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#a3! actor training game
xxxbookaholic · 3 hours ago
Muku, in his head while auditioning: Don't let them know how awkward you are.
Kazunari: Nice weather today!
Muku: Thanks.
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ohagialpaca · 5 hours ago
A3! Sequal(?)
Had this brilliant idea at 2 am and now I shall share this with you. What if a3! had a sequal which is probably never going to happen but bare with me. It's Year 20, everyone has gotten old, Mankai Company was once known as the prestigious Fieur Award in it's golden days with its 4 all-male theater troupes; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The news was the 4 troupes drifted apart after some time, while some others have become more independent with their own successful business.
Now, as the theater once again stood empty, who will stand on the stage again?
production coming soon if anyone wants to join braincells with me ^^
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pandapillow · 6 hours ago
Homare: Why wait for a fucking poltergist to cause a ruckus? Slam your own doors. Rattle your own windows. Smash your own favorite plant against the wall. Haunt your own house. You don't need no weakass spirit. The only supernatural force you need in your life is yourself!
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pandapillow · 6 hours ago
Judge: Your sentence is 68 years in prison.
Kazunari: *whispers something to Chikage*
Chikage: ...Your Honor, my client respectfully asks that you add another year to his sentence.
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xxxbookaholic · 7 hours ago
*both of them sitting at a chess table*
Homare: Hmm.. Do you have any fours?
Azuma: Homare, we're playing chess.
Homare: Ah. Uh, was it Colonel Mustard in the pantry with a candlestick?
Azuma: Do you even know how to play chess?
Homare: Of COURSE I do!
Homare, finally moving his piece: Ooh, Uno!
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screenshotsbyspring515 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I really like the sharpness of Yuki's mouth. His lines hit my heart. He kinda reminds me of someone I know in real life but he is more reasonable.
I want to post some shady lines from Yuki's dialogues in my Facebook but I just can't. Those adults will be offended.
Good night.
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kurr-dappya · 18 hours ago
Is it just me or Kazunari's Summer Time Love sounds like early-One Direction song in japanese. Specially the chorus part. 🥺♥️♥️
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xxxbookaholic · 23 hours ago
when azami plans dates, they’re super formal, like candlelit dinners, watching fireworks (2 feet apart from each other of course, because some things must wait until after marriage), and five star restaurants
kumon tries to live up to the fancy dates but most of his end up being baseball/soccer games, drive in movies w/ takeout, and picnics at the park
despite their very different tastes and ways of viewing relationships, they can’t imagine a single day they’d rather spend without the other.
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s3as1cks4m · a day ago
Tsumugi headcanons???
Oh absolutely, yes yes😌
Tsumugi Headcanons !!
This man doesn't live under a rock, no no, he lives under a freaking bolder. (he's trying his best tho)
Lord someone PLEASE give him some confidence
He's actually really funny naturally 💀 but he doesn't understand how.
Like he'll make a really good joke in the middle of a conversation, and when someone laughs at it he's like "?????"
He walks with his hands behind his back
He has a certain plant for each troupe member, so if he notices some one isn't feeling well, he'll go to their plant and talk to it and give it words of affirmations. (it usually seems to work)
He talks to the plants in the court yard when he's sad or angry.
He rambles when he's tired
Like anytime the troupes have soms sort of late night event, at some point he'll just start talking about the most random things and Tasuku is just like "go to bed😐"
He has such a soothing voice omfg
sometimes to get the kids to RELAX him and Azuma will read, or literally just tell a life story they have and everyone is just automatically tired (not cause it's boring but cause they're both just that relaxing HGFKHK)
He helps everyone study and gives them stickers when they compete an assignment correctly 😭
He honestly didn't listen to a lot of music, but Itaru thought that was ridiculous and got everyone to help him put together a playlist of music theyball thought Tsumugi would like
He listens to said playlist while taking care of the plants
He doublea his words when he's excited about something
Tasuku: Is that a new plant?
Tsumugi: Yep yep! yes it is, yes it is
He has a box of memories that's mostly full of pictures of him and Tasuku (there are also a few rocks in there that Tasuku gave to him)
That's all i got for now >_< Hope you like these!! ^_^
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xxxbookaholic · a day ago
Homare, drunk: Wow, that's a fat fucking cat.
Azuma: That's a raccoon.
Homare, suddenly on the verge of tears: I'm taking it home, Hisoka will love it forever.
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pandapillow · a day ago
[In Zafra]
Chikage: I wrote down all the plans we shouldn't try again.
Guy, reading: 'Tsuzuru casually walks by and starts crying on command'
Chikage: It works like a charm but makes everyone uncomfortable.
Guy: 'Homare improvises with a poem and dance', 'Tsumugi pretends to be a school counselor'.
Guy: 'Itaru pretends to be an idol, again', underlined. 'Curry'.
Guy: This just reads 'Have Sakuya smile at them like the angel he is'.
Chikage: Oh, no, that one works every time. Put it in the 'to do' pile.
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pandapillow · a day ago
Itaru & Kumon: I summon thee, aged Power of the Abyss, to eradicate this evil creation.
Their workload/homework: (PД`q。 ) ·。 ' ゜
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xxxbookaholic · a day ago
Host: Why are you competing on our cooking show today?
Banri: The government banned gladiator matches but I yearn for the arena.
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pandapillow · a day ago
Izumi: You ever see something that just changes your life?
Masumi: I saw you.
Izumi: That's sweet and all but I was talking about this flyer for a curry festival.
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kurr-dappya · a day ago
I think taichi can easily be part of akigumi's problem children w azami and banri and akigumi's goodbois with juza and omi.
He's the kind of kid Sakyo would feel conflicted punishing like: "... Well nanao looks apologetic enough... Atleast... " So he'll let him off the hook sometimes or give him lighter punishment. Azami and Banri are grounded for a week while Taichi for 3 days, because he has puppy eyes and says sorry 🥺
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rurikawaz · a day ago
What??? Marie got an Instagram?! [Round of applause and shocked sound affects] Here’s a link to it ( ) now follow me if you want of course, anyways as a treat here’s a sneak peak to my newest piece, I swear like half my art is just izumi but can you really blame me
Tumblr media
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bambuwu-writes · 2 days ago
Can i request hcs for a cosplayer s/o and itaru? please take care~
-Omgggg he is your number one fan!!!!!!
-Hyping you up 24/7!
-You look awesome!!!!!!! Woooooooo!!!
-He’ll always try to help in any way he can in terms of putting together looks.
-Is this prop accurate? He’s already pulling up high-quality images of the character’s prop from at least 3 angles for you to check.
-Having trouble carrying your bags at an event while decked out in foam armor? He’s got all of them don't worry bby!!
-He’s very useful in terms of helping to check the accuracy of little details with his encyclopedic knowledge of all the things he’s interested in.
-He will also nag you to make sure that whatever you’re wearing is comfortable, and that if you wear any makeup, you always check for harsh chemicals and clean it off properly as soon as you can. <3
-He tends to chill out with any physical affection when you’re cosplaying because he doesn't want to mess up any of it, so he’ll stick to just holding your hand (cutieeee waaa)
-He seems to keep better tabs on your inventory than you do, so every now and then he’ll throw a mini palette at you or a bottle of foundation or whatever product you’re running low on.
-“Yo, you don’t have any nice purple shades left and I know you’re about to put together a cosplay of that alien character, so I got you this palette. I think it should be good enough. Oh right! I also got a bottle of that mi-cellular water thing you use, this one should be gentler on your skin.” (he can never remember how to say ‘micellar water’)
-Also super good at cleaning makeup brushes, so if you’re exhausted at the end of the day you can pretty much just toss them all to him and pass out, when you wake up they’ll all be nice and clean!
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