching it was a bad idea after all...
chikage utsuki
🌙 chikage just doesn’t get the appeal of horror. it’s just a fake movie, why do people get so creeped out by terrible sfx and unrealistic monsters?
🌙 he’s seen scarier things than any werewolf pack, zombie outbreak, or witch coven can throw at him. if you insist on watching a scary movie, fine, he’ll be happy to let you sit on his lap, just don’t expect to creep him out as well, or else you’ll be sorely disappointed.
🌙 he analyzes the movie more than he watches it, but doesn’t speak up even though the fight scenes look pitiful. if this were real life, he’d sweep the whole brood of shambling monstrosities in record time and be back home in time for izumi’s curry
🌙 chikage runs his hands under your shirt whenever the monster’s on screen to scare you. it’s actually really creepy- his fingers are light and quick and always makes you flinch, even if you know it’s just your boyfriend
🌙 he’ll listen to your thoughts about the movie, but doesn’t have strong opinions himself. he thinks the scares are mediocre at best, even without considering his background, but won’t mention how unrealistic it was unless you mention it first.
🌙 psychological horror, however, is a whole different story
🌙 maybe chikage can’t get scared by generic spirit halloween monsters but once you introduce thought-provoking plot, questions and dilemmas, now he’s hooked
🌙 he really likes wondering if the protagonist is actually the good guy and making theories about the origins of the monsters and why they’re so destructive, even if he forgets about them once the movie’s over.
🌙 love love looooves the “the monsters were harmless creatures before humans dished out the first blow” trope. he knows how common it is, but there’s a lot of ways to go about it, especially on a subtextual level, and he just can’t get enough
🌙 the deeper the plot is, expect a longer conversation about the ins and outs of it. they get surprisingly thoughtful and introspective, even if chikage throws in a few bullshit stories related to the movie just to watch you squirm
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a3shithole · 6 days ago
Hi!^^ if that's okay could i request some headcanons for Masumi ) discovering his s/o is bilingual? One day someone calls them on the phone while on a date and they hear them talking in their first lenguage with their friend or family member. After that they teach him some words and give him nicknames in their first lenguage.
Bonus if his s/o is also a foreigner! (unrelated but one of my self insert ocs i use is italian and in my A3! au is an exchange student lol)
Hey hey! I'm also bilingual~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ This turns out fun to write hehe! (*˘︶˘*) I'm sorry it took so long! Life happened haha 💦 Headcanon for Masumi with bilingual reader! Sentence inside a [bracket] means it's spoken in your language!
Hope you like it! Have a nice day~ 🌻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- His roommate (Tsuzuru) was going back to his home for some days because it's one of his brother's birthday. So you two decided to have a chill date in his room, watching some live concert videos on the internet.
- Your phone rings, so you excuse yourself for a bit. He doesn't mind, so he scrolls on his phone while waiting for you back.
- It's been some time and you haven't come back to his room yet. He noticed that you already finish your drink, so he thought it's better to refill it before you came back
- He didn't mean to eavesdrop. He just so happens to walk pass by where you are having your call.
- He does not understand any words that came out of your mouth. Even so, he loves hearing you speak in this foreign language.
- After the end of your call, he asked what language you just spoke, surprising you because you didn't realize he's been standing near you.
- "Geez! How many times do I need to tell you to not--"
- "What language is that?"
- You sigh a little to see Masumi being Masumi and tell him what your mother tongue is.
- "Teach me how to speak your language."
- "Oh, I didn't know you'd be interested! Why?"
- "I want to say 'I love you' and hear you say that to me in your language."
- You laugh it off and agree on teaching him your language.
- And your chill date turns into a study date.
- He's a fast learner, impressing you since your native language is one of the hardest languages out there. He still needs some work with his pronunciation, and learn how to write in your language too. But for a three-hour study, he's good at it.
- "Can you teach me how to say 'I love you' now?"
- "Nope~ I'll teach you when you're better at it!"
- From then on you two start talking regularly in your native language as a way for him to learn more. You corrected him from time to time when he made a mistake or didn't know a word in your language.
- One day when you two talk with each other in your native language, Chikage happens the walks by and join in your conversation. 
- Masumi sending glares at him for joining out of nowhere. Chikage finds it amusing to see his reaction. But he is not in the mood to mess around with his fellow troupe mate, he decides to go back to his room.
- You chuckled at his childish behavior, patting his shoulder and said a sentence in your language.
- [Hehe, you're too cute. I love you silly~ No need to be jealous!]
- Which earns a confused look from him. He asked what does that mean, but you decide to not tell him and make him figure it out himself.
- The next day when you're about to knock on Mankai's door, Masumi bursts out from the door.
- "Whoa, where are you--"
- [I love you too. I want to be with you forever. Please marry me.]
- You laugh at how much determination is shown from his face because you never teach him those words. You gave him a peck on his cheek and told him when you two are older then sure.
Tumblr media
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nanamisflowerfield · 7 days ago
Hi I haven’t been feeling well can I request some azami fluff with a reader that has a neglecting family? Thank you!
Oh no D: I hope that you are going to be okay! If you want to talk, I will always lend you an ear uhh eyes...? Because I will read it and all.... I‘m sure that you know what I mean! Dx I hope that you like it and will have a great day!
Tumblr media
💄 Azami always thought that his family was annoying and hard to him, but when he heard of yours, it made his blood boil. How dare they to neglect you so much!? It made him angrier by every word you uttered out and told him everything you had in your mind.
💄 He will shyly hold you in his arms, whispering sweet words of love to you as he blushes crazily.
💄 The young actor might or not might hide his flustered state by shoving your head onto his shoulders, so you never see his dusted red cheeks.
💄 “Always know that I’m there for you. I will never leave you. Whenever you need me or not even need me… I will be there. Even when you want me to leave, I will still be by your side.”
💄 And that’s what Azami swears to you. He doesn’t want to leave you and give you everything he might give you, because you are his world. He just wants to give you everything you deserve too.❤️
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nanamisflowerfield · 7 days ago
I have bad Habit of Nail-biting, and my all relatives told me to stop this, "It's a bad habit" they say, but I'm like, "Who are you, telling me this??!"
And after I think that they are right, but I think i will listen to Chikage if he will do smth for this? So, can I get some texts of,
What Chikage will do, to forgot her S/O's bad Habit of Nail-biting?
Ik A3! Requests are Off Rn, but I don't have any hurry, so do this when you're free!
And Thank you so MUCHWWW :3
You‘re always welcome, my dear!❤️ I hope that you like it! Have a great day, sweetheart!❤️
Tumblr media
🌶️ He will tell you to think of something else. Might even hold you in a tight embrace, so you will stop biting your fingernails off!
🌶️ Small kisses on your fingertips to remind you that he loves them just the way they are.
🌶️ Grabs your hands in his, whenever he sees you trying to bite into them.
🌶️ “Please, stop it. That’s not good at all and you know that.”
🌶️ If you nag at him or try to run away from Chikage, then cabbage-head will grab a rope and you know that it won’t end well… *wiggles eyebrows*
🌶️ He knows you so well. Even knows when you want to do it.
Tumblr media
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imaginesfora3 · 7 days ago
I would like to request 25 for Misumi and Hisoka if you can
Ikaruga Misumi:
25.♥ If they could choose their partner again, would they choose the same person?
Misumi doesn’t want to consider living life without you, he knows the him that existed in another universe would pick you a thousand more times if he has to. Who else would be his partner in crime? His triangle-mate? There’s no way Misumi could ever consider someone else taking your place. It might be just because he’s lucky enough to have you as you are now but he tells you he doesn’t like that question much, burrowing into your arms and telling you that he’s here to stay. 
Mikage Hisoka: 
25. ♥ If they could choose their partner again, would they choose the same person?
Hisoka wonders if your answers will match as he would certainly pick you again, though he has to question whether it’s just because it’s easier to be with someone you know compared to finding a new partner or if he truly sees the two of you as puzzle pieces that can only fit together. He doesn’t think his answer matters much because he doesn’t know what an alternate him would do, all he knows is that the real him who’s there now would pick you without a single moment of hesitation. 
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imaginesfora3 · 7 days ago
Sakuya, Misumi and azuma for 2 in the courting ask??? thank you and hope you're doing well~
Ikaruga Misumi: 
2. ♥  When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
Misumi gives you all types of triangular gifts and tokens of appreciation, like making you a triangle shaped piece of cake with Omi’s help. Things that are shaped like that are similar to hearts to Misumi, so it’s like receiving a Valentine’s Day present from him. He’ll also leave these little gifts in secret in the beginning but it’s easy to tell who they’re from since he’s a very unique individual, and you always thank him for the presents, promising to add it to your own growing triangle collection. 
Sakuma Sakuya: 
2. ♥  When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
Sakuya is shy about his affections and doesn’t want to push the romance angle too hard, perfectly happy to remain friends with you. He tries to brainstorm the perfect way to actually get his feelings across but it’s difficult with the little voice in his head telling him he might drive you away with his actions instead. He’s still an honest person though and he always talks about how happy he is to spend his time with you, asking him to go do things with him or to rehearse with him when he knows you’re free. 
Yukishiro Azuma: 
2. ♥  When they have a crush on someone, how do they let them know?
Azuma is a natural flirt but there’s a difference in his teasing when it comes to someone he truly likes. You noticed he touched you a little more than the others, affectionately pinching at your cheeks or resting a hand on your arm as he spoke to you. His movements were so subtle that if you weren’t just as enamored with him you might not have noticed but you can tell there’s a little more meaning behind his words than normal. He’s not awfully direct but he will tell you that you’re an interesting person straight to your face, saying he wouldn’t say no to a date if you asked him on one. 
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imaginesfora3 · 8 days ago
Doorstep [Sakuma Sakuya/Reader] [NSFW]
(Also posted here on Ao3! Please enjoy my ramblings)
You’re surprised to see Sakuya on your doorstep.
Your boyfriend had been quite busy lately, juggling a part-time job as well as spending all his nights rehearsing with his troupe. If he had the energy left he’d text you a goodnight and an apology, to which you always responded that you understood perfectly well why you couldn’t see him. It left you feeling a little empty inside that it had been so long since you’d even gotten to lay eyes on him in person but there was nothing to be done about that, there was no way you were going to say that over text and make him feel bad for things outside of his control. You had been wary about not triggering any potential abandonment issues since you knew of his past, not wanting him to think you’ll up and leave him if he doesn’t bend to your will.
You were proud of him for finding a place for himself in the world, and you wanted him to retain that happiness while also having a little safe haven with you.
You were in college yourself so it’s not as though you weren’t busy, you had paper upon paper to finish, and the time you had left was good to recover what was left of your sanity. Would Sakuya being there make you feel better? Absolutely! But again, you didn’t want to push that pressure on him when he was already busy. Sakuya deserved someone who wasn’t selfish, he deserved someone who would only encourage him to keep living his life to the fullest and who would support him, stand by him, no matter what. You wanted to be that person because you loved him that much, Sakuya had been the only man to ever make you feel like you were walking on clouds, you couldn’t diminish how important he was in your life.
That’s why you just don’t get how this phone call went so sour when you were doing nothing but speaking the truth.
“Do you miss me?”
“Sakuya…” Ooh, that was a direct hit, it hurt to hear the way his voice cracked when he asked that. He couldn’t possibly imagine how badly you missed him, how much you just wanted to see him again, but for some reason those words won’t come out. You don’t want to pour your heart out to him over the phone, again worried that you would just be guilting the poor boy. You just don’t realize how unwanted you’re truly making him feel.
“You don’t miss me?”
“Of course I miss you! It’s just… It’s just okay that you’re busy, is all. We’ll see each other again. Got the rest of our lives, yeah?”
It didn’t sit right with Sakuya.
It’s not like he wanted someone to obsessively control or demand his time but to have you acting as though you didn’t care… It made his heart feel heavy in his chest. The odd amount of indifference made him feel on edge, like you weren’t being honest with him, but about what? Did you really not want to continue this relationship but you didn’t know how to break up with him? Sakuya just didn’t get it. He didn’t know how to confide his thoughts in his friends without seeming like a fool, this was his first real relationship after all and he wasn’t quite in the mood to hear that there were other fish in the sea.
“Sorry, I’m really tired tonight… I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“You don’t have to rehearse?”
“I was going to come over for a bit before we started, is that… not okay?” Sakuya is gnawing on his bottom lip nervously, his heart sinking further, wondering what you might say next. The few seconds of silence that followed after made his heart ache, made him want to sob into his pillow, but he bit back those overwhelming emotions since he didn’t want to attract Masumi’s attention.
“It’s okay, Sakuya! I look forward to it! So just get some rest and I’ll see you then, okay?”
You’re cursing yourself after hanging up, wondering why you couldn’t just say what you wanted to. You wanted to say that you loved him, that you missed his cute face, that you couldn’t wait to shower him with kisses. You wanted to tell him he’d be lucky if he ever left your house again because you were willing to take him hostage for a day or two if it meant getting him all to yourself. So selfish of you to think like that, you couldn’t help but scold yourself over it, laying down and hoping these weird feelings disappear once you finally see your boyfriend again.
They don’t.
Sakuya doesn’t greet you with his normal cheery smile or a hug and you don’t move in, sensing his odd mood immediately. You invited him in and watched as he went right to sitting down on the couch, hesitantly closing the door; you might’ve contemplated for at least a solid two seconds about running out so you didn’t have to deal with the heavy conversation that was sure to follow.
“You don’t have to hide things from me.” Sakuya said with a pout on his face, the little frown he gives after looking out of place. “I want you to… trust in me. If you don’t care about me the same way…”
“I do trust you it’s just…” Sakuya is frozen, face growing pale as he realized you completely ignored his second statement. Did that mean…?
“You don’t have to walk on eggshells around me! We love each other, right? So, if we love each other, we can make it through anything!” He must’ve been reading the more romantic plays lately to spout out such an ideal without blinking an eye but it was so endearingly him, to the point where you couldn’t stop yourself from holding Sakuya’s face in your hands. Tears were beginning to gather in the corner of his eyes, likely from frustration, and you began to realize that all you had done to ‘protect’ Sakuya had only put up a wall between you.
“I do. I do love you, very much. You know that, right?”
“I don’t know how you feel!” Sakuya cried out, “You won’t tell me!”
Another direct shot but probably a well-deserved one. You hated seeing the pain you were putting him through, wondering if maybe breaking up would be the best. You clearly weren’t adept at relationships either if you managed to let things get this bad, to the point your boyfriend was in tears in front of you
“I remember the first time I ever saw you on stage… It was before the company became an actual company again. And you weren’t very good…” You swiped away a stray tear with your thumb as Sakuya nodded, “But I was invested ‘cause I thought you were so damn cute. I’m really glad that you got a chance to really act and that you’ve grown as much as you have. Getting to see you up on stage with the others makes me so happy because I know how happy you are up there.”
“…I’m happy with you, too.” His voice is soft, almost too quiet for you to hear but you’ve leaned in close at this point, your body naturally drawn towards him. “I like being able to see you in the crowd when I’m on stage. I know if I look at you too long I’ll forget my lines but just that glance is enough to make me feel confident! I want you to feel that way about me.”
“I do feel that way about you… Ugh.” You leaned forward, forehead resting against his as his big, puppy dog eyes looked into yours. “It’s not you doing anything wrong, Saku, it’s me. I just don’t want to bring you down…”
“I’m stronger than you give me credit for, you know?” Sakuya is pouting again, “I know you met me when I first joined the company but so much has changed since then. We’ve both changed since then. I just want us to grow together and not apart; I promise that I can help! Or at least support you!”
“I’m sorry I’ve been so stupid, Sakuya. Can you forgive me?”
“I love you.” Sakuya sounded breathless, the look in his eyes changing within seconds; it was something a little different now, a look you hadn’t known your boyfriend was capable of making before you first had sex.
His lips pressed hard against yours, practically knocking you back on the couch with the intensity. You heard him mumble out some type of apology but you’re too lost in his touch to care, your entire body screaming that the emotional stress had to be worked out somehow. That whole kidnapping plan might become a reality if he kept this up, how were you ever supposed to give him up after this? You needed him here to heal your heart and you had to make sure all the damage that had been done closed up on him as well, arms wrapping around his neck to keep him plastered against you.
“Right here, please.”
Still so polite even while having a raging hard-on after a fight, the tears completely dried from his eyes now as he gave you a look of pure lust. The mood had switched so quickly once the air had been cleared and you were grateful for that, grateful for a chance to get rid of these sad feelings and replace them with a sensation that would make you both feel better. You’re both desperately stripping clothes but you’re faster, getting the jump on him as he’s just taken his pants off. You’re thankful he wore boxers for easy access because you can’t wait another moment for him to be inside you, straddling his lap while his hands rose to touch your hips.
“You’re so beautiful.” Sakuya smiled up at you, looking as if he was meeting a Goddess for the very first time. “I love you.”
“I love you even more.”
You both let out a gasp as he slid inside you, his head thrown back, revealing his throat to you in an act of submission. You’re pleased that he’s making your job easier for you as you leaned in to pepper all the kisses you could over it, giggling as he bucked his hips up in desperate need for friction. It had been so long since you had touched yourself let alone had sex, there was no doubt that Sakuya was in the same boat. You remembered the wide-eyed look he gave you after you asked if he even masturbated since he had to share a room, basking in the way your heart fluttered at how cute a totally red-faced Sakuya looked.
He was still noisy, just how you liked him, moaning at each movement and kiss you gave him. His head was only full of thoughts of you, just like they had been the past week. But these ones were more positive, full of happier memories, full of a hope for the future of your relationship. He could feel how much you loved him each time he thrust into you, your lips brushing against his ear as you whispered sweet nothings into them. He had been afraid that he’d mess up the first time you ever had sex and you had promised to keep him calm, giving him quiet encouragement while taking the lead. He discovered that, while he did want to make you feel good, he liked it better when you took the lead and allowed him to follow. He liked hearing your voice directly in his ear, he liked hearing you whimper his name and tell him how perfect he was at making you feel good.
“Aah- I don’t think I can last much longer…!” Sakuya is starting to sweat but is still making noble attempts to keep a steady rhythm, his arms wrapping around your middle to bring you close to him. “Can we come together? I want to-”
“Mmm, yeah we can, I’m really close…” You reached down to touch yourself to help you along but Sakuya beat you to it, looking up at you with half-lidded eyes and another smile; you couldn’t resist him any longer, leaning in to lock lips with him again as you both come. You feel the desperate twitching of his hips, the way his fingers are digging into the soft flesh of your hips but never enough to so much as leave a mark. He was always gentle with you even within the throes of passion and you truly loved that your body was such a naturally kind, caring soul.
“I love you.”
Again, those three little words are exchanged.
Again, you return them, meaning them now more than ever.
You’re no longer surprised to see Sakuya on your doorstep because you’ve come to one simple realization.
You are his home.
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nanamisflowerfield · 8 days ago
Can you write kumon x reader! Cuddle headcanons. I love the way you write! ( idk why but it sounds kinda weird lol) Also love the the amount of azami and yuki content here! ^^
Aww thank you, my dear!❤️ There are surprisingly really many Azami and Yuki content here! I hope that you like it! Have a great day!~
Tumblr media
⚾️ Kumon would be like an excited puppy! So happy to cuddle with you!
⚾️ At first, Kumon would be damn shy and even asks you shyly, if you would want to cuddle with him and when you say yes, he will jump on you happily!
⚾️ “Hey, (y/n)...“ Kumon scratches his head, glancing to the side to avoid your gaze. “Do you want to cuddle...?“
⚾️ Loves you a lot, when you cuddle with him, when he is upset or stressed out. It will calm him down and he will appreciate it a lot!
⚾️ When you ask him for cuddles, Kumon‘s cheeks will blush and he will wrap you into his arms faster than Misumi and Muku could ever run!
⚾️ When you feel down, be prepared for a cuddle sessions! He would love to hold you and never let you go.
⚾️ If neither of you are shy to sleep with each other on a bed, you will cuddle while falling asleep!
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ohagialpaca · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
from this post
I wanted to color; so i did this small bust drawing!!! I was having trouble with the name, I wanted the rivalry with Izumi so they'd be opposite, the japanese name for Izumi tends to stand for "spring" and "bloom"; so I wanted something opposite for "winter" so I came up with Mifuyu ^^ (the "fuyu" part is "winter"). I scraped the collar-shirt with a sweater similar toward reni's suit ;w; ???
this isn't a self-insert, it's an oc from the AU
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ohagialpaca · 11 days ago
an AU where reni has a daughter like yukio-> izumi; so izumi and reni's daughter are competitive over who's the better director or something-
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juuten · 12 days ago
Baking Moments | Taichi Nanao
Anon says: can i request baking + taichi please 🥺
Aimee replies: Thank you so much for your patience! I got to admit - I did some research because I have little to no knowledge of baking 😅
Anyway, I wrote this fic as cute and fluffy as I can. Happy reading (and baking with our dear ‘Tai-chan’)! 🤗
For ‘A December with You’ event 
Tumblr media
Baking is a delicate form of cooking. The fate of the final product heavily depends on countless factors, one of them being the amount of ingredients used. Even the mixing method and speed significantly affect one’s creation. 
Thus, your heart almost stopped beating as you saw your boyfriend stirring the bowl of batter as if he competed in the World’s Quickest Mixer. 
"Tai-chan, you're stirring it too fast!" 
“Eh!” Taichi looked at the now batter-stained counter. Out of shock, he dropped the spoon on the bowl. 
You couldn’t help but let out a sigh as you looked at the splotches of batter on the counter and the bowl, the remaining batter appearing to be runny. “I guess we need to add more ingredients…” 
“I’m really sorry, (Nickname)-chan! I didn’t mean to...” Taichi lowered his head like a puppy being scolded by their owner.
You shook your head. “It’s okay. At least not everything’s spilled.” 
However, your boyfriend insisted on making up for it. You caressed your chin in thought. Mixing wasn’t the best task for him. His eagerness often influenced him to overdo things that made him reckless. Perhaps he was better suited for tasks that allowed a bit of carelessness. 
With that in mind, your eyes shifted towards the opened pack of graham crackers beside you. “How about you crush the graham crackers?”
“Sure! But the batter…” Taichi worriedly glanced at the mess he made. 
“I’ll take over that now. We can also clean later, so don’t worry about it too much.” You patted his shoulder.
Suddenly, Taichi tackled you for a hug. You almost fell if not for your hands grabbing the counter for support. You were about to scold him but he said, "Thanks, (Nickname)-chan! You’re the best!"
You stood still for a while before wrapping your arms around him. How could you be mad at your sincere and cute boyfriend?
After the short cuddling session, the two of you immediately went back to work. You glanced at Taichi every once in a while to check on him. Though there were a few crumbs here and there, at least he wasn't as messy as when he stirred the batter. 
In no time, the two of you were finished with your respective parts.
After Taichi poured the crushed graham into the springform pan, you further flattened it with your fork. It only took seconds for you to do it since the graham crackers were thoroughly crushed. "You did well, Tai-chan."
"Hehe. I'm glad!" Your boyfriend had a proud grin on his face, which widened when you pecked his cheek. 
Then Taichi watched you pour the batter into the springform pan. Your boyfriend’s eyes sparkled. "The batter looks really good!"
"If that’s so, then I added the right amount of ingredients and mixed them well.” Then you turned on the oven and set the timer to twenty five minutes. “While preheating the oven, let’s clean this place up.”
“Yes!” Taichi saluted at you, making you giggle. 
You started arranging and packing the left-over ingredients. Meanwhile, Taichi put the used utensils in the sink. 
As Taichi scrubbed the batter residue off the spoon, he noticed the bag of flour near him. He was about to push it towards you but a question popped inside his head ━ food fights were supposed to happen during this scenario, right? The boyfriend or girlfriend would sneak attack their significant other with flour. In revenge, the other would throw the closest ingredient their hand can reach. Then the fight would escalate into an all-out food war. As for the ending, the couple would be laughing as they cleaned each other up. How romantic and fun was that?
When he saw you focused on counting the remaining eggs, Taichi grinned to himself and quickly grabbed a handful of flour. Then he carefully tiptoed towards you until he was an arm away. 
After making sure that you weren’t looking, he was about to hurl it at you only for you to open your mouth. “No food fight.”
He quickly hid his hand of flour behind his back. With a sheepish laugh escaping from his lips, he said, "Wh-what are you talking about, (Nickname)-chan?"
You shut the carton of eggs and placed it on the kitchen shelf. Then you turned to him, your hands on your hips. "You think I didn't see the flour behind your back?"
Taichi felt as if a thunder bolt struck and paralyzed him. Though he managed to stutter out, "B-but couples do food fights at this point, right?"
You frowned at that. “Not all of them. Besides, we shouldn't waste any type of food." 
“Yeah… you're right.” With his shoulders slumping, Taichi poured the flour on his hand into the canister you pushed towards him. Then he completely sealed the bag of flour and placed it on the kitchen shelf.
Meanwhile, you put the springform pan in the preheated oven. Out of the corner of your eye, you noticed the pout on your boyfriend’s face. You shut the oven door and set the timer. Turning to him, you said, “Tai-chan, did I hurt your feelings?”
Taichi instantly shook his head. “It's not like that. It's just… I wanted to make this day more fun, but I made you mad.”
“I’m not mad,” you softly answered. 
You always appreciated your boyfriend's efforts to make you enjoy your time with him. But sometimes, his methods were borderline wild such as now. Just think about the mess your kitchen would be if you didn’t stop your boyfriend. You felt an incoming headache at that. Your cleaning duties would triple, for sure.
Putting that aside, merely being with your boyfriend gave you so much happiness. That was why the little and simple moments with him were already enough for you.
"Baking with you is already so much fun. So wipe that frown off your face, okay?" You lifted up your boyfriend's chin and planted a kiss on his cheek.
Taichi stayed quiet for a while before a grin finally appeared on his lips. "If you say so, then alright!" 
You pinched his cheeks. “That’s my Tai-chan.”
The two of you jolted as the oven’s alarm suddenly rang. Not wasting a second, you wore the mittens before turning off the oven and getting the now baked cake. 
As you put the cake on the counter to cool it off, Taichi said, “It smells amazing. I wanna taste it already!” 
“Remember, this is for your friends at MANKAI.”
"That’s why I'll endure it for them!" Determination gleamed in Taichi’s eyes, making you chuckle.
Then you kissed his cheek and said, “That’s good. I’m sure they’ll be happy to receive your gift.”
Taichi giggled, his cheeks blooming with red. “It’s all thanks to you. I’ll make sure to brag about you and our homemade cake!”
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taruchifan · 14 days ago
By the time we get around to Azuma's birthday card I'll have all but forgotten about them as babies and then it'll drop and I'll be like "oh what is this innocuous object in his bloomed pic" and someone will translate it and I'll COMPLETELY FALL TO PIECES.
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nanamisflowerfield · 14 days ago
Kazunari enjoys art and Instablam a lot, but not as much as he loves you.
Small dating headcanon of Kazunari. 300 Followers Special!
Tumblr media
📱 “#love, #mydearoneandi, #totescute, #bestdate and-... Oh, sorry, (y/n)! I‘m just excited that were both free and have so much fun together!~⭐️“
📱 Thank to the gods, that Kazunari doesn‘t always spend his time on his phone and rather stares at something he loves. You!
📱 So many dates! Like cafés, karaoke, picnics and many more!
📱 Kazunari loves to cuddle with you, while he gives you a small smooch on your entire face!~
📱 Totally hold your hands, where ever you are! Doesn‘t even matter if you two are just standing around in the dorm... He will just hold it and smile as bright as sunlight!
📱 He gives you many many petnames! But his favorites one to you is sunshine, because he is always happy around you as if it would be a sunny day.
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kitkatpapple · 15 days ago
Let’s play a game!
What member of the A3! cast do you think I’m most like? :0
Feel free to send your answers to my askbox! :D
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