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#a little bit idk just to be safe
mooshysa month ago
鈹鈹鈹鉁*.锝:锝♀湵*.:锝♀湩*.锝♀湴*.:锝♀湩*.锝:锝*.锝♀湵 鈹鈹鈹
guys who can cook 鉃 sakusa (likes to handle his own food), kita (granny taught him at a young age), daichi, akaashi, aran (these guys paid attention in home economics and actually know how to take care of themselves), oikawa, hinata (both forced to learn when they were in south america or else they would have starved)
guys who know how to cook, but choose to make the same meal every day 鉃 ushijima, iwaizumi, kageyama (these three only make the bland chicken and steamed broccoli meals for themselves...), bokuto (will go through phases of eating his favorite meal until he makes himself sick), kuroo (corporate job sucks away all his energy... makes a cup of ramen as soon as he gets home)
can only make scrambled eggs and boxed mac n cheese 鉃 suna (will boil water on the stove and forget about it when waiting), sugawara (there's a 7-11 right next to his apartment, so he just buys all his food there), matsukawa (solely depends on takeout), hoshiumi (goes to costco to buy hamburger helper in bulk)
don鈥檛 eat what they鈥檝e made unless you want food poisoning 鉃 atsumu (his brother got the 鈥渃ompetent in the kitchen鈥 genes), hanamaki (puts a handful of salt when the recipe asks for a pinch), lev (...), nishinoya (forgets to wash his hands and tells you the bacteria will add extra flavor), terushima (pours mountain dew into cake batter for an extra kick)
gordon ramsey鈥檚 disciples 鉃 osamu (does omakase for you on your anniversary, dedicates an entire day to go to the farmer's market to buy the best ingredients), tendou (pretends he鈥檚 on iron chef whenever he cooks, says he鈥檚 better than bobby flay and has once juggled knives in the kitchen)
鈹鈹鈹鉁*.锝:锝♀湵*.:锝♀湩*.锝♀湴*.:锝♀湩*.锝:锝*.锝♀湵 鈹鈹鈹
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thewhumperinwhitea month ago
Bad news: covid shot 2 is kicking my ass
Good news: the thing I have in common with Kent Graves is that I Like having Fevers cause that's a kind of illness that can be Measured which means people believe you when you talk about it, so I'm actually enjoying This kind of feeling terrible more than my Normal kind of feeling terrible. Lmao
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makiema2 months ago
Tumblr media
the 鈥渢aking narrative risks but also working them out in the end鈥 bit hits home like writing a straightforward story that gets its points through clearly is so much better than reaching so hard that u mess up the basics of crafting a narrative
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bonemoji2 months ago
TALKING ABT HLVRAI FNV THOUGHTS bc i TRIED to put them in da art post tags but they got messed up cuz i did it on desktop so im doing it again here
#SO. UGH gordon still has a physics degree im sure itd be possible#and he was born in the brotherhood of steel :] he doesnt live there currently though he moved out bc he wasnt rlly devoted to the cause or w#hatever#i was thinkin maybe benrey is the last one the science team meets#like they were all going to the strip together bc ofc they were theres like 3 seperate casinos and they meet benrey! and r like oh this guy#is not like the other securitrons! and he uhh joins them :]#im not sure about tommy yet but im considering making him a follower of the apocalypse#like dedicated to keeping people safe from dangerous inhumane technology? extremely vague connection to the osha guidelines#i want darnold to sell guns i think maybe he works for the gun runners?#OOH MAYBE gordon gets like a cool gauntlet from darnold#idk what to do abt gman i dont want him to be like an antagonist but i do want him to be in a position of Power yknow#i dont thjnk hed be a follower i dont think gman cares about prewar technology like whatever happens to the other factions happens#forzens here too i guess hes just in the ncr being a lame bootlicker#rambling#i mean. ok i have a lot of thoughts about the ncr i think that maybe there Should be some sort of defence against groups like the legion but#the ncr is fuckin corrupt#like the shit with the powder gangers was so fucked up!#so like uh definitely the ncr in universe has a bit more value than real life army so its a Little less lame and stupid but. still pretty la#me and stupid#and if ur on good terms with the ncr everyones like 鈥榠ts nice to see a friend of our government鈥 like just bc the ncr is the best group to s#ide with doesnt mean that i dont steal ammo from them every opportunity i get#anyway forzen is rhe last member of the ncr#fnvvrai
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catboy073 months ago
im so fucking bad with words but who wants to hear my thought on gods
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kawaiianimeredhead4 months ago
I am really not sure how I feel about Big Sky because its hard for me to really feel like its a good show or a bad show as theres been moments ive thought both and as a whole im just curious about a couple of things (and also lead my dad to believe I enjoy the show so now its a show were watching together)
I do however, want to toss out one thought ive had for several episodes now just in case im right
Which is that I am not convinced ronalds mother is actually alive and I think i made an off comment to my dad about it, but I doubt he remembers so if I'm somehow correct after about 3 or so episodes of this show, then I was some kind proof for satisfaction purposes
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skies-of-blue4 months ago
no idea where This fucking came from but have some sappy introspective notes app writing. It's trans bi rights:
He's half asleep and cooking breakfast when he gets the call. Swearing, he shoves the pan to a burner that isn't on and scrambles to pause the music on his phone and turn off the burner he was using and reach the fucking landline why before the machine gets it all at once. He doesn't even pay attention to the caller ID before he's swinging the phone out of its cradle.
"Hello?" he's asking, poised to slam the phone down if it's another robocall, before he's even caught his breath.
"Hey," she giggles on the other end, and his entire posture relaxes, and he turns, blinking in the light, to look out the window he knows faces her apartment, even if it's miles away and he can't even see her, like the needle of a compass pointing North.
"Hi," he responds, voice softening, a smile tugging his mouth as she laughs at him again.
"You always sound so beleaguered when I call the landline," she says, causing him to groan, turning back to his kitchen.
"You do it on purpose, you witch. What's up?" he asks. She hums on the other end, obviously stalling.
"So, I was thinking," she starts, but then trails off before laughing yet again, but it's more nervous this time.
"About?" he prompts, picking up the cradle to bring it to the counter by his rapidly cooling breakfast just to have something to do. Briefly the memory of some post saying you walk around while you're on the phone with someone is cuz you're subconsciously searching for them during the conversation plays across his mind, and he has to bite his lip to stifle a laugh.
"I was thinking," she starts again.
"You said," he interrupts, because he can't not, because he's a shit like that, because he knows it'll make her laugh again, which she does.
"I was thinking," she repeats emphatically, then waits pointedly for him to say anything else. He doesn't, so she continues, haltingly, and awkward in that way she is when she's trying to be sincere: "Since we're like, dating now, and all, I'd like to kiss you." A beat. "At some point."
And oh, if he wasn't in love with her before, he'd fall in love with her that very second. He leans against the counter, wrapping his free arm around the warmth blooming in his chest as a grin makes its home in his mouth, pressing the phone harder against his face like he could make her feel his simple joy at just talking to her down the phone line.
"At some point," he repeats, just because he can, he has to, and there's a puff of air against the receiver of a laugh that doesn't want to reveal it鈥檚 a laugh, but has to escape anyway. He imagines the dust motes in the sunlight swirling in front of her like they are for him now. It's beautiful.
"At some point, yeah," she agrees. He hums, and throws a quick glance at his interrupted breakfast鈥搑uined now, probably鈥揳nd his grin just grows even impossibly bigger.
"That's good to hear," he says, and she groans down the line at him, and he doesn't even have to try and imagine her, rolling her eyes with a fond smile and stamping her feet in an impatient little dance in his mind's eye.
"Yeah, I know that's good to hear, you dick, but do you wanna, like." She stops, voice suddenly faltering, and he can't help but feel a little bad about her insecurity.
"Yes, I wanna kiss you, too," he answers. She laughs, and he has to laugh, too, because this is a little ridiculous, calling someone before breakfast, before you've even gone on your official first date, giggling like schoolchildren, to let them know you want to kiss them. At some point.
"At some point," he says, laughter bubbling around the edges of his smile as she laughs at him again.
"At some point," she agrees. He thinks, inanely, of the subtle, striped bioluminescence of the human body, and hopes his is glowing a little bit brighter in his joy, even though he knows that isn't how it works.
"You wanna put it on Google calendar? 'Kissing Event starts in five minutes'?" he teases her, moving the pan into the sink. She hums consideringly, brightly, obvious putting on a show.
"No, I think I want this to be spontaneous. When it's right, yanno? Just wanted to put it out there, so it's not too much of a surprise." And he loves her, gods, he loves her, he really does, because he remembers breaking down in her bed three years ago as he tearfully confessed that he just didn't fucking Get it when people talked about sex and finding strangers attractive and casually hooking up with people they'd just met like that was normal, like that was a thing that happened outside of movies and music videos, and he knows, he knows, that despite the surface levity of this conversation, she really is only just putting the idea on the table, to see if he even wanted to be kissed, because she remembers it, too, of course she does, and if he hadn't known he's wanted to marry her since way back before she even told him her actual pronouns, he'd propose to her right there on the spot, over the phone, over his half-raw half-congealed eggs in his shitty kitchen, talking about first kisses on a fucking landline, like this wasn't the 21st century. He aches with it, but it's good. It's really good.
"It would've been a good surprise," he says.
"Yeah?" she says hopefully.
"Yeah," he confirms. "Just so we're clear."
"Yeah," she laughs, "just so we're clear. I'm not gonna tell you when, though. It's just gonna happen, right when you least expect it, and it's gonna be all awful and awkward and our noses are just gonna smash together and shit."
"Good reason to call as any, to say you wanna kiss me," he says, catching his breath.
"Can't wait," he promises, laughing down the line with her. 鈥淲e can practice the finer points later, anyway.鈥
"Exactly. Anyway, that's all I wanted to call about鈥" and she interrupts herself with a burst of laughter, louder and longer than the others, as if the ridiculousness of this all has just hit her, or maybe the relief that they haven鈥檛 fucked up before they鈥檝e even started, and he's laughing with her, too, and he's pretty sure he hasn't laughed this much before nine am since his last childhood sleepover.
"Yeah, s'pose so. I really do. Anyway, I have to get to class," she says, sounding apologetic but happy, so fucking happy, happy as he feels, so he can't even be too upset they have to stop talking for now.
"Kick their asses, babe," he says immediately, drawing a last laugh out of her.
"Yeah, I'll try. See you later?"
"Yeah, see you later. Love you." And isn鈥檛 that something, the way a phrase can change its meaning. They said their first 鈥渓ove yous鈥 before they were even close to graduating, back when they still half-thought they were cousins, back when it just meant they were each other鈥檚 favorite people, and then it changed when she came out to him, to mean 鈥淚 see you鈥 and 鈥淚鈥檓 still here for you鈥 and 鈥渨e鈥檙e good鈥, and then it changed again, just a week ago, to mean 鈥渁ll of the above and more鈥 and聽鈥渢here鈥檚 a future here between us and I want to take that chance.鈥 Love rarely ever means just love, but that鈥檚 okay, because those other things mean love, too.
"Love you, too. Byeee鈥" and she hangs up before she's really finished saying it, drawing out the last syllable until the click because she knows it'd make him laugh. It does, one last time, and he sets the phone back in its cradle on its new home, the counter.
He takes a moment to stand over his sink, smiling like an idiot to himself, before reaching out to turn on the faucet to start soaking the pan, then turning to restart his music and grab a bowl for some cereal.
Yeah. It's a good morning.
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dreamygeorgenap-archive5 months ago
I have feeling that George and Dream with have meetup soon. If George flew to Canada, he quarantine there for two weeks in hotel. I鈥檓 sure Karl could fly up and meet him there, they both get tested and quarantine together for two weeks, Quackity could possibly join them (I don鈥檛 know Mexico鈥檚 restrictions). After hanging out/ quarantining for two weeks in Canada, George could fly to Florida to meet Dream and Karl and Quackity could fly home. Sapnap could meet them in Florida. This includes all the testing and precautions that need to be made in order to be safe but other wise it鈥檚 a plan where everyone gets to meet irl but in a safe way following restrictions.
Are you Dream? You鈥檝e really thought this out lol. Dream has confirmed they鈥檝e thought about George flying to a separate country, Sapnap meeting him there, quarantining for 2 weeks, then flying to Florida to meet Dream.
Idk I want them to meet up as much as anyone else, but I just want them to do it saftely and considerately and I don鈥檛 think during a world wide pandemic is the best/ safest way to do it and imo it鈥檚 not the best look. Let鈥檚 just be real, we鈥檙e in a world right now where in some countries (like the US because we have terrible leadership) people aren鈥檛 supposed to be around their grandparents, can鈥檛 go to restaurants or sports games, had to spend the holidays away from their families and couldn鈥檛 meet up with their friends because everyone is *supposed* to be quarantining and wearing masks because the cases in the US are rising by the thousand daily. In my opinion, it seems a little insentive for Dream team/ George, Karl, and Quackity to meet up right now in this time. And there鈥檚 been no confirmations that they are meeting up I鈥檓 just saying, if they were to.
Again I want them to meet up really badly, I want Dream team to hug so badly but it just seems a bit insensitive for them to meet up during a worldwide pandemic, even if it鈥檚 all safe. I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l get hate for that but sorry, that鈥檚 my opinion.
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