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tanakaclinkbeard · 36 minutes ago
A look into the multiverse chapter 5
Soooo. Due to post limit im gonna have to reblog this post with the rest. Just tell y'all when you wonder where the rest is lol. Anyways intro for Winter is done by ExiledDarkness. Everything else is all meeee! On with the post.
A flash of light blinds everyone in the room. As it dies down, Winter Schnee is shown to be standing in the middle of the room.
"Winter?!" Weiss exclaims in shock. The rest of the cast, except for Qrow who groans in annoyance, keeps silent as Weiss explains to Winter about the situation they're in.
Winter nods. "I see. How interesting. I usually wouldn't do something like this but it appears that I have been given no other choice."
"Yeah, that seems to be the case with everything going on in my life." Jaune says while scratching his head.
The screen's light flickers on again and shows a boy setting up his computer and putting a helmet on his head. The sound of the computer starting up is heard.
"Link start!" With those words a flash of light appears with lines of color streaking across the screen.
"That voice sounded familiar …" Winter muttered to herself
"What was that Winter? Weiss asked, turning to her sister.
"Ah. It's nothing"
"Ah. Sword art online." The boy thinks to himself, sighing wistfully. "It's been a while since the beta. Wonder if they change anything?
A man in his early 20s with white hair looks and sees that ads plague the area around him.
"Oh c'mon guys, really? That's just disgusting." The man said to no one, his disgust at the ads was apparent.
"Yeah, seriously. That's just annoying. Qrow said with a grimace.
"Active Adblocker" A screen appeared in front of the young saying it was 29.99 for the Adblocker DLC. The man chuckled darkly. "I'm gonna burn this F***r to the ground.
"Please do!" Nora said a manic grin on her face.
The scene cuts to Blond man with long hair being tackled by a pig, the man blonde groaning in pain.
"That's Sun." Blake said almost immediately.
"How can you tell? Yang asked.
"I just know."
"Well he just got his ass kicked by a pig." Jaune said, laughing a bit
"Wow, Congrats. You were defeated by a pig." The white hair man was there looking down at Blonde unimpressed.
"F**k you man, that's like a pig from hell! The blonde cried, looking at the boar in terror.
"Really?" The white hair man smirked, and picked up a rock and threw it at the boar's ass killing it. It exploded into shards and a screen showed the exp he had got from killing it.
"Wow. This either that blonde guy sucks that bad or the other guy just that good." Mercury said with a grin.
"My god." He gasped with a shit eating grin on his face. "I've stumbled across the most powerful weapon in the game"
"Stop" The blonde whimper.
"The Mithril Pebble of pig smithing!"
"Please stop."
The white hair man takes a deep breath of air as the Blonde groans.
"My god, this sounds like something Whitely would do." Weiss said with an annoyed look.
"For you see, long ago, this pebble was forged in the fiery pits of tartarus,by the grand blacksmith of Lucifer himself. In a time before the world began…
The blonde facepalm as his party member continued. The sun had started to fall when the white haired man was finishing up.
"And thus, Mardoza, Guardian of the pebble, fell to his knees, and passed from this world, leaving behind the mighty weapon. For he knew... that one day, it's power would be required once more.
"Are you done?" The blonde asked.
"Yes." But then he whispered: The legacy of the pebble lives on.
"I have a feeling you get beat up a lot in real life." The blonde snarked.
"And he's using it as some kinda power fantasy cause he can't be that cool in real life." Yang added.
"Shut up! Here I have power!"
"Right, anyways, I've got a pizza coming, and I'm gonna meet up with some friends later.
So thanks for the quick tutorial on pig slaying and the not so quick tutorials on…. rocks…Shirou Yuki?" The blonde slowly wording out the other's username.
"Hey,no problem. I had fun taunting you." Shirou said with a grin. "Ballsdeep69"
"Yeah that's Sun." Blake said, shaking her head. "Only he would come up with such a dumb name."
Meanwhile Winter had a good idea who Shirou Yuuki was, but didn't want to say anything until she was 100% sure.
Ballsdeep69 laughs a bit. "Yeah it's uh, it's just a joke name. Just a character to dick around with while I get a hang of the game. I'm gonna make my real character later."
"Yeah yeah. No, I get it."
Shirou and balls look at each other awkwardly for a while when Shirou breaks the silence. "So uh...your pizza?"
"Right,right logging out." Balls swipes the air with his right hand and goes to log out but notices something odd.
"Hey,Shirou?" Balls called out. "Um, Totally noob question, but how do I log out?
"Are you serious, man?" Shirou asked exasperated.
"Yeah, Really dude? How hard is it to logout?" Jaune asked just as exasperated.
"Hey this Nervegear man. I can't Alt-F4 this sh*t.
Shirou sighs. "Alright fine. It's right…" He looked at his menu screen in confusion. "Here?"
"Oh thanks, player's guide." Balls deadpan.
"No it's here. But it's just blank."
Balls turns back to his menu and something catches his eye. "Oh wait, something scrolling Across mine. HahahahahahahaHAHAha"
"I get it." Shirou said with a frown.
"Wait, Wait, there's more. Ha."
"Wait so they can't log out? What happened?" Ruby asked the rest of the confused viewers
"Eh no worries I'll just take the nervegear off like SO!" Balls reaches around his head and tries to take it off to no effect.
"Hey, dumbass, It doesn't work like that." Shirou sheerned. "The Nervegear disables your motor function so you don't move around in the game. Don't you remember all those videos of the beta testers?
The clip on Dustube plays, A man walking around in nerve gear is marlouving at the tech is shown. Someone, a friend of his walks up and offers a greeting to the man and he mistakes his friend for a troll and goes to pummel his friend into the ground.
It goes back to Shirou and Balls.
"So many lawsuits." Shirou muttered.
A few of the viewers had a good laugh at that.
"Uh, Do you feel tingly?" Balls asked before the two were transferred from mellow they were in a city square.
"No. Why?" Shirou asked casually. The two looked around and it seemed that other players were being teleported into the city square.
"What the hell is that?" Balls asked, looking at the sky going red.
"Well, I believe some people call it a Hexagon? Ain't 100% on that, gonna have to check my sources." Shirou snarked.
"Man f*ck off."
"I like this guy." Mercury said with a grin
The sky started to seem like it was starting to bleed.
"And The sky's bleeding" Shirou observed, not seeming to really care."
"Yeah, they are really pushing for that M rating." Balls repsoned on caring as much as Shirou.
"Wow the sky bleeds and they don't even care." Winter said.
"Probably because they know it's a video game, Ice Queen." Qrow reposned
A hooded figure appears flooding in the air. A wave of dangers fills most of the players in the area.
"Oh it's a person." Expect for one player.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Jaune Arc, Head programmer!"The figure greeted."
"Jaune made this game?" Ruby asked, looking towards the blond.
"Nice Vomit boy." Yang said slapping Jaune on the back. Jaune grunted a bit but smiled towards Yang.
"Welcome to the unparalleled online Sword art onli-" Jaune was interrupted by the player being to talk frantically among themselves. Jaune tried to get them to focus their attention on him by muting them, but ended up muting himself.
"He knows he muted himself right?" Balls asked.
"Give him a minute." Shirou mutters. Jaune unmuted himself.
A few laugh at Jaune's mistake as the Blonde himself facepalms at his mistake.
"Alright. Just realized what happened there. It's very funny. But right now, serious time. How many of you have seen Tron?" He was met with complete and utter silence. Jaune looked over the crowd and was met with blank stares, not counting Shirou. "W-what seriously?! None of you have seen Tron?! " Jaune asked, completely baffled. "I was really banking on that."
"Seriously?! No one had seen Tron?" Jaune all but screamed.
A few viewers didn't want to admit to not seeing Tron either.
Jaune cleared his throat, and proceeded to wing the entire thing. "Much like the world of warcraft, none of you are here by choice anymore. Unlike WoW, however, your being held here by me, not by a need to escape your empty f*cking lives. There is no longer any way to log out of Sword art online. If someone on the outside attempts to log you by removing your Nerve gear, well… Has anyone seen scanners?
Jaune once again looked and was once again met with silence.
"Uh Scanners. It's a movie…. Seriously?! He grumbles to himself about how the people here had no class and pulled up a clip of a man's head exploding. "Okay. That was from Scanners… and basically that.
"First Tron, now Scanners?!" Jaune facepalm.
"You just trapped god knows how many people in a video game, and you're worried about what movie they haven't seen?! Weiss retorted. Jaune flinched and wisely kept quiet.
The crowd gasped in shock.
"Finally seeing some gears turning, making progress."
"Why would you do such a thing?!" One player cried out.
"Stephen? Stephen is that you?" Jaune asked happily "How are you enjoying that advance copy?"
"I'm playing it with my family!" Stephen repiled.
"Oh, that's right!" The hooded figure laughed. "Happy birthday Timmy!"
Little Timmy began to cry.
"Aw, They grow up so fast." He said, sighing. " Cherish these moments Stephen. Cherish these moments. So as I was saying, the only way to keep the nervegear from going Gallager on your grey matter, is to make your way through castle Aincrad and beat Sword Art Online!"
"So you want us to beat a MMO?" A random player asked.
"That is the correct response when someone says to beat a MMO" Ren said.
"Is it really that bad?" Oscar asked and he receive a loud
"WOAH! Getting a lot of hostility here. Do not appreciate it."
"Well honestly!" The same player began,"When was the last time you heard of someone beating Everquest?"
"When was the last time you heard of someone playing Everquest?" Jaune fired back. There was a slight pause.
"That's fair."
"Everquest…. That's a deep cut." Qrow said, sighing thinking back.
"Anywho, for all you guys that wanted to play as girls, and you know who you are," Despite not seeing his face they could tell Jaune had a huge grin. "I've got a surprise for you!"
A mirror appeared in everyone's hands and a light filled the city.
A young boy, no older than 14 was where Shirou was. He still had the white hair and was wearing the same clothes but was more lankey and shorter than the man who was once there.
"Shirou Yuuki?" The boy turned and a familiar face was shown.
"Whitely?!" Weiss cried out at the sight of her brother.
"I knew it was him." Winter said. The username gave him away, Not only is it the username for when he goes on forums, Shirou Yuuki has the same meaning as his real name.
"How do you know what username he uses when he's online? Weiss asked her sister, a question that went unanswered.
"You're not a girl!" A fat player cried out.
"And you're not 17!" Another skinner one also cried out."
"I'm okay with this!"
"Me too!"
"LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER!" Someone shouted out.
"A wise seminent. Ozpin said sipping his coffee."
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mercuryislove · 48 minutes ago
the way they're putting the dirge of cerberus characters in the remake..... bitch if I don't see my man kadaj RIGHT NOW I'm going to lose my fucking mind
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askdragonkai · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1. Little Weiss got in trouble... again....
2. Fortune is best guard!
3. Fortune took a wrong turn and ended up in Remnant: From the ashes
4. This tiefling's name is Elisa, and she's Shini's cleric character :D
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thatguythatdrawsalot · an hour ago
Slushpuppy Week 2021
Day seven: Slushies/Medieval AU
Tumblr media
When the best slushy is made in Mantle than Atlas but the heating grids melt it too fast, luckily you have a friend with ice powers who can save it... but it’s forever stuck in the ground.
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