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Plo: I’ve organized your holo-calls into three categories
Plo: Calls from Master Yaddle, death threats, and death threats from Master Yaddle
Oppo: Shit
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phoenixyfriend · 6 days ago
The Chewku mess is just me and @willowcrowned getting anons that we try to dump on each other because none of us actually WANT THIS SHIP but we feel obligated to write it in response because it’s a challenge but also GO BOTHER THE OTHER PERSON INSTEAD
It’s like gay chicken but for crackship prompt fills. Neither of us actually wants to be here but we’re too stubborn to stop.
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zestymelon · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Thinking dangerous thoughts.
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perfectlywisedelusions · 12 days ago
A list of everyone who could be the Mysterious Cloaked Figure in the Bad Batch
In order of most likely to least likely
Darth Maul (bc he’s my favorite)
Caleb Dume
The Cloud Riders/Enfys Nest
Bail Organa (courtesy of bs-99 trashblog)
Fennec Shand
Asajj Ventress who survived dying and being buried in a lake!
some random person idk
A magically grown Yoda
A Jedi cosplayer who was magically transported to the Star Wars universe and is responsible for the complete incomprehensibly of the sequels and plans on completely fucking up the timeline
That one Jedi master who commissioned the clones (Sifo Diyas?) who is reported as dead but he actually faked his death!
Yaddle the mysterious Jedi alien zombie thingy.
Tumblr media
you know what it’s definitely Yaddle.
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zestymelon · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
She’s thinking about what she’s gonna have for lunch
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kittystargen3 · 15 days ago
Summmary: A time traveling Grandmaster, to the Prequel Era, trying to fix the mistakes the Jedi made, and get rid of a certain Sith too. Only Time Travel is not that easy, as Yoda will soon learn.
I've posted chapter 5 of my story, Time Travel: To the Past Yoda Goes. Below is a small selection. Click on the links to read more.
Chapter 5 - A Reason for Jar Jar
Things had all gone precisely as planned.  Sure, there was a little bit of anxiety as the Queen escaped Naboo, but then it only took a few minor revisions to put things back on track, getting her Highness ( spit, that should be no one but me!) herself to declare no confidence.  ( Genius, I impress myself sometimes.) The Queen even had the grace to clean up after the Trade Federation.  Sure, it meant he’d have to put his plans for a secessionist movement on hold temporarily, ( Five to ten, less with good behavior, pfah) but his grand scheme should still be possible.
His former apprentice, however…  Maul proved to be a disappointment.  To go up against six Jedi was unexpected.  It was supposed to be just Jinn and the Padawan.  Enough to make a statement, even if he failed to kill them both.  But he went up against Five Masters, and it was the padawan that took him down.  ' How embarrassing!'  He didn't even take one down!
Still, with him out of the way, Sidious would have to fit in the training of another apprentice.  And, speaking of which, the Jedi's newest recruit had a Midi-Chlorian count that was making this Sith envious beyond belief. 'The Power!'   That boy, turned, would make an excellent apprentice.  There was just one drawback:  The Jedi found him first.
'My master used to say…' gee it had been a long time since Palpatine used that line.  ' A Jedi's only use is as a tool .' Sure when they fell you could get them to cause trouble for their fellow Jedi easily enough.  And when carefully factored into a scheme, could be quite useful.  But a fallen Jedi can never be a proper Sith Apprentice.  In his Master's opinion they were too soft, fixated on whatever crisis led to their fall, and too rigid, stuck in their old patterns of doing things.
'But it would be such a waste not to try,' Palpatine thought.  He just needed to gain access to the youngling, 'What's his name? ' And he'd need to experiment with his methods in training.
Palpatine smiled. Nothing thrilled him more than learning new ways to cause mayhem. He just needed a Jedi test subject.
'Hhhh , I know the perfect tool,' thought Palpatine .  "Computer," He spoke up.  "Call the Count of Serenno."
Mace was with the Jedi, having a meeting to discuss their investigations regarding the Sith.  The lack of information they were learning was shocking.  He was starting to believe Yoda’s tale about them having a Sith under their noses for a decade as the Supreme Chancellor.  ‘ If they’ve learned to hide this well…’
“Masters,” Depa Billaba interrupted.  “Before we go on, I wanted to bring up the subject of Anakin’s training.  Obi-Wan has been bonding with him, taking him out to see Naboo, but where should we start his lessons?”
“Emotional control.... The Code… Beginning Lightsaber Forms…” The councilors started to throw out suggestions all at once.
“Reading,” Master Even Piell suggested last, with a tone like he was stating the obvious.  Everyone looked at him in surprise.  He sighed.  “I've been consulting Master Jinn about the details of Tatooine Slavery.  The boy's master, I understand, had him working in a shop all day.  Sithspit!  He was a slave!  It's not like they'd let him attend school!”
There was a moment of silence where everyone processed that answer.  Mace felt his Master, Yoda, react with shock as well.  He’d said that academic subjects were never Anakin’s strong suit, but Mace supposed he never did know the reason why.
"Alright…" Mace was interrupted by a tapping on the council door.
"Enter," said Yoda as he used the Force to push the door open.
"Master Jedi," a casually dressed Padme greeted.  "I come from the Queen with invitations to attend a Parade this weekend."
"Oh, uh…" Mace stuttered.  None of the Jedi would say anything, but the royal switcheroo wasn't an impervious technique.  Anyone with a strong Force sensitivity, and a little bit of training could tell it was really her.  "The council was preparing to finish our work here tomorrow.  Parades really aren't our thing, to be honest."
"But you have to stay.  The parade is for the people's recovery, as much as anything else.  And you've been so helpful for their recovery.  It's important that the people see you at the celebration as well."
"A very good point, you make..." Yoda answered her. For a moment Mace felt relieved.  He had always found these situations awkward, and was glad Yoda would refuse for him.  But then the Grandmaster spoke again.  "Attend these celebrations, we shall."
And the floor dropped out from under Mace.  He was not expecting that answer.
"Oh good!  And you have to attend a party the queen is throwing afterwards.  It'll be right here, in the palace.  All of her top councilors will be attending.”
“The Supreme Chancellor?” Yoda inquired.
“Umm…  He hasn’t confirmed either way yet.  He did ask me if young Anakin would be attending though.” The Queen Giggled.  “He’s been asking the queen about him a lot lately.  Apparently none of the times he’s tried reaching out to you, has young Ani been available.”
“Yes, a lot to teach him, there is.  Busy, young Skywalker has been.  But attend the Queen’s Party, he shall,” Yoda confirmed.
“Oh, thank you Masters.” Padme bowed in polite reply, and ran out of the chamber.
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penguinkiwi-writes · 18 days ago
For Their Hands Are So Small In Mine
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy), Star Wars: Legends / EU
Rating: K/T
Summery: Fae Koon returns to the Temple after sixty years, but he’s not alone— instead, he has the child of his brother with him.
Aka: Tyvokka’s first instance in meeting a six-year-old Kel Dor, who just so happens to be his future padawan.
If you didn't know or are new to my page: Plo Koon does have an Uncle according to Legends, but he's not mentioned by name and we have no idea what happened to him.
I took this bit of information and created a full character for him. Fae shows up in some of my other works and I have a whole series collection with him just in my writing.
The thing about Kel Dor, Tyvokka had noticed over the many years, was that if they did not wish to be found at all, you best not rely on the Force to help you find them.
Sixty years ago, he learned that fact over again, when he watched as his grief-stricken friend turned his back to him on the Temple Stairs and left for who knew where. Back to Dorin, T’ra had suspected, though Yarael had other thoughts. Yaddle had kept any she had to herself and Tyvokka didn’t know what to think, in truth.
Fae Koon was a confusing Kel Dor at times, but this time they all knew— he was rather unwell.
Lowel made three. Three students of his who had been killed. Lowel had made it to Knighthood— only to be shot by pirates the next week.
Lowel Kuo made three students of Fae Koon’s who were dead, and that meant that all three of his students had been killed. All three that he had trained, not a single one remained. He was three for three and the grief was soul-crushing.
So Fae had left, not the Order, just… away. Away from the Temple. Where to, Tyvokka did not know. His Comm went unanswered, and any attempts to use the bond that had been made among the five of them had failed.
But now, here he was— walking up the stairs to the Temple and looking a bit worse for wear, but the grief in his Force signature had cleared up some. That wasn’t what caught Tyvokka’s eye, however, but rather it was the child in his arms that caught his attention. A small thing, really, but weren't all children small?
“He wasn’t gone that long right?” T’ra asked as they watched their friend from one of the windows— Watching as he made his way up the stairs, dipping his head to Yoda who was waiting for him as he and one of the other Councilors left. “Right?”
“Sixty years is a long time, T’ra,” Yarael mused, “Though this is rather interesting. I wonder if that is his child? It is possible another from Dorin asked for him to bring them to the Temple. From what little we know of the Kel Dor, they often are presented with the choice of the Order here or the Baran Do Sages. Perhaps a family member requested for Fae to bring their child to the Temple? A risk, certainly, with the traffickers running rampant, but not an impossible thought."
“I suppose...”
Tyvokka just grunted as the two speculated. He... was unsure what to think, truly. Certainly, if Fae had gotten married and had a child- either sired or bared- he would have contacted them at least, right?
He just sighed and shook his head before ‘hrmph’ing. 
«Instead of speculation, we should go see for ourselves,» he rumbled, raising a brow and both Yarael and T’ra looked at him before the two turned and headed down towards the stairs that would bring them down to the entrance of the Temple.
“Mm. Troubled, you are, my friend?” Yaddle asked as she clambered up into Tyvokka’s shoulder. The Wookiee huffed a bit as he followed the two of their agemates at a slower pace.
«Hardly. Concerned, not troubled. There’s a difference, I suppose.»
“Is there? Perhaps. Still, worried, you were, for Fae, you were.”
He just huffed again, shielding his eyes from the sun for a moment as he stepped out of the temple. T’ra was already putting Fae into a headlock, growling at him for taking off and cutting contact— Yarael, on the other hand, seemed to be holding up the baby Kel Dor with the Force.
Yarael normally had no issues with children.
He raised a brow to the other Jedi as he and Yaddle approached.
“Touch adverse,” Yarael hummed, understanding the look. “Or so Fae says.”
At that, all three of them looked towards where Fae and T’ra were tousling. Fae was rather meek in comparison to the Neti, usually. It seemed as if his usual ‘going with what happens’ nature towards her had vanished as he slipped from her hold and twisted out of her reach again.
“Good, it is, to have you back, Fae,” Yaddle chortled as he dusted his robes off. Not his usual Jedi robes, though, the deep black and gold of the Dorin Sages.
Tyvokka had looked into the other Force Order, an Order far older than the Jedi and, depending on who you asked, far more powerful.
He had borne witness to the sheer power that those of Dorin channeled, with their deep connection and reference to winds and storms— to natural disasters and atmospherical phenomenon.
The red lightning that Fae kept hidden from the Order, that only the Council knew of. Well, the Council and their small group of long-lived friends.
“It’s nice to be back,” came the deep and soothing voice of Fae as he gently took the small Kel Dor from Yarael’s gentle use of the Force. “I have, admittedly, missed the Temple, though it was good to return to Dorin to both finish my training among the Baran Do and re-recenter myself after the loss of Knight Lowel Kuo.”
Yaddle hummed as T’ra moved over to them again and Tyvokka’s gaze moved from Fae over to the child in his arms.
The child— hatchling, Tyvokka thinks Fae called juvenile Kel Dor once— hung onto Fae, but gazed around in a curious manner, taking in everything around them.
Already, though, he could tell that this child was strong in the Force.
“Who is the little one, Fae?” Yarael asked, “I never caught the name.”
Fae seemed to brighten a bit and Tyvokka raised a brow. 
“This is Plo,” he said happily, and that was the happiest Tyvokka had seen him in years. “My Asys’na, the child of my sibling— my brother, Lorz’s, eldest child. They’re about six years old standard. His second child was born not very long ago, but Plo was entrusted to me to bring to the Temple."
“Oh? They're younger than you had been when you arrived,” T’ra teased lightly and Fae huffed.
“Well, they’re quite a bit stronger than I in the Force. Ban Sult and Nita Yilk suspected that they’d overtake one of them as either the Storm Caster or Wind Walker of the Sages— had Lorz not agreed to allow me to take them with me.”
The elder Kel Dor had such fondness in his voice and it was clear to see that this child was one that his dear friend held close to his heart.
«You plan on training them, then?» He asked and Fae just hummed. He had forgotten how much he had missed that mechanical timbre if he had to admit.
Not that he would. Yaddle and T’ra would never let him hear the end of it.
“No,” he said after a moment. “I don’t think so. Kel Dor do not often teach other Kel Dor within the Order, I have noticed. Neither Guardsman Kowa nor did the one who brought me, Master Feng, teach me, and the few other Kel Dor within the Order I have seen did not or do not currently have Kel Dor masters. Our emotions and minds are too tightly interwoven, a Padawan-Master bond would lean too close to attachment.”
He hummed a bit again, thinking for a moment before shrugging. “I do not know what I will do for them though, supposedly many Kel Dor who bring others in often find a Master for their Charge. I do not recall if Master Gren’ta was a friend of Master Ith Feng or not… Ah, but they are young still, we have more than enough time.”
Tyvokka hummed, gazing down at the tiny Kel Dor in Fae’s arms who seemed to be staring at him rather intensely. Plo tugged on Fae’s robes, making the elder Kel Dor look down at the child of his brother.
They pointed to him, a soft series of clicks and whistles leaving them and Fae seemed to blink, tilting his head. 
“Oh, that is Master Tyvokka, a close friend of mine.”
Another series and then Fae laughed softly before looking over to him. “Tyvokka?” «Hm?» “They wish to be held.” Tyvokka paused, blinking and glancing at Yarael, the Quermian only shrugging in response, though he looked a bit put-off. A natural look when one realized that the baby didn't like them. Well, perhaps not baby, considering that Plo was six-years standard. But nonetheless.
«I thought they were touch adverse?» Tyvokka asked, raising a brow again and Fae inclined his head slightly. “Ordinarily, yes, but I do believe they’re curious about your fur. It is their first time seeing so much, you are a whole foot taller than I. And covered in it.”
Tyvokka rumbled a bit, amused, but held his arms out. «Very well.»
Fae carefully settled Plo in his arms and Tyvokka was startled with how tiny the Kel Dor was. Children were tiny in comparison to him— he was seven and a half feet tall with enough strength to tear off the arms of a trandoshan, so he knew that Plo was going to be small in his hold. He just didn't expect him to be this small.
And He vaguely remembered that Fae wasn’t much bigger when they were children, but it seemed as if Kel Dor children were absolutely tiny in comparison to their full-grown counterparts. Fae was six-foot-six, and Tyvokka knew he could easily carry the other in one arm if the situation called for it.
(It had once, Tyvokka had slung Yarael over one shoulder, grabbed Fae around the waist, and made a run for it one mission in the Outer Rim.)
He could almost fit Plo in one of his hands, probably. He didn’t dare try, least he drop the youngling as they carefully touched and pat his fur, clicking softly.
They were… rather adorable. And very small. By the gods, a single one of their hands was about as wide as three of his fingers across.
Fae’s soft laughter made Tyvokka look over, a brow raised. 
“Apologies, my friend. It’s just… quite a sight to see.”
He huffed in return, rolling his eyes, and turning, heading back into the temple with Plo still tucked into his arm, petting and acquainting themselves with the feeling of fur.
«Mine, now!» he called over his shoulder, almost like an afterthought.
“Wh- Hey! You can’t just steal a child! Tyvokka!”
The Wookiee just hid a grin, walking faster before breaking into a jog as he heard Fae and the others following after him. He glanced down at Plo for a moment, checking to see if they were alright and the tiny Kel Dor in his arm just looked up at him, head tilting as they chattered curiously.
There was a slight shift in the Force and Tyvokka rumbled softly. The feeling had no real explanation that was needed, it was something familiar to him after all. A shift in the Force, or perhaps a spark. It had been the same every time he had gone to choose a Padawan, after all. And perhaps Plo was far too young to start out, but nonetheless...
Fae could deal with teaching the little one Basic, because the first thing he was doing was getting Plo a translator droid.
Baby Plo is adorable, you can't change my mind
Just some further notes:
If you know me or have read anything in the Beautiful Words, Beautiful People series, you know that I headcanon Kel Dor to not really have the same concept of Gender as people do, and are all but without one until they reach their equivalent of puberty. And even then, some might choose to simply not choose any gender either. Definitely not self-promoting, but I would recommend reading it, especially if you want to know a bit more about my world of Kel Dor
Secondly, why isn't Plo speaking basic? At this point, Plo is still learning and just finds it easier to speak through the other verbalizations of the Kel Dor language. Why isn't Plo speaking the verbal and spoken version of Kel Dor I have been building? Because I'm lazy.
Yarael, Yaddle, Tyvokka, and T'ra Saa being agemates with the mystery uncle?
Well, we know Yaddle and Yarael served on the High Republic Council, which was almost 270 years before the Blockade of Naboo, where we first see Yaddle and Yarael. Yeah, this is all legends but like. Eh. So those two are clearly long-lived. T'ra Saa we know from legends was one of the oldest Jedi alongside Yoda to serve during the clone wars, and Tyvokka's a goddamn Force-sensitive Wookiee. Man's be old. They're agemates and give each other so much shit, as real siblings will. Fae's there because if you know me, you know that I follow Legends law of Kel Dor Are Really Fucking Old. A side note that's not super important, but they're still in the High Republic Era.
Why is Plo touch adverse? That's just another headcanon of mine, though Plo's curiosity of Large Furry Sentient overrides "No touchy" in Plo's six-year-old mind. Poor Yarael. Just wants to Hold The Baby.
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zestymelon · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
things that absolutely happened in stars war cannon, I believe. (first and last time yaddle was ever given childcare responsibilities)
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zestymelon · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m a yartist (yaddle artist)
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tiefighters · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Art by Phil Cho || IG
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miss-alice-evelynn · 22 days ago
Greez: ... pointy green eared-
Cere: you mean Grand Master Yoda
Greez: nah bitch. Yaddle!
Cal: *vibing in the background, wishing about food* ah yes Yaddle
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zestymelon · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now that ive made contact with the 1 (one) other yaddle simp on this website, i will share with you some drawings from a collection of mine called “I don’t know how to draw but for yaddle I will learn.” I have previously only shared this with my brother, in order to upset him (highly effective).
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masteryaddleisagilf · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
obsessed with @willowcrowned alignment chart
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zestymelon · 25 days ago
yaddle really is the best yoda it’s not even close. here’s a non-comprehensive list of her best qualities:
-chill, probably smokes weed
-lived in a cave for 100 years
-youthful topknot
in summary fuck yoda i only know a bitch called yaddle
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movietimegirl · 29 days ago
What was Grogu's life before he was taken to the Jedi Temple?
Tumblr media
We don't know much about the Yoda Species or where they came from. But I like to imagine, Grogu lived in the village on a green planet, plainly frogs to go around. Everyone there is force sensitive and what they do is keep the peace—just a theory I have.
But for now, it remains a mystery of where Grogu, Yoda, and Yaddle came from.🤔
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delusionsxfgrandeur · a month ago
every time greez mentions “legendary” jedi master yaddle in fallen order i gain three years on my life
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