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#Work in progress
gribed-li · 11 minutes ago
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Hello Everybody!
Friday is getting closer and closer, and I thought I would share a snippet from my story for the @art-inuspiration. I was paired with @stardust414 and I am in the lucky position to be writing a story for their incredible art. Check their teaser out! We are bringing you a SessKag story, told in 100-word drabble scenes.
The sweet sound of kids laughing and running around made her look up from her book. She was enjoying the warm weather, her feet dangling in the cold water of the river. Her heart swelled from the freedom and happiness their quest brought to the people she cared so much about. Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling of eyes burning a hole in her back.
The crane and the turtle slipped. Who is behind you now?
Inhuman gold eyes clashed with stormy blue.
Sesshōmaru laid in the cool grass under a tree, the paragon of laziness. Only his eyes followed the miko wherever she went.
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Tag train (let me know if you want to hop on or off): @anisaanisa @cannibalsforbreakfast @enchantedink-ag @fandomobsessions016 @fawn-eyed-girl @hopidoodle @kawaiichan67 @lavendertwilight89 @liz8080 @neutronstarchild @malditamigs @mymidnightnightmare @ruddcatha @sailorlolo @sistasecbhere @thirrinwildcat
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florarps · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
02. CHERRY WINE profile in progress with pastel accent colours for groups 🌸
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chocochick-creations · an hour ago
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Getting started on some alterations for a costume I'm hoping to wear to my state's big convention this fall!
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happy wbw! i saw "night market" and immediately went 👀👀 so do tell
:D happy wbw to you, too, scribble!!!
The Aree Night Market is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Maelands! It's a huge city-spanning market for the artisans, small farms, and artists in town, and it runs all year, with a special expansion in the summer that brings it out to the piers instead of being confined under the shade of the canopy!!
During the summer, there are lots of paper lanterns and special stalls from traveling traders, some even coming from the further reaches of Emarye. Fireworks are also pretty common during the Festival of Venn, which overlaps with the market during the first and last few weeks of the season!
It's also our first introduction to the world; the first few chapters of Firebreathers are spent almost entirely in the streets during the biggest crowds of the year!
During the rest of the year, though, instead of reaching down to the piers and oceanfront, the market is confined to Main Street beneath the canopy, to keep the name "Night Market" relevant and to display the best of the best artisans of the city :D
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lazy8blog · an hour ago
Tumblr media
So here’s a snippet of the collaboration I’m working on with @mamabearcatfanart​ for the @art-inuspiration reverse bang:
She’d never known Inuyasha to scream or cry when he was injured. Whether due to his demon blood or hard experience, he had a much higher tolerance for pain than pretty much any human… so just the fact that he didn’t fight her, and laid back down without protest in response to the gentle pressure on his shoulder, told her just how much he must be hurting right now.
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nimata-beroya · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I cannot believe it, but my muse made a wanted but unexpected appearance today and this is part of what I wrote (I should be working on something else (*looks at my other neglected wips*😖) but I take what I can)
"Hey, Zeb. You okay, big guy?"
Zeb blinks several times as he withdraws his blank stare from the Yavin IV's jungle at a distance to look at Hera over his shoulder. She approaches and sits next to him.
"'Course I'm okay. Why d'ye ask?"
Hera offers him a commiserating smile, putting in evidence that she didn't believe him. His exaggerated cheerful tone to compensate for the misery he feels is the culprit of ratting him out. His ears fold back. It's a sign of awareness about his failure hiding his sour mood, not just now but the entire week. His temperamental swings have been extreme; Zeb knows it. He's done his best not to burden the family with his problems, but the sorrow and confusion gnawing at him have seeped through the seams of his "happy" mask.
Zeb wishes that Kallus' rejection didn't hurt him so much. It's like a red-hot vibroblade nailed into his heart that twists with every breath he takes. He can erase from his mind the disgusted expression on Kallus' face while he walked away from Zeb after they kissed a week ago in the hidden meadow where they used to spar. And yet, he can't stop missing the bastard. Blood boils inside Zeb's veins with anger, pain, and longing in equal measure. 
The best for Zeb should be to forget the human, let him live his life without imposing his presence, much less his love. He should've known the ex-ISB agent can't share the same feelings that Zeb has for him. What had led him to believe that is beyond him. It's ludicrous. 
—Chapter 12: Tenderness Is A Kind Of Strength ~ Road to Lira San
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nny11writes · an hour ago
Catra Eat Your, not like that
It’s WiP Wednesday, my dudes!
“Dude, you really thought I’d eat MAYO straight? Bitch, I’m insulted, what the fuck??”
Glimmer rolled her eyes with a huff, because of course she did! “You. Are internet famous. For drinking CANNED CORN!”
Catra stared at her in what Glimmer was starting to realize with growing horror was confusion. “What does that have to do with being a total basket case and eating mayo by the spoonful?”
This is the one. This one. This one? Unfortunately for her, yes. This is the one she’s in love with. God she knew she was falling for a dumpster fire but this is getting out of hand.
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rshock1010 · 2 hours ago
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best friend is getting married this weekend so i stopped being a hermit and got my beard trimmed and shaped
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kota-stoker · 2 hours ago
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This man was made for silly expressions. And I have no complaints.
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anankefates · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— a work in progress introduction post.
[ project page / project tag ]
The river city of Malaya hums the tune of conquest, riches and debauchery.
genre : historical fiction, romance, historical fantasy
status : first draft
audience : young / new adult
setting : 1920′s Southeast-Asia
themes : re-telling of romeo & juliet. blood feud, gang-mobster rivals, past lovers, enemies to lovers, crime and mystery, mystical being, bittersweet backstories
trigger warnings : gore, violence, blood, mentions of death and fictionize characters dying, kinda angst, kinda tragedy
summary :
The year is 1926 and Malaya is the land of riches.
A blood feud between the Cain and the Montago is leaving its people in the streets of Kuala Lumpur in chaos. Juliana Cain returns from her trip to resume the role as the heiress of network felons the Panthera Gang. From what she heard, her beloved city is changing with the influx of high status immigrants coming in, uncertain whether it is for the better or the worst.
Pantheras’ rival in power, the King's Gambit, are after the same interest and have been fighting the Pantheras for generations. As Juliana is heiress to her people, the Gambits have their own heir who rivals; Roman Montago... her sore enemy, her past, present. Her first love... and Juliana’s heartache.
There is an unknown threat on the horizon; a new terror that is yet to see but is spreading. It weakens both the Pantheras and Gambits, with deaths rising and unexplainable reasons of violence caused by monsters in the shadows. As it spreads and fear accumulates, the only way to put an end to the terror is by joining forces. Juliana and Roman must learn to put aside their grudge and differences to stop the terror, before the Pantheras and Gambits have nothing else to rule power of.  
Tumblr media
JULIANA CAIN : the female protagonist, 19 years old and Malay daughter of the Cain family. she presents the Panthera Gang, a network felon who is above the law. her character counterpart is based on Juliet Capulet. 
ROMAN MONTAGO :  the male protagonist, 20 years old and Italian descent of the Montago. he presents the King’s Gambit, a British mob-gang daughter of the Montago family who is family immigrate to Malaya in the early 19th century. his character counterpart is based on Romeo Montague.
MATHIAS SULEIMAN : a 20 years old Turkish-British who is the member of the King’s Gambit and Roman’s best friend. his character counterpart is mercutio. 
ROSALIE MALIK : an 19 year old Indian-Malay dancer of the Hibiscus club and Juliana’s maternal cousin. her character counterpart is rosaline. 
BRUNO MONTAGO : a 20 year old Italian descent, Roman’s cousin and member of the King’s Gambit. his character counterpart is benvolio. 
VALERIA MALIK : a 17 year old dancer in training, Juliana’s cousin and Rosalie’s younger sister who is Chinese-Malay descent. 
TYSEN CAIN : a 20 year old Chinese-Malay descent who is Juliana’s paternal cousin and member of the Panthera Gang. his character counterpat is tybalt. 
Tumblr media
taglist section :
feel free to send me an ask or reblog the post if you’re interested to be part of the beautiful tyrant taglist ! being part of the taglist gives an advantage of immediate updates related to the project. 
Tumblr media
anankefates note: 
this project does give off these violent delights’ vibes but ya know, i wished to write something that’s close to home + featuring my favourite story tropes. the re-telling of romeo & juliet has been done many times, and i wanted something that i feel relatable and familiar.
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jailynn24 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
So I have been quiet lately, but I haven’t stopped writing… just haven’t had time to finish anything. As a “I’m sorry, I suck” I’m leaving this for anyone that would like to read it. It’s from the upcoming (and yes it is upcoming. 😅) chapter of All Hail the King
I hope you enjoy it!
Brienne’s heart was pounding so hard in her chest, she feared she was about to die. Thankfully, Lady Olenna and Margaery were not next to her as she struggled to remain outwardly calm. She had watched the King, the cruel man that hurt so many innocent people, beat her own bully into submission. It had been- exhilarating. The way he moved, how effortlessly he glided and struck, had been beautiful to behold. But that wasn’t all. Licking her lips, Brienne twisted her hands into the fabric of her dress. Watching a masterful fight had always sent her heart racing. She loved how a true swordsman could take a person’s breath away. The grace that came from being so connected to everything was, in a word, impressive.
This, however, wasn’t all she was feeling. Not in the least. Underneath her appreciation for his skills and gratefulness for him doing what she had never gotten the chance to do, was a deep lust. Her entire body felt inflamed. She was flushed with need to take him back to his room and have him do as he wished with her. Brienne cased her eyes to the ground, staring hard at the dirt and grass. She needed to get her breathing under control. She couldn’t let him see what that fight had done to her.
After a moment of taking deep and slow breaths, she lifted her gaze back to him. She watched him walk toward her. His leisurely gait was predatory and strong. His eyes were locked on hers and his sexy lips were pulled into a delicious smirk. A frightening thought seized her, He knows. She tried to look away. She tried to remember she hated him. She tried to stop her body from exploding with need. She tried… and she failed.
King Jaime stopped in front of her and placed his hand on the hilt of his sword at his hip, “Did you enjoy the show?”
Her throat closed up and her eyes followed a single drop of sweat that slid over his sharp jawline. Unconsciously, she licked her lips again. She wanted to lean in and suck that drop from his skin, to taste him heavy on her tongue…
“Wench,” he purred close to her ear, making her shiver. “You look a little flushed, are you well?”
No, she thought. I am definitely not well. To him she said, “I am a bit parched. I believe I will return to the castle now, Your Grace.” She was shaky on her legs but she bent as well as possible into a curtsy and turned to go.
She jolted to a stop at the feeling of King Jaime’s hand against her elbow. Her already overheated body began to get hotter with the physical touch. She was going to make a right fool out of herself if he lingered. “Let me walk with you, Wench,” his voice was a husky whisper. “I’d love to hear your thoughts about what you have witnessed here today. Did you see something that… excites you?”
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finchz · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
woo still working on that rayllum drabble slowly! lately my executive dysfunction has been WILD but here u go
Rayla didn’t exactly feel… at home in Katolis yet. Sure, she’d only been living there a week, but it was strange. Maybe it was the fact last time she was supposed to kill Ezran but instead ran away with two human princes and a dragon egg, or this was where her troupe… She didn’t need to think about it. Maybe it could also be because it was so HUGE and she kept getting LOST ALL THE TIME. It was annoying.
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