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#a crossover episode
petriwhore · a year ago
I saw Train and Goo Goo Dolls in concert last night and they played Under Pressure as one of their encore songs and I lost my shit
oh my GOD i would have WEPT LIKE A BABY that literally sounds SO GOOD !!!!! i’m glad you had a good time !!! 💜
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Can someone draw Team RWBY with a fluffy fur coat like what Puruns got in that one episode of Star Twinkle Precure?
I’m thinking about a crossover fanfiction, and I want to see exactly how bad of an idea this would be.
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sideblogformindtrash · 2 days ago
-Blue Masterlist
-Sunflower Masterlist
CW: Ableism; low self-esteem; multiple whumpers; pet whump; cold whump; dehumanization; conditioning; it as a pronoun;
 Sun was dreading this visit.
He dragged his feet behind Miss Abby, who shot him a dirty glance. ‘Behave’. He nodded, trying to pick some speed… But he didn’t want to be here.
She rang the doorbell, almost immediately that man opened and invited them in. They friendly hugged, talking loudly and cheerfully to each other… And the man’s eyes were on him. He held his breath, keeping his head down, the posture perfect, like a good pet. Miss Abby was scary, this man was scarier.
“Sun, why don’t you go over there” he pointed at a room, his filming studio “Blue is waiting there, go talk to him while me and your owner chat, will you?”
He nodded and obeyed. No matter how much he didn’t want to see Blue again. When he looked at the other pet was he could think was… What If? Abby won’t do this to you, she won’t. She won’t right? She wants a perfect pet, a perfect pet has no ugly scars, a perfect pet has teeth and fingers, a perfect pet doesn’t stutter cry or beg. She won’t do this, she won’t, she won’t…
He got inside the studio. It was quite different than Abby’s setup,  much more oriented towards gaming. He knew the man had another one on the basement, for more dark purposes.  Blue was sitting on one of its Master’s chairs, spinning around. It nearly screamed when it saw Sunflower, but clamped their mouth to silence it, falling on its knees.
…Sun kneeled in front of Blue, while they tried to calm their heart. He could imagine how terrifying must be to nearly get caught doing something so bad, using Master’s furniture… Especially when that man was its Master.
“…I won’t tell” Sun said, barely avoiding a small smile. Seeing it spinning there was… Kind of cute if it wasn’t for the enormous amount of pressure over them right now.
“T-t-t-thank you…” Blue whispered, picking up its plush “It, it, it t-thinks he will, w-will find out a-anyway…”
“Why… do you do it then? Won’t he hurt you?”
The way Blue moves unnerves him a bit, the other pet rocking itself back and forth, plush in hands.
“M-m-makes B-blue a little happy”
“Happy” Sun whispered back. Was that really enough for Blue to feel happy? Hell, how long had it been since he felt any happiness? He looked down, at its own hands, all covered in little wounds, aching at the joints “Hm… You know what they’ll do today?”
…That little smile Blue had was gone now. It shook its head, pulling the bunny in front of its face, talking as if it was the toy speaking instead.
“N-no B-but it’s upstairs so, m-might not h-h-urt much…”
Might not hurt much. Sun kept trying to wrap his mind around what type of video would need two pets… And no pain.
“Miss Abby sometimes likes to do fashion tips and hair styling videos… Could be that?” Sun said more to himself than to Blue.
“Hm… W-w-we h-haven’t done much a-about it b-but, Master l-likes to pick d-different c-clothes for Blue” it puts the bunny down on its lap, head tilting a bit “It h-hopes is, is, is not a d-dress”
“Might not even be that… I’m just… trying to think” …think of the least scary options, that was.
“M-m-master l-likes v-v-ideo g-gaming…”
…Gaming. Sun couldn’t help but smile. Abby didn’t like that sort of stuff, but… He always wanted to try playing games. It was the one point where he envied Blue a little, since it got to play with its Master on the streams.
“…I hope is a gameplay” Sun whispers, knowing well it can probably be something much worse. Hell, even if it was a gameplay… what were the chances? They would just put him and Blue against each other, and Blue would win again, and Sun would be punished for it.
“Hm… C-c-could be a c-c-challenge” Blue says, crawling closer to Sun “…W-w-e did I-ice bath c-c-challenge”
“Ice bucket?” Sun frowns. They did that too. It was… not very nice.
“…Bath” Blue corrected “..But a-a-all baths are Ice baths a-anyway so was, was e-e-asy for Blue”
Sun didn’t really knew what to say.
“M-m-makeup challenge!” Blue tried, a bit excited about that one. Well… it wouldn’t be so bad.
They both straightened their posture once the door opened, Blue nervously peeking at their masters, Sun keeping his head down.
…When they came with a big bag, full of things… They stared at each other nervously. 
Product review.
Hopefully, the products weren’t punishment tools.
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asterism343 · 3 days ago
Coloring for ARC-V’s anniversary and International Asexuality Day! I might go back some other time and clean it up a bit, but I think it looks fairly good as is. Also, I wanted to finish it today, so I couldn’t take too long.
Tumblr media
 And here’s the original panel!
Tumblr media
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toytulini · 3 days ago
i love listening to the mcelroy podcasts that seem to be like, more tangential to the big ones that everyone seems to focus on, and knowing jack shit about those like, no i dont know mbmbam or taz, im here to listen to sawbones and shmanners and go from there
#toy txt post#technically i think i listen to more smirl podcasts than mcelroy? between sawbones and then i occasionally dive into#still buffering or court appointed#i listened to the buffy episodes of whatever that was where travis and teresa reviewed like the first seasons kf some tv shows? i feel like#i have mbmbam on my list but the last time i tried to listen to it i just couldnt.#i think i watched some of the ones on youtube? i enjoyed those i think cos i could also like. see who was talking#i havent actually listened to griffin yet. i might give wonderful! a shot? maybe. im still catching up on shmanners#i know everyone loves those podcasts that are like. stories like taz and other dnd podcasts and those archives or whatever and like#listen. all of you are valid. but that is not what im here for. maybe in 3 yrs ill be ready for story podcasts who knows#but rn i just want...information.#listening to why are dads is fun but even that takes some effort. im definitely more excited about the ones about movies i at least know of#or have seen like i LOVE the batman returns ep.#anyway all this to say i started listening to the beatrix potter episode of shmanners and travis mcelroy was assigned cottagecore by#his wife teresa and it was SO funny to me and also. mood. me too buddy its okay i feel the same way everytime i put on a sweater lmao#also: i desperately want a sawbones crossover or something with this podcast will kill you. something. an interaction on twitter#im desperate. i want these shows to know Of Each Other. i want sydnee to know about tpwky and do a crossover ep and idk#have teylor help out with the quarantini planning. also im all caught up on tpwky and im sad about it.#i really enjoyed listening to the tpwky and then the sawbones for all the eps where they both covered that topic. if u like sawbones give#tpwky a try its like similar but without justin there being grossed out by parasites and instead its disease ecologists being like#'that is so COOL! I mean it AWFUL for the person infected with the parasite but that life cycle is so FASCINATING' I just feel like#sydnee would get along with the erins okay. and i want to hear them do an episode on a parasite together. also more crossovers w idop
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batarangsoundsdumb · 3 days ago
what if bruce, for authenticity shits and giggles just, never uses the voice modulator lucius gave him and permanently destroying his vocal chords
batman, not using a voice modulator and being forced to have surgery: lucius fox : excuse me? what was that? “you were right, lucius, i should have listened to you from the start, lucius”  lucius fox: i fucking told you so
dick tries to go out as batman one (1) night and he comes back, chugs a gallon of water, says "what the fuck bruce" and goes on vocal rest for a month
dick, after doing the batman voice without a voice modulator: so that was the worst fucking experience of my life and i’m never doing that again
so obviously jason tries and he does the voice and he goes "what are you talking about, it's not that hard- *wheeze* no im having an asthma attack, im having an asthma attack"
tim manages to go out as batman for multiple days before the rest figures out he just uses a sound app with two (2) sounds that are just 'i am justice' and 'i am batman'
(it took him and steph multiple hours of editing because they couldn't find a recording that didn't have a loud SMACK right through the audio that was just bruce beating up some random criminal)
cass also uses the sounds so she just arrives to some active crime in all her 5 foot glory and you just have the lowest fucking batman voice going "i am justice"
gothamites realise that the bats actually use the voice sometimes and they just start listing them off whenever they hear it like: is it batman? nah he's with the justice league red hood? no he only does it in the mcdonalds drive thru red robin? maybe signal? nah he only patrols during the day robin? no way, he always tries to do the voice to sound cool but he always gets voicecracks
robin: i am justi- *voice crack* FUCK red robin in the corner: omg i got it on camera
(there’s youtube compilations of damian trying and failing to do the voice and all the comments are like “he’s baby,” “aww tiny boy” and damian dislikes all of their comments)
this is @im-cool-i-pinky-swear​ ‘s beautiful brainchild
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reinawritesbnha · 4 days ago
*i runs into you* Hey what the hell extr- *I blush* i.. uhh..- Bakugou anon 💥💛
Bakugou what the hell watch where you are walking! Gosh you tsundere spikey boy someone needs to look after you! *I tussle his hair and boop his nose*
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spiderfingerzzzzz · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to draw these chaotic hot topic kiddos for both their birthdays but couldn't finish this before nor on april first :^]
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jenatte · 6 days ago
Can't believe I'm falling in love with 126 too. I'm already in love with 118 my heart can't take no more
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blucrewslowpoke · 6 days ago
Consider the following:
Infinity Train meets Dr. Who.
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cherryvaleska · 7 days ago
watching some cheap horror movie on netflix with my mom and it's got little baby david mazouz in it and i'm BARKING that's my little boy 🤧💞
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