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sangfielle · 11 minutes ago
sorry for forgetting to mention zarpedon in the posts about tps wamen i liked i like her as well so much
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flammedoudoune · 12 minutes ago
Everyone’s talking about the “Heroes don’t do that” line, and calling DC Comics the new DJ Khaled, but I haven’t seen anybody mentioning this part:
Tumblr media
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kami-and-the-lov · 47 minutes ago
Denki: I'm having guy problems
Dabi: like "his body wont fit into the back of my car" problems or "I like him" problems
Denki: I like him
Dabi: too bad I could've helped if it was the first one
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sparkle-cadet · 53 minutes ago
i can already see the golden guard’s arc…
he was just doing what he thought was right, slowly comes to question his morality, gets disowned by the emperor, decides to join the good guys, I CAN SEE IT UNFOLDING I’m getting ahead of myself
i’ve already decided to adopt him
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just-a-dumb-lesbian1 · 58 minutes ago
So you know how dementia has created a whole world in her head like a Fanfiction? This is the reason I think Demencia is a Maladaptive daydreamer.
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fairglassbird · 59 minutes ago
Not to be pointlessly angry on a blog no one reads—and I know that we don’t have all the answers yet, and that I really shouldn’t expect this much from Joss Whedon or whoever—but I really was hoping for Lavinia Bidlow to be a character about whom I could be happy. But it does appear that the trend continues: the combination of complexity and decency is not wheelchair accessible in popular media.
I would love to be proven wrong. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. And I’m kind of kicking myself for having had hope that she wouldn’t be a blatant ableist and misogynistic trope.
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sepheroth · an hour ago
Send me "alt!" and I'll introduce you to a character I've rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!
Caius Ballad-FFXIII-2/Lightning Returns-Ask for blog if interested.
Tumblr media
"Odd. I did not sense it..." Within his chest lives the goddess's heart, Etro's chosen, ill fated warrior--making him thus immortal, ageless. Blinking back no matter how tempted he is to reach upwards and tap the tin-like creature just to study if it'll really have had proof of life, the Chaotic god, or perhaps a lord of some sorts hadn't known much about what an automaton could've possibly have been. If's efforts to belong were much like his. A failure to belong. Amethysts being revealed once the husk of billowing, thick ebony waves pulled away and scatterd. Ever having the abilities of possessing the harnessing powers of time travel and even more to peek into another world within his grasp, Caius's eyes squinted due to his curiosity and lingering observation. No matter how much this cursed warrior knew, there were things even his knowledge forbade him to touch. His own existence having not placed itself together quite well within his year, era or period. Sweeping vapors of chaos threatened to tear out from beneath his foot. But then nor does bother linger--it obeys him accordingly to his power bend it. "Traveler. Whatever it is you are to be named, I must ask as my curiosity does not rest well with not knowing; how were you permitted within the halls of this realm and yet remain unscathed and unaffected?"
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meikoshigaraki96 · an hour ago
You could destroy Shigs computer accidently and he'd say things on the line of "It was an accident relax” or “it looked cool as it exploded just be careful next time", He doesn't forgive heroes because they purposely ignore him and prove why he hates them every time. He is canonically a kind and caring person when you deserve it, if you support him he supports you.
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retro-memo · an hour ago
Crossing of Paths
You know, when I started writing, I have to admit. I wasn't expecting to do so much villain irondad. This is a (platonic) Megamind irondad au I've started cooking up recently.
"You killed him."
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kotanamii · an hour ago
I love how I will make fun of DNI lists and caards and shit but everyday I get closer and closer to just making one about DNF fans because I’m sick of their shit.
I didn’t survive the entire Septiplier and Phan shit for you people to repeat it all over again.
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just-mha-things · an hour ago
It's so funny not being a hero or villain stan while being in the MHA fandom 😂😂😂
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amethystpath-writes · an hour ago
Prompt #191
"What are you doing here," Villain had demanded upon seeing Hero sat atop one of their cars in the driveway.
"The stars. You have a nice view of them from here, and I was in the mood to stargaze."
Villain squinted at the sky. "Right, well, you kicked the motion light on, so I don't know how you can see anything at all up there."
"Didn't say I was looking at the stars in the sky, Villain."
Oh. "You didn't- um- not say you were looking at- at the- uh- at the sky."
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ao3feed-bakusquad · an hour ago
The Party's (Almost) Over
the party's (almost) over by colours
Given his special hatred for Pro Heroes, Denki thought it was poetic irony he had a Pro Hero for a Caregiver.
Words: 2177, Chapters: 2/2, Language: English
Series: Part 5 of Diverging Paths, Part 1 of Little Hitoshi & Denki | Villain AU
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Shinsou Hitoshi, Kaminari Denki, Kirishima Eijirou, Sero Hanta, Ashido Mina
Relationships: Kaminari Denki & Shinsou Hitoshi
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe – Littles Are Known, Alternate Universe – Classification, Non-Sexual Age Play, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Anxiety, Little Shinsou Hitoshi, little kaminari denki, Villains to Civilians, Villain Kaminari Denki, Villain Shinsou Hitoshi, Pro Hero Class 1-A
Read Here:
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angryducktimemachine · an hour ago
Why even bother learning how to play songs on the piano when all I need to do is play like the first two bar and summon my dad going "That's a nice song, can you send me the sheet music for it?"
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