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#Wonderland series
crazybookperson · 4 years ago
Book two in the Wonderland series is out now!  If you haven’t read Lucky Strike the first book in the series you can find it here:
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lilia, White Queen
Laura: Queen of Heart
Yume: Blue Caterpillar
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druidstone · 6 years ago
Tumblr media
The Guidance of Stray Souls by Kirsty Mitchell
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imaginedreamwrite · 13 hours ago
We’re All Mad Here
Part 4: Dour Dormouse
** **
It would’ve been an Instagram model’s dream. It would’ve been on their Pinterest pages or their ideal living blogs.
Bucky, or Hatter’s or Jefferson’s home, was a cottage tucked against a wall of thick, mossy trees with overhanging branches that were both shield and shade from the piercing sun and the whipping rain traced wind.
His cottage was surrounded by a brown stained fence with a small gate off center to the right, long twisting ivy’s latching onto the wood and growing in a way that was both wild and ethereal.
Through the front windows of the cottage, you could warm glow from a fire that was near dying and the last glimmers of sun before the dark took over.
“My home,” Hatter hummed from in front of Dormouse, “is your home, dear Alice.”
You stepped through the door and were transformed to an entirely new world within the world of Wonderland. Stepping through the gate had been like a portal to another world. From the outside of the gate, it appeared as though the cottage was surrounded by elements that solely represent the whole cottage core atmosphere, or the aesthetic of rustic living, yet once you had stepped through the gate, you had realized that you had been fooled.
It wasn’t simply cottage core aesthetically pleasing, there were elements of hand carved wooden animals that looked so detailed they almost seemed real.
True to the Hatter character, there were discarded bolts of fabric that were torn and dirty, woven throughout prickly bushes. The further you got to the cabin, you could see dark wood furniture with slight stained details, depicting different tales on each piece.
From the top of the chimney was a billowing of light smoke, from a fire that was probably all snuffed out. Hanging off the doorknob was another piece of wooden décor, though it was small enough to be hung from the door knob. Etched into the wood was a side profile picture of the hatter with a top hat being held as if he was tipping it in greeting.
“Would you like a tour of my abode?” Hatter opened the door and stood back, letting Dormouse go ahead. “We could start in the bedroom perhaps.”
The smirk that formed on his lips was playful and flirty, the kind of breathtaking look that made you feel weak in the knees as you passed him to enter his home.
It was as if his entire cottage and the property surrounding it was a different layer that made up everything that Hatter and Bucky was. The outside was a direct play on the Mad Hatter, the character, with pieces of Bucky scattered throughout. The bolts of fabric, the worn and broken hats, the hand carved animals that looked as if they would jump right out of you, was all Hatter.
However the inside of the cabin felt like it was all a play on Bucky’s personality and Bucky’s own habits, hobbies and distractions. The interior of the cottage, at its basest core, was a dream to you. The wood designs of the interior was nothing but homey and warm, the expansive shelf with leather bound books resting on the wood were impeccable. The desire to break from Dormouse and Hatter’s side to scope out all the titles and authors was becoming too hard to resist. Of your favourite things to do to avoid being overtly social, reading was your favourite. You could spend hours tucked away somewhere with your nose in a book, without a care in the world as the stories unfolded before you.
“What do you think, Alice?” Hatter called to you as he restart the fire in the stone fireplace near the kitchen, glancing at you over his shoulder. “Do you think you would enjoy your time here?”
You hadn’t had much of a time to answer him, not before Dormouse had cut you off without giving you a chance to answer. Where Hatter was flirty and took a rather light hearted approach, Dormouse came off as brash and angry, his tone of voice taking a deep turn as he channelled his urgency and anger.
“This is not a joke, Hatter!” His blue eyes were tainted by venomous wrath, the gravity of the situation you were all in was cutting a picture of a bleak reality. “This is out one chance! One chance for this…Alice to attempt to get rid of the cat.”
You didn’t know whether to be offended by his jab, or respectful of the way Clint, as the Dormouse, could command the room by the sound of his voice and the fire in his eyes.
“You’re so dramatic.” Hatter rolled his eyes and began the process of unbuttoning his waist coat and throwing his top hat to the side, the flat bottom brim sliding on the floor. “It’s Alice we’re talking about. Alice in unstoppable.”
The scoff that followed Hatter’s defence of you had offended you. The sound may have been small but the meaning behind the sound was not, it had come from a place that was teeming in distrust and disrespect.
“This “Alice” is not the one we’re looking for. The real Alice was much more than this woman-“
“Hey!” You stomped your barefoot against the floor, creating just enough noise to garner both of their attention spans. “I don’t know who you’re talking to, asshole, but I happen to be very capable.”
“Oh yes.” His voice dripped in sarcasm. “What have you managed to do? Run though a bushel of roses? Get hundreds of rose thorns embedded in your skin? You made a fool of yourself in front of the white rabbit?”
The further he talked, the more you wanted to take one of Hatter’s coat racks and shove it up the Dormouse’s ass. In the real world, and in your own reality, you’d never really come across Clint much which didn’t give you a great idea of how he was in the tower, however if he was anything like this out of the curse then you were not a fan.
“This Alice is nothing, Hatter. We shouldn’t waste our time with someone who is clearly not the hero we need. What will this Alice do when she meets the cat? Hmm? Bat her pretty eyes and hope he takes pity on a pretty face?” He stalked toward you, his eyes narrowed and his nostrils flaring. “You are insignificant.”
That was the mantra, that was the message behind Loki’s silver words. They hadn’t taken you seriously, they hadn’t recognized your talent over their ego’s.
They were the heroes, they were the ones everyone wanted to see saving the world. They knew best and no one would tell them different.
“Alice is not nothing!” Hatter slammed his fist against the cupboards in the kitchen, his jaw clenched. “Have you forgotten what Alice has done? She defeated the red Queen! She saved our kingdom!”
“This is not Alice!” Dormouse raised his hand and point his finger at you, his hands shaking. “This is an imposter! This is not the Alice that saved us once before.”
“That is my Alice!” Hatter’s anger quickly grew to meet Dormouse’s. “I know my Alice! I would never forget-“
“Almost as if his feelings in the real world are being conveyed in Wonderland.” The Cat’s voice, the aggravating tone of his voice was only outmatched by the appearance of his just his head, the slow turning furry striped cat’s head would be your next target of rage unleashed. “I wonder how far Hatter’s devotion will go.”
Insignificant. That’s what he had called you, that’s how you felt. You felt like you were nothing to them all, you felt as though you were the scum on the bottom of their shoe that they had repeatedly tried to wipe off to no avail.
“You bastard.” You reached for Dormouse, your hand snatching his wrist. You drove your knee, with all your mustered strength, straight into Dormouse’s crotch. As he fell to his knees, howling in pain from your attack, you twist his arm behind his back and pushed him down to his chest.
“Think about this,” you twisted his arm just a little more, “the next time you call me insignificant.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yukaris-writing · a day ago
"The Truth Untold" - Chapter 1
[Malleus Draconia x Female Idol!Reader]. After arriving in Twisted Wonderland with practically no money or anything to her name, [Name] decides to bravely enter Azul Ashengrotto's singing competition in hopes of winning a contract-free wish from him and saving herself and Grim from future poverty. Once she wins the competition and Azul grants her wish, [Name] has a strong determination to become Twisted Wonderland's next celebrity idol. However, she soon faces an uphill battle to fame and discovers that the idol life is not as easy as it seems. As she carefully treads into the idol world, [Name] also finds herself in a dilemma of falling in love with the Valley of Thorns' royal heir, Malleus Draconia. Will she ever be able to pursue a dreamy romance with the dark fae prince or will her idol life completely stand in her way? This is her truth untold.
“Hurry up, you guys! Mostro Lounge’s 1st Singing Above Sea Competition is about to start!” Grim exclaimed as he urged the first-year group to shuffle into the crowded Mostro Lounge on a Friday night.
“Jeez Grim, you’re awfully excited for a lame singing competition. What exactly was the prize again?” Ace asked with a yawn.
“Octavinelle’s dorm leader will grant the winner a single wish if they win SASC! No strings attached! [Name]’s gonna win and wish an endless supply of tuna cans for me!” Grim replied with a grin.
“That doesn’t sound so promising. Ashengrotto probably has something up his sleeve and the winner wouldn’t even know it.” Jack commented with a frown.
“Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, Grim. I don’t even know if I’ll win,” [Name] muttered with a distressed sigh.
Ever since [Name] arrived at Night Raven College, madols were tough to come by. Headmaster Crowley had provided [Name] with the bare necessities, but it was evident that [Name] and Grim would need their own funds if they were to stay here while Crowley tried to find a way home for them. Well, that was if he would ever decide to make it a priority, in the first place.
“Don’t worry, [Name]. It’s just a singing competition. It’s not going to be the end of the world if you don’t win. You’ll be fine.” Deuce reminded as he patted [Name]’s shoulder.
[Name] smiled at Deuce and nodded. “You’re right, I’ll try to enjoy myself. After all, it’s a Friday night with my friends! I do need a break from school too.”
As the first-year group found a table facing the glamorous and expensive stage in front of the glass aquarium, they suddenly heard a loud booming voice coming from the entrance of Mostro Lounge.
“Make way for Young Master Malleus Draconia! Stand aside, humans!” Sebek yelled out as the infamous Diasomnia quartet made its way across the threshold.
All eyes suddenly darted towards the imposing Diasomnia group, but Azul Ashengrotto quickly headed over to welcome them to his event. It was only after Azul showed them to a table did everyone resume their conversations or picked at their food once more.
“Ah, Diasomnia also came to this event? I never thought I would see them here.” Epel whispered as everyone’s eyes locked onto Malleus and his companions at their table.
“Right?! I can’t believe Tsunotarou is here! Now I’m even more nervous!” [Name] exclaimed with surprise. She didn’t think the dark dragon fae would ever come out to lively events such as this. And it didn’t help that she had a major crush on him and would now have to perform in front of him!
“I think all the dorm leaders were specially invited to this event. Ruggie-senpai said he would show up later with Leona-senpai. Apparently, Ashengrotto had promised them free appetizers.” Jack explained.
“That explains why Sebek rejected our initial invitation to come with us earlier. He wanted to escort his dear young master.” Ace mocked with a snicker.
“Vil-senpai and Rook-senpai are also here. I see them sitting at the corner table with Riddle-senpai and Trey-senpai. It seems as though they’re being greeted by the Leech twins.” Epel commented.
It was no use. This was going to be a very big event that everyone would talk about for days. But [Name] couldn’t shake off her nerves. Grabbing a glass of water on the table, [Name] chugged it down while accidentally spilling some of the liquid on Deuce’s lap.
“Oi, [Name]! Calm down! What are you doing?!” Deuce shouted as he reached for napkins to soak up the water on his pants.
“Fnah! The competition hasn’t even started yet and you’re already this nervous?!” Grim asked with shock as he jumped away and landed on Epel’s lap.
“Oya oya, is everything alright over here? Shall I bring extra towels for this little accident?” a smooth voice asked with a teasing tone.
Letting out unintentional gasps and screams, the first years were suddenly spooked by the Leech twins. Azul’s dynamic and threatening duo of eels had appeared out of nowhere, but they still held amused grins and gleaming eyes on their faces at the sight of the first years trembling before them.
“Ehehehe! Koebi-chan* looks so cute when she’s nervous! Are you signing up for the singing competition too? How about we do a duet? It’ll be fun~” Floyd airily voiced out as he leaned across the table to get a better look at [Name]’s petrified face.
“I think our precious Prefect has already signed up for the singing competition since yesterday, Floyd. See? Her name is on the list right here.” Jade pointed out as he showed the list to Floyd.
“Oho, Koebi-chan! You have a lot of competitors, ya know? Do ya think you’ll win? What are you gonna do if you win? What do ya want to ask from Azul?” Floyd questioned with a lopsided smile.
[Name] wasn’t sure when she was suddenly bombarded with Floyd’s pressing questions. Hypothetically, if she did win, what would she ask for from Azul? What could he grant her that would solve most of her problems here in Twisted Wonderland but wouldn’t backfire on her, as well? It was difficult to say at the moment when she didn’t even know if she would win the competition at the end of the night.
“I don’t know, Floyd-senpai. I haven’t thought about it yet. If you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the restroom.” [Name] said as she slipped away from the table and ran off from her friends and the Leech twins.
“Oh my, it seems you’ve scared off one of our daring competitors, Floyd.” Jade chastised lightly.
Floyd burst into a fit of laughter before turning to the first-year group. “Koebi-chan is sooo interesting~. I can’t wait to see what she’ll sing tonight! Right, Jade?”
“Yes, Floyd,” Jade replied with a chuckle before walking away from the stunned first-year group with his twin brother. They still had much work to do before the start of the competition.
Meanwhile, as [Name] tried to find her way to the restrooms, she was lost in her thoughts and felt a little queasy. She felt so much pressure to perform well for her sake as well as Grim’s. They were desperate for a wish from Azul that wouldn’t bind them to one of his greedy contracts.
“What am I going to do? Am I even ready for this?” [Name] said to herself before she bumped into something tall and firm.
Rubbing her forehead from the pain and gaining back her senses, [Name] glanced up and gasped when she realized that she had bumped into Malleus. The Diasomnia dorm leader gazed at her with a small frown before gently putting a hand on her shoulder and using his other free hand to tilt her chin up to examine her forehead properly. [Name] froze as she locked eyes with Malleus and felt her heart beat faster. Of all people to encounter at this time, why did it have to be the Draconia Prince?
“My apologies, Child of Man. I should have called out to you, but I didn’t realize you were lost in your own thoughts. Are you hurt anywhere?” the dark fae questioned warmly.
“O-Oh! I’m fine, thanks! I was trying to find the restroom but I think I’m a little lost.” [Name] admitted with a flustered smile. She was embarrassed that Malleus had to see her in her current state. It was rare of him to ever witness her as such a mess.
“The restrooms are just around the corner from here. You seem worried about other things though. Would you like to share your troubles with me?” Malleus asked as he let go of [Name].
[Name] inhaled deeply and carefully thought of what to say. “I’m just very nervous about the singing competition. I didn’t think of it as a big deal at first, but now I’m starting to worry about not winning it. It would mean a lot to Grim and me if I won the competition tonight. I don’t know what I would ask from Azul-senpai yet, but all I know is that I want to win no matter what.”
Hearing this, Malleus chuckled before brushing [Name]’s hair behind her ear. “You will be fantastic, Child of Man. If you want to win, you must first be your biggest advocate in order to have everyone else believe in your capabilities. I trust that you will succeed if you put more faith in your skills and believe more in yourself. Fear not, Child of Man. You are more than worthy and capable of winning Ashengrotto’s little competition. I strongly believe in you.”
With these simple words of encouragement touching her heart, [Name] suddenly felt calm and reassured. Malleus was right. She had to believe in herself first and not psyche herself out so fast before the competition even started. Feeling herself relax, [Name] took a deep breath before reaching out for Malleus’ hand.
“Thank you, Tsunotarou. I needed to hear that.”
“You are welcome, Child of Man. I shall return to my table now, but I look forward to your performance.” he cooed before walking away from [Name].
As [Name] watched the elegant dark fae prince leave, she gripped her arms and let out another sigh. The competition would be soon and there was no time to waste. She had to get a firm grip on herself in order to do well. If Malleus believed strongly in her, then there was no reason for her to give up.
After Azul introduced the competition and competitors came throughout the night to entertain the audience, it was finally time for [Name] to take the stage. She was the last contestant of the night and still felt a hint of anxiety, but was reassured when she heard her friends rooting for her. Amongst the crowd, she also saw Malleus smiling quietly at her from his table. He supported her from a distance and would patiently wait for her to perform.
“Now then, the music will start as soon as you glance at me. After that, the stage is yours, [Name]-san.” Jade instructed as he fixed the earpiece for [Name] and secured it.
“Thank you, Jade-senpai.” [Name] muttered as she fidgeted with her school uniform. She should have worn something else for this performance, but it was too late to change. Oh well, this was an all-or-nothing performance now.
“With pleasure. Please enter the stage when you are ready.” Jade replied as he left to take his position as the stage manager.
As [Name] left the backstage area to enter the shining stage with bright lights, she nervously smiled at the audience when she heard them clapping for her. Positioning herself in front of the microphone, she was surprised to see Azul smirk at her from the onyx-colored grand piano to her left. She hadn’t expected him to lead her song’s performance nor did she rehearse with him beforehand. Perhaps he knew the song already? Well, it didn’t matter now. She was here and ready to give the entirety of Night Raven College an unforgettable performance.
With one last deep breath, [Name] zoned herself into complete focus, and when she was ready, she glanced over at Jade who gave Azul a special cue to start playing the song on the piano. Azul granted [Name] a smooth and jazz-like beginning on the piano, and Mostro Lounge was completely bought with silence and awe.
Loving you was a pure mistake,
I’ll erase you with all the memories I once held on tightly to.
Goodbye, my dear, this is the end.
Let’s meet again, in another life where we can be more than just mere friends.
In the middle of [Name]’s performance, Malleus discreetly waved his magic pen at [Name] and transformed her black school uniform into a sparkling floor-length silver dress with matching heels and jewelry. Her hair was also stylishly pinned back and curled into a high ponytail, and her makeup looked like it had been done by none other than Pomefiore’s dorm leader, Vil Schoenheit.
“Oh! Très bien! She looks lovely in that dress thanks to Roi du Dragon! Isn’t she a beautiful sight, Vil?” Rook praised as he clutched his chest and listened to [Name]’s ballad.
“I guess the stage is where Ramshackle’s Potato shines the most. Who would have thought that this would be her element?” Vil replied solemnly.
The crowd hollered and shouted at the sudden outfit change, and [Name] gained confidence as she sang out the rest of her ballad with pure emotions and tones of sadness. She looked out towards Malleus and silently thanked him with her eyes as she sang the night away and ended her song by the piano with Azul.
With one final bow to the audience, [Name] waved goodbye and left towards the backstage area where she was greeted by the Leech twins and given assistance for removing her equipment.
“Koebi-chan, you were so pretty up there! I can’t believe you stole the show like that when you were such a nervous wreck earlier! It was like you had a twin fill in for ya instead!” Floyd commented with a cackle.
“Yes, you were quite remarkable, [Name]-san. It was an unexpected surprise from you, but you did charm the audience with your lovely ballad. I would say it was even moving for some,” Jade remarked with a chuckle as he helped remove the earpiece from [Name]’s ear.
“I’ll take ya back to your table, Koebi-chan. Give me your arm,” Floyd insisted as he helped [Name] climb down the stairs of the stage.
[Name] hesitantly took the eel’s arm, wary of his sudden offer, but it seemed genuine for now as Floyd guided her back to her table.
“[Name], you looked so awesome up there! How did you get that octopus bastard to play your song for you?!” Ace asked.
“Y-You were really beautiful up there! I didn’t know you planned for an outfit change during your performance!” Deuce complimented with a faint blush on his face.
“I caught the whole thing on video if ya wanna look at it later, [Name]!” Epel remarked happily.
“You were amazing, [Name]. I would be surprised if you didn’t win this competition.” Jack said with a proud smirk.
Grim jumped into [Name]’s arms out of glee and playfully climbed onto her chest to face her. “You looked like a real star! An idol! It was crazy to think it was you! But of course, I was the one who knew that already.”
[Name] shook her head and laughed as she took a seat with her friends. She admittedly had fun and had completely forgotten her nerves. She would have to properly thank Malleus later for the sudden outfit change, but she figured she would enjoy the rest of the night with her friends.
After half an hour had passed, Azul stepped onto the stage with a sealed golden envelope in his hand, followed by Jade and Floyd standing behind him on both sides. With a smirk, Azul waved his dorm scepter and brought the stage lights on him to call for everyone’s attention.
“Good evening, Mostro Lounge’s esteemed guests! Did you all enjoy your Friday evening? It was quite a dazzling sight, wasn’t it?” Azul began as he received several rounds of applause and shouts.
“Ah, here comes the announcement,” Jack remarked.
“I’d like to thank everyone for coming to support Mostro Lounge’s 1st Singing Above Sea Competition. Since it received so much praise and positive outcomes, we hope to hold more events like this in the future. We had three special guest judges from different entertainment companies attend tonight’s big event and a winner has been chosen for the 1st Singing Above Sea Competition. Mostro Lounge would like to formally congratulate [Name] of Ramshackle Dorm for being the first crowned winner of our singing competition. Congratulations, [Name]! Please make your way to the stage to receive your prize.”
As bursts of cheering and clapping filled [Name]’s ears, she was stunned and couldn’t believe she had won. When the spotlight turned and landed on her, [Name] was pushed by Ace and Deuce to leave the table and go towards the stage.
Stumbling a bit from her seat, [Name] slightly lifted her dress up from the floor and made her way towards the Octavinelle trio on the stage. Once she climbed the last stair step, Jade offered her a hand and she took it as she faced Azul and graciously accepted a bouquet of flowers, a silk sash, and a golden crown encrusted with pearls and seashells.
“Now my dear, have you thought of a wish that you would like me to grant? I’m sure the audience would love to hear what your deepest desire is, as well.” Azul stated with a charming smile.
[Name] looked back into the crowd at Grim, knowing that he would want her to ask for an endless supply of tuna cans. But with everything that happened tonight and the nonexistent chance of returning home anytime soon, [Name] wondered if the wish she had in mind could come true. Maybe this wish would be her ticket to success and establishment in Twisted Wonderland if Headmaster Crowley hadn’t found a way to send her home. Surely Azul’s magic wouldn’t be strong enough to send her back home, as well. There was only one fathomable idea left.
“Thank you for crowning me as your winner for the competition tonight, Azul-senpai. For my wish, I wish for you to make me Twisted Wonderland’s next biggest idol!” [Name] declared with a determined look on her face.
Taken aback by the wish, Azul glanced at the twins and was met with sinister grins from them. It was another unexpected surprise from the magicless prefect of Ramshackle Dorm, but they were happy to accept her answer. Azul could practically smell another potential business idea from [Name]’s wish, and he was elated to have a taste of it.
“Well that is quite a big wish, but it’s nothing that I can’t grant,” Azul answered as he put out his hand for [Name] to take and shake.
“Go on, shake his hand,” Jade advised with a dark smile from behind.
“Pleasure to make business with ya!” Floyd commented as he locked eyes with [Name].
Deciding that there was nothing to lose, [Name] took Azul’s hand and shook it.
“Congratulations, [Name]. It’s a deal!” Azul announced proudly.
[Name] saw a violet glow envelop around her as she held onto Azul’s gloved hand. There was no doubt that this act would seal the final deal and jumpstart [Name]’s wish to become a legendary idol of Twisted Wonderland. And although she didn’t physically sign a contract with Azul, a part of her felt like she did so anyway.
As the crowd cheered on for [Name] and her granted wish, the Diasomnia dorm students felt an unusual burning sensation running through the chilled atmosphere of Mostro Lounge.
Lilia, who was never afraid to face Malleus head-on, quietly shot a glance at the young dark fae prince and saw a look of displeasure on Malleus’ usual stoic face.
“My, my, Malleus. We can practically feel you fuming with fire throughout the vicinity.” Lilia teased.
Hearing Lilia’s comment, Malleus visibly relaxed his tensed body and sighed. “It’s nothing, Lilia.”
Lilia knew better than to press Malleus on for answers. From everything that had transpired tonight, it was clear that Malleus was not entirely thrilled to see [Name] enter a boundless contract with Azul Ashengrotto. The thought of it was almost dangerous, and Malleus couldn’t help but worry for his beloved friend.
Multiple thoughts ran through Malleus' mind as he watched [Name] leave the stage and hug her friends as they congratulated her once more. What exactly could Ashengrotto plan to do to fulfill [Name]’s wish? What did he take from her in exchange for him to grant her wish? Malleus recalled sensing a large quantity of magic being used once [Name] had sealed the deal with Azul, but the results of the wish would remain a mystery to him until the future. Biting his lip, he loathed the idea that he would have to wait and see how things played out.
Standing up from his seat, Malleus declared to his group that it was time to head back to the dorms of Diasomnia. The night was over and he wanted to return to his dorm early. Perhaps if he was lucky enough, he would have a chance to take a night stroll around his favorite place and privately encounter the winner of tonight’s memorable competition.
“Leaving so soon already? Surely you’ll stay for the after-party?” Azul had caught Malleus and the others at the door, smiling with confidence and hoping to convince them to stay.
“Thank you for the invitation, but I’ll have to decline. Have a good evening, Ashengrotto.” Malleus responded nonchalantly, surprising the Octavinelle dorm leader as the Diasomnia students strode past him.
Watching them leave Mostro Lounge, Azul couldn’t help but smirk at the thought that he had unfortunately ruffled a few of Malleus’ scales.
“And here I thought you would be her first biggest fan. I guess [Name] and I will have to work harder from now on to prove that she will succeed on her own as an idol. After all, my magic can only go so far.” Azul quietly remarked to himself before turning away to tend to other tasks for the night.
The idol life was still far from reality for [Name], but it would soon become her truth untold.
End of Chapter 1.
Thank you so much for reading "The Truth Untold!" This is my first time writing for the Twisted Wonderland fandom, and I hope to complete this series properly. I've had this plot in my head for such a long time and now it's finally being written out. Please look forward to future chapters and thank you once again for your support! Comments/feedback are always welcomed and appreciated. :) -Yukari.
*Koebi-chan is Floyd Leech's little nickname for MC. It translates roughly to "Little Shrimp/Shrimpy!"
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tri3tri · 9 days ago
Look man, all of your yandere Malleus works have already torn out my heart and stomped on it a long time ago, so now I'm just weeping into an endless abyss.. but can you please write something nice for Lucien? Something about MC protecting them during an assassination attempt? I just need something good to happen to Lucien TToTT (and maybe the MC as well but that seems to be impossible on this blog)
Her Affection
Tumblr media
✂ Pairing: Yandere! Malleus Draconia x Female! Reader [feat. Lucien]
✂ Word Count: 1,7k+
✂ Trigger Warnings: Mention of assassination, blood, injury, death
Do not re-upload my writing to another website or use it without my permission.
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Everything had happened too fast.
No, perhaps the correct term would be Lucien had been too slow. Too relaxed. Too eager. If only he’d paused, if only he noticed just how… eerily peaceful the trip was, or how still the air was, maybe you’d still accompany him. Maybe you’d still stand beside him, a sturdy statue or limp doll, as he dragged you from one place to another. Or not. After all, when else would he have this kind of opportunity?
Not only were your schedules that were often different, often busy, but you always refused to accompany him on any trip too, even if it was a vacation.
And now, he’d gotten it.
His biggest dream.
And now, you’d gotten hurt because of it.
His biggest nightmare.
Lucien would be lying if he said that he’d never fantasized about this before. After all, you could learn about how far and how deep someone’s love towards you when they protected you. But like all scenarios about the sacrifices of your loved ones, Lucien didn’t want them to happen in real life too. What existed in dreams stayed in there. He had enough problems of his own.
But fate never seemed to stop torturing him, even during his respite. Why? He didn’t know. Maybe there was something wrong with him. Maybe he wasn’t meant to live, to be born, that was why fate wanted to hurt him. To regain the control that was lost due to an unexpected birth. But Malleus had said that you both had been wanting him, expecting him, and how delighted he was when he heard about the news of your pregnancy. Lucien suspected he was half-lying to protect his feelings. Who knows? You’d never know with fairies.
That forest was half burned, the result of the raging fire that burst through his mouth. Lucien almost went berserk, maybe even Overblot too. Years of pain that he’d concealed for childhood dreams, innocent wishes, and dogged determination hammered on his chest. The assassins littered on the ground like dead leaves, smoke puffed from their scorched bodies. Their faces were gaping, frozen in shock. Lucien grinned, the demon in his shoulder guffawed, but his heart grieved. He advanced, step by step, determined to destroy their bodies. To stomp them until they were mere ashes, and maybe he’d burn them again until they became particles smaller than ash. And maybe, just maybe, his anger would be soothed.
But Lilia, oh Lilia, courageously pulled his arm back.
“Let me go!” Lucien screamed, veins protruding and twitching on his temples. His eyes were sharp, glowing in the evening Valley. His body was stiff, like those corpses. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare to approach him, but Lilia had never been ordinary.
“[Name] needs you.”
And, as if something had snatched the evil spirit from him, Lucien gasped. Slowly, his nerves loosened. He shook his head and put a gloved hand on his forehead. Lilia was right. What was he thinking? Prioritizing his enemies than his mother? Who was still alive, breathing, and not dead like they were, like they expected–
Lucien shook his head again, trying to chase the image of you lying among them – like them – out of his mind. No, you wouldn’t die. Lucien forbade it. As long as he was quick, as long as he was cautious, and as long as he was calm, your life would still be saved.
It had to.
The bow that pierced your back had gone, but it left a gaping wound. The smell of blood stung his nose more than a bee, but Lucien wasn’t disgusted. He’d never be disgusted with his own mother. Even when your blood seeped into his shirt when he carried you, Lucien remained unfazed.
He only wished he could hug you like this more often.
Once he reached the castle, Lucien gently lied you on your bed and barked at the servants to summon the doctor. He didn’t leave when the said doctor came to examine and heal you, and he didn’t leave when people had dispersed, chattering and hushing among themselves in fear of his wrath. Malleus was outside, he’d heard, doing some diplomatic business. Lucien didn’t know when he’d return, but he was certain Malleus wouldn’t let his wife suffered for too long. At least, he had to accompany you.
And until he came, Lucien was willing to wait no matter how long it took.
Sighing, Lucien sat at the bedside. Your face was pallid. The doctor said the poison hadn’t spread much, fortunately. And yet, you already looked like a ghost, like a corpse. Your body was cold and your lips were dry, cracked. Earlier, he’d just experienced your warmth – probably the first in so long, if you even hugged him during infancy – when you moved to embrace him, to protect him. And now…
“I’m sorry.” he whispered, hoping you’d somehow hear the sincerity, the regret, and the sadness that bled from his voice. From his heart. “Because of me, you got hurt.”
You didn’t reply. Of course, what was he expecting? You needed to rest, needed time to recuperate, and he acted as if you just suffered a scratch. Bandages surrounded your upper body, and if he moved you slightly, he’d see the blood that stained the white cloth. The same blood that clung to his skin despite being known as a great wizard who could fully, perfectly guard you.
A prodigy, yet a failure at the same time.
It was funny how his nose was already used to the metallic stench in minutes.
Lucien bowed, cradling your limp – almost lifeless – hand. How long had he been dreaming this moment? Once, your hand had been a distant, precious thing. Your black nails glinted like onyx, and your skin was full, healthy, glowing under the moonlight. And now, Lucien could finally touch it, hold it, intertwine it. Was this what it felt like to be a normal kid? Capable of reaching their mother’s hand as they wished? It must be fun. They didn’t need to worry about when their mother would withdraw into some invisible shells, when they’d retract their hands, or when this illusion would shatter like a mirror. Because this was just an illusion, right? The only reason why you allowed him to be near you was that you fainted. Because of him.
Still, didn’t that mean you love him? Didn’t that mean Lucien had finally reached your heart? Or maybe… maybe you only did it because you were a queen. As a queen, you needed to show the best examples to your subjects. If you couldn’t even protect him, then how would you guard them?
He scowled and buried his face on the crook of your neck, another hand hugging your stomach. You loved him, he was sure of it. Your affection wasn’t showy, but muted. Gentle, almost unseen, like a ghost. It took a sharp eye to perceive it, to learn the differences between your love and apathy. And with all your silence, that sudden protection had been your biggest gesture yet.
This time, it wasn’t an illusion. Lucien rejected that notion, because that meant he’d dismissed your sacrifice. And you weren’t the kindest or the most self-sacrificing person in the Valley.
Your eyes cracked open. Lucien had never been this relieved to see those jewels, framed by elegant lashes. Was this what the prince felt when the Sleeping Princess woke up? The surprise, the admiration, the relief, and the desire to protect? Lucien felt like crying, especially when you grimaced, but he refrained. For now.
So, he helped you sit up and put a pillow against the headboard for you to rest on.
“How do you feel, Mother?”
You said nothing, only staring at him as if wondering why he was here. You probably expected him to go on a rampage, destroying the forest and town like the little dragon he was, like Malleus would’ve done had he was in his position. And Lucien would’ve done it, more than willing to do it, had Lilia didn’t stop him.
Speaking of Lilia, where was he now?
Ah, Lucien shrugged, it wasn’t important. You were already awake. How could he think about anything else other than you?
Your eyes trailed to the bloodstain on his shoulder.
“You’re bleeding.”
Your voice was soft, cool, fitting the Ice Queen title that so many people described you as. The title that he despised, yet agreed mentally. But it didn’t hide the regret that softened your eyes, or the self-loathing that curled your lips faintly.
“Oh!” Lucien hurriedly put a hand on the spot as if it could hide the proof of his weakness, of his uselessness. “This is not my blood! It’s–”
He stopped abruptly, biting his tongue. It didn’t hurt, but your knowing stare did. You looked away, gazing at the murky sky through the bolted windows. His stomach churned from guilt. Silently, he berated himself for hurting you again. Once more, he’d been too eager at the prospect of accompanying you.
“Change your clothes.”
Lucien looked up. You still gazed at the sky, almost longingly.
“The smell will fill the room.”
He tensed. Not because of fear, or your subtle snide remark, but because of hope. Anticipation.
“Does that mean I can be with you again?”
Of course, Lucien would still come even without asking. He’d always been stubborn like that.
Like Malleus.
You knew that, so you chose to stay silent.
Lucien grinned triumphantly and leaned forward to peck your cheek. You were startled and whipped your head, but he already disappeared. Lucien didn’t stop beaming even when he encountered Malleus along the way.
“She’s in the room.”
His tone didn’t convey the concern and fear Malleus had expected, and once more, Lucien didn’t see his dumbfounded face. He only strolled towards his room, almost skipping, leaving Malleus and his advisors in the middle of the hallway.
Lucien was certain Malleus wouldn’t show that expression again after he learned about your acceptance. It was hard not to. After all, you’d changed.
Slowly, but surely, you’d become the mother he’d always wished for, and the wife Malleus had always dreamed of, even if you’d never admit it.
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We’re All Mad Here
Part 2: Down the rabbit hole
** **
It was chaotic. It was maddening, the fall through the rabbit hole. Down you went down the dark hole, attention captivated by melting clocks and glowing, luminescent mushrooms cling to the wall. The decorum in the rabbit hole was truly mad, chairs attached upside down to tables, teacups singing along to some incomprehensible tune.
It was all complete and utter madness, and you were thrown into it head first, with the order to follow the white rabbit. You were thrown into it under the guise of undoing whatever Loki had done.
“Madness,” his face appeared in front of you as the Cheshire Cat, “ you haven’t seen madness yet.”
He disappeared at the exact moment that a pot of tea, the droplets spilling from the spout, came flying toward your face. You swung your hand and swat the pot away, sending it crashing toward the earthy wall of the hole.
“Speaking of madness,” Loki appeared again as the cat, “you should find the Hatter first. If you are going to find me somewhere in Wonderland, you’ll need a colourful cast of characters to help you.”
You whipped your head around, swatting at the cat as he moved from one side to the other.
“Who did I make into characters? Who is not involved in the story at all? Will the brave Alice be able to stop the great cat?”
You fell to the floor with a rather unyielding thud. You were dazed after you fell, your eyes in focusing as the melodic yet twisted tune kept playing in the background like a soundtrack to your every action.
When you had finally come to, you slowly peered around the bottom of the rabbit hole, your eyes studying every peculiar and abnormal oddity that created the scene around you.
The aforementioned door you would have to go through, was misshapen and crooked, the door frame off-centred to the left, the knob bent and hooked. The bottom floor of the hole was checkered in simple black and white tiles, yet the checkered pattern didn’t match up as it should have, and instead was off by mere millimetres while others were off by more.
The table in which the ‘drink me’ bottle, the ‘eat me’ cake and the key was on, had one leg that was longer than the other, tilting the items away from you, toward the other side of the floor. The table itself though looked to be as tall as an oak tree, which was an added headache.
“Madness.” You huffed, standing up and brushing your skirt off. “This makes madness look like child’s play.”
You glanced back at the table with the bottle of ‘drink me’ and the ‘eat me’ cake, which also contained the key for the door. If you had remembered correctly, it was the drink that made Alice shrink, and the cake that made her grow.
Of course in the original book, Alice shrunk before she could grab the key, which then caused a chain of events which led to her crying herself into an ocean of her own tears.
“The table is leaning to one side.” You spoke to yourself, walking around to the other side. “If I put something on the ground to catch the items, then I could tip the table over without having to climb it.”
If you could tip it over at all.
“I need to find-“ you were cut off while being knocked to the ground by a heavy yet soft object. You groaned and pushed it off of you, rolling into your back against the cold tiles. When you had glanced to the left, you saw a large chair cushion with a decorative button in the middle that created a sort of bowl effect on the rest of the cushion.
“This could work.” You stood up and grabbed the corner of the cushion, dragging it toward the table. You continued to drag it until it was in a good place to catch everything you needed.
With the pillow in place, you walked around the table to the best possible place for you to start pushing against the the longest leg.
“One hard push.” You encouraged yourself, digging your bare heels into the tiles as you placed your hands against the table leg and started pushing.
As you pushed, the table bent nearly in half which dropped the items you needed, however as it came back to its original position, you were flung away from the table like a rubber band.
Your back hit the side of the hole, the after effect releasing crumbles of dirt that fell into your hair and onto your lap.
“It was flexible?!” You screeched, your hands clenched tightly. “The table was flexible?!”
You stood, angrily brushing the dirt off your dress before stalking toward the items on the pillow. You bent down and swiped the items from the cushion, only to realize that there was no key. There was no key on the pillow or the surrounding floor, which either meant that the key was still on the table, or there was no key at all.
“You should’ve tried the door first.” A voice that didn’t belong to the cat, came from behind you.
With your irritation already at an all time high, you turned and looked at the source of the voice with a sour expression on your face and a serious intent to maim. You wanted out of this cursed fever dream, and with the start to this misaligned adventure already going south, you loathed to see what was ahead.
“Alice,” the voice purred, the man behind the voice familiar in every way, “dear Alice. How long has it been since you’ve graced us with your presence?”
The man, while looking like Bucky Barnes save for having two real arm instead of one metal arm, was not dressed as he normally would.
“Bucky..?” You questioned anyone, slowly shifting toward him.
“Has it been so long that you can’t remember me, darling?” He grinned, wide and electric. “The Mad Hatter at your service.”
He was dressed in a manner that didn’t reflect the traditional image of the mad Hatter. He had no hat upon his head, and his hair was rich and deep in colour, though it was longer than usual and curled slightly at the tips. He wore a black waistcoat over a black dress shirt, the waistcoat patterned like paisley’s, while the dress shirt was plain and made out of satin or silk.
He had a red scarf wrapped around his neck, with the ends of the scarf folded into the front of his waistcoat. The scarf had matched the dress shirt in its material, yet added the only spark of colour to his whole look.
“Or if you’d prefer,” he walked slowly toward you, captivating you with his brilliant and electric blue eyes, “you can call me Jefferson.” He reached for your hand brought it to his lips, kissing the back of your hand softly.
“Jefferson.” You spoke his name and then rolled your eyes. “Of course that cursed cat would give every character a real name.”
You pulled your hand from his and brushed past him toward the door. You gripped the handle and turned, bowing your head as you stepped through the off centre and odd looking door.
Of course when you had moved from rabbit hole to the expansive outside world of Wonderland, you were completely blown away by the sheer size and look of the mad world.
“Son of a bitch.” You mumbled under your breath. “The stupid son of a bitch.”
You heard his footsteps behind you before you felt his hand on your waist. You heard him and felt his presence behind you before you felt his hand sliding up and down your waist in comfort that made your stomach clench and your heart flutter.
You’d never felt that reaction around Bucky before, however as you were starkly reminded, this was Bucky but not Bucky.
“Welcome back to Wonderland, Alice.” He hummed in your ear. “Who are you following today?”
You had almost completely forgotten about the white rabbit until he reminded you. You had almost completely forgotten that the stupid bunny with the clock was who you were supposed to be tracking down, to find Loki.
“The white rabbit.” You studied the space around you, trying not to focus on grass that was taller than you and Jefferson/Bucky on the right side of the path, or the forest of hulking trees overcasting the path with their spindly limbs and mushroom footstools on the left.
Your goal was the rabbit.
“The white rabbit is a friend of mine.” He spoke again, slipping his hand off of your waist. “I could take you to him.”
He came to stand in front of you, his hand extended for you to take, however before you could take it, you caught a glimpse of the aforementioned rabbit crossing the path from the right to the left.
“You’re late! You’re late!” He tapped the face of the clock in his hands, giving you a stern and displeased look. “You’re late for a very important date!”
The first glimpse at the rabbit, and you knew that it was Steve. Loki had made the man out of time, the white rabbit out of probable spite. While he certainly looked like a man in the flesh, you could clearly make out the white rabbit ears sticking from the top of his blonde hair and the tuft of a fluffy tail at his tailbone.
“You’re late-“ he start again.
“I know I’m late!” You groaned. “Just tell me where I need-“
Before you could finish speaking, Steve as the White Rabbit started taking off to the left, into the forest. He was quick as his long legs took him farther than you could in a minute, with your less impressive length of legs.
Still, you cursed under your breath and darted off into the forest after him, pumping your legs as fast as you could while trying to dodge spindly limbs of the trees and the overhanging brush.
“Alice!” Bucky, or Hatter or Jefferson, whatever his name may have been in this world, called after you, his voice growing distant. “Alice the forest can be dangerous!”
You ignored his warning as you pursued him, though when you came to a wall of intertwining stems with painted roses, you realized he may have been right.
“You’re late!” Steve called from the other side of the thick and tangled rose bushes. You could see him through the small spaces in the bushes, you could see him tapping his watch.
He was directly across from you and the quickest path would be straight through. However, you had to really question if you were willing to risk it.
“Maybe you aren’t brave enough for the task.” The cat’s head popped up next to you, condescendingly mocking you. “Maybe you are a dormouse after all.”
“I am not a mouse.” You fired back. “I am no mouse.”
You braced yourself, dug your heels in and took slow, deep breaths. The rabbit was right there, you could see him.
“Alice! Don’t-“ hatter tried to stop you, his fingertips grazing your wrist as you burst forward and started to push through the rose bushes.
You felt the sting of thorns as they scraped and cut your skin, however your determination pushed you to keep moving.
He said it was all up to you, he said that you were the only hope to undo what he had done.
“I am no mouse.” You repeat the mantra in your head. “I am Alice.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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We’re All Mad Here
** **
Part 1: An unforgettable beginning
** **
“But I don’t want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat: "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
"How do you know I’m mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn’t have come here.” – Lewis Carroll
** **
With the invitation in your hands, you grudgingly moved toward the elevator that would take you to the penthouse suite, or at least the floor that should’ve contained the penthouse suite, where Tony’s annual Halloween party was being held. It was one of those events that everyone scratched and clawed to get into, as the parties were legendary, however until now you’d never been invited.
You weren’t even sure why you were invited this year, you were a low ranking agent and you had been so for a while. The only time you ever had the chance to have missions with the avengers was when the mission was pitiful and insignificant. It was an attempt to make the lower ranking agents feel important amongst the superiors and the all stars.
“Are you ready to enter a world of wonder?” The security and bouncer, drawled slowly and almost sarcastically as he held out his hand for your invitation.
“How soon after saying that did you want to bash your head in?” You shift your weight from foot to foot in your heels, trying to find a position that was comfortable and not at all painful.
“What are you supposed to be?” The hulking bouncer raised an eyebrow and looked you up and down with scrutiny.
“The dormouse.” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms over your chest, irritated at so many particulars about the costume you were given to wear.
“The dormouse?” He handed you the invitation, a smirk playing at his lips. “A mouse?”
You wanted to roll you eyes and scoff, act like the assigned costume on your invitation didn’t bother you. You wanted to brush it off as a joke, yet you couldn’t. Tony Stark gave you an invitation yet he assigned you the dormouse as a costume. Was he taking a jab at you as an agent? It was he taking a jab at you as a person?
“That’s an…interesting costume for a dormouse.” He commented, and he wasn’t wrong.
The costume had a full tutu skirt that was quite beautiful on its own, if it wasn’t barely grazing the middle of your thighs. The costume included a corset that pushed your breasts up to your neck and made it hard to breathe. Along with the corset that made your breasts nearly spill from the top of your dress, you were given a pair of sleek grey stiletto pumps that were high enough to surely break your ankle if you tumbled over.
The costume was definitely a sexy Halloween costume, with the only bonus being that it wasn’t overly revealing. Yes, it was beautiful and sexy and it made you feel exposed, but it wasn’t revealing any of your goodies to the point that it was pornographic.
It teased yet wasn’t meant for the red-light district.
“Tell me about it.” You clutched your invitation in your hand, extending your other hand for it to be stamped before you were let in.
“You’re late, you’re late,” he grimaced, “for a very important date.”
You did roll your eyes after passing him, feeling empathy for him having to say that line to everyone he greet and annoyance at the detail Stark put into the party.
Yet, that detail was nothing compared to when you had actually entered the party, through an entrance that was meant to be the hole Alice fell down. As you came upon the other side, your eyes grew in size and your jaw fell slack.
Tony Stark really had done anything half-asses, including throwing parties. It wasn’t enough that every party guest was dressed as a character from Alice in wonderland, or at least styled like one, the entire room had been transformed into a scene from the book.
The pillars that were support beams had been decorated in the fashion of towering, massive mushrooms that Alice climbed to meet the caterpillar. The bar was fashioned in a way to resemble the table Alice pulled the ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ treats from, with the bartenders looking like the white rabbit, including realistic looking rabbit ears.
There was a massive clock on the wall with all the numbers screwy and melted, the hands of the clock twisting almost nonstop.
The waitresses and waiters were dressed as decks of cards, carrying individual ‘drink me’ bottles with corks and small little tags that displayed different card numbers and suits.
Everything, from top to bottom, was made to look like Alice in Wonderland. It was as if you had actually fallen into the book.
“Lady Y/N!” A booming voice called you from the bar, the sight of Thor dressed in deep, merlot red and rich gold with cape draped behind him gave you the clear indication that he was supposed to be the Knave of hearts.
With a quick glance around the room, you moved toward the bar, stumbling a few times from the discomfort of your heels and your lack of practice walking in them.
Upon your approach, you saw that Thor was not alone. Standing behind the Knave of Hearts, was a miserable looking Loki, God of Chaos, dressed in an outlandish outfit.
“What are you supposed to be?” He sneered, asking you the question before you had the chance to ask him.
You glanced down at your costume, from the tutu skirt and the corset, to the ‘whisker’ details lightly dusting the top. On your head sat a pair of mouse ears, the furry grey ears rather soft despite the band squeezing your head.
“I’m the dormouse.” You answered dully.
You were equally surprised and not surprised to see Loki at the party. Given that he was reformed, or at least that’s the story Thor tried to sell, it only made sense that he would want to bring him along. It was a means to keep a close eye on him, a way to get Loki used to being around the avengers.
“Who are you supposed to be?” You questioned him, studying the vibrant red and oranges, the yellows and blue of the costume he was wearing.
He looked like a clown wearing the bright colours with such a sour expression on his face. He looked completely out of place in the costume, and if looks could kill, everyone in the room would be destroyed.
“The man in iron has made my brother,” Thor clapped Loki on the back, laughing as he did so, “Tweedle doe.”
“Tweedle dee.” You pressed your lips together after you spoke, feeling another stark jab of empathy for the god of chaos. “That’s cruel and unusual punishment.”
Not that you overly cared for Loki, in fact you would rather kick his ass for eternity than share pleasantries with him, you did feel sorry for the man.
“Nonsense!” Thor clapped him on the back again. “It is all in good fun!”
It was just a brief moment later that Thor was called away and it was just Loki and yourself among the crowd by the bar. With Thor leaving, you turned toward the bar and ordered a drink, leaning your elbows against the edge of the bar top. You kept your head straight, only occasionally glancing at Loki out of the corner of your eye.
Realistically, you didn’t want to be here. You didn’t even know why you were invited.
“They’re wrong about you.” Loki drew your attention to him by his comment. “Stark is wrong about you.”
“What do you mean?” You turned toward him, curious and cautious.
“You don’t deserve to be labeled the dormouse.” Loki claimed, leaning in closer, his voice dipping in volume. “You are smarter than they give you credit for, braver than they think.”
He didn’t know you, he knew nothing about you yet he had claimed to know your skills.
“Stark has kept you in a low position that you are over qualified for. You deserve to be in with the rest of them and they haven’t given you a chance.”
The closer he got, the more desperate you grew to get away from him. You were trapped between the bar and him, trapped between a crowd of people that seemed oblivious to his chaos.
“They are all arrogant. They think they are untouchable.” Loki smirked, his eyes flashing. “Oh how I will prove them wrong.”
It happened in a flash. It happened in the blink of an eye.
One moment the room was full of chatter, clinking of glasses and the sound of music in the background. One moment the room was full of life, and the next it was silent.
“What did you do?!” You whipped your head around, staring in disbelief at the people filling the room frozen in place.
They weren’t moving, they were unblinking and stuck in the positions they had held. It was as if they were lifeless mannequins instead of the avengers and agents who worked for SHIELD.
“I am giving you a chance to prove yourself to them.” Loki placed his fingers under your chin and moved your head back toward him, forcing you to meet his eyes. “You have a chance to be the hero.”
His eyes flashed with glee and then he dropped his fingers from your chin and stepped away. He raised his arms and slowly turned, showing off his masterpiece.
“Fix this, Loki!” You balanced yourself on the stool beside you as you started to undo the strap on one of your heels.
“No dear Alice,” the grin couldn’t be wiped from his face, “you fix this. Follow the rabbit.”
You caught movement out of the corner of your eye. You whipped your head around, eyes locked on the person dressed as the white rabbit who was weaving in and out of the crowd.
“Follow the white rabbit.” Loki told you, again. “Quick before he gets away. This is your only chance.”
You hissed and ripped your heels off, throwing him at the raven haired pain in the ass. You didn’t look to see if they hit him, or if they landed on the floor, you were too busy trying to follow the rabbit as it moved throughout the floor, to the door.
“You stupid rabbit!” You ran after him until he slipped through the front door to the event. You reached out and brushed your fingertips against the door handle, feeling a delirious warmth and vibration radiating from the metal handle.
“Follow the rabbit.” You grabbed the handle and twisted, yanking the door open, only instead of being on the other side, you immediately felt your stomach drop as you started falling down a dark, dirty hole.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I am so exited for the new hetalia season, but at the same time I’m so, so terrified
Anyways, I might open my request for one-shots and hcs soon, and now hetalia will also be included :D
And for those who followed me bc of Twisted Wonderland, just prepare yourselves, but don’t think I forgot about you, I will alsp make content for twst!
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imaginedreamwrite · 12 days ago
We’re All Mad Here
A/N: This will be a rewrite of the original, since Tumblr ended up deleting or blocking half of the original from being seen
** **
Summary: Loki was reformed. For the most part. There was still a part of him that enjoyed the chaos, enjoyed creating mayhem for earth’s mightiest heroes and when the man in iron throws his annual Halloween celebration, with the theme being Alice In Wonderland, Loki just can’t help himself.
He is observant and he sees the ego’s of the great heroes and knows they need to be put in check. After studying them for weeks, he knows exactly who to make the star of the show.
You were an agent who was too smart and skilled to be kept in the menial job Stark gave you. You were quiet and reserved, a dormouse who kept to herself rather than shining in the spotlight. Loki knew you would make the perfect Alice for this story, and given how the assassin felt about you, Loki was going to use this opportunity to do a small favour for the man.
With his penchant for being a God of chaos, he unleashes a curse of sorts on Earth’s mightiest heroes, throwing them into a world of Wonderland with him playing the titular role of the Cheshire Cat.
As the story unfolds, he gives the star of the story one chance to break the curse and rescue all the avengers and a chance to finally be the hero he knows she deserves.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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leccae · 14 days ago
Turns out I’m not sadness,
In the blackness,
I’m madness,
Called “Alice”.
I don’t need you to tell me,
Who to be,
to drink the tea,
We of three.
You just trick and lie,
Playing good guy,
A false high,
Forced comply.
Goodbye to you, Mad-Hatter.
Don’t flatter,
Just scatter,
Don’t pretend I ever mattered.
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pinkerthanthou · 15 days ago
Elise not in Wonderland
Chapter 3: Elise not Alice
Considering the strange events that led up to our meeting, misgivings was the prime emotion I had towards Mister Rogers, since after all, he had so conveniently appeared when the perpetrator had disappeared. My aversion towards him was simply a basic reaction anyone would’ve expected, but not the kind one would reply with favour, yet Mister Rogers as he had kindly introduced himself was thoughtful and patient. I didn’t know how to approach him, in that putting precaution aside, what exactly should I say to him, I thought but couldn’t figure out. It just seemed unwise to give away any form of information about myself. I ended up not saying anything to the man but allowed him to assist me in getting out of the mud, getting cleaned up and having the first meal and drink that I ought to have had since who knows how long ago.
I regained my strength and my sanity enough to finally speak after taking full advantage of the man’s kindness, but since he was still acting like an accommodating host, I continued to behave as an expensive guest. The first few words out of my mouth were “where is everyone?” I questioned, forgoing the good manners of providing a response to the man’s earlier inquiries and generosity demonstrated. I was barely paying attention to the person I was talking to, instead my eyes wandered about the quiet place which was basically uninhabited aside from the two of us and the cows chowing on the pastures outside.
“They left,” Mister Rogers answered simply, which barely revealed anything about the shrouded mystery. “Where? Why?” the two questions left my lips before I could stop them. I tried to maintain the flow of the conversation, however it would’ve been pretentious to act like the matter didn’t interest me.
“Well, it’s hard to say where they went exactly, but from what I heard, there was a curse in this little village, so they were forced to leave,” Mister Rogers explained, his right hand busying itself with stroking his big moustache. He gave me a quick glance before continuing with a snort, “I know you’re thinking how come I’m here if everyone else has left. Well, my reasons are valid I’ll have you know, I’m a priest, here to do God’s work and cleanse this land.”
After allowing him to finish elaborating, it did seem like a believable story, perhaps even more so than my own, but that didn’t mean I would start placing my trust in him. However, the man had proven to be reliable so far, and needless to say, it was about time I reciprocate some of the goodwill he had shown me. The wheel now pointed towards me to say a few words, so I gave him a name, not my own, but at least something to call me by instead of ‘missy’, and well ‘Elise’ was the first name that came to mind. I didn’t have much time to ponder on my choice, but the alias was no accident, because the events that had occurred thus far seemed to have taken pages from the tale of Alice in Wonderland. However, it was adequate to relate to Alice, I preferred to have my own story, so I was Elise not Alice.
Having decided on who I would be in this strange universe made it much easier to speak of what happened to me since it felt almost like telling a story about a persona I’ve created. Yet it was true, even when every word would earn a raised eyebrow. I spoke bluntly, without the need for expressions of exaggeration, because the more frank I was, the more it all sounded like a fantastical lie.
Surprisingly it did not take as long as I thought it would to finish telling what I had been through. At this point I half expected Mister Rogers to have me hospitalised for delirium, however this man was a good man as I would slowly be accustomed to, and he was most certainly ready to be an ally. Mister Rogers who insisted I call him by his first name, George, took me quite seriously, perhaps because as I would come to learn, that the world I was presently in was already fantastical in nature, that, and Mister Rogers’s compassion was truly boundless.
I’m not sure what I would’ve or could’ve done had I not met Mister George Rogers, but I’m thankful it wasn’t a situation I need imagine myself in. Trusting and relying on George came very naturally, it was almost automatic as I was comforted by his perpetual help. Maybe it was self-deception, but I was consoled by the simple fact that his appearance was very different from the man who had brought me such despair. George was much bigger in frame with jet black hair in comparison to the bastard, who was pale in complexion with awfully ashen blond hair, at least from what I saw and recollected. It was a naïve belief, but it put my doubts at ease and helped me move forward.
After finally breaking the ice between us, it was time to get going at last. Since I had no idea where to even begin my quest, George suggested we embarked towards the capitol considering that was where all the powerful wizards and sorcerers usually gathered. It was the most sensible choice as George explained, since someone who could open a portal and bring another person from a different world into theirs must be quite the magician of spells. Even though I didn’t believe in voodoos and the occult, it was the only way to fathom this nonsensical realm. Every word George spoke sounded like a solid plan that I find no fault to deny or reject. We easily came to an agreement and formed a temporary alliance, with George offering to be my guide considering he was originally already travelling on the same route. It should’ve been smooth sailing onwards, but I still felt uneasy to remain on the receiving end of this man’s charity. Although he was all around benevolent, it didn’t sit well on my conscience to grow more indebted to him. Therefore I made a promise to myself that I would repay that debt and go my own way as soon as the opportunity arose. For now, I would keep a close account of what I owed him, and hopefully we could square it soon, the sooner the better.
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pinkerthanthou · 15 days ago
Elise not in Wonderland
Chapter 2: A jewel in fate
Like getting struck by thunder and lightning, the true eminence and gravity of the matter erupted in my face, every alarm in my head went off on loud alert, and I was made terribly aware of just how unprepared I was to handle the situation. This would’ve been the perfect moment to snap awake and find myself in my own bed, but not even the mild favour of denial offers repose as I recognized I was already fully conscious. The grim reality had me locked in with the key thrown out of bounds, out of reach into a dismal limbo, leaving me with no escape, as it had been ascertained so many times now. Although there were no physical chains around my hands and feet, it was obvious that I was a prisoner and my freedom taken violently away from me. I had to acknowledge where I was and I would do as I’ve been told.
Honestly, the state of my affairs was a harsh reality to swallow. In the midst of all the mayhem, I started to become unspeakably ill once more, and after having subdued myself the opportunity to express discomfort for far too long, the feeling of sickness now grasped me firmly by the neck. The strength I had gathered laboriously to keep myself upright seeped into the mud under my feet, my knees turned weak instantly and I was on the ground as how I found myself when I first arrived. Fear and the sense of lost enveloped me, anxiety consumed me, and what little rationality I tried to protect gave way to tears. The minute tears began to make their way down my dirtied face, all inhibitions went down the drain. Panic gripped their claws around my lungs, squeezing every last breath of air out of me, and I screamed, allowing my shrill cry to carry some of the turmoil out from my innards.  
Having a wailing fit proved worthless as I not only exhausted myself faster, but also caused the feeling of ailment to spread further into the bones till I could feel the chill within my quivering lips and teeth. My sole companion, the barn animals paid no heed to how loud I was, keeping to themselves, grazing grass and some even moving away. Of course, I couldn’t expect the cows to do much to alleviate my circumstances, but at that point I was desperate enough that I’d be grateful to receive any form of help, even if it was just a moo to console this bandaged soul of mine.
There was no certainty to how long I had been shouting, but it was long enough that my voice started to turn hoarse and my sore voice box felt close to collapse. When I finally gave up, on more than just the screaming, and as the quiet took over, I knew I was on the verge of losing my mind. I wouldn’t want to imagine what would’ve taken place next had I not realize in that moment the gaze of another person just barely visible behind the crack of an opened door.
My response was instant and brash, as I was caught completely off guard. "Who's there?" I called out to the intruder, struggling to get to my feet before losing balance and splashing into mud for too many times now. It had been awhile since I took notice of my appearance, but suddenly I come to realize how I must look to another person. I was covered in mud almost from head to toe and sitting next to a pile of dung. Even if I washed everything off, I still couldn’t be sure my complexion underneath was well enough to make a good first impression. I wouldn’t have been surprised if the person behind the door had decided to disappear into the house once more, given I looked like a madman that even I wouldn’t find trustworthy. However, and quite thankfully, my predictions were off the mark and the man emerged from behind the shadows to the forefront. A tall man walked out, he looked rough with a big black beard and tight curls in his hair, just the kind one would expect to work on such a huge farm, if I were to discriminate, although he was in his own right someone I'd think would be termed attractive, just not by me.
"I'd ask you the same, missy, haven't seen your face around here, but you made a pretty big entrance tearing down the place with that scream of yours," he replied, thankfully in the same language I had spoken to him earlier, but in a very different accent compared to my own which luckily I didn't have too much of an ordeal comprehending. His words made me look up at him in the eyes for the first time, but it was not the kind of contact I could keep for long as eye contact often made me extremely anxious, and the current circumstances only worsen that trait. My glance moved to the next closest object promptly--a tree that I wasn't so sure was dead or alive since it was utterly leafless and had branches drier than summer vacation. Given that just looking at him square in the face was difficult, it was even more unlikely that I would be able to answer him. Mentally speaking, I was already crawling into a hole like a tortoise into its shell.
"Are you alright?" the man asked again after a minute passed between us, maybe taking notice that I had turned completely silent. His concern seemed genuine but who could really say for sure after all that had happened. However, fatigue won over the need to clarify these suspicions, I simply did not have enough strength left to participate in another battle. The last of my composure slipped through my fingers and I buried my face into my hands, sobbing the tears that had been begging to be shed. "I don't know," I muttered, crying, shaking my head to myself and repeating these words over and over.
"It’s alright," I heard the man hushed, his voice seemed to be moving closer in my direction, but I couldn't make myself pull apart my face from my hands. The man might've been coming towards me and planning all sorts of malice against me, but I didn’t want to look, nor did I want to know. How can it get any worse than what it is now? I thought to myself, not about to run or fight anymore.
"You’re alright miss," I heard, the voice was now next to me while a large hand gently patted my shoulder, returning some warmth back to where it had left. This signified my first encounter with the man I later addressed as Mister George Rogers. From then onwards, my fortune would gradually improve, something only made possible with the aid I received from George. He was strong, kind, gentle and a jewel in my dreadful fate. I was a stray and he picked me up, listened to my tale, and finally became my knight and companion as we set out on a journey to find and defeat the treacherous villain.
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