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#Trans Levi
theseusrambles · 2 days ago
levi ackerman is a trans dude man i dont make the rules
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feralaot · 8 days ago
AOT characters' identities headcanons (v.2)
I did a post for aot characters' gender and sexualities headcanons before but I wanted to revamp it bc I had some new big brain ideas
eren: still cishet :/
mikasa: as a wise anon once told me, big tiddy bisexual goth gf
armin: token he/they straight but would not complain about kissing a man
jean: cisbi with a preference for women but lowkey checks out dudes on the reg
connie: cishet but like in a really fruity way, he probably kisses his friends as a hello
sasha: cis pansexual
historia: cis lesbian, had a bisexual phase but was like Nah
ymir: genderfluid sapphic, I think she's okay with any pronouns but is usually fem
levi: cis pansexual solidarity w/ sasha
hange: pansexual and some sort of nonbinary, doesn't really use a gender label other than that. any pronouns (prefers they) and whether they're afab or amab is up to you, I like both
erwin: hear me out I think he's gay, but put up a straight front for his reputation
reiner: cis gay gay homosexual gay
bertholdt: he/they pan
annie: she had like three crises about her sexuality and eventually settled on bi. whether she's cis or transfem is also up to you because I adore her anyway
porco: bi trans guy, prefers women
pieck: she/they bi, whether she's afab or amab is up to you bc transfem pieck owns my whole heart but I love her either way
zeke: cishet but would flirt with a guy as a joke then genuinely question himself so honestly who knows bc he doesn't
onyankopon: cishet but like the really cool supportive kind that would go to pride
yelena: definitely sapphic. afab or amab? I like both, so your choice
floch: "super straight"
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butch-bakugo · 10 days ago
Oh? You used to id as a lesbian yet found yourself attracted to trans men/masc nbs but not cis men? Same! Welcome to bi community! Likeing men, women and nbs is wonderful!
Oh? You used to id as a gay yet found yourself attracted to trans women/fem nbs but not cis women? Welcome to bi community! Likeing men, women and nbs is wonderful!
Oh? Your a lesbian who likes trans men yet say they are in your attraction due to their agab? Cringe bruh! Thats transphobic and trans men probs wont date you anyway because you disrespect their identity by calling them women! Probs just leave them alone and educate yourself on trans rights!
Oh? Your a gay guy who likes trans women yet say they are in your attraction due to their agab? Cringe bruh! Thats transphobic and trans women probs wont date you anyway because you disrespect their identity by calling them men! Probs just leave them alone and educate yourself on trans rights!
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gremlin-writes-angst · 15 days ago
The Three Kingdoms
A story about a prince, a princess, a royal guard and a famous knight, and how their love forms and changes each other. Three different kingdoms, The Ashido Kingdom, The Toyomitsu kingdom and The Kaminari Kingdom, all of different status. The Ashido Kingdom is the wealthiest around , their soon to be queen Mina Ashido who has fallen for her loyal guard and best friend, Sero Hanta. The Toyomitsu Kingdom known for defeating The Kaminari Kingdom over 100 years ago, and for their fierce knights and, specifically, the strongest knights of the land Eijiro Kirishima. The Kaminari Kingdom, home of prince Denki Kaminari , a kingdom on the verge of collapse, the known rival of The Toyomitsu Kingdom.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Possessively in love
Katsuki Bakugou in love with Denki Kaminari, but no one is good enough for the ball of sunshine, not even himself. So he most protect Denki from all others who are trying to be with him.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
The Unkissable Prince
Quirkless highschool drama club AU. Denki and Jirio play the main leads of a highschool production of “the little merimaid” but problems arise when Jirou insults Denki, calling him ‘unkissable’. Denki’s insecurities grow, feeling unlovable and undesirable, but with some help and flirting from his stage manager Shinsou, Denki realizes that Jirou was wrong.
Just a wing man
Denki Kaminari and Katsuki Bakugou unknowingly in love with each other. Eijiro Kirishima, Denki’s wing man, also in love with Denki, makes a plan to get Denki’s to like him back, backfires and leaves him heartbroken, and he is the only one he can blame.
A Levi Ackerman x gender neutral reader fan fic. Reader is feeling neglected because of the lack of physical affection in their relationship with Levi. Modern AU
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kitsune-oji · 19 days ago
I just kinda want Levi to cosplay with M!Mc (trans) and they're both in skirts or levi convinces m!Mc to cosplay some character with a feminine outfit and Levi freaks out cause its so moe and then continues to compliment and validate Mc so much because he's such a handsome guy and the skirt makes him looks so good but that doesn't mean he's any less of a guy and Levi just loving and validating him alright? :')
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lettheratsin · 22 days ago
If y’all want I totally would love to talk headcanons about om! Or even like do hc requests bc I’m bored and I’m writing other things but I’d love to do something a little more informal? Also I’m like craving hurt/comfort myself bc I’m a sad dysphoric little enby and I want to cry on a demon bfs shoulder or like even just hcs on how the boys would cheer up a sad MC
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 24 days ago
some fluff for tim
Tim really enjoys photography. He will sometimes be spotted taking pictures of birds and plants that grow on the grounds.
His mother and brothers come over when they can to visit on family visit days. He really enjoys spending time with them, as he doesn't get to see his oldest brother much.
Pietro/Masky was just an inside joke had by the family based on his bio father's name.
He hasn't seen his childhood friend in a while, but they've remained in touch via letters (another oc of mine called Malice). Malice came out as trans to him before she came out to her parents.
Tim got a demisexual pride flag for his birthday one year, and he couldn't help but feel his eyes well up with tears.
One time, Masky/Pietro left a snack by his bed for him to wake up to. He really does enjoy granola bars.
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lettheratsin · 25 days ago
Inspired by chats with @lavender-roses-and-bloody-noses Obey Me! Trans headcanons. Lmao I’m trans and I just want every character to be trans so I’m just giving random headcanons based on how I think they would be as trans don’t take it too seriously 😳
Levi makes handmade Ruri chan cosplay that she secretly sewed herself and Mammon sees it like the maid drama and he’s a proud big bro and fawns all over his baby sister and everyone is really supportive and loves her lots and Asmo does her makeup and it’s adorable shut up
Trans boy Beel who works out a lot to help with dysphoria 🥺🥺
Agender Satan who’s like “fuck a gender that’s some stupid human thing”
Genderfluid Asmo is so important to me too oh my god not that you need to be genderfluid to wear what you want but just Asmo wearing pretty dresses 😍😍😍
Mammon is everyone’s biggest cheerleader too I feel like he’d be the most supportive big brother ever for his trans sibs
Also like uwu Beel bleaches his hair and dyes it bc it makes him feel more in control of his appearance and less dysphoric
Lucifer would kill anyone who even thinks something bad about his siblings lmao he’s super overprotective
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my-son-is-a-goth · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
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pirogieses · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a few of my latest fanarts!! im really proud of these :)
the Levi one was for a friend’s birthday, i dont watch AOT :O and Nanami from JJK bc he is my husband <3
check out my other artworks on my insta and consider comissioning me to support your local transguy B)
reblogs super appreciated<3 
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feralaot · a month ago
AOT characters + an FTM!reader s/o
I had a few requests asking for different characters with an FTM reader so this is just a compilation combining all of those!
warnings: brief mention of dysphoria, brief mention of transphobia
modern setting
oh lord he’s so sweet. he almost cries when you come out to him because he’s just so honored and happy that you trusted him enough to tell him something like that
after coming out he immediately drops your dead name and uses your preferred pronouns on the spot. he cares a lot and wants you to know that he supports you endlessly
if somebody says something rude to you armin will try to passive aggressively educate them because that’s his boyfriend they’re disrespecting 🤬
if you’re post op and are comfortable with being shirtless around him, armin might offer to paint on your chest and scars. it’s a huge part of his love language and he wants to show you that your body is beautiful no matter what it’s been through. flowers, landscapes, constellations... anything that he thinks is beautiful
with that being said his favorite flowers are cornflowers so expect a lot of those being painted on your skin
don’t even worry about anyone purposely misgendering you or saying something disrespectful, jean will literally beat them up no hesitation
he’s not very good at comforting someone but he sure does try. awkward pats on the backs calling you handsome and reaffirming your gender identity will probably be the method
he’s definitely a himbo and doesn’t understand it completely so you can expect to get a lot of questions from him about your identity but he won’t push any boundaries or ask uncomfortable things
he does however try his best to research on his own and educate himself to learn what to do to best suit your needs and be as respectful as possible :)
really doesn’t care how masculine you look or how well you pass, no matter what he’s gonna claim that he’s “the worse looking one” in the relationship and he’s totally okay with that
seems like the kind of person to not give a shit what your gender is. if he likes you and you like him, why should it matter? he doesn’t mind at all is what I’m basically saying
however don’t let that fool you. he’s very gentle and never pushes your boundaries. he’s also going to throw major hands with anyone who’s being transphobic 🙄
while he does seem to give off the attitude that he doesn’t care about anything he does care immensely about you and your mental health. he’s open 24/7 if you ever want to vent to him, he’ll listen with no complaints and be very thoughtful.
he’s surprisingly accommodating for you. obviously being levi’s anything is a difficult task since he’s so closed off to people in general but if he really trusts you then you’ve definitely earned it and you two are inseparable
his love language is using lots of positive affirmations and validating words like “handsome”
we already know that hange is going to be over enthusiastic about you and your transition, especially if you decide to medically transition. they’re gonna want to know everything about it and always tag along to your bloodwork tests
they’re also hands down the best shopping buddy, they’ll always offer to take you to whatever store you want and buy you whatever clothes you want
if somebody were to say something rude about you or them hange wouldn’t even bother trying to explain they’d just go straight to yelling profanities because “you can’t help stupid” 🙄
if / when you get top surgery they’ll be babying you through the entire recovery process; making sure you took your meds, making sure you have enough blankets, making sure you’re never hungry or thirsty. it’s adorable but can get just a little obnoxious after a bit LMAO
if you aren’t publicly out and don’t want other people to know quite yet, rest assured that it’s completely safe with hange. they may be a loudmouth but they know that this is a level of trust that can never be betrayed. they refer to it as “confidential”
we have another himbo here that doesn’t know much about it but he sure does try his best to learn everything he should know so that he doesn’t accidentally say something insensitive
eventually he becomes well versed in vocabulary and quickly realizes that, yes, he is in fact gay for being attracted to you
he asks a lot of questions but stammers and stutters and apologizes as he expresses them. a lot of his questions are asking for clarification on things or specifics for how he can best accommodate your preferences. what’s okay to say in public? how do you prefer to be addressed? he sweats bullets honestly
he’s the most willing to go to pride events because we already know he’s a flaming homosexual and is willing to be loud about it, you’re his boyfriend and he’s gonna be proud of it
he’s gonna validate you with small mocking compliments like “ugh, stop being so damn handsome, I can’t even look at you!”
when you came out to him he could tell that you were visibly nervous, so he immediately pointed out that it’s absurd to think he would be uncomfortable with it. he’s supportive all the way with whatever you decide to do and will be there for guidance if you ever need it.
he always offers you his clothes because naturally they’re probably very baggy compared to your normal size so a lot of your closet is just sweaters that you’re borrowing from him but he doesn’t mind because he thinks you look adorable in them 💗
I think he’s sort of touchy but it’s not something you see from him much in public, only in private. every day he would ask what you’re okay with, especially if you’re particularly dysphoric. he also checks in through the day to see if anything has changed
if you’re post op and comfortable with being shirtless he would like to gently trace your scars and tell you affirming things about how your body is beautiful, your scars don’t define you if you don’t want them to, etc
he’s very gentle and considerate and will never press you for details that you aren’t comfortable sharing or push any boundaries whatsoever
she acts like she doesn’t care very much but in fact she’s very grateful that you had enough trust in her for you to feel safe coming out to her. she doesn’t think a lot of people trust her but once you told her this fact she felt.... appreciated
she already knows a bit about gender stuff (porco is a trans guy too, so she had to deal with him when he was going through his transition as well) so you can take it easy and not have to worry about explaining things to her very often
she always reminds you to take your hormones or any medication you need, she’s very thoughtful and probably remembers your schedule better than you do LMAO you better take care of yourself or she’s coming for you
she says a lot of things like “handsome” and “my boyfriend” completely on purpose because that little flush on your face you get when she does is always worth seeing
if you’re okay with it, she’s very physically affectionate and will gently touch your chest or kiss your scars, just making sure that you know you’re appreciated in her eyes no matter what anyone else thinks about you.
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trans-rights-peeps · 2 months ago
Jungkook, the bible, thomas sanders, conan gray, george not found, lisa, levi, feral boys, and the lgbtq+ community hates the super straights!! -😼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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feralaot · 2 months ago
aot characters and their reactions to the reader coming out as a trans guy please 🥺🥺 love your work~
AOT characters + reactions to reader coming out as a trans guy 💕
no warnings
just wholesomeness :)
eren: “oh. uh- what does that mean, again?”
armin: “oh! that’s totally okay! what would you like me to call you? do you want me to keep it between us? we can go shopping if you want!”
mikasa: “hmm. neat. anyway”
jean: “I dub thee officially one of the boys.”
connie: “cool. so, do you want to hang out with me, jean, and sa- yes, I heard you. that’s fine by me. so do you want to hang or not bro”
sasha: “oh lord, another boy for me to deal with!”
historia: “that’s neat! can I call you brother?”
ymir: “alright, sick. what should I call ya?”
levi: “hmm. okay. alright. put your shoes on, we’re going clothes shopping. do you have a new name you want me to use? Pronouns? I won’t tell anyone unless you want me to.”
hange: “ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID. I kind of knew though! yeah, yeah, honey, I can tell. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two”
season 1 reiner: “ONE OF THE BOYS!”
season 4 reiner: “hey, that’s completely okay by me. so, name? y/n? it’s nice to meet you, again.”
bertholdt: “hey, cool! thanks for trusting me enough to tell me, I know it’s tough. so, what’s your name?”
annie: "hmm. pog"
porco: “oh, for real? cool. do you want my old binder? I don’t know if it’ll fit but it’s worth a shot. if you got questions or need anything just ask, alright?”
pieck: “oh, jeez. another himbo to deal with. I’m just messing with you, man, thanks for telling me.”
zeke: “aha, I knew it! okay, you got me, no I didn’t. that’s fine, though.”
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