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icharchivist22 hours ago
damn the internet is exhausting 馃槶 i find the designs of the new FF origins so silly and i would love to make more fun of it but just looking at people鈥檚 thoughts about it while they are angrily bitching or blaming Nomura for all the problems in the world is so exhausting like chill a little?聽
#me: ahah pink prompto // some gamer online: nomura is SINGLEHANDEDLY RUINING FF and should be FIRED // me: . okay.#im not talking like actually legit critiscims (where are the girls Nomura. I am waITING.)#it's like people who have the same problems i do but they have a mental breakdown over it#I really don't like the designs in Origins so far i think they're super lazy like. really lazy.#but like i also remember that say Versus got a complete character redesign eventually#or that the very first look at the ff7r's designs were reworked as well bc of the backlash#(ppl didn't like seeing Cloud sickish.)#(i'm glad with the design they ended up going with!)#(but you guys really robbed me from 'actually looking like he spent the last 9 months underfed in the desert' Cloud smh.)#(im joking a little as much as i loved the first visuals idk if it would have worked the full game)#(and i guess there IS a point about the fact Cloud's trauma isn't supposed to be obvious at first glance since it's a plottwist)#and there was also the Mobius case where people didn't like that the guy MC was showing 'as much skin as the ladies'#ie: squares you are coward bring back the asscheek window this is a threat.#but yeah like square does have a history of redoing designs if they don't vibe with the public#so acting like this singlehandedly brought square to bankrupcy is like. are you okay.#did a badly designed trailer really made you forget that both ff7r and kh3 were commercial success. + the last nier?#anyway my point is that i would love to just bully the new design but the internet takes it too seriously and now i feel bad about it#i still will make fun of it though - *yzma's voice* it ain't gonna get any stupider#ichatalks#ichasalty#oh right and i forgot: Nomura is the designer/the one who pitched the idea#but he's not even the main producer...#and even if so like a game isn't the result of One Person this is silly stop
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gojifan97a day ago
How about a Disney origin movie for Yzma where she spends over 20 years serving a spoiled brat and keeping his kingdom from being run into the ground only to be聽fired without a second thought by said brat?
Wait a minute...
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orangeypopsicle2 days ago
Does anyone else lie awake thinking about how Yzma canonically raised Kuzco, that Kuzco was a teenager, and how dark that makes certain parts of The Emperor鈥檚 New Groove or is that just me?
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jinkies-binx2 days ago
im happy that accidentally letting youtube autoplay onto a whole-ass episode of the emperor鈥檚 new school (cropped in the corner of a still image of space, audio pitched up like in the good old days) resulted in me realizing i still had the whole theme song ingrained into my soul like a sleeper agent, subsequently making me wanna go back and revisit it.
most of the criticisms about it are completely right (objectificafion of malina, very little actual character growth/lessons learnt, missed opportunities for a show set within the incan culture), but man that movie was unintentionally the PERFECT setup for a television series like this. kronk constantly forgetting that yzma and principle amzy are the same person. the style switch as yzma hatches increasingly ridiculous plans, only to go with a much more sensible, less convoluted one in the end. a new gag for every time kronk pulls the wrong lever. AND a new gag for each time they go on the rollercoaster ride!
like honestly not to be corny but all i can think to say is 鈥渂rilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!鈥
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loudlittledemon2 days ago
I鈥檝e tried very nicely to get my neighbor to pick up his dogs poop. I鈥檝e chatted with him and mentioned it, then when I stepped in it i asked him again. My other neighbor or put up those 鈥減ick up after your dog signs鈥 didn鈥檛 work. I even painted a cute fucking birdhouse that I put dog bags in with a 鈥減lease take :)鈥 sign. Didn鈥檛 work either.
So I have come to the conclusion that the only solution here is to get an air horn, hide behind a tree when he takes his dogs out, and then jump out and scream, 鈥淧ICK UP AFTER YOUR DOGS, FUCKHEAD!鈥
If that doesn鈥檛 work I鈥檓 all for picking up all of his dogs poop (it鈥檚 everywhere I can鈥檛 deal) put it in a box, set that box on his porch with a pretty ribbon and let him open that lovely surprise.
Or just set the box of shit on fire. I like that option too.
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justjane-07494 days ago
The Emperor's New Groove - Pull the Lever, Kronk
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evildisneydorks5 days ago
What if the Disney Villains meet Rasputin from Anastasia?
Gonna break my own rules this time and write about villains outside of the mansion beacuse I have SO many headcanons:
-Hades is convinced that Rasputin escaped from his realm and keeps pressuring Pain and Panic to find his file.
-Madam Mim has a crush on him, what can she say? A walking corpse is just the type of grim she loves on a man, and the feeling seems to be mutual but no one is sure.
-All the rest of the female Disney Villains have slapped him at least once. All of them.
-Mozenrath and Nasira are the only ones who have actually tried to talk to him, beacuse 鉁∟ecromancer Solidarity鉁, and also beacuse they want to study him.
-He has a bit of a crush on Yzma, but he's oblivious to the fact that she's a lesbian and his advances are going nowhere.
-Ooogie and Razzy sometimes play cards together and they have a blast.
-He would totally try to flirt with the Horned King, beacuse he's nasty as hell. He's obviosly gonna get rejected and squeezed like a stress toy but that ain't gonna stop him.
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missjscribbles6 days ago
Tumblr media
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gavillain7 days ago
Favorite thing about them?: How fabulous and glamorous she is! I love her extravagant aesthetic and commitment to beauty and aesthetic! I also really love Eartha Kitt's performance as her as well. She made her SUPER fun and entertaining.
Least favorite thing about them?: Nothing really stands out. She's not really my type of villain though. A bit too comedic to be one of mine. I maybe would have liked her more if she'd been more like she was in The Kingdom of the Sun concepts. But I still really enjoy her.
Do I like their movie?: Yes! I'm not a huge Emperor's New Groove fan, but I enjoy the movie just fine.
Do I like their design/outfit(s)?: Of course! She has some GREAT looks! And her aesthetic is MARVELOUS.
Do I like their song (if they have one)?: "Snuff Out the Light" is amazing and should never have been deleted. They should have found a way to keep it. "Yzmopolis" in the TV show is really fun, and I can even get down to "Like a Million" from the sequel too.
What do I think of their minion(s)?: Kronk is funny, but never really did it for me. He and Yzma have fun chemistry but I don't find him particularly engaging.
Which trait of their personality do I most see in myself?: Maybe my longing for extravagant clothes? XD The difference is that I don't get the opportunity to wear them and she does.
How would I rate their hero?: Kuzco's just kinda there for me. He's funny and sassy and fun, but, again, like Kronk, is not someone I'm super invested in.
Where do they rank on my top favorite villains?: Upper mid-tier. Perfectly good villain, just not my baby.
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missjscribbles7 days ago
Tumblr media
If financing was on the skill sheet I鈥檇 request to take negative ranks for this one.
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raichoose8 days ago
Tumblr media
i hit 鈥榮huffle queue鈥 on accident so my threads will no longer be posting in order; i typically try to queue them roughly in order of receipt so people aren鈥檛 waiting forever.聽
i am so sorry about that.
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flyingupward8 days ago
;; today on: tumblr i just wanted to see their blog could you not have me unfollow them pls
Tumblr media
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irregodless9 days ago
weird girl cruella who collects taxidermy and things from various cultures and everyone thinks its grotesque but she finds it fascinating
this still isnt even that good of an idea but itd be better
okay cruella talk over
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somestorythoughts10 days ago
Guess you should have raised him to respect you a bit Yzma, instead of just spoiling him rotten for all his life.
鈥淗ow could he do this to me why I practically raised him!鈥
鈥淵eah you think he would have turned out better.鈥
鈥淵eah. Go figure.鈥
Actually maybe it鈥檚 a surprise he didn鈥檛 turn out worse.
And why does she even have that lever?
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