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#Why Believe
ellcnor · 10 minutes ago
right it’s 2am and i have an audition tomorrow so gn y’all
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roxypeanut · 4 hours ago
I love how yesterday people were all “the CDC doesn’t know shit” and “I’m more of an expert than the people who work at the CDC” and today those same people are like “The CDC says….”
I swear if I have to hear another person say “I don’t have to wear a mask, the CDC says…” I’m going to lose my shit
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comradekatara · 4 hours ago
katara loves meeting the parents. she tries never to break up with a guy until after she’s had at least one dinner with his family. that way, then, once they have broken up, if they’re still on good terms afterwards and happen to run into each other, he’ll be like “my family keeps asking about you” and katara will be like [smiles charmingly] “oh?” and he’s like “yeah i guess you made a really great impression on them” and katara, who knows full well that adults love her due to how polite & smart & gracious & cute she is, is like [twirls hair] “omg really? that makes me so happy <3” and, well. it does. it really, really does. 
#katara#sokka knows exactly what she's doing and thinks she's sick for it#but she can't help that she loves being validated by grown ups!!!!!#i mean. no judgment from me#when i was in elementary school i'd talk to certain kids specifically because otherwise it would be weird that i was friends#with their parents but not them#i give good parent.mp3 rights!#i love how a running thread throughout the show is simply how much parents adore katara#or authority figures in general tbh#shes just so good at being polite to adults#shes even nice to pakku??? which like. why????#meanwhile sokka slaps a general in the face for being mildly incompetent#kanna enabled her too much and now she has an addiction to being adored by parental figures#she bets toph that she can get the beifongs to her like her and toph is like 'I WILL NOT BE TAKING THAT BET THANKS'#michi & ukano DO like her actually. bc she is so good with tom tom#even tho they are still of the belief that she kidnapped him in the first place#whos seriously gonna believe that THE LEMUR DID IT#but honestly it doesnt matter bc she agrees to babysit for free!#sokka's like 'wait are u srs mai's extremely wealthy parents offered to pay u and u declined??'#and katara's like 'well i dont want their fire nation blood money' and sokkas like 'WHY THE FUCK NOT???????????'#also i was thinking of haru's parents specifically. they are always asking about her. esp his dad. he wants katara to date his son so bad...#also yes note that i said when katara dumps a guy#never the reverse#simply would not happen#katara got dumped ONCE#it was by a hot local psychic who broke up w her by reading her palm saying he foresaw heartbreak in her future and then walked away.#permanently.#okay these tags went in like 50 different directions#tldr katara loves grown ups & grown ups love her & we love her for it
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dangan-meme-palace · 8 hours ago
I've wanted to make a post on why ou\mota is canonly and immutably toxic but then I'd have to basically do character analyses for the both of them because one of the main problems is that people who ship ou\mota generally have a very poor understanding of their characters and their dynamic in canon.
They've all convinced themselves of this idea that they're "two sides of the same coin," and that if "they could only understand that they have the same goals, they would get along," but they don't actually have any canon proof to support this claim, it's more akin to wishful thinking that they're asserting as fact when it's really, really not.
Every single point I've seen made in defense of this ship can be disproved by simply going back and looking at the story again. There really is no room for guessing at what their relationship is/could be. We already know, and it's Not Good.
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postleft · 8 hours ago
@weirdgirlsam tagged me :-) thank you!
rb with the meaning/origin of your url, your favourite color, and tag at least 5 people who put something on your dash that made you smile
well! my url is just derived from “post-leftism” and it’s a url i hoarded in i think around 2018 or 2019. then i figured when i came back i could use it to anonymize myself and be a cool person again. i still have lots of other saved urls that i could switch to but i’m quite pleased with this one even though i’m not a post-leftist and in fact am not a big fan of post-leftism in general
my favourite colour… well i just don’t really have one! all colours are useful and have their own place!
umm… can’t really think of anyone… maybe @periareolar who did put a funny post on my dash and i did laff. :-P
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luna-lovvegood · 9 hours ago
cant believe some of y’all weren’t obsessed with harry potter as kids. what the fuck
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books-in-media · 13 hours ago
“By three, Fate had amassed a stack of books at the table, where he’d remained for most of the day, books titled One-Letter words; This Is Your Brain On Music; The Selfish Gene; Why People Believe Weird Things; Parallel Worlds; The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories & Things; and The Book of Maps. He was just getting into Mind Wide Open when the rumbling of his empty belly sent him to the water fountain again, believing liquid could quiet the growl in his gut.”
Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts, (2005)
—One-Letter Words: A Dictionary, Craig Conley (2005)
—This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, Daniel J. Levitin (2006)
—The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins (1976)
—Why People Believe Weird Things: Pseudoscience, Superstition, and Other Confusions of Our Time, Michael Shermer (1997)
—Parallel Worlds: A Journey through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos, Michio Kaku (2004)
—The Little Book of Scientific Principles, Theories and Things, Surendra Verma (2005)
—The Book of Maps, n/a (n/a)
—Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and Neuroscience of Everyday Life, Steven Johnson (1999)
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obeysword · 17 hours ago
i keep trying to wrap my head around it & i really cant. like i really don’t understand why canon/spin-off w/e keeps trying to frame yu as somehow being okay with adachi? idk i just think anything post-reveal about adachi is a touchy subject for yu. there is so much that happens in the ameno-sagiri fight that fucks him up for years. i think adachi even managed to form triggers in yu that he never had previously. he absolutely gave him trust issues bc how many people feel like that behind what they’re projecting. as much as yu believes adachi can be redeemed, it’s still a hard subject bc yu thought adachi was his friend. but yu’s traits are so much like a dog’s that if you kick or abuse it, any trust between you is gone.  & a dog will show its teeth eventually & won’t want you anywhere near it. it won’t forget what you did or how you hurt it, it will hold you responsible for your actions. yu will not let you back into his heart after you taint a relationship or hurt him. a bond can still be negative, which i think does have interest with the ideas behind arcana bc we’ve always seen them as positive in relationships with a wildcard. but after watching the accomplice ending too, siding with adachi was the worst decision he could have ever made in just so many ways that i’m sure he & at least two others are no longer alive bc of his betrayal. there’s no way those three can recover after what yu did. yu’s too loyal to his friends & family & has too many questions regarding adachi to really bother with what he has to say. unless someone can provide me a valid explanation for why yu could even remotely be comfortable in the same room as adachi, i just fail to see it.
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prettyy-kawa · 18 hours ago
“I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is THAT strong.” Pls when I saw the selfship with yourself post all I thought was “but my only personality trait is hating myself” ✋😭
OMG STOP. Don't self loath!!! You got one body you better love it!! Stop hating yourself!!
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