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#a3! act! addict! actors!
summermisumi · 44 minutes ago
Taichi, poking himself in his ear repeatedly: My brain won’t turn on!
Omi: I am so so worried about you
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iconsbyafangirl · an hour ago
Sakuya Sakuma Icons
Tumblr media
16 Icons of Sakuya Sakuma from A3! Autumn & Winter
Please like or reblog if you take any
Please do not edit these icons
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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xxxbookaholic · 3 hours ago
Muku, in his head while auditioning: Don't let them know how awkward you are.
Kazunari: Nice weather today!
Muku: Thanks.
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the-himawari · 4 hours ago
A3! Ikaruga Misumi - Translation [R] Happy Triangle Candies (CN Server Exclusive) (1/2)
Tumblr media
*I’m rusty at translating from Chinese, so please excuse the small liberties I may have taken here and there~
Kazunari: Heh…
Misumi: What’s up, Kazu~?
Tumblr media
Kazunari: I’m on instablam searching up some supes rad stuff.
Misumi: Did you find anything fun~?
Kazunari: Oh… Ah! I found something you might be interested in! Lookie here, there’s pics of the candied fruits that are totes popping off right now!
Misumi: Wah—they’re triangles! I wanna eat them~!
Kazunari: Then wanna go there together with the Summer troupe guys?
Misumi: Yeah~!
Kazunari: It’s here—! This is the exact store with the candied strawberries that was trending on the ‘blam~!
Misumi: There’s lots of triangles~!
Muku: Wahh, you can add toppings on the strawberries too!
Tumblr media
Kumon: There’s tiriamisu, and also cheesecake flavoured ones! Which one should I choose~.
Kazunari: There’s so many kinds, I have no idea which one to go for~!
Misumi: I’m digging in.
Muku: Wow, it tastes great!
Kazunari: Eh? You’re not eating, Tenten?
Tenma: What if it gets reported onto the weekly magazine that Sumeragi Tenma’s eating these candied strawberries?
Kazunari: Eh? There’s nothing wrong with that, right~?
Yuki: That’s dumb—you think way too highly of yourself.
Tenma: What’d you say?!
Tumblr media
Muku: But this really tastes amazing. Are you sure you don’t want to eat, Tenma-kun?
Kumon: Yeah! You should really have some, Tenma-san!
Kazunari: Right, right! We came all the way here, y’know!
Tenma: Uh…
Muku: Would you like to try mine?
Tenma: Then I’ll have a bite.
Yuki: So you ate it in the end, huh?
Tenma: W-why do you care!
Muku: I’ll shield you, so take this chance to have a nice taste!
Yuki: Is there a need to go that far?
Tenma: Heh… it tastes great.
Kazunari: Right~?
Misumi: *Munch, munch*… It really is tasty!
Tumblr media
Kumon: Huh? Didn’t you just finish one, Sumi-san?
Yuki: How many did you have already?
Misumi: Hmm… how many~? I don’t know either!
Tenma: I think you’ve had enough…
Misumi: I wanna eat another one!
Kazunari: Sumi really loves these, eh?
Muku: That was so delicious~!
Misumi: I wanna eat even more triangle candied strawberries~!
Kazunari: Oh yeah! In that case, wanna try making them?!
Tumblr media
Kumon: Making them ourselves? I feel like that’d be awesome!
Yuki: You ate this many and yet you want to make them too?
Muku: I’d like to try it out too though!
Misumi: Then let’s all make candied strawberries together~!
Tenma: Looks like there’s no point in arguing.
Kazunari: Let’s buy the ingredients at the supermarket and head on home!
Yuki: Well, I guess I have no choice.
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ohagialpaca · 4 hours ago
A3! Sequal(?)
Had this brilliant idea at 2 am and now I shall share this with you. What if a3! had a sequal which is probably never going to happen but bare with me. It's Year 20, everyone has gotten old, Mankai Company was once known as the prestigious Fieur Award in it's golden days with its 4 all-male theater troupes; spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The news was the 4 troupes drifted apart after some time, while some others have become more independent with their own successful business.
Now, as the theater once again stood empty, who will stand on the stage again?
production coming soon if anyone wants to join braincells with me ^^
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phantasmiafxndom · 5 hours ago
masumi’s s/o giving him aphrodisiacs and restraining him then just teasing him with light touches while asking how he wants his s/o to wreck him? make him suffer pls :p
Ooooooh, we love the suffering~ XD
. . . 
With his wrists and ankles cuffed, Masumi can barely even wriggle. He’s tied tightly enough that even straining gets him nowhere. 
On its own, this is a situation that’d turn him on. As it is, when you’ve fed him aphrodisiac-laced chocolate twenty minutes ago, Masumi looks like he’s about to lose his mind from sheer arousal. 
His dick is so hard it might be painful. It’s dripped a small puddle of pre-come onto his stomach without you so much as touching him, he can’t stop trying to thrust up into nothing, and you swear you can see hearts in his dilated eyes as he stares right at you. 
You drag your fingers along his thigh. Masumi keens. 
“Please—!” he moans. He’s drooling already. 
“You want me to wreck you, hm? Go on, tell me how much. You can ask nicely or I can leave you here to figure things out on your own.”
With those ‘sweet’ words, you trace the crease of his thigh and his groin. Masumi moans all over again. His dick twitches and his balls tuck up closer to his body out of sheer desperation. His eyes flutter closed. Licking his lips, it takes him half a minute to figure out speech. 
“Destroy me,” is what he says, at last, voice rough with lust. “As much as y-you want. I don’t care what you do! Just touch me, touch me, please.”
“Is that the best you can—” 
In the middle of your sentence, as your fingers slide again his skin, Masumi comes entirely untouched. With downright obscene moans, he shakes through an orgasm that ends up ruined thanks to your shock. 
“Please,” he gasps once it’s over. “I’m not done. G-Give me more, I’m begging... I want you to touch me already. I n-need you, so—”
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moekaneko · 5 hours ago
TasuTsumu for the send in a ship post
Oh yes. I can agree with that ship and though it's not exactly something I do ship that much I still think it's a great ship. They do have history and are great together so yeah I like this ship.
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pandapillow · 5 hours ago
Homare: Why wait for a fucking poltergist to cause a ruckus? Slam your own doors. Rattle your own windows. Smash your own favorite plant against the wall. Haunt your own house. You don't need no weakass spirit. The only supernatural force you need in your life is yourself!
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roadbrrrn · 6 hours ago
Winter is SUCH a good representation of how things you thought you resolved can still linger into adulthood. The Offstandish nature at the beginning makes so much sense once you learn their backgrounds, and I think the fact they came together (even as probably the last likely compatibility wise) made it even better when resolved.
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pandapillow · 6 hours ago
Judge: Your sentence is 68 years in prison.
Kazunari: *whispers something to Chikage*
Chikage: ...Your Honor, my client respectfully asks that you add another year to his sentence.
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xxxbookaholic · 6 hours ago
*both of them sitting at a chess table*
Homare: Hmm.. Do you have any fours?
Azuma: Homare, we're playing chess.
Homare: Ah. Uh, was it Colonel Mustard in the pantry with a candlestick?
Azuma: Do you even know how to play chess?
Homare: Of COURSE I do!
Homare, finally moving his piece: Ooh, Uno!
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screenshotsbyspring515 · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I really like the sharpness of Yuki's mouth. His lines hit my heart. He kinda reminds me of someone I know in real life but he is more reasonable.
I want to post some shady lines from Yuki's dialogues in my Facebook but I just can't. Those adults will be offended.
Good night.
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mistakenmessenger · 11 hours ago
where higanbanas bloom | kishikan au
A3! Ayakashi AU | chikage utsuki/izumi tachibana
"i have heard a tale," she continues, smiling softly at him despite the tinge of sadness in her voice. "—that when higanbanas bloom where two people part, their intertwined fates untangles and they are never to meet again."
kishikan (deja vu)— the illusion of remembering scenes and events when experienced for the first time; a feeling that one has seen or heard something before
dreams do not come easy to chikage, nor has he ever had a need for one. for a half-god who walked among mortals for hundreds of years and has bore witness to a lot of things; dreams are either omens or unwanted spectres . 
chikage has no need for both—knowing enough that omens are nothing but a burden, and the spectres haunting him are merely fragments of the vague past he's forgotten.
however, on that night, chikage dreamed so vividly. 
"do you know what these are?" a lonely voice asked, and the figure of a dark-haired woman crouching next to a red flower appeared to him; it's bright scarlet color stark against the green grasses of the meadow, clustered together like spilled blood.
"higanbanas." he heard himself answer, standing at a distance from where she was.
"that's right." she looked up to him, face obscured by the glaring sunlight shining down on her. "—and do you know what it means?"
he knows, of course he would. these flowers bloomed where death visited; where humans are laid to rest. mortals even believed that these flowers existed in the boundaries between the realm of the living and the dead.
it is a flower they thought would lead them to the promised afterlife . 
yet, before he could give her his answer the woman suddenly stood up, image no longer hidden by a strange halo.
his breath hitched once he saw her face; eyes as dark as her hair, rosy lips against a pale skin. clad in a familiar white robe, she looks alive yet ethereal against the milieu of blooming higanbanas —she was like a ghost.
"i have heard a tale," she continues, smiling softly at him despite the tinge of sadness in her voice. "—that when higanbanas bloom where two people part, their intertwined fates untangles and they are never to meet again."
the woman then gazed at him longingly, the sleeves of the white robe that he now recognized as a burial garment fluttered. an undeniable sense of loss came to him as he watches her apparition fade slowly.
"izuhime—" her name slipped out of his lips; his hands suddenly reaching out to grab her only to grasp at nothing but air. 
"it's such a sad way to say goodbye , isn't it?" she says, "to part with no hope of meeting again."
and then, she was gone.
chikage bolted awake—sweat trickling down his face as he frantically looked around. moonlight sipped through the curtains,  illuminating the dim room and the sight of the place he was staying in slowly came into view.
he clutched his chest, gasping for breath.
the dream he just had sent both his mind and heart into frenzy; the memories of the woman he had forgotten suddenly rushing in at once. it felt like his head was about to split open; he gritted his teeth at the overwhelming pain sweeping through his entire body.
lady izuhime. the name of the ghost that haunted him since breaking out of his seal finally returned, and along with it were the memories of a time taken away from him.
it was filled with so much nostalgia that tasted bittersweet.
why? he wanted to ask. 
he wanted to run to her and desperately beg for answers; why did you leave? why did you go alone? why did you go to where i can't follow.
but chikage knew that it was too late; the woman who held the answers to his questions was long gone. izuhime left the world while he was sealed away in that chamber.
and the vessel who holds her soul in this lifetime can't answer for something that she can't recall. 
he let out a bitter laugh at the thought, how can they have the same face and same soul yet be two different people?
izuhime whom he had sworn to serve; and izumi, whose face filled him with so much anguish that he had mistaken it for anger and resentment. 
hah. the gods must have been laughing at his foolishness all this time. chikage never felt as miserable.
the differences in both lifetime, he realizes now, seemed like a cruel twist of fate. it was as if he had willingly allowed them to stab his heart all while knowing it will cause him grief worse than death. 
in this life, he was not someone she had saved. in this time, chikage wasn't someone that she loved.
"won't you rather forget?" the question she once asked him echoed in his head, a whisper from a moment he can never return to. "won't you rather move on from your loss instead of wallowing in it for the rest of your life? "
"—you would live a long, and almost eternal life chikage. if you hang on to these memories, won't it drive you to despair? "
chikage closed his eyes, thinking how he had been clueless that such a thing would plague him someday; he, who, lived a life in the battlefield, a frightening existence that almost ascended to the realm of the gods.
back then, izuhime was nothing more than a mortal woman who possessed tremendous divine powers. an onmyoji that he met by chance in the long yet aimless path that he treads.
but now, chikage remembered and he remembers well; izuhime was the woman whom he loved and lost. 
someone whom he longs for.
someone whom he loves still .
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sumerag1 · 15 hours ago
[ Banri centric, kinda angsty/gen, tw/implied fainting ] 
One, two, three. The jabs in his stomach ached and twisted violently. He wanted to keep going; his mind raced with the thought of being the best and only stopping until he does as such. The hop, step, and jump that he's been practicing for ages comes naturally to him now; his arms move fluidly in motions he'd known since he was a child. It was too late to turn back now .
Four, five, six. The hours seem to fly by as he kept going on; the beads of sweat lingered on his forehead before being flung off by the passing wind. The tightness in his shoulders didn’t subside; he's gotten used to the feeling of sore shoulders now, chasing after it until the rush of satisfaction comes to him.
Seven, eight, nine. It hurt to walk at this point; the strain in his legs throbbed with every step, his sports bag felt heavy on his shoulder. Stumbling his way into the dorms, opening the large main door, and closing it with a thud, he dropped his sports bag at the entrance.
Ten. He felt himself fall, yet he didn't want to stop himself, all the strength in his being spent and wasted on timely hours of practice, the rinse and repeat of the same actions. The frigid wood beneath him was a relief to his blazing, sweat smeared skin. His vision faded to black, yet he could still hear the distant sound of a plate shatter and a cry of his name. Banri chuckled; some things never do change.
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kurr-dappya · 17 hours ago
Is it just me or Kazunari's Summer Time Love sounds like early-One Direction song in japanese. Specially the chorus part. 🥺♥️♥️
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tappdancing · 21 hours ago
Just wanted to mention this...but:
Doesn’t anyone think that only Friday to easily collect trophies is a little, y’know, too short of a time frame?
Lowkey want to write a proposal to Liber to make Sunday a day for collecting actor trophies, Kamekichi cards and coach cards ^^;;
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