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insaneboyfriend · 7 minutes ago
Weird confession time: so I've already wanted to detach myself from the weird JD kinning thing and... failed.
And I think that's because my anger at noticing how "female" my role often was in my history of being abused kind of, turned what was originally an half-joke and vaguely accurate sort of cosplay into an actual weird emulation of bad Male-Patterned behaviors.
That is not me "admitting to being abusive" or whatever, just, talking about why it's practically undetachable from my identity as "Jason" at this point, it's probably not a good thing but that's how it is I guess.
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futureheadnerd · 12 minutes ago
dean winchester is like ikea furniture but tptb burnt the instructions, threw in some extra pieces, and got pissed when we assembled a character out of the whole mess
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lonlyloser · 13 minutes ago
i literally hate playing video games with my brother an cousin
they r both boys (and younger than me btw) but r being dicks and keep talking over me. they do this with like every game that we play together but i thought this game would be different (mostly because i’m better at it then them). it’s a puzzle game and i’ve been solving most of the puzzles but they still keep acting like they know better
they’re being like those toxic gamer boys and i hate it.
i’m mostly just playing to finish the levels because i want to finish them all (and there’s not much else to do). also i can’t think of a good excuse to get out of playing.
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randomfictionrants · 19 minutes ago
Recipe for a popular relationship that many adore:
1 heterosexual white boy
1 heterosexual white girl
[ note that both of them must be attractive ]
3 teaspoons of angst
4 teaspoons of problematic stuff (eg: panic attack kisses)
Dump the whole can of toxicity
Ig sprinkle some chemistry
3 spoons of violence
100 spoons of FANSERVICE
1 spoon of self insert
Optional: cheating
Some options for the boy:
Bad boy
Cheating, abusive asshole billionaire
You can give them a sappy redemption arc when he meets the girl.
Must: codependency
Some options for girl:
Good girl
Soft girl
Manic pixie dream girl
"I'm not like other girls" girl
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sleeplessdreamer14 · 38 minutes ago
Tumblr media
“Why would he like you? Come on now, really.”
Baozhai belongs to @emerald-echeveria-plant
Sophie belongs to me
(I know Baozhai is supposed to have scars but I believe that using Sophie’s hair would not only keep her looking young, but also heal her scars.)
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pachinkorot · 58 minutes ago
life is going downhill but i am so excited for tomorrow!!!!!! and the day after!!!! and the other day after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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kuhlesworld · an hour ago
Why did you lie?
Why did you fuck with my feelings?
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defiantsuggestions · an hour ago
When I was young, it felt like everyone was horrible. It felt like good, kind people didn't exist.
This was because I was in a bubble.
One of the most important things I've learned is that abusive people tend to stick together. Being abusive does not mean they suddenly lack social needs; they still seek out other people to spend their time with.
As they form a community, their behavior weeds people out. Those who recognize the bad behavior for what it is either stop interacting of their own volition, or the abuser themself cuts them off when they rightfully get called out on their actions.
Take someone who starts loud blow-up fights, for example. This person fully believes it's impossible to have any kind of relationship with someone else without regularly exploding at each other.
When they start screaming at a perspective friend, that friend then stops talking to them because they're being an asshole.
Or, alternatively, that friend calls the person out for yelling over something stupid. This results in the person cutting contact with their friend, because they're either too sensitive(how dare they call me an asshole, I should be allowed to yell), or because they suspect foul play(obviously you can't have a relationship without yelling, they're trying to sell me a fantasy and I refuse to be conned).
Eventually, the abusive person finds other people who are abusive and toxic in the same way as them. They push out the healthy relationships, and eventually you get a whole community of people who explode at each other over minor inconveniences and who refuse to learn better because they think this is just how relationships work.
It is a nasty, toxic bubble.
And when you're born into such a bubble, you have no other refference for how the world should be. You see nothing but dangerous assholes who hurt each other, who hurt you, and you know nothing else.
There are absolutely good people out there, they definitely exist, but you're trapped in the abuse bubble and you don't get to see those good people in your day to day life.
And it's hard to get out of that bubble once you're in. It's hard to recognize there's a bubble in the first place. It's hard to get past the false narrative they tell you. They make it hard because they don't want you to leave.
But good people do exist. They've been kept out of sight, but they're out there.
Knowing that there are good people is such a comfort to me, even if it took me years and years over to find them.
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mazeofvertigo · an hour ago
I have posted the following on Ao3!
-Deceitful Pink Chapter 1/5 (Invader Zim) -Mind Full of Fog Chapter 2/2 (Hazbin Hotel) -Friendly Encounters and Alleys Chapter 1/9 (Friday Night Funkin’)
I will be posting the following on Ao3 tomorrow 
-Deceitful Pink Chapter 2/5 -Friendly Encounters and Alleys Chapter 2/9 -Dance in Pool and Blood Chapter 1/1 (Hazbin Hotel+Vampire Alastor) -A Moth and Deer Fight It Out Chapter 1/1 (Hazbin Hotel+ TW for attempted rape but its not graphic)
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taylor-leigh · an hour ago
I need to vent and I don’t want to but i have to i want more friends where i live but i hate making friends the reason is because we all have that one friend who you think is amazing till they wanna be included or drag you a long to things and make do things you don’t wanna do and it sucks it really does because you notice red flags you wanna say something about but at the same time you need a friend. Do you guys get want i am saying if not let me break it down TOXIC FRIENDSHIP IS MENTALLY DRAINING TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN so please do not be like me at 26 years old stuck in this cycle of doom break out be free tell them to get lost no like seriously tell them to get lost we do not need that type of energy in 2021 like we got a lot dramatic energy going on right no so ladies and men epically men because i see to lets make a promise to each and say no more toxic friendships only healthy ones
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holypizzaeclipselamp · an hour ago
#this is a follow up to my last post btw#so anyway my friend wanted to argue w/me bc i didn't text her as much as she texted me. and i tried to reason with her by telling her that#i was busy with school and stuff. she immediately went like#and like. good for her i guess??? honey you should be paying more attention to your classes (she constantly talked/kinda bragged about not#caring about school and not taking seriously her classes which then again was annoying. dude nobody cares shut up already)#so i then again tried to be the bigger person and tell her that schools have different work loads and mine was simply bigger. no big deal#but it didn't get through that thick skull of hers so she kept on rambling about her struggles with school (that she had claimed didn't take#seriously so that was confusing. and that i should make more time for her and yada yada yada). i was just sitting there like.#is she for real??? lol no. so anyway i didn't pay attention to what she told me and just went on with my life.#except i didn't cut contact yet. which i should have as soon as i got the chance. so it went on w/the low key toxic friendship i had#until her family scammed me and she didn't do more than just. say sorry time and time again which wasn't nice and didn't help anybody.#in the situation i was in. so she got very dramatic. i was mad (bc i barely had enough money to pay for my school semester.)#it was a pretty big hit on my finances and i was stressed. she obviously didn't offer more than empty apologies (that'd help nobody but her)#so it was at that point that i had enough and never contacted her again. made my point across didn't want to be friends anymore#just in case she pulled the or . message of the story: don't stand for nobody's bullshit#and leave a situation/person you don't feel comfortable with if there are no serious consequences to it (like losing your job or smthing)#anyway since my brother was in the same school as her. the one where her mother worked my mom would sometimes tell me that#or ya know. but she never pressed on more than one mention.#also i told my bestie about the situation bc 1)i was very sentimental at the time and needed to vent to someone close who wouldn't judge me#and 2)to also check with her just in case the girl had tried anything funny with my bestie. i would be livid then if she had done something#or made her feel bad in any way. luckily nothing had happened. anyway after that she publicly announced (in our whattsapp group)#that she didn't feel comfortable talking with bestie bc i was her friend so she got out of it. and bestie realized just how immature#that girl really was so she decided that. well. guess i won't talk to her anymore and honestly good for her.#you go find stable relationships with people ily bestie. also pls avoid the crazy indecent like that pls#i will personally fight them if u unhappy and they assholes
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gongjun · 2 hours ago
I totally respect people having different opinions and preferences but it's shocking to see that there are people who genuinely think Luo yunxi is ugly and not suited to act the role of chu wanning... ????????? I don't think international fans realize how lucky we are to have him play the role. This type of perfect casting will probably never happen again in danmei live action history. We literally got the poster figure for danmei characters that wears white. He's literally the most coveted actor when it comes to danmei live action and fan casts!! He LITERALLY embodies chu wanning in every sense!!!! From age, body type, height, facial features!!! HE EVEN HAS THE MOLE BEHIND HIS EAR!!!!!!! And here i am seeing lyx hate in my tl feed.
I'm tired. :/
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watcherglowcloud · 2 hours ago
thinking about the time my friend shushed me and told me to shut up when i wasn’t making any noise
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jisoosrainbow · 2 hours ago
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messiambrandybuck · 2 hours ago
My mother makes it a point to acknowledge the fact that I like the same sex; she makes it a point to include both binary genders when talking about my future relationships. She's been supportive of me each time I came out to her (first as bi, then as pan), saying that the labels didn't matter to her.
And yet, she's also made it a point to let me know how I "didn't show any signs growing up". Repeatedly. My own mother has told me she was convinced I was groomed into my first same-sex relationship (I'd like to officially point out I was not, don't worry), and hinted that was the only reason why I'm not straight. [my mother and I are both very passive-aggressive with each other, and most of our arguments are through these 'hints'. Sadly, there was no way in which I could've misinterpreted the hint.]
And then she has the audacity to validate what she says by telling me about how she wanted to "march for the gays" when she was a teenager. As if that canceled out all of the horrible and, dare I say, homophobic things she's said.
I'm telling you all this because I need those in a similar situation to realize that what your parents are doing? It's not okay! Nothing about them invalidating your orientation/identity, and making you constantly second-guess it, is okay! I know they're your family, but that doesn't excuse their behavior. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, darlings- please keep yourselves safe 💚
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