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#Tony definitely knows
newnewyorker93 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Pepperony Pizza
I spent way too long on this very simple doodle of a cheesy (pun intended) joke from my fic Pizza for Valentine's Day 🍕😄
(for the June @tonystarkbingo Flash Bingo, card 003 - friends to lovers)
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funkylittlebidiot · 12 days ago
Peter: we have a word for a romantic interest “crush” and a word for platonic interest, “squish”.
Peter: but what about a word for mentor interest? Like how do I tell SOMEONE I want them to teach me, make me a better person, and love me like the son they never had???
Harley: just hack into his computer and put his digital signature on your adoption papers. Tony’s been my legal guardian for three months and he doesn’t have a clue.
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newnewyorker93 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Racing Suit Tony
My first Tony felt figure! And he's on fire!
(for the June @tonystarkbingo Flash Bingo, card 003 - bonfire)
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chrysallisthenum · a month ago
I just saw your firefighter sweet pea posts and I love them so much? Like holy shit we were ROBBED- and your take on it especially? I love it I want twenty. Now a small part of me craves Kindergarten teacher Jug and Firefighter Sweet Pea, like a season 5 au where Betty, Veronica, and Archie teach at the high school sure, but Jug is asked to teach the kindergartners and what do you know, class field trip to the fire station! (If this is the first time the two see each other since their meeting at the White Wyrm, can you imagine the meeting? So much potential. And if one of the little kids comes up and shyly tugs Sweet Pea’s pant leg, “Are you Mr.Jones’ husband?” Because little kids are PERSPECTIVE and they notice the longing looks.)
Alternatively an au with High School teacher Jug and Firefighter Sweet Pea, like the one @juggio came up with, fuck that’s genius too. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES and it was all thanks to your posts on firefighter sweet pea, I love it.
Oh my gOD!!! First of all, thanks for liking my prompt 💕💕 someone else came up with it though, so I can’t take all the credit haha (I’ve tried to find the post but it’s so far back I literally can’t,,,)
Second of all, I have to start with: I haven’t watched the fifth season lol. I want to wait until all the episodes are released so I can binge watch them all (I have no patience for waiting every week for one episodes 😌). I do however know these kids are somehow hired as teachers (like why,,, what were the adults thinking,, Archie started an underaged bdsm boys club, twice; Betty is borderline insane and should have stayed in her fbi job; jughead is... a gang leader; Ronnie.. is the sanest one and therefore should stay out of that town)
BUT I will go off the rails and say for the sake of fanfic these kids shall be teachers! I feel like Archie is definitely a PE teacher. Betty can either be that kindergarten teacher who hates kids but she likes them, you know, or made a subject teaching middle to high school students their basic civil rights. Ronnie is definitely a business and/or econ teacher, probably took up accounting too just to voluntarily add to her own stress. Jughead is either a tortured artist writer turned English writer in high school or decided to sign up as a kindergarten teacher cause he thought it was easier (it wasn’t).
Sweet pea decided to take up a job to become legitimate alongside his regular serpent night job and it was well known among the members hes a firefighter — and one of the best in riverdale too. Jughead though, went away and never looked back until he had to. Even while in Riverdale he kept his eyes away from the serpents and thus was thoroughly surprised when sweet pea showed up in front of Archie’s door, where he had been staying (jughead is crashing with Archie isn’t he??), in bright yellow uniform and a crying James in his arms and Thomas clinging to his leg.
This has been LONG, so I’ll stop there 🤧 the longing looks though,, the kids pick up on them real quick, like scary quick, cause jughead hasn’t even noticed himself even staring at sweet pea sometimes.
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informaticn · a month ago
i will never truly be over just how much was going on during that plotline where the aven/gers go to ask nat   &   matt for help defeating mag/neto bc it’s like not only is the mag/neto thing going on,   but also right as soon as it’s over t’challa give them both an invitation to be aven/gers so not only do they have that to sort out on a personal level   ( see   :   matt rejects,   nat accepts ),   but also right before they go to help clint,   who had recently left the aven/gers,   made his way to chicago where he   &   matt fought like assholes over nat’s affections while she thought about whether her yard was big enough to hide both their bodies
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funnyincorrectmcu · a month ago
Rhodey: Where’s Tony? He’s usually on top of fixing these things. Pepper: Tony’s sick so I told him to stay in bed today. Tony: *yelling* She tied me to the bed! Pepper: He tends to not listen so I did what was best. Tony: *yelling* Somebody please untie me! Pepper: *yelling back* The sooner you behave the sooner I’ll untie you!
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tonystarktogo · 3 months ago
After I read the last addition to time travel post is spewed my drink everywhere caues I was laughing so hard, cognitive recalibration 🤣🤣
In Steve’s defence: He means well.
On the other hand a valid counterargument: What the fuck, Steve.
[I’d say I’m sorry about the mess but I’m mostly just glad I’m not the only one who finds it funny lmao]
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veenokken · 3 months ago
Fights "Who's better?"
Bʏ Vᴇᴇ Nᴏᴋᴋᴇɴ
Round 1: Peter Hale vs Peter Parker
Peter Hale: I'm a werewolf.
Peter Parker: I'm a Spider-Man, I was bitten-
Tony Stark: Spider-Boy.
Peter Parker: Yeah, dad, don't interrupt me. Like I said, I was bitten by a radioactive spider and I'm like a hybrid of spider and human, but not exactly, I mean I'm not sure-
Vee Nokken: Okay, Pete, you can stop, we understand.
Derek Hale: *whispers* Thanks. He's like a Stiles. Never stop talking.
Peter Hale: Well, I was resurrected.
Peter Parker: I was not existed. I mean I turned to dust but five years later I returned thanks to dad, I mean he's- *points at Tony Stark* he's basically dead, but he's here, so it's really crazy-
Vee Nokken: *exhausted* Okay, Parker, you won, just shut- *seeing Tony's glare* shut the door behind you, please.
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distantsuns · 3 months ago
on a scale of 1 to 10 how funny would it be if i said that james started wearing hawaiian shirts after seeing scarface and he just.... never stopped
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jen27ny · 4 months ago
When the forest clears to show the lake with the cabin, Rocket starts talking – not that he’s ever stopped talking, to be honest. “This is stupid.”
“It’s a common custom,” Nebula simply says, her voice as steady as ever. “Rhodey, Carol, and all the other assured me that it would be the polite thing to do.”
“I’m not polite.”
“Which is why I’m forcing you to do this.”
“Terra and their stupid inhabitants.”
“They call it Earth.”
“Which is worse! Why do they name their planet after dirt? And Earthlings makes them sound like a seedling of a plant or something.” Without meaning to, Rocket’s mind jumps to another plant-like creature. His heart starts to ache.
Nebula spares him a side glance but says nothing as she gently lands the spaceship. The second the ship touches the ground, the door of the cabin opens and Tony Stark steps out, followed by the red-headed woman Rocket never really talked to – Pepper, if he remembers correctly. She carrying a baby in her arms which is the reason why they’re here.
“Nebula, Rocket,” Stark greets them, showing them a smile. “What a nice surprise of you to stop by.” During the first three weeks after the battle against Thanos, Rocket has heard many stories about the one and only Iron Man, Tony Stark. But now, a year later and after Stark has recovered from his time in space, Rocket still can’t see the great fighter he’d heard so much about. No, Stark looks soft and defeated and… broken. Nebula said he lost his Groot on Titan.
Rocket can’t be mad at Stark for not living up to his expectations.
“We came to gratulate you on your daughter,” Nebula answers after allowing Stark to hug her. “And bring gifts.” She pulls her gift out of her back, holding it out for the baby (or the parents) to grab.
The parents blink at the gift.
“Is that… a tiny sword?” Pepper asks, her voice flat.
“And it looks… very sharp.”
Nebula nods proudly. “It is, so she can properly defend herself.” They keep staring at her. Nebula stares back, eventually opening her mouth again. “It… also rattles.” To prove it, she shakes the tiny sword, and the rattling inside catching the attention of the baby.
“Thank you, Nebula,” Stark says, looking like he’s trying not to smile as he takes the gift. “I’m sure she will love it. Hey, totally unrelated, but does this happen to have, like, a scabbard or something?”
After Nebula pulls out an equally tiny scabbard, Stark’s eyes fall on Rocket. He shrugs. “What? I’m a thief. I take stuff, I don’t hand it out.” Nebula sends him a dark glare, but the Starks laugh. The baby is staring at him. Rocket is reminded of a tiny tree. “But, uh, … I guess got job on making an offspring. She looks… healthy?”
“Thank you,” Pepper says before any words can come out of Stark’s mouth. “Would you both like to join us for dinner?”
“Please, you have to stay,” Stark insists, already pushing them towards the cabin. “We’re making cheeseburgers, and you can help me convince Pep that we should definitely get an alpaca.”
Morgan begins to wiggle in Stark’s arms as soon as Rocket jumps out of the spaceship. He gave up on fighting the smile on his face whenever he sees the little Earthling long ago. “Look at that! Someone finally grew some hair on her head!”
“That’s not the only thing that happened,” Stark says with a wide grin. He puts her on the ground, making her stand on her chubby tiny legs – and then Morgan starts to walk.
“What?!” Rocket all but screams, genuinely excited (and a tiny bit exaggerating because it always makes the little one laugh). “No way! I thought Earthlings don’t learn to walk until they hit puberty!”
“Believe me, I would prefer it that way,” Stark half-jokes, always one step behind his daughter, ready to catch her should she stumble.
Morgan doesn’t stumble. Instead, she takes up more and more speed and runs over to Rocket, throwing her tiny arms around him. To be honest, he’s not quite sure if she planned on hugging him or if she lost her balance. Careful to not hurt her with his claws, Rocket puts his arms around her. She’s getting taller and taller each visit, already surpassing him.
“Good job,” Rocket praises, his voice uncharacteristically sarcasm-free. She starts babbling in response. “Y’know, I thought Groot is the weirdest language I had to learn, but I guess I was wrong. Either you need to learn how to use big words or I have to learn how to babble.”
Of course, Morgan answers him with even more babbling – learning Babbling it is, then. Suddenly, she grabs his fur – hard. “Hey!”
“Oh, yeah, she’s getting really grabby,” Stark laughs. “Looks like she’s taking inspiration from some thief and decided to just take stuff.”
“Yes, honey. Sleep tight. I love you 3000.”
Rocket really doesn’t mean to listen into Stark’s conversation, but what can he do when the man is walking past the open door of his lab? There’s a part of him that wanted to ask if he could speak to Morgan, but time is precious right now. Stark deserves to spend every second he gets to talk to his family before –
Rocket’s communicator is beeping. He throws a quick glance at it, determined to ignore whoever is calling him, but as he sees the name on his screen, he stops and actually answers the call. “Didn’t you just say good night to your dad? He’s gonna insist that I’m a bad influence on you if he finds out about it.” Which is nothing new, but it always gets a giggle out of the little girl.
However, Morgan doesn’t giggle. Even through the hologram, Rocket can basically feel how tense she is. “What are you all working on?”
“Something new.”
“Something dangerous.” It’s not a question, so Rocket provides no answer. He’s not sure what Stark told his daughter about what they’re doing exactly and how risky and dangerous it is, and the last thing they need right now is an almost-five-year-old finding out about it.
For a second, Morgan simply stares at him, waiting for a smart and snarky remark. “Daddy says it’s not dangerous. Mommy says it’s not dangerous.”
“Then why do you think it would be dangerous?”
“Because sometimes they don’t tell me the truth.” She’s handling being lied to surprisingly well, but maybe she’s soaking up all the anxiety from her parents. Morgan is a lot smart than the average Terran Rocket ever met, even at her young age. “Rocket, is it dangerous?”
Here’s the thing: He can easily lie, especially to people who have only been on one planet, claiming that they’re limited by their narrow world view. And he lied to Morgan before! He made up the most fantastic stories to get her to laugh and lied when she asked what all his weapons are for and where he got his scars. Lying is easy!
Except for right now.
So, he has to deflect. “Hey, Momo, the smartest person I’ve ever met is working on it: me.” That, at least, gets him a very weak giggle. “And I suppose your father and the big green, jolly monster aren’t standing in my way either. Plus, there are tons of people around who are willing to throw themselves at the slightest side of danger just because they’re bored. Everything will be fine.”
“You promise? Nobody will get hurt?”
Rocket really shouldn’t make promises like that. He shouldn’t give her hope when the odds are staked so high against them, when they’re not only trying to make the impossible possible but to also fight a giant, ugly, purple, murderous titan. Giving her hope would only be gruel, especially if he’ll not be able to keep that promise.
But Rocket isn’t a good person – he’s not even polite.
Rocket smiles. “Of course. I promise,” he lies.
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