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#Trans Mammon
literallyjustarat2 days ago
Obey me! brothers with ace MC
- "Lucifer...I'm ace.."
- ".......alright then, what are your boundaries?"
- he's taking notes for the sake of the exchange program 馃槍
- lmao no we know he's a simp, u can't leave him once he decided to be vulnerable with u
- will do everything he can to not make u uncomfortable
- comes up with a signal u can use to let him now something ain't right
- just to be sure might let u initiate all physical contact, or asks first
- whether you're sex repulsed or not doesn't matter, he's been alive and alone for too long to care about something like this
- "you a what now???"
- cut him some slack his head is full of u and money scamming schemes
- "woah okay, so this *gestures to his modeling body* does nothing for ya huh....WHY WOULD YA LIKE ME THEN??"
- yeah this might take a while
- "k...what's the big deal with it then?"
- all he wants is some quality time with his human and all his worries are cured 馃ぇ
- is extra carefull with picking movies for u two to watch now
- also might shower u with purple-black trinkets he finds on akuzon bc they remind him of u
- "but we can still cuddle right? it's not like I like it or anythin-"馃槼
- "pog" LEVI NO
- "well you obviously wouldn't like me for my looks-" (LEVI NO虏) "I like u for who u are馃槍馃挏" "ew why"
- yeah no most likely to be just "cool...anything I should watch out for?"
- intimacy scares him anyway so if ur not into cha-cha slide he'd be so relieved
- will point out anime characters that seem ace to him
-"oh I've read about this" infodumps for like an hour at least
- boi knows more than u
- "I just want to know if you're okay with it" he's already handing u all the books he talked about "absolutely, why wouldn't I"
- talking about feelings is very important to him so feel free to rant about it anytime
- will tell u everytime he finds a new book on this topic or with a character that seems ace to him
- "oh, is what why my charm didn't work on you?"
- so like you don't like him just for his body, wow, uh no he's not crying that just allergies 馃ぇ
- immediately asks if u ever felt uncomfortable talking with him as his mind tends to wander..
- I think he'd be ecstatic about the idea of queer platonic relationship
- he can still enjoy your cute dates and shopping trips so why would it matter anyway
- "I'm ace" "I thought u were a human"
- he's not really one to think about this stuff too much, u like who u like and that's that
- he's still glad you wanted to share this with him
- I don't.. know.. he's just,.. so accepting
- u feel so warm and welcome
- and if u ever need to talk about it too someone you can count on him
- "belphie... I'm ace" "and u woke me up for this?!?"
- doesn't care, why would he
- "we can still cuddle right?"
- "sure"
" then shut up and come here"
- once he actually wakes up he might ask what is a no no for u
- and he MIGHT ask before invading your personal space but that's all
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kitsune-oji2 days ago
The influx of ace and trans mc content coming round is the best thing that could've come from yesterday and I'm proud of everyone who makes it and shares it
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demonvoucher2 days ago
The Obey Me! characters鈥 prounoun headcanons: Bonus Neopronoun Round!
My first one can be found here~! If anyone clowns on this I will cry and I鈥檓 an ugly crier!!!!
These include some basic sentences showing you how they might be used in practice! You can find info on neopronouns here, and there鈥檚 a big masterlist of neopronouns here!
ze/zyr/zyrs/zyrself these are zyrs pronouns because the sharp yet openness fits zyr. i feel like ze might pick these out for zyrself for this reason.
bri/brigh/brighs/brightself these are brighs pronouns because of how shiny they are fits brigh鈥檚 personality. i feel like bri might pick these out for brightself for this reason.
zi/zip/zips/zipself these are zips pronouns because them being vaguely tech-y fits zip. i feel like zi might pick these out for zipself for this reason.
ey/em/eir/eirs/emself these are eir pronouns because they鈥檙e simple and yet they stand out, which fits em. i feel like ey might pick these out for emself for this reason.
fae/faer/faers/faerself these are faers pronouns because their being light and airy fits faer. i feel like fae might pick these out for faerself for this reason.
hon/honey/hons/honself these are hons pronouns because them being so sweet fits honey. i feel like hon might pick these out for honself for this reason.
dae/daem/daes/daeself these are daes pronouns because them being somewhat edgy yet ironic fits daem. i feel like dae might pick these out for daemself for this reason.
vae/vaer/vaers/vaerself these are vaers pronouns because they seem somewhat regal to me while still being a bit casual, which fits vaer. i feel like vae might pick these out for vaerself for this reason.
ao/ao/aos/aoself these are aos pronouns because their being gentle and light fits ao. i feel like ao might pick these out for aoself for this reason.
li/lim/lims/limself these are lims pronouns because they sound somewhat melodic, which i feel fits lim. i feel like li might pick these out for limself for this reason.
bud/bud/buds/budself these are buds pronouns because they鈥檙e small and have room to grow, just like bud. i feel like bud might pick these out for budself for this reason.
ou/ous/ouself these are ous pronouns because they鈥檙e playful and open, which fits ou. i feel like ou might pick these out for ouself for this reason.
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six6ugly23 days ago
obey me brothers helping MC through a bad dysphoria day
鈥 because things have been tough lately and writing comfort sometimes helps
*****(MC is FtM/transmasc/nonbinary in this, and can also be meant for anyone who wears a binder for chest dysphoria)
In truth, I feel like he is some parts clueless, other parts understanding when it comes to dysphoria.
He notices your absence at breakfast, within the hallways, the desk you usually sit at in your RAD classes, but he鈥檚 stacked with work so he can鈥檛 go and check on you to see what you鈥檙e up to.
Diavolo sees him spacing out, asking what鈥檚 wrong to which he tells him, and Diavolo lets him off his workload for the day to go and make sure you鈥檙e alright.
Once back at the House he searches quickly through any of the rooms you might be in鈥 the library, the kitchen, leans against the bathroom door in case you were showering or just washing up after waking.
All empty aside from your room, door still closed and bare of any light source; only the light from the hall that filters in as he nudges the door open quietly.
鈥(Y/N), are you awake?鈥 His voice startles you, your back having been turned away from the door where you were buried neck deep in your covers and aimlessly scrolling through your DDD.
He walks over, carefully sits on the edge of your bed to place a hand on your forehead to check of you鈥檙e running a fever.
鈥淚鈥檓 fine,鈥 you tell him, neither a lie or the truth, 鈥渨e all have our rough days.鈥
And he doesn鈥檛 get it, but the way you shift and squeeze the pillow tighter against your chest gives him a sign of sorts.
鈥淚s there anything I can do for you?鈥
You shake your head, 鈥渋t鈥檚 my own problem.鈥
鈥淎ren鈥檛 you hungry? I can summon Barbatos over to make you something, or at least drink some water.鈥
鈥淚 will. Thank you.鈥
鈥淩emember we all care about you here, (Y/N). Don鈥檛 hesitate to talk to them鈥 to me.鈥 He kisses your forehead, then, careful of his weight as he leans down. 鈥淵ou know how to contact me.鈥
All you can do is nod, another meek thank you leaving your lips as he bids goodbye and returns to his work.
Why鈥檇 you skip out on breakfast with him?! It鈥檚 Saturday, that鈥檚 your thing!
And because he鈥檚 Mammon, and in his own Mammon way of 鈥榩ayback鈥, he avoids your room for most of the day.
He expects a bombardment of texts from you asking where he is and what he鈥檚 up to鈥 what he鈥檚 scheming this time.
But hours pass and your line is silent and he starts to worry, inwardly at first so his brothers don鈥檛 notice but then it grows, expands, because damnit what the hell, is his human mad or something?!?!
His own nerves guide him to stand in front of your door and slam his fist against it, not waiting for you to invite him in.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my human, so this is my room.鈥 鈥 鈥淲hatever, Mammon.鈥
Inviting himself in was a bit of a mistake on his part, though, because the blinds are still drawn and your room is almost pitch black and, fuck, ouch, he definitely stubbed his toe on something.
鈥(Y/N),鈥 he huffs dramatically, 鈥淥i, human, what鈥檚 goin鈥 on with you? Makin鈥 me worry and all that stuff. Pick your head up, c鈥檓on, if we hurry we can catch a late lunch.鈥
鈥淣ot the time,鈥 you mutter back, grumbling at the constant pulling on your arm, depending on the other to keep the pillow pressed close to you.
Mammon cocks his head in the dark and drops your arm rather ungracefully, shrugging off his jacket and climbing over you so he can look you in the face.
鈥淲hat happened to my human?鈥
You tell him it鈥檚 been a bad day, a bad night even, and that moving even an inch makes your head throb and nausea swirl behind your eyes.
鈥淎re you sick? Human world colds aren鈥檛 too long, right?鈥 You shake your head gently so not to rouse the headache, death grip on the pillow becoming even deadlier. 鈥淥h! It鈥檚 that!鈥
鈥淰olume, please.鈥
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you text me? You had me worried sick about you all day when I could鈥檃 been here to get your mind off it.鈥 In the dark you think you see him blush.
鈥淲ell whatever, foolish human. The Great Mammon has come to rescue you, so worry not!鈥 He outstretches his arms in a mock-heroic way, then proceeds to flop next to you. 鈥淪o, plans?鈥
It鈥檚 not a normie thing, right?
He sort of understands, at least the being uncomfortable in your own body part of it all鈥 he鈥檚 a shut in, after all, often sitting in the dark in baggy clothes so he doesn鈥檛 have to pay attention to what鈥檚 under it all.
But still, you walking into his room on a day classes were going on to ask him to distract you was, more or less, a big surprise.
You sit down near him on the bed where he has reruns of an old anime playing, as well as a mobile game open and paused on his DDD. He tells you that he鈥檒l do his work for the day later, and that a remake of what he鈥檚 watching is rumored so he needs a refresher.
鈥淲hy aren鈥檛 you at RAD, though? Won鈥檛 Lucifer be mad at you?鈥
You tell him you woke up feeling not so great, that even getting from your bed to here was a hassle and a bit draining, that, in all honesty, you don鈥檛 want anyone to look your way for even a second.
And that flusters him, prompts him to make his awkward embarrassed noises and wave his hands all the while saying you should鈥檝e said that sooner.
鈥淵our room is dark, Levi, so I don鈥檛 mind. I鈥檓 wearing a binder, but even that doesn鈥檛 seem to be helping me today.鈥
The mention of your binder helps him understand a little more鈥 understand why you were so quick to wrap yourself in one of his thick blankets and slouch your shoulders.
He frowns, blushes, crosses his arms and accuses you of being bad at elaborating, but still. He lets you sit as close as your comfortable with and turns the screen of his laptop so you can see it better.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know if you鈥檙e interested, you can find something else.鈥 For his sake, and to save the little bit of energy you have left, you let it play.
Soon enough, though, the swaddling of the blanket, the white noise of his anime and game, and the soft blue light of his room lulls you to sleep.
I stand by my line of thought that Satan knows more than he might let off because of how many books he reads.
Obviously he鈥檚 not the coming-of-age type but he has read a few, few before and more after you came to Devildom. More after to try and understand what dysphoria is, what it causes, what he can do to help in a time of need.
So when you come to him after a long day of sore shoulders both from slouching and your binder, he鈥檚 more than happy to help.
鈥(Y/N), how long have you been wearing it?鈥 He asks you softly, his hands gently kneading at your neck and shoulders to work the soreness out of them. Your silence is all the answer he needs, as well as the barely there stutter in your sighs.
鈥淛ust a little longer, Satan.鈥 You say quietly. He huffs, but he can鈥檛 really tell you what to do. Instead he goes to his wardrobe to look for something that鈥檚 too big even on him.
He hands it to you鈥 a thick sweater in one hand and a t-shirt almost the size of a twin-sized blanket in the other, telling you to keep them, that you may need them more than he does.
He lets you use his bathroom then, occupying himself with the last few pages of a book as the soft rustling of clothes comes from the bathroom.
When you emerge, binder in hand, he almost laughs at how you鈥檙e swimming in his clothes, both the shirt and sweater draping lower than your knees.
You cross your arms high on your chest, more aware than ever. He beckons you over, makes room on the couch for you to sit near him and get comfortable, tucked away in the massive clothes.
From the end of the couch he grabs a pillow for you, placing it near his leg and patting it softly to tell you to lay down.
Once you do he reads aloud, wary of where his hands brush through your hair and over your neck and arms, both voice and touch soothing.
He鈥檚 a good distraction from the day you鈥檝e had, and the massage earlier has helped with the usual pain in your upper back.
鈥淵ou can sleep here tonight, (Y/N), don鈥檛 think you have to leave.鈥
Selfcare selfcare selfcare selfcare selfcare
It鈥檚 his specialty to make people feel good in their skin, and you鈥檙e definitely not one he鈥檇 ignore in favor of doing so.
He鈥檚 deemed it selfcare Sunday, obviously a trend on the internet, but you don鈥檛 point it out because it鈥檚 cleverness makes Asmo smile.
He often drags you along with him, never once questioning why you鈥檇 rather skip the bathing part because while, yes, he would love to see all of you, he knows his limits and his boundaries.
But when he comes to get you Sunday night after your day long absence to see you still in bed, eyes shut but music playing loudly through headphones attached to your DDD, he figures now is the time for a 鈥楽.S.S.S.鈥, or 鈥榮uper special selfcare Sunday鈥.
鈥(Y/N), sweetheart, it鈥檚 our favorite time of the week!鈥 Asmo shakes your shoulder gently, startling you from your daze. He鈥檚 turned one of your lamps on and what it reveals shocks him.
Who made you cry?! Crying is bad for you!
鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, Asmo,鈥 you reassure him as he starts to pace, holding a pillow to your chest in attempt to cover up and hide. 鈥淛ust a rough day.鈥
鈥淒oes this mean no selfcare Sunday?鈥 He pouts, taking a careful hold of your wrists.
You can鈥檛 say no, but are still hesitant to say yes becaude your binder is across the room and Asmo is not, and you can鈥檛 tell him to leave in case it hurts his feelings, so.
鈥淐ome on, (Y/N), up and at 鈥榚m!鈥 Asmo cheers, tugging your wrists until you鈥檙e upright on your feet and exposed, fuck!
You panic, tell him to wait, to close his eyes or turn around or something so he doesn鈥檛 see you, because even through the baggy clothes it seems everything you dislike is out in the open for everyone to see.
鈥淚s this what you need?鈥 Blinded by panic you didn鈥檛 notice Asmo listening to you, head ducked with a hand over his eyes, and dangling off his fingers from one of the thick straps is your binder.
You鈥檙e a bit dumbstruck, standing there and staring at him, the binder, back at him.
鈥淪ecret鈥檚 safe with me, (Y/N), now let鈥檚 go! No more wasted time!鈥
We all know he鈥檚 dense and probably won鈥檛 understand it completely, but with a little help and few key words he鈥檒l know.
He comes to you so you don鈥檛 miss their movie night, especially because he got to pick which movie they watch this time.
The crinkle of snacks is what alarma you of his presence.
鈥淚 had to open the door with my foot,鈥 he says, arms full of food and drinks and what looks like Belphie鈥檚 signature cow print pillow. 鈥淚 hope you don鈥檛 mind. Are you okay? It鈥檚 really dark in here.鈥
You usher him over, then, sitting up to flick on one of the lamps in the room. He sits down and drops all the food, picking out his favorite kind of spicy chips from among them and opening up the bag.
鈥淎ren鈥檛 those for movie night?鈥 You ask him, sifting through the smaller things with one hand, the other preoccupied with keeping your blanket held close to your chest.
鈥淭hey鈥檙e from my room.鈥 And, well, it鈥檚 not really an answer but it鈥檚 enough. 鈥淒id you hear me? Are you okay?鈥
You sigh once, twice, purse your lips then look up at him, 鈥渄o you remember a little while ago when I told you about chest dysphoria?鈥 Beel, mouth full of food, nods.
鈥淥h, is it one of those days?鈥 It鈥檚 your turn to nod, blinking back the small tears when he hands you one of his chips. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I won鈥檛 make you come down for the movie.鈥
You almost tell him that鈥檚 the least of your concerns right now, but before you can even begin to form the words in your mouth Beel is settling down next to you in bed. 鈥淲hat?鈥
鈥淲e can watch one up here.鈥
It鈥檚 hard to say no to someone as sweet as him, cheeks bulged the slightest and eyes wide. So you grab your laptop and pull up a movie site, letting Beel turn on the same movie he picked for the brothers.
He stays once it鈥檚 over, not by choice but because, well, apparently his thigh was more comfortable than one of your pillows.
You come to him for comfort after a long weeks worth of schoolwork and just days at RAD in general.
Compared to the rest of the House the attic is cool, making you hug your arms tighter around your body as you quietly ascend up the stairs. He鈥檚 awake, surprisingly, when you reach the top, though he鈥檚 laying there as if he just woke up.
鈥(Y/N)?鈥 The rasp in his voice confirms that yes, he in fact did just wake up, and that if you weren鈥檛 feeling so terrible you鈥檇 laugh at the way he鈥檚 scratching his lower tummy like some old man. 鈥淲hy are you here?鈥
鈥淐an鈥檛 you say it a little nicer?鈥 You chide, though there鈥檚 no real threat behind it. You鈥檙e tired and worn out, and you yourself don鈥檛 really know why, of all demons, you sought out Belphie.
But you don鈥檛 want to turn back either, so you nudge him with your foot until he moves and makes room for you.
鈥淵ou have the class notes for me, right?鈥 Belphie asks, sitting up just to lean against and nuzzle you the same way a cat would.
鈥淚 do. Not on me, but tomorrow.鈥
鈥淩ight. So, why are you here again?鈥
You sigh, tucking your knees up to your chest and burying your face there, ignoring the uncomfortable press of your chest against your legs. 鈥淏ad week.鈥
Belphie blinks a few times before it registers just what you mean, as well as a few sporadic events throughout the week鈥 complaining of sore shoulders, taking longer to catch your breath after walking up the stairs, things like that.
So, in replacement of saying anything or lecturing you the way Lucifer might鈥檝e he circles round and flops over your shoulders with the full expectation for you to hold his weight.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what you think this might be helping,鈥 you huff.
鈥淟ay with me, (Y/N), I鈥檓 tired.鈥 He unsticks himself from your back, then, settling back down after shoving a pillow into your arms. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e little spoon, obviously, my legs are longer than yours.鈥 Another huff from you.
You comply, though, laying with your back to him and trying not to panic too much when he wraps his arms around your middle, too close to what you hate.
鈥淭hat pillow wasn鈥檛 a gift for you to hand off, you know,鈥 he grumbles, pulling at the pillow and situating your arms so you鈥檙e hugging it, prompting him to scoot closer so he鈥檚 got arms around it as well.
You鈥檙e not exactly tired, but Belphegor falls asleep with his warm breath coming in soft puffs between your shoulders where his face is buried.
Eventually sleep finds you, pressed much too close to a demon who鈥檚 soft breathing is what lulls you in.
hihi I hope this was satisfactory, I feel like I lost touch throughout it. ah, and if you see this, please feel free to send requests or something, I鈥檓 dried out on my own ideas T-T
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lettheratsin27 days ago
If y鈥檃ll want I totally would love to talk headcanons about om! Or even like do hc requests bc I鈥檓 bored and I鈥檓 writing other things but I鈥檇 love to do something a little more informal? Also I鈥檓 like craving hurt/comfort myself bc I鈥檓 a sad dysphoric little enby and I want to cry on a demon bfs shoulder or like even just hcs on how the boys would cheer up a sad MC
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lettheratsina month ago
Inspired by chats with @lavender-roses-and-bloody-noses Obey Me! Trans headcanons. Lmao I鈥檓 trans and I just want every character to be trans so I鈥檓 just giving random headcanons based on how I think they would be as trans don鈥檛 take it too seriously 馃槼
Levi makes handmade Ruri chan cosplay that she secretly sewed herself and Mammon sees it like the maid drama and he鈥檚 a proud big bro and fawns all over his baby sister and everyone is really supportive and loves her lots and Asmo does her makeup and it鈥檚 adorable shut up
Trans boy Beel who works out a lot to help with dysphoria 馃ズ馃ズ
Agender Satan who鈥檚 like 鈥渇uck a gender that鈥檚 some stupid human thing鈥
Genderfluid Asmo is so important to me too oh my god not that you need to be genderfluid to wear what you want but just Asmo wearing pretty dresses 馃槏馃槏馃槏
Mammon is everyone鈥檚 biggest cheerleader too I feel like he鈥檇 be the most supportive big brother ever for his trans sibs
Also like uwu Beel bleaches his hair and dyes it bc it makes him feel more in control of his appearance and less dysphoric
Lucifer would kill anyone who even thinks something bad about his siblings lmao he鈥檚 super overprotective
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thursdaysfromthe1800sa month ago
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grandtorinaaa month ago
Obey me Coming Out Headcannons
My dumbass posted this and went the entire day before realizing I forgot to label it lmao
Gender Neutral, Race Neutral MC
No warnings
Luci boots with the fur
"I see."
He'd honestly be really happy that you felt comfortable enough to tell him
Don't let his boomer-isms fool you, he is 100% supporting you.
"I'm very pleased that you're finding your identity, love."
He would make sure all your official documents were updated if they needed to be.
If anyone dares to disrespect you they will be not-so-kindly chewed on by cerberus.
"Oi, what are ya lookin鈥 all nervous for? Ya think the Great Mammon would be mad over this?鈥
His words might be initially rough sounding, but the intention is portrayed with the physical affection he gives you.
He will aggressively defend his human if someone is rude to you, or makes a snide comment.
If you wanted to get any medical procedures done, he would try to save up and surprise you with it as a present or something, he just wants to see you all smiley and bubbly tbh
Depending on your identity, you might have to explain to him what it means, he might not even get it at first but he still tries his best to make sure he鈥檚 doing things right for you
He is 100% relating you to a random anime character he knows
He is also asking you to cosplay them
If you come out to him first he鈥檚 going to feel extra special, maybe wag his tail internally. But according to the tsundere code he has to play it like he doesn鈥檛 care or knew the whole time.
鈥淪-silly normie, that's not, well, I鈥檓, that's not something that would bother me.鈥
He鈥檚 like your own personal cheerleader when it comes to social interaction, especially if you鈥檙e nervous.
Very chill.
鈥淥h, I see.鈥 *closes his book* 鈥淚 appreciate you letting me know.鈥
Highkey would ask you questions just because he鈥檚 curious academically, but if you don鈥檛 feel comfortable he鈥檇 be understanding.
If you have dysphoria, he鈥檚 going to activate his braincells and get you a potion or something to alleviate it.
He will also murk anyone who acts disrespectful, on sight it's over.
If you go to events like GSA or something he鈥檒l also tag along if he can.
He wants to learn about anything and everything relating to you.
like this dude isn鈥檛 genderfluid and having an affair with solomon c鈥檓on now
鈥淭hink of all the ways we can style your flags!鈥
If anything he鈥檚 more excited than you are.
Asmo is most certainly busting out his acrylic set and giving you a manicure.
Someone disrespects your pronouns? He鈥檚 roasting tf outta them. Immediate social death, straight up hatecrimed them. Someone being xyzphobic? They鈥檙e getting called a stupid bitch on his live.
If you wanted reassignment, he could probably hit up Solomon for his magical essential oils. But if you didn鈥檛, he would definitely do his best to show you how to appreciate yourself. If you鈥檙e dating him you鈥檙e automatically the 2nd hottest person in all 3 realms.
This man. Ugh this man 馃ズ
His gives you the sweetest warmest smile and it just makes you melt
鈥淥h, okay.鈥
You might need to explain more in depth if it's a more obscure term or identity, but he loves you no matter what.
pride cookies, pride ice cream, pride waffles. It's so beautiful, the kitchen is a mess but the cake is great.
If anyone disrespects you, well first of all rip to them. Why would you do that? Beel is huge, giant, and could crush you in an instant. Like he just goes 鈥:/鈥 and straight up eats the fool. Major Ls are taken by the offender.
鈥渙kay whatever鈥
Pretty lackluster reaction but it's only because he really doesn鈥檛 care because he鈥檒l always love you.
Go to pride riding on a cow with him do it do it
I feel like Belphie would like pride pillows. Yeah, he definitely would.
鈥淏elphie what happened to my bed sheets?鈥
鈥淭hey鈥檙e gay now y/n鈥
Some random comes over with shit to say? He smacks tf outta them with his tail. Whipping them to death and back. Either that or the offender has nightmares for a very, very, long time.
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kitsune-oji2 months ago
Opportunism in Hell
Ch 4: Subjugating Greed
Chris was on his way home when he got teleported into hell the Devildom and told he'd be an exchange student. Now if the brothers he has to live with weren't both dangerous and exasperating and wait-- magick is real??
Or: Chris suddenly has the means to real spells and potions, as well as a shady sorcerer and hell be damned if he can't find something to change his sex. Dysphoria is a bitch.
Pairing: undecided
Warnings: none
Word count: 2,766
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Ao3 link
Satan had made curry for dinner, well mostly anyway. There was almost enough food for an army on the table in Chris' humble opinion but Beelzebub would probably devour it all once more.
The human sat down between Mammon and the Avatar of Gluttony again and started eating. The food was actually really delicious, even if there was something unfamiliar about the taste and Chris had to use some hot sauce because it was too mild. Maybe one of the other pots had spicier curry in it?
The brothers were bickering amongst each other, mostly at the expense of Mammon with only Lucifer and Beelzebub keeping to themselves for the most part. The former likely feeling 'above' such squabbles and the latter just being preoccupied with food. At least he got his priorities sorted out.
Chris was kind of glad they didn't drag him into the argument(s) because even if he had paid attention he probably wouldn't know what to say. He felt equal parts relieved he was left out and apprehensive the brothers would suddenly involve him after all.
Most of the side dishes were foreign to him but there was some bread with dips, maybe some type chutney and Chris helped himself on it. He also tried some of the other things spread out on the table and anything he didn't like, he just gave over to Beelzebub who merely acknowledged it with a side glance and a slight smile every now and then.
"Oi! Beel stop stealin' from my plate! You have yer own!", Mammon suddenly yelled over Chris, startling the human. He stopped eating to see what would happen but Beel only continued munching on the food he just stole off Mammon's plate. He had to have reached over yours to get to Mammon but-
" Oh~? Beelie isn't taking the humans food though, has hell frozen over?", Asmodeus chimed in with a chuckle, clearly delighted at the turn of events. Chris glanced at Beelzebub again but the demon just shrugged, responding shortly, "They're too small so they need to eat."
The human was sure that couldn't have been the only reason for the literal Avatar of Gluttony not taking his food but he kept out of the following back and forth like Beelzebub, turning back to his food once more. A smile crazed his lips however and he hoped nobody saw how his cheeks had warmed a bit. Beelzebub really turned out to be the most approachable for now.
After dinner ended with no leftovers as expected, Chris went back to his room. He was glad they hadn't gotten any assignments from the teachers yet so he could use his free time however he wanted. Some time passed while he continued to get familiar with room and got ready for bed but before he could change his clothes his DDD buzzed.
Leviathan: You say Lucifer mentioned having frozen something? Are you absolutely sure that's what he said?
Chris: Yes, I'm absolutely sure
Leviathan: Come to the kitchen. Right now.
Leviathan: Don't tell anyone what you're doing. I don't want anyone to mistakenly think I hang out with some normie human.
Chris: I'm not a fucking normie. Stop calling me that
But he didn't respond to that anymore. Figures. Guess to the kitchen it was then. He stretched his arms above his head, cracking his back and sighed in satisfaction. He couldn't wait to get to bed and this time he wouldn't forget to take off his binder.
Since his room was right next to the kitchen, it didn't take long to arrive there but Leviathan was nowhere to be found. Instead, Beelzebub was by the fridge once more. He looked like he was just about to leave though.
"Oh, perfect timing. Do you have some food on you? I'm hungry", was his way of greeting but Chris had to shake his head regretfully since he didn't have anything with him. The demon didn't look mad at least and just continued, "Why are you here so late anyway?"
Leviathan didn't want Chris to tell others about their meeting right? "I'm hungry too", he said and at least it wasn't a complete lie. He did get hungry pretty quickly but it wasn't bad enough that he would actually search out food right now.
Beelzebub seemed to buy it too, "Oh, I get that. It's not like you can just go to sleep if you're hungry, no matter how late it is. There's nothing left in fridge anymore though." He paused and something more serious took the place of the smile before. "Was there something you wanted to ask me?"
Chris thought this might be the perfect time to ask, "Yeah actually, I was wondering about something. I've met most of you but not the youngest, he'd be Sloth, right?"
However, the human didn't expect Beelzebub to instantly close off, displeasure obvious on his face. "Listen here, don't ever mention him in front of Lucifer. I'm not going to tell you anything about him either and don't bother asking the others", before his expression changed into something more hurt and his voice went quiet, "it's not like we can defy Lucifer. He's our brother but we have to act like he doesn't exist... It's not right."
Chris couldn't get a word in edgewise before the demon ended it at that and left, talking about some poison apple on Lucifer's desk.
Well, that could've gone better.. He just hoped he didn't completely mess up just now. What if Beelzebub didn't want anything to do with him now? Even though he just seemed to warm up to him. Fuck he was so-
What? "Who's there?", Chris called out. It worryingly felt like he was the stupid white girl in some horror movie who always died first, ugh. Fortunately, Leviathan soon revealed himself to be the source of the noise. "Beel is gone, right? Good." Had he heard the conversation Chris just had with his brother? If yes, that was kind of embarrassing.
But Leviathan didn't give any indication he did, instead he went right to the reason they met in the kitchen. "You said you're absolutely certain Lucifer used the word frozen, right?", he made sure once more and Chris could feel himself growing a bit annoyed. "Yes, that's what I said. So, Lucifer probably froze the account, that's what it usually means."
However, Leviathan just ignored what the human had to say and went over to the freezer. "I don't think that's-", Chris started before cutting himself off. It didn't matter what he said anyway so he'd rather save his breath even if the admittance was frustrating. Shaking his head, he went after the demon of Envy into the freezer.
A shudder went through him at the cold air and he was fully dressed! Leviathan proceeded to look through the contents on the various shelves. There wasn't too much but considering they lived with the Avatar of Gluttony, that wasn't all too surprising. Seeing a tub of ice-cream made Leviathan chuckle before explaining, "Look, it's the ice cream Satan hid from Beel around a century ago. I totally forgot about that. Heh, I'm not about to tell him though. That'd spoil the joke. He'll probably figure it out in another 2000 years or something, I'd say."
2000 years, huh. How old were these demons anyway? Chris didn't really want to let himself spiral down the thought that oh gosh God actually exists, what the fuck, so he just focused back on the matter at hand. Behind the tub was a block of ice and if he weren't seeing it himself he wouldn't have believed it. Mammon's credit card glittered in the middle of the cloudy ice.
Thriumphant, Leviathan cheered and quickly walked over to the microwave. "Now we just need to taw it, hah! 20 minutes should do it, right?"
But that would destroy- "Wait no, Leviathan. I don't think that's-", Chris started but was interrupted. It wasn't Leviathan however.
"What are ya doin'?", Mammon asked and Chris had to think back to that one meme where the person said 'hehe, I'm in danger'. He didn't want to know how many more times this would descripe his situation accurately during his time here.
Meanwhile, Leviathan had turned around to his brother, trying to not so sublty hide the contents of the microwave from him. Mammon wouldn't have it though and saw the block of ice and more importantly, what was inside it. "Wait, is that Goldie? What the fuck is she doing in the Microwave? That would demagnetize her you idiot!", he looked ready to tear off Leviathan's head already, shit. The third born just jumped back as if burned though and it looked almost hilarious how he literally went 'oops' at nearly having destroyed the card.
Mammon demanded his Goldie back but Leviathan hid behind Chris' back, gripping his arms painfully tight. Considering how the demon didn't listen to much of anything else the human had said before though, he doubted saying anything would make him lighten his grip. He'd just have to grit his teeth and try to get through this, preferably alive.
The Avatar of Greed was threatening now but it would probably be more accurate to call it promising, since he would actually go through with it. "I'll give you your stupid card if you make a pact with this human!", there was Leviathan's brilliant plan. 'This human' wondered if it would actually work though and Mammon just getting madder didn't inspire convidence.
"If you don't give me Goldie now, I'll make you wish you were dead, Levi", he hissed out and Leviathan's grip would definitely leave bruises now. One hand left Chris' arm though, to reach backwards to the microwave, hovering over the 'On' button once more. "If you want your precious Goldie back, you'll have to make a pact with this human", he repeated shakily.
It was comical how quickly Mammon changed his demeanor at that, sputtering and trying to placate his otaku brother. "Hey Hey, stop, you can't do that. See, here. I'll make that stupid pact just don't hurt Goldie, please. Please, you can't hurt her", before addressing Chris, "C'mon, let's make that pact, ok? Here, I, Mammon Avatar of Greed and second of the seven deadly sins, bind myself to this human, Chris, and recognise him as my master."
At that, the magick that had been steadily building released and Chris felt something tingling on his collarbone but he didn't raise his hand to touch it. Yet. Mammon spoke up again, "Now, give me Goldie!"
Leviathan tossed the somewhat melted block of ice over and Mammon scrambled to get a good hold before braking the ice apart like nothing and retrieving his credit card. He then proceeded to practically make out with and talking to it. Chris frowned, slightly disgusted at the sight.
"Ew, stop! Normie, order Mammon to give me back my money", the demon behind Chris demanded and reluctantly, he did as asked. Mammon seemed ready to cry or kill someone. Maybe both. But it didn't really matter because he left as soon as the order left Chris' lips, presumably to gather the mentioned money he owed.
The human was just glad it was over and left as well. As soon as he closed his bedroom door, he rubbed at his upper arms and hissed at the pain. All he really wanted to do now was sleep, he didn't even care that he just made a pact with a literal demon. First however, he had to get ready for bed.
Before he went to sleep, he checked that his alarm was on and scrolled through devilgram real fast to wind down. He only found a post by Leviathan though, bragging about how he used a human to get his money back from his brother. Groaning, Chris connected the DDD to the charger he found in the bedside table's drawer and rolled around to get to sleep.
After another dreamless night, Chris blearily opened his eyes to squint at his DDD. The song wasn't too annoying yet but he knew it was just a matter of time before he would be in a bad mood whenever he heard it. Something about Pavlo's dogs, wasn't it?
While getting ready, the human reflected on what happened the day before. He didn't really know what he was supposed to do about Mammon know that they had a pact but he had no intention of playing himself up to be the boss of the demon. It just didn't sit right with him.
Chris' first lesson started at 11 am on Tuesdays but breakfast was still as early as usual so it didn't really matter. Mammon would probably have to bring him to school again anyway but maybe Chris could spend his free period in the library. He could look up stuff about how pacts work and look into what he can find about permanent transfiguration of living beings. Did he even have magick? Well, if not then he would just have to get Solomon to help him somehow. The sorcerer seemed agreeable enough.
When Chris walked into the dining room the table wasn't full yet. Full of food maybe but not every demon of the house was there. Only Asmodeus, Leviathan, Satan and Beelzebub sat there and were chatting amongst each other.
The fifth born was laughing and Satan told him to keep it down, else Mammon get upset. "Eh, he won't be awake for a while. Mammon really isn't a morning demon, you know?", he countered, "and anyway, how could I not laugh after what's happened? I mean, this is Mammon, and yet a human was able to play him like a fiddle and force him into a pact!"
Now Satan was chuckling too and Asmodeus called him out for it. The events from yesterday greatly amused them by the looks of it but Chris wasn't so sure how to feel about that. The relationships these brother had amongst each other were a bit confusing but would they really not care that Chris now basically had a hand over their second oldest?
"Hm, this meat is sho tender." Well, at least Beel couldn't care less if he had food in front of him. Leviathan even had to tell him to stop eating plate right with it. Could that demon stomach anything?? Part of Chris hoped so because otherwise the glutton would be in pain but the other part wondered about the ramifications of such a fact.
"Anyway", Asmodeus piped up again, "I have to say I'm surprised. I never thought an average human like you would be able to make a pact with Mammon- certainly not this fast. I guess they really did know what they were doing when they picked you for the exchange program, huh?" Did they though? Chris kind of doubted that.
"I didn't really do much, to be honest", he deflected because while it's nice to know he did something other people would have trouble with that easily, it was really all just because of Leviathan.
Satan chimed in next, "There's no need to be humble about it. We're not upset. Honestly, we think it's pretty funny." And yeah, Chris had already gathered as much. So, he could walk out of this with no hard feelings?
Leviathan started to ramble about how awesome it is he now got the money to buy something that Chris had never heard of and definitely won't remember but right after, Asmodeus called them out for working together, "You know, I find it surprising enough that Chris managed to make a pact with Mammon.. But what's even more shocking is the team up with Levi that helped make it happen. Don't you think?"
"Yep, I never thought I'd see the day a human won over Levi but here we are", Satan agreed readily but Levi vehemently denied it. Chris actually agreed with Leviathan to some extent because they really didn't get any closer, merely helped each other out. Somewhat.
It was pretty funny tho how Beelzebub interrupted his brother just as he was about to declare who is true love was. "No! Cheeseburgers are YOUR one true love, Beel!" "Mhm, I get hungry just thinking about them." And he was still eating... Did he get even more hungry?
Of course, Asmodeus wouldn't let Chris off the hook so easily, why would he? No, he just had to put the human on the spot, asking, "If you had your choice, who would you forge a pact with next, Chris?"
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Opportunism in Hell
Ch 3: Gaining Intel
Chris was on his way home when he got teleported into hell - scratch that - the Devildom and told he'd be an exchange student. Now if the brothers he has to live with weren't both dangerous and exasperating and wait-- magick is real??
Or: Chris suddenly has the means to real spells and potions, as well as a shady sorcerer and hell be damned if he can't find something to change his sex. Dysphoria is a bitch.
Pairing: undecided
Warnings: none
Word count: 2,279
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Ao3 link
Now, Mammon might be annoying at best and dangerous at worst but at least Chris didn't have to feel like he'd be attacked at any second when the second oldest was around. The self proclaimed babysitter had been in a bad mood the whole way to RAD and wonder oh wonder, abandoned the one he was supposed to look after as soon as they passed the gate, throwing back something along the lines of not telling Lucifer or Chris would be dead.
As far as Chris was concerned, he'd probably be dead before he could tell Lucifer anyway but what did he know? Not like the demons around him were whispering about eating him or anything.
"Look, Mammon isn't with that human. There's no way he could know it was us if we took them now", and, "Let's eat it before Beel does!", accompanied him through the halls. Before he could do anything like run further down the hall in an attempt to escape or something similarly stupid however, Lucifer greeted him.
"I see Mammon isn't taking his duties as serious as he should. Not that I'm surprised", he commented and Chris decided that the man was definitely a bastard. There could only be two reason for having Mammon assigned to Chris when knowing he wouldn't do a good job: a. So Lucifer had an excuse to punish his brother in some way - and the human thought back to how Mammon seemed to be bullied by the others - and b. because he didn't actually care that much about Chris' well-being despite what he says and really just wants to make his stay here as hard as possible.
He didn't doubt for a moment that both were true. But well, if they were already on the topic of Mammon, "Could you tell me about Mammon? Something I could use as leverage or similar, because if he's going to be like this...", he trailed off.
There was a glint of something in Lucifer eye that made the boy wary. It'd best be described as amused, maybe mischievous but also some type of condescending. Like he was playing a special kind of joke, wishing to start chaos while standing on the sidelines and watching everyone act how he nudged them to. Playing them like puppets. It made Chris sick.
"Are you asking me that because you think I have something I could blackmail him with at all time? You wouldn't be wrong. However that's not the only reason he can't say no to me. As long as we're on the subject, it just so happens that I've taken on particular weakness of his and frozen it", Lucifer responded and Chris narrowed his eyes at the demon. The way he said that was weird somehow but he couldn't put a finger on what it was.
A satisfied - smug - look grazed on his face, "Well then, you'd better get to class. You wouldn't want to be late on your first day, would you?" "Of course not but would you be so kind and show me the way then? This school is like a maze", Chris quickly cut in before Lucifer could leave him to stand alone in the hallway once again.
It was true, too. There was a room number next to the title of his class "Devildom history - N 046" but he wouldn't know how to find it anyway. It looked like it caught Lucifer a bit off guard though and Chris vowed to try and make the bastard crack like that more often. His condescending manner made him want to punch someone so this was positively gratifying.
"No problem, if you could show me your time table? Ah yes, we're good on our way to the North Wing already so it's not too far. I will escort you there."
It didn't matter if it was human history or devildom history, neither could stay in his head. The teacher was some scaley green demon with small round glasses like some stupid stereotype of a history teacher but unfortunately this included the most boring of lectures as well.
It was clear that he enjoyed his subject himself if you listened to his rants but the monotone voice didn't help Chris at all with his mind's infuriating habit of wandering. Every now and then he'd snap back to what was being said, just so that he couldn't make heads or tails of anything. Then his thoughts would stray again and it repeated itself.
It wasn't like history wasn't interesting, since you could learn a lot from past people's mistakes and victories.. If you ruled and waged wars at least.
With the Devildom being a monarchy since practically the beginning of demon society, there wasn't much to learn from its history for someone who would never make such decisions like the Kings once did. At least on earth there are democracies but he's getting off track.
By the time the lesson ended, Chris wanted to cry. If he couldn't even go through the first lesson successfully, how was he supposed to pass this class? He thought he'd be done with school now, only to be thrown back into another, more dangerous one. Why??
"Hey, you there", someone called out. Did they mean him? "Yes, you with the tormented look on his face that demons like so much." Well, ok.
He turned towards the owner of the voice and saw a guy with white hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a uniform too so he must be a student. "What is it?"
"I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Solomon, the other human exchange student here at RAD and you looked like you could use some help. We humans must stick together, right?", he told Chris with a small smile but there was a distinct spark of mischief in his eyes and this was starting to become a thing, wasn't it? Was there something about him that made people just want to mess with him?
Nevertheless, Chris responded," Nice to meet you, I'm Chris. I've heard you have magick?" "Right to the point, huh? I do, that's right but why are you asking?"
He hesitated before answering, sounding less confident than he wanted, "Just because, magick is interesting, especially if you didn't know it was real before." But Solomon didn't look convinced, not that that was a surprise. A pensive expression passed his face before he leaned a bit closer, voice quieter now but sounding way more serious even if Solomon still looked amused," I know magick can be fascinating but it isn't something someone can just dabble in if they want, unless they want to lose more than they gain. I'd be careful if I were you, there's many who have lost themself because they dove in headfirst into something they didn't understand."
It was confusing how the man came off as helpful but still incited distrust. This must be some kind of skill. "Thank you for the warning, but then you would be the best person to turn to, right?"
Solomon brightened up and stood up straight again, "Sure but remember that nothing comes without a cost, Chris. Now then, it seems the next class will start soon. Where do you need to go?"
Noting the change of topic, Chris responded that it was some kind of potions class in room W 283. Fortunately, the sorcerer shared this class with him so at least he wouldn't have to try and find it on his own. They didn't talk much during the walk there, Solomon merely commenting on things as they walked past, like how there recently was an explosion in this other potions class and he hoped their class would be uneventful on that front. His laugh didn't inspire much confidence though.
The rest of the day went by fairly quickly. Potions class made Chris feel a bit better because he actually understood a thing or two even if he had to look some stuff up before everything made sense.
The practical part was also fun and he'd always been better at such work instead of theoretical. His only other classes had been about torture and seducing humans which to be honest was kind of weird but also strangely fascinating to witness. He was just glad they didn't think it'd be a good idea to try it out on him as part of the lesson or something.
There was also a short lunch break after his second lesson since it had already been half past 12. It was awkward to say the least, eating unfamiliar food in a room full of demons who'd rather eat him than what was on their plates.
Solomon had shown him to the cafeteria before absconding again, telling him he had to do something. That guy couldn't get anymore mysterious, huh? It's probably on purpose too.
Fortunately Chris saw Beelzebub at a table devouring another mountain of food in unimaginable speed. He got a bit worried actually, though it was impressive that the demon didn't choke on anything.
So, the human sat down at the table as well, eating his own heap of food.
Beelzebub hadn't really acknowledged his presence until Chris put something he didn't like near the glutton. He had then slowed down momentarily, looked at Chris, the food, Chris again and thanked him. The smile that came with it could've stopped hearts, it was so bright.
The human could feel his cheeks warm up and mumbled a small "Don't mention it" but Beelzebub had already turned back to inhaling everything in front of him. Maybe he wasn't so bad after all, no matter how dangerous and grumpy he seemed at first.
Chris had to walk himself to the House of Lamentation later on but thankfully he didn't see a lot of demons on the way there and none had approached him. When he arrived, he quickly made his way to his room and let himself fall on the bed with a loud 'oof'.
The adrenaline from constant danger helped with his equally constant exhaustion but this room already gave him a sense of security. He probably would've fallen asleep if it weren't for the buzzing of his DDD.
Leviathan: Hey, human. Have you talked to Lucifer yet?
Of course it would be something like that. He didn't really want to deal with this right now but he had to, he guessed. So he responded.
Chris: Yeah, he said he froze it. I guess he means he temporarily shut down the account? But it was kinda weird how he said it
Leviathan: Ok
That was it? Wow. He couldn't really care less right now however, so he just turned off the DDD and let it fall beside him on the bed.
But now it didn't feel like he could fall asleep. Not enough energy to do anything but also unable to rest without your head running in circles? Of course, Chris reached for the DDD again. He could find out what other apps were on there.
Hmm, devilgram? Was that like a bastardised version of Instagram? He opened it and made his own account on it. What should he call it though? Usernames were always so hard to come up with.. he'd just go with sleepySheepy. It reminded him of this one shirt he had, it was so comfy, oversized and perfect to sleep in. There was a sheep on it and "sleepy Sheepy" in a cute font.
His profile picture on the messenger app had already been set to a drawing of a sheep so he just imported that and set it as his devilgram picture as well. Everything else like the bio could wait for now.
Searching for RAD brought him to a "newspaper" account for the school and there were quite a lot of pictures that included the demon brothers. They were kind of famous it seemed.
They'd been tagged as well so Chris found their accounts and promptly followed them. They wouldn't notice anyway, considering how many followers they already had.
There was a demon with green hair who often starred in pictured of Lord Diavolo and another demon with longer, dark hair and little white strands who hung around Beelzebub a lot. Could the one with Beelzebub be the last brother? And who was that other demon with Diavolo?
A quick look into the descriptions and comments revealed their names to be Belphegor for the dark haired demon and Barbatos for the one with green hair.
Now that he looked closer, Chris noticed that Belphegor had the same purple eyes as Beelzebub. That was the only similarity between them but considering how different the brothers all looked, that didn't seem to matter much.
Oh well, he would probably meet the guy soon enough. For now, Chris felt good enough again to stand up and sit down at his desk. Opening his notepad, he scribbled out the questionmarks after who Sloth was and wrote 'Belphegor (?)' behind it instead.
Chris' DDD buzzed again.
Lucifer: Chris, dinner will be in a few minutes at a quarter past six. I will expect you to attend.
Chris: yes, thank you
Did he always have to speak so stiffly? It wasn't just towards Chris either but to his brothers too. The human was hungry though, so he just went to the bathroom real quick to freshen up and then went on his way to the dining room.
At least it smelled delicious.
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kitsune-oji2 months ago
Opportunism in Hell
Ch 2: Gathering wits
Chris was on his way home when he got teleported into hell - scratch that - the Devildom and told he'd be an exchange student. Now if the brothers he has to live with weren't both dangerous and exasperating and wait-- magick is real??
Or: Chris suddenly has the means to real spells and potions, as well as a shady sorcerer and hell be damned if he can't find something to change his sex. Dysphoria is a bitch.
Pairing: undecided
Warnings: mention of unsafe binding
Word count: 1955
01 | 02 |
Ao3 link
Chris woke up slowly, his mind starting to work before he even started to stir. That thing about the demons was either a really realistic dream or- yeah no, he's never seen that room before in his life. His sheets were white and rosey, the bed made out of wood shaped like roots curling around each other. It fit in well with the tree that was growing in the middle of the room, right next to the head of the bed.
But other than that the room itself was just ridiculously large. There was even a dining table and way too many shelves, Chris frowned at the one shaped like a coffin with a wry smile. They really took that whole aesthetic seriously, it seemed.
Not that the human minded, since the extravagant, magickal visuals were nice but also a bit.. Much sometimes if he was being honest.
He'd have to get used to it. Taking his DDD from where he shoved it underneath his pillow last night to look at the time, Chris was tempted to just go back to sleep. But no, even if it was 6 am in the morning, he didn't know when the other residents of this house would wake up and this might give him some time to sort his thoughts.
If he understood correctly yesterday, he was in the Devildom as an exchange student at RAD or 'Royal Academy of Diavolo'. The shtick was that they wanted to better the relationships between the three realms, the Celestial Realm, Earth and the Devildom. If the Celestial Realm stood for heaven, was the Devildom hell itself? Or were they two different places?
Either way, he was supposed to represent the humanity here with another human, who apparently had magick and didn't need protection by some problematic band of noble demon brothers. No, Chris wasn't bitter about that. Not like it sounded way nicer to live with two literal angels instead of these demons who either wanted to eat Chris in one way or another or get rid of him some other way.
His stomach growled and he put a hand on it. Even his mouth tasted dry and it really wasn't nice to fall asleep without brushing your teeth beforehand. A deep breath made his rips and back pop and he winced slightly. He forgot to take off his binder yesterday.
Standing up, Chris made his way around the room to see if it also had a bathroom. That door led to the hallway but.. Ah! There it is.
In contrast to the bedroom, the bathroom was kept on the bright side, with a white bathtub, powder blue walls and tiles in green and blue that reminded Chris of the ocean. A large vanity mirror hung over an equally large sink, two shelves framing them. Thankfully, there were already some toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, towels and anything else he could need so he quickly freshened up.
If the bathroom was fully set, did that mean his wardrobe was as well? Maybe they had some weird way of knowing his size if they were able to pick him as an exchange student without him ever having applied for it.
And lo and behold, his wardrobe was fully decked. There was a good portion of uniforms that looked like those the brothers had worn yesterday but the rest looked like regular clothing. For the most part at least, Chris thought while glancing at the three piece suit being protected by a plastic overthrow.
He took his sweet time deciding on what he could wear, noting that there weren't any binders but the clothing choices were decidedly masculine oriented if you could say it like that. Did the not know he was trans? It didn't really fit in with all the rest they seemed so knowledgeable about but maybe it's also just not a thing for demon. Then again, they haven't called him by his dead name and the clothes suggest they know he's a guy, even if he hadn't been able to change that on his ID yet.
Maybe he'd find out later on. For now, Chris took the clothes he picked out and went back to the bathroom, taking a nice hot shower to relax and clear his head again. After this, he could go to the kitchen and see if Beelzebub really hadn't left anything after raiding the fridge last night.
The fridge didn't really have anything left but there was some juice, so Chris drank a few glasses of that and went back to his room. He remembered that he had his messenger bag with him yesterday when he was teleported so he took out his water bottle, paper and pen. After filling up the bottle with tap water, hoping it was safe to consume, he sat down at the desk against a far wall. There was a window above it but it was dark outside just like yesterday had been. Does the sun ever shine here? Opening up a page that hadn't been used yet, Chris started writing down things he knew for now and what he wanted to know about. It wouldn't do to forget about anything.
What I know:
- Diavolo is the Prince of the Devildom and is titled "Lord"
- he's also the headmaster of RAD and the head of the student council (?)
- the exchange program sent two demons to earth, two to the Celestial Realm and there's two angels and two humans in the Devildom
- the other human has magick and is powerful enough to hold their own against demons
- the other human and the angels live in another dorm
- I live with the seven deadly sins in the House of Lamentation
- Lucifer = pride
- Mammon = Greed
- Asmodeus = Lust
- Satan = Wrath
- Beelzebub = Gluttony
- Leviathan = Envy
- ??? = Sloth
So, he already met six out of seven, huh? What about the last one though? Considering he should be the Avatar of Sloth, he was probably too lazy to say hello or anything. It did seem more like a coincidence that Chris met Leviathan last night anyway.
Now to questions. He hesitated. There was one thing he always fantasised about when thinking about magick and while they may have told him he had as good as none himself, this other human should have a lot... Perhaps.
Instead of questions, he found himself writing down things he wanted to find out in general. He probably won't be asking most of these anyway, as this was just to put his thoughts on paper.
It was around 8 o'clock when Mammon burst through the door.
"C'mon, human. Breakfast is ready and if you're too late Beel is gonna eat it all!", he said before running back to the dining hall. Chris thought back to Leviathan saying something about Mammon's speed only being rivaled by Lucifer and Beelzebub. He did seem pretty flighty.
Closing the notepad and laying the pen on top, Chris stood up, took his DDD and made his way to the kitchen first. He didn't know where the dining hall was but it was probably next to the kitchen, right?
He was right, there was another door in the kitchen and he could hear voices on the other side. He opened the door at just the right time to hear hear Mammon talk back at Lucifer, "C'mon, I know they're just a dumb human but they can find their own way to the table, right?"
"You may have forgotten, Mammon, but that human only arrived yesterday and has no way of knowing where anything is", he looked over and locked eyes with Chris, "Luckily for you, he seems to have found his way just fine. So you can thank him that I don't have to punish you before breakfast is even done. Now, sit down and eat before Beel has finished yours too."
Mammon only glared at Chris while Lucifer went back to nursing what looked like coffee. The human sat down between Mammon and Beelzebub, slightly apprehensive and very careful. It was more than uncomfortable to have one demon glare at him while the other stuffed his mouth noisily on his other side but it was the only spot left.
The food varied from resembling waffles and sandwiches with what looked like little legs sticking out to things Chris didn't even know how to describe. He was quite sure something screamed when Beelzebub bit down on it.
Maybe he wasn't so hungry after all.. yeah no, he was very hungry, who was he even kidding. But even then, was it safe to eat any of this? They most likely don't have anything too deadly for a human on the table (he hoped) but Chris didn't want to have acid on his tongue or a stomachache for the rest of the day if he ate something wrong.
The troubled thoughts must've shown on his face because Satan spoke up, "Don't worry, it should be safe for you to eat anything that's on the table. We'll, except for that jam." He pointed at a jar with dark jam that shimmered red and purple depending on how the light hit it. Chris nodded and thanked him, reaching for some waffles.
"And be careful, Beel also steals from your plate if you aren't quick enough", Satan added with a tiny grin and the human quickly dug in.
The waffles were fluffy with some crunchy bits in it and Chris did his best not to think too hard about what he was chewing on right now. It's not like he had any other choice anyway, lest he eat nothing at all.
Just before he was done, Lucifer spoke up once again, "Mammon, you will accompany Chris to school and show him around. Remember that if anything happens to him, you will pay for it." The glare would've probably killed Mammon if that were possible. Wait, was it possible to kill someone with a glare if you're a demon? Chris decided that it most likely was but he wouldn't want to really find out either way.
Mammon agreed easily enough, even if he was grumbling about having to babysit some stupid human. It was hard not to feel offended.
Anyway, he still had to change into his uniform. It's not like anyone told him he'd have to go to that RAD the first day after he arrived.
The table was wiped clean of any remaining food and a look at Beelzebub showed Chris that the glutton was just so satisfied. He could eat way more than that, he assumed. Thinking back to how full that table had been when he came in and Beelzebub had already been eating for a good bit, it was amazing how much he fit inside his stomach. Of course, he was the biggest demon next to that Diavolo guy that Chris had ever met but the amount should've been impossible either way.
It made sense that he couldn't hold demons to human standards even if they looked just like humans if you ignored that they were uncannily huge. Even Asmodeus, who looked to be the smallest, still towered over Chris when they stood.
After he changed his clothes and took his messenger bag with his water bottle and notepad again, Chris joined Mammon down at the entrance. The demon didn't look happy at all and surprisingly this was the first time since he arrived that he asked himself why exactly this was happening to him.
It surely won't be the last time though.
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levis-little-nuggie2 months ago
I heard some folks were looking for proof? 馃檪
Now, I'm not here to tell you how to decipher what's been said here, but uh,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you side with oheyfox, you're literally invalidating the feelings of a minority community by giving them a platform and a chance to speak for themselves. You don't get to cherry pick what beliefs to follow in your religion. If you're going to come out and claim that your religion says being trans is a sin and shouldn't exist, and you're still claiming to follow that religion, you are also claiming that as your own belief.
What bothers me the most here are the people defending oheyfox by saying "the person isn't their religion" and "separate oheyfox from the religious issue," like, do y'all not know how religion works? By continuing to follow that religion, you're claiming all its beliefs and values as your own.
You don't get to cherry pick beliefs from a religion. You don't get to choose to follow half of the 10 Commandments or some of the Five Pillars of Islam.
In case you didn't know, TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. It's not "drama" and it's certainly not a political issue.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trans Pride Icons of Mammon, Lucifer, and Beelzebub in their demonic forms
Free to use, if someone asks where you got it just let them know I made it, otherwise no credit needed cuz it took 20 minutes max on MediBang Paint to make all 3 lol
[IMG: far left image is Beelzebub in demonic form from Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All with trans flag in the background, middle image is Lucifer in demonic form from Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All with trans flag in the background, far left image is Mammon in demonic form from Obey Me! One Master to Rule Them All with trans flag in the background]
End Note: I added image description this time to the text post, please let me know if it helps or if I did it right, needs improvement, etc
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gummyworm-coffin4 months ago
We love you, Y/N
reader: masc afab gender neutral
fandom: obey me!
summary: based off of my post here with a little twist
Trigger/caution warnings: depression, dysphoria, body image issues
authors note: i wanted to write something for me, so here we are! however the reader's pronouns are they/them, and they're implied as trans masc afab :)
Tumblr media
The brothers have noticed your lack of appearance in their every day lives. Where you once sat at the dinner table was now just an empty chair. No one ever saw you emerge from your room anymore. They were starting to worry.
Beezlebub, of course, brought you food every day, (or if he ate it on the way to your room, Satan brought you food.) Sometimes the food would be finished when they walked past your door the next day, empty plate left outside with little crumbs covering the porcelain, but sometimes there would be flies circling around the rotting remains of a human world cheeseburger, or some Devildom cuisine.
Lucifer sits in his study, chewing on the end of one of his fountain pens; a habit he'd like to break. He's supposed to be doing paperwork, like he does every other day, but his mind is stuck on you. It's been weeks since he last saw your face, and he's already starting to forget what you looked like. He knows you have e/c eyes, but what shape were they? You had h/c hair, but what was the texture of it again? There was a scar on your neck, he knows, and it stood out against your s/c skin. But what did your skin feel like?
Mammon paces around inside his room. His white hair is unkempt and his eyes wild. What was he going to do about his human?! You wouldn't even let him in your room anymore, and when he messaged you, you hardly ever replied! The poor demon was so worried about you, but he didn't know how to help. His love language was, go figure, gift giving, but what was he supposed to do when you wouldn't even let him inside for him to give you your gifts?
Leviathan clutches your gaming controller close to his chest and sighs. He's curled up in his bathtub bed, your favorite anime playing in the background as he sulks. The message he sent to you a few hours ago is left on read. He misses you so much. He misses everything about you. Hell, he even misses the way you would rub it in his face whenever you would beat him in a game! He just wishes he could hear your voice again. The way you'd laugh when he'd show you a meme on his phone, your smile after you and Levi completed a level in the game you two were trying to beat together, he just wishes you were okay again. Okay enough to come out of your room and talk to him.
Asmodeus tries filling the void of you with shopping, but that always reminds him of the times the two of you would go shopping together. He spots outfits he'd think you'd love. Lower-level demons pass him, wearing your aesthetic, and he can imagine your bright eyes as you quietly compliment them to Asmo. When Asmo returns home, he'll linger by your door just long enough to hear quiet sniffling from inside. He'll place a hand on your door and call to you, but you don't answer. The sniffling will fall silent. Asmo is loosing sleep worrying about you so much.
Satan will sit by your door and read you stories. He doesn't know if you're listening, but he tries his best to be as interactive with the characters as possible. He'll make hand gestures, do different voices for different characters, he'll even do his best to create the exact sounds that he reads from the book. Whenever he gets tired enough, he'll enclose your bookmark in the book and softly tell you that the two of you will pick up where you left off tomorrow. When he returns to his room, his cats will look for you behind him. One even meows when he can't find you.
"They're busy right now, Moss." Satan picks up the small grey kitten that you named.
Moss meows again.
"I know, Moss. I miss them, too."
Beezlebub will cuddle with the plushie you won him at the local carnival. It's big, one of the grand prizes, and oh so soft. You had noticed Beel looking at it longingly from afar when you proudly proclaimed that you, Y/N L/N, would win your friend that plushie! It was a giant black chicken, with little devil horns and wings. Beel still doesn't know how you won it, most carnival games are rigged, especially demon carnival games. But as he was talking with Belphie, you came waddling up with that giant chicken wrapped in your arms. Beel couldn't even see your head behind its soft feathers. You looked so proud, so happy. Beel wishes he could see you like that again.
Belphegore sleeps a lot more than usual, which is pretty bad, considering he sleeps half of the day anyways. He's fallen behind on his schoolwork, but he doesn't care. You're more important than schoolwork. You're sad, and you're suffering inside your room alone, and Belphie doesn't know how to help. He wants to do something nice for you, to make up for... that... incident. He wonders if what he did has anything to do with you now, and all he feels is guilt.
Today, after school, Satan gathers everyone in the living room to discuss what to do about you.
"I'm sure we've all noticed the disappearance of Y/N," he says.
"Y/N's gone?! I thought they were in their room!" Mammon blinks.
Everyone collectively sighs.
"Anyways," Satan continues. "We need to do something about it."
"They haven't been eating the food I leave out for them recently," Beel hums. "Maybe we should do something with that? Like comfort food?"
"But what's Y/N's comfort food?" Levi asks.
The brothers all fall silent.
"Maybe we can just cook all of the human world dishes?" Mammon offers.
"There's far too many to do that," Lucifer scowls.
"What does Y/N always order when we eat out?" Asmo asks Beel. Out of all the brothers, he's the most likely to know.
Beel blinks, thinking. His fiery orange hair tickles Belphie's nose as he shifts under the rest of his brothers' uncomfortable gazes.
"They usually order...."
You sit in your dark room, staring up at the ceiling. A large hoodie clings to your shoulders, the rest of the fabric hanging loosely from your body.
The past few weeks have been horrible for you.
Unanswered texts from the brothers pile up on your phone. You try reading all of them, but there's just so many, all of them worrying. It makes you feel pitiful. You don't want to be the cause of their worries, but recently you just didn't have the motivation to do anything but lay in bed and cry.
You hated your body. The curves, the femininity, all of it made you sick. You'd pick at parts of your skin, wishing you could just cut it off with scissors, like paper. You hated walking past mirrors, because then you had to see yourself in them. You had even asked Lucifer if he could do away with the mirror in your bathroom because of it.
You wrap your blanket tighter around yourself as you wish for these dreadful feelings to go away. Why couldn't you just look like one of the brothers? Levi looked masculine without even trying- he has abs for days, and all he does is sit in his room and play video games! Why couldn't that be you? Beel ate all he could and never gained any weight. It made you so... so angry! So envious, so jealous of them!
The pact mark on the back of your right hand starts to glow a vibrant orange. It did that whenever you experienced one of the brothers' sins. Levi's seemed to be the only one glowing recently. That and Satan's.
More hot tears start to fall from your eyes. You loved the brothers, all of them! You shouldn't be mad at them for something that isn't their fault. However....
A text rings from your phone. The screen lights up, showing off your lockscreen picture of you and Mammon bothering Lucifer. Well, I guess that's the simple way to put it. The accurate way was this: your lockscreen was Lucifer grabbing Mammon by his foot and dragging him along as he ran after you. Your eyes were filled with terror, yet you were in the middle of laughing. Seeing it made you giggle for once in a long time.
You grab your phone, looking at the text from the groupchat of you and the brothers as you dry your tears.
Y/N! Stop by the kitchen tonight at 7, okay?!
A text bubble pops up, and soon there's an angry emote sent from Asmo.
Be more gentle with them, idiot!
Y/N, if you could can you please come to the kitchen at 7 tonight? Beel sends. If not, we can come up to you.
We got a big surprise for you! Levi sends a happy emote after that.
I hope you like it. Satan and I worked really hard on it, Belphie texts.
I worked on the decor. You could tell how proud Lucifer was by that just from his text.
I helped! Mammon sends a frowny face.
Yes, that was obvious whenever I had to redo everything you "helped" with.
Thank you, Mammon, you finally send. All the brothers stop breathing for a second. You were finally talking to them again! Well, Mammon, technically, but still!
See! Y/N appreciates me!
I'll come down. I don't want you going through any more trouble for me than you already have.
It's no trouble, Y/N. We love and care about you, Satan replies, and with that, you stop texting, savoring in what Satan just said until it's time for you to meet the brothers downstairs.
You tried taking a shower, but you got as far as washing your hair before your dysphoria kicked in with full force, and you had to go back to your baggy hoodie and boxers you stole from Belphie. You shuffle around your dark room, trying to remember if you needed anything. Did they tell you to bring something with you? Maybe you should bring along one of your plushies, just for comfort? You haven't left your room in weeks, this was a big step for you.
You quickly grab Sir Ronaldo, (a demon duck Mammon had bought you), and scurry downstairs as quickly as you can, before you could back out of your promise. Your socks almost make you slip on the polished wooden floors, but you manage to balance yourself, clutching Sir Ronaldo tighter to your chest.
You look around, almost hesitantly, before crossing the threshold of the kitchen. The table is set up with elegant decorations, even more elegant than you remember. But silly little yellow party streamers hang from the ceilings and walls, and you smile to yourself, hiding it behind your hand.
Human world food covers the dining room table. The assortment of items are outrageous, ranging from fresh-baked apple pie all the way to those cute Little Debbie's Zebra cakes, which sit in golden colored baskets, along with other sweets, of course.
You look around for the brothers, but there's no sign of them. You decide to check out more of the foods that litter the table. You find that a lot of it are among your favorite comfort foods, and that makes you smile wider than you ever have before. They remembered your comfort foods? How- and why?
"Beel! Stop it- that's for Y/N!"
A commotion arises in the kitchen. Before you can investigate, Mammon, Asmo, and Levi are dragging a face stuffed full of food Beezlebub out.
"I'm sorry, I'm just so hungry," Beel looks at his feet.
Levi rolls his eyes, catching sight of you in the process. His face lights up with joy as he shouts your name. He rushes over to you, scooping you up into his arms.
"I'm so happy so see you again!"
"I missed you so much!"
"Levi, I can't breathe-"
Levi gently puts you back down, only for you to be picked up again by both Mammon and Asmo. Despite them being the shortest brothers, they still managed to be taller than you. Demon sizes were weird.
"Y/N!" the two of them cheer in unison.
"Y/N, I'm so glad you came!" Asmo smiles.
"Do you like my decorations, Y/N?" Mammon blushes. "I tried my best, honest!"
Things were starting to feel a bit overwhelming. You awkwardly smile before asking, in a small voice, to be put back down onto the floor. You were painfully aware of everything that was happening right now. Their breathing, Levi's shuffling, and a countless number of eyes all staring at you. Maybe you should have just stayed in your room....
No. This was good for you! You were finally around people again. Humans need social interaction. This is progress.
You close your eyes, taking a deep breath as the brothers just gaze at you. They didn't mean to stare, but they were just so happy to see you again. They didn't overlook your red eyes and sleepless bags, though.
"You brought the duck I bought you," Mammon whispers. Opening your eyes, you glance at the plushie in your arms.
"Yeah," you nod. "He brings me comfort. I wouldn't be here without him."
"Thank you, duck," Beel smiles warmly.
Beezlebub's smile is the type to brighten any room. It's almost like a spell. All of his smiles were so full of childlike joy. Even the small grins he gives his brothers time to time remind them of the sun.
"Everything is ready. Is Y/N here yet?"
Everyone looks toward the kitchen. Satan's head peaks out from in between the large doors. His hair is a mess, apron coated in flour and sauce. When his eyes meet yours, a smile spreads across his lips. You give him a small one in return, along with a wave.
"It's good to see you again, Y/N," Satan says.
"You too, Satan," you reply.
The blond returns to the kitchen for a moment before reopening the large mahogany doors, showing Lucifer and Belphegore arguing between themselves.
Probably about something petty, you think to yourself.
Lucifer meets your tired eyes. He abruptly stops speaking, causing Belphie too, as well. He follows the eldest brother's gaze before his jaw drops.
"Y/N? You actually came?"
Oh boy. Here we go again. You're forced to deal with more hugs from Belphie and Satan. Beel is the only one to actually ask for one, while Lucifer just looks at you and smiles.
"Are you surprised?!" Mammon grins.
"We tried cooking as many human world recipes as we could," Satan tells you.
"I even express ordered some snacks from the human realm for you!" Levi smiles.
"We all helped out a little bit, some more than others," Lucifer shoots an ice cold glare at Mammon, who hides behind you.
"We tried making some of your comfort foods, as well," Beel adds.
You fidget. No one has ever been this nice to you before. It takes all your strength not to burst into tears right here and now, however you do sniffle a bit. All the brother's eyes widen.
"Y/N, don't cry!"
"Do you not like the food?"
"Do you need a hug, Y/N...?"
"Honey, it's okay!"
With Asmo calling you honey, the dam finally breaks. Tears begin to stream down your face. A hiccup passes through your lips as you sob. "I'm so sorry!" you cry. "I'm sorry I've been so distant, I'm sorry I was so angry at you all, I'm so sorry!"
Mammon is the first to pull you into a hug, followed by Asmo, then the rest of the brothers join in until it's just one big group hug. You sob harder into Mammon's shirt as someone rubs your back. You feel so guilty, so overwhelmed with emotions. You felt so angry, yet so sad. So sad, yet so happy. So happy, yet so... awful. You felt awful, terrible, like the shittiest person in all of the three realms. You let a jumble of incoherent words fall from your mouth.
"What was that, Y/N?" Asmo whispers.
"I was so jealous of you guys! I hated you and how you looked! You all look so masculine, and I don't! So I locked myself away, and made you all worry, and while I was busy being selfish you all never thought about anything else but me! You cooked me my favorite foods and coaxed me out of my room because you cared about me, and I... I-I..."
The words stop flowing. All you can do is cry. Mammon cups your face as you hiccup once more.
"Y/N, you know you can tell me anything, right?"
Mammon rolls his eyes. "Us," he corrects. "If you were struggling, you could have just said so."
"Especially with body issues," Levi pipes up.
"It's not just that," you sniff. "I'm... I'm...." Your heart pounds. You feel all their eyes on you. What if they don't accept you? What if they hate you because of this? What if-
"I'm trans!"
Silence. No one speaks for a few seconds. Levi is the first one to talk.
"Do you need a binder? I can order you one."
Asmo pulls you from Mammon and grabs your hands. "We can go shopping for masculine clothes for you?"
Mammon pulls you back to him. "I can buy you a pride flag as a gift?"
"Do you want to be put on testosterone?" Satan asks.
"Top and bottom surgery are also options," Lucifer adds.
"We can bake you a pride cake?" Belphie and Beel offer, and more tears pour from your eyes.
"I need time to think," you mumble, wiping away tears, only for more to take their place. "Oh, you guys!"
You tackle Lucifer, (much to Mammon's dismay.) You bury your face in his chest and simply cry. Lucifer hugs you. He rubs gentle circles into your back.
"We love you, Y/N," he whispers. "Whatever will make you happy, we'll do. We just want you to be your happiest."
You felt at home in the Devildom, right here with the 7 demon brothers. You never wanted to leave.
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