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#Twisted Wonderland
raven-at-the-writing-desk4 minutes ago
Jade/Raven duo magic is too powerful that Octa A and Pom B fell down that quickly. 馃槒
[Referring to this imagine!]
I feel bad for all the mob students we mow down in the game... 馃様 Duo Magic can be really powerful! Battles would be a lot harder if the people we fought could also Duo Magic like in the imagine.
Octa A and Pome B are probably being patched up in the infirmary by Scarab B now, so they鈥檒l be a-okay!
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kevinandfriends9 minutes ago
The Power I have every time I shift to twisted wonderland is all the ego boost I ever need. get sorted into pomefiore get given heels that make you eye level with most others. bully Rook, become his rival, cause problems on purpose. not to mention getting on vil's good side, thus far.
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bramblequeen10 minutes ago
Up in Scotland, there鈥檚 an Abbey that went under some restoration work and they put a Xenomorph Gargoyle into the structure.
Tumblr media
Now I kind of want to know what Malleus would feel about other modern gargoyles?
And if he and the Prefect would actively make a new one for Ramshackle...
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sandbees19 minutes ago
Addams child Yuu. No questions asked. Just straight up emo child that has a heart of gold and weird tendencies to make grotesque things like poison ivy flower crown and ring eye popsicles.
Child Yuu is so sweet and precious with their cute looks that no one expects the death trap that鈥檚 Ramshackle. Yuu has to hold their big brother鈥檚 hand the first time they visit so they don鈥檛 get hurt.
I also advocated Yuu making Rose crowns but with the thorns still on them. Thankfully they鈥檙e for decoration and not to be put on anyone鈥檚 heads.
:00 imagine the shock that everyone gets when it鈥檚 revealed that the death trap known as Ramshackle was made more of a death trap by a harmless looking child.
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ellovett23 minutes ago
redesigned Bida
Tumblr media
now they're a full on fuckin shrimp 馃挄
Tumblr media
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aikonya324 minutes ago
I tried to draw on my phone
Tumblr media
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ee-furoido25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
鈥淗ey senpai, can you stop shocking my heart at 1am? I keep almost falling out of my chair!鈥
Tumblr media
Jade can feel the creaky old rafters shake and even feel the floor below his feet quake at your bellow and surprise as he appeared in the hallway.
He had only appeared to provide you with a pleasant greeting and a sample of the Mostro Lounge's latest sweet on the menu; a lush, spongey cupcake with a swirl of some kind of pink mousse on top.
And you yelp at him. And fall to the ground, landing on your bottom with a hard thud. Your reaction only adds to his amusement, a jovial little chuckle as you massage your poor tailbone.
"Oya, oya. I apologize for causing you such recoil... All I ever wish is for you to find your happy ending, after all."
He reaches out to you as you look up at him from the ground, not with a hand to help you up, but instead with the small plate. "Would you like your cupcake from the floor, then?"
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crimsontyrant27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽鈥 饾悺饾悶饾悮饾惎饾惒 饾悽饾惉 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾悺饾悶饾悮饾悵 饾惌饾悺饾悮饾惌 饾惏饾悶饾悮饾惈饾惉 饾惌饾悺饾悶 饾悳饾惈饾惃饾惏饾惂.
mutuals only riddle rosehearts of twst. written by freya.
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piochin20443 minutes ago
Cleaning & Polishing Malleus' Horns
Y/N: Can I clean & polish your horns, Malleus?
Malleus: Why is that, human child?
Y/n: Uh...Because your horns are dirty.
Malleus: *Touches his horns*
Malleus: Oh my, it is.
Malleus: *Lay down on Y/n's lap*
Y/N: *Starts cleaning & polishing*
Sebek: Waka-sama, what happened to your horns!?
Malleus: *Horns shining*
Lilia: *Wears sunglasses*
Silver: *Sleeping peacefully on the couch*
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whateveritsmyplace56 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Oh yay! It's jewel day today! How fun.!
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wingbladeweaver1357an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 so soft for this one 馃ズ馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
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bypinsword-sucreverbisan hour ago
An abandoned puppy in NRC! (All parts)
Yuu finds an abandoned puppy. Realizing that they won't be able to take care of the pup due to Grim and many other things to take care of, they go to each dorm in search of the right person.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Hope you enjoy! Have a cup of tea while you're at it馃嵉
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twstarchivesan hour ago
Master Chef銉籖iddle
Tumblr media
Part 1
聽 聽 聽鈾♀擟afeteria - Kitchen鈥斺櫋
Let鈥檚 Make Cabbage Rolls #1 ~Riddle ver.~
Riddle: Peel the cabbage鈥檚 outer leaves and core it... Good, so far my progress has been perfect.
Next you boil them... Once that鈥檚 finished, I can use them to roll up the meat filling.
The recipe didn鈥檛 mention anything about the size of the leaves...
Should I cut them with scissors into rectangles, around the size of a handkerchief?
No, let me think. Considering that the thickness of the leaves isn鈥檛 even, if I made them all weigh the same, then their strength would be leveled...
Ghost Chef: Are you stuck on something, Riddle?
Riddle: Chef, perfect timing. There鈥檚 something I鈥檇 like to ask you.
Do the shape and weight of each leaf need to be even?
Ghost Chef: You don鈥檛 need to make them the same size. Any necessary adjustments can be made when you鈥檙e rolling them.
Riddle: I see. So the cabbages are fine as they are. May I ask you another question?
Ghost Chef: Of course! What is it?
Riddle: I鈥檇 like to know how much water to use for boiling. It isn鈥檛 written in the recipe.
Ghost Chef: Just enough to聽submerge the cabbage leaves. There鈥檚 no need for any exact measurements.
Now, while that鈥檚 boiling, let鈥檚 move onto the next step!
Riddle: Okay.
Tumblr media
Ghost Chef: We鈥檒l begin making the meat filling now. First, mince the onions!
Riddle: Mince... If I remember correctly, that means cut them into 1-to-2 millimetre cubes. Alright, I鈥檒l measure them with a ruler...
Ghost Chef: STOOOP!
Riddle: ? What鈥檚 wrong, Chef?
Ghost Chef: You just need to make them tiny! There鈥檚 no need for a ruler. They鈥檙e going to change shape while they鈥檙e simmering anyway.
Riddle: O-Oh, is that right? But I鈥檓 trying to make them as even in size as possible...
Ghost Chef: Riddle, you鈥檙e one of the extra cautious ones, eh? I saw that you measured everything down to the millilitre too.
By the way, what made you decide to join Master Chef?
Riddle: I believe the dorm leader should not only be the best at academics, but at cooking as well.
On top of that...
I want to get experience with making money while I can, to prepare for when I鈥檓 on my own in the future.
Ghost Chef: Mm-hmm, working towards the future is a wonderful motive to have!
Now, what about you from the counter next over? Silver?
Silver: The reason I thought about joining Master Chef? Riddle invited me.
He told me: 鈥淐ooking requires a lot of focus. Wouldn鈥檛 that be good practice for you, who鈥檚 always dozing off?鈥
And I agreed with him. Plus I鈥檝e always wanted to brush up on my cooking skills.
Ghost Chef: But from the looks of things, you already seem a little familiar with this. You were completely unfazed when using the kitchenware.
Silver: I鈥檓 not sure I would say 鈥渇amiliar.鈥
My cooking experience is pretty much limited to grilling and seasoning with salt and pepper. That鈥檚 why I want to broaden my skillset.
That way I can make more delicious food for my father, who raised me.
But like Riddle, the payment was also one of the appeals.
If I save up little by little, then I won鈥檛 have to cause trouble for my father in the future.
Ghost Chef: Aww... Silver, you鈥檙e such a good son!
Riddle: ...... ...Ahh...
Silver: Huh? What鈥檚 the matter, Riddle?
Riddle: Kgh... Aghh!! I-I can鈥檛 stop crying...
Ghost Chef: Ah! Riddle... Did listening to Silver just now bring you to tears?!
Oh, I feel you! I know exactly how you feel!! It moved me so deeply that I almost shed a tear myself...
Riddle: N-No, not that! I mean, yes, it was a very nice story, but these tears aren鈥檛 because I鈥檓 emotional...
Silver & Ghost Chef: The?
Riddle: The onions are stinging my eyes!!!
Ghost Chef: What? That鈥檚 what made you cry?! That was so misleading!!
Silver: That鈥檚 happened to me dozens of times before. Are you okay, Riddle?
Riddle: I-I鈥檓 not! How do you ease these symptoms?!
Silver: Ah, hold on, Riddle! Rubbing your eyes will only鈥
Riddle: AGH! Rubbing them made it worse... I-It stings~!!!
Tumblr media
Ghost Chef: Ooh, Riddle! That meat filling has a nice stickiness to it.
Goodness~ I was so worried about what would happen when you started crying earlier, but I鈥檓 glad you made it to this point all right.
Okay! Now let鈥檚 switch gears and start stuffing the cabbages.
Riddle: No, I divided the filling into four parts, but they aren鈥檛 equal yet! I need to keep adjusting them...
Ghost Chef: Don鈥檛 worry! You won鈥檛 care about them once they get聽rolled up.
Besides, your ingredients will lose their freshness if you waste too much time.
Riddle: Hmm... I still feel dissatisfied, but alright. I鈥檒l follow your instructions, Chef.
Now I鈥檒l wrap the meat filling with the cabbage I boiled. The recipe said to 鈥渢ightly roll鈥 them...
Riddle: Ah! I used too much pressure鈥攖he cabbage tore!
Ghost Chef: Oh, dear. Your filling is only going to gush out of that tear.
Well, start over with one of your spares.
Riddle: Kgh...! The next one will be perfect!
Part 2
聽 聽 聽聽鈾♀擟afeteria - Kitchen鈥斺櫋
Let鈥檚 Make Cabbage Rolls #2 ~Riddle ver.~
Riddle: The next step is to...聽鈥淪immer the cabbage rolls for 20 minutes.鈥
Line them up in the pot, add water and consomm茅, salt and pepper it, and turn on the heat... There.
Good, I did it.
Ghost Chef: As long as you don鈥檛 forget to skim the fat every once in a while, the rest shouldn鈥檛 be that hard.
Okay, Riddle. Why don鈥檛 you reflect on today while you鈥檙e keeping an eye on that pot?
How has your experience been with Master Chef?
Riddle: Let鈥檚 see... Compared to Silver, who was working next to me, I think my skills still have a long way to go.
Even though I memorized the entire recipe, when doing it in person I still had trouble with some areas...
Ghost Chef: Ahh, it鈥檚 true there are a few surprisingly specific steps and measurements that aren鈥檛 spelt out for you~
Riddle: Right. That鈥檚 what made me realize I need to build up experience and get a stronger feel of this.
Silver: Does that mean even a straight-A student like you needs to put in some work to succeed in Master Chef?
Riddle: That鈥檚 right. There are many things besides cooking that I don鈥檛 know, and things I can鈥檛 do.
Today made that clear to me once more. This has been a good experience.
Ghost Chef: Ohhh~!! It never gets old to see young people so eager to improve!
Riddle, I can鈥檛 wait to see how you progress in the future!
Now then, your cabbage rolls are just about done. Let鈥檚 go ask the judges to sample them.
Riddle: Right!
聽 聽 聽 聽鈾♀擟afeteria - Judging Venue鈥斺櫋
Riddle: Alright, I鈥檒l bring my cabbage rolls to the tasting area...
The judge that will be trying my dish is...
Wait, Malleus?!
Malleus: Rosehearts. So you are the chef this time around?
Riddle: Y-Yes.
These are cabbage rolls I made. I鈥檒l await your judgment.
Tumblr media
Malleus: ...Well, this is certainly something. Your cabbage rolls are so different in size.
Put next to each other, the contrast is so glaring that they almost look like parent and child.
Riddle: Ggh... Well, I... N-No, you鈥檙e right.
Malleus: Now, I will go ahead and sample it.
(Bites & chews...)
Riddle: (I measured out everything according to the recipe. The way they look is one thing, but there shouldn鈥檛 be any major issues with the taste...)
...How is it?
Malleus: It鈥檚 not that I can鈥檛 eat it. It鈥檚 just...
This was made by the student who always achieves the highest grades out of the second-year class.
I was eager to see what sort of wonderful dish you would produce...
However, the taste and presentation are mediocre at most. I suppose I overestimated you a little.
Riddle: ......!
...Thank you for the helpful feedback.
Tumblr media
Riddle: ......
Ghost Chef: My goodness! You did so well for your first Master Chef!
Riddle, I鈥檒l always be happy to teach you if you want to improve even more.
You absolutely must give it another go!
Riddle: ...Yes, Chef. Thank you for everything you taught me today.
...I would say I still have a long way to go before I can be proud of my cooking skills.
But I鈥檓 not going to give up simply because this was difficult.
One day I, Riddle Rosehearts, will be the best chef at this academy!
Tumblr media
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Hello, I would like to ask for headcanons of the leech brothers and azul when discovering that mc is an angel, what would they do next or how would they take it, thanks for creating the blog uu
You would like a headcan and I would like to get a thousand euros ... However, writing this request is much more likely than having someone give me a thousand euros XD
Tumblr media
"I knew it!"
Azul was very surprised when he found out that you are an angel.
But yes, he thinks it makes sense and explains many things.
You were always so kind, considerate and innocent
The phrase "You are an angel" takes on a whole new meaning.
He will fall in love with you much more after this
Azul would really like to see your angelic form.
He will tell you how beautiful you are so much that it is starting to get a little annoying already.
He becomes more sensitive after this.
Azul may also be more in his octopus form near you.
Tumblr media
"Do you have wings? Have you died before? Will it hurt if I remove the melt from your wings? Can i bite you?"
Very many questions...
He also does a lot of 鈥渉ands-on testing鈥 of how you react in certain situations.
That is, be prepared for your computer to throw you on "Adult Entertainment" sites
Floyd will stop these tests if you tell him to.
Btw this boy doesn't know at first what an angel is.
( Christianity has not yet taken root on the seabed )
Floyd is very willing to listen to stories about your religion and outlook on life.
The first five minutes.
After that, he gets bored and wants to do something more interesting.
Tumblr media
"Oh Darling this is interesting. Could you tell me more?"
Jade鈥檚 reaction is the same as Floyd鈥檚, but he鈥檚 much more polite.
He wants to know more about your species and habits.
You two have a lot of conversations that last for many hours.
Jade would like to see your angelic form.
He strokes your wings and tells you how beautiful you are.
If you鈥檙e somehow ignorant of Octavinelle mafia Jade takes care you never get to know about it.
He wants you to remain as innocent as possible.
And he would do anything to ensure it.
Btw Am I the only one who thinks Azul resembles a mafia boss? lol
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fluff-pink-foxan hour ago
I wanna make a Pomefiore oc with a niqab
And then a Heartslabyul oc with a hijab
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themadearlan hour ago
How do you think the guys (dorm leaders and whoever else inspires you) would react to a tiny MC who is like the embodiment of Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross in that they're calm and wholesome and sweet and just overall a positive person who reassures others when they're down? Like next to Kalim they're sunshine given human form that likes to bake cookies and other treats, and as they start questioning how such a person exists they get told in response, "The world is already dark and cruel. What's wrong with wanting to be a candle in the darkness for others?"
Very wholesome, I like it.聽
Note: I usually write MC as a girl but since the ask uses they, I鈥檓 just gonna go with that
Despite their short and small stature, the prefect always seems so strong
Standing straight against all those fate throws against them
Not a tear nor a single frown even in the face of peril
Anyone in their place would鈥檝e been scared and that was fine because it was hard to adjust when they suddenly got dropped into a foreign world where everything is different
No family, no friends, they don鈥檛 even have anything with them to remember their original world聽
With a cat(?) in hand and some ghosts at their side, the prefect gets to work
Studying with Adeuce and Grim, cleaning up the ramshackle dorm
Making new friends and solving problems along the way
Even the students who looked down upon the prefect with no magic couldn鈥檛 say anything bad about them
As soon as the prefect started experimenting with cooking, almost everyone were being stuffed with baked cookies
No one really noticed that after a while, they were given the baked goods that they liked the most
There were little notes written within their cookbook, like so and so prefers this type of flavors and so and so dislikes this ingredient
Some of the student never bothered to tell the prefect what they liked or didn鈥檛 like but they noticed
Idia comments on how the prefect is too bright for his eyes
Of course some of the students finds it a bit unnerving because how can someone this selfless and kind exist
Jamil tells the prefect that they don鈥檛 have to do good things for everyone because there鈥檚 nothing to be gained from it
"The world is already dark and cruel. What's wrong with wanting to be a candle in the darkness for others?"
鈥. . suit yourself.鈥
Azul finds it peculiar that someone could be this selfless as he could never imagine himself doing the same
But it does feel a little nice to have someone be nice to you with no ulterior motive
The prefect goes through the overblots, one by one and even when it comes down to facing aganist Grim, they never falter
Because they were like the sun, always so warm and strong
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fumikomiyasakian hour ago
馃巵 for octoside please?
As a reward
Tumblr media
For once Henry approached Celia in the Afternoon because a special Event was at Night and He wanted to introduce her to His Family... Or more so have someone who saves him from His fathers glares and keeps His mind Off. Celia agreed given the atmosphere being something new and also the food was high class, but also because she was also curious about His Family.
As the night Went on she got introduced to His Brothers and their Stories, as Well as her mother having a welcoming Aura while His Father was more stern and serious. Despite that it seemed more of a calm atmosphere than expected. After a while Celia and Henry took a break on the balcony.
"Didnt seem that Bad to me. You Family is very Kind."
"Well... If there is good News and my mother has my father calmed, its really a good time. However I am glad my Brothers Held Back, aside Zack, the Others usually tease me because I am the youngest Brother. But I am glad you enjoyed yourself. And I wanted to thank you for being with me Here."
"You dont have to thank me. I Had Lots of fun and it was interesting to take a Look at one of the most sucessfull Family of high society."
He took her in her Arms and gave her a kiss.
"Still I want to thank you, I think the evening wouldnt have been that fun If you werent here. Well then can I still invite you for a Dance?"
"Of course you can Henry."
Tumblr media
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adverniaan hour ago
a wanderer's thirst || 3 sentences: sebek zigvolt + taste of the unknown.
There's still the small flare of his temper whenever he enters the library and sees all manner of books levitating loosely in the air: be it a valuable grimoire or an old manuscript or a long lost tome, nothing was spared from the college library's special way of displaying the diversity of their collection - there's an adventure at every turn, the headmaster declared with a smile. The method of handling the books he would never accept, but after frequent visits to the library he would admit that there was some truth to the headmaster's words, some charm to this unusual library. After a period of studying he finds himself wandering from section to section as a break, eyes not on the shelves but what's floating around them - yesterday he caught a novel, the day before that an ancient text on nymphs - now, what sort of adventure would he have today?
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