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#a personal post
hughculber14 minutes ago
heyyyy wen kexing *twirls hair* i just wanted you to know i dont care if youre the ghost king or whatever, actually, so if zhou zishu is too busy having a "moral compass" im single and free for whatever. just food for thought. anyway i can see you're busy cleaning the blood off your fan so i'll just go bye ;)
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transgothicgenre47 minutes ago
what if i just. damn. what if i just *sound of real good girlfriend playing on loop*
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peonyblushan hour ago
don't apologize if you don't mean it.
don't apologize if you're doing it to protect your ego, and not the person you've hurt.
you're doing more harm than good; it's best to stay away.
it's not an apology and you're not brand new if you refuse to take accountability, and repeat toxic behaviour.
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science-bastard2 hours ago
if you think that someone being autistic makes them inherently unfunny or unable to tell jokes, or that they can never understand other people, or are inherently worthy of ridicule because of the way they act, you need to sit and have a long hard think about why you think autistic people are not, in fact, people, and refuse to treat them as such
we do tell jokes. we do understand jokes. we have senses of humor. we are fucking funny! we like to laugh and make other people laugh just like non-autistics do! yes, sometimes we will tell a joke and it won鈥檛 land, but non-autistics do that all the time too! and quite frankly, the autistics i do know (myself included) are hilarious! non-autistics are missing out!
yes elon musk is a piece of shit who exploits millions, hasn鈥檛 even heard of the concept of ethics, and can鈥檛 tell a joke, but these things exist separately from him being autistic and non-autistics need to recognize that right fucking now
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15x82 hours ago
the spn tag discourse rly makes it clear a lot of people have forgotten they're making posts on a public social media platform. like don't get me wrong, if i know someone will find it genuinely upsetting for me to put spn content on their post i won't, but i also don't know the personal history of every person on this site. because it's a massive public social media platform. if you make a post that is not obviously a personal post and it escapes containment, it's fine and normal to feel uncomfortable/angry/resentful about that, but it's also the risk you take by posting online. tumblrs are not private. our blogs do not lock.
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vulcanbouquet2 hours ago
You ever cry over someone so much that when you cry over them now nothing comes out but noise cause dang
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punkgeekcryptid3 hours ago
This is the face of someone who's very fed up with this semester and wishes these last 2 pages of the essay would write themselves.
*they/he vibes were also very much felt in this capture*
Tumblr media
- and I'm still waiting for my Tony Stark inspired sunglasses to come in -
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lionfanged4 hours ago
bodies in here with post-work brainworms on today鈥檚 fixation of redemption arcs and atticus鈥檚 involvement. aka, atticus鈥檚 original end game was that he was going to be betrayed by the Single Person He Trusted and get quite literally stabbed in the back so hoenn would be spared his tyranny, p much a mercy killing. then that evolved into him dying due to his own inability to overcome deep-set childhood trauma pertaining to hospitals and wasting away from disease at home. and then i鈥檝e just randomly had a whole slew of different endings in mind, usually tragic/terrible/not fun for atticus specifically.
but as time has gone on and his character has developed, this will likely be a Hugely Unpopular Villain Take, but i鈥檓 very much more into redemption arcs now? like i enjoyed them before, but now whenever i think of atticus鈥檚 end game, i certainly have the聽鈥溾漷rue鈥濃 timeline in which he becomes big evil conqueror of hoenn and eventually gets his Just Deserts, but like
man. i just crave happy endings, and as he鈥檚 gradually steered from Outright Heinous Man With No Feelings Just Evil to Morally Ambiguous Dude Who Sure Wants Power But Maybe Not Pure Outrageous Villainy Evil i鈥檝e been focusing more and more on like, what if he got him some therapy what if he found out people aren鈥檛 pure irredeemable scum what if he had his worldview drastically altered and steered him back onto a path of good that he once had been on
it is a rather hot button topic as to whether or not villains are deserving of redemption, of happy endings, and there is a competing demand for redemption vs dire punishments, and so i always waver back and forth, especially given previous takes on how atticus should be treated.
but man do i just rly want to see some happier endings to alleviate the big ole sadness.
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millennium-puzzle4 hours ago
The Hypmic manga is the reverse Yugioh manga where it starts as a group of friends doing things together and ends with edgy anti-bullying chapters about how punishing bullies is good and needed
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patster2234 hours ago
this is the pettiest shit but my ex looks like shit in his new profile pic and I鈥檓 like, you鈥檙e the one who dumped me, dude, the least you could do is flourish in your new bachelorhood, not make your avatar a poorly lit, up-angle selfie of you not having shaved in a week
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dorkus-malorkus5 hours ago
I've come to the unfortunate realization that physical touch is most probably my primary love language if not a secondary, and that I am in fact VERY touch starved
If you see me in public, please glomp on sight
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starstainedtea6 hours ago
I'm unsure of how to explain and I need help restraining myself yet I yearn for affection and praise through the one thing I'm capable of, which is art because I was raised with a lot of doubt planted in my head.
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spellboundwitchcraft6 hours ago
my phone: <notifications going off>
me, wandering the park looking for cicadas: I can鈥檛 talk right now; I鈥檓 doing hot girl shit
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xzeihoranth6 hours ago
Personally I think it鈥檚 very sexy of the show to give Yang as little screentime with Mercury and Winter as possible so those ships can die the slow agonizing deaths they deserve. 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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literary-ly6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vicor Frankenstein聽
-The Scientist
-Abandoned his creature which is a little mean
-Dumb but not inherantly evil
-Not the monster
The Creature
-Was a genuine chill person until ppl鈥檚 actions made him not so much
-Literally killed a child tho
-Not inherantly the monster either even if that last sentence makes it seem that way]
THERE I illustrated my feelings </3
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