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#Tucker Max
quotemadness · 10 days ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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surqrised · 12 days ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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skyrimgamer17 · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fallen Galaxy || The End of Days
• The end of the chapter is coming as all the heroes from all stories are uniting into one to face of against the ultimate threat returning to destroy the universe. Sumi , Tomomi, Max, and Tucker team up against the Dark Lord's Guardian slaves given to the powers to take out the heroes for his return. in this story heroes will die and it will determine who will win or who will lose.
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badlydrawnscienceteam · 15 days ago
why does tucker have little horns also can we get more tucker art please and thank you
Tumblr media
Tucker has horns because he's a satyr! I have another persona that ISN'T honky, and they are also a satyr! They take after that version of me instead of blog honky.
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resqectable · 20 days ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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greenalmond · 20 days ago
Yeah, i was on Pinterest and it amazed me the amount of people that dind’t know Oscar was latino (???? uhmm..... 
I’ve seen at least five people saying that they thought he was a blue-eyed blonde skinny tall guy ...
This is the actor Marissa toke as an inspiration for Oscar:
Tumblr media
(i also picture him like Dylan O’Brien) :
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“... the devil doesn't come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you've ever wished for ..”
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thoucanstquoteme · a month ago
“If people try to judge you or shame you for doing safe, consensual things that make you happy, I can guarantee you they’re bad people.” ― Tucker Max,  Assholes Finish First
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perfeqt · a month ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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quotefeeling · 2 months ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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politishaun · 2 months ago
The Washington Post’s [right-wing] columnist Max Boot wants to know, “how do the immigrants who run Fox News feel about Tucker Carlson’s anti-immigrant rants?”
Carlson “reached a new low” on Thursday with his explicit propagation of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, Boot wrote in his latest op-ed Friday.
The former Republican commentator noted, however, how Fox Corp’s founder and co-chair Rupert Murdoch and many of “the top management and the directors at Fox” are immigrants themselves.
He asked:
How do they feel about Carlson’s odious aspersions on Americans who weren’t born here? Are they okay with profiting from what Carlson is saying? And is Carlson okay with their presence in America? Isn’t he worried that they are taking the jobs of native-born media executives? Or does his hostility to immigrants exclude those who are his bosses?
“The irony, of course, is that, by their very success in America, so many senior Fox leaders disprove Carlson’s bigoted assumption that immigration is a source of weakness for this country,” Boot concluded.
Read Boot’s full column here.
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nightmare-not-neophyte · 2 months ago
Max: Hey-
Max: Uh, could you pass the salt?
Oscar, wiping away a tear: Inspirational.
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queeniecamps · 3 months ago
Neil is the best character because he delivers lines SO fucking good don’t @ me
#i need to make a compilation of this shit#im thinking back to cult camp#and just#he was SO done#'i just want to point out the fucked up implications of SPECIFICALLY YOU putting SPECIFICALLY ME in that gas chamber'#but the way he just fucking SAID IT#and I did NOT fucking get that until like a few months ago#we 'love' biased christain home school courses that DON'T teach you about shit#(no we don't. please don't homeschool 3 kids at once unless you plan on it from the start. PLEASE... im so fucking stupid it hurts)#OKAY HERE'S WHERE MY DRAFTS START: U OKAY SO LIKE-#i still agree. neil is lowkey the funniest in the trio. like?? straight from season 1 he has me laughing#max is y'all's faves but name ONE funny line he's said?? they use the 'you are the bane of my existance' line for merch but it's lame DFGSDF#okay that's mean. it's cute but max needs funnier lines. 'dUDE YOU FUCKING KILLED IT' was KIND of funny but only because of micheal's voice-#-cracking bc he's a grown ass man trying to voice a child. i feel so bad for a good chunk of the VAs they can't keep up with their characte-#-rs. like?? prestons VA got REPLACED for multiple reasons but his voice was part of it (yelling hurt too much)#and miles apparently gets a lil tuckered out by David's energy#new law: if u voice a character in CC you WILL be tired#queenie talks#drafts#okay but also. Harrison and Nerris's lines in quest for sleepy peak were so good. 'yOu sUcK hArRiSoN!' 'you are the sucking one!!'#good shit. that episode's actually where I caught up on the series during my FIRST watch (on youtube.) you can only imagine my reaction to-#-jermy farts.... good times...#love that jerm boy.
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meineluft · 3 months ago
The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.
Tucker Max
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miss-casually-cruel · 3 months ago
The Black Diamonds
Hey guys! I know I was supposed to return with a renegades fanfic some days back which I have lost count of, but tbh, I am actually in a pretty bad shape. To the point that I even had my covid test done, though I’m negative. Coming out of the melancholy, I am here with this super hilarious nodrian fanfic which I seriously hope you guys enjoy because I simply put in a lot of effort in making those lesbian and gay jokes sooo enjoy!
OTP: Nodrian
SYNOPSIS: Nova has a teenage dream to start a band. The Black Diamonds have starte their journey and just got their first gig. Let’s see how this goes!
READ ON: Wattpad ; AO3
“I want to start a band.” I tell Adrian, who spits out his coffee.
“Excuse me?”
“Why is the idea of me starting a band sounding so delusional to you?”
“Well, for starters, you sound like a tortoise choking on an apricot seed.”
“I know Adrian. That’s why I learned to play guitar.”
“Alright, who all is there in the band?”
“Me, Danna, Ruby, Narcissa, Max and you!”
“What? Why me?”
“Because you sing like the nightingale”
“The bird or the lesbian singer?”
“Excuse you? Are you calling me a lesbian?”
“Are you saying you are not attracted to women?”
“Nova, please, shut up.”
“I will when you agree to join the band.”
He hesitates before exhaling,“Alright but what about Oscar?”
“He says he will not sing and he doesn’t know any instruments so he will be our agent who gets us the gigs. He is surprisingly good at it considering he got us one already.”
“You guys have a gig already?”
“Us guys Adrian, get used to this.”
“I will when you tell me the band name.”
“The Black Diamonds.”
His eyes widen,“What had I ever done so wrong to you? You are going to make me join a band named ‘The Black Diamonds’?”
“It’s the perfect name!”
“Please tell me this is just one of your fads which will gradually fade out.”
“Yeah yeah, obviously.”
So the next day, we all gather at Oscar’s garage, me and Danna at the guitars, Narcissa and Adrian as the lead singers, looking more than uncomfortable, Ruby at the keyboard and Max at the drums. Oscar was our complimentary audience.
“Okay guys, I got you the gig at the Gatlon Circle and it is next weekend.” Oscar announces once we are all ready to start the meeting.
“We have only 14 days to be perfect?” Adrian asks, clearly panicking. I walk to him and put my hand on his shoulder.
“Adrian, don’t freak out, remember what that therapist of yours told you?”
“Adrian goes for therapy?” Danna asks.
“He went when he found out he had made his mother’s murderer.”
“Wow, that was so subtle Nova, I can’t even-”
“Which therapist did you go to?” Ruby inquires.
“Ms. Everwoods.”
“Doesn’t she give therapy to young teenagers?” Oscar wonders out aloud.
“Do you think Adrian is mentally more mature than a thirteen year old?” I respond.
“Of course not.”
“Then your question is answered-”
“I went to her elder sister.” Adrian interrupts me before we could insult him more and I smirk.
“So, basically, don’t panic.” I conclude, going back to my place, where I whisper to Danna and Max, “Her elder sister gives therapy to eight years olds.” and we muffle a laugh. Apparently it was loud enough for Adrian to hear, because he glares at me and the meeting resumes.
“Wait you guys,” Danna says, “Don’t we all need super cool rock and roll hairstyles if we are in a band?”
“Oh my God, totally!” Narcissa exclaims, “I am in charge of the hairstyles.”
“I am already cool you guys.” joins in Ruby, doing a hair flip.
“Great,” Max finally says something, “Next stop, what songs are we going to sing?”
“Something definitely from The Nightingale, Adrian’s voice is perfect for that.” I suggest, trying to fight back a smile, earning myself another glare from Adrian.
“You guys,” Max drawls, pointing at us, “are a match made in heaven.”
“Alright guys,” Ruby announces, “I have a list of songs on my phone and we all can choose some from them. Sounds good?”
We all gather around her and start going through the list. Finally when we have the songs, the meeting disintegrates.
The next day, we all meet again. After a week of preparation day and night and Oscar’s ears almost bleeding, we are finally on track. Just some final touching ups were needed. I had to take the charge mostly, but Adrian also helped. Maybe this show won’t be that bad after all.
Two days prior to the show, Narcissa stands in front of us all during our daily band meeting.
“Alright guys, time for your funky hairstyles.” She announces.
“Oh boy.” Adrian mutters and Danna snorts.
“Today,” Narcissa continues, “We aren’t practicing. We are going to the Merveille Parlour, okay?”
We all reply with a nod and she starts exiting the garage, all of us following her.
“When did she start ordering us around, wasn’t she a wallflower kinda girl?” Max whispers in my ear and I smirk.
“Shut up Max, you’re the first one getting his hair done now.” Narcissa shouts without turning back.
“Great.” Max mutters.
Even on a weekday the parlor was bombarded with customers. We had to wait a long time for Max to score a seat and longer still when they were done with Max.
He emerged out of the room with his sandy blond hair highlighted blue in a high fade hairstyle.
“Girls are going to be swooning over him after this show.” Ruby mutters.
“Yeah, either he’ll have some kind of gay awakening now, or he’ll get his first girlfriend.” Danna replies and Ruby snorts.
Next was Adrian’s turn, who got himself a short quiff haircut with green streaks. He looked like an anteater trying to be a giraffe. I loved it.
Danna was next up, who simply had her hair dyed light pink completely and Narcissa got white highlights. When it was my turn, I got my ends coloured purple.
We finally looked like the perfect band.
On the day of the show, I had multiple Dannas in my stomach. I knew it was going to go well and once I have started, I will forget all about my nervousness, but still. The time before it starts is a complete torture.
While tuning our guitars, Danna says, “You know this is going to go really well.”
“I know.”
“Yeah, just look at me today. I am going to give a ground-breaking performance.”
“I am sure.” I smile. She gets up and walks away.
Finally, Oscar announces our band’s name. All of us assemble on the stage.
All of us except for Danna. Oh no.
Everyone probably noticed her absence soon after I did because they all were also looking around, trying to hide their panic.
“Where is Danna?” Max whispers to me.
“I don’t know!” I shout whisper back.
Suddenly, there is smoke coming out on the stage floor and the spotlights turn to the back of the audience in the theatre. On a platform. On which Danna Bell is standing.
“But baby,” she whispers into the mic the starting line of our first song, “this phone lasted longer than you ever did.”
Then, she starts off with her guitar solo which she plays so fluently that I feel like an amateur guitarist in front of her. Oh, also, her guitar has fire coming out of it so she seems even cooler.
“Woo hoo!!!” Narcissa shouts into her mic and Adrian starts jumping in his place. Max twirls his drumsticks and shoots into our first song. Ruby, Danna and I join him soon and then Danna is travelling over the audience’s heads on her platform, jumping.
Once we reach the chorus of the song, the whole audience is singing and dancing and in the end, Adrian even does a split. Then, he couldn’t get back up and we had to lift him up from his forearms.
Once done, she shouts into the mic, “Good evening, Gatlon!”
Loud cheers answer her.
“I can’t hear you!” She shouts back and even louder cheers answer her. Someone even whistles. Oscar, he whistles.
Once we are done with all of our songs, Danna shouts, “Thank you Gatlon city!” And more cheers answer her as we all exit.
“Danna,” Adrian addresses her once we are all backstage, “What the hell was that.”
She strings a few chords on her guitar while saying, “Rock ‘n’ Roll, grandpa!”
“It’s official,” Ruby joins, “Danna is our band leader now.” and everyone agrees.
Later, I tell Adrian, “Maybe this band is just not meant to be a fad that will fade out.”
He smiles and circles an arm around me, “Maybe not.”
That’s all guys, thanks for reading this. I hope you liked it! I will be back with a Nobell fanfic soon because I can make no promisesabout when because I might just be diagnosed with typhoid tomorrow. End line is that, stay happy and bright!
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miss-casually-cruel · 3 months ago
OTP: Nodrian
FANDOM: Renegades Trilogy
A/N: Hey all! So Ik I have already put this fanfic here but I am reuploading it because it got removed when I deactivated and moved blogs. I am not gon’ tag anyone, though, unnecessarily and disturb them. I hope you enjoy reading this!
SYNOPSIS: Sweet Adrian with a heart of gold, gets a cat but Nova is against it. While he tries to hide it from her, Nova's anxiety is taking her imagination to places it has never been to. Will their relationship survive this or not?
READ ON: Wattpad ; AO3
Adrian’s scream woke Nova up. She jerked up and turned to her side to see Adrian huddled in a corner of the bed, clinging to the bed post and wearing a frightened expression.
Obviously, something was wrong.
She turned to Adrian and touched his arm and he screamed. 
“Hey, hey!” Nova shouted at him just as their room’s door flew open and Hugh, Simon and Max entered in their night suits with a hockey stick, a baseball bat and a pan, respectively.
“What is it?” Hugh shouts.
“Is it a ghost? Is my little baby scared?” Simon says, gazing at Adrian adoringly and Max snorts.
Adrian shots an incredulous, yet afraid, look at Simon and says, “There, something’s moving, b-beneath the blankets.”
Nova turned to where he was pointing and, sure enough, something was moving under the blankets, vigorously. 
The room went quiet and Nova looked at Hugh and Simon, who returned a nod of confirmation and she pulled away the blanket, to reveal a white ball of feathers curled up in itself.
A kitten.
She lifted her head at the sudden change in ambience and atmosphere and looked around the room with her light green eyes.
“Awwwwwwwwwww!” Simon gasped, clasping his hands together.
“It-It’s a kitten.” Hugh states and Max bursts into laughter while everyone’s eyes turn to Adrian, who is red with embarrassment. Soon, everyone, but Adrian, has joined Max.
“Adrian Everhart, the son of the great heroes and saviours of society, Hugh Everhart and Simon Westwood, is afraid of a harmless, cute, little kitten.” Nova announces and everyone started laughing again.
After a few embarrassing minutes for Adrian, everyone stopped laughing and Max asked “How did this even get here?”
Nova started to shake her head when her gaze fell on their half open window and she sighed. -
“Someone forget to close the window before sleeping,” she says pointedly in Adrian’s direction, “Again.” She was really starting to regret the decision of shifting to ground floor bedroom from the basement. 
“You reap what you sow, kid.” Hugh says and exits the room with Simon and Max in tow, the latter turning back in the end to shoot an amused expression at Adrian and shaking his head.
Nova huffed and took the kitten in her hands. She petted her fur before offering her to Adrian.
“Do you want to pet the monster beneath your blanket before I drop it back to the underworld where it came from?”
Adrian looked at her pointedly before returning his eyes to the kitten. He lifted her in his hands and his eyes get filled with adoration. 
“She is so cute!” he exclaims, “Can we—”
“No,” Nova cuts him off before he could complete it, “We can’t keep it Adrian, it’s too much work.”
“You can barely close the window before going to bed, I cannot trust you with the responsibility to take care of a kitten.”
 Adrian’s lips downturn slightly. He caresses her head again and asks, “It’s too cold outside. It would be so cruel to leave her out at night like this, let’s keep it for the night at least.” 
Nova thought for a few minutes and agrees. It really does seem cruel.
Adrian grins and settles the kitten on the bed in between him and Nova. The kitten doesn’t take much time to make herself comfortable and feel at home.
Nova snorts a low laugh before she goes back to sleep. Just as she was about to sleep, her eyes flew open with realization.
He hummed his acknowledgement to her, half asleep.
“The window.”
He groans and gets up to shut the window, mumbling something under his breath which Nova doesn’t really care about as sleep overpowered her curiosity.
The next morning, Nova barely contains herself from screaming as she feels the unexpected soft furs on her arm. Telling Adrian to wake up, she heads to the bathroom. When she comes back, Adrian is wide awake and on his feet. 
The kitten is nowhere in sight.
“You couldn’t have possibly let the kitten out already.” She said.
“As a matter of fact, I did.” He walks towards her and starts to give her a kiss when Nova stops him.
“You know I hate morning breath.” 
He rolls his eyes and then heads to the bathroom while Nova goes to the kitchen. There, she spots Hugh and Simon already present there shooting mysterious glances at her as they wish her good morning. She returns their greeting in a puzzled tone as she heads for her cup.
Suddenly, she hears whimpers. 
She turns and sees Hugh and Simon looking down at something, wearing panicked expressions. They jerk their heads up, suspecting Nova has turned.
“Did you hear that?” Nova asks.
“What?” Says Hugh at the same time Simon says, “Nothing.” 
Nova shoots another perplexed look at them before continuing making her coffee, shrugging it off.
Later on, when they meet Ruby, Oscar and Danna at their usual lunch restaurant, Adrian seems distant somehow. Not to mention that those mysterious glances were shot at her by her three friends too.
Nova got even more confused. What was going on? Is this some kind of prank? Well, Nova hardly expects Danna to participate in such a stupid prank. Was there something they were planning to do without her? Was Adrian going to do something without her?
Or perhaps, to her?
Was he breaking up with her?
Oh no.
That day, Nova couldn’t stay happy at all, not even in the moments she would usually be. Her mind kept on wandering off to the reason behind everyone’s peculiar behaviour. It was clouded with fear and worry.
This continued for a few days, much to Nova’s chagrin. But soon her saturation point arrived. 
During dinner a few days later, Nova asks, “Adrian, could you please pass me the spoon?” but he doesn’t respond. Instead, he keeps on looking at his meal, grabbing the food and then looking down on the floor, extending his hand towards the floor more than towards his mouth.
“Adrian?” she repeats. He still doesn’t reply.
His head jerks up and he blinks.
“Could you please pass me—?”
But he is looking at the floor again, distracted, and Nova has had enough. Taking it as the perfect opportunity to talk about it, considering Hugh and Simon are out for dinner and Max is God knows where, she says “Adrian.” Her voice graver than usual.
“Yeah?” he replies, still looking at the floor.
“Are you breaking up with me?” 
He chokes on his water.
“I know that there is something going on and you’re hiding it from me and I really want to know what’s going on Adrian. Are you—?”
“No!” he exclaims, “I am not breaking up with you!”
“Then what is happening?”
“It’s the kitten!”
“Kitten?” she raises an eyebrow.
“Yes, the kitten! The kitten that entered our bedroom that night. I kept it!”
Oh. That kitten.
“What? And you didn’t tell me about it?”
“Of course not, you didn’t want me to keep it.”
“It isn’t that I didn’t want you to keep it, I just thought it would be an added responsibility! And what were you planning on doing, hiding it from me till we became old and died?”
He is silent for some moments before saying, “Something in that line…”
“Oh God.” She leans back in her chair, “And everyone knew about this except for me?”
“Nova, I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to find this out like this. I didn’t want to hurt you—”
“It’s fine, you know I have no problem with the kitten. But you could have told me if you couldn’t find the heart to let it go.”
“I know and I’m sorry. I’ll never do this again. Give me a second chance?”
Nova smiles immediately, “Always.”
Adrian smiles too and then bends down. He lifts the kitten and puts it on the table. She promptly startes mewing.
“Aw, what are we naming it?”
“I still have to decide that. How about Marie?”
“I like that.” Nova smiles as she rubs Marie’s back.
“Hey, by the way,” she starts after some time, “Now that you have a cat, I want a dog.”
Adrian cheers in delight, “We are getting a cat and a dog. What else can we want?”
“A pair of rabbits.” Says a new voice. Max. They turn to him on his room’s threshold and he says, “I always wanted a pair rabbits.”
“This house is going to be converted into a zoo. I can see it already.” Nova states and all of them laugh before they dissolve into cheers while Marie mewed loudly. Nova was already starting to like her.
That’s it guys! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoyed!
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