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#White Wolf
margarethx · 34 minutes ago
Funny how Samuel "I don't know if you've been in a fight before, but there’s usually not this much talking" Wilson (also known as: Sam "Shut the hell up" Wilson) is complitely okay with making jokes, teasing and yelling in the middle of a fight when it's with a handsome ex-assassin.
Mhm, I see how that is.
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aspecdragon · 51 minutes ago
I love when my hyperfixations come out of nowhere to remind me that music is actually really awesome. You mean I can daydream again? Hell yeah!
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margarethx · 51 minutes ago
Usually I really like the Sambucky fics with Steve as an important character or even stories told from Steve’s point of view, because it’s either:
1) I just introduced my two best friends to each other and I can already tell they are a perfect match :’) I’ll do anything to make these stubborn idiots happy even if they’re too blind to see that they should be together; ...or:
2) ... so I just introduced Sam to Bucky and I feel like I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life right now ;-;
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musical-broken-heart · an hour ago
Steve: hey Sam you free Friday say around 6?
Sam: yea why
Steve: good good. What about you Bucky
Bucky: yea I guess
Steve: good! I'm not enjoy your date!
Bucky: did he just
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globalatomic · an hour ago
Scandinavia Wolf beaded stretch bracelet - Spiderweb Jasper
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margarethx · 4 hours ago
I’m pretty sure I’ve already made a post about how Sam probably knows much more about Bucky that the other way round. (Mostly because Bucky’s a historical figure and Sam must have learnt about him even more from some files and from Steve after 2014.)
But now that I think about it, there is a pretty good chance that both of them know a lot about each other while complitely unaware how much information their partner has about them. Because yes... Sam was looking for Bucky all over the world and at that time he probably became much more familiar with both “James Buchanan Barnes” and just “Bucky” without ever officially meeting him.
But also... he never found him. (As far as we know :>) Which likely means that Bucky knew he was being chased and put an extra effort into hiding. And given his background I suspect he could gain the access to some files about “Samuel Thomas Wilson” to read about his career or even private life. It’s easier to run away from someone if you know at least a little bit about them - you know how they look, who they’re working with, who to avoid, where not to go, how they might act when they find you. (Not that I have any experience with running away from the government, but it sounds logical :D)
So anyway... I wouldn’t be surprised if both Sam and Bucky are walking encyclopaedias full of information about their partner and none of them ever fully realized just how much facts the other one has.
Bucky can be like: “No, Sam definitely wasn’t there with you in October 2007. He was in Egypt at the time with Riley.” And Sam’s 99% certain they’ve never talked about it, but he’s not sure how to even ask how the hell does Bucky know that. And at some other time Sam would buy Bucky a suspiciously perfect gift and Bucky’s also convinced he never said anything about wanting that thing, but maybe Sam just has a good intuition? Who knows.
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shhh-no-ones-home · 5 hours ago
the boy next door bucky barnes x reader
i know he has like an actual new york apartment in the show but i thought this idea was cute and kinda ran with it. in this they live in the same building rather than like his town house in the show.
also this might be the only one shot out for a little bit but ill be back soon i hope!
Song: Superman by loaded (duff mckagan)
tag list: @cynic-spirit +++++++++
Another day another dollar, right? One more day of work before a long holiday weekend away from the office and away from the stresses of life. It was almost worth the salary in more ways than one. Yes I was comfortable now that I'd been promoted but it also allowed me to move into a new apartment over the last two months. Apartment 25, right next door to a very handsome neighbor who id only ever had the pleasure of seeing once.
It was no more than a passing in the hall when I was still moving in. He had nodded his head followed by a soft hello as I was coming up the stairs. My door was propped open and half my furniture was sitting around the kitchen inside the door. I had noticed him glance in, a small smile coming to his face as he dug his gloved hand into his jeans for his house key. The only reason I knew he existed outside of that was the fact that he left his TV on at night. But I knew how that was. Some type of noise to make a lonely apartment seem less empty.
I wanted so badly to go introduce myself, to say hello or invite him over for dinner but it never felt right. I was the new neighbor after all and no one else had made an attempt at introducing themselves either. Besides, I wasn't even completely moved in yet. Two months and I still had boxes strewn about, some filled with books, some filled with kitchen utensils I hadn't needed quite yet. In all actuality it was a mess still but I was working on it. Something I would be fixing during this long holiday weekend.
This is what was on my mind as I buzzed into the main door. Then his smile flashing behind my eyes as I walked up the flight of stairs to stand in front of my apartment. Then the thought faded for a moment. It was one sigh after another as I dug into my bag for my key, a grumble under my breath as they shifted under my wallet. It was already a long day, and now this?
"For fucks sake."
I complained, finally grabbing them in my hand but stabbing myself in the finger rather than retrieving them. I pulled my hand out quickly, hissing at the feeling as I shook my hand out.
I furrowed my brow before putting my mouth to my finger. Then I heard his door click. I breathed deeply before shaking my head and reaching back in my bag for my keys. When he stepped out of his door I offered a disingenuous smile.
"Hey 25."
He said and I stood upright, confusion across my features as I stared at the number plate on my door.
"Hey, 23...?"
I said back, looking over my shoulder as he made his way quickly down the stairs. I watched as he opened the main door at the bottom, looking at him like a deer in headlights as he smiled and nodded before disappearing down the street. I just stood there for a moment, perplexed, arm still in my bag but no longer focused on the task at hand. What a strange interaction. Then the door across the hall made a noise, shaking me from my thoughts. I got to work getting my keys out properly this time, without hurting myself, and unlocking my door before they made it outside. Time to get to work.
When I woke up this morning I knew I should've immediately gone back to bed. Who knew Saturdays could actually be shit. It started with me ripping the collar of one of my favorite shirts while trying to get dressed. Then it was me spraying myself in the face with water trying to do the dishes. And amongst every other little thing like dropping books and trinkets and tripping over boxes on the floor, the air conditioner went out. I had promptly called the landlord but he said he couldn't get anyone to replace it until Tuesday given the holiday weekend. Just my luck.
I had almost thought about giving up but I wasn't that kind of person. Instead I dug out a box fan, propped the front door open and kept it on high for the majority of the afternoon. Yeah I was sweaty trying to unpack and fix my living room but it was worth it. I was gonna make this day better if it killed me. Now I was stood on a bar stool, couch pushed into the middle of the room, trying to hang a few pictures. It was a struggle getting the one on the far part of the wall but I was making it work. One grunt and complain at a time.
"Need a hand with that 25?"
I heard from the door, scaring me and making the stool wobble. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I steadied myself against the wall. I closed my eyes and sighed out in relief.
"No thanks 23 I got this."
I called back, recognizing his voice before reaching back over and trying to hang it again. I could hear soft footsteps behind me for a moment but it didn't really matter, the door was open, if he wanted to come in he was more than welcome. Maybe he could give me a hand. And maybe I was overestimating myself. The next second I was losing my footing and on my way to the floor. I screamed as the stool came out from under me, the picture smashing to the floor. I expected to hit the floor after it but instead I had landed in someone's arms, looking up to a smirking neighbor, wide eyes and scared
"Sure you don't need some help there 25?"
He asked again, a little cocky. I just stared at him. My heart was knocking at my rib cage trying to escape and I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that I could've just hurt myself severely or even died. But I didn't. Because 25 saved me.
"I guess not anymore."
I blurted out in a panic, realizing that my interior design dreams had just been crunched into pieces against the hardwood. He let out a soft laugh before walking out from behind the couch and placing me flat on my feet.
"You okay?"
He asked and I nodded, frowning at my less than handy work on the ground. The stool was laid on top of the frame, glass everywhere, and the picture itself torn in two.
"Body yes, ambitions no."
I sent him a defeated look and we both laughed. I shook my head, pinching the bridge of my nose.
"Thanks for saving me 23. Without you I definitely would have had to take a trip to the ER."
I said through a nervous laugh. He looked taken aback for a second before placing his hand gently at my back.
"You look like you've had one hell of a day."
He noted and I looked down at myself before rolling my eyes.
"So it's obvious?"
I asked and he smiled, nodding slowly.
"Just a little bit."
My gaze followed his hand as he tucked some of the hair that had fallen out of my ponytail behind my ear.
"Well I guess for an official first impression I chose to big or go home."
I joked
"You always this charismatic?"
He quipped back and I sent him a look.
"You mean in terms of needing assistance?"
He shook his head in amusement.
"If that's how you wanna take it, sure."
I rolled my eyes playfully.
"No actually. Normally I am very poised and carefully thought out. Today is just not my day."
He looked at me for a moment like he was trying to figure me out or come up with something to say.
"Well I think I'd like to meet poised and carefully thought out."
He said and I sighed out a laugh.
"Is that an offer for a date 23?"
He smiled widely at me.
He said quickly, getting progressively louder. My eyes went wide as he closed his, shaking his head and rubbing the back of his neck.
"Jesus I'm not usually this awkward."
I smiled at him, placing my hand at his shoulder, him looking at me in a lost puppy kind of way. Then I noticed the chain tucked under his shirt, looking down the the two outlines pressed against his chest. I drew my brows as I tugged it out, the warm metal laying in my hand as I ran my thumb over the dog tags. He just watched me intently.
"Sargent James Buchanan Barnes."
I nodded, looking up to him innocently. He had a small smile tugging at the corner of his lip but you'd miss it if you weren't looking for it.
"Well 23, I'd love to go on a date with you."
In a second his smile got bigger, tucking his tags back in his shirt after I let go of them.
"Guess we both made pretty good first impressions."
He said and I nodded, rubbing my hands together as we started walking towards the door.
"Oh, 25, I didn't catch your name."
He mentioned, stepping over the box fan and back into the hall. I smirked at him.
"You buy me a drink, 23, and it's yours."
He let out a short laugh, nodding as he turned his body towards his own apartment.
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ragingemini · 7 hours ago
The Government after CW: Steve Rogers is an enemy of the state.
Steve in Wakanda, chilling with his boyfriend, sipping his 4th Margarita of the day:
Tumblr media
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octupus-on-the-moon · 8 hours ago
Masterlist to a Nightmare
First Update: 24 March 2021
Last Updated: Not finished
Bucky has got those horrible nightmares. Those where The Winter Soldier kills innocent people. Those were he, Bucky, is killing innocent people. One of them particularly hunts him. A woman, in front of his gun. He doesn't know what happend to her. Did he kill her? Who was she?
A nightmare
A message
A visitor
A photo
A deal
A plan
A roommate
All rights reserved
Based on the idea of @fireballmouthwash
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longliverockback · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Frank Zappa Tinseltown Rebellion 1981 Barking Pumpkin ————————————————— Tracks Disc One: 1. Fine Girl 2. Easy Meat 3. For the Young Sophisticate 4. Love of My Life 5. I Ain’t Got No Heart 6. Panty Rap 7. Tell Me You Love Me 8. Now You See It-Now You Don't
Tracks Disc Two: 1. Dance Contest 2. The Blue Light 3. Tinsel Town Rebellion 4. Pick Me, I’m Clean 5. Bamboozled by Love 6. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It 7. Peaches III —————————————————
Arthur Barrow
Vinnie Colaiuta
Warren Cuccurullo
Bob Harris
David Logeman
Ed Mann
Tommy Mars
Patrick O’Hearn
Steve Vai
Denny Walley
Ray White
Ike Willis
Peter Wolf
Frank Zappa
* Long Live Rock Archive
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