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basicjetsetter · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Part I
♡ Pairing: Peter Parker x Black!FemaleReader
▹ Warnings: Mild Language, Triggering Content
▹ Words: 4.6k
▹ A/N: Buckle in. This is going to be a long ride.
Tumblr media
“No way!” Your friend Manda squeals. “Those were the exact words?!”
You smoosh a frantic hand over Manda’s mouth and shush her, then slightly pop up from your seat to scope out the packed bus, making sure none of your schoolmates heard her outburst. To your relief, only a few close students glance over with little interest and barely anyone in a wider radius catches Manda’s words over the buzzing clammer of other conversations. Blowing out a satisfied exhale, you turn back to your friend, removing your hand from her mouth with a teasingly reproachful frown. 
“Tell the whole world, why don’t you?” 
She giggles, “My bad. But can you blame me? This is huge!”
Thrilled warmth floods into your cheeks from her enthusiasm. She’s right. This is huge, and you might have secretly sought this exact reaction because only Manda’s trademark, earsplitting squeal stamps news with the seal of authenticity. It’s real. You heard your Destined Words.
The same jitters from when you woke up this morning skitter up and down your spine, sharpening your senses to the max, making it easier to recall the words that floated into your subconscious—words from a bodiless voice. Your Soulmate.
I’ve got you.
Your mind handles the precious words like a porcelain tea set, carefully deciphering the voice pitch and attempting to match it to a face, knowing its efforts lie in vain because the words’ owner only becomes apparent when they speak them to you.
Some inner part of you distinctly translates the words into a comforting assurance, an assurance one might receive after coming home from a long day’s work and walking into the soft embrace of a lover. It weaves itself around your mind like a consoling safety net, painting an image of a lover better than you’ve ever imagined and everything you’ve ever hoped for.
You couldn’t have hand-picked a better day than today, Midtown High’s field trip to the MoMA, to gush over the words with Manda while admiring spectacular, thought-provoking art pieces. One of the perks of going to Midtown High is their fantastic field trips. You circled this Friday on your calendar at the start of the semester because while you loved being in a school centered around technological sciences, you were excited to study artists’ colorful, eclectic expressions and how their cultural personalities materialize in the stroke of a paintbrush.
“You’re so lucky,” Manda says, trying to pull off a pout. Her vibrant smile triumphs. “Only three days after you turn eighteen, and you hear your Destined Words. I’ve got four more months before I file a complaint.”
You sympathetically rub her shoulder, her oversized, long-sleeved denim jacket rough to the touch. “It’ll come. Just don’t wait for it.”
“Oh, I know it’s coming. I just want it to be something as cute as yours, you know.” She shudders, “My cousin Alonzo said his Destined Words were ‘Sure, whatever.’ Can you imagine that? Finally being mature enough for your Soulmate and that’s the first thing they say to you? I mean, sure, he and Tanya are super cute together, but ugh. Those words?”
You snicker, “Let me guess. You’re expecting a grand gesture?”
Manda nods with a dead serious face, though she could never truly pull it off with her full lips and Cabbage Patch Doll cheeks. She’d have a better chance at getting away with murder than intimidating someone with her cute little frown. “If I don’t hear the words ‘Where have you been all my life, you breathtaking, drop-dead gorgeous goddess,’ then I’m demanding a full refund.”
You blankly stare at each other for a beat before you crack, both of you laughing until your sides ache and you’re gasping for air, not caring for the teachers' hushes from the front of the bus.
“I just can’t believe I finally hear the words, you know,” you say as the laughs fade. “It’s like a fairytale come true.” You lean your head against the cool glass window, watching the placid cerulean waves come into view as the bus drives onto a bridge. “I wonder what they’re like, if I know them. If they’re nice. My mom says she already had a mega crush on my dad, so when he said the words, it already felt like they were together.”
Manda sighs dreamily. “I bet they’re cute. And super smart. Those words seem kind of thoughtful, too, so that’s a bonus. And, hey, don’t worry so much.” She gently knocks her shoulder against yours. “They’re going to love you.”
You weren’t scared that they wouldn’t love you. Everyone who finds their Soulmate never doubts that that is their person. What pins a tiny knot of anxiety to the pit of your stomach is how it will happen.
As a young girl, you spent countless nights dreaming of the sequential events leading up to the day you finally met your Soulmate, orchestrating the moment like a scene from all the rom-coms you binged. Your person accidentally bumps into you either in a hallway or on the bus or in the lunch-line, gazes deep into your dazed eyes, then declares their love for you with some cliché phrase before scooping you into their arms and planting a kiss on your expectant lips.
I’ve got you.
The sweet words drifting in your head do their best to ease away the anxiety. You have nothing to worry about. The meeting will play out the way you fantasized, if not better. All because of those words.
“We’re all gonna die!” Ned Leeds shouts from the middle of the bus.
All heads snap to the right windows. In an instant, densely packed bodies swarm from the left side to the right, sandwiching together to search for what Ned was staring at, some opening the windows and craning their necks for a better look. You grunt as someone digs their elbow in your ribcage to see more, and you tensely shove them against the back of the seats in front of you before peering out of your window.
It’s a sight no eyes could miss. A large, metal donut levitates in the clear sky, an obstruction not there mere seconds ago. You gasp in wonder, but not fear. Surely, the Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes, will have this taken care of before the sun sets.
The bus driver, an old man with a smile as sly as a fox and pearly white hair, casually calls out, “What’s the matter with you kids?! You’ve never seen a spaceship before?”
“He’s got a point,” you shrug as Manda gapes at the driver with incredulous eyes, then rounds on you as you calmly sit back down. “We always get so worked up over these aliens, and nothing ever really happens. The Avengers got it handled.”
“You sure? Because that looks a little menacing.” Manda worries at her lower lip, anxiously sneaking peeks out the window. Many students stay plastered to the scene.
✦ ✧✦ ✧
The appearance of the metal donut effectively sullies your experience of the MoMA. None of the tour guides thoroughly explain the paintings' and sculptures' meanings or historical relevance. Instead, they string together incoherent sentences about person, place, and time as they gape at the video feeds live-streamed to their phones. Even Manda stays glued to her screen, chewing on her lower lip so hard you're surprised she hasn't punctured it.
Fifteen minutes into the tour, aggravation chafes into you like sandpaper, rubbing your skin raw. You waited months for this trip. Months! You'd be damned if a few pesky aliens took this special day away from you. You weren’t afraid. You had no reason to be.
Fed up, you take matters into your own hands and stealthily break away from the group, tip-toeing back to an intriguing wall of paintings and observe it by yourself. 
One painting catches your eye early, drawing you to the middle of the wall to study it further. Its tag reads The Lovers, René Magritte, Paris, 1928, Surrealism, Oil Painting. There are two people, a man and a woman, painted with white cloths shrouding their faces as they share a seemingly intimate kiss. You lean in closer, noting the almost murky atmosphere and how it lends to the mystery of the kiss. What did Magritte want you to think when you analyzed this piece? What questions did she want you to ask? 
You derive two: Is love mysterious and complicated as the atmosphere suggests, or is it intuitive and straightforward as the veiled lovers suggest? And, would the love still be the same once they lift the veils?
Beep. Beep. Beep. All the phones in hearing range chime out three urgent trills, nearly ejecting your soul out of your body. Clearing your head with a shake, you pull your phone out of your back pocket. You don't even have to unlock it. The news alert flashes up like a hazard light. Tony Stark Missing.
You blink. What the hell is going on?
"Are you seeing this?" Manda whispers, sidling up to your side.
You nod, at a loss for words. Iron Man is missing? How? What happened? Did it have something to do with the metal donut? 
You blink harder and take another long look at the notification, hoping it was a typo or missing a few words, words like Tony Stark Missing Iron Man Suit. Hell, even Tony Stark Missing Cheeseburgers. Anything but what's on your screen.
Somewhere in the background, Mrs. Kramer, your Art teacher, roll-calls the students to the front entrance. "Okay, guys, time to cut the field trip short."
Your shoulders sag. This can't be happening. Is it really that serious?
"Peter? Peter?" Mr. Dell calls out, clenching onto a clipboard with shaking hands. "Has anybody seen Parker? Peter Parker?" he inquired, looking over the students' heads. A bead of sweat gathers on his forehead, even though there is virtually no heat in the building, and it's a breezy, 72-degree late-spring afternoon in New York City. "Where does this kid always sneak off to?"
Ned stuttered out, "He, uhm, Pe-Peter left early, sir. Family emergency."
"An emergency? Was it so important he couldn't at least notify the supervisors?" Ned bobbed his head up and down, keeping his eyes stapled to the floor in a manner that hinted at no further comment. Mr. Dell huffs, "Alright. But he's getting detention, and I have half a mind to put you in there with him, Leeds."
Ned's face screws up in a chastised grimace. "Sorry, sir. Won’t happen again."
Your eyes linger on Ned as he pulls out his phone and rapidly taps at the screen, probably sending a strongly worded text to his best friend, rebuking Peter for roping him into his antics and nearly earning him a week's detention. You don't know much about their friendship, but they appear tied to the hip at school. 
Ned's a nice guy. Reliant to a tee. You had the pleasure of partnering with him on an art project in Kramer's class a few weeks back, spending a considerable amount of time joking while diligently rendering an interpretation of Van Gogh's A Starry Night on a five-by-five foot canvass. During that time, he often complimented your paint-smeared overalls and your hair's ever-changing up-dos. He seemed like such a great friend to have.
Peter, on the other hand, is a tough nut to crack.
You only ever shared one class with Peter Parker. Spanish last semester. You remember him being too antsy for your liking, always checking his watch impatiently, answering questions too fast, bouncing his leg up and down, acting like he had someplace better to be and better things to do. His impatience never made sense to you until you heard some girls in the locker-room whispering about his Stark internship and how lucky he was to be working for the Tony Stark. 
When the internship suddenly halted, and Peter landed himself in the longest detention sentence you'd ever heard of, you started to take more notice of him only because he was around more often. He was sort of cute in a boy-next-door kind of way with his science pun tee-shirts and smooth, tousled brown hair. For a brief time, you fleetingly considered asking him to Homecoming, but the futility of such a question wasn't lost on you. He noticeably crushed on Liz Toomes, and you were confident Peter's pining for her meant destiny twined their paths.
But Liz is gone now, and there's a growing 90 percent chance Peter's set his sights on MJ. Brooding quirky girl ending up with boy-next-door, now that match made perfect sense, just like a rom-com, or even better, an 80's teen romance.
Manda tugs on your arm, her hands forming a shackle around your wrist. "Come on. They're getting back on the bus without us."
Sure enough, you two were nearly the last ones in the entrance, the remaining students filing out of the door. You rush after them and reach the bus doors right before they shut, huffing in unison. Manda doubles over and grasps her knees, heaving.
"Here," you gasp. "We're here."
Your driver tuts, swinging the doors back open. "Good thing you two made it in time. This bus waits for no one, not even me. Come on," he says, waving you inside. "Let's get this show on the road."
You trudge back to your designated seats, collapsing against the plastic covering as the adrenaline subsides, replaced with the forgotten dread of the trip's abrupt end. You lean over and peer out the left side windows when the bus rolls over the bridge again, surprise rattling ominously over your bones as you find the metal donut gone from the sky.
Where did it go? Did the Avengers get rid of it?
Your hand still clamps your phone. An annoying, slight tremble in your hands trips up your fingers as they try to type in your passcode, but you succeed on the fourth try. You scroll through your social media, hoping beyond hope that someone captured the Avengers' victory or something close to a victory, something that proves the news headline wrong. Stark's probably lying low, too beat down to show his face to the press.
The far-fetched lie makes you internally flinch. You don't know much about the guy, but you're more than a thousand percent sure Stark wouldn't hide from the press if he won anything.
A sinking horror clogs your chest as you obsessively watch clip after clip, onlookers recording some unconscious guy in a red cape being invisibly bound and trailing after the commanding hand of an elongated, greyish-blue alien. Spider-Man tries to get the red-caped guy back, swinging through the city and dodging billboards, his webs clinging to the departing ship's underside, Iron Man flying into the sky after them.
It’s bad. Oh, sweet heavens, it’s bad.
Maybe it’s not that much of a big deal. Yeah. Yeah, it’s probably nothing. The end of the videos suggested the Avengers gained the upper hand on the fight, so maybe, just maybe, the alien was fleeing—fleeing… with a captive. Hurtling off into God knows where with Iron Man and Spider-Man onboard.
It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. 
Your back flattens to your seat and your unseeing eyes meld to your phone, the thunderous beats of your heart stifling the rest of the world into silence. The air is thinning. 
Your ears are buzzing. 
A vice clenches your chest.
It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine. 
The dubious mantra and vague words of your Soulmate blend into an all-consuming cacophony of words, gelling together in a chant of solace. 
It’s fine. I’ve got you. It’s fine. I’ve got you. It’s fine.
By the time the bus drops off the students at Midtown and you and Manda quietly walk in the direction of home, the mixture of affirmations fans away the panic settling around your chest, bringing back a semblance of your earlier confidence, or rather, what was left of it, which wasn't much.
Outside the apartment complex, an overwhelming amount of residents’ windows glow, most of them probably stuck to their couch, replaying the recent events on any major news network and speculating the whereabouts of our mightiest heroes.
It takes a while to dawn on you that you and Manda are the only ones standing outside. On the entire block.
Nothing stirs. Even the bodega on the corner appears closed for the day.
It's five o'clock on a Friday afternoon and there’s plenty of light left.
Emptiness pours out of every alley like ink spilling from a broken bottle, blotting the whole surface of the street with the absence of human activity. A tree's rustling leaves are so startling your breath locks up and you jump. Manda doesn't say anything, recovering from the sudden noise herself.
Leaving the deserted streets behind, you and Manda glumly walk up the steps of your apartment complex and up to your residence on the third floor. The apartment is eerily silent as you toss your keys on the kitchen counter and lock the door behind Manda.
"When are your folks getting back from their honeymoon again?" asks Manda, shrugging out of her jacket and toeing off her sneakers, leaving them propped against the wall by the door.
Habit controls your body as you open the fridge, grab two Sprites, set them down on the counter, then reach for the half-finished bucket of Red Vines from the top cabinet shelf. "Sunday morning, I think. They only have the weekend off. Want some pizza? I can call up Joe's."
"Please and thank you," she says, plopping down on the couch. The old thing croaks, its springs wheezing under the unwelcomed weight.
The maroon monstrosity is a family heirloom, dating back to your grandparents' time. Mom loves it, claiming it adds the right amount of character to the drab living space, knowing fully well that anyone with fashion sense would never describe any space she inhabits as drab. Dad is adamant that it's one spill away from handing in its resignation.
Picking up your house phone, you confirm, "Extra-large cheese and olives?"
You don't know why you ask. Ever since the inception of your infamous best friend "crash-overs," cheese and olive pizza starred as the staple meal: that, and a bucket of Red Vines your dad occasionally steals from. Maybe you asked for normalcy or maybe to confirm Manda's plan to stay for the rest of the night. What you do know is you don’t want to be alone.
She hums a distracted yes, turning on the TV and upping the volume to listen to Channel 10's news reporter recount the fight between Iron Man and the alien.
Though already burned in your memory, the images douse your body in bone-chilling fear.
You turn your back and dial in the order, not at all surprised that Joe's is still up and running. Once the employee confirms your order and promises a speedy delivery, you grab the drinks and candy and place them on the coffee table, ignoring the TV.
"C-can you turn it to something else?" you quickly pipe up as you sit next to Manda, unsuccessfully hiding the tremor in your words. "I don't think I can stomach the news right now."
"Yeah, sure." Slow and reluctant, Manda switches the input and goes into Netflix. "Anything you wanna watch?"
"Teen Wolf."
Manda groans, "Again? We've seen that a million times."
"Oh, come on," you groan back, playfulness strained in your words. "It's a classic. You can't say no to a classic."
She gives you a dour frown, one that still couldn't land an inch of seriousness on her amber-colored cherub cheeks, until she relents from the weight of your puppy dog eyes.
"Fine, but only because of Michael J. Fox. Next time, I'm picking."
Neither of you really pay attention to the movie or touch the pizza when it arrives. In fact, for most of the night, Manda scrolls through her social media, watching what you can only assume are today’s events. Sometimes she’d put the phone down when you politely asked, but it unfailingly ended up right back in her hands, so after a while, you stop asking. When the movie’s end credits roll around, and you dress into your pajamas, put away the remaining slices of pizza, and call it a night, both of you climb into your bed. She is still scrolling.
You try and force yourself into REM sleep, keeping your eyes shut until you hear Manda’s heavy breathing beside you. The clock on your nightstand reads 9:53 p.m.
Yawning, you curl up into a tight ball on your side of the bed and wish your mom and dad were here to help you get out of your head. Manda can’t do it when she’s so caught up in hers, and you don’t think you’d be able to tell her how scared you are. It’d only scare her more.
Tony Stark is missing. Manda would have screeched her head off by now if anything changed.
I’ve got you.
Yeah, but Tony Stark, the freaking Iron Man, is missing.
I’ve got you.
You can’t possibly understand how bad this is.
I’ve got you.
You audibly huff against the reassuring words, but they eventually do the trick in temporarily pushing the worry away, allowing you to fitfully slip into dreamless oblivion.
Seven hours later, you wake to a text from your mom. The sunlight is so bright in your room you lower your phone’s brightness all the way down, squinting at the small letters.
-Coming home early bbygrl. Dad says hi and he misses you lots hunny bun. xx
A titanic-sized weight lifts off of your shoulders—something you hadn’t even known was there until you re-read your mom’s text and verify the timestamp.
They’re on their way home, where it’s safe and you can all keep an eye on each other. Niagara Falls is just a six and a half-hour drive from here and Mom texted two hours ago, so they’ve got a couple hundred miles left. You don’t care about the distance. As long as they’re coming home, you’re fine. You can wait.
The morning’s activities in your residence pass into a weird déjà vu of last night. Manda is awake before you, sitting on the couch with a bowl of cereal in her lap and the TV turned on to Channel 10, the volume slightly lower from last night. A bit peeved, you ask her to switch it to some cartoons while you pour yourself a bowl of Frosted Flakes.
She goes back to scrolling on her phone, sparingly taking bites of her soon-turned soggy cereal. You perch on the arm of the couch, far away from Manda's screen, and munch on your cereal in silence. This whole situation sucks enough without Manda’s constant doom-scrolling, but her utter silence is wearing your nerves thin.
Three full episodes of SpongeBob play on before you heave tempered sigh and set your finished bowl of cereal on the table and face Manda.
“Do you have to do that?”
She doesn’t even spare you a glance. “Do what?”
Unbidden anger flows through you like magma spewing from a freshly erupted volcano, flaming into your veins and flaring your heart rate as you yank her phone away and toss it behind the couch.
Manda stares at you like you’ve lost your mind. She may be partially right.
“Why the hell did you do that?”
You scoff, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe I like talking to my friend once in a while. Maybe it’s mentally damaging to watch the same thing over and over and over again, and I was just trying to save you from brain rot.” You stand up and cross your arms over your chest, letting the rage propel your words. “Seriously Manda, give it a damn rest.”
“Why?” Manda crosses her arms too, glowering up at you, close to achieving a convincing frown. “Because you’re ‘positive’ nothing’s going to happen, right? It’s just aliens. No prob.”
You hold your tongue, waiting for her to air out all her frustrations because she’s right. She’s right to throw your words back at you. Yesterday morning you were totally sure of the Avengers, and not much has changed. You still firmly believe they’ll win whatever this fight is with the aliens, but you know scrolling through your phone for updates won’t do anything but boost your anxiety, like it’s doing to Manda.
When you think the coast is clear to speak, you lowly say, “I get it.”
“You get it? You get it? No, mama, you don’t get it. Because, see, if you got it, my phone wouldn’t be collecting dust behind your couch!”
“You needed a break, Amanda!” You shout back at her. “That phone’s never left your hand since you got here.”
She snaps her fingers as if she reached an epiphany. “Attention. That’s what it is. I haven’t given you enough attention today and you’re feeling left out of the spotlight. Newsflash, hon, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Other things are happening besides you hearing your Destined Words.”
“Wh-what?” you balk. “That… no, that’s not what this is about.” You’re not even sure where she even came up with the conclusion that you needed something as stupid as attention right now. Did she think you were that self-centered?
She cocks her eyebrow challengingly, “Alright, then tell me what it is. I’m all ears.”
“Me hearing my freaking soulmate has nothing to do with this! Nothing! And I’m not some attention-starved lunatic. Christ, Manda,” you roll your eyes, letting your hands fall with a slap against your sides. “It’s about you watching the news all day like… like this is the end of the world or something. We’ve gone through this. New York has gone through this. Alien attacks are nothing new, and I’m tired so sick and tired of you…”
You slow down, raising a soft hand to your chest—strange, tugging sensations sprout somewhere deep, deep down within you. So deep you're not sure it's actually there.
“Sick and tired of me what? What?” Manda pressed, the almost-frown lessening as your head tilts. “What’s wrong?”
You gradually shake your head. There’s no conceivable way to articulate what’s happening to you because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You feel… tingly, like every single hair follicle on your arms and legs rise, standing on high alert.
“Something’s not right.”
The tugging intensifies dully. You gasp against it, desperately clawing at the front of your shirt with the pads of your fingers, seeking to protect something tangibly nonexistent. It’s like someone’s fingers pinch a taut guitar string inside your chest, pulling on it with increasing pressure, pulling it further and further until it can’t move an inch, holding it the apex in a deathly promise that, with one final tug, the string will give.
I’ve got you.
Everything happens within a second.
You whimper out an anguished yelp as the string abruptly snaps.
Manda leaps to her feet and grasps your shoulders, begging to help.
Then, right before your eyes, Manda’s body begins to dissolve.
“M-Manda...? Amanda, wait! NO!”
She falls away into a pile of ash on your floor.
You drop to your knees, screaming.
And so does the rest of the world.
Part II
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karasunology · 11 months ago
╰─ ─ ゚headcanons of the best twins & ace of my heart being your older brothers.
-ˏˋ ➶ character(s) ━ bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu & miya osamu <3
[ trigger warnings ━ slight manga spoilers !! ]
⇣ please read the RULES before requesting.
Tumblr media
➜ oh my goodness, i pray so hard and dearly for your parents because y'all are WILD WILD
➜ when you guys were young, you know those videos of twins confusing their baby on who's their parent??
➜ it was probably atsumu's dumb idea
➜ he watched it a few days ago in youtube
➜ so he suggested it to osamu which begrudgingly accepted, curious on how you would react
“ c'mon, come to big brother 'samu ”
➜ atsumu says as he stretches his arms out to you while you're oblivious poor innocent ass was doing the grabby hands to him
➜ ngl you looked so cute he felt a little guilty for what's to come
➜ while osamu sits next to him with a monotonous expression
“ no, i'm big brother 'samu ”
➜ your head spun to his direction
➜ and you're just like 👁👄👁
➜ while switching left and right in confusion as you dropped your arms down so fucking fast LMAO
➜ while atsumu was trying so hard, really he promised he won't laugh so soon, that osamu keeps pestering him to shut his bitch as up
➜ until the faintest of sobs were heard, forcing their mini argument to a halt
“ will you stay quiet ─ ”
“ ─ oh no no no, please don't cry ”
➜ osamu is in distraught because he actually doesn't know how to take care of a child crying
➜ while astumu is trying to carry you
“ hngg i ─ hic ─ want big brother 'samu ─ hic ! ”
➜ bitch almost wanted to drop you right then and there honestly
➜ and when osamu heard you calling out to him, something in him snapped
“ i knew this was a bad idea ─ ”
➜ as he shoved atsumu off of you, hugging you as he tries to coo you, whispering “ shh . . don't ya worry, yer big brother 'samu is here ”
➜ your cries seemed to have ceased as atsumu is standing there like ??
➜ i'm thEIR BROTHER TOO !!
➜ bb boy held a grudge on you for a few weeks ngl
➜ but then you grew up and now you know that you actually have two (2) big bro 'samu
➜ but more annoying & bitchy
➜ you're their favourite victim to bully
➜ well, atsumu
➜ but they won't let their teasing lead to you crying because they actually can't stand the sight of their younger sibling crying
➜ contrary to popular belief, when you realized there was another big bro 'samu, you were now attached to atsumu while he's similing smugly and triumphly at osamu
➜ atsumu would 100% be very competitive for your attention though he makes you hate him whenever he bullies you
➜ but we all know osamu hates losing
➜ so there was definitely a time of your life that their fighting over who was the best big brother
➜ ugh y'all cute cute
➜ while you're helping osamu around the kitchen, atsumu would just watch from the side lines because the kitchen is kinda yours and osamu's thing
➜ though while in his earlier years, he'd get upset because he wants you to hang out with him too :(
➜ while you have the cooking thing with osamu, you have the baking thing with atsumu
➜ shh hear me out
➜ osamu is actually not good at baking shit
➜ the first time he attempted baking was when you joined a baking club & now you're obsessed with making cupcakes and all that good good
➜ and he wanted to also try and back
➜ and how and what did he do to make your cupcakes look like dog shit was beyond you
➜ and while smelling something burning, atsumu ran to the kitchen and after realizing what osamu did
➜ he'd try and make your next batch of cupcakes presentable
➜ because he's?? actually?? good at it??
➜ and now you guys have your baking sessions and brother 'tsumu bonding time
➜ but even though you guys have other things with the other person, you guys LOVED doing chores together
➜ like, your guys' mom would make the boys clean the bathroom and before you knew it, LIKE YOU WENT THERE JUST TO TALK TO THEM WHILE THEY CLEAN, you find yourself cleaning the toilet necause atsumu ain't doing that shit
➜ washing dishes?? that as well
➜ you and atsumu would be the ones washing while osmu would do the drying
➜ 11/10 of the time would leave you guys a damped mess
➜ while cleaning the kitchen, i absoloutely headcanon, like STRONGLY
➜ that you guys would just talk either about random shit, talk shit about someone honestly, or quote reality tv shows
➜ like one thing you would be sweeping the kitchen floor,  and while sweeping, you accidentally hit the trash bin hard that the contents flew out of it as it fell down the floor
➜ and atsumu's like : “ pooja what is this behaviour?? ”
➜ then something clicked in you that made you remember that one show bigg boss something
➜ and you'd be like : “ i'm sorry i kicked it ny mistake ”
➜ osamu would roll his eyes before joining you two :  “ you can't kick it by mistake ”
➜ “ then pick it up if it bothers you ”
➜ ugh y'all aRE ICONS
➜ y'all would be at the pool and atsumu would shout “ oh no my diamond earing is gone ”
➜ and osamu would reply “ kim, there's people that are dying. ”
➜ you'll be their biggest fan in the court
➜ whenever they play with you on the sidelines something in them just snapped and they'll be scoring points by points in a row
➜ they lowkey love to show off
➜ if you're a girl, every fangirl of they have would be wary of you at first, but then realized that you were just their little sister
➜ and to their bisexual fans, they would ngl have a huge ass crush on you too
➜ and if you're a boy as well, oH MY GOD WOULD THEY HAVE FALLEN AMD CAN'T GET UP
➜ you bet they'd be throwing hands if someone decided to break your heart
➜ though, osamu would be the more rational one
➜ if they ever meet your s/o, atsumu would want to rile them up while osamu is just being calm but the scarier one of the two?? but he knows you don't need any protecting because you know how to do it yourself & you don't have any need for that
➜ 12/10 would recommend as brothers
➜ in conclusion, you guys may not always get along, but you know damn well they care about you and would apologize right away if they did something too far. and you guys are such good sibling goals😤
Tumblr media
➜ definitely know how to deal with his emo mode
➜ since you guys grew up together
➜ and sadly, you didn't have an akaashi to help you out with it while you were young
➜ like he'd be the older brother but you would probably be the more mature one
➜ but while you guys were young, he was your knight & shinning armor
➜ like when you scraped your knee while trying to catch him, he'll do a 180° and bitch has never ran faster to you than that time
➜ & if you were crying because of it, he'll make stupid jokes but it'll always make you forget about the pain in your knee
➜ and it's one of those times that you could really see that he was actually older than you
➜ then he'll piggyback you back to your house
➜ homeboy be reliable even while he was young wow
➜ and even 'till now
➜ if you ever got sick or injured
➜ or god forbid, HEARBROKEN by someone
➜ a bitch will throw hands
➜ but before that he'll make you laugh & do his best to take your mind off whatever is causing you to hurt
➜ ngl you would always look up to him, even if he may seem childish
➜ he'll hang out with you the rest of the day, he doesn't care if it's a school day, he'll drag akaashi with him
➜ though he may reword them differently, but his advices never seemed to fail you
➜ fights don't usually happen, and if they do they're probably serious
➜ he's the type of brother that lets you sneak out the house
➜ he'll usually back you up in everything
➜ and this bitch would take the fall for your faults
➜ ugh WE STAN
➜ but also if you sneak out the house to your significant other, bb boy has to know their number, address, occupation etc.
➜ because he ain't having a broken hearted sibling
➜ and he just wants the best for you
➜ and in the future, though he may be busy with being a professional volleyball player;
➜ he'll always have time for you
➜ you're that urgent to him
➜ your his first best friend before volleyball
➜ speaking of volleyball, if you aren't found in the stands in his matches ─ he'll go TO EMO MODE Y'ALL
➜ because you're usually always there in his games and it makes him give all his 120%
➜ since he's usually busy, he'll ALWAYS have those covey sisters movie nights
➜ if ykyk
➜ he's a sucker for family bonding time ogey
➜ the type to binge watch all the hsm movies & know all the lyrics to all the songs
➜ the type to defend sharpay with all his might
➜ and you guessed it right
➜ sharpay is his favourite character
➜ no one tell me otherwise
➜ hates horror movies
➜ so if you ever watch it with him, he won't leave your side for the rest of the night & will have a sleepover on the living room
➜ f o r t s
➜ loves doing ridiculous challanges
➜ your phone would be BOMBARDED with crackhead videos of him
➜ probably broke a bone or two ngl
➜ 100/10 would recommend as a brother
➜ in conclusion, he may not always be there, and would be a bit childish & needy at times; but you know that he would step up as a big brother for you ANYDAY, ANYNIGHT, ANYTIME. because how could he want the best for you when he's not being his best on his part?
-ˏˋ playing soleil's tape ˊˎ-
[ 📼 ] . . . tumblr won't let this post show on the tags now i have to repost them all over again phew chile. watch me throw hands😤
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hawaii5-0gurl · 11 months ago
It's Nothing
Characters: Steve X Williams!Reader, BrotherDanny, Chin Go Kelly
Word Count: 1612
Warnings: Angst, Language, Hurt Reader, Fluff ending
A/N: Sorry it took so long. I kept changing my mind on A lot of the details.
Feedback is always welcome, the good and bad. It helps me as a newbie writer. Requests are open, I do take a little while to write so keep that in mind. Tags are also open for future fics.
Tumblr media
You knew taking a job with your brother was a bad idea, but add your boyfriend into the mix. You were just about to go insane. You love both of them but you were just happy that you were partnered with Chin for this case. 
You and Chin were currently doing a house search. While Danny and Steve checked the guest house. 
Chin was in the kitchen, when you moved to the stairs.
"Chin I'm going upstairs"
"Kitchens clear. I'm right behind you."
"Guys the guest house is clear. We are on our way." Danny came over your headsets.
"Got it." Both you and Chin said as you got to the top of the stairs.
You and Chin split up to check the rooms faster. As you reached your last room, Chin was still checking his. You opened the door to see someone taking a bag from under the desk.
"5-O hands up."you said as you aimed your gun at the man, he complied.
"Move around the desk slowly, then get down on the ground."  You reached up to your headset, "Chin, I got him in the office."
"I'm coming."
The man slowly moved around the desk but booked it for the open balcony door. You instantly ran after him. As you got to the door, you saw him jump over the railing. Without thinking you jumped off after him. You were able to make the landing.
"Chin, he jumped off the balcony. He's heading towards Main Street. Grab the car."
"Got it."
"Y/N, did we just see you jump off the balcony?" Steve chimed in.
"Yes you did, and kinda chasing the bad guy at the moment."
After this the only talking was location updates.
When you finally caught up to the suspect, he was trying to catch his breath and trying to hide behind a tree. You slowed down to sneak up behind him. You reached up and grabbed his shoulder. He sipped around to punch you. You ducked just in time, his hand kept going and he punched the tree. You kick his feet out from underneath him, instantly dropping him.
You pulled your gun from your thigh holster.
"Put your hands behind your back. If you try anything I will shoot you."
Chin came up from behind you, "that was awesome."
You kneel down to cuff him when you had a surge of pain go through your ankle.
"Son of a Bitch." You cuffed him and handed him over to Chin.
"Are you alright?" He asked you out of concern 
"Yeah, sorry I'm just tired and a little out of breath." You smiled and played it off like it was nothing.
After you guys got him to HQ and interrogated, you were able to leave but you waited until everyone else left before you did.
Steve came to your office when he was ready to leave.
"Are you ready to go?"
"No, you go ahead. I have a few things I need to wrap up before I leave."
"Like what?" he stepped into your office.
"Just some paperwork. " fully knowing you had finished your paperwork hours ago.
" You can leave it till tomorrow."
"I have never done that, and I'm not about to start."
" Okay, I'll see you at home." He came over and gave you a quick kiss before he left.
You waited another half hour to make sure Steve was really gone. You got up to leave, trying to keep pressure off your right ankle. You move slowly as you go around to  lock up and leave.
When you got out to your truck, you had to lean on it to rest your ankle. You had to do this a few times on the way to your truck.
"Why did I park so far away?" You said to yourself as you pushed yourself off your truck to leave.
Once in your truck, you realize that you are going to have to drive with your left foot. Which you have never tried before.
"Well this should be interesting." You slowly drove yourself to the hospital. It didn't go as bad as you thought.
After getting checked into Urgent Care, you didn't have to fill out any paperwork only because you had been in there so much all of the staff knew who you were. Not that you wanted to be in there as much as you were, but with the job you do and the people you work with, it's inevitable.
After you were taken back to wait for the doctor, your nurse Leah, was giving you an indecisive look.
"What is it Leah? Is everything okay?"
"Yeah, umm it's just they aren't going to let you leave without someone to take you home. So do you want me to call Steve or Danny?"
"Oh, I completely forgot about that." You sighed and your head dropped.
After your exam, you were taken for x-rays just to make sure nothing was broken. The doctor ended up putting you in a boot. Leah came back to  take you to the waiting room. You had to wait for him to show up.
About 10 minutes later you see Danny come through the doors. He instantly ran over to you.
"Y/N, are you alright?"
"I'm fine, can we go now I'm tired."
"Umm…" before he could finish Steve came through the doors
"Oh crap."
He did just as Danny did and ran over to you.
"Y/N, why didn't you tell me? I came to your office before I left. I could have brought you here." He had a hurt expression on his face.
"It's not as bad as it looks."
"Not that bad?! Look around, we are in a hospital. You're wearing a boot. Don't tell me it's not that bad." He sighed and dragged his hands down his face. Before he could say anything else Danny stepped in.
"Hey, how about we get you guys home. Steve takes y/n's truck. I will take her home in my car so it's not as hard for her to get in."
You handed your keys over. Steve took them and left. He has never been this upset with you before. Danny helped you to his car. Neither of you said the word until you got on the road.
"Danny why did you call him?"
"What do you mean? He's your boyfriend."
" I had Leah call you for a reason." You put your head down. "I knew he would be upset. I just didn't want him to worry about me."
"This is Steve we are talking about. No matter what you do, he's going to worry about you. How do you think walking into the house with a boot on would have gone?"
"I would have handled it." You looked back at Danny and sighed. "I really messed up didn't I."
"No, I don't think so. You need to talk to him. Also don't keep things from him. Or me for that matter."
Soon after that Danny was pulling up outside your house. Steve was waiting in the front lawn ready to help you inside.
"Goodnight Y/nn."
"Goodnight Danno."
Steve came around to help you out of the car and inside. As he was locking the door, you attempted the stairs. You made it up two steps before you felt a hand on your back and the other behind your knees. Steve carried you up the stairs to the bedroom. He placed you on the bed, went to his dresser and pulled out one of his shirts for you. He knows it makes you feel better after a bad day.
You carefully take the boot off so you can change into a pair of sleep shorts. After changing he went and grabbed an extra pillow for your ankle. After he was done getting himself ready, he climbed into bed next to you.
"Steve, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just didn't want you to worry."
"It doesn't matter if we are out in the field or in the office. I'm going to worry about you."
"And I love you for that, but you shouldn't have to."
"Well when you pull a stunt like you did today, I feel like I need too."
"I shouldn't have kept it from you. I promise the next time i get hurt I will let you know."
"Just promise me one thing."
"What's that?"
"You won't jump off balconies anymore."
"Oh… I don't know about that. I'm not going to make a promise I can't keep."
"Fair enough. Just try then."
"Okay. Now we need to try to get some sleep. We have to go to work in like 4 hours."
"No I have to go to work in 4 hours. You're staying home for a few days."
" What! No way. I will go crazy."
"Too bad, you can't even walk normally. You're staying here."
"I can stay in my office and work for my desk."
"You and I both know, if you come to work you're going to try to do a hell of a lot more than just stay at your desk."
"Come on, if you leave me here I will just get in my truck and drive myself." You gave him a smirk and an eyebrow raised. 
"Ugh… Fine, but if you leave your desk for anything other than the bathroom or lunch break, I will drag your ass back to bed. And I will take your keys and leave. Deal?"
He gave you a kiss on the forehead before moving closer and wrapping his arms around you.
"I love you Y/n"
"I love you too."
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