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#a message for you
Messaggio di luce
Qualunque prova tu stia vivendo, lascia tutto nelle mani di Dio. Rimetti tutto nelle sue mani, abbandonati completamente a lui, non ti abbandonerà, combatterà per te e ti darà la forza per venirne fuori. Abbi fede.
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montystarotchild · 15 days ago
If you enjoyed this reading make sure to check out the link in my bio! 💕
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Messaggio di luce
Anima cara, non lasciare che il tuo raggio di sole si spenga. I momenti bui vanno e vengono, ma sappi che tutto passa. Porta sempre dentro di te il tuo sole, che possa illuminare sempre durante il tuo cammino te e chi ti circonda. Sii sempre la luce per chi non riesce più a trovare la strada.
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astrolopop · a month ago
Tumblr media
A message for someone
It's time to cleanse. This means eating foods that are full of goodness that are kind to your gut. Taking relaxing baths and invigorating showers. Take time to look at the beauty in the world and relax before you go back to working.
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hmklifegoeson · a month ago
If when looking at my face you feel close to words you somehow do not speak...write them down for yourself? And think about telling me only if you've become certain it matters...
It matters what you say or it doesn't mean a thing. You have the power to decide which.
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Messaggio di luce
Qualsiasi situazione tu stia vivendo, è temporanea. Passerà. E’ solo una questione di tempo.
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alwayssxd · 8 months ago
i tell myself you’re just another boy.
but thats the thing. you’re not. you were my other half , my best friend & my safe place. my happiness. bc of you life wasn’t so bad. bc of you i actually wanted to go to school & worked harder. bc of you i would fall asleep with a smile on my face. bc of you i was starting to love myslef.
i lost everything when we were torn apart. now im just lost. and im so tired of feeling like this.
we could have been happy.
but maybe we just weren’t meant to be together forever.
i just hope you know were the best & i wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to be my first love.
i love you para siempre twotwo. please remember that.
august 9.2020 , 11:55pm
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onceinforever · 8 months ago
I’m proud of you :) you made it through the day and that’s amazing! Even if you didn’t even make it out of bed this morning, even if all you did today was take a shower, that counts! Whether or not you’ve taken steps backwards or forwards, you’re making it. Progress and growth aren’t linear. Sometimes you’ll make it 10 steps forward just to take 12 steps back, and that’s okay! You made it this far, look at you go!
Now, for the both of us, keep on going ❤️
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juststarlight · a year ago
Sending you Angels.
Stay strong and be gentle on yourself. I love you.
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smiles-advice · a year ago
A Message For My Young Followers -
🌸 drugs aren’t ‘cool’. they won’t make you seem amazing. and most are just extremely bad for you.
🌸 mental illnesses get made into this cute and quirky thing on Tumblr, but they aren’t. they are in fact, an illness which people suffer from and don’t enjoy.
🌸 school is important! stay in school as long as you can and try your very hardest.
🌸 but school comes second to your health, both physical and mental.
🌸 if you feel like you need help, get it. look into therapy and medication and counselling sessions.
🌸 life will get easier, and things won’t stay sucky for too long so don’t give up.
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Tumblr media
Hey @crownprinceradio this is for you!
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eserenityyyy · 3 years ago
A Message for a Friend
Hi. I don't know what I'm trying to achieve here, but maybe it's just that I want to let my feelings out. I don't really know what happened. Back then, we were always talking with each other. I remember, when I don't reply as fast, you'd look for me. Now, it's like you don't know me anymore. It's like I'm just one of those many friends you have. Oh, yes, friends. It all started when you made some new friends. At first, they were my friends too. Though as time passed by, I became too busy to keep up with you all. You, on the other hand, had all the time to spend with them. So it's just natural that you became closer to them. And now, you've become closer to them than me. Though, maybe I really am just one of your many friends. I just got ahead of myself and thought otherwise. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against you nor them. It's just that, it makes me sad thinking that back then it was me that you'd always look for whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, but now, you have a bunch of new friends. Maybe it's just me being selfish but that's just how I feel. What I'm feeling right now isn't anger or something. It's sadness. I'm sad, thinking that, yes, maybe you still talk to me the way you used to, all jolly and stuff, but, it's like, you don't even want to talk to me anymore. You just reply to my chats because that's what a friend do. And those lightning fast replies of yours back then are now slower than a turtle. Sometimes you don't even reply anymore. I don't want to bother you with my nonsense messages so I don't message you anymore unless I have a reason to. That's another thing that makes me sad. Back then, we would talk about the most senseless and useless things but now, I feel like I'm just a bother to you. I'm sorry I'm such a sentimental person. I'm sorry I always dwell on the past. I'm sorry I feel sad with all these changes. I'm sorry I felt sad when you forgot about me last Christmas. I'm sorry I'm feeling like this. I'm sorry, but this is just the way I am. I'm sorry for being like this.
 I want you to know that I'll always be here for you. Even if you forget about me, I'm just here, reminiscing the memories we shared two summers ago.
 I'm happy that you found someone who will love you. I hope the two of you will stay strong together. But if in case, that someone leaves you, I'm just here to listen to your rants.
 I've always admired you for your ability to make friends quickly. I wish I had that too. And look at what you've become now. You've soared higher than I did. I'm happy for you.
 I'm saying this again, I have nothing against you nor them. I just miss you, is all.
 I'm sorry if this message is kind of messy. I just can't construct my thoughts well. But I do hope you'll understand me, at least.
 Thank you for being my friend. Know that I'll always treat you as that no matter what happens and even if you don't know me anymore. I'll always think of you as one of my closest friends even if you think of me otherwise.
 Again, I'm sorry and thank you very much.
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sun-flowrs · 3 years ago
Please realize who you have before you lose her. Again. You are worth it but the pain is not and both cannot coexist simultaneously. God wont allow it. I cannot allow it. Choose love. For your own sake.
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Don't scroll past this
If you've been lying awake for hours, telling yourself you need to sleep ..yet failing to..crying and you dont really know why, this is for you:
I love you
You're beautiful
You're handsome
You have a beautiful heart
You're irreplaceable
You're important
Your smile lights up every room you walk into
Your voice warms my heart
I always want to talk to you
I want the best for you
You are the world
I care about you
You make everything so much better
You are the best thing to ever happen to me
Please take care of yourself for me...I don't wanna lose you💖💕
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rougescientist · 3 years ago
I wasn't going to write a long message saying things I know would only be inappropriate but I'd like you to know I was thinking of you yesterday.
I hope you had wonderful birthday. I bought you a small present, I hope you like it. It was just something I saw and it made me think of you.
I hope one day we can be friends, I do miss you.
I hope life is treating you well and things are going your way.
Maybe 27 will your year to shine brighter than ever before.
Take care and look after yourself.
Maybe one day our paths will cross again. If not then may your life be blessed with happiness and love!xx
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try-to-stay-positive · 3 years ago
Let’s play a game
Send the first person on your dashboard a nice message. It takes 30 seconds out of your day and it can make someone’s entire day so much better. (And maybe you also find some love in your inbox)
Don’t we all need a little love sometimes?
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Life is beautiful. Existence is. Love is the reason.
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freakishlyemotional · 4 years ago
Rebound girl
I'm the one who took you in my life even though you never really told me that you've already moved on from her. I'm the one who kept trying to make you laugh though I know only she can truly do that. I'm the one who always wanted your attention though I know all you needed was hers. I'm the one who kept believing in your I love yous though I know you wish you're telling those to her. I'm the one who kept listening to your stories about her, taking notes of what I should and shouldn't do. I'm the one whom you promised to spend your forever though I know you wished it was with her. I'm the one who believed that I'm the one you fell in love with though I know when you look at my face all you see is hers. I'm the one who had you at your worst after she destroyed you when you're at your best. I'm your rebound girl, your backup plan, your second choice, the person you'll turn to when she rejects you once more,and your assurance that you won't be alone. I'm that girl, and despite knowing all these, I'm still that girl who loves you.
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byezeus · 4 years ago
Stop procrastinating and work
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