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r0d30-brqt48 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
stuff from my aggie session in which i find out diona is fun to draw (if i simply delete some of her clothes)
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sanjanachauhan3 hours ago
Individuals travel for various reasons. Each individual may have his/her motivation to go on a voyaging, this is important to take note that voyaging, in itself, has some natural advantages. For one, for certain days moving away from an ordinary routine is a lovely change. This stimulates one's body as well as brain and soul. Venturing out to a removed spot and doing incredible things that are not considered in any case, can stimulate an individual. This causes an individual to fail to remember his concerns, issues, anticipations, and fears, yet for quite a while. This offers him an opportunity to think carefully and conveniently.
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al-nemeseos4 hours ago
Traveler: Why are you on the floor?!
Diluc: I'm depressed.
Diluc: Also I was stabbed in the gut by a cryo mage's ice, can you get Jean, please.
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lina-vera4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I have the idea of 鈥渞eal forms鈥 for the twins. (coff excuse to draw them with wings coff) and I really like how this turned out. Obviously there are thing that look weird but overall I鈥檓 happy with it.
I posted again cause I didn鈥檛 put the聽鈥渄o not respost鈥 thing
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flyingarrowsvlog4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Old photograph and old school. Follow @flyingarrow22 #nathulapass #indiachinaborder #sikkimadventures #sikkimbiketrip #sikkimdiaries #sikkimtrip #sikkimtourism #sikhism #bikerider #bikerider #bikelovers #biker #ridingbikes #riderlife #travellingthroughtheworld #traveler #travelingram #photooftheday #photooftheday #modellife #photo #cute #nature_seekers
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doodlerh5 hours ago
Do you have a favorite element in Genshin? Is there a specific one that you're looking foward to the Traveler maybe unlocking?
oo i gotta say cryo might be my fave!! tbh now that i think about it cryo traveler would be SICK
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bestdesti6 hours ago
10 Best Places To Visit In Seattle, Washington
Are you searching best places to visit in Seattle, Washington, USA? Seattle enjoys a vibrant blend of cultural activities that take advantage of the city鈥檚 ethnic diversity, the tradition of local government support for the arts, and its position as the center of education and economics for the region and the country. Seattle is one of the best tourist attractions in the United States, Seattle is the best city for eat, live, vacation, and nigh life. Things to do in Seattle, Washinton with family, kids, and friends.
The views from the world-famous Space Needle, the fair, and the observation deck above the city鈥檚 symbols are spectacular. The city鈥檚 parks and streets are full of examples of public art, including the monumental sculptures of the Seattle Center.
A hallmark of Seattle鈥檚 everyday life and popular culture is the relationship between coffee and coffee houses. Also, Seattle is best for winter, summer, fall, January, December, and at night.
Seattle, a dynamic and eclectic city on the Pacific Northwest, is a dynamic urban outpost surrounded by the Pacific Northwest, with vibrant dining scenes, eclectic districts, and stunning coastal environments.
With its own attractions such as the Space Needle, Hiram M Chittenden Lock, and Chihuly Garden and Glass, the city serves as a gateway to the San Juan Islands, Kerry Park, The Museum of Flight, Pike Place Market, Olympic National Park, Alki Beach and much more.
Here Are 10 Best Places To Visit In Seattle, Washington
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multifacetecl6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淚t can鈥檛 be that聽bad, can it?鈥 She was definitely no master cook, but she thought she was capable enough to follow a recipe. But . . . That was where she went wrong: the confidence she had gave her the impression that she could deviate from the original ingredients just a little. Perhaps she used the wrong herb, which provided the bitter taste her dish gave.聽
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special-wolf6 hours ago
Cat Headcanons || Genshin Impact
[Gender Neutral]
Includes: Childe, Xiao, Venti, Chongyun, Albedo and Aether (ft. Lumine)
Tumblr media
Honestly, a really hyperactive cat that loves running into things at 3am or just as you manage to doze off.
Basks in all of the attention all the time, and he will lay across everything you own in order to achieve his goal.
As an outdoor cat, he often picks fights with everything with a pulse. If you have a mailman, you might want to get a "BEWARE: Cat." sign to warn them. Childe, as you often call him when he's whining, will attack every cat you own just to piss them off.
You think you're safe? Aha, if only. He hides under your bed and swipes your ankles when you walk over, he sneaks under you just before you sit down just to attack you or be coddled when you "hurt" him.
He loves fish flavoured food, cat or human. This cat will yell whenever you have it, just so you feel guilty and hand him some. But he's never satisfied.
Although he has a lot of energy, he can have calm moments where he'll curl up near you or on your lap. The first time was when he accidentally knocked something over when running around the house, so he took a moment to think through what happened and did his best to stay on your good side during that day.
The second time he was feeling a bit down since he couldn't scare the mailman.
But after then, he'll just randomly get sentimental and try and gift things even if you don't want them. Those poor birds...
But he tries his best with everything, and he's overall a good cat besides his violent tendencies at 6am.
Tumblr media
He's not one for affection, he often likes to keep his own space and just watch you. He had been from a pound and it'd quite obvious due to his nature. He refuses to be in a room if someone else is there. He's more of a one-on-one cat.
Xiao doesn't tend to eat much, but it's not clear if it's because he doesn't like the food or he goes out to get his own. He does have a favourite though, and it's something he can never stick his nose up at.
He's extremely reserved, and he doesn't cross paths with you much even if you're home all day. Over time, he does begin go warm up to you which is good.
From attacking with his claws when you get too close, he just paws your hand gently to let you know he's not in the mood... But that's never stopped you before.
He can't help but relish in attention, but he obviously feels like he doesn't deserve it (or that's what you try to tell yourself) as he often grooms his own fur after being showered in love.
Once he's comfortable, he'll actually initiate affection as he lays nearby you. If you're doing work, he'll lay on the side of the desk as he waits for any strokes to come his way. If you're trying to sleep, he'll jump up onto your bed and curl up near your legs at a small distance. It's not clear if he stays all night, but he's at least there until you fall asleep.
He's really independent, but he does let his dependence shine when he tries to. He prefers to do anything himself, but he will let you know if he needs something. He'll move his water bowl if it's empty, he'll jump onto counters when he's hungry, and he'll curl up next to you when he's feeling lonely. He's a silent cat, but yet he seems to communicate better than anyone you know.
Tumblr media
He's very curious about anything and everything you do, it's how he found his love for music. If you get up and leave the room, he'll follow in hopes to know what you're doing.
He loves just watching you do anything, he just appreciates everything you do. He's quite an airhead cat, considering he just goes with the flow of anything, but he's a loveable one. There's times where he's stopped eating his own food just to see what you're doing right next to him and have forgotten to finish it. It's not clear if he just has an abandonment issue, but it's adorable to hear him come running over when you take too many steps away from him.
He loves to paw at you, basking in the attention as you tap his nose just like he did to you. His eyes seems naturally teary, but he couldn't be happier with you around him. He's often nuzzled into the crook of your neck when you're at a desk, sitting himself straight up as he watches you do your thing.
He loves when you have headphones/earphones in too, he often just closes his eyes as he listens whilst nuzzled into your neck and hearing as you type or write.
Considering how active he is to follow you, he's very lazy when he doesn't have to move. He barely moves when he's laying down, often just spread out across the surface as he exposes his chin and stomach.
Don't touch his stomach. It's a ploy. He does it to trap you so you can't leave him for an hour or two. Don't look into his eyes either, he has mastered the guilt trip look if you move.
He drinks things very quickly, often begging for more in his bowl even though he just downed the full thing. He doesn't really care what he drinks, but he's curious to test out any alcohol you have so don't leave it lying around.
During a night cycle, Venti is often laying on you before you even get to settle down properly, or he's attacking your feet as you try to warm up. It's never certain which way he'll act until the time, but maybe some bribes will ease him to lay down and sleep. But probably not.
Tumblr media
He's not an exactly active cat, seemingly content with just lying around and watching you do anything fun. He seems to have been in a haunted home before yours since he's constantly looking around in every corner for something supernatural.
You've caught him staring at your bedroom corner before and it freaked you out for a week.
If you had any problems with spirit's beforehand, suddenly everything seems fine? If you praise him for it, he will mope for a week or two since he didn't even get to see what he got rid of.
He does similar things with mice or bugs too, seems to repel them a lot. If you had a problem with spiders, cockroaches or anything then don't be too surprised when you notice a lack of them. He's good at his cat duties.
Chongyun isn't much for affection, but he doesn't mind a small tickle under his chin when he's disheartened by the lack of spirits/bugs in your home.
He refuses to do anything with cat toys, even though his eyes do widen at the sight. Laser pointers are things that are especially hard for him to resist, but he often manages to. There have been times where he hasn't been able to, and he's so cute when he's letting himself have fun. It did end up with a curtain ripped though.
Tumblr media
This cat is smarter than you, hate to say it. You can be fiddling with something for hours but, the second you place it down, Albedo will have figured out how to either open it or work it. There was a school problem you needed help with, but you couldn't even open the packet it was in until you left it with him for three seconds to grab scissors.
He loves watching you, no matter where you are, and it gets quite creepy sometimes. Especially when it's late at night and all you see are his glowing eyes.
He is always by your side when you're doing work, just watching you type or write answers to things. You heard the saying "dog ate your homework", but have you heard "cat did your homework"? Didn't think so. But he's actually quite helpful.
There's times where he can be pretty annoying with it, especially if it's something like art, since he will just hit your pen/pencil to help you. He just ignores your complaints but he will return your praises as you stroke his head for helping with a specific part.
He's often sitting or standing even when he can relax, but it's something that you get used to after like a week of him being around. He rarely seems to relax, but when he does you can't help but feel honoured.
It's strange how he mainly relaxes when he's trying to get you to have break from you work, purposely laying in front of your sight until you give up and step away. Although he's quite a smart ass, Albedo is quite a charmer. He can pick up on your feelings really quickly, and his mere appearance is something he notices seems to cheer you up. So if you're stressing over something that doesn't concern him, he'll still bring himself over to you and just sit on your lap or something.
He often sleeps by your side, but mainly at night with you as he hates to waste moments with you awake. He waits until you're fully asleep to properly settle down, always staying sitting up until he hears your breathing soften. Possibly a cat with abandonment issues? Or maybe he's just missed too many opportunities in his cat life? Can never be sure, but he's a delight to be around anyways.
Tumblr media
Aether & Lumine:
These twin cats are the funniest two when you're having a bad day. Poor Aether is often hit by Lumine, whether it be on purpose or not, since she's quite sassy with him. He could trip over a wire and she'd purposely step over the wire in his sight to rub it in his face.
These two are really similar with each other though, since Aether does the same thing when he can, and it's cute when you notice it. The two share the same head tilt when you say something they don't get, and they both lift their heads at the same time when they hear their bowls.
They often trip over one another, but they always recover quite quickly. The two are never aggressive, more just sassy and fed up with situations. They aren't the most enthusiastic when there's guests though, both unhappy with the lack of attention and help they would get if you were just with them usually.
They hate being away from each other and you, often depending on each other and you for simple things. If you're relaxing, then they'll more than likely be on each side of you doing the same thing. The only problem is if there's not much space for the both of them, then they will fight for that spot. You only have one lap, and there's two of them. Lumine often wins though.
Aether is more affectionate and expressive than Lumine, but Lumine is more elegant and understanding. Aether will actively sigh when there's guests, but Lumine will guide her brother away from the scene.
He'll lean into your hand and plea for attention, but Lumine will wait for her turn patiently as she watches.
It's hard to explain their dynamic to others, but it's really clear they're siblings. They're so much like each other, even with their differences.
Although, one of them has gone missing...
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armin-ocean-eyes7 hours ago
Can someone tell me how to use artifacts and how to level up characters well in genshin. Im ar.44 and I definitely should probably be doing more damage while fighting.
For reference my main team is (female) Traveler, Venti, Zhongli, and Childe.
For 5 star artifacts I have concert's final hour, gladiators intoxication, maiden's heart-stricken infatuation and royal silver urn.
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lovekokugonza8 hours ago
Koku Gonza Live at Hudson River Park Pier 45
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wonderland-hearts8 hours ago
Tumblr media
鈾 Mod Dodo
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beidous-boobs8 hours ago
Scaramouche trying to take control while you fucking and acting all superior and shit only for him to end up a blubbering, red faced mess underneath you in seconds
Putting little brats into their place is my favorite. Like yeah I like subs. But bratty subs who think they are a dom and then are proven wrong and get fucked silly? YES
馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦 scaramouche is a little brat who needs a lesson in life. He needs to realize that there will always b someone better than him and if he has to learn it the hard way so be it.
Imagine scaramouche has gone on all his years thinking hes a total dom. Hes had his flings, hes been the dom each time and he takes absolute pride in bending others to his will like that. Then u come along n he thinks its gonna be the same but no...hes suddenly the one w his face smushed into a pillow with his ass up in the air. Hes so bratty, hes definitely not giving up his position without a fight..except he still loses and he has to accept the fact that he likes being pounded in the ass and being called puppy. Hes never moaned so pathetically in his life.
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findthebae9 hours ago
Hello, I'm Cyrus Albright from Octopath Traveler. I would love to hear from anyone, especially Therion, Tressa, and Odette. From what I can remember, mostly everything was canon compliant, except that Tressa expressed having some trouble figuring out their gender after the events of the game. I don't have too many memories, as I only got into kin about a year ago. I'm also 16, so I'd prefer if you were a minor, but adults can interact too. Just interact with this post and I'll get back to you.
! ! !
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