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southtourism-inan hour ago
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Renowned for its enthralling waterfalls, the beautiful town Courtrallam situated on the Western Ghats in Tenkasi district of Tamilnadu has earned the title "Spa of South India".These waterfalls pass through forest and herbs before they cascade down from hills and mountain ranges, hence they are said to have rich therapeutic medicinal values.
The source of perennial rivers such as the Manimutharu, Chittar River, Tamirabarani, and Pachaiyar makes Courtrallam a waterfall zone. Courtrallam Peraruvi, Pazhaya Courtrallam, Aintharuvi Waterfalls, Thiru Kutrala Natha Swamy Temple, etc are some of the major attractions here.
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lupusfloridanus2 hours ago
I love road trips. I love being able to exist in liminal spaces for an extended period of time. The veil is thinner on the highway and it comforts me. I feel more at home in some old motel than I do in my own apartment.聽
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camphikecook2 hours ago
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That rhododendron 馃挄 . . . . . . . . . . . #Travel #Exploring #Wanderer #Wanderlust #CampHikeCook #Travelgram #camphikecook #travel #hiking #camping #explore #backpacking #nationalparkservice #nationalpark #nationalparkspartnership #outdoors #adventure #solotravel #nature #travelphotography #hike #camp #spring #springflowers #rhododendron #gardening
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idyoma3 hours ago
4 Best Practices When Travelling Alone
Travelling Alone聽
With COVID-19 restrictions gradually easing, most of us have likely thought about where our first trip abroad is going to be. If you鈥檝e been among the somewhat fortunate group of people who have managed to keep earning through the pandemic, travelling alone can be a great way to see the world on your own terms.聽
I鈥檓 going to give you a few tips on travelling alone post-COVID, and how the Idyoma App can help. Don鈥檛 forget your mask!
4 Best Practices When Travelling Alone
Learn To Say No
Eat Big
The Local Lingo
Safety is #1
Travelling Alone: Learn to Say No
In countries where foreigners are marvelled at a little more than usual, the attention you may get when travelling alone can be a little intense. A useful tip is learning how to say no in the local language, along with the local nonverbal gesture for "no", which is often more effective.
It鈥檚 useful to have local help numbers such as the tourist police and your country鈥檚 embassy on speed dial. The likelihood of you needing any of these is scarce, but hey鈥 better to be safe than sorry!
Travelling Alone: Eat Big
When travelling alone, living on fast-food might be a convenient thought. Go with what you know and all that? Wrong.
From personal experience I have always found that the fancier the restaurant, the nicer and more accommodating the staff are. So make sure you learn to say 鈥淚 came to your restaurant especially - What would you recommend?鈥 - in the local tongue. You鈥檒l never fail to get a smile and fantastic service from then on.聽
Waiters and restaurant staff are used to seeing nervous tourists, just relax!
Travelling Alone: Learn the Lingo
Making the effort to learn a few words and phrases before you go travelling alone can go a long way with the locals. Learning how to introduce yourself, start a rudimentary conversation, order a cerveza and count from 1鈥10 can make the world of difference.
The locals usually respond better to people who are making a genuine effort to communicate and immerse themselves in the culture, as opposed to feeling like their country is a one-stop-shop for instagrammers.
Travelling Alone: Safety Is #1
Travelling alone can be everything you want it to be, both rewarding and enlightening. However, being mindful of potentially dangerous situations, places and people can not be a side-thought.聽
Taking extra care in busy cities at night, watching your drinks, familiarising yourself with any local scams and no-go streets and alleyways are paramount. The hardest thing about travelling alone is having that initial confidence to take the leap to go in the first place.
Having taken that leap, you鈥檒l quickly realise that all you need is a little local know-how, and the desire to explore. If you keep these best practices when travelling alone in mind, you鈥檒l find that in the end, it鈥檚 an incredible, rewarding experience.聽
What did you think of these 4 Best Practices When Travelling Alone?聽
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tequila-and-dopamine3 hours ago
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The Glowing Eiffel - Paris, France
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