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#a girl would also like to HEAR
nightlightsglowa day ago
Tumblr media
gonna go to sleep now but this is it so far shes the character I play as but also an oc she lives in a smaller city kinda near octo valley and she has a friend and together they befriend an enemy octoling because 1) they dont know what octolings are and assume its just another squid with cooler hair and clothes, 2) you know how sometimes the ai glitches out and they just squid party, it did that and 3) they fucking suck with their weapon and only got their position out of dumb luck.
anyway they all become friends and yeah <3
Tumblr media
crappy photo of what they look like in game but they have lilac/lavender gradient ink
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freetimeefase5 days ago
this is a question for all of the marvel/avengers/tfatws/bucky/etc etc stans out there.聽
as someone who is new to this fandom I have a question regarding our boyfriend mr sebastian stan聽
do we know if the man can carry a tune? sing a little song?聽
and I鈥檓 not just talking about聽鈥渉ungry eyes鈥, I鈥檓 talking damn son sing me to sleep because.... a girl would love to know聽
anyway... get back to me <3聽
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dave-striiider13 days ago
actually i think a big part of the issue im having figuring myself out is just. fear of how others will react
#yesterday Travis called me his prince and it wasn't that that surprised me so much as just. the willingness to directly address it#honestly i kinda figured i would go ''I'm not a girl'' and he would run or ignore it and i don't really know how to handle him being kimm#kind* and understanding#he keeps asking me questions about what he should call me and the part of me that grew up with people pretending to like me just to#make fun of me keeps whispering that its all part of the joke and one of these days hes going to decide ive changed too much and then#ill be the punchline#and then theres the issues in the other direction#if i try to embrace the butch title while being the complicated pile i am then how many people will come after me for not being enough#which i know is stupid especially given i literally just read an entire book about that but theres also the thing of like.#jess still had a connection to womanhood and attraction to primarily (solely? im not good at text interpretation) women#which makes it a lot easier to accept youre allowed to use those words#but what if youre never ever a woman and have never even dated one? wheres the connection?#and i can already hear people saying 'there isnt one therefore you cant use them' but then how do they explain the feelings i have about th#m#surely an outside observer with no connection wouldnt feel like theyre being strangled trying to think about it?#i dunno its complicated#maybe thats why heshe kept sticking out to me. its not neutral in the same way they them is but a blended mix forcing people to#ackowledge both the origins and the destination#maybe that's the connection? my past and my body influencing my current view of myself#whats the difference between not a woman and no longer a woman#ive thought abt it before but never very hard but maybe the answer can just be both yknow#when ppl say bigender i think their brain automatically pictures half man half woman but like#im thinking maybe for me itd be. half man half butch. no woman but half butch#or not halves#fully both at once maybe#a venn diagram but the middle part is empty but the emptiness is part of it too#PLUS theres also like. what would i call myself#he him lesbian? not a lesbian鈥 attracted to more than women#he him woman? not a woman#i want butch to be the whole sentence but it doesnt feel like it can be
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louisminyard17 days ago
ok so I watched half watching the rest tmr but my thoughts so far are that I rlly love it !! I love the acting a lot and the visuals omg LOWKEY the actual sb plot boring me idk if it鈥檚 bc I know or bc it鈥檚 just slow since yknow .. nothing is happening yet other than alina getting adjusted BUT the soc plot is the best sjsjsjsj like the characters are so good together and I love the dynamic !!! like I love the soc actors sm锟硷考锟 omfg .. what else ... OH THE MALINA ??? we stay winning yall ... as we should I was crying w the letters stop my true north im sick
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tawnukigrl23 days ago
sports anime pitch: book-smart high school graduate with straight As gets an offer from their dream college but they can't commute in time because they don't have a driver's licence and there isnt any time to get one before their first semester starts so they pick up nascar driving because there鈥檚 a loophole in the system that lets them make the commute legally if it鈥檚 on company time and it turns out they鈥檙e fucking dastardly on the track
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sheriff-hanscuma month ago
thinking about dreamhunter...............oh im thinking. tags essay time
#can u imagine like#claire spent SO LONG searching for kaia#dedicated all of her time to it. completely cut out everyone else including jody + alex#over a girl she knew for ONE DAY. so thats some love at first sight shit. insane#but then kaia comes back#and we never got their reunion scene bc writers homohpbic#BUT#in my little dumbass gayass brain. i will create it#and it involves:#claire sobbing her fucking HEART OUT#kaia too <3#and claire tells her about how hellish its been trying to find kaias killer and how isolated she became and#kaias heart Breaks bc like. nobody has ever done something like that for her#shes been a loner outcast for like. ever#so to hear the girl she was in love with went thru so much for her.......oh can u imagine. can u#and claire does not let her out of her sight for a very long time bc shes so worried abt losing her again.....#kaia insists that shes fine and shes safe but claires like idc!!!!!!!!! i said i was gonna protect you and i failed but this time i MEAN IT.#i would also like to think she actually stopped hunting for a bit bc she wanted to spend time with kaia#and kaia. having dealt with bull and shit her entire life does not like hunting#much prefers her new domestic life with claire#but like. obv claire goes back 2 hutning eventually#which brings me to when kim rhodes said that claire was a lot more careful hunting now that she has something to live for <3#AND I COULD CRY!!!!!!!!! THATS SO CRAZY#can u imagine taming CLAIRE NOVAK?#oh my god. kaia babe u r fucking magical#literally and figuratively#ok. OK#IM DONE#rambling#madies stupid spn rewrites
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anywaytimesa month ago
i feel like the main difference btwn me now and me when i was still active in pro-e/d communities is that while i still cant stand my appearance & it causes me great distress 24/7 the people around me now are horrified by this and don't use this distress to make me thinner, as opposed to the late 2000s when this distress was seen as a powerful motivator to lose weight, and a good thing overall
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changbin-froggy-jimina month ago
I know that you listen to a lot of kpop and such and i was wondering if you could recommend me a playlist you listen to often? I'm on spotify but there are too much choices for me ^^'
Ummm,,,, ok so I only recently learned that everyone on Spotify has a different playlist for all their moods,,,,,, which is not how I use it, which is just playing my liked songs from the top until I get sick of listening to those and then add some more and listen from the top down again
So when I made my kpop playlist I basically did the same thing ddhjkhdss
I have my big huge playlist that has like give or take 1.5k songs, when we go through albums I save all the songs on the album to the playlist and then add the ones I love to my liked songs,,, so this one is just filled with everything, though I feel like only things I ever hear on this playlist are BTS/ATEEZ/Monsta X/Shinee/NCT/Stray Kids/Taemin, despite how many artists I have on there, but to be fair those groups have the most albums so
(Also if the number scares you, it鈥檚 a lot easier to think that like 100-200 of it is BTS, so on and so forth, so like yes the number is big, but the majority of the artists are all the same for big chunks of the number)
(I like saving the whole album because sometimes you might not feel a song the first time but you could like it the second)
(I add to this playlist A LOT, so there鈥檚 always new stuff, generally at least once a week, like today we plan on doing the new ATEEZ album and the new WayV mini album, plus more who knows!)
(Oh! Also this playlist (at least for me) is set to show what鈥檚 saved most recent first, but if you can set it to show it in oldest to newest order you can see my kpop journey, and how it started with BTS, Oneus, and Block B and evolved from there which is just really cool to me that I can keep track of everything I love, and like who I listened to and when, so I鈥檓 like in love with this playlist)
Wait actually!!! I recently saved a mix because it was so freaking good and I love all the songs so much, so I have that to, and there鈥檚 only 50 in here which is a lot nicer than 1.5k if that number scares you a bit
It鈥檚 a lot of all the groups I鈥檓 in love with right now, and features a lot of my favorite songs!!
I hope this could help, sorry I don鈥檛 have more playlists to offer you, I don鈥檛 tend to save others kpop mixes as I like my own tastes better haha
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echo-voidheart2 months ago
i had a dream and i don't remember a lot but i do remember near the end me and a group of random people were in a car and someone else was trying to kill me for some reason so we ended up in a car chase and I guess Wilbur was driving and everyone was freaking out (cause. you know. car chase) and right before I woke up I just heard Wilbur shout "FUCK" and Badboyhalo go "I'm not even gonna say language" cause we were. you know. in a car chase
#echo spambles#i like how even in a dream Bad is still very much Bad#sometimes in my dreams people's personalities change a bit but 'language' is so very much Bad that he even says it in a dream lmao#side note the car chase was NOT going well#like. usually in movies they'll perfectly maneuver around everyone else and not break pace#but we pulled onto the highway and got stuck behind a slow mf on the exit ramp and we had to panic for a second as we tried to get around#also whoever the bad guy was they didn't seem to know my name but they could apparently see my face through a blanket#they consistently referred to me as the 'lemon boy'. like from the song Cavetown#from what I remember the group in the car kept changing#It was just me and this other girl at first#she was like an oracle and was the one telling me what the people planned to do to me. which. wasn't good things but idk what it was#she was really pretty.. mildly reminded me of Glimmer from the new she-ra or my one character Fae#and there was a girl named Jessi she was also very pretty and she looked a lot like an American Girl doll#someone had a very small child with them but i don't remember who brought the kid#he was like. a year old. so no words no thoughts just Baby#whoever brought him into the car mentioned his nickname was Big Q and i was internally like 'haha.. like quackity'#there was definitely Wilbur in the car cause he was driving but when i heard Bad i didn't hear him from inside the car#so idk where he was#i can't remember who was in the front passenger seat anymore#oh also Wilbur was not as good with driving as he probably would be because we were in an American car lmao
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adrenaline-equestrian2 months ago
horse: *does a reaction to literally anything*
people on tiktok/insta/twitter/whatever looking for the LikesTM: idk if you saw but my horse is traumatized by this. the trauma he must鈥檝e endured. he鈥檚 really traumatized, watch how he tosses his head. i cannot believe how traumatic this is to him. did you see his face? that鈥檚 trauma.聽
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4chai3 months ago
#BRO don鈥檛 read unless you wanna hear my sad girl shit#shawna speaks and no one listens#but the way I鈥檓 so saaaaaddd#my classes started up again and that鈥檚 like the sole reason for these feelings#I just feel so dissatisfied with my life and it鈥檚 trajectory#like how is this how ppl wanna live#I think a lot of too might be like the mindsight of this country and like grind culture but it鈥檚 just not for me#this isn鈥檛 for me#I want something else out of my life#I鈥檝e been journaling a LOT but I still never feel like I鈥檝e purged myself of all these thoughts running around in my head#I feel like I鈥檓 just running in circles#starting to feel a little insane#I really want to talk to my sister about this but it鈥檚 hard to meet up#and I don鈥檛 wanna talk to her over the phone#but also unless I start crying talking to her never feels as good as I would like it too#honestly talking to anyone about my worries with life is never as relieving as I would like it to be#i just always feel like I get cut off or like I鈥檓 not making any sense#I think that鈥檚 why I enjoy journaling so much#I have to slow down my thoughts to write so it ends up making a lot more sense than when I speak#And whenever I speak to myself like thru the mirror or whatever I just end up crying#I just feel like I鈥檝e learned a lot this year but at the same time I feel like I know nothing#I just want enough time to grow and learn and become myself and just be before I make any choices#I just wish I was able to spend my time the way I wanted to spend it yknow#like the other day I was making my brother breakfast and I decided to just make the entire fam food#and as I was scrambling the eggs I just felt so much peace like the feeling was truly indescribable#I was just standing there with my spatula thinking this is what life should be about performing small acts of kindness#and I just want my life to be more like that more often I want to feel the peace I felt in front of the stove that morning more#this sounds so dramatic but like there was this stillness in my soulll bro I felt like I could breathe
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