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blueandgoldoffice · 6 minutes ago
looking fotr a au where both jughead and betty were police people and they were secretly dating thats all I remember
Hrm. I've seen this trope in a couple cop related bughead fics - and if anyone in the group can think of another one - please mention it in the replies - but in the fic I'm sharing below, Jug is the FBI and Betty is a cop and they have a secret relationship while trying to hunt down a serial killer. It's wonderful so if it's the wrong one - I hope you enjoy reading this one anyway. <3 Jandy
There’s evil in your heart (it wants out to play) by @juggydunes (10/10 - M)
Summary: “I look down at my hands, they’re coated in blood. I instantly know it’s not mine, it never is.” When a new type of evil hits Riverdale, Betty finds herself right in the middle. With the help of two FBI agents, will they be able to solve it in time?
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isappho · 15 minutes ago
theres a film coming out called plurality that seems to be leaning into the serial killer stereotype and idk if this is a reclamation thing or not but if it isnt then i am going to be incredibly frustrated
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hopelesslydevoted2sprites · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Can I say something? I am getting sick of reading a story about a female MC have to drop EVERYTHING: their job, apartment, their identity to be with a man. Isn’t that sending the wrong message? Can’t a woman have their own identity? Be their own person. That’s all I’m saying.
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persephinae · 33 minutes ago
you know a trope that's good shit?
when the Person B does something so profoundly life altering for Person A, like whether giving themselves up to the enemy to buy their love more time or even just giving Person A the most soul searing simplest gifts that signifies that they know Person A to the depths of their soul
and Person A tearfully asks "Why?" still not quite understanding but moved to almost sobbing at what Person B was doing
and Person B merely looks at them with so much yearning and lays themselves bare, they can't hide their feelings anymore as it hurts too much, and it even hurts now that Person A has to even ask
and Person B responds quietly, "You know why."
that is good shit
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foxmagpie · 34 minutes ago
trope smash game!!!! 10. Airport/Travel AU & 63. Everybody Knows/Mistaken for Couple
ooooh okay. i'm thinking office AU.
beth and rio work in some type of big corporate business—let's say advertising—and they're workaholic rivals always competing for the same clients and one-upping each other. the competition makes them both at the top of their game which is why they're both up for the same promotion—with a relocation, too—so they respect each other even if they drive the other a little bit crazy. (well, maybe rio has a few more feelings than respect alone, if you know what i mean).
so he proposes that they go out for drinks the night before their bosses are set to announce which one of them won the promotion, and beth hesitates, wondering if he is somehow planning on sabotaging her, but she goes because she's not about to back down and look like she can't handle a little last minute ribbing (plus, maybe she kind of sort of wonders what it will be like once they're not working in the same office together.)
so they drink. and they roast each other. and they laugh (a lot), finally admitting to ways they weaseled clients from each other and the sneaky moves that they made. and maybe the conversation shifts to more personal stuff—bad dates, bad hookups, and the like—and maybe rio admits he's wondered, that's all. they have good chemistry, and they hate each other just a little, and he always thought it would give the whole thing an edge that couldn't be found elsewhere. and maybe beth bites her lip and drops her eyes to his mouth and maybe she thinks fuck it, one of them is leaving tomorrow (and she's certain it's her) so there's no reason they can't. it's not like it's going to make work awkward, and it's not like it's against the rules anymore, either.
and it's unfathomably amazing and she kind of hates him a little for that, too, because holy shit. she's had good sex, but she didn't know it could be like that. and now she's having feelings about this being the end, but she doesn't know what to do with that, so she stuffs them down. down far enough that rio can't really get a read on her and it makes him irritable and agitated because he thought—
well. anyway.
then they go into work and their bosses say they couldn't choose, so they just decided to make them partners in the promotion. why not put the two best brains together on this very important project?
so then they're both still smarting from not winning (they're competitive nightmares, what can i say) and from not knowing what the other one is thinking. beth's stressing about the fact that now what they did is very much definitely against the rules, and rio's got no idea why she's wound up so tightly, and now they're stuck on a plane for five hours together, moving to this new city with only each other, and everyone, everywhere thinks that they're an item—from the flight attendant to the taxi driver to the hotel where they're being set up until they each find apartments to the clients themselves.
and that would be annoying on its own, but it's so much worse when all they want to do is be together but neither of them knows how to say it.
send me two tropes and I’ll tell you what i’d write
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risingmalevolence · 34 minutes ago
i’m gonna say this now: if crosshair dies without being redeemed, or worse dies right after being redeemed, i’m gonna be salty forever.
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foxmagpie · an hour ago
Airport/Travel AU + Neighbors AU for the trope mashups please 😬
Okay for this one I’m going with college AU!
Beth and Rio are neighbors in off-campus university housing and they can barely stand each other. Rio and his crew are always throwing ragers and Beth is always banging on the door asking them to keep it down because she’s got work in the morning or an exam to study for or she’s trying to host book club or—well, the list of reasons she’d like him to be quiet seems never-ending. She annoys him, but he has a lot of fun fucking with her, a lot of fun seeing her angry blush turn splotchy and red as it spreads across her chest.
That would be the end of it—classic neighbor feud—except they both end up being the stragglers left behind on campus for winter break. She’s taken a few extra shifts to scrounge up as much money as she can before taking off the month for the holidays (not only does she have to keep paying rent for her apartment to sit empty, she'd also like to splurge and take her baby sister out to do something fun to make up for their lost time), and he’s got one last final exam on the Monday after seemingly everyone else, and anyway, it leaves them in each other’s vicinity on the deserted campus.
They pass each other coming in and out of their respective apartments over the first few days and Rio does the annoying thing he does where he pretends not to know that she loathes him when he smiles at her charmingly and exchanges pleasantries, and Beth scowls and ignores him as best as she can.
She's supposed to be hitching a ride back to Detroit with her boyfriend, Dean, but on Saturday, a surprise visit turns into a gnarly breakup when she discovers him in bed with some leggy blonde freshman. Furious, Beth goes back to her apartment, and for the first time, she's the one being noisy. She blasts angry girl music and bakes away her stress while Rio finally gets a taste of his own medicine. Guess what! He does not enjoy it! Not one bit!
He can't cave, though. So he grits his teeth and bears it, despite the fact that he's pouring over his history notes trying to prep for this insane final exam (supposedly the professor is meticulous about the finer details, which is stupid, because he understands the causes, effects, and impacts of the various wars, treaties, et cetera—who the fuck cares about the dates?).
Only then it happens the next night, too. And it starts earlier. Music blaring while Beth's in an angry frenzy, trying to find another way back to Detroit now. Technically, there's a train going out on Monday afternoon, but it's a long, slow trip with a lot of stops—not to mention it completely nullifies her staying behind to take the extra shifts because it costs and arm and a leg. She should've just left on Wednesday with Ruby.
At this point though, Rio can't take it anymore. His exam is tomorrow and nothing is sticking except for that godforsaken generic pop song she's playing on repeat and he's done.
He pounds on her door and when she answers, she's a little drunk, a bottle of bourbon hanging from one hand. Her face instantly transforms into delighted glee at the flipped script. Rio asks her to turn down the music and she says, "Only if you drive me to Detroit." She knows he's from there, has seen him throwing Pistons t-shirts into the washing machine in the communal laundry room before. (She's never seen him wear them—maybe he just wears them to sleep?)
Miraculously, Rio agrees. (He really is stressed about this final and he knows she really would keep the music blaring just to spite him if he didn't). Beth pieces it all together and asks if he's lagged behind because he has Professor Cohen, who always places his finals on the last possible day. When Rio confirms yes, Beth hesitates then says, "His final exams only ever cover the last unit, not the whole semester like he says. He likes to make everyone review everything, but he thinks it's a fun little last-minute surprise to do the bait-and-switch. I was his TA."
Thus, they end on a road trip together, their iciness somewhat but not entirely melted. Beth's an annoying road-trip partner, sure, and Rio's music is bad, but it's going okay... at least until they get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and have to end up staying at a dinky little motel with only one bed.
send me two tropes & I'll tell you what i'd write
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welcometopromptland · an hour ago
I'll be honest, I like enemies to lovers because I feel as if the only time I am allowed to be sad and let myself go emotionally is after extreme emotional or physical trauma like the kind an enemy might witness and I just can't imagine myself ever being emotionally vulnerable unless I am forced to
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bcdaily · an hour ago
Jily at the Yule Ball would be >>>
There’s no Triwizard Tournament tho
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sanctumangelus · an hour ago
Mm. Mean nobles in fiction. That's it. That's the post.
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chaotic-academia-angel · 2 hours ago
Falling in love with you was the colloquial equivalent of casting my pearls before swine.
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thyandrawrites · 2 hours ago
me, watching a k-drama about a modern day romeo and juliet situation where a north korean soldier becomes the unwilling host of a south korean woman who accidentally crossed the border between the two countries, causing several shenanigans in the process: this is really good
the male lead, who definitely isn't dating the female lead, when they're inevitably found out: What are you doing to my fiancee?
me, someone who's MASSIVELY into fake dating:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this just got about a hundred times better
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joanna-olson · 2 hours ago
So, I've wanted to write this fic for ages, but I've had this massive case of writers block, so I'll just throw this headcanon out there.
We all know that Billy's mom left him with Neil, because she too was abused. And Billy hasn't had any contact with her ever since, probably because Neil prevented any form of contact. Billy is not bitter that his mom left, on the contrary, he understands why she did. As he's getting older and more often than not becomes the target of Neils rage, he dreams up a world where his mom comes to his rescue and love him unconditionally, as a mother should. Of course that never happens, but Billy still has this idolized image of his mom.
Fast forward to when Billy is in his early twenties. He is living in Chicago with Steve, they both have worked on their shit and they are happy with the live they've built together. One day a letter arrives from someone Billy doesn't recognize immediately. When he reads it he is thrown into a spiral of shock, surprise, happyness and uncertainty. It's from his mom. After all these years she's found him and wants to reconnect. She explains that she struggled financially and with her mental health after she left, that Neil prevented her from contacting him and that she didn't know how to find him again once she figured her live out.
Billy spirals emotionally. This is what he's been waiting for for years, but now that it happened, he doesn't know how to handle it. With some encouragement from Steve he writes back. They write back and forth and start talking on the phone. Billy learns that his mom lives in a small town in Texas now and that she's married to a widowed pastor now. She tells him about her five stepchildren and that she doesn't have anymore children of her own. Billy tells her a bit about Hawkins (the bits he can) and his live in Chicago. He doesn't mention Steve.
After a a few months of phone calls and letters, his mom flies to Chicago, so they can finally meet in person again. Billy is nervous as hell. He can't sit still on the days leading up to the meeting and smokes more than he usually does. They meet at a small coffeeshop in town and after an awkward moment his mom pulls him into a long and tight hug and Billy relaxes. They talk a lot and spend the day walking around town. Billy is happy and feels all warm and loved. His dream came true, his mother is back in his live and she's showering him with love.
They have dinner at a small and cozy pizza place. Over dessert his mom smiles at him and asks the question Billy has been nervous to answer. "So, tell me, Billy, is there a special Lady in your live?" And Billy is silent for a moment. He knows that attitudes towards gay people aren't to favorably and Steve and him usually don't really talk about their relationship unless they are among friends. But this is his mom who's smiling at him warmly from across the table. His mom, who he remembers to be a bit of a free spirit from when he was a child. His mom, who is the polar opposite of Neil, so surely she will understand. So he tells her. "Actually there is someone. His name is Steve." He holds his breath as he watches her reaction. He doesn't really expect what happens next. The smile falls from her face and her expression freezes for a moment. After a few heartbeats she tries to smile again, but it looks pained. She says "Oh, really?" and tries to change the subject. But they don't get back into the easy conversation. It's as if the mention of Steve's name and the reality of their relationship hangs like a shadow between them. His mom asks some awkward queations Billy is pretty sure she doesn't want to hear the answer to. Soon after she tells him that it was already late and she was tired.
So they pay and she's saying a hasty goodbye and leaves. No hug, no warm smile. Billy is shattered. The walk home is the longest he ever took. Steve is there when he comes home. He smiles and asks how it's been, but shuts up as soon as he sees Billys face. He's there in a heartbeat and pulls Billy into a hug. Billy can't help it, he starts crying. Steve is there and holds him tight. They don't talk about it that night, Billy can't. He just cries into Steves shoulder until they both fall asleep late at night.
Billy and his mom had made plans to meet again the following day, but Billy doesn't hear from her on that day or the days after. He feels hurt and betrayed, but there's this voice in his head, that sounds suspiciously like Neil's that whispers to him. "What did you expect? Nobody could love someone like you."
About two weeks go by until another letter arrives. Billy puts off reading it until Steve opens it for him, so he has to. His mother apologizes but tells him she can't let him into her or her new family's live until he "repents from his sinful ways." There are bible quotes, some of them in a different handwriting (Billy guesses her husband's) and parts that read more like a sermon. There's also a brochure for a camp that could help him "finding his way back into gods light."
Billy is gutted but he had already expected something like this. Still holding the letter and reading his mothers words hurts like hell. Steve holds his hand while he's reading the letter and pulls him into another hug when he's done. Billy doesn't cry this time but falls into a stoic silence. It's a sobering realization that even his mother's love was conditional.
They burn the letter and the brochure on their stovetop. Afterwards Steve cooks them pasta and just chats away. Billy listens to him and even laughs a few times at the stupid things he says. They sit on the couch and watch TV while they eat.
"You know we should invite Joyce and Hopper for a few days." Steve says after they sat in silence for a while. "Will's looking into going to College here. We could show them around a bit." Billy knows that they don't really need to show Joyce, Hopper and Will around Chicago, they had been visiting them quite a bit over the last few years. But as he looks into Steve's big brown eyes, that are so full of love and warmth, he understands why. His own family may not love him and reject him, but he had built another family with Steve and the gang of nerds he'd driven around since they were pre-teens. Hopper who was grumpy and and constantly annoyed, but was always there with a word of advice over a cold beer when he needed it. And Joyce who was more of a mother to all of them than his own mother could ever be. Heck, even Nancy and Jonathan who they didn't see that often anymore but who they'd call every other week or so. Billy felt warmth in his broken heart, mending the cracks and filling him with love.
So he said "Sure, why not?", and smiled at Steve. Steve smiled back and pulled Billy in a soft and gentle kiss. This, Billy thought, was what real love felt like. This was home.
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untamedho · 2 hours ago
"Who do you think your betrothed is?" Wei Wuxian asks, sprawling out in front of Lan Zhan and enjoying the prim thinning of his lips at the question. He shouldn't be sprawling—they're in the library, for one, and Lan Zhan is studying, for another—but he can't help himself. Wei Wuxian is a sprawler.
"I do not believe this to be of importance," Lan Zhan responds, without turning his gaze away from his book.
"What!" Wei Wuxian sits up. "How can you say that? Of course it's important! This is the person you'll be with for the rest of your life, Lan Zhan."
54,673 words.
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untamedho · 2 hours ago
Among the cultivation sects and beyond, the soulmate threads are a shared and common knowledge: blue for a familial soulmate. Silver for a friend. Red for a lover.
Lan Zhan is eight years old when the red thread first appears on his wrist.
47,424 words.
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