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#a little bit long
ccervidae · 2 hours ago
The Nurse’s outfit is (obviously) based on the old nurse uniforms, but it conveniently also looks a lot like Alice’s dress from the animated movie, which fits very nicely with the whole Motif we’ve got going on.
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windstrider2017 · a day ago
I cut my hair today and while I love cutting and styling my own hair, I will always hate having to deal with the fucking clippings afterwards omg
#hair clippings from hell...hello we meet again :(#ugh they get everywhere#and i'm remembering the Hair Splinter From Hell that i stayed up all night trying to remove until i finally got that stupid mf out#i got it out tho#also imo it's worth it. i will happily keep cutting my own hair#i took a bunch off this time so it was a little weird to look in the mirror and see it this short again bc it had grown out a bit#not drastically but enough that this is a bit of a difference for sure#it looked cool before too before it got too overgrown for my liking but meh i always cut it a lot when i think it's time for a haircut#ik i'd probably be a good barber or hairdresser and would lowkey consider it as a job option but#for one thing i would rather not be the one potentially responsible for a haircut somebody doesn't like#if i fuck up my own hair that's smth i'm willing to accept and idc but i wouldn't wanna screw up someone else's#just thinking back to last summer when i first cut my hair and i went v quickly from like.#cutting most of it w the longest possible guard and same length all around...except for the top that i did w scissors#to now i'm cutting hair like a pro and doing a sort of fade each time and purposely doing the top a bit messy bc it looks good that way#i use both scissors and clippers to cut it and tbh it's still somewhat long-ish even after i cut a lot off#my haircutting style is literally a mix of meticulous by-the-book and purposefully sloppy diy and it works great#man people at school next year are gonna be so shocked when they see me and i am here for it#i wish i'd done it sooner cause oh man#i went around looking like THAT when i could have been looking like THIS? omg#this is way easier to deal w too. it looks cool when it's messy and doesn't rly get in my face#i still wear hats a lot just bc i like them but i wore a hat to class so much freshman year#bc my hair was ugh and i didn't want to deal w it or have anyone to see that shit lmao#i finally got the guts and the excuse to cut it last summer when it was so long that it was getting in my face and nobody objected#so...snip snip bitches#and here we are today#i had pretty neutral expectations and was just like if it's bad it's bad (whatever) at that point#but it turns out i am a bit of a natural at cutting and styling hair#i am not a natural at common sense tho bc my back hurts from sitting weird and my phone battery almost died...skdjdjd whatever
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dark-wired · a day ago
I love Holger, and even when I'm having a mental bad spell he's there for me. He understands better than anybody what I'm going through even though the causes are a bit different. He's there to help bring me back to realitly and calm me down when I start to break and I appreciate him for it. I tried my best to help him with the techniques I use for myself when he was DD, and he hasn't forgot that. Sure, neither one of us is 100% there and sane, but we're trying and making progress, even if we do regress sometimes.
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glittereyedgirl · a day ago
damn I really heard a kid across the room in my class laugh and now I’m simping more fuck this huh
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cesium-sheep · 2 days ago
it is still weird to me that she unblocked me and he didn’t. like, she had no ties to me before that, so it’s not gonna be to sentimentally “leave the door open” like I do for literally all but 2 people (fuckface and miya). could be to keep tabs on me, like my friends used to keep an eye on fuckface’s fb after the worst of it to help reassure my paranoia that he wasn’t in town, although I barely use fb and don’t generally link to these accounts from there. (on the other hand I know for a fact this account is pretty easy for him to find, cuz like I said. done it before, even after I changed my url to make fuckface stop reading it. so why bother making sure my fb is accessible in that case?)
idfk man, just one of life’s many mysteries I guess. it’s a weird brain day.
#really gotta get around to finding people who can tolerate That Side of me.#that's the main reason I'm thinking about it now all of a sudden - I actually have the energy to be a bastard.#but I ain't got anyone to be a bastard with.#I feel far too soft about my wife to roughhouse or toy with her like that#even though it's a fun game and a (very specific) form of relationship I like having in my life#although she's been kinda talkative lately which is nice#she was hyperfocused away from me for a while#(she's still hyperfocused she's just more likely to take breaks for conversation now lol)#on the one hand perhaps one worries about running out of things to talk about after a certain number of years#on the other hand I've known Da Gorls effectively my whole life and they were surprised to find out I don't like tomatoes recently lol#I should've saved the link to her alt that fb randomly recommended me.#I'm done picking for now promise.#I will say one thing I noticed (since if anyone is reading this tag they are also prone to snooping :v )#it seems that his reacting to her posts gets marked as 'and 1 more' in the interface since he still has me blocked#if that's the case he did react to the pfp of them together back in november#but he didn't react to the bad news about her dog or her more recent pfp#altho his pfp is still that same pic of the both of them so idk#idk idk I'm just. I'll always be curious about what the fuck happened.#and I'll always a little bit want to re-establish contact with this person who mattered a lot that I didn't voluntarily leave.#and I know very little of what happened but my best guess is there was an ultimatum so I'm off-limits as long as they stay together.#(as if I wasn't the one being honest with everyone and carefully pumping the brakes on the flirting the moment I knew there was a line.)#(it was a real fucked up situation and I literally can't see any wrong move that I made in terms of Moral Backbone.)#(could I have made different choices to get what I wanted? probably. would they have been the right choices? no.)#(I was upfront with both of them and I'm the one who got tossed out to sea for it.)#(ugh. whatever. it's just frustrating.)#(it will be less frustrating once I've finally filled in the holes in my support structure.)#(I just have been Physically Incapable of that.)
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scottsumrners · 2 days ago
noah’s fence but that lady from my last reblog (or any of those tall ass ladies) Should have been DC wonder woman. Super tall. not super skinny. looks like she can wreck anyone’s shit without breaking a nail. imagine you’re in the middle of a battlefield and this 6 foot 9 amazon comes CHARGING at you. i’d die. right there and then, i’d just die
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kingpattillo · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
so three years ago, i drew some fanart for @strifesolution‘s post because i thought it was pretty funny. three years later, i decide to redraw that same art to see how much i’ve improved!
i also finally settled on a design for alfredo! thanks to his “pig of destiny“ jokes in stoneblock, i made him a zombified piglin :D
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happyendingsong · 2 days ago
people making mitchells vs machines inspo posts with no reference to cloudy with a chance of meatballs you are nothing you are nothing are are noth
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ariflorarts · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, I’m dumb as hell and forgot to post these for months 🤦. Here is a full body design of Clara and a sketch of her little brother Fritz, along with some character explanation.
Clara is 19 years old. She is very resourceful and is able to think on her feet, although she tends to use her emotions a lot. When she and her brother were very young their parents had passed away, and they have been moved around to any relive that could take care of them, because of this Clara has taken it upon herself to raise her younger brother. Unfortunately Clara isn’t the most patient person, and once in a while she might lose her cool and get frustrated with him. 
Fritz is 8 years old, and is a very care free and Energetic kid. He looks at the brighter side of things, and even for his circumstances, he is almost always in a good mood. Sometimes Fritz can be a bit oblivious to things, until he ends up getting in trouble.  Otherwise he is a pretty good kid, he loves his sister very much, and always tries his best to cheer her up when she is feeling down. Overall him and Clara are very close, have a pretty strong relationship (when she isn’t trying to mother him).
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froggyhopscotch · 3 days ago
Work Break Sketches Day #12
Been a little while since the last one. These are from a little bit ago and technically backlog. Finally getting around to posting them.
I Finally Named Him As An OC! Going with 'Ezzo'. Still need a name for the Story itself though.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ranbutler · 3 days ago
i am still. hm., many thoughts, head full, but for now i do think that c!wilbur is contradicting himself?
and,, that makes sense for a man who has been in solitude for 13 years.
take it from a person who spend most of their life alone thinking, you do tend to spiral like that when you dont have anything to keep you stimulated or distracted with.
I had a phase where i thought i was a different person every day because i spend so much time overthinking my opinions and identity that it changed so drastically so fast.
every belief and ideal, and c!wilbur is filled to the brim with those as the conversation with ranboo beautifully contrasted, is based on a construct.
normally, you construct it with your own and others experiences, facts and science, feelings and empathy. But when youre alone, you only have your own thoughts to fill that construct with. You overanalyze what you know and the little you have experienced and come to conclusions that are completely incomprehensible to anyone who doesnt know the exact way you got there.
wilbur would have killed dream in exile, yet he sees him as his hero. he sees himself as a different person than he was before, he wants to change, but he wants to return to the power he once had. he needs to apologize not knowing what for, he vows not to lie yet he contradicts himself, but all of it is equally true to him. he believes everything he says is true.
it's conclusions hes reached.
one point that I think shows what i mean really well is when he explained how he saw phil killing him as a good thing because if phil didnt do it, wilbur would have ended up in prison. he talked about it pretty briefly, and im sure there is no way most people would have drawn that conclusion, but you could still somewhat follow how he got there. its just that he didnt have tommy there before, who could go 'wait, exile actually happened because of georges house. and couldnt you have stood your ground better than tubbo anyway? there is different aspects you need to consider'
and thats why people need others, man. you need someone to be there and give you a deserved slap sometimes, to say 'what youre saying doesnt make any sense right now, youre not thinking realistically'
...I wonder what that slap will be for Wilbur.
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