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#Trans MC
literallyjustarat2 days ago
Obey me! brothers with ace MC
- "Lucifer...I'm ace.."
- ".......alright then, what are your boundaries?"
- he's taking notes for the sake of the exchange program 馃槍
- lmao no we know he's a simp, u can't leave him once he decided to be vulnerable with u
- will do everything he can to not make u uncomfortable
- comes up with a signal u can use to let him now something ain't right
- just to be sure might let u initiate all physical contact, or asks first
- whether you're sex repulsed or not doesn't matter, he's been alive and alone for too long to care about something like this
- "you a what now???"
- cut him some slack his head is full of u and money scamming schemes
- "woah okay, so this *gestures to his modeling body* does nothing for ya huh....WHY WOULD YA LIKE ME THEN??"
- yeah this might take a while
- "k...what's the big deal with it then?"
- all he wants is some quality time with his human and all his worries are cured 馃ぇ
- is extra carefull with picking movies for u two to watch now
- also might shower u with purple-black trinkets he finds on akuzon bc they remind him of u
- "but we can still cuddle right? it's not like I like it or anythin-"馃槼
- "pog" LEVI NO
- "well you obviously wouldn't like me for my looks-" (LEVI NO虏) "I like u for who u are馃槍馃挏" "ew why"
- yeah no most likely to be just "cool...anything I should watch out for?"
- intimacy scares him anyway so if ur not into cha-cha slide he'd be so relieved
- will point out anime characters that seem ace to him
-"oh I've read about this" infodumps for like an hour at least
- boi knows more than u
- "I just want to know if you're okay with it" he's already handing u all the books he talked about "absolutely, why wouldn't I"
- talking about feelings is very important to him so feel free to rant about it anytime
- will tell u everytime he finds a new book on this topic or with a character that seems ace to him
- "oh, is what why my charm didn't work on you?"
- so like you don't like him just for his body, wow, uh no he's not crying that just allergies 馃ぇ
- immediately asks if u ever felt uncomfortable talking with him as his mind tends to wander..
- I think he'd be ecstatic about the idea of queer platonic relationship
- he can still enjoy your cute dates and shopping trips so why would it matter anyway
- "I'm ace" "I thought u were a human"
- he's not really one to think about this stuff too much, u like who u like and that's that
- he's still glad you wanted to share this with him
- I don't.. know.. he's just,.. so accepting
- u feel so warm and welcome
- and if u ever need to talk about it too someone you can count on him
- "belphie... I'm ace" "and u woke me up for this?!?"
- doesn't care, why would he
- "we can still cuddle right?"
- "sure"
" then shut up and come here"
- once he actually wakes up he might ask what is a no no for u
- and he MIGHT ask before invading your personal space but that's all
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kcatta-wodahs2 days ago
Trans, Enby, or anything not Cis MC + OM Undateables! (Feat. Platonic Luke!)
I finally finished my essays for the semester and now I can breathe and write..
TLDR; They all fuvkin love you okay. You're amazing and incredible.
Tumblr media
As with my post with the brothers, Diavolo is there when you first arrive in Devildom.
The name and pronouns that are listed in their records are wrong, but it takes no time at all to make the correction
And honestly Diavolo is just too excited about the fact that there is a HUMAN who is NOT SOLOMON in the DEVILDOM. He is so excited.
And he falls for you just as you are.
He provides the biggest and warmest hugs when you're feeling down or dysphoric.
He will use all the power in Devildom (which he has, you know) to ensure you have what you need.
If you're still experimenting with your gender, trying new things, he will always always always come with you if you're afraid to go clothes shopping alone.
He's surprisingly good at telling you which styles of clothing fit you best and make you look the most like your gender.
And he pays for it all of course, because that's just one of many ways that he shows his affection and support for you.
Okay so you're actually really surprised by Barb's reaction. It is remarkably unusual for how most people take coming out.
This is because he looks straight up relieved.
Well. He may have panicked just a little bit when he snuck a peek into your futures and couldn't find you.
He was straight up stressed to bits, spending his free time trying to figure out where you had gone in all of the futures
Surely something couldn't have happened to you? He would never allow that. How could you be missing?
When you come out to him, he realizes that he hadn't realized in his panic.. you were there. Not replaced.
Honestly, he holds out his arms to you for a hug.
You assume the hug is for you, to show you his support.
But the way he releases a breath and relaxes into your arms... he had really been afraid.
He presses his face into the crook of your neck, anything to be closer to you. To keep you here.
Once the "Butler" image is back with him, he insists on escorting you on all shopping trips.
You're not entirely sure if it's to help you pick out clothing, or just because he had been so scared to lose you that he can't let you out of his sight for a while.
Coming out to Simeon is frightening.
It's not him: it's the human realm's fault.
Despite his sweet and kind nature, you can't help but be afraid that the extreme religions are... could they be right about heaven?
When you come out, it's planned and in a safe, neutral location. Probably grabbing a cup of coffee.
Simeon noticed your nervousness. He saw you fidgeting, your hands shaking.. how you avoided his eyes.
He was quite worried for you.
When you finally sit down and force out what you'd planned to tell him, he looks almost devastated.
But before you can doubt him, he reaches for your hand and holds on tightly.
"MC.. I promise you that whatever humans have said about the heavens is untrue."
Your gender changes nothing.
He loves you.
He loves you.
He loves you.
Simeon is the type to hold you and comfort you with gentle words when you're feeling dysphoric.
He never wants to stop touching you, giving you someone to hold onto so you know you're perfect the way you are.
He holds your hand, snuggles against your shoulder, and he softly whispers all the things he loves about you and your gender to you.
Solomon is surprisingly chill about the whole thing.
He's been around for so long that he's seen hundreds of genders throughout history.
He was actually really, really salty about how the current few centuries were proving to be so closed minded about concepts that had been around for ages.
He tells you that he had even been he/they for a few centuries, before it stopped fitting.
That's the thing about living for so long.. Solomon has learned that genderfluidity can range over centuries and decades if given a long enough life.
He is more than happy to discuss gender with you, both modern and historical. He has a lot of interesting, validating inputs!
He is also remarkably gender non-conforming, even though he doesn't use he/they at the moment.
If you're afraid of trying out new styles and types of clothing, he will absolutely dress up right alongside.
It's much easier to be brave in pairs, and he would do anything to make you comfortable.
The joy on Luke's face when you tell him is absolutely second to none.
Like. He is absolutely thrilled.
You cannot fathom why?
Like, you're glad for the support but this is..?
He's gushing over you, almost jumping up and down.
"MC! Oh, I'm so happy for you!"
"I transitioned 381 years ago! I'm so glad you told me! I want to help however I can!"
Hold the phone-
Yes, that's right. Luke is trans as well.
He is more than happy to protect you and help you as you find the most comfortable gender transition that works for you.
He's so damn happy for you.
Also... 400 years is still young teenager for angels??? Holy damn no wonder he's angry all the time.
Imagine having fjckin wack teenage hormones like that for 400 years.
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kitsune-oji2 days ago
The influx of ace and trans mc content coming round is the best thing that could've come from yesterday and I'm proud of everyone who makes it and shares it
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demonvoucher2 days ago
The Obey Me! characters鈥 prounoun headcanons: Bonus Neopronoun Round!
My first one can be found here~! If anyone clowns on this I will cry and I鈥檓 an ugly crier!!!!
These include some basic sentences showing you how they might be used in practice! You can find info on neopronouns here, and there鈥檚 a big masterlist of neopronouns here!
ze/zyr/zyrs/zyrself these are zyrs pronouns because the sharp yet openness fits zyr. i feel like ze might pick these out for zyrself for this reason.
bri/brigh/brighs/brightself these are brighs pronouns because of how shiny they are fits brigh鈥檚 personality. i feel like bri might pick these out for brightself for this reason.
zi/zip/zips/zipself these are zips pronouns because them being vaguely tech-y fits zip. i feel like zi might pick these out for zipself for this reason.
ey/em/eir/eirs/emself these are eir pronouns because they鈥檙e simple and yet they stand out, which fits em. i feel like ey might pick these out for emself for this reason.
fae/faer/faers/faerself these are faers pronouns because their being light and airy fits faer. i feel like fae might pick these out for faerself for this reason.
hon/honey/hons/honself these are hons pronouns because them being so sweet fits honey. i feel like hon might pick these out for honself for this reason.
dae/daem/daes/daeself these are daes pronouns because them being somewhat edgy yet ironic fits daem. i feel like dae might pick these out for daemself for this reason.
vae/vaer/vaers/vaerself these are vaers pronouns because they seem somewhat regal to me while still being a bit casual, which fits vaer. i feel like vae might pick these out for vaerself for this reason.
ao/ao/aos/aoself these are aos pronouns because their being gentle and light fits ao. i feel like ao might pick these out for aoself for this reason.
li/lim/lims/limself these are lims pronouns because they sound somewhat melodic, which i feel fits lim. i feel like li might pick these out for limself for this reason.
bud/bud/buds/budself these are buds pronouns because they鈥檙e small and have room to grow, just like bud. i feel like bud might pick these out for budself for this reason.
ou/ous/ouself these are ous pronouns because they鈥檙e playful and open, which fits ou. i feel like ou might pick these out for ouself for this reason.
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midnight-dome3 days ago
What about from Lucifer about being trans (ftm)? If you need more specifics lovely lmk! Your post didn鈥檛 say too much about what to actually send!
oh no that鈥檚 already absolutely fine!! thanks for sending this one in <3
please watch me 鉁 break character 鉁 on lucifer, who apparently doesn't love mc with all his heart and would do whatever to make them feel safe. what a joke. /s
lucifer with a ftm mc
Tumblr media
Knowing all your personal information from selecting you as an exchange student, he is already aware that you are trans.
Nevertheless, he would wait patiently for you to come to him if you want to talk about it and you can be sure your trust is safe with him if you decide to tell him.
If you don鈥檛 openly want others to know that you are trans, you have someone on your side who will do his utmost that you can live a comfortable and safe life in the Devildom.
He is the one coming up with excuses for you if there is something you can't comfortably do without revealing your identity.
If someone is 'jokingly' pestering you about taking off your shirt at the beach, he is going to play the nagging mother hen role and order you to leave it one so you won't get sunburnt.
If you're about to join the shower with the other students at RAD after PE, he will pull you aside and demand you help him put away the equipment that was needed.
Regardless of whether or not you want others to know that you are trans, you can count on him for having your back if you need something.
Demons might have a different understanding of what gender is, so Lucifer is going to make sure he can get his hands on human world literature to educate himself.
If he struggles with something, he will ask you about it, because there is absolutely no shame in supporting someone who he cares about a lot.
You might even find the topic 'human gender identities' in the RAD curriculum, so every other demon is sure to at least have heard about it.
He is actively going to support you in whatever dimension you are comfortable with and if you remind him to not invade your private space too much, he will absolutely understand.
If you're okay with him meddling though, you can be sure that Lucifer is going to take a long glance at the clock, if you're wearing a binder for too long or trying to keep it on while you sleep.
Nobody should dare to intentionally misgender you or they are going to face his wrath for it.
You are his utmost priority of course, so he checks on you first, making sure that you are okay and at a place where you can feel safe.
But you can be rest assured that the same demon isn't going to try misgendering you twice.
On bad days, he is always picking it up before you even do it yourself.
He's not going to be pushy about it, because he knows it's a sensitive issue for you, so whatever you need from him, he is going to provide it for you.
If you prefer not being touched, he will ask you if there is anything else he can do.
Be it just talking, helping you through your emotions, getting you ice cream from Madame Scream's or watching a movie with you while just your shoulder is pressed against his.
There is nothing he wouldn't do for you and your comfort.
If you prefer to cuddle and hole up in his room, he is going to ignore the paperwork stacked on his desk, holding you through whatever you are going through.
If you need assurance, he will tell you that no matter what anyone says, and even if it's your own dysphoria, that you are a wonderful guy, worthy of all the love in the world.
No matter how tall, buff, athletic or 'masculine' you look, how high or deep your voice sounds, he will never leave a single doubt in your head, that you don't have to adhere to certain standards to be a man.
Your physical appearance is important for you to feel comfortable in your own body, so he will help you with that however he can, but Lucifer is always going to remind you that no matter what, you are always 'trans' enough and deserve to be treated with respect.
This also applies if you don't want to confirm to gendernorms, because if you say you are a guy, nobody has the right to take that from you and Lucifer will make sure you never forget that.
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beelmzebub3 days ago
I don't interact with the fandom too much but here's a reminder for everyone! Respect trans people. That's it. That's all you have to do. Respect their name and pronouns no matter what. Respect their mcs and headcanons for the characters. Respect trans people.
It doesn't matter if you don't like a person. Even if you don' like them, don't misgender them, because that shows that you don't respect the trans community to begin with. Respect trans people.
I'm not here to argue. If you disagree, block me. If you are trying to learn/understand more, feel free to leave a comment or message me. I'd rather educate people than leave them misguided and ignorant.
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kitsune-oji3 days ago
Mc regresses because of gender dysphoria. Barbatos finds him and cares for him. (she/her and they/them versions in link)
Pairing: Mc & Barbatos (platonic)
Warnings: Impure regression, gender dysphoria, hurt/comfort, Barb refers to himself as "daddy"
Word count: 1'206
Ao3 and other versions
Mc has been staying over for the weekend to play with Diavolo and Barbatos. It's been fun, they played those video games Diavolo got into recently, all had tea time together in the rose gardens and Mc baked with Barbatos in the castle's kitchen. Whenever the two demons couldn't escape their duties, Mc just wandered through the halls of the castle, read in the library, his room or even the garden.
The three had already done this a few times, so Mc could proudly say he didn't really get lost in the big building anymore, excluding a few exceptions. Tonight however, the human was on his DDD, scrolling through apps and websites languidly. He wouldn't see the Royals until later tonight, so he had quite a lot of time to kill and it was boring him immensely. He had already read all the new updates from online comics and novels he has bookmarked and there aren't any new fanfictions that catch his eye either.
Now, he wasn't quite sure what exactly triggered it but he saw something on the web and quite suddenly, his thoughts started going astray, mean and sharp towards himself. Insecurities started welling up to the surface, ones he usually managed to keep in check but now everything just started spiking out and he couldn't stop his head from beating on him, hopelessness taking over.
Because while this may have been sudden, it certainly didn't come out of nowhere. Mc could usually keep up a good mindset to some extent, reassuring himself that things will get better, that people look at him and see a boy or at least aren't sure what gender he has. That his demons, angels and sorcerer accepted and loved him as he was, no matter that he was born in the wrong body.
But tonight Mc just got overwhelmed with bad thoughts, telling him he will never feel happy, that there's no hope for him to ever feel comfortable in his own skin, that he shouldn't bother trying because all it would do is waste his energy. The boy starts crying.
He was sobbing into his hands, the sheets, his shirt, gasping between the hiccups wracking his body. After what could've been five minutes or three hours, he shakily stands up and walks over to the bathroom in his guest suite. Small sobs still came over him now and again but he felt like he could calm down now, so he washed his face and took a few deep breaths before crawling back on his bed.
But as soon as he stopped moving, tears started rolling down his cheeks again and cries spilled from his lips. He felt so- helpless, lost, hopeless and felt his mind nearing a familiar headspace. One that was usually light and carefree and happy for him but Mc knew this wouldn't be the case this time. Desperately, he tried to keep himself from slipping, from regressing during such a negative moment.
Because impure regression was anything but beautiful. Instead it was ugly, painful and scary, frightening. No matter how Mc clung onto his big headspace however, he couldn't keep it up and soon his cries sounded just that little louder, just that tiny bit higher than before, more like a child's cries than those of a young adult.
This was how Barbatos found him, curled up on his bed with sobs shaking through the little human's body, sucking on his fingers in an attempt to soothe himself and big tears spilling from his closed eyes. The butler had come to check on Mc before bed and maybe ask him how he wanted to spend the evening or if he desired to sleep but when he arrived at the door, he clearly heard crying. Carefully but loud enough, Barbatos had knocked at the door and then opened it a few moments later when he got no feedback from his tiny human.
Seeing the boy so distraught and troubled worried him immeasurably but he knew better than to touch him without permission, especially when he's in such a headspace.
"What's wrong, baby? Why are you crying?", he asks instead and sits down on the edge of Mc's bed slowly, "Was someone mean to you? Daddy can take care of it for you, tiny one. Just tell him what is wrong." It was obvious to him that the human had regressed because of whatever got him crying like this. That Mc didn't answer verbally in any way just made him even more sure of that fact.
Knowing that it wouldn't do anything to keep asking him to explain, Barbatos instead asked if he was allowed to hug the boy and if he wanted his pacifier and stuffie. The little one opened his arms and stretched them out towards Barbatos, making tiny grabbing motions with his hands.
He wastes no time in gathering Mc in his arms and rocking him gently to calm him down. Standing up while still cradling him, Barbatos walks over to the drawers filled with items to help with Mc's regression. His favorite pacifier quickly finds its way into the humans mouth and he starts cuddling his stuffie with vigor, crying half into it and half on Barbatos' shoulder.
Like this, the butler sat down on the bed again, continuing to cradle Mc in his arms on his lap. After a while of shushing, gentle pets on the head and rocking, Mc's cries started to die down again. Hiccups now wracked his body now and again but he leaned back a bit to look up at Barbatos.
When he did so, the demon wasted no time to help him blow his nose before asking once more what got him so upset. But Mc went nonverbal, so they lightly slap their hand on barbs chest two times so he looks as mc puts his open hand by his shoulder and moves it to his chest while closing the hand.
"Transgender, you say? Oh, Mc, is this because of dysphoria?", Barbatos asks, "I understand but little one, while this may only soothe you slightly, we all love you very much and we know you're a boy, no matter what your body looks like or what your voice sounds like. We'll do anything we can to make you as comfortable as possible, alright?"
Another sob tore itself from Mc's throat at the words. The kindness hurt but not in a bad way. It was more like massaging a sore spot, painful but ultimately helpful and soothing in the end.
Barbatos just petted the back of his head and continued, "C'mere, daddy will kiss away all your tears, little man and then we will clean your handsome little face and get some warm angel milk from the kitchen, alright?" He kissed Mc's cheeks lightly, fast as a butterfly flitting around and felt his shoulders shaking but this time it wasn't because of sadness.
"Oh, was that a laugh I felt? Wonderful, my Prince, you deserve to be happy but you're also allowed to be sad. Daddy is so glad he can be there for you when you feel icky", he reassured softly, standing up with Mc on his hip.
"Now, let's go get that warm milk, alright?"
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minteyeddevil6 days ago
Man I dunno. Kinda ranty I guess.
I really enjoy the Obey Me fandom and all the content that is created in it but the discourse really makes me wanna stay out of it. I guess I am just kind of writing this out for the sake of my own sanity at this point.
I have my own kind of...AU I suppose you can call it, where my MC is NOT a descendant of Lilith, she does NOT forgive Belphie immediately when he kills her (I have a whole set up between them because eventually I enjoy shipping them together, though Lucifer is my main choice for her), and the story isn't as quite fast paced as the game sets it all up to be.
I really just enjoy writing for the sake of it and getting my own story and pleasure out of it all. I like the fantasy and the step away from reality I get from playing the game and going through the story. Not a fan of the dark and rough headcanons, but I am not the type to go after someone and attack them for it.
Ugh, idk. Like I said, just kind of ranting from the discourse I have been seeing in the tags. I just want to enjoy the lovely writing and fan art, man. ;v;
*lays face down on the floor*
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2021ya9 days ago
Tumblr media
by Peyton Thomas
(Dial, 8/24/21)
Add to Goodreads
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There's only one thing standing between Finch Kelly and a full-blown case of high school senioritis: the National Speech & Debate Tournament. Taking home the gold would not only be the pinnacle of Finch's debating career, but the perfect way to launch himself into his next chapter: college in Washington, D.C. and a history-making career as the first trans congressman. What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, Finch could develop a teeny tiny crush on his very attractive, very taken, and very gay debate partner, Jonah. Never mind that Finch has never considered whether he's interested in more than just girls. And that dream of college in DC? Finch hasn't exactly been accepted anywhere yet, let alone received the full-ride scholarship he'll need to make this dream a reality. Worst of all, though, is this year's topic for Nationals: transgender rights. If he wants to cinch the gold, and get into college, Finch might have to argue against his own humanity. People say there are two sides to every argument. But, as Finch is about to discover, some things--like who you are and who you love--are not up for debate.
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sstarnoisess11 days ago
okay okay okay so like
story prompt:
a family where there鈥檚 like some magical trait that only gets passed down to a specific gender like it鈥檚 hereditary but only for females or males either binary gender would work just as well really
and then the mc doesn鈥檛 end up having the trait even though they鈥檙e supposedly that gender and logically they should have the trait by rules of the family and how it works
so everyone thinks that the mc is cursed or a defect or something
but no they鈥檙e just trans
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juminhan-simp13 days ago
RFA + V If MC came out as trans or non-binary after transitioning for a year already ( taking hormones ).
It is nowhere specified if MC is a trans girl, trans guy, non-binary,... because I wanted to find a way to include everyone in here! I did mainly use the umbrella term " trans " so I hope you guys don't mind.
Slight TW: I did mention the word ' transphobic ' but there is no mentions of slurs.
鈻 He probably has worked with trans people, so it isn't an unknown thing to him.
鈻 I think it would be a taboo subject growing up considering he grew up in a conservative religious household.
鈻 It will be a suprise to him.
鈻 Will ask you questions.
鈻 Will support you.
鈻 " Okay, this doesn't affect our relationship. " and smiles gently at you.
鈻 He's going to make his company a safe space for all.
鈻 He will 100% help you through your transitioning and will NEVER leave your side.
鈻 Will fire ANYONE who is transphobic.
鈻 He is 100% accepting.
鈻 Cries because you trust him with this.
鈻 Kinda suprised because you pass so well!
鈻 Will buy pride flags for you.
鈻 Goes to pride parades.
鈻 Every now and then he asks about your pronouns so he doesn't misgender you ( for example: maybe you want to go by they / them, she/ they, he/they,... ).
鈻 Supportive mom check.
鈻 Hugs you and says she loves you.
鈻 She doesn't care.
鈻 Will make sure that people know that the caf茅 is a safe space.
鈻 She's bi ( I headcanon them all as bi / pan ).
鈻 She had a feeling you were queer.
鈻 Gets a trans / non-binary flag coffee mug for you to drink coffee from.
鈻 Will remind you to bind / tuck safely.
鈻 He himself hasn't played a trans character before, but he has done a musical where someone else plays a trans character.
鈻 He also has had trans co-workers before.
鈻 A little suprised.
鈻 " MC, you are perfect and gorgeous. "
鈻 I feel like he would ask innapropriate questions about your g脳nitals and stuff, but once you tell him you aren't comfortable talking about that, he'll stop
鈻 Will stand up against transphobes.
鈻 Will sing any trans song that you request.
鈻 Makes trans puns and jokes.
鈻 Will support you too.
鈻 I headcanon him as genderfluid, so with my HC, he will come out too.
鈻猈ill cuddle with you and watch trans video's online.
鈻 He probably already knew if you were diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
鈻 Will hack powerfull transphobic people and release all info about them to the world.
鈻 Sweet boy loves you.
鈻 Will shower you with trans related gifts.
鈻 I feel like he would be a bit TOO supportive.
鈻 Will make trans related art work.
鈻 Will constantly ask if he said something transphobic by accident.
鈻 I haven't done his route yet, so I don't know much about him.
~ Thank you for reading
- Charlie.
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aquapages17 days ago
The Recommendations | Book Tag
The Recommendations | Book聽Tag
I鈥檝e been tagged by both Ally Writes Things, who made the tag, and Naty鈥檚 Bookshelf. Thank you!! Rules Tag聽Ally @ Ally Writes Things聽Give at least one recommendation for each of the prompts belowIf you don鈥檛 have a recommendation, talk about a book you want to readTag your friends A book about friendship I always look for books about friendship, but somehow all the recommendations I have is鈥
Tumblr media
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communalbong18 days ago
both of my MCs would be tried for witchcraft but neither of them can be killed by fire
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