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#a cats love
dogrocks · 5 hours ago
my design blog is getting close to its first field guide, secrets of the clans, meaning my time to draw 2 pigs and a big snake is near. and i am debating if i want to draw the mythological characters as normal animals or have them in a completely different art style like the first part of the watership down movie, especially since attempting to draw pigs in my style will give me psychic damage like no other.
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thiscastielhasflown · 8 hours ago
please, i found the ultimate dean and cas true ending song:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(our house by crosby, stills, nash, & young)
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it's 8:56PM and i'm thinking about how to adapt cats's story to a narrative film
Ah, that’s the eternal question, isn’t it anon? That’s an interesting rabbit hole to go down!
Honestly, I’m not all that sure that CATS can be turned into a narrative film. Well, I mean, it *can* but, as it stands, there would need to be a lot of work done to it, and it would most likely need a structural overhaul. 
And I’m wondering if a solid narrative (and, by extension, it instinctually moving away from being an ensemble piece judging by how most movies are made, especially now) actually sort of limits the experience of what CATS is.
I feel like CATS might actually make an excellent experimental/art film. It’s resistance to structure makes it a prime candidate for one. 
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clouffy · 17 hours ago
Pretty offended by your filtered tag tbh
i literally talk to my best friend about warrior cats like every day even tho I know nothing about it ok <3 i unfiltered it because my dash isn't filled with wc stuff anymore ok are you happy. now my first filtered tag is just ‘body horror’ are you happy.  you did yhis
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stopframevevo · 23 hours ago
If jayfeather had a tumblr he would put this at the end of all his posts
Tumblr media
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wired-heartbeats · a day ago
I love those soulmate aus that are like, the first words you say to them are on their wrist or something because so many of my F/Os would have swearwords or I’d have the most confusing phrases on my arms forEVER
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catgirlgwen · a day ago
wc needs 2 stop having blatantly gay romances and then being like . and then they never spoke again and they were just good friends but not good enough for it to last
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mcprincessdiaries · a day ago
cakes been outside all day n i was getting frustrated cause i hadnt even seen her that much but i just sat outside for a bit and read and what do u know she came slinking over to me so i could text my sister to open the door
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erldan · a day ago
tigers r so fucking funny because its like a cat except it wants 2 kill u. and like it actually Can
like idk theres just something rlly funny abt the thought of like, the anger of a cat in the body of something that can actually kill u . if i ever got killed by a tiger itd be fso fucking funny i think
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