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brehem96 · 11 days ago
Would you stay
If I told you all my thoughts would you stay
If I told you that I don't want anyone but you
If I told you that when you don't text I get sad
If I told you everytime that song comes on I think of you
If I told you when I see your name on my phone I smile
If I told you I told my mom about you
If I told you that I learned about your favorite thing just to know a bit more about you
If I told you that when you look at me I feel myself catch on fire
If I told you that my friends know all my thoughts about you
If I told you when you I'm in your presence I'm my most relaxed because I'm with you
If I told you I think about what it'd be like to kiss you, feel you on my skin
If I told you I long to just be near you all the time because it's my one true comfort
If I told you that I want to take you to my favorite coffee shop
If I told you that your smile is my favorite
If I told you that you make me happy
If I told you I write all these poems about you
If I told you that I like your abs
If I told you I want to run my fingers through your hair on a long night
If I told you how I've never felt this way
If I told you I think that I love you
If I told you I want to be with you forever
If I told you I do love you
If I told you all this would you stay
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jacobsbrainrot · a month ago
mornings, karl jacobs
IN WHICH you and karl waking up together<3
PRONOUNS she/they
WARNINGS none i don't think
NOTE so down bad for karl istg co-written w/ -SEXHAVERS on wattpad!
    THE WARM RAYS OF SUN peeked through the blinds of karl and (Y/N)'s shared bedroom, causing the two of them to stir slightly, they both had barely gotten any sleep the night before, only going to bed at around 6 am, working on the new set for tales even with bad and alex, it took forever but, they all wanted the best builds possible.
(Y/N)'s eyes slowly peeled open, reaching over to grab their phone from the night stand that had three monster cans as well as a little less than half cup of water, they cringed at the sight, setting a mental note to take them downstairs later on.
the notifications from all her social medias were never ending, deciding to check the god forsaken twitter one's, interacting with the many amazing dreamsmp supporters with a grin on  her face, most of the community was "protective" over all the female members the smp, since they were more prone to hate or just gross people in their dms or comments, all of them understood and loved the fans who did that, niki, (Y/N), and puffy would always speak about it in private after streams or events.
their social media scrolling was interrupted by karl's head on their shoulder and his arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him, she smiled at his relaxed, sleeping face, his beautiful features on full display for her enjoyment, she didn't see it often considering the fact he never slept and when he did she usually was asleep before he was.
(Y/N) tried to wiggle her way way out of his grip to go downstairs and make some coffee, but with his death grip was quite difficult. after struggling for around five minutes karl, thankfully, turned his body towards the wall and was no longer hold onto her, so they quickly but quietly wriggled out of their spot on the bed and snuck out the bedroom door and into the bathroom.
she scanned her self in the mirror still clad in one of karl's hoodie's that was oversized on her and a pair of old shorts from when she was in like middle school that still surprisingly fit their frame. reaching her hand over to the white cup that held her and karl's toothbrushes, they pulled out her yellow one and the tube of toothpaste from the counter.
after a quick shower, face wash, and clothing change (Y/N) made their way downstairs, being greeted by ethan who stood by the counter with a cup of coffee in a mug that had 'worlds best dad' printed on the front of it, she tried her best not to laugh, it truly wasn't that funny, but they were just tired and hadn't had coffee yet.
"what so funny?" he questioned watching (Y/N) make her way down the stairs, "when did you become a father?" she responded back with another question pointing at the mug in his hand.
"you're such a child." he rolled his eyes and went back to his room. she grabbed a cup and made a cup of the caffeine they desperately needed, and the sound of a door opening and shutting could be heard, but she didn't pay any attention to it.
the next thing she new, a small kiss was placed on her shoulder and a quick hug from behind made her realize their lover was finally awake. "g'morning sleeping beauty" (Y/N) greeted karl as he rubbed the remaining sleep out of his eyes.
"morning" he replied his natural voice masked slightly due to just waking up, he jumped up on the marble counter, making grabby hands at (Y/N) while she took her first sip of coffee, reluctantly they made their way over to his and wrapped her arms around his torso, as his arms wrapped around her shoulders.
"i love you" karl mumbled into her hair, a small smile etched onto his and (Y/N)'s faces, "i love you more" it came out more muffled due to her face being against his chest.
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shigraki · 2 months ago
I knre that gta post on my dash was you after reading the tags bc I know only you could have such unspeakable taste.
Tumblr media
Hes so fucki g hot
#omg i wanted him to disembowel me so bad in high school when i played for the first time literally thought about it all day#it was also sort of a shigaraki thing for me because i only even played for trevor just like i only watched bnha for shig#i was so in lovr with gta 4 and niko bellic that i had no interest in gta 5 at all except for driving around exploring on my dads save#and he always gave trevor a really long beard and bald head because my dad kins him or wants to kiss him or something idk#me and my dad had the same trevor philips enterprise shirt hahaha#but anywahs so one day my dad comes in and is like oh you should play trevor. and i said no hes a boring dirty old man#then my dads like oh nah trevor is fucked up as hell and stsrts telling me all about him#so i googled him and read a wattpad fic and i was like DAMN its nearly time for bed and theres school tomorrow but i wanna play the story#then the next day i got to trevor finally (after making my sister fall in love with him too by sending her screenies of his wiki)#and saw him fucking that lady and yeah i was so smitten i dont care if he has reslly bad hygiene and smokes meth i love him#hez also the only character ive ever written over 70k words for (and thats not even half of the full fic its wip since 2016)#(its so good i wanna go and finish it now)#(its pretty fucked up though considering i was 16 when i wrote it like very canon typical trevor stuff)#(but then throw in a naive 20-something whos new to los santos and is also michaels niece staying at his place)#could talk about gta 5 forever perfrct game easily
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nakyngs · a year ago
this is the second meme i made personally that i’ve seen somewhere random on the internet im going FERAL MOM I MADE IT
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ggukkiereads · 2 hours ago
SPOILER ALER sorry i can’t describe this in any other way
so basically for the racer au list,, there was this one for jk where he died at the end - but idk the title or the writer because i’ve read it waaay before i started to pay attention to these things you probably know which fic i’m talking about
ALSO !! i haven’t seen this fic on your blog that doesn’t mean that it’s not somewhere here maybe i just didn’t see it
so it’s called onsra, it’s a demon!jk au - this was the very first series i’ve read on tumblr and with jk pairing, the story belongs to @soul-scenarios
🌷 Hello! Sorry the message seemed like two different topics? But I'll try to answer:
The racer!jk fic you're talking about is Throttle by @/essantial who wrote Death Masks and other fics too. They deleted all their bts fics. They reposted some on ao3 (and wattpad) but Throttle is not included.
Onsra - there are two Onsra fics. One demon. One vampire. Lol 😂 . I added the vampire one for a Vampire!JK fic-rec-quest. Was supposed to add Onsra the demon series for another fic rec-quest on Demon AUs (but I only have a rough list on mobile notepad so 🤷). You probably saw my reblog of the author's other fics (the Hobi mafia one and their latest Taehyung series but latter is reblogged on my main)
I haven't really reblogged all fics, though I really want to be just a reblogging station sometimes 😂. Like, maybe one fic every two hours on queued posting but I can't help write a reaction (it's also a great way to remember fic details) it's just a slow process because there are times I don't feel like writing so now I have about a 100 drafts sigh😔
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jennnsartofgettingby · 5 hours ago
jegulus angst: an unpublished chapter of a story i was writing on wattpad
cw: mention of child abuse, its angst so proceed with caution loves
regulus rolled up his sleeve slowly, tears silently streaming down his face. he had never cried like this, certainly not in front of james
as he revealed more and more of the dark mark staining his forearm james began to cry as well. he felt a frog forming in his throat and he knew words would not come easily. his eyes couldve burned a hole through regulus arm with the stare he was giving him
he couldnt believe what he was seeing. no, he didnt want to believe it. after everything hed been through with reg had believed with his whole heart that regulus had found the strength to resist his family, his upbringing, to make the tougher choice
james had always had hope for regulus' fate. he spent so much time believing reg was capable of turning over a new leaf. how could he know have had hope for him? when sirius had faced abuse from their parents, been abandoned bye them, and decided before he was even enrolled in school to pave his own path. james had watched the eldest black son crush every standard and expectation the world held for him all because of his last name. he watched sirius give a middle finger to anyone who told him what to do or who to be
so of course he believed with all his heart regulus would one day do the same. how could he not?
but now regulus stood before him broken, shattered, beaten and bruised, with the dark mark tainting his forearm, wearing a lifeless expression
"iii-" james mumbled his hand reaching up to cover his mouth as he was still in pure disbelief
"i thought you were on our side," his was voice shaking. it was so hard to speak "how could you lie to me about this of all things?"
"did they make you? or did you choose this? please tell me it was forced. please tell me you werent lying this whole damn time," james begged
"im really sorry," regulus managed with a broken tone the words barely able to roll off his tongue
regulus finally looked at james. he didnt say it but his eyes were begging for mercy. they were pleading for james to give him yet another chance. james shook his head at regs silent attempt at forgiveness
"get out." james ordered through gritted teeth, more upset with himself than regulus. how could he have been so naive?
all regulus could do was nod and leave without another word
as james watched him walk out of his parents house everything flashed before his eyes
he saw regulus the shy, timid, and scrawny boy with trembling lips as he asked his brothers best friend if he could sit with him in the library. he remembered the way regulus body relaxed as he opened his books and fell into his own little world
he saw regulus sitting under their tree crying because he was so torn over the war. he remembered regulus confiding in him for the first time and how easy it was to find comfort in each other. how easily they understood each other despite their polar opposite upbringings
he saw regulus humming and tapping his foot to james's poem insisting it be turned into a song. he remembered the first time they ever sang it together and regulus's cocky smile saying 'i told you so' when the people around them began clapping and cheering
he saw regulus, sleepy, pale, and youthful snuggling into his arms dozing off to sleep in the moonlight the first time he snuck him into his dorm room. he remembered how late he slept for the first time in his life and how it felt to wake up next to reg with their bodies intertwined
it wasnt just regulus who walked out that door but apart of james too. a chunk of his adolescence, a section his memories, all that was left of his innocence, and his trust, left with regulus that day
but before he was out of sight regulus glanced over his shoulder to take one look at james again. right then james didnt see regulus but rather sirius; brave and kind and mischievous and free and daring. he knew deep down regulus had a plan, yet another secret, that he had told another lie
it took everything inside of james to not run after regulus and tell him theyd find a way; to scream that he knew regulus was hiding something and this time he wouldn't stand for it
but james couldnt yell. he couldnt scream. he couldn't save him. he couldn't beg any more. he couldnt even move. he was frozen. all he could do was collapse against the wall pulling his knees to his chest and begging some greater power, one far more capable than wizards, to put an end to his pain, to regulus's pain
it was all a lie, everything was a lie. he thought over and over and over again until he felt his brain might burst open
he rocked back and forth sobbing for what felt like hours upon hours until he was so exhausted that he past out
and there he laid in the doorway of his childhood home, completely robbed of a proper love story
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soramel · 12 hours ago
Chained to you (Part 2)
genre: angst, romance, unconventional relationship warning: eventual smut A/N: cross-posted from wattpad; updates are uploaded there first
1 2 3 4 
Part 2 words: 5.7k
The car rolled off to a much narrower street an hour later. The place he's driving into is in the middle of the woods. You wondered if you actually led yourself into his bear trap. "You're not going to kill me here, are you?" you asked in a serious tone although you intended it to sound like a joke.
You became a bit nervous when Taehyung didn't respond.
A decent modern cabin appeared in your line of sight. Its façade is adorned with huge thick glass panes. The car turned to a halt. "We're here," he announced.
Still unsure of the situation, you shook your head then headed out of the car anyway.
An old couple welcomed you to the place. They were wearing warm smiles as they greeted Taehyung and you.
"It's been a long time, Taehyung. You've grown so much." the older woman gushed. Taehyung politely chuckled as he gave them brief hugs, "I missed you and uncle a lot. Sorry for coming in a short notice."
The older man laughed, "It's alright, we regularly clean the cabin so it's not much of a preparation. Let's head inside first. I'll take your luggage, Ma'am."
You shyly gripped your bag, not wanting the old man to carry a light luggage for you. He reminds you so much of your grandfather, "It's not heavy. I can carry it myself, sir."
He waved his hand off and said, "I insist. You're a special guest here, allow me."
But really, you couldn't.
Taehyung held you by your waist and said, "Let uncle take your bag, we still have to show you around the house."
That was just an excuse for you to let go, but there's something in his tone saying that you should follow what he's saying. So, you conceded, giving your bag to the man.
As you walk inside, the lady briefly briefs Taehyung as to how the cabin has been. You saw paintings and some interesting ornaments. The place looks like an ideal vacation house for holidays.
"I cooked your favorite. It's not much because I just brought some stocks from our quarters instead of buying from the market. We'll head out later to shop," the lady told Taehyung. Then he politely said his thanks.
The old couple climbed up the wooden staircase while you and Taehyung followed behind. They led you to a room. He then turned to them and took your bag from the man. "I'll take it from here, auntie, uncle. We'll go to the dining room after."
The lady replied, "Ah, we'll be leaving now for the market. We'll leave you by yourselves."
You bowed at them as they turned on their way.
He then closed the door and headed to the office table and set your bag there. "They're our caretakers here. If you need something, you can ask them."
You nodded as you looked around the room. It's minimally decorated that you guessed it's a guestroom. It has its own little walk-in closet and bathroom. You walked back and saw Taehyung sitting by the couch at the foot of the bed, watching you. "Is there wifi here?" you asked. He nodded, "You can ask auntie later for the password."
You sat on the bed, deep in your thoughts. Now what? you wondered. Maybe you can book a flight to somewhere. Doesn't matter where that is. Running away from all of this is still the most appealing thing to your mind right now. But what about your responsibilities?
You were pulled out of your reverie when Taehyung spoke.
"What are you thinking?" he asked.
Raising a brow at him you retorted, "You're still here?"
"You intrigue me, princess."
You scoffed at that. "A lot of people are interested in my life. You're welcome for having the front seat."
"Hmm... I don't think I'm a mere audience. Am I not your knight?" he asked with that teasing smile on his face that you badly want to wipe off.
"I'll be downstairs. I'm sure you're hungry. Don't take too long," he said before heading towards the door, leaving you alone.
"You can stay here as long as you want, Y/n. It's safer," he told you after the meal. He was watching you the whole time as if you're a puzzle that he's trying to figure out. You're used to being watched but having this kind of attention from him is bothersome.
You sighed, torn between freeing yourself from this and your responsibilities to your employees. Back in the room, that was the only time when you think about the post you left today. A one day off won't hurt, but how long can you go on like this? It's such a waste that your professional life is too tied with your personal one. Running away from all of this will also give your opponents a reason to kick you out. Not everyone is in favor of having a young single woman in a high position.
"That night..." you started. He then waited for you to continue. He had a hint on what you wanna talk about. "Did you know that it was me?" you finally asked. It felt like you just dropped a bomb in the silent dining hall. He didn't reply right away, weighing your expression. So you told him, "Tell me the truth."
Without hesitation he then admitted, "Yes, I knew it was you."
You were dumbfounded at his revelation. You were suspicious but it feels different coming straight from him. He then said, "But I wasn't planning on sleeping with you that night," for a second, uneasiness flashed his eyes, different from his usual calculated yet playful persona. "But I guess, I'm just a man with needs. You were smoking hot in that skimpy dress," he added further, throwing you a smirk. Then he's back again to the man you knew.
That afternoon, you opened your phone and started making calls. Instructing your secretary to send you urgent matters through email.
"But ma'am, what about your scheduled meetings?" he asked after noting down your instructions.
Sighing, "Who are the ones for this week?" you asked. He cited a long list in a timeline order, telling you that he already had the meetings for this day on hold until further notice. Most of them were for internal purposes and some were proposals from other companies.
"Meeting with finance and marketing will be done online. Same time. For the others, have them send their written reports. I'll expect those in my inbox on the day of the scheduled meeting. For the proposals, send me their pitch but if they insist on meeting me personally, have it on hold."
You felt sorry for him, the work sounded a lot but you needed to prioritize. "I'm sorry, Jae. I have personal matters to settle and I'll come back as soon as I can. Just give me a week."
"It's okay, Ms. Y/n. You've been working hard for the past months. Don't worry too much. I hope everything will be fine soon," he said though he's wondering what kind of problem you're having to not go to work given that news about your engagement just got released. He assumed you're spending more time with your fiancé now that he just got back from America.
"That's all, I'll be waiting for your emails by the end of the day," you told him before ending the call.
Now all you have to do is wait. You sighed, slumping yourself back on the bed. However, peace didn't last that long as your phone rang again. Your friend Sunmi's calling.
Annoyed, you still picked up the call to make her stop, "Sunmi," you greeted, your voice cold. "The news of your engagement was like wildfire online. They're saying it's the same man that you were with that night. How can that happen?" she asked frantically. Then followed up, "Are you okay? I'm worried."
"I had no idea they're the same. I don't remember his face, that's why. And I'm okay. Don't worry."
Still, that didn't send her comfort. "Where are you? I'll visit you," she said, her voice laced with concern.
You shook your head, "Don't. I'm with Taehyung. We went outside town," you told her wishing that this would make her stop.
"Look, Sunmi, I'm really busy and I'm still working remotely. Again, I'm doing fine and don't worry too much. It's burdening. I'm an adult," you added. You sounded harsh over the line and it made you feel a bit sorry, but you didn't take back what you said.
She then said, "Okay. Just take care of yourself," before the line went off.
So, for the next few days, you sulked inside the room, working. Taehyung did the same. He stayed true to his words when he told you that evening that he'll be keeping his eyes on you. You just bump into each other when you go to the dining room for lunch or dinner. Neither of your parents disturbed you knowing that you guys are together. Taehyung assured them that you're doing fine.
Feeling stuffy for burrowing in your own hole for the past two days, you went out to work in the living room. You were on the sofa when the door to your right opened, revealing Taehyung. He's wearing black shirt and shorts. That room was his office, you took a glimpse of it yesterday when you were taking a coffee break. His brow raised up when he saw you dressed up.
"I have an online meeting at 10," you simply said even though he didn't ask. Today's meeting is with the marketing department.
He simply nodded, then said, "I thought you'll be thinking over things, Y/n. But you only drowned yourself with work."
"Just keep on being a good boy, alright? I might reconsider being married to you," you retorted. That earned a smirk from him then followed by an incredulous chuckle. You didn't mean what you said though. You still wanted out of the arrangement. You were thinking of alternatives that you can present to your parents and the Kims. Those thoughts have been keeping you up at night.
Taehyung finally left you alone, heading towards the kitchen. You set up your things on the table and waited for the call.
When he came back to your area, you were already discussing with the marketing team, asking them questions about the powerpoint they sent you. He sat on the single-seater couch, watching you while sipping his coffee. You couldn't help but raise a brow at him.
He did nothing to disturb you, but his stares made you uncomfortable for some reason. Then after a few minutes, his phone rang. This halted your discussion with the team. You threw him a warning glance. Taehyung stood up and went to his office to answer the call. When the door fell shut, you turned to the camera. "I'm sorry, you may continue," you muttered.
After a minute, Taehyung stormed out of his room and called you, "Y/n"
You looked at him with irritation, "I'm in a meeting, Taehyung. Can you please go away?"
He just ignored you and went upstairs. You sighed at his attitude. Then your phone rang. Seeing that it's your father, you declined the call.
Irritated with the interruptions, you then turned to the marketing team, "Have this project approved by the finance department as soon as possible. Then prompt the booking department so we won't get overwhelmed once the promo's been released."
At that, the marketing manager wrapped things up by giving synthesis and informing you that the minutes would be forwarded to your secretary.
You were skimming through your emails when Taehyung rushed down the stairs. He's now dressed up with shirt and trousers, looking troubled. His keys were in his hands as he told you, "Your mom's in the hospital."
Your heart dropped at the news. "What? What happened to her?" you asked him, frantic. Your mother has a healthier lifestyle. She had these planned meals prepared by her dietician, she wouldn't sleep later than 10 pm, she regularly goes to her yoga sessions, she's more careful than you.
Tears sprang up in your eyes as you asked, "Is she fine?"
Taehyung sighed, "She was being rushed to the hospital when I talked to the security team."
"It was a car crash. The driver's dead, her head of security too."
The information made your knees wobble. Taehyung had to assist you to go in his car while you couldn't stop the tears from falling, blurring your vision. Questions flooded through you but you were too shocked to sort out your thoughts to speak them out.
The whole car ride was silent contrary to the beating of your heart. You're nervous, afraid, shocked, you were feeling all things at once for your mom that you failed to notice when Taehyung's phone kept ringing.
He declined every call that showed up on the dashboard. He just focused on bringing you there safely. Broken out of your own thoughts, you texted your father with shaking hands. Telling him that you heard the news and that you're on your way now.
When Taehyung's phone rang again, you disconnected it from the dashboard and answered his phone yourself.
It's Mrs. Kim calling.
"Yes, Mrs. Kim. We've heard of the news. Taehyung is driving me to the hospital," you told her in the calmest manner you can muster but a hiccup escaped your mouth. You've been crying the whole time, devastated by all the bad things that could happen to your mom.
"Darling, stay strong. We're also on our way. Tell my son not to rush, okay?" she sweetly said, her voice laced with worry.
When you ended the call, Taehyung told you to turn his phone off. You didn't protest and followed his command.
By the time you arrived in the hospital, press people were already there, all of them are held up outside, being guarded. When they saw Taehyung opening the door for you, they immediately ambushed you with questions. It angered you when you heard them asking about your upcoming wedding and whether your mom's accident would affect the plans.
You gritted your teeth in anger as you did your best to ignore them. It's insulting how those people would take every opportunity they could to butt in at such private matter. Your mother's in the hospital, fighting for her life, for god's sake.
The guards cleared a path for both of you while Taehyung protectively held you by his side as you walked in.
You found your father standing outside the operating room, he was pacing back and forth. Upon seeing you, he went up and gave you a pat as if saying everything will be alright. It was a weak convincing on his part when he himself didn't even look collected.
The waiting was excruciating. You didn't notice that you've been holding Taehyung's hand tightly. You let go immediately upon realizing this.
"I'm sorry," you muttered, gulping.
"It's okay," he simply replied.
The doctors ran more tests on your mother when she failed to wake up after 24 hours. The accident caused her a brain injury and she was diagnosed with hypoxia. She's now in a coma and it could take a few days or few weeks for her to recover. The doctor told you to prepare for the worse, but you couldn't fathom a worse scenario than this.
Your feud with your father was put on hold as you almost spend every night with your mom. You would go to the office in the morning then to the hospital late in the afternoon, continuing your work in her room. The time you'll only go home is when you're reminded by your bodyguard which was assigned by Taehyung himself.
It may be deemed unnecessary but as investigation is being conducted, the Kims cannot compromise your safety. Their security company, among of their others, was the one in charge with your family ever since, including your businesses. The accident happened under their watch, but as of now, no one is to blame. Yet.
For your peace of mind, you even hired a private investigator on your own, meeting him discreetly as much as possible.
It was already six in the evening when Mr. and Mrs. Kim knocked on your mom's suite. You gathered your energy to come up with a smile, but it only crossed your face halfway.
"Darling, are you taking care of yourself?" she greeted worriedly, pulling you into a hug. You were surprised when you saw Taehyung.
After the operation, his parents left first but he stayed. Feeling burdened about it, you thanked him and told him to go ahead.
Sitting at the receiving area, 2 meters away from your mother's bed, you gathered the unkempt papers laying on the coffee table.
"Sorry for the mess," you uttered.
Then opening the topic, you asked, "Is there any update on the investigation?" turning to Mr. Kim.
The latter exchanged a look with his son before saying, "The truck was hi-jacked and we couldn't trace the driver yet. We looked into CCTVs but the team couldn't find anything."
You let out a sigh. It was the same report you got from your hired investigator this morning.
"There has to be someone behind this," you muttered, looking over your mother. The tubes attached to her body pains you. Sorrow crossed your eyes as you wished you could take her place.
Clearing his throat, Mr. Kim added, "I talked to your father about this. It could take a lot of time before we figure things out because, if ever, he himself has a number of opponents up his sleeve."
This is the first time someone actually attacked your family. Threats were a common thing, but no one dared to lay a finger on you, your mom, and your dad. Though your security is always prepared for this kind of scenario.
Chuckling bitterly at the thought, it looked like they weren't.
The question that's been bugging your mind is why now?
Is it because he's running for the next presidential election?
If that is so, why was your mom the target?
Aside from the situation at hand, the vacancy in the board left by your mom as the chairwoman is stirring ruckus. You haven't issued any announcement yet, but others are asking about her condition.
The stocks surprisingly didn't take a hit at the news of the accident. If there is something that bothers you more that you think will be harder to handle, that would be the board of directors of your holding company.
Simply put, they're still doubtful of you.
You glanced at Taehyung, who is sitting to your right across his mother. The second he met your eyes, you immediately averted his gaze, clearing your throat.
"Thank you for taking care of my mom's case personally. It makes me feel more at ease," you told them in a nonchalant manner.
"Don't mention it," Mr. Kim said.
With fidgeting fingers, you started the question you've been meaning to know about, "I would want to visit the family of her driver and head security-"
"You can't," Taehyung interrupted, making you snap your head back to him.
"It's not safe," he added when he saw your furrowing brows.
"There's no need, Y/n. Your father sent something for them. They understand the situation," Mr. Kim followed.
You didn't utter a reply, if they wouldn't want to divulge that information, you can have your secretary look for it. You could go there yourself, it's not as if they need to give permission.
Besides, who would think of attacking you in a simple funeral? They won't think you would have the heart to pay attention to those who worked for your family.
Still, you feel bad about the loved ones they left. They could have a daughter like you.
They protected your mom, they've done their duty, and you're sure if your mother is only conscious and well right now, she would've done the same or maybe more.
Taehyung let out a loud sigh, "I'll come with you,"
The man quite knows your stubbornness. He witnessed it first-hand and your loaded gaze somewhere which signals that you're deep in your thoughts made him agree to have it your way, but under his watch.
You glanced at your car through Taehyung's side mirror. Turning back your attention to the man beside you, you wonder why you're letting him have his way. Based on your interactions, it's as if you embraced the idea of him being your husband. So far, he's been reliable and respectful of your own space. That's what you thought of him. And the night you spent together.
You cleared your throat at the inappropriate images that flashed your mind. Digging your nails to your palm, you reprimanded yourself.
The silence was cut off when a phone call went through his dashboard.
Lana calling...
Taehyung declined the call right away only for it to pop up again. He seemed irritated this time.
"It might be important," you muttered. He didn't reply and just dropped it, giving you a cold shoulder.
The phone dinged. You unintentionally gazed on his phone between the two of you because of the noise.
Call me. I miss you.
You then immediately turned your attention to the passing streetlights. You felt guilty that you've seen something you shouldn't have. At the same time, there's an underlying feeling that started to simmer within you.
The whole car ride was spent in silence until you reached your family's mansion.
Taehyung waited downstairs as you changed into something more appropriate for a funeral. Frankly, he could have just met you at the memorial but he insisted on going with you all the way back to your house. That's why you offered to ride with him while your driver and bodyguard followed behind. It was out of courtesy, which he didn't decline.
After changing your clothes, you went down right away, not bothering to check your appearance. However, as you trailed down the stairs, Taehyung was nowhere to be seen.
When a staff member passed by, you asked about the man you came home with. She then led you to your father's study.
The doors were closed and only faint mutters of two men in conversation can only be heard. It piqued your curiosity so instead of barging in like you did before, you slowly walked close to the door.
"... so I'm not marrying her," you heard him say, his voice dark and cold. The pain that wretched your heart upon hearing those words shocked you. Your eyes welled up inevitably despite willing yourself to control your dam of emotions.
A dead silence followed his statement.
You should have been thankful of him giving up on you. And by him talking to your father directly like this, the old man might even consider cancelling the marriage you dreaded. You should be grateful, but all the more, Taehyung's sudden change of mind on the matter confused you.
You wondered if there's something wrong with you. Did you do anything that turned him off during the time you spent together in his family's cabin?
Does he have someone else?
That thought fired up jealousy you did not think you could harbor.
"I can make her change her mind, Taehyung. Just let her warm up to you more. That would help," your father sternly told him. Your brows knitted in further confusion.
"She thinks she will be marrying me for the wrong reason. Y/n's not ready."
Your tongue tastes vile in his reasoning. He even had the guts to use you as an excuse. If you only know, it might have been because of your family losing control of your company due to your mom's condition. He might think that being married to you will only be an unnecessary responsibility when he can take over by himself. Maybe he's using this opportunity to run off and be with his lover.
The name flashed in your memory.
You felt bitter. No one dared to reject you in your years of existence. If not, you were the one who used to run away from men who expressed their interest in you.
How dare he?
Before you knew it, pride took over your being as you carefully opened the door.
With a smirk on your face, you asked Taehyung, "Who says I'm not ready?"
"Tae?" you said in a sweet voice. You feigned your innocence and soft demeanor, but only vile venom coursed through your system. No one rejects you. No one will take over the empire your mother built alongside with your father. You will secure your power. You will make sure everything will fall into its place.
Two nights after, he fetched you from your house to have your first public date. He booked a table in a grand hotel downtown for the whole thing and told you beforehand to dress casually. So for this night, you opted for a white broderie long sleeve minidress.
"We just have to put up a show, right?" Taehyung asked, his tone bored, while cruising down the road. You nodded, then you realized his eyes are on the winding road, he can't see you. "Yeah," you muttered.
The white outfit is ironically in contrast with his. He's in a black suit, looking elegantly casual. Thanks to the turtleneck sweater. This guy has some good fashion sense, you noted. With his perfectly parted hair, he looked exquisite.
You didn't dare to ask him why he thought of backing out from your marriage. He didn't care to ask for a reason on your sudden change of mind.
"We can continue with the prior arrangement. Let's get married," you followed through after sweetly calling his name that night. The statement sounded like a challenge as it rolled off your tongue.
Taehyung just gazed deep into your eyes. His face was void of any emotion. In a flicker, you saw his jaw tensed in irritation. He glanced down the floor before a faint smirk appeared on his face.
"If that's what you want then."
You were taken aback at his acceptance. You expected him to protest, but he surprisingly went on. Taehyung turned to you father then gave the man a curt bow.
"It's getting late. Y/n and I should go so we can come back as soon as possible," he said to your dad. "Have a good night, sir."
The old man slowly nodded, "Take care of her."
"I will."
You never dreamed of being a slave to this powerplay. You thought you have enough guts to not go down that path, but here you are.
Going back to the present, you threw Taehyung a glance, observing his side profile. The passing lights casted shadows on his face, illuminating his eyes, highlighting the point of his cheekbones down to his nose. Your eyes traced the line of his jaw when he turned away as he navigated the car to a left turn.
You wondered whether you'll learn to love this man. Yet again, you're afraid of him not reciprocating if that happens.
Taehyung handed you a jewelry box when you reached the foot of the hill.
"Wear it," he simply said when you opened the box.
It's a tiffany ring adorned with a diamond stone. The halo setting framed the center diamond, making it look bigger. It's beautiful, but too 'in-your-face' for your liking.
With a sigh, you wore it unceremoniously on your left ring finger. You glanced at his hand that was on the steering wheel, looking for a ring. It was hard to see in the dark but you quite glimpsed a glint of a metal.
You swallowed the bile you felt in your throat. The whole ride was silent after that. Only the smooth running of his car's engine can be heard.
Arriving at the hotel's driveway, you didn't wait for him to open the door. The action earned an irritated look from him. Taehyung gave his car key to the valet attendant before holding your waist, startling you.
He leaned towards your ear and whispered, "This better not look like our first date,"
"Alright?" he asked through his teeth.
From an outsider's perspective the picture looks sweet, but if they can only hear the threat in his voice...
You noticed few people were staring, recognizing the both of you. Feigning a smile, you touched his arm. Despite the high heels you're wearing, he still stood taller that you needed to look up.
"Of course, Tae," you said to him, your voice dripping like honey. He replied with a half-smile before leading you inside.
The two of you graced the foyer like a power couple. Curious glances were thrown and few whispers flew around. All the while, Taehyung didn't care and just walked straight.
You smirked to yourself when the receptionist led you to the middle table in the restaurant. The stage for tonight. However, the table is set for four.
Taehyung pulled you a chair then sat beside you.
"Are we expecting somebody else?" you asked him.
"My friends will join us. I haven't seen them since I arrived home and they're insisting to meet you. I didn't notice your dress is too short," he said all the while scrutinizing you. You glanced down but you were fine with it. So, you shrugged him off. You're more bothered that he invited his friends over on your date. Not that you want to be left alone with him.
Taehyung turned to the waiter who stood by your side. Putting an arm at the small of your back and casually placing one hand over your lap, he ordered the waiter to come back later once the others had arrived.
His closeness made it hard for you to breathe. You muttered silently, "Don't you think you're touching too much?"
He smirked at your question. "I touched more than this, princess. Want a reminder?"
The boldness in his voice made you blush.
"Don't look. A board director of yours is here," he said in a low voice before fakely fixing a strand of your hair.
His ring band gleamed under the chandelier lights. A simple intricate design carved into the metal.
He looked you in the eyes and said, "I guess that's a good audience, right? One credible person to confirm the news around."
You can't help but chuckle, "You and my mom would make a good publicist," you silently uttered as you placed your left hand on his shoulder, smoothing down the fabric.
"That's fair. I admire your mother for handling your family's image. Works so much in favor of your father, don't you think?"
You smiled bitterly at that. He's right. Your mom's a good homemaker too while maintaining a respectable figure in the business world.
"You should've told me your friends will be coming," you muttered, changing the topic. You're more nervous now that others will witness this whole fiasco at a much closer distance. Then you asked, "Do they know that this is all pretend?"
His jaw tensed as he answered a firm no. "So, you better act whipped for me," he added. Scoffing at his command, you retorted, "I can't be easily whipped, Taehyung."
A low chuckle escaped his mouth. "Right. But you're my wife, so..."
You glared him down. You're not yet his wife.
He just raised a brow at you before staring back. His eyes piercing through. He's too close like this. You're already blushing at the distance, but you didn't want to back down.
"Kim Taehyung!"
Turning to the sound of the voice, two men were making their way to your table. One of them is familiar. You didn't know Taehyung is friends with Park Jimin, a famous celebrity. After side-hugging Taehyung, he offered you his hand.
"Y/n, nice to see you again," his voice teasing. You reciprocated him with a friendly chuckle and acknowledged him, "Park Jimin, it's been a long time."
"I hope your mother gets well soon," he told you with a gentle smile. It tugged warmth in your heart, the guy is charming as always. "Thank you," you replied.
Taehyung watched the friendly exchange with a careful gaze. You turned to him lovingly, starting your act for the night, "We see each other in some function events. You haven't told me you're friends with him, Tae."
His other friend then stepped forward. He has an ebony hair, his doe eyes crinkled as he smiled at you, "I'm Jeon Jungkook, it's nice to meet you, Ms. Y/n."
You shook his hand and repeated his name for you to remember, "Pleasure's mine."
The dinner looks pleasant. Although you were uncomfortable with the lies that have been spewing out of your mouth. You let Taehyung take care of you though you can very much well slice your own steak. It was a challenge not to roll your eyes out of absurdity.
"When's your wedding, Y/n?" Jimin asked in the middle of the meal.
You were caught in surprise. You haven't talked about it yet, you just handed the task to your secretary yesterday.
"The soonest," Taehyung chirped in.
Jungkook's eyes widened a fraction while Jimin just grinned at Taehyung's answer. The younger then asked, "Before the elections?"
That subject was an open secret that no one talks about. Instead, you replied, "Soon as we settle things, we'll send out invitations."
"So, you started preparations already. It's sad that you'll go through this alone, given your mother's condition," Jimin stated. You sent him a reassuring smile.
"It will be fine. I have people to do stuff for me," you told them.
"As long as we'll get married. I'm pretty chill with the details," you added. For it is true. If you could skip the wedding ceremony, you would. Those moments are reserved for a true special someone, but the situation is different for a woman like you.
You thought you should give your secretary a raise. The morning you asked him to contact a wedding planner, he gladly accepted the task. He knows your taste so you let him fix most of the things.
You did not even ask Taehyung for opinion since he left the details to your care. He only had one condition: the soonest, the better. You remember him telling you when he was driving back to your house that night. That night when you started this million dollar show.
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ichichispider · 13 hours ago
𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐝𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰
pairings: Timeskip! Sakusa Kiyoomi x fem! surgeon
“But you didn't have to cut me off. Make out like it never happened and that we were nothing”
This one is also posted on my wattpad account. Just search @SUKUNACHAN- and it'll come up.
"Uncle Shoyo! Nós sentimos falta de você!" They were startled when a kid opened the door and shouted a foreign language. He suddenly ran in the place and clung to Hinata's leg. He was surprised to see the child in Japan, he knew that Oikawa was based in Argentina right now unless his wife is in Japan..?
"Yuri?! What are you doing here? Isn't your father in Argentina?" he cluelessly asked as he picked him up. The kid he called 'Yuri' just looked in his eyes and smiled.
"Oikawa has a kid?" Ushijima asked, it piqued his interest after hearing the name he hadn't heard for years. All he knew was he is playing for an international team now.
"You are funny Uncle Shoyo! Uncle Tooru is not my father!"
"Boke, he does not even look like Oikawa-san in the first place," Kageyama stated. Oikawa's eyes were on the shade of chocolate brown, not hazel.
"From whom did you inherit your looks then?" Kageyama and Hinata looked at the olive-haired man. How could the kid understand what he was saying? If they were to estimate the kid, he looks like just 4 or 5 years old.
"If I didn't know all of you, I would assume right away that kid is Sakusa's son. He inherited every facial feature he had except for the eyes and the moles." Ushijima continued attracting the attention of the two teams. Atsumu, Hoshiumi, and Bokuto came beside Hinata, hovering around the kid. While the older ones just stared at the kid, silently agreeing.
"Mommy told me the same too! She said I only inherited her eyed, the rest is from my father whom I never met before. And who is Sakusa that you've been speaking of, Mister?" the kid asked and Atsumu pointed at the curly-haired spiker in the corner of the room.
"He looks like Yu-"
"OMI! THIS KID LOOKS LIKE YOU!" Bokuto said, pinching the cheeks of the child. This piqued Sakusa's interest, is this possibly the reason?
"Wow! Bubo virginianus! Hoot! Hoot!" he said, totally amazed at how the player looked like the great horned owl he saw on the animal show from the television he and Yuji use to watch a lot.
"A Bubo- what?" Bokuto is genuinely confused, he didn't expect the kid to say some word that he didn't understand. For his age, he is very intelligent.
"Bubo virginianus! It is the scientific name of the Great horned owl!"
"Omi-omi, are ya sure this kid ain't yours?" He looked like him, Atsumu thought in his mind after seeing the child. He literally looks like the carbon copy of the Jackal's spiker.
"I don't know." he simply answered the setter, he wasn't sure himself too.
"Uncle Shoyo!!" Another voice echoed in the room, it was another kid but he is a carbon copy of him. Black curly hair and onyx eyes, the same as his twin but he didn't have any moles on his face.
"Hey, Yuri! That ain't fair! Get down here immediately!" he whined and reached for his brother's leg. But his twin just sticks out his tongue as Oikawa does, teasing him.
"Yuji, don't shout, you are disturbing people here. And Yuri, please don't run" A familiar gentle voice spoke from the doorway spoke, he reached for the little boy and scoop him up in his arms.
"Akaashi!" Bokuto delightedly greeted his former vice-captain slash setter.
"Oops!" Yuji said and mischievously grins on Hinata's arms.
“Uncle Keiji! Look! That man looks like Yuji!" The other twin in Hinata's arm pointed out. He stood there for a moment, frozen at the spot. The mother of the twins would definitely castrate him for this.
"Keiji! Did the twins trouble- oh." The female surgeon stepped into the room. She blinked twice before speaking again. She entered the room and it was posted by the door the words "SCHWEIDEN ADLERS"
"MOMMY!!" The twins ran in her direction and tackled her for a hug. But her eyes never left the curly-haired spiker of Jackals.
“WAIT, THAT HOT SURGEON IS YER MOM?!" the blonde setter exclaimed, making the droopy-eyed middle blocker behind her grimace.
"Looks like the cat's out of the bag." She heard the EJP Rajin player mumbled beside her.
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paradise-creator · a day ago
So,,, fanon me, unfortunately (and painfully), have the 'I'm not like the other girls' tendencies. Probably the one who is not so girly and is not really up for love. In haikyuu universe, fanon me would have been the girl who didn't know Oikawa and how good he is with volleyball lmao. Also, watch her purposely leave the room first or find a good spot at the campus that is less crowded for her to comfortably doze off. Can I possibly get a reaction from Oikawa?
Also, I feel like I did this wrong. So if you need clarifications, plis dun hesitate to tell me!
The way I imagined your Fanon you should be illegal-hdjdbdndjsjjsjsbshe
Tumblr media
Whenever Oikawa sees a fanfic on Fanon you, he just shuts his phone and leave. He dreads it. Being an observant person, he knows how you are like and your personality. And seeing someone narrowing down to one tendency, it scars him. Like he hates it, he wants it G O N E. He has a whole Tumblr and wattpad account about your character analysis.
And added to that, he also creates ✨fanfictions✨ and this time it's the Canon you. Why he did it? Well, Iwaizumi said he couldn't and being the petty ass he is, he proved him wrong. And now he can't get away.
Tumblr media
Join the game, It's open!
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lemon-royalcween · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairings: Kirishima Eijirou x Filo! GN! Reader
Warnings: written in tag-lish , cursing. not proofread kasi inaantok ako.
Genre: fluff
Synopsis: you're late for a job interview but atleast you got some good out of it when you sat beside a cutie on your way there
part of the: 🇵🇭 piliin mo ako! [filo! event]
tagging: @lumpiang-toge
do not translate, plagiarize, or repost my works in any platforms without my knowledge and permission
Tumblr media
being forgetful can often have a very dysfunctional lifestyle, and it sucks. you had forgotten to set your alarm last night resulting you in waking up late while you have a job interview to attend to.
"pota- gago- asan yung sapatos- fuck ayun!" you ran around the house, trying to get yourself together as you rush to get out of the house and into the interview location.
as you ran towards the location where jeepneys load and unload, you almost tripped here and there but composed yourself as you arrived, waiting for the next jeep.
"tagal, grabe." you said, bouncing on your feet while you try to tame your wild hair. you should probably stop reading those cliché romance books written in 2016 wattpad that makes their lead so goddamn attractive to the point that they dont need a brush to fix their hair. but hey, that was your guilty pleasure and you'll still keep reading just to make fun of them.
finally, the public service that will pass your destination arrived, and you and a small group of people boarded the said vehicle. as the jeep was about to leave, a voice had calles out behind it.
"para! sandali lang po!" the jeep abruptly stopped from it's slow movement. although it was running in the slowest way possible, the abrupt use of brake still affected the passengers. you cursed out the person who was running in a unhurried pace, in your opinion. "sorry po, kuya."
your whole word stopped as your eyes landed at the figure who stepped aboard the jeepney. god damn, he was hot. lucky for you, he sat beside your figure and you did your best not to show any reaction when you felt him brush against you.
"jusmeyo, marimar. ang gwapo." you thoughts as you sneak a glance at the red-haired man beside you, "omg ang papa ng vibe." continuing your train of thought.
kirishima eijirou, the man beside you was keeping himself from creeping you by checking you out. he wasn't blind, he saw you as he step inside and he was immediately struck by cupid's arrow, that's why he choose to seat beside you.
"late na ako." he thought, checking every messages from his friend and boss, bakugo katsuki, telling him to hurry up or he'll cut his salary by half. kirishima and bakugo had been friends for years so he knows the blond was just bluffing, "yaan mo na. landi first, second nalang yung trabaho."
you relish in every bumps, turns and stops as you both brush against each other. the smell of ebony wood an musk filled your nose whenever you take a whiff of air and you cant help but squeal to yourself.
"gago, huwag bastos y/n." you told yourself as your mind slowly drifts off to something more less pg and more on rated spg, striktong patnubay at gabay ng magulang ang kailangan.
your were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts when someone sat between the two of you and your mind immediately started a riot. you discreetly looked at the woman beside you, glaring at her. "ate ang dai ng upuan oh, bakit dito ka pa sa pagitan namin ni my labs ko?"
you scoffed, looking out the window in frustration. "basta nauna ako diyan kay gwapo. may pangalan ko na yan." okay, maybe you were being overly obssesive to someone you dont know.
kirishima on the other hand was disappointed, how could he not when someone decided to sit between him and the cutie with the downy antibacterial fabric conditioner scent. okay that was very creepy. everything was ruined all because of one stop. and then suddenly, a light at the end of the tunnel
"paabot po ng bayad." an outstretched hand was infront of him, handing him some coins as payment. he immediately took the money and outstretched his arm towards the driver, right infront of you.
"bayad daw po." your eyes looked at the buff arm, and following it to see that it was from the red haired guy. both of your eyes met and butterflies erupted from your stomach. he was looking at you directly, all the features of your face finally clear to him, and my god why are so goddamn cute?
he couldn't forget you now. he'll be thinking about you day and night, he knew he had to get your number. well, as long as you're comfortable with it. he could worry about it later, but for now, he would like to look ay you for a little while-
"ano ba yan, ang landi. MANONG PARA!" the woman beside you yelled. you took offense from what she said on the first part and was about to curse at her when you realized two things:
1. she was right
2. she's leaving
which means, you are now going to be side by side with kirishima eijirou once then when the woman left the vehicle, the both of you are now smiling like idiots. all of the passengers are rooting for the both of you to just talk to one another.
and you were about to! but then your phone vibrated. new message from your bestfriend, mina ashido.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you laughed at your and mina's antics, earning the attention of the guy beside you. he took a peek from what you were looking at your phone to check what you were laughing at and totally not checking if its a lover or something. what he saw got him red-faced and unconsciously flexed his arms, and you felt it.
you bit your lip and tried to hold in a squeal from the feeling of being pressed into his muscular arms. "manong driver, bagalan mo pa please." you prayed, hoping to stay like that for the rest of the ride.
kirishima could feel the heat emitting off of you, and the way you squirm from embarrassment which triggered his own when he realized that you felt him flex his muscles. you might think he's creepy and he had ultimately ruined his little chance to ask for your number.
"tangina eijirou, congrats nalang sa katangahan mo." he thought to himself, scolding each and every braincells he had left. while he does so, he feels his phone vibrate in his pockets. he fished it out and see the call was from his bestfriend. he winced at the time, realizing that he was extremely late.
"PUTANG INA, BUHOK-TAE!" yelled bakugo from the other side of the line. it was so loud you could practically hear it. kirishima cleared his throat and greeted his friend, "nasaan ka na? kanina pa kami ni bobo-nari dito!" the red head could practically see the smoke leaving his friend's nose and ears.
"sorry, pare. nasa-" kirishima stopped himself when he realized that...
the jeep already passed through his destination. he gulped in fear as he composed himself, apologies and excuses running through his brain a hundred miles per second.
"pare. uhh. lumagpas ako." kirishima readied himself to be scolded by bakugo and the latter exploded in anger as he registered what the red head said.
"YOU MOTHERFUCKING- GET OUT OF THE FUCKING JEEP!!" kirishima muttered a small yeah and apologies then ending the call, afraid of what else would the blonde say if he didn't. he grabbed a small piece of paper and a pen from his bag, writing out a small note.
you heard what was happening to kirishima, how could you not when the person from the other line was literally screaming. you sighed in sadness as you have to witness him leave without talking to him.
you were devistated.
that is until a hand grabbed yours and gave you somethings heavy and a paper texture. your head snapped up to see the one holding your hand to see that it was a smiling kirishima.
"hi miss, paabot ng bayad." the grin never left his beautiful face as he left the vehicle, leaving you with his payment and a beating heart. you looked down at your hand and opening it to see some coins and a white paper, the note where he was writing in earlier.
you opened the crumpled paper to see something that would change your love life forever.
kirishima eijiro. 09xx-xxx-xxxx ;)
Tumblr media
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zaidlynsblog · a day ago
▏𝐌𝐚𝐲𝐛𝐞 ▏
you can also find this story on wattpad visit my wattpad acc ▏fithk5
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Growing up wasn't really easy for y/n especially with her parents, all day and night all she could hear was screaming and shouting coming out from the kitchen or their room, especially on one particular day where her mother had caught her father out with another woman all she could hear that day was just screaming and crying coming from her parents, she watch her father crying through out the whole day cursing at himself and also watching her mother at the same state as her father promising to herself she would never love again, that's when y/n knew
love doesn't exist
time passed by and she was now a fifth year at hogwarts even the school was buzzing of the news that serius black have escaped from azkaban and was now roaming around freely
she could sense it has something to do with potter it was quite obvious well at least it was for her she doesn't know if the others notice
she could really care less if black was coming for potter or not since she really doesn't interact with him nor does she wants to
y/n signs as she saw a certain red head running at her direction
"hey doll how are you?" fred asked her as he lean against the wall awith a smug look in his face
"perfectly fine but even if i wasn't it has nothing to do with you" y/n replied bluntly ready to walk away from him
"don't be like that of course it has something to do with me i can't handle the thought of my beloved being all gloomy plus we don't want you to grow like snape now do we?"
"why are you doing this?" y/n said pinching the bridge of her nose
"well that's because i love you my dear" fred announced proudly
"ok" y/n said coldly while finally walking away
fred have been bothering y/n for some time now with his so called love for her
sometimes y/n wonder if his claims were true, if he really "loved her" but most importantly sometimes she even ask her self if she "loves" him back but she always ignore her thoughts besides
love doesn't exist.
Fred could only stare at her back, fred first saw her in their first year of hogwarts she fancied the girl ever since he first laid eyes on her, he thought it was only a small thing until they reach third year
it was like any normal day y/n studying in the library while fred admire her from afar
then it hit him he didn't fancy her
he loved her
he know hes chances on her were low but still at least there's a chance
y/n was well known in hogwarts in fact she was quite really popular
she was a cunning, talented and bright young witch not to mention beautiful
but besides all that she was cold, quiet and blunt she always seemed to distance away from everyone
when someone comes to talk and start a conversation with her, she would only reply with 3 or 4 words to them or just simply walk away
she was always seen reading a book by herself or just sketching something in the black lake
it's like as if she build a wall of ice around her heart
fred hope someday maybe he can melt that ice
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imaginearyparties · 2 days ago
hi ilana <3 for the ffwf game, what are your least favourite tropes that make you exit a fic— and what are your favourites that you don't see enough of?
my least favorite of all time is when character a and character b are the ship that’s being written, character a and character c are another ship, so the fic writer makes character c just the worst. 
dishonorable mention to:
blatant disregard for a character’s characterization. like, just doesn’t care about who the character is. I get doing aus and dark!fics but i don’t see the point of writing for a specific character if they’re not really that character at all.
for the love of g-d please don’t write smut if you’ve never done any research into basic human anatomy
romanticization of abusive/manipulative behavior (dark fics are fine it just freaks me out when it’s not a dark fic or it’s being portrayed as positive)
woman can not think for herself (I mostly saw this when I used to read wattpad fics)
love at first sight
my favorites that I don’t see enough of:
enemies to found family (characters are enemies but over the course of the story they realize that they have similar problems and end up having a sibling or parent/child dynamic)
martyr complex gets called tf out ( “I can’t be with you because I’m bad for you” “That’s a shitty take and we should have a dialogue about this”)
THAT THING WHERE THEY EXPLAIN WHY TWO CHARACTERS ARE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER / SHOULD BE IN LOVE THE ENTIRE FIC. like, just where the characters are written so you can see why they’re in love.
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happys-crazy-queen22 · 2 days ago
Secrets Within
Tumblr media
Gif credit @multi-goodness.
Requested on wattpad.
Hope you all enjoy.
Taglist @nocturnalherb16. @jesseswartzwelder. @angel0135
Warning:Kidnapping of a agent. Mentioned of killing in front a child. Murder.
"Sergeant Hank Voight"? You knocked on the door of his office, getting his attention.
"Detective Y/L/N, come in". He waved you in and you closed the door.
"Its a pleasure meeting you, Sergeant Voight".
"It's a pleasure meeting you as well. I've heard alot about you".
"Great things, I hope"?
"Very much. Your old boss said you were the star pupil of your department".
"I dont know about that. I just like helping people and getting to take down the bad guys". You laughed, pushing a strand of hair behind your ear.
"Then you'll fit in perfect here. Lets go meet the others and we'll get started". He opened the door and let you go out first.
"You can take the desk in front of Halstead. Get comfy". Voight chuckled.
"Alright, listen up. We have a new addition to the until. This is detective Y/N Y/L/N. She's Jay's new partner". Voight looked at Jay, who was sipping his coffee.
"Oh. Hi. I'm Jay". He held out your hand and you gladly shook it.
"Nice to meet you. Cant wait to work with you". You smiled.
"Great. Now that we're all introduced. Let's get to work. Antonio, you wanna tell us about this case"? Hank asked, sitting on the edge of Jay's desk.
"Cole Dickens. He is a known serial killer that escaped from upstate about two weeks ago. He was spotted in Chicago a few hours ago at the train station. But when the cops went to apprehend him, he shot one and ran. Disappeared. The security cameras caught him getting into a cab. We've contacted the cab company and found out where he was dropped. Theres a patrol car sitting on the house".
"Why dont we move in and grab him up"? You asked, getting looks from the others.
"We're not moving in until we can confirm he's in there. The house could be rigged. Not losing another body to him". Voight ordered.
You nodded with a gulp. "I'll be right back". You held up your phone and went into the breakroom.
"He's here". You told the voice on the other end. The phone started to shake in your hand.
"Leave. Get out now". They told you and you ended the phone call. Opening the door, the team looked at you with betrayal.
"First day and you lied". Voight sounded hurt.
"I had too. If I would've told it could put you all in danger".
"But you're FBI. You're untouchable". Adam spoke up from the back.
"No one is untouchable when it comes to Dickens. He had my partner, murdered him in front of his family. His two year old daughter saw his throat being cut. I'm supposed to testify against him next month but when he escaped I was sent here. But he's here I need to leave".
"You could've just told us. We would've protected you". Jay said coming over to you.
"I couldnt tell you. I'm not even supposed to be discussing the case with anyone, let alone working it".
"Alright, this is what's going to happen. Jay, you're to take Y/N home with you and watch over her. Antonio, take Kim and go to the house. I'll be there in a minute. Kevin, Adam you two go watch over Jay's place". Voight gave his orders and they all listened without hesitation.
"Come on and I'll get you home". Jay said as he grabbed his gun from the desk drawer.
"I have to grab my bag from the locker room". You told Jay as you ran off to the locker room.
Opening the locker room door, you went straight to your locker and grabbed your bag. Closing the door you felt a hand go over you mouth and a sickening smell and it all went black.
"Jay, why havent you left yet"? Hank came out of his office, putting his gun in his holster.
"Waiting on Y/N, shes getting her bag from the locker room".
"Have you checked on her"? Voight shook his head and they both took off to the locker room. There was scuff marks on the floor from your shoes. Your bag on the ground.
"You had one job, Halstead". Voight growled and ran outside to see if they could catch up with you and your kidnappers.
When they got outside they didn't see any vehicle out of the ordinary.
"Put a APB out. A FBI kidnapped with a known serial killer. Damn it". Hank ordered Jay.
Jay panicked and grabbed his phone. This was all his fault.
"Agent Y/L/N? Wakey wakey"? You could hear a voice shaking you. Something wet dripping down your face.
"Where am I"? You groaned, your head spinning.
"You're just hanging out with a old pal". He laughed.
"Why are you doing this? You know every cop is looking for you in Chicago". You blinked your eyes the man coming clearer and clearer.
"But they arent the ones I want to see. Now, Agent Y/L/N or should I call you detective"?
"Just tell me what you want or just kill me".
"No. That's giving into early. I want to make you suffer. You should have kept your big mouth shut and nothing would have happened to you".
"You killed my partner in front of his family. You've murdered dozens of people. You should be in a chair right now getting thousands of volts passed through your body". You screamed at him. He stood back and laughed.
"Now that wasnt so nice".
"Untie me and I'll show you nice". You gritted your teeth .
"Feisty. I like it. Show me what you got". He pulled out a knife and cut the rope. You rubbed your wrist as he twirled around the building.
Gulping you ran after him, jumping onto his back and wrapping your arm around his throat. Squeezing tight.
He roughly bent over and threw you to the floor, letting out a cough.
You hit the ground with a thump, knocking the breath out of you. Took you a minute to breath and get back to your feet. Then you went after him again and kneed him in the groin. He stumbled back and drew his knife.
"I'll going to do what I should've done a long time ago". He charged at you and the gunshots rang out. He stopped dead in his tracks and fell to the ground.
"Are you okay"? Jay came rushing to your side. Looking you over.
"I'm fine. How did you find me"?
"We got the FBI to track your phone. Which lead us here". Voight came over.
"Great timing". You laughed.
"Let's get you checked over. Your captain is on his way".
After you were checked over by the Paramedic, you had a talk with your boss. He had a hard question for you.
"Come back to work with me".
You looked at the team that had your back when they didn't know you and you betrayed their trust. They cared for you and protected you. Then you looked at your boss, he's been there but always had excuses. He sent you away.
"I think I'm going to stay, sir".
"There will always be a job waiting for you if this doesnt work out". He shook your hand and left. Jay saw and came over.
"You alright"?
"Yeah. Just some scrapes and bruises. Nothing a hot shower and a good nights sleep cant take care of". You chuckled.
"So you leaving"? Jay asked biting his lip.
"No. I'm staying.  Going to give Chicago a try. See what kind of trouble I can get into". Jay laughed.
"Good. So um, you wanna go get some coffee? I can show you some nice places for rent".
"Yeah, I'd like that. Thanks". You smiled and walked with Jay to his car. Maybe having a serial killer follow you wasnt such a bad thing after all.
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ellewords · 2 days ago
Hi dear! How are you? Are doing well?
I sent you an ask about 2 days ago. Maybe tumblr ate that up... well, it's not about that. I'm just checking on you. I'm a tiny little bit concerned about you🥺
Well, it's Eid here today. And I am really sleepy 'cause I stayed up till 2 AM to write a random fantasy fic... I'm mulling over the decision if I'd ever let it go public or not... (Because last time it didn't went too well... when I used to write in wattpad, in my first language)
Anyways, I hope you're doing well. Love you. Stay well, and hydrated. 😊
hi hi i’m doing well, just a lil tired from uni but it’s not anything i can’t handle i think thank you for checking up on me !! 🥺💗
if you’re referring to the noya drabble you sent in for margins, dw i saw it. just haven’t had enough breaks to do writing but i’ve got a few ideas floating around my mind for my addition and i can’t wait to write it <33
i’m sorry for getting to your ask late tho::( it’s just been a pretty long day for me rn.
happy eid! hope you’re doing well and staying hydrated too <33 love you too 💕
and ooooh fantasy fic 👀 i am: intrigued
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 2 days ago
He Knew
Tumblr media
A/N: so I was sent this picture ^^ on my wattpad account and asked if I could write a one shot to go with it. Thank you for my first request and I hope I did good.
"Its been five years, come on they need us." Was all Dr. Strange said as we stood on the alien planet looking around confused.
"Huh?" Peter asked.
I looked around for my father, but he wasn't there. I did however, see 3 of the 4 people we had met right before everything had gone all dusty.
"What happened?" I asked.
"No time to explain we have to go," and with that he made the portal and opened it. Revealing a battle field, I could see Steve looking around as more portals opened all around us.
I saw my father, "dad!" I ran to him. He threw his arms around me mumbling, "you're ok, you're ok." My dad greeted Peter, bringing him in for a hug after he started rambling.
"Here, give me the gauntlet I'll get it to someone who can use it." I heard Peter call out.
I threw it to him, turning back to fight the alien monsters tying to kill everyone.
"Don't do it kid! Give me the damn thing!" I heard the pain in my father's voice.
My blood ran cold when I spun and saw Peter pulling the gauntlet on. I flew, making the thrusters on my suit go as fast as they could.
Even then I only managed to land at his side as he said, "I just wanted to be like you." To my father.
He tilted his face to look at me, giving me a weak smile. His eyes full of hope and love, like they were telling me it was going to be ok, telling me he loved me. I sobbed, watching the light fade out of his eyes, "no! NO! Peter come back! Don't leave me! Dammit Pete I never got to tell you I love you!" I collapsed into my dad's arms, sobs racking my body.
My dad mumbled against my head, "it's ok, he in a better place now." His voice broken, both of us knew there was no rewind for this. No stones would bring him back.
"It's not ok, I never got to tell him." I cried, tears clouding my vision, "please Peter I never got to tell you."
"Hey, it's ok."
"No, no, no NO!" I felt someone pick me up, moving me from his body. "NO! PETER! PETER! NO LET ME GO! I HAVE TO STAY WITH HIM!"
"I'm sorry honey."
Standing there.
Staring at the newly dug grave.
Feeling a tear roll down my face.
Not bothering to wipe it because more would just take it's place.
"Hey (y/n), Peter left you something." I heard the soft voice of Peter's aunt.
I turned around slowly, wiping the tear off my cheek to meet eyes that were just as red as mine. The eyes of someone who had lost someone they loved, even if it's a different kind of love.
"Oh honey," she looked so sad, holding out her arms to me.
I hugged her tightly, feeling tears roll down my face while I could feel her trembling with quiet sobs.
I pulled away gently once her son's stopped, my voice raspy as I said, "you said he left something for me?"
"Oh, yes here." She pulled a small box out of her purse, handing it to me gently.
I sat on my bed, staring at the box resting on my palm. Apprehension filling me as I wondered what it was.
I opened it, my fingers shaking as I pulled a small cube out. The cube had a round button on it, along with a lense.
I pressed the button, shock filling me as a small hologram of Peter Parker floated in front of me, watching as his mouth opened.
"Hey," he said, rubbing his arm nervously. "So if you're watching this then something happened. I guess this mission didn't go as planned but let me rewind. I built this little device when we started dating, before I told you I'm Spiderman. That message was to explain my disappearance to you, but I figured that because you know who I am I should change it.
So it's 2018 and we've been dating for 6 months, I wanted to make this message to tell you everything in case something ever went south."
I sobbed, "oh Pete you have no idea."
"I'm going to assume the worst happened if you're watching this, and I just want you to know that I love you."
"I love you too," I said, wiping my puffy eyes.
"And I know we've never actually told each other this before, but I really, really love you. Like you can't even imagine how much, well" he smiled, "maybe you can. In those moments when we just hang out with each other and it's just us two, I know you love me. And I just wanted to tell you, in case I couldn't before, that I love you and I know you love me."
I bawled, relief flowing from me like the tears streaming down my face.
"(y/n) Are you ok?" My dad's panicked voice interrupting me, him stopping abruptly when he laid eyes on the hologram.
I hugged him, "he knew dad, he knew."
So how'd I do? Any suggestions, requests?
I hope you liked it and you're having a good day, bye.
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sweetlygolden · 3 days ago
I’m Back!
Hello Everyone and Happy May! It’s certainly been a while. 
If you saw, I took a small hiatus a few months ago— needed a mental health break, reboot, and just time to figure out life and I certainly have.
Mental health is incredibly important to me and especially with so much having gone on in the past year, personally, globally and all around— it was important to take the time to reset, digest, battle through some things and get back to a place where I felt good, about myself. 
With that, I am feeling loads better, and slowly catching up on life here on Tumblr— catching up on some stories, messages, and all the things that surround this fandom. But I will definitely be taking the time to keep my little Tumblr bubble safe, kind and welcoming. 
With that I have some Announcements:
1. London Skyline: Will be coming to a close June 2021. I am committed and happy with where the last two chapters are going and where they will conclude Harry and Charlie’s story. These two are my babies, and one of the first fan fictions I started posting here on Tumblr, prior to when ‘one direction fan’ was a thing! Click Here to Catch Up
2. The Harry on Holiday Challenge: is still very much open! There are still prompts open and if you are interested in joining please send me a message. This Challenge, is one I’m thinking of keeping open, as Summer Rolls around too! If anyone is inspired by the season and vacation— this Challenge is For you.  Click Here
3. New Content: will slowly be making it’s way up— but like a lot of creative processes it takes time and I will be taking my time. I’ve been thinking of going the Patreon route and maybe even posting solely on Wattpad— but we will see. Like a lot of author’s as long as this remains a safe and welcoming space for content creators— I will be here. 
I have some ideas going for Fidelity and am tinkering once more with that plot. Currently have some challenges to write and finish up as well, and will also be hopeful launching a mini Niall Fic sometime this year. 
But we will see how this goes!
For now, I am happy to be back! Excited to read and write and just share more content. 
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mrs-salvawhore · 3 days ago
𝐄𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐝𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐬𝐭 [𝐃.𝐒 | 𝐊.𝐌] 𝐬𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐤 𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐤
Chapter one
Summary: Did you ever wondered what it would be like in a love triangle with Klaus and Damon? No? Well read and find out
*Disclaimer: This fanfic hasn't been uploaded yet and it's only a sneak peak.
-> My Wattpad: Mrs-Salvawhore
         ==== ・ 。゚❀ « *. ✞︎ .* » ❀ ゚. ====
Mystic Falls
The day started off like every other day since the past few months, Charlotte would wake up and get ready for the day only that today she was going to school, her friends still didn`t know about the thing besides everyone was way to interested in Elena because she had lost her parents in the car accident before the summer.
It was tragic yes. But not to make everything about herself but when her parents died around a year ago no one besides Caroline and her mother cared about it.
Mostly Elena but now that she was the victim it was a whole different situation.
Charlotte was standing in front of her kitchen island making a sandwich as she heard a honk from outside, she looked out of the window she saw Carolines parking there so she quickly got her bag and walked out of the door.
„Hey!“ Charlie smiled at Caroline and got into the passenger seat. „Ready for school?“ The blonde asked her bestfriend to which she rolled her eyes in a playful manner. „You know me Care.“ Her friend laughed and drove of to the Mystic High school.
The two friends walked through the school, Care happily greeted everyone and talked about how the Cheerleading training would be today and that Charlotte had to try even though she knew that Charlotte was one of the best and would probably be in the team anyway.
It didn`t take long for the girls to meet Elena and Bonnie. Caroline started to rush to Elena`s side. „How are you? How is she?“ Elena smiled at the girl and told her that she was fine, Charlotte catched up with the human, she just smiled at the two and said a quick `Hello´.
Caroline walked off with Charlotte following her but she bumped into the girls back as she aproptly stopped walking. „Caroline? Why are you just stopping to walk?“
Caroline said nothing she just looked in front of her which made Charlie go around her to see why she was stopping and there stood a man which she couldn`t deny was handsome but not her type he looked to…nice.
„Who is this?“ „I don`t know but I will find out and then I will ask him out.“ Charlotte rolled her eyes again and took Caroline`s to drag her to their class room. „Great you do that and tell me how it went.“
The blonde looked at her brunette friend with a small glare who just shrugged and kept on dragging her to their class.
The mystirous stranger had the same class as the girls and coincidentally sat in the seat next to Charlotte. The guy kept on starring at the Gilbert girl that she had to make a comment.
„I would stop starring vampire until it gets creepy.“ She whispered, the man quickly turned his around to look at the girl next to him who had a smirk on her face.
„What?“ „You should start listening to the teacher.“ The girl told him and turned her attention back to their teacher. The rest of the lesson Tanner – the teacher – and Mr. Salvatore – the new guy to which Charlotte still didn`t know his name – had a battle about historien dates.
When the ball rang everybody started packing their stuff and walked out of the class, before she could react the stranger pulled her in a storage room, pressed against the wall.
„Woah! Buddy chill, at least ask me out on a date first or tell me your name.“ The man only glared at her thinking she was an enemy or something. „How do you know?“ „Know what?“ Charlotte was genuinely confused by the man in front of her.
„That I`m a vampire!“ He growled making the human rise her eyebrows `is he serious? ´ she thought.
„Okay I don`t know if you took anything and if you didn`t and you are serious than you are pretty stupid, I made a joke cause you starred at Elena like Edward Cullen at Bella.“ Stefan`s face fell as he realized that the girl was right, now he had to think about what he would do.
The vampire looked her deep in the eyes and started to compell her. „You don`t remember a thing that happened.“ He tried that it worked but Charlotte just looked at him in disbelief.
„Okay weirdo I may not know what you did right know or tried to do but it didn`t work, don`t worry I won`t say a thing but I have math now so would you please?“ He had no other choice but believe her so he let her go.
She walked out of the door but the man stopped her again. „Stefan.“ He told her his name to which she just smiled and started to walk of again without telling him her name.
She didn`t know if she should believe Stefan because a vampire? They weren`t real were they? Besides if he was here than there were for sure even more around.
„What a weirdo…probably a vegetarian like Edward Cullen.“ She mumbled to herself before Caroline joined her side who started to tell her everything she now knows about Stefan, dead parents, his favorit color was blue, he is a Gemini and they are planning a june wedding.
„Where does he live?“ „Old Salvatore house with his uncle Zach, why wanna visit him?“ Charlie chuckled and shook her head. „No he is all yours.“ While the two bestfriends sat in their math class Elena kept starring at the Jones which annoyed the living hell out of the brunette.
„You know you and Stefan are really made for each other. You both have a habit of starring at people.“ She told her making Elena turn her head around quickly.
When this class ended the girl made her way to lunch but not without Elena by her side – not that she liked it – who wouldn`t stop asking questions. „I saw you and Stefan. Do you guys know each other? What did you do in there? Did-.“ Charlie held her hand up to stop the girl which worked.
„No, no and no to whatever you wanted to say, you don`t need to be jealous he isn`t my type besides I would never do that to Caroline.“ Elena looked at her with a puzzled expression, she didn`t understand what Caroline had to do with it so that was her next question, Charlotte rolled her eyes and said.
„Because she likes him captain obvious, you would know that if you talked to her duh.“ And with that Charlotte disapiered in the crowd of students already having enough of Elena freaking Gilbert.
Tagging people I think that might be interested: @slutforsalvatore @delenastvd @malfoys-demigod @13-reasons-ideas @winterfury @molliecousins @chazubagi @bxnnywatts @ycfwmalise14 @devilsbooksworld @vamp-army
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