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daisy-bakugo · an hour ago
hi daisyyy!! good morning to you too bb!! having a good day today?
some say to watch a tutorial on youtube!!
omg thank you bby!
im gonna go watch it now WEEE!
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magpiefngrl · 23 hours ago
2021 Summer Writin' Challenge (multifandom/OF)
The challenge is to write a fic/ficlet/drabble each week for 8 weeks (starting Monday 28 June and ending Sunday 22 August) based on a combination of prompt + up to three items from 3 different categories (Tropes, Craft, Character/Object).
I'm interested! Tell me more!
There's a spreadsheet. Click here and make a copy for your own use.
The idea is that, once you choose a prompt, the Trope can inspire the plot or theme, the Character/Object category might give you some further plot inspiration or a character to use, and the Craft is a chance for you to stretch your writing skills. By the end of the challenge you'll have written 8 pieces of writing, which will all showcase different tropes or craft elements.
3 Levels of Challenge:
Playful: Prompt + 1 item from a category (any)
Example: Prompt + Trope (Rain + Fake Dating), or Prompt + Craft (Rain + 2nd POV), or Prompt + Character/Object (Rain + Vampire).
Badass: Prompt + 2 items (from 2 different categories)
Example: The ocean + 2nd POV + silver bracelet
Hardcore: Prompt + 3 items (1 from each category)
Example: Salt + fake dating + epistolary + neon lights
You can make your choice any way you want, throw dice, use a random number generator, or settle on whichever combination is more inspiring to you each time.
BUT: Once you use an item from any category, you can't use it again.
(this means the challenge will be harder as you go on :)) Perhaps start with harder things for you so you can leave some easy items for later)
ALSO: You can't use 2 items from the same category. If you want to do prompt + 2-3 items, they have to be from different categories. (Or, if you have an idea for a story that includes 2 tropes (or objects etc), you can write your story but you can only count one of them as being used for the challenge.)
Please include the combination you've used in your Author's Notes. I love seeing people's creativity in the way they interpret prompts.
You don't have to stick to the same level throughout the summer, if you don't want to. You can go Playful one week, Hardcore the other.
The deadline for each work is on the Sunday of each week so 4/7, 11/7, 18/7, 25/7, 1/8 and so on. You're free to post your writing earlier in the week if you wish, but pls stick to one story per week. A marathon, not a sprint :)
Where can I post my writing?
Tumblr (tag: 2021 Summer Writin), AO3 (AO3 Collection here) or anywhere you want.
I'm busy in July. Can I jump in later?
You sure can!
What happens if I can't write a story every week?
Er....nothing. This is for fun :))
What if I want to write more than 8 fics or wish to continue using these prompts for inspiration for longer?
No problem, I'll be delighted if people are so inspired!
Can I write about my obscure OTP?
The challenge is open to all fandoms, all ships and Original Fic too.
I'm a minor. Can I take part?
If you're under 18, feel free to make a copy of the spreadsheet for your own use (and I hope you find it inspiring and challenging), but please don't interact with this blog further than that.
My thanks to @glittering-git and @phd-mama for their help in brainstorming <3
Go forth and create!
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polyglottishthings · a day ago
Damn why i gotta get drunk before i show my love. It's sad that I feel like i have to be intoxicated and have that excuse to weaken the impact off my affections
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thoriffix · a day ago
HRGRHTTNMGHRJTFMH bro your WRITING!! i don’t know how to convey human emotions without moving around a lot but god it’s so good! you did an amazing job man :)
wah thank you!!! ive been rly vibing w my own writing lately 🕺
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agirlinthegalaxy · 2 days ago
Honestly, idk why I was thinking about, but the Supernatural finale is just. So weird? Like they bring back a season one character that. Pretty much no one remembered for a lame “monster of the week” case that would have fit better in the first three seasons than the much more cosmic-focused season fifteen and then. Ignore all of the characters except for Sam and Dean, who are reset to pre-season one desires. For real, the entire series was pointless, because the guys got the same ending that they would have had if the series never happened: Dean dying on a hunting trip and Sam settling down for an apple pie life with a wife and son. 
It’s annoying, bc I was thinking about rewatching the series, but since the ending sucks, it’s kind of just like. What’s the point? It’s the same reason I’m never going to watch the 100 or Game of Thrones, because if the show can’t even give a decent payoff for viewers’ investment, then why should I even invest in it?
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pistolslinger · 2 days ago
jesper: describing things hes goin thru that are just adhd symptoms  me, looking to project: 
Tumblr media
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stupid-dork-factory · 2 days ago
The grove, the dome, and the abyss
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davidlovespatrick · 3 days ago
Me: supposed to be spending my day sorting out stuff so I can hopefully do my masters this year
Also me: spends the entire morning writing 3k of fanfic instead
I haven’t written fanfic since 2014????? It was one 2k fic. It wasn’t good. Send help.
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technothefruit · 3 days ago
tryna think up how i wanna format like. fic stuff for the death and taxes au
cuz i WILL write shit for it thats without a doubt. but i dont think i could like. put thoughts together and make a coherent multichapter Story yknow
so im thinkin more like. a collection on ao3 thats more like drabbles n short fics connected in the same world and is more like. compilation of the hcs and Best Bits i can think up.
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ghostorbconnoisseur · 3 days ago
Content warnings: Mature discussions of dating. Nothing happens, nothing goes into explicit detail at all. But sex is still briefly mentioned (as in like. The word and thats about it lol), so if that's something you wanna avoid, there's your heads up! (Brief mentions of Damien’s experience with people being shitty to him for being trans too)
A quick short piece about Jack and Damien just having a talk about their pasts when it comes to relationships, nothing fancy nor exciting; just a warm up exercise to get better at writing these two.
"Is this your first time?" The question lingered in the air for a moment as Jack lay against the ground of a large clearing in the woods; one arm tucked under his head, the other lain across the body of his beloved, Damien, sprawled out against his chest with a gentle look in his eye as he asked what had been on his mind for quite some time.
"Hm?" Jack responded, a low, grumble of sound shuddering through the small man atop him.
"I mean, dating. Am i your first or like, have you dated guys before?" Damien elaborated.
Jack shifted to trail his hand gently across Damien's body, letting fingers trace the outline of his shape until they reached his soft, flop of red hair; stroking it from his face to reveal those glittering, green eyes that shone with love. God, he was handsome.... "Mm, nah this....this is m'first serious relationship," Jack said quietly, "i mean, i've done stuff with Jötunn before, but it wasn't love, just... y'know." Jack glanced away shyly, cheeks flushed red.
"Sex?" A smirk crossed Damien's face as he finished the giant's question.
"Y'don't gotta say it so loud!" Jack huffed good naturedly, prodding a finger into Damien and making him giggle. "But. Yeah. Just sex, nothin' serious or romantic. Not like this, that's for sure."
"Huh." Damien's response was quiet. Pensive.
"What about you?" Jack asked, "i've always just... assumed you've got more experience with stuff like this than me."
"I've dated before, and i've been with guys before, but not since coming out. Tried a few times but it's just not worth it, if you're upfront with most the guys round here about being trans they either flat out reject you or just want to fucking use you; and if you're not it's.....just dangerous. One too many fights, gave up on trying to find anyone a long time ago." A rarely seen insecurity flooded Damien's eyes and he looked away, resting his head against Jack's chest to listen to the steady, soothing thump of his heartbeat.
"Their fuckin' loss." That gruff voice was like thunder, Jack's loving tone breaking the momentary malaise that had fallen over Damien and bringing a smile back to his lips. Jack stroked his hand down Damien's back, pressing to him gently, reassuringly; he knew the pain that came with those sorts of memories all too well... "M'sorry though, you deserve better than shit like that. Every time y'talk about your past i....i just wish i'd met you sooner, been there to protect you, y'know?"
"Aw, you say that like i need protecting." Damien chuckled, reaching across to pat the side of Jack's cheek. "Believe me babe, i can look after myself. Each and every one of those guys has come off worse than me, i can handle a fight."
"I know, but you shouldn't have had to." Damien went quiet at Jack's response. His smile widened, a watery look in his eyes as Jack gazed upon him like he were the most important precious thing in the world- which, to him, he was. He adored him like nobody else, like nothing else. Damien sat up, shuffled along until he sat over Jack's collar bones and could slowly, quietly lean down to loom over that bashful, blushing face; planting a kiss on that broad nose and letting himself linger there, so very close and so very content.
"Well, i'm just glad i've got you by my side now." Damien whispered.
"Yeah, me too- i gotta be the luckiest man on earth bein' with you." Jack replied, a sappy smile spreading from cheek to cheek.
"You really think so?"
"I mean, yeah; who else is gonna put up with me!" Jack laughed. "Naw but seriously, you're somethin' special, y'know that? A real one of a kind. Don't think i'm ever gonna meet someone as incredible as you again."
"God, you're such a softie; i fucking love you." Damien flopped down, wrapping his arms round the sides of the giant's face and cuddling him as much as he could, nestling his face in his hair; trying to hide the happy tears brimming in his eyes.
"Love you too honey," Jack's muffled voice replied, "but you're makin' it a lil' hard for me to breathe facehuggin' me like this."
Damien planted one last kiss between Jack's eyes before lying himself back down along his chest, letting Jack wrap his arms over him and hug him close; engulfed in a gentle hold full of adoration and comfort as Jack watched over him, enamored by the sight of him fitting so perfectly there in his hold. Overhead, stars twinkled in a night sky so clear and vast it made even the giant lying there in that clearing feel small; and, as he turned his gaze back up to it, he saw one streak across the inky black like a shimmering, glittering trail of light. A shooting star. Both men closed their eyes. And wished only to stay there, in each other's company, forever.
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cartoonsaint · 3 days ago
i'm pickin away at the next chap of the frenrey soulmate au but i stumbled upon an earlier draft of chapter 3 from before i decided to go w benrey's pov and :) i like it enough to share, so here:
Tumblr media
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captainimprobable · 3 days ago
soooo many but: A C F H Q R V
A. what’s your favourite fandom to write? It changes a lot, right now it's The Owl House bc hyperfixation C. what fandom(s) did you start writing? My first fics were Avatar: The Last Airbender on!!!!! F. canon fics or au? Both!!! H. original characters or no? I usually don't use OCs unless I have to. I love when people use them!!!! But I don't love it myself. My current fic has OCs tho Q. link your most recent fic. Pfffff it's my dumb TJ's Promare AU R. link your favourite fic of all-time. I don't have one but I do think about neon season by chonideno a lot V. post the last sentence you wrote. "Mama says I have an aura you can't ignore." Thank u for this you are the REAL ONE
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belatedbday69 · 3 days ago
im not writing any sexual content in my fic but i had to age them up to 18 anyway, for two reasons. one being the plot potential of their third year at UA. but mostly it's bc yearning feels so dirty sometimes
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citrussomebody · 3 days ago
:] mono ross
(bob ross)
we already have mono lisa now we have mono ross,, sooo cool
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dino--draws · 3 days ago
Baby hornet, writing, fistfighting
dis you? :>
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purpleds · 4 days ago
hi im the sapnap powers prompt anon and nO THAT WAS WHAT I MEAN AND ITS SO GOOD :D i love ur writing mate <3 /gen
!!!! TYSM!!! m glad you liked it :DD
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froggymanasa · 4 days ago
google docs keeps trying to autocorrect “sana” to “santa”
bitch i will smite u i wholeheartedly value twice over google
that is disrepsct on the lgbt community, homophobie
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finalvlog · 4 days ago
sorry i haven’t been around today! i got in deep on an amazingly fun game with a bunch of friends playing it. i see the n-fw prompts, thank you to those who sent some in! i’ll get working on them tonight. <3
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