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#Time to play mc doe !!!
ttaswell · a day ago
tbh though it does suck that charlie was the first to die, i understand that it was probably bcuz he’s busy w/ other things on the side and the smp probably would’ve become an afterthought after a little while
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camgirlkaminari · a month ago
I cant- BUT you know that comic about Mic growing up in the UK? Can you like? Hehhaha draw him as a frickin Chav please?
HELLO?!?!?! HOW did you get my number!!!!!!!!!!!! present mic but he wears louis vuitton track suits I am LISTENING???
listen. look. look and listen. I am thinking of a young hizashi, his parents have moved him around the world for business reasons. he's 13 and he's a bit of an outcast bc he has a slight accent. so maybe he gets in with the """""wrong"""" crowd. maybe he does a little bit of crime. maybe he becomes the plug for his friend group. maybe all his friends get him really into hair gel. perhaps his fingerless gloves are simply there to hide the knuckle dusters he inherited from his 16 year old skinhead (not the nazi kind) mentor from the london skreets. perhaps he was gifted these old, gold-plated copper knuckle dusters in a very moving and very teenage ceremony of youth. maybe this particular mentor is the person who got him into mcing. maybe his hands are all green under the gloves from years of sentimental copper patina. maybe he wears some big chains what of it. consider he calls his very good looking friends peng. (perhaps he calls shouta peng. perhaps, when asked, hizashi tells shouta that peng just means "uh...something you think is" perhaps shouta still doesn't know what it really means. perhaps shouta sometimes calls a funny cat picture 'peng.') perhaps he is still the plug, but in japan now. maybe, if you search just the right terms, you can find the lingering echoes of his edgy myspace. perhaps i am manifesting this as we speak.
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luc1dcl0udz · 2 months ago
When you get to do whatever you want bc online zchool iz a bitch to you rn 🙏🙏🙏
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jenxespinoza · 9 months ago
i cannot believe that choices has made me THIS attached to ina kingsley my god, that woman do be the love of my life...pb ur paying for my therapy when the book is over and we never see her again x
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dojae-huh · 5 hours ago
Boss commentary
It’s a pity that M2 MV commentary was discontinued. I really like all NCT’s episodes. 
I was fortunate to get to know NCT in April of 2018, Empathy was the start of NCT being really busy and productive. JaeDo got together, Lucas and Jungwoo were added, ten’s solos, promotions in Japan and USA, first 127′s full album, etc.
Looking back, Doyoung was different. It was gradual, so I won’t say when exactly he changed, but even during games he is not as assertive as he was back then. 2018 was the time when Do had enough experience to be comfortable as an idol, but before the worries about slow success of the group, an array of scandals and the difficulties of hiding his relationship. He wasn’t afraid to stand out back then and grab all the attention. 
MV Commentary NCT U Boss (unsubbed YT). For some reason I can’t play videos on Dailymotion right now, but here is a link to different subs. 
I will write timestamps for the YT video and get the meaning from the Rus subs video.
Things to notice:
- How active and loud is Do as the MC,
- How he looks and addresses mostly Jae and Tae on his left. He turns to Mark and WW on his right only when he needs to say something individually (like praise words),
- Jaehyun often explains his opinion to Do instead of to the camera,
- Despite limited vocablurary, Lucas knows how to entertain and works instead of sitting it out,
- Jae and/or Do as the only MCs for U/127. Do MCed for Touch as well. 
3:30 - Jae uses the opportunity to tease Do, when the hyung says his charming point is his wide as the Pacific ocean shoulders.
4:06 - Jae is the first to laugh at Do’s jab at Tae (your charming point is dissapointing).
4:54 - Jae’s “ne” a few times to support Do’s speech. 
6:50 - Doyoung looking at Jaehyun for the whole duration of explanation (Jae talks about Ukranian models, who I suspect were actually just random guys from the street who agreed to dye their hair for booze money, they don’t have model looks). 
7:12 - Do’s fanboys and teasing squad. Tae says Do is afraid of heights.
9:30 - In one breath Do both teased and assured Tae about his part with the hand and the smile. First Do said Tae does the gesture when he is drunk, later he said Tae looked like a real boss. Also note how Do is not afraid to joke about fans struggling for breath because of Tae’s beauty. 
11:26 - When Jae asks to stop at his scene, Do offers to fast-forward. When was the last time Do teased Jae like he teases Tae? Jae backtracks and says it’s ok, he has nothing to comment. When other neos said he paused because he looks handsome, Do echoed their words with a smile.
12:10 - Jae looks so disinterested, but he is the one to later jump in with STOP to help with the exact moment. Jae also says “OK, OK, it’s good”. Supportive boyfriend to be.
13:13 - Do stops at the hyung line to check how they look and says Jae looks angry, a lot of tension in his brows. 
13:47 - Do teases Mark, saying that the shooting was postponed for 5 hours because of Mark not able to cut the curtain the first time. Look how Jae jumps to aid Do in teasing. Yes, that’s was the norm. 
14:26 - Jae’s smile at the scene of the members parting to reveal Doyoung.
Tae said that Ten was present during TaeMark’s duo rap scene among the buses. 
17:06 - Jae asked to stop to talk about the story behind the shot, how they didn’t know it will be used for the MV and everyone decided to close or open eyes on their own. Do said that those who could withstand the harsh light kept their eyes open, he was one of them. Jae teased how one of Do’s eyes is barely seen, etc. As usual, when it’s about Doyoung-ie-hyung, Jaehyun is hyped. 
It wasn’t tomato soup, guys, it was beet soup. Noone eats it from a cabbage, of course, that’s restaurant entertainment.
In the end Doyoung said that with the help of Boss he hoped to become the boss of k-pop. Welp, it happened with Kick It a couple years later.
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sevensdeadly · 6 hours ago
Hello!! I just started playing the demo and I absolutely loved it! The emotions it portrayed, The confusion lmao- (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.💕💕 (I couldn't wait to send this in until I finished reading so--) Aksjskaka- Although I did notice some spelling mistakes and made some rewrites(?) I hope you don't mind it ;-; Are you okay with it?? (I'll send it later if you want to see it-)
Also noticed that some people said the mc was ooc (Not acting based on the personality stat) So! Friendly reminder that the authors need a base character for the mc to write them properly! If they don't, Then the mc just kinda turns into a background character who occasionally speaks and acts when needed, Which is rather boring for some isn't it?
Alsooo people need to know the differences of this, Because this is the most misunderstood word and commonly correlated with each other-
Stoicism > Apathy : Don't forget to not mix them up together! Apathy is different from stoicism. Being stoic does not necessarily mean you are emotionless or uncaring for your surroundings, Stoicism means you prefer not to show emotion outwardly for the image of professionalism (To which is commonly attached to-) While Apathy is just...Emptiness. Like an abyss, A void where emotions should be but there are non. No matter what you try, what solution you conduct, It's only Emptiness... Or you prefer to just live life as ghost, Not minding anyone's business but your own. Wiisid-
So yeah- This got long...Sorry about that! (;ŏ﹏ŏ) I hope you have/had a nice day/night! Love! (。・ω・。)ノ♡
Yeah spelling has definitely been my downfall throughout all this. I’m planning once I got the demo part completed to go through and completely correct everything I haven’t already caught of fixed. And he’ll yeah send me what you got my dude I will gladly take the help.
And thank you! People seem to not realize that and it’s irritating me to no end how some keep saying you should do so and so cause my character wouldn’t act like this. Dude write your own if then. Coding takes time and is hard to do! If I don’t do that you won’t get anywhere story wise and the mc will straight up just be bleh and boring.
And I really hope you enjoy what else is to come. But definitely send me those corrections/rewrites I am totally open to that
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juliandevoraksflatass · 13 hours ago
I think in canon Muriel wears his chains as a self-imposed punishment, to deal with his guilt, a physical metaphor for how he's trapped by his past. And then they fall off, when he manages to let go of that. I'm sure there's some kind of magic involved... But on the topic of the AA AU: yes to all of this! Volta and Vulgora testifying together is great, they both start out covered in psyche locks but with just a little prodding one of Volta's breaks away and she confesses to everything
Tumblr media
Ohh okay the Muriel thing does make some sense yeah
Also bro imagine the cool ass aesthetic a devil themed psyche lock would have,,,. Omgggg WAIT SOME OF THE CHARACTERS MIGHT HAVE BLACK PSYCHE LOCKS DUE TO THE MEMORY LOSS
Like everyone who was affected by the memory loss def should have at least one, and once they start to remember the locks start breaking!! For Julian I don’t think this would be shown “on screen” but I can picture time dedicated to breaking Asra’s black psyche lock when presenting and going over the evidence. (I haven’t played Nadia’s route yet so idk her deal exactly)
Also their situation nicely parallels with canon AA logic where if you’re not careful, attempting to break black psyche locks can cause immense psychological trauma. The biggest example being MC themself who has been put into catatonic states due to Asra trying to help them remember. Also the headaches that the rest of the cast experience. (Nadia and Julian being what comes to mind first)
(Speaking of MC, I’d wager they’d have the most black psyche locks on themselves considering they’ve endured what I’d argue to be the most uh, traumatic circumstance out of the whole cast.)
Unrelated but I think it’d be a little funny if Asra had a similar gimmick to Apollo Justice but instead of his bracelet squeezing him it’s Faust djcjdkkckskc
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vulpiximisa · a day ago
i know i shouldnt compare anime with which is better or not but since I started two Firey-Hot-blooded-Sports anime around the same time, i cant help it
anyway, heres my thoughts on both Burning Kabaddi and Hinomaru Sumo
how theyre both similar
Fire-y Passion, Manly Roughing Toughing Sport
sport is made fun of/butt of jokes/underestimated but is very intense
main character is skilled (although Yoigoshi is a noob at Kabaddi, he has soccer experience)
theres the scheming/conniving megane character...
ayu is there as the tiny side character that definitely does not belong in this sport
Things I think Burning Kabaddi did good
Yoigoshi being the protagonist. Hes the literal definition of the Prodigy Cocky Rival character, EXCEPT that he is the main character. His color scheme also seems like its intentionally the opposite of that trope (white hair and red eyes instead of the black hair blue eyes). 
Ojo Masato is a really fascinating character. Of course he plays in the ‘frail but deadly” trope but the fact that he is the Captain was a huge surprise to me. Also I love the moe gap that is his friendly face to his feral zombie mode. (im weak for moe sleeves okay???)
Its unfortunate that Kabaddi only ended at 12 episodes. It feels like they were just getting started? They didn’t even have a real match? They were intense practice matches that were important to growth but in the end of they day they are still just practice.
I also didn’t like how the later 3 that joined up are constantly only in that trio group. I’d like to have seen them branch out and interact with the other characters. It also feels a little stifled because the characters in the same year only ever pair up with each other. (Iura & Ojo, Yoigoshi & Azemichi, Misumi & Date) Of course Yoigoshi gets interaction with everyone but he’s MC so he doesn’t count.
Misumi got a few moments to himself, separating him from Date. Which is unfortunate for Date because now he’s just the other half of of the second year duo. 
Things I like in Hinomaru Sumo
Sumo is actually really fucking impressive sport and the amount of japanese history/culture linked to it is really cool. (Getting named after a national sword is BAMF AF)
Everyone on the team has their own story and have their time to shine, never really forgotten.
The team feels very cohesive. Each character has their place in the team but also can get along with each other if paired up individually. (So no character really feels left out?)
I initially wasn’t super impressed with Hinomaru, only because I he was over experienced. I saw him as the energetic firey shounen, which Im too old to care for. I mean, yes, he fought and worked hard to get to where he is obviously, I haven’t gotten to his back story yet, but I know it had to do with his sickly mom? But he’s fine, a good kid, I’m rooting for him.
My favs that I’m also rooting for are Ozeki and Mitsuhashi. Ozeki being the average timid big boy but he has a lot of heart and stamina and I really hoped he could win against Ushio that one match. Mitsuhashi seemed like the impossible/joke character, but Tsuji trusts him and he trusts Tsuji and I WANT TO SEE HIM WIN! SHOW ME THAT THIS SCRAWNY KID CAN DO IT!!
At first I was like, ugh, girls, but they girls are actually kind of fun. Though I don’t know if theyre going to go more into Reina, like, shes student council but she let her bro become a delinquent and trash stuff? I mean her brocon probably just turned a blind eye but hm. I hope they bring up more of their backstory too, they hinted that Yuma had a good upbringing?
Does Sumo get bonus points for having Kaito 😂😂 (Im a fake fan and didnt even recognize him until I looked it up)
I dont read the manga, but I also love how the anime has these cute omakes at the end of the episode like Yowapeda does
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