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#Thranduil x Reader OC
lxst-in-outer-space · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
He’s Gone
➵ the hobbit || thranduil x oc || tw: abandonment, angst, slight smut (not detailed), childbirth/pregnancy, cheating
❝ after her husband, legolas, leaves her, alvena must navigate through life with a broken heart and a child growing in her womb. she soon finds comfort in most unlikely of places and is given a chance that no other elf has been given before. ❞
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blankdblank · 2 months ago
Ridikulus Pt 38
Tumblr media
Ready for the ride later in warm jeans and heeled boots a long maroon sweater was topped with a second short vest you walked down to breakfast with freshly woken Em who the Pears would be watching today. All around the table you found your family that set off small confetti charms and jostled you around in hugs and mild teases on the spur nuptials. Food however picked up the focus of your attention. Regulus and Lindir came down claiming their chairs with Regulus holding the jar in hand of the freshly rinsed Dwarf rings the night prior he dipped in Basilisk venom for you he passed to Hermione saying, “I guess you can give these back to the Durins when you drop by Fili’s today.”
She shifted the jar in her hand saying, “Well I’m actually only seeing Dis and Niro today, but they would be glad for them. Might not be glad to pass on there’s a new Elf Kingdom to add to the mix of allies.”
That had you chuckle, “Seemed to be empty aside from animals but it’s more just a move of the returned Elves to more space for them to spread out. If he really wants to balance it out they could always bring some Hobbits and challenge their populations.” That had her giggle as you added, “Bring in some adorable young Hobbit Smials full of some pretty Hobbits, set up a nice match making center and get some more Dwarf babies in the mix.”
Hermione smiled saying, “Thorin has mentioned it. They always had some great customers out in the Shire, especially for their tilling tools and such. Though he also mentioned having to bring the topic to the table with you since technically we are sharing lands and it might take off some territory from our lands.”
“Oh sure, I guess. I’m taking the Pegasus on their flight later after school over Greenwood, if he’s free we could talk there at supper if he likes, or even a lunch today or another day when it fits his schedule.”
She nodded, “I’ll let them know.”
Tumblr media
Classes were a welcome thing to shift your focus from the morning barrage of the Pears who exploded with the news of the elopement that shifted the view of the big celebration for your birthday coming up in their eyes for a suitably grand welcome to the new world. A double wedding was proving hard to plan for your relatives or even to imagine so this was an approvable alternative for everyone. And naturally as Tuesday you and next to Minerva you sat drinking your tea sharing news of the week and decompressing in the traditional time with your godmother now looking closer to her 40’s and younger by the day.
A knock on the door had the cup in Minerva’s hand lowering for her to say, “Come in.”
The door eased open and through it came Dumbledore who shut the door and turned to come and join you both approaching the carpet the table was resting on he stopped at the edge of. “Sorry to disturb Minerva, however I wished to speak to the both of you.” His eyes shifted to you as your eyes rose from the Elder wand in his fingers that kept smoothing over the strips between the knots. “Jaqiearae,” he sighed softly saying, “For years now there has been a tension of sorts between us, on our differing paths to the same goal. Mainly for my own reluctance on sharing my own beliefs and opinions. I never truly thanked you, for all you have endured to see to Voldemort’s death and the downfall of R and the Augreys. How truly humbling it is to know how much pain you had to endure to get to that point. I cannot fathom all the struggles involved and how I had compounded that weight upon you. I saw your pain, I saw the exhaustion, and I did nothing. That is something I cannot erase, I broke your trust and was unwilling to trust completely myself.”
He paused a moment for a new breath and then added, “My reason for coming today is that I have been contacted by the current Headmaster of Durmstrang, the position has been shaky since Igor has died. I have accepted the position and upon the beginning of the fall term I will be there to see if I might to instill some much needed stability to their school. I truly do cherish every moment I have spent on these grounds and there is no one, Minerva, else who I would entrust with charge of these grounds and the minds to shape inside of them.”
“Oh wow,” you muttered.
He gave you a kind grin, “I am so inexplicably proud to have had you among the pupils we taught here and will be keeping up with the path of the Kenmare Kestrals and rooting you on. Perhaps some space might be best for us all and allow some time to heal and reflect.”
Minerva said, “You are certain of this?”
Dumbledore nodded, “Yes, most of my time for the remaining weeks will be contacting choices to instruct as most of theirs have been taking to flying off in the middle of the night. Much worse than the hexed position all over again. The full school is bent on wreaking havoc, so for a few days at least I am traveling out there to assess the damage and to see where I might improve upon things. I shall return however in time for your birthday celebration, I did wish to leave this to you.” He said offering you the Elder Wand that you timidly accepted. “Since our arrival here it seems to have broken its trust with me as well. Refusing to cast barely anything,” his smile eased out, “Took me quite some time to find my former wand, and ooh, did it nip at me for the decades of neglect.” His eyes shifted to Minerva again while you eyed the wand you felt pulsing in your fingertips, “I will always treasure our friendship and I will never find a friendship as golden and pure as ours no matter how kind the Professors try to be to me to gain my favor. Fawkes will certainly enjoy the flights for our correspondence.”
By the time you looked up again he was on his way through the door he closed behind himself, to her your eyes shifted and you asked, “Did he just quit?”
Minerva, “Gave notice, however, I never assumed to inherit this school without his death.”
“I don’t know how to feel about this.”
She flashed you a calming grin, “Well, we will carry on and endure. Perhaps Durmstrang truly is in trouble to have contacted him.”
“Or he just wanted the furthest spot from me next term.”
At that she chuckled and shook her head, “Not true, if anything he is not looking forward to finding a replacement for Professor Sprout.”
“She’s retiring?”
“Not quite, but possibly soon. Carrying the students and all of their work since her aid was killed is rather rough on her.”
“If she needs an aid you can write to Neville, they’re outsourcing his role in May now that Remus is settling all the Aurors into positions permanently.”
Minerva, “Neville would be perfect for the position. I’ll write him in my exam time in my next class. I am certain he will respond quickly.”
That had you giggle, “He’ll answer within the hour would be my bet.” She echoed with a chuckle of her own.
Fully opened for the day Weasley Wizard Wheezes was filling with the chatter and sounds echoing of the enchanted toys floating around above Dudley in his final check up on the displays while Ginny locked the register and pulled out the order sheet for the items and potions not in stock to be made and prepped later. It didn’t take long until the first customers entered and the pair assisted each of them while the blonde upstairs finished restocking another display while keeping an eye on the customers ensuring the others wouldn’t get overwhelmed while they did the menial tasks.
A few hours in however a timid pair of Dwarves found their way inside. The ginger haired thickly bearded shorter one led his chestnut haired husband through the shop. Their green eyes shining hopefully while they looked over the displays only for them to turn back towards the door when they saw no sign of the one they wanted. Halfway however Dudley stopped in their path asking, “Can I help you find something?”
Wetting his lips the chestnut haired one peered up at the teen asking, “We were just browsing.”
Dudley nodded as they stuttered a step then he asked, “It wouldn’t happen to be about that gender potion? Would it?” Their lips parted and Dudley said, “Jaqi’s not here, but she said to take down the information of any coming to ask about it and she’d set an appointment to collect what’s needed.” The couple glanced at one another and Dudley stated, “We have one of our friends coming up with a Dwarvish sign. Should be in later today.” He drew a journal out of his back pocket along with a pen he uncapped, and gave them a soft grin handing the pair to the couple who wrote down their names and address for their home in Erebor then passed them back.
Dudley grinned again and said, “I’ll make sure she gets this by lunch, she’s due to drop in today, and she will contact you for a consultation.”
The pair bowed their heads thanking Dudley then hurried back out again making him chuckle and head back to Ginny who asked, “First gender potion request?”
Dudley nodded and chuckled, “We might want to hurry up with a sign. They nearly left.”
Ginny nodded, “Well, shouldn’t take too long now till we get more filing in to give their names.”
Dudley, “Just hope they don’t all start bustling in at once. I doubt they could handle more than two at a time.”
Ginny chuckled, “Well it’s a big step, I doubt they would come out in droves.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ada, I heard you wished to speak to me?” Legolas stated upon entering the study of his apartment finding a set of notes from the celebration he wanted to triple check the progress of.
Turned around the King smiled and said, “Yes, how were your patrols?”
“Very well, still clear of spiders and pests. Although there are some mountain goat herds trampling upon badger territories in our upper rings. Nothing too terribly troubling for us to send aid, and we uncovered a hidden troll hoard with more spoils we brought back to inspect and redistribute.”
“That is impressive.” The trip within the mirror was described in the move to the seating area and in each hand movement the rings came to his focus spreading is father’s smile until he could say, “And the largest news is we are married.”
Legolas said, “Was the plan not to propose marriage? I am pleased, so very pleased, merely confused.”
Thranduil inhaled and eased a bit closer to his son on the chair across from his, “That was the initial plan to honor her customs, however it was her offer to honor our culture to claim us as her husbands and could merely inform others we had eloped and to hold a celebratory dinner. In fact made these rings for us, the larger for an engagement ring of our own and for our wedding bands.” He showed his rings to Legolas who smiled wider sharing, “Each of these opals are for our children between us, yours in the center, they grow as our little ones do. For the future a ceremony may come or it may just remain a dinner, however for now we are married and discovering where we are traveling together in our lives.”
“I did not expect to be included in demonstrations of your union.”
Thranduil gave him a comforting grin, “I understand that. You are fully grown so naturally it would not be expected for her to have claimed you as one of our children, however you are my son and she in no way would exclude you as part of our family. Even Naneth is gaining a friendship with Jaqi. I do believe the intention was honorable for her to have decided on her own without discussing with us first.”
“Are there intentions of a shift of my rank now heirs are a possibility?”
“Absolutely not, no. Our relationship does not alter our status. This union is not for the intention of altering anyone’s rank. That we have discussed, for the time being Jaqi has requested to assist me when possible in our settling. Yet when it comes to the weight of full rule as Queen she is requiring time. There are still great wounds requiring time to heal, this is how we are going to help her. We have so much to learn about one another and no, there are no intentions of any shift of power. For now we welcome her on her birthday to her rule and allow things to settle as they do.”
Legolas asked, “How may I help?”
“For now, we will keep focus on the celebration and later today Jaqi has requested permission to escort a herd of flying horses over our forest as a means of their first flight. For which I fully anticipate Thengel to arrive.” Making his son smirk and get back to his apartment to bathe, change and pick up on finishing off your gift he was making you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Times of council alone was something that had drawn Lord Elrond to the Black Family Home. Back to speak with a fellow emotionally wounded father with whom he had grown to become frond of a friendship and personal talks together. And here he sat across from Sirius Black with his adopted son in hand once he had been changed. The child in question being a good doorway to aid in airing some more weight lifting details for his friend. “Was his father a good man?”
“Harry was, tried to be. Not much of a chance to be. Better father than his had been as it should be. Little Fin is going to be a great man one day.”
Elrond asked, “If I may, what did his grandfather do to earn that image in your eyes? I was under the understanding the pair of you were close having married sisters who both mothered your children.”
“Yes. We did. And James and me went back farther than that. Back since first year when he caught on I didn’t want to go home. My parents took it terribly that I wasn’t in Slytherin like Reg ended up. Drove a wedge between us for the apparent slight on the family name. But eventually I needed a place to go and the Potters took me in. Normally my parents would have tracked me down and drug me back by my hair but they were one of the Sacred 28 and socially accepted as one of our old relations. They had James late in life and he was their golden child who could do no wrong. That went to his head.
Jewels, Lily and Sev were three peas in a pod even when they were sorted apart. James saw Lily and I saw Jewels so we had a common target to wedge ourselves between for their company. Didn’t work only pissed the girls off. But by the time we were in our fifth year the pranks and rivalry grew to something more for James.
One day Sev was under a tree and Lily had turned him down again so he was already and after Sev got top marks in our class yet again over James’ pitiful Troll mark he saw red. Went over and I thought it was just a bit of ribbing, some verbal jabs to blow off but he strung him up. Then I saw him undo Sev’s belt and I could see Jewels on her way over ready to murder James, so I blasted James first.
Jewels already had two strikes after having snuck out to the Centaur herds a couple times and irritating the patience out of the latest batch of creatures for Magical Creatures class till they flew off to hide in the Herbology greenhouses. She loved Sev, since they were kids, even though he loved Lily, and she was settling into that and saw that no matter how much she made herself look like Lily he’d never pick her. But she’d never let James cross lines before and that look in her eye I knew would be the end. I bound him up and drug him to McGonagall’s knowing she’d lay into him unlike Dumbledore who’d try to always say boys will be boys. And that Sev always gave as good as he got.”
Elrond stated in his pause, “That was very brave of you.”
Sirius chuckled breathlessly to himself, “No. it was selfish, he got a year’s detention and kicked off the Quidditch team. Never forgave me for that. Gave Reg a firing chance at the Cup that year. Never heard the end of that either.” His face went serious and he continued, “James didn’t let me back in the dorm the rest of the year after I asked him if he’d attack Reg too if he had the chance. Used to keep bringing up that Reg was slotted to join the Death Eaters like Sev wanted to. Back then there was only one choice full or half blood, join or die. And even though Sev was a half-blood they needed bodies.”
Elrond asked, “Did he let you back that summer, you shared before you lived with his family.”
“No. Or well, didn’t give him a chance to turn me down. He could be so exhausting at times to be around when he felt empowered. Wasn’t the first time we’d had a spat and he’d kicked me out. But this time my cousin Andromeda and her at the time boyfriend Teddy, they were lined up for a Muggle duplex near to where Jewels lived and so I said I’d chip in for the spare room and Reg ended up with us in the other apartment with Sev who needed an out of his own from his dad. He had an in with a record shop that hired kids during the summer and we all lived pretty rough that summer, but Jewels always came round.
Finally strong enough to look like herself and not Lily’s twin, and was she beautiful first time she let me see the real her. Just like I’d seen the moon the first time. And that was when she decided to find out who her birth family was when her and Petunia and Lily had a row of their own. Something about their dad being sick set them all off. And then about half the year when we got back to Hogwarts I spent most of the year sneaking to Reg’s dorm. Christmas break Reg went round for the first time to Riddle’s hideout and was told to tidy up. Found a hidden hatch in his library. Liked to keep journals and scrapbooks. Bits and pieces that Reg snuck a Muggle camera in the next time to page by page capture what was on it or Riddle’d caught on that someone made a copy. James could never keep his nose out of things for his own good and sniffed out we were up to mischief and by next term again he was back round when he saw we’d drawn Remus in to try and figure out what the clippings meant.
We never told him about the horcruxes, just said it had something to do with Riddle’s plans. Drove him wild and by his last year he’d gotten Lily and Jewels and I were going strong in the break Sev had to take from their friendship when his dad died as he had to help his Mum at home through that. And Dumbledore even though he’s not been a Prefect made James Head Boy since he seemed to turn a new leaf and still required some busy work and heavy tasks to distract that he’d not be on the team again his final year. Did all he could to keep that mark off his file but McGonagall insisted and it transferred to his Ministry file, he got his Auror’s badge but they labeled him a loose canon and never let him out unsupervised.”
Elrond, “How does the pregnancy with Jaqi fit into the drama? I know she bears a weight from it as well.”
“Ah, well, we found out Jewels was pregnant at school first term and over Holiday break final year we spoke to her parents, we needed their permission to wed. And of course I sucked up my pride and went home. Mum almost threw us off the stoop till she caught Jewel’s eyes, Slytherin’s eyes. We shared her bloodline we’d uncovered from the Gaunts and she agreed right away. Signed the license and even set me up with a hefty allowance and changed her will. My cousins Narcissa and Bellatrix had already gotten engaged to wealthy suitors so they no longer required inheritance and Andromeda chose a Muggle. So Mum spoke to our aunt and uncle and they all set up Jaqi’s inheritance as the youngest female descendant, Mum of course wrote me a sum and the properties as the eldest with a larger sum for Reg as long as I swore to always grant him a roof. Which was not a hard deal already said as much to him when we were little.
And of course when we got back Jewels got on an accelerated course which I got pushed into as well to be there when she gave birth. McGonagall was always so supportive so we chose her as Godmother and she took time off too to help us when April came round. Sev showed up when school got out to our house and came with us to visits with my Mum, who loved having another girl for the Black clan, especially one with Slytherin’s eyes. Jewels got a spot with a theater troupe and we had a nice little life, I didn’t mind the lesser rank in the Ministry after their distrust gave me more time with my girls.”
“I turned James in. My best friend who took me in. Broke an old boy’s code. Part of how Fudge thought I was guilty of already turned on James once before and stunted his career.” Sirius shook his head, “But I got distracted and forgot to look out for Peter, and, he turned on us all. Harry got James’ brash decisions and assured headstrong nature. Fin’ll be better, safer. I’d give so much to have given Pumpkin a safe and happy childhood, and I will always wear that weight for not having done more. But now I have to keep this boy safe and loved, and hope for better than we could achieve.”
Elrond spoke smoothly, “I have no doubts Jaqi has many fond memories in her childhood, and you are alive. In that she is safe, she has you and her daughter will be her motivation as Phineas is yours to protect the future from errors of the past. I have known war and mutilated cultures, and have raised three safe protected children, who yes, know pain, but also endurance and hope for a brighter tomorrow. Which will be all the brighter thanks to you and you family.”
Sirius chuckled, “I didn’t do much beyond annoy you and the other Lords until Pumpkin showed up by prolonging the wait to find that ring. And she did it with a flick of her wrist. Every bit the same explosive resilience her Mum gave her with those same haunted eyes. I used to flinch sharing my name, now, because of her we are truly the Noble House of Black, Jaqiearae’s line. Sometimes I have no clue where she gets it from.”
Elrond chuckled and replied, “All the mirrors in your home are broken I would presume,” that had the father’s smirk at one another, “It is truth and nothing more. Somewhere in there you had a hand in her steadfast strength.”
Sirius chuckled again, “More like Minerva imbued part of her own fire in my girl, every bit influenced by that brilliant Scot. Couldn’t have chosen a better Godmother. Woman can be downright terrifying with a single tick of her brow and angle of her chin.” After a hushed chuckle he asked with a smirk to his friend, “Now, my turn for a question.” Elrond nodded to that. “What type of husbands has my Pumpkin chosen? And I don’t mean rank. Thranduil has his son and Glorfindel has shared he’s raised kids before, but there’s five babies now, including my granddaughter and I won’t have my Pumpkin or her Jelly Bean suffering from some hidden clause they didn’t know about.”
Elrond’s smile split across his face and he relaxed into this path of sharing more towards the fathering techniques and patterns the both of your husbands had to ease these understandable doubts and questions. While himself in a bout of self soothing as well while from time to time flashes of those memories of your suffering had him wishing more than anything to aid in a smooth transition for the three of you upon tackling the process of learning one another even more and to master the topic of parenting your five children.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ready Buckbeak?” You said and the Hippogriff squawked happily behind you with the glare he was giving to the teen winged horses around you to keep them from nipping at you in the circle of appointed adult winged horses from various breeds to guard their own foals that were ready to get flying. Turned around the neck behind you it was easy to hop up onto Buckbeak’s back to signal his turn and trot to take off into the air. Right behind him hooves thundered with at a great distance the students caught the fifty foals and twelve fully grown winged horses that took into the air off towards the Greater Greenwood. Off to the side you soared to let the lead stallions guide the group across the Black Lake and field beyond that. A river came next past a green hilly pasture the herd excitedly eyed and fanned out into their own groups on the stretch for the seemingly endless forest ahead.
Winds thankfully were less harsh beyond the river with a few spotty clouds in between the younger foals were shown which to fly over and which to fly through. Content on the flight Buckbeak soared with feathers rippling to the whip off your curls in a braided ponytail out behind you to the shivers of your sweater secured by your vest. All ignored while you kept your eyes open for any dangers with wand at the ready on your thigh and the other hand on the tolerated scarf around Buckbeak’s neck he preferred to a rope when being ridden. Halfway over Amon Lanc under the shorter trees between the larger trees around the rebuilt keep Elves down below peered up at the stunning creatures that bounced on a new wind current that had shifted and settled again for their formations to relax back into their flight when the group was over the trees again.
Zig zags and long curved path changes you swung around widely helped to cover a vast stretch of the forest from the golden sky long past the moment when the stars surrounded you that hindered clear views of the herds they could hear far above them. Though dipping down between a ring of trees at the clear signs of growing tired into the inner ring of the Palace Buckbeak led the way for a clear spring near the portals that the foals could use to get back to the Forbidden Forest easily once they had rested. Into the open pathways crowds darted and behind the guards with heads turning on their own. Halfway across the field Buckbeak stopped at the trio of boys excitedly jumping beside Thranduil and Glorfindel with Legolas darting out of the Palace himself while Thengel stood open mouthed gawking at the creatures passing him. Loud and clear the snarl from a foal was cut off by Buckbeak’s squawk and kick his way blocking the children with his body, through which you swung your leg over and slid off his back to walk to the trio.
“Hey boys. Come meet Buckbeak.” Excitedly they hurried over to the Hippogriff that you explained and guided them on strokes of his head and the ends of his wings he stretched for them.
Thengel came over, “These are your steeds?”
When you met his eye you smiled and said, “Not mainly. Hippogriffs rarely allow people to ride them, but Buckbeak was born and raised at Hogwarts around us, wild ones don’t hardly let people around them and Pegasus even less so. These, well the golden breeds,” you said pointing over the foals fanned out at the stream to drink while the Stallions took turns drinking and keeping watch with a pure white stallion that lingered near Buckbeak. “They were raised on Hogwarts grounds, most of the others except for Nimbus here were wild ones we rescued from the war. They normally live on cliff sides and tend to attack people who come close. Even Nimbus won’t let people ride him but,” you said waving your wand over your palm summoning a tray of fruit that lured it closer with wings fidgeting excitedly. “He can be bribed to tolerate people at a distance. Oddly enough the fanged breeds are the ones who can be brought around people, the fangless breeds remain in their nests on the cliffs. Should have their homes ready for them soon enough to be released to. For now these little guys needed their first flight.”
Thengel watched you walk over and hover a slice up for him to eat and their mouths dropped open again at the fangs revealed. The snacks however lured a couple grey freckled foals closer you offered fruit to turning more heads from the foals that refused to come closer but still tolerated the treats for each of them. Nimbus however was off with a haughty tail flick to get his own drink as the boys came closer as Legolas asked, “Does Buckbeak not eat fruit?”
“He eats dead ferrets actually.” You said with a smirk in his move closer to circle Thengel to get a look at his daughter behind his boots. “Probably not as fun for little kids to watch.”
Glorfindel said in a step closer to your side, “I recall you mentioning Unicorns as well. What do they eat?”
Estel with an apple sliced up from his snack inside he’d brought out to the sight of the herd timidly watched Buckbeak curious if he should offer him the apple he’d moved away from earlier in their pets. Thengel looked from the Hippogriff’s back to you, “Unicorns?” then back to his daughter he picked up granting her courage to touch Buckbeak’s head.
With a smile you giggled and popped off to the Forbidden Forest puzzling the golden haired King while Thranduil and Legolas took a creeping step to inspect the oddly pink group of foals mingled with a mint green pair.
Suddenly your doorway appeared and through it gasps were earned at the sight of a shimmering Unicorn that timidly followed you through it into the clearing near the wide eyed boys. Onto the tray peaches appeared and once sliced they were lowered to the boys it lowered its head to peer at analytically. Thengel just about shrieked in excitement yet held it back to a squeak in Buckbeak’s path to your side at your summoning some ferrets for him to eat off to the side near the stream the herd left to walk to the doorway to head home again. With a grin you turned to offer a slice of the peaches to the Unicorn peering over your shoulder, “And Unicorns, rarely come out at all, but Tibby here was found as a filly and raised by a friend of mine at Hogwarts. Still shy but for small bursts she’ll let the students inspect her for lessons.”
Tumblr media
Inched closer to your offered palm the boys lifted the slices that she crept closer to your hushed whisper for confidence in that she was safe. Her moonlit shimmering coat had the Elves in awe watching her timidly take each slice offered. At the end of the Pegasus herd leaving a curious golden filly crept closer to the doorway and to her mother’s side came an even more stunning golden filly crept to the excited boys, “And this is Libby, Tibby’s youngest, and possibly bravest.” You giggled out at Tibby’s move to hide her head behind you in Thengel’s move closer.
Thengel asked, “Why are they afraid?”
You turned to say, “Because they’ve been hunted nearly to extinction before. Most only approach women they come across,” you said at Tibby’s head lowering to the boys’ pats on her legs that she answered with letting them pat her snout. Libby drew the closest to Thengel in his lowering his daughter who accepted a slice from you to feed her earning giggles from the girl. “Now we have strict laws protecting their herds and territory they live in that the Centaurs defend mercilessly. After all it’s unforgivable to harm a creature so pure, in fact those who do live a half life, a cursed life. We do use the hairs from their tails for wands but only shed hairs the Centaurs trade with us annually.” Down Tibby’s neck your hand smoothed at her warning snicker that she was ready to head back home in Buckbeak’s trot to the doorway to inspect an odd birdcall.
Thengel’s eyes however caught on one of the Centaur’s that came into view on his rounds that kept on seeing that you were there to guard the pair close to only you and the children. “I cannot fathom anyone harming these beautiful creatures.”
That had you grin in the mare’s eager turn with a final snatch of the last peach slice on the tray with her tail brushing against your arm answered with a pat on her back hip. Up to your side Libby trotted and reared up making you giggle in her hooves pressing to your hips allowing you to press a kiss to the side of her snout while your hand stroked the other side. Down she went in a turn trotting after her mother through the doorway that vanished behind her. Excitedly the boys chuckled as you lowered and gave you tight hugs chattering about the creatures on the way to bring you to supper.
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blankdblank · 4 months ago
Ridikulus Pt 37
Tumblr media
Book and charm in hand you led the way through your enchanted doorway back to the arches to head to Rivendell that way with both Lords, chest puffed out fully prepared to share their markers on the union with you.
Once in the main courtyard you glanced at the pair saying, “Where would Lord Elros be? I know like three places here.”
Thranduil smirked and eased his fingertips playfully along your wrist on the start of the stroll through the kingdom remembering his first meeting of you and how you got lost after having been sent to fetch him. A couple Elleths along the way gave better direction to the path. Inside a sitting room among the Feanoreans and Gil-Galad you found Elros who rose to his feet and bowed his head to Thranduil and Glorfindel with eyes shifting to you a moment when you came into view between them. “King Thranduil, my brother is on a border run although he should return in a few hours.”
Thranduil, “Actually the Wizard who was captured by Melkor and Sauron has given his account and the location he was held in sounds similar to Numenor.” That had the others shifting as he did on his feet. “My Queen has been given the charm withholding the voyage and imprisonment if you would be up to aiding in uncovering the location?”
“Charm, how might I assist you Queen Jaqi?” he asked now with eyes fixed solely on you causing your grin to flinch out.
“Well the charm makes it easy, we just step through and flash ahead to the end and maybe you can see where he went.” Any questions they might have asked stilled at the toss of the Mirror Glass Charm that expanded to the size of a door that with one foot inside you said, “You’re going to see an eyeless weird looking creature, he won’t move as long as I don’t eat or drink anything. Other than that perfectly safe. Just enjoy the show while I wander through or you can do something else if you don’t want to watch could get a bit tedious after a while.”
Once you had passed through the mirror Amrod said, “That is not comforting to hear when traveling to new lands.”
It was confirmed they could not pass through with taps of their fingers on the glass Thranduil and Glorfindel claimed an empty set of chairs with furrowed stares at the sight of you holding the guiding wheel shaped like a time turner. The moment your fingers touched it the mirror lit up and you were in the middle of Pumpernickel in the middle of Lockhart’s send off crowd that in a mist spreading from the mirror filled the room to give each Elf watching you feel that the images were expanding out of the mirror and they were in the memory. A slight turn of the knob on the guiding wheel and the world to them moved faster while you moved Lockhart forward. Days sped on until the spot where shadows engulfed him in a cavern and with your arms crossed over your middle watching the smoke column take Lockhart across the vast empty barren lands the Lords discussed possible markers along the way.
Deep in the dark palace the conspiring Melkor and Sauron leeching strength from Lockhart on the ground you strolled past to start looking through the shelves. Shuffling small objects and papers in the shelves, the audience fought to keep their eyes on you instead of the disturbing squirming of Lockhart. All through the room you moved and surprising to them you passed through the closed door sealed and without a handle, as were the other doors you approached. The lack of handles puzzled them as well as the odd pops of bubbles of lights on the ends of each lit candle and torch along the walls casting shadows over you but not anything else in the room. Without having to move they followed along with brows furrowing in confusion with Meadhros asking, “What is she looking for?”
Glorfindel, “I have no clue. Perhaps something useful. It is peculiar how this charm enables her to travel into these moments.”
Tumblr media
Thranduil stood up at the appearance of a naked saggy skinned creature with empty eye sockets and eyeballs on the palms of its raised hands along the wall as you dug through a bag. Thranduil’s eyes shot open wide in helpless fright and by the time he inhaled sharply Glorfindel was up on his feet with him. The appearance of the creature didn’t go unnoticed by you as they had assumed, you looked to the creature asking, “This is edible?” Tossing that over your shoulder you said, “Ugh,” Moving on to the next shelf in the move of the creature against the wall slowly fading into it.
Four more rooms were rummaged through when you crossed a hall and the Lords gasped at your startled squeak in a hidden hatch in the floor falling out taking the carpet with it into the dark chasm below. Above your head from your wand a red beam shot off latched onto the beam above that with a tugging charm you rose up from the hole to reach with a toe to work yourself back to the floor again.
Under your breath you muttered in sheathing your wand again the search continued on as you adjusted the controller on the chain around your neck ignoring the door being slammed open in Sauron angrily coming to inspect the hole in the floor he shot a fireball down to find it empty. The three cats that climbed out of a table along the wall that came to greet him won a sigh from the Maiar and were lifted into his arms starting his own muttering path to inquire more upon the location of the rest of his cats while you carried on. Nearly an hour had passed of dodged traps, near ambushes of the Maiar inspecting more noises form you, and a room packed with cats sleeping in a sunlit room you crossed on your toes stepping between them to get across the room. All the while lifting the confusion of the onlookers which now included the freshly returned Elrond and his sons who were floored on why you were searching and Celeborn on his way to join the audience.
From living spaces you seemed to be set on searching for something still and now had you delved deeper with glowing mice to lead the path ahead. Underneath chains looped across the ceiling you walked to a grated hatch at the end of a pitch black dead end hall that you lifted to climb down a spiral staircase. Hearing the sound of shifting water echoed in the distance. Deeper and darker only the bubble you were walking down the densely silent cave resounding with each step taken on the silt coated floor. Around the first corner however you shot back into the wall behind you with a startled shriek causing the Elves watching to jump at the body that collapsed from a ledge you didn’t see far above you. The shriek and thud traveled up to let you all know how far down you found yourself.
Panting softly in a trembling moment you muttered, “Don’t look up.” Simply over the body you stepped ignoring the eyeless fiend that appeared again that receded in your harsh whisper, “I don’t eat bones!” With a shake of your head after the glowing mice now over the body went ahead down the path closer to the water sounds. Right to the edge of a dead end walkway that emptied into a pitch black lake of water roughly two stories below your feet.
“Where are you going?” Thranduil whispered and lifted his hand to smooth over his lips in your jump off the ledge.
The light of the glow mice now horned serpents radiated the outline of your body showed where you were but not where you were swimming to as you dove and dove towards who knows where. Thanks to your gills on your neck and mermaid tail the distance didn’t bother you at all. Finally a row boat dimly came into view above a set of chains, a muffled knock on the boat had those chains shift unsettling the audience even more. Underneath the boat light traveled with you and sunk lower in a peek a foot came into view along with the startled dark haired Elf and giant wolfhound that had Maedhros gasp, “Fingon,” while Maglor said “Huan.”
Up underneath the boat full of a pocket of air the chained duo used to survive while the tide was in you eased startling the pair only seeing just a ball of silver glimmering light. Silently you broke their bonds and from around your neck the chain of the controller was stretched around their heads instantly frightening the duo that with a shove you pushed through the mirror gateway into the crowd of Lords. Right away Fingon was clung to by his kin to the startling spell to dry his clothes and hair along with Huan’s fur the both turned to watch you ease out of the ship that dropped to the ground, each Lord explaining exactly who you were and how he was saved. Faster and faster you swam shifting from mermaid to a phoenix to shoot out of the water back to the ledge that now in the relief of the tug you felt back up you went to Lockhart’s side where you spun the controller again to when Sauron and Melkor led the march to Gondor.
All around the still calming rescued duo mouths dropped as you locked the rotting dial and let them get a better look at the distant island. All of what you could see topped by  glowing white trees for the few moments until you had to let it fly and soar over the dark kingdom and broken Shire, the painful ruins from which had you turn and hop out of the mirror doorway. Right away Glorfindel drew you into his chest for a panicked hug tailed by a face cupping inspection of you, “Please never do that again.”
Softly you chuckled and leaned into Thranduil’s own worried hug then stepped back asking, “Any clue where that was?”
Elrond, “Those mountains on the way back were on the cusp of Orcarni, though I do not recall that palace you were searching.”
Elros, “The island is Numenor.”
“Ah, well that’s good. I guess. More room for you all.”
Hastily you wet your lips and Celeborn asked, “What were you searching for?”
“I don’t know, them apparently. Everything, most times I can feel memories trapped in things, but inside the mirror it’s muddled, so I knew there was something, did find these though,” you said pulling a pair of ring horcruxes from your back pocket they didn’t see you tuck away. “Even muddled I could hear these screaming.” From your office you called the jar with Durin’s ring you uncorked and added these to and corked again then lifted your left hand to catch the Mirror Glass Charm that folded back up again with the necklace inside landing in your open palm.
Elrond asked, “What was that doorway?”
A Wizard can carry this along and through it people can go back and travel through wherever they went. Not very reliable for the weak willed Wizard but handy in a pinch when you need some sleuthing time.”
Glorfindel, “Sauron did not see you when you were in the same halls.”
“No, he wouldn’t, turns the wearer into a sort of ghost.”
Thranduil quietly leaned in pressing his lips to the top of your head with his hand on your shoulder luring your hand onto his wrist for a calming stroke along his forearm that brought focus to the new rings on your hand now in view of the Lords that saw the rings on your husbands’ index fingers.
Celeborn asked, “Are you hungry? You were inside that doorway for four hours.”
“Ah, felt longer than that, I guess you’ll be wanting a doorway to the island too?”
Elros, “If you wouldn’t be too troubled by that. The charm must have been exhausting.”
“I’ve had sneezes more exhausting more than that. Just a bit of scavenging.”
Elrond, “We have a meal prepared for you, come and eat must keep your strength up for nursing.”
Gil-Galad, “What was that creature who kept approaching you?”
“Fairy Plague is the closest we have to a name. There’s rules with Mirror Glass Charms, including you can’t eat anything, in a sense when you enter you give off the same aura of a fairy and he eats fairies but he can’t touch you unless you eat or drink. They used to be in the wild but then a line of Pixies mingled with some Muggles and there was a huge scandal where the confused Plague were seen by Muggles, and you can’t attack those creatures or, well let’s just say the earth tends to tear open and it’s a world shattering moment. Ministries from all over the world managed to lure them into the world of the Mirror Glass Charms so that they could feed safely away from the Muggles.”
Thranduil, “These Muggles almost destroyed your world then?”
“Well the Wizards managed to contain it into what is now known as the Grand Canyon which stretches 1902 miles.” Dropping jaws on the Elf Lords walking around you, “They managed to charm those around the canyon to believe that it had always been there before the record of Man. Shifting water levels splitting the earth and such. It very much could have broken that country within an hour at the least. They really are normally docile except around Fairies then they get hungry, and when other populations are threatened by Fairies one of the Plague is released near their lands and then taken back again after they’re contently fed. Just be glad I didn’t sneeze or that would have set lose the Grump Bats.”
Gil-Galad, “I hate to wonder what those creatures might entail.”
“Probably best you don’t know.”
Around the table the group all gathered with eyes on you watching from a small portal a large snake that slithered out up your arm that into a cup of juice from the table you offered to Lord Fingon. More than a bit frightened the Lord hoisted up with arms on the shoulders of two of his relatives eyed the cup then you, “I pulled you out of a thirty foot deep lake in the bottom of a cursed palace just to kill you with apple juice. Makes perfect sense. It’ll help that fractured leg of yours so you can walk Sir Hop Along.”
Maglor couldn’t help it but he chortled and translated for you and Fingon accepted the cup and finished it off grimacing through it to hear you say, “You’ll need a day off it and another serving tomorrow I’ll have it ready for you at lunch.” Off the table to the hiss of the snake an orange was lifted and peeled magically that it swallowed whole and lured curious smiles form the Elves who watched its mouth twist up into a content smile in its path through the same portal back to its habitat.
Into the dining room however you grinned seeing Regulus there at Lindir’s side in front of your father and Remus. All smiling in Em’s hurried trot over from your uncle’s side to your arms where she was lifted announcing the elephant in the room to your family smiling even wider. After a kiss on her head and hug for you Em gasped saying, “Big puppy!” With a giggle you set her down and she sped around the table to lay against the giant exhausted dog now wagging his tail excited along with the Lords to see the small child that began babbling to him between sloppy strokes and pats of her hands all over his head and side.
Awkwardly you looked to your uncle passing over the jar as he said, “Neville let on you went into the Mirror Glass Charm. Found them all?”
You nodded, “Yup, the other four according to these are destroyed, they were in Mordor. Found another Elf Lord and the puppy.” Your eyes shifted to your dad and you said in his eyes detailing your new rings, “And, I sort of got married after work.”
Loudly Regulus laughed and Remus chuckled in a rub of his hand over his mouth to your dad’s chuckle. Lindir, like a deer in the headlights looked at your uncle only to hear him say to your off guard husbands. “Sorry.”
Remus said, “I told you she’d say that Padfoot.”
Your dad came up with arms lifted revealing the front of the sling under the side of his jacket holding your sleeping baby brother, “Your mum said the same thing.” Folding you into a hug, “Congratulations Pumpkin.” Over your head he looked to the two as behind his back Regulus lifted your hand to see your rings. “Welcome to the family,” when you pulled back he said, “I take it this means the boys are my grandsons now too?”
You nodded and Remus said, “Good, we will add their names to the birthday tree, for now, will you need a sub tomorrow?”
“Should be fine, and Thranduil said I could do the Pegasus flyover above Greenwood tomorrow so you can calm the creature department I’ll give Buckbeack a flight.”
Remus, “Very helpful indeed, so very helpful they do love to swoop on us. Now we just need to get Percy through the band of Sphinx to their new habitats from their safe island. They’re all demanding days worth of riddles for themselves.”
Regulus came for a hug of his own and said, “We’re glad you came back fairly early. Enjoy your supper, we’ll keep Em from stealing someone’s giant puppy.”
Thranduil said, “That’s alright, I am sure Em could lift his spirits greatly.”
Regulus smiled saying, “Good, private dinner by candle light for us,” easing his arm around Lindir’s back cuddling close with a peck on his cheek that spread a blush across his face mid congratulations to you three.
In his glance back your dad asked, “You haven’t happened to pump yet?”
“I did, few hours before this.”
“Oh that’s good,” he said settling his hands on the sling to Fin’s waking grumbles, to the boy he smiled saying, “Come on Fin let’s go get you some milk before story time.”
Into your seat you lowered at Glorfindel’s gentle hand on your side and again you grinned at the table of eyes aimed at you. Out from the entrances the servants came with trays of food they laid out for each of you, your plate luring Em over to see what she could take to feed the puppy who perked up with each morsel he carefully took from her open palm. Quietly you focused on Em and eating managing to get her to eat some bites of food as well to not ignore her belly for the starving giant puppy surely to be well fed shortly once the kitchens readied his share to eat and rest at his leisure. Fingon much more content savored the meal his kin added more of their helpings to for his strength to return, though you could tell the scars across your face had him muttering lowly to them about how they were inflicted.
A question however had Celegorm asking you, “Queen Jaqi, that snake venom is able to heal bones, I am curious, is there no tonic to heal scars?”
“There are several, depending on how deep the scar is.”
Caranthir, “Your scars, why keep them if there is a healing tonic?”
“I was given my mother’s face, she had her mother’s face, who had hers, and so on for twelve generations back, this is my face.”
Curufin asked, “Might I ask, on your kin’s claim of stardust in your veins, is there a source to that belief aside from that inherited claim?”
“Well, it’s, it sounds more like a bedtime story really than something based on fact etched in some tomb.”
Celeborn, “We would be honored to hear the tale all the same should you agree to share it.” He said adjusting Tin against his chest to burp her in Arwen’s claim of the bottle her aunt had just emptied to wash later in sitting to hear the tale.
Em back at your side popped up asking, “Story time?” Smiling in her climb onto your lap to settle in for the story.
Tumblr media
With a swipe of your hand above your head the roof above your head revealed the stars shining brightly above your head and a pair of misty figures formed above the table hovering on a cloudy earth both apart then joined together in a loving embrace. “Back to the days of the birth of the Noble House of Black was Major Ursa Black. A Wizard who was an expert on the stars and all matters Astronomy and Astrology with an ear for their whispers on the wind married the greatest Seer of their age. The what the signs had told shown their First born came a daughter even though her mother believed to have seen a son as their first grown child so they named their girl Ursa after her father.”
The two figures now played out the tale with a baby held between them in a golden aura contrasting their silvery blue ones. “One day little Ursa got sick and kept growing sicker bedridden for her whole life kept away from light as it hurt her eyes and pained her head.” Their lips parted seeing the girl now glowing inside the dark outline of a house while her body grew across a growing bed and in her father’s arms while his figure danced in a sea of music notes. “But her nights she knew because her father would come home and dance with her in his arms or standing on his feet singing with her to what he called the song of the stars. Years he shared all their stories those stars she never got to see and as her time grew short she wished for nothing more than to one day see a star.”
Her body grew sickly and their chests clenched to the tale’s turn. Suddenly in a slink out of his daughter’s room the father left the house and took a broom flying up into the sky near the roof until he was just alone in a sea of stars their eyes followed. “And so breaking the laws of nature he broke into the sky finding the pastures of the stars slipping past their keeper and snatched one, and people below saw it streaking across the sky, but you can’t outrun the gods as the keeper had warned them taking notice of the theft.” Down to the house he came again chased by angrily glowing figures much larger than him that stilled at the Queen’s calming. “Though the Queen of the Stars in all her fury and contempt for the only one to dare steal from her, her eyes fell on the child he led them to and she stopped the others who paused and slipped away letting that child enjoy that single star.”
You paused as the story changed in the little girl’s passing and arrival of the reaper. “And one day the King of the Dead came to claim her soul on the day her name appeared in his book of those to claim and her parents wept and her father swore in laying her in the earth he would never look up to the stars again. Though a silent offer was given to the child buried with that precious stolen star, an offer to come see those precious pastures and dwell there where she could always see her parents and smile down and sing for them.”
Once the story of the girl’s place up in the stars was shown a new child arrived between the mourning pair soon joined by others with alternating colored auras. “Their assumed only child soon had younger siblings beginning with a brother, Orion, every one of them named after the stars their father shared in mournful endless tales and songs but never looked to drinking himself deeper into his depression they were his stars now and he would never let any take them from him. Years and years her siblings swore they could see her and hear her singing each night and up until she came weeping to the King of the Winds who wed the Queen of the Stars she smiled at them trying to get him to look up to the girl whose voice always echoed in his ears each night. And the King of the Wind sent winds like never before blowing and blowing until he was forced to get out of the house to appease his terrified children to bolt the slamming shutters and tear the broken branches away from their house tapping without stop.” The storm was mimed after the tale of little Ursa’s failed tries to get her father’s attention.
“And those winds blew him off his roof until he was on his back and paralyzed by pain and his eyes opened and the winds died, and there she was, his Ursa. Clear as water he could see her and sing with her as he did every night after with his wife and other children. And while her siblings grew so did she, one of the lesser gods asked for her hand and she had a family of her own she showed off each night.”
A battle brewed clenching their chests after a moment of peace in the tale. “Then one day word came for warriors and their sons were too young for battle so Major Ursa picked up his sword in his old age in their place and he fell on that field having brought down fifteen times what any other had to endure so none stepped foot on their lands keeping his children safe. And he had just enough strength to roll over and watch his daughter come down at the King of Death’s request, his kindness after that long wait. And all his children didn’t need a notice of his fall because they could see him that night up there in the sky. Holding her and her babies close dancing to their song and every night after, one by one rising to join their kin. But the men needed a Keeper of the Stars, so naturally his son, Orion, took up his place as expert to the stars and upon notice by others of the new lights n the sky the son named their constellations Ursas Major and Minor, The Big And Little Bear.”
The story faded to the bright glow of the actual constellations in the sky stunning them to silence a moment with eyes settling on you as you shared where the moon was that Em’s name was named after earning a giggle from her. A turn of your head had the boys now in your sights snapped out of their daze who hurried to greet Huan as well luring Em back to the giant puppy again. To Celeborn you said, “Not the friendliest or happiest story.”
Gil-Galad, “We share that same tale. One of the Maiar. A mighty tale and well worth the boasting.”
“The one thing we can be proud of from our generations of hateful ancestors who latched onto corrupting ideals. But our house is going to be unquestionably Noble again one day.”
Gil-Galad, “Your House is unquestionably Noble. I am looking at the proof. None of us are without fault or a gloomy past.”
After a moment of silence and a nod you glanced to Huan, now on his feet to go and lay in the garden the children had rushed into seeing a group of ducks that quacked and let them gently pat them on their way to the lake again from their nests. “Why’d they chain the giant puppy?”
Celegorm said, “Valar King Orome gifted Huan to me in our friendship in my youth. He is a Maiar blessed with immortal life, however he was doomed to fall to Melkor in his wolf form. Lord Fingon and Huan must have returned close to their lair and were captured. Thank you, for saving them.”
“Well, there’s a very short list of people I’d have left down in that pit, conveniently they all are already dead from their idiocy.” Making the Lords across from you smirk. Each of the once venomous Feanoreans now able to see just how visible the pain you had endured was being shouldered and worked through with a façade they themselves knew was shattering to hold to support a nation of people. All of that and still while they had thousands of adults you had thousands of children to protect and had taken even more so upon the arrival of Estel and the twins on top of your own child you had shockingly young. Slowly they could see you weren’t as abrasive and hard to befriend as you put off, truly granting them a chance to change while you tried to change yourself.
A squeaking yawn at Thranduil’s side and his eyes lowered to Em in her lean into his side between you both and he twisted to pull her up onto his lap while Estel and the twins were climbing onto you and Glorfindel’s laps. All together in a break of the gathering the children were all taken to the boys’ room now like your dorm in Hogwarts with beds built into the wall above built in desks with plenty of shelving around a round lounge covered in pillows for story time. Draped on the lounge a second story once the kids were changed was read lulling the four to sleep to be put to bed, the boys in their new beds they loved and Em in her own room back in your house. Gently you kissed her forehead in her nestle under the covers to the star casting crystal by her bed that began to hum its song.
Up again you stood to Thranduil and Glorfindel adjusting the curtain around her bed and blanket across the foot of it leading the way back to the hall they eased the door shut once it was behind them. “I guess we’ll have to go over living arrangements.”
Glorfindel, “Our homes are linked, that can be settled in time.”
Thranduil, “Exactly, our people are still bonding, your family does still join together in your home for meals at least once daily. We join in on that.”
Glorfidel nodded, “Yes, and for us we do usually keep sons and daughters in separate rooms while they grow and often wives have their own beds if they do require solace.”
“So, just, keep doing what we do?”
Thranduil smiled asking, “Do you have a set plan you wish for us to lay?”
Haltingly you replied, “No.”
They both chuckled and Glorfindel guided you back to the archways that brought you back to Rivendell. Thanks to a memory from Elros the lot of you were able to pass through to the restored island that the Elves from Numenor were already had been readying to return to their former homes to clear the overfilled spare guest wings of Rivendell. While they explored your husbands smiled in audience to your stroll between the swaying glowing white trees dancing and singing in your arrival, each glowing brighter in your hands tapping the trunks with branches coated in blossoms that began to open to your touch.
Lowly beside your husbands Celeborn said, “We are gladdened in your news.” His eyes lowering to the spread of flowers that sprung out of the ground behind the path you took, small animals and birds from distant darker willow trees flew to the glowing forest with timid deer that crept out more across the island now full of chatter from the returned Elves that all greeted them fondly calming each of them. “Her light seems to be growing in the discovery of those rings from Sauron.”
Glorfindel, “There is a great deal of pain we now can shoulder along side her.”
Thranduil, “At least her family seemed quite pleased with our union as well. So there will not be tension concerning their worries.”
Celeborn, “Has Legolas been told yet?”
Thranduil, “Legolas is on his patrols tonight, I will inform him upon his return. The attentions Jaqi made to include him upon the design of the ring will be endearing to him I am certain.” He lifted his hand showing him the rings you had given them, “These stones on our wedding band symbolize our children, they grow to the size of the middle stone and gain emeralds around them as they reach adulthood with Legolas’ in the center of our brood.”
Elrond, freshly returned grinned claiming Glorfindel’s offered hand tilting it to get a full look at the identical set of rings saying, “These are quite lovely, these must have had a hefty cost for hiring this Master Craftsman.”
Glorfindel stated, “Jaqi crafted these from clumps of earth in front of us when we presented her our ring.” Parting their lips, “We were quite open to waiting for display of our bond until her customs had been honored with a ceremony for her family although she wished to honor our bond to our customs as well.”
Thranduil, “Yes, in fact stated for her people she may just claim to have eloped and simply have a dinner of sorts to celebrate the union. That seems to be an acceptable route for her impression. Although we do hope she changes her mind later on and we may celebrate her choice of us publicly for her people and family one day.”
A giggle from you turned their heads to find Huan in a playful trot around you, up to your shoulder melting into more pets and attention from the woman who saved him from that prison. Under the light of these trees he felt his strength returning a bit more and curiously he watched you crouch and stretch to inspect more flowers and plants you seemed to not know while they were quite common to and everyone else. Even without speaking to the Numenoreans or other Lords you turned to Glorfindel’s side, his smile split wide open to your hand on his arm in a lean into his chest. Right on your forehead through your curls his lips pressed and he hummed, “Tired?”
“Just think they might want some space,” you said in the rest of his arm around your back under your curls.
Elrond chuckled replying, “Merely I believe you are catching on that the songs are about to begin. However you are always welcome here, I trust you know that.” You nodded and he said, “We offer our congratulations as well for your union.”
“Thank you.”
Celeborn stated, “Your birthday celebration shall be all the more special welcoming you as Queen of The Greater Greenwood.”
Two pecks on Glorfindel and Thranduil’s cheeks had the grinning pair still with their friends on your way to get some sleep before the day ahead. A quick shower and after hearing a pair of cleaners cleaning in the apartment you climbed into your own bed for the night, drifting off to bed with a final glance at your wedding ring from the pair.
All –
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letskidnapsenpai · 5 months ago
Ok, I see you sis. I love Thranduil. Can I get either scenario or headcanons, whatever you mood is of Thranduil with a s/o who (is me) is short, sometimes has a short temper, other times really calm. Cant deal with compliments cause they freeze but if they get insulted they just cry. So like they just vibe, but they also too scared to vibe cause they dont feel like they deserve it. Idk if that made sense. Let me know and I can try to re-explain if you need
Fandom - The Hobbit/LOTR
Pairing - Thranduil x reader
Type - Headcanons
Warning - None
Autor's note - Please remember that I haven't write in a long time and I'm bad at it...Also sorry it took so long... ;-; Also it might be a little bit out of character..💖 Also sorry it's short... 🥺
Tumblr media
• Thranduil is really tall, even for a elf, he's practically one of the trees in Mirkwood, so he'll find your height amusing.
• He will tease and make fun of you, but he finds it adorable and he'll definitely stand up for you if somebody insults you.
• Even though he's soft for you, he still has his pride and arguments with him won't be easy.
• He won't be the first one to say sorry, it will most likely be Legolas who get's you two back to normal and you're both grateful for that, because you miss each other after few days.
• Most of elves like you as their queen and Thranduil will slowly lose his icy mask, but there will always be someones who will say that you two are both heartless, thanks to your calm and composed persona.
• You don't need everyones appreciation, you know that people who matters to you love you and that's enough.
• Thranduil will find your reaction to compliments funny, but he'll make sure to basically bathe you with them, so you'll get used to it with time.
• If somebody dares to insult the queen of Mirkwood, they're really brave, and really dead.
• Thranduil will make sure that his queen is treated like goddess.
• Also you and Legolas are bestfriends and if he sees somebody being rude to you, he's ready to kill for you.
• Even if you argue and after everything you two come through, Thranduil loves you with his whole heart and he won't ever change his queen
Tumblr media
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Ridikulus Pt 35
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Eerily empty Rivendell stretched and between walkways you glanced around unable to shake a bad feeling that even Arwen caught onto stating, “This wing is quite quiet today. Even the horses are silent.”
“I don’t think there are any horses.” You replied following her down another walkway to where you stopped outside an open doorway that a dangling chime was tapped by Arwen and to the sound in front of you appeared Lindir’s sister, a stunning tall brunette no doubt he would look nearly a twin to when he took the gender swap potion. Still too quiet for your liking from the corridor you followed Arwen in her path to guide the sister away leading to another sitting room until a servant came to bring tea for you all.
Stealing the chance while a tray of fruit was being led out after your cup was emptied you asked, “Sorry, but, where is everyone?”
The Elf replied with a subtle bow of his head in catching your eye, “Lord Elrond joined the other Elven forces marching to reinforce Rohan’s borders, Your Majesty.”
“Borders?” A distant clap of thunder however had you standing to hurry to the nearest walkway where your eyes fixed on a sliver of near to black clouds in the horizon. Glancing back to Arwen whose attention was fixed on you a quick shake of your hand had you saying, “I’m sorry, I have to go. We’ll have tea again sometime.”
Lindir’s sister bowed her head with a creeping grin excited on having had a few private moments with you unprovoked. Darting off you shook each of your feet switching your heels to comfortable boots heading for the doorway to Greenwood. The second empty Palace had your heart racing and every hall you checked until you got to the main Royal Gardens that you slid into the doorway of making your boys stand up and Taule turn noticing you. “Where’s Dew Drop?”
Her lips parted and she said, “Thranduil and Legolas took our forces to Gondor.”
You nodded and glanced at the boys with a soft grin, “I’ll be back, don’t worry boys.” You turned mumbling, “I’ll figure this out..” Darting back through the halls to your enchanted doorway into Rohan where you heard the lingering elderly Men on guard shouting up at the looming blackening clouds.
“Your Majesty,” the man on your right drew your focus saying, “King Thengel marched with our forces this morning joined by your Elven forces towards Gondor.”
“Which way is Gondor?” He pointed and turning your head you sent your doorway to your home and with a sharp whistle your broom flew to your side dropping the jaw of the men watching you hop onto the broom and whip off into the direction he pointed to. Wide eyed he stared where you vanished until the questions of those left behind drug him back to the present adding to your mystery.
The faster you flew the darker it got. Until all you could hear was the whipping of the wind and distant voices far below and a glimmer of a large white kingdom you circled getting a clear view of dark specks as far as you could see of a rival army of orcs, goblins, wargs and trolls reaching to a distant city surrounding a volcano. Below you the soldiers marching out of the open gates of the city in silver armor joined the golden and silver armored Elves below lined up on foot and horseback to the side of horseback soldiers in bright colored garb with Rohan’s crest on their chests and mane bearing helmets. Mingled between a large army of Dwarves no doubt from all three connected Dwarf Kingdoms offering as much aid as possible on both foot and on the backs of large armored battle rams and boars.
Onto the edge of the overlook you stood feeling the wind whip harshly tugging your long braid side to side now darkening to a midnight blue. Almost silent under the growing winds heavy doors opened behind you and the Men filing out of it stood wide eyed wondering who the odd strange woman in the distance was. One press of your thumb to your bared forearm once your sleeves were rolled up and eyes lifted to the plumes of smoke crashing into the ground around you revealing your Death Eaters. A mental warning sent as well and clouds of light landed among them revealing a number of Aurors and the Order alongside Alastor summoned by a squeeze of the duck charm you kept safely tucked your pocket.
A reach up brought your hair up into a messy bun and as your hands fell you eyed the plumes of smoke swirling over the army of dark figures marching on Gondor. In your walk closer to the far edge you spotted Thranduil and Glorfindel surrounded by Elrond, Celeborn and the Feanoreans clad in shining armor contrasting the dark storm ordering their soldiers on the plan they had crafted. Armies of Elves, Dwarves and Men behind them and all you could hear was, “This is a death march.” The Death Eater who said it shook his head, “Their numbers won’t make a dent.” It was then you saw Gandalf trying to cast up a light to help fight the near blinding darkness now spreading over the city.
At the first catapult being aimed you shifted your hand summoning your broom stick you hopped on and led the soaring path out over the armies towards the dark foes. A reach back into the holster on your belt freed your wand for you to wave it shifting the giant boulder into snow parting the lips of the forces below as their stomachs clenched seeing the young Queen and mother of four soaring off into battle.
Behind you the broom riding forces and their passengers drew their wands striking their own curses at the catapults and forces beneath them shifting them into clouds of confetti, seeds, piles of snow and other far from dangerous things hindering their hopes of destruction. The teens joined you in dropping vacuum jars enchanted to suck up hundreds of the orcs and goblins until you eyed the flapping figures in the distance. Nine nazgul flew towards you with two burning plumes of ash following after parting your lips. Rapidly they came down upon you and you led the others in shrinking the winged beasts as the others attacked their riders that seemed to vanish on the breeze and destroyed the weapons on their backs.
Avoiding the flaming plumes your eyes landed on the familiar golden head of hair exposed in your path around them. Bound tightly in the smoke Gilderoy Lockhart flopped unconsciously stirring your turn, “Anaticula” you barely had to mentally mumble and the bright glittering yellow disarming curse you fired at the glowing pair wreathed in smoke promptly made them drop straight to the earth while Remus levitated the unconscious Wizard free from their grasp. In a speedy dip you landed between the pair and the armed forces surrounding Gondor behind you through the Wizards continuing onwards towards the distant city with only the twins, Sirius, Remus and Alastor remaining behind to help you if needed.
Releasing your broom it floated behind you while the nearly ten foot tall figures stared down at you angrily. One with flaming red hair and golden eyes, the other with pitch black hair and eyes shifting from purple to green like yours, both in black armor drawing long swords with diamond shaped edges along the black blades. Peering up at the taller of the two with eyes and hair similar to yours you stated, “I bet you’re Melkor.”
Glaring at you angrily his teeth were exposed in his agitated snarl while he growled in Valinorian, “You dare speak to me mewling quim!”
A twitch of your brow later you spotted his fiery haired friend chuckling as he extended his sword at you saying, “No blade nor arrow can pierce our flesh. Not with the magic we have drained from that child up there. None could end our reign again.”
In his speech you eased an enchanted set of solid silver chains you normally used for fighting werewolves from the enchanted pouch in your pocket around your wrist mirrored by another for your other wrist that instantly branched out to coat the backs of your hands and fingers. A tilt of your head later they caught your smirk as Melkor stated, “Stand aside!” Angrily his hand jut out wreathed in flames and in his attempt to shoot a ball of flames you watched a duck appear in his open palm parting his lips in shock.
That was your cue, in a jolt forward you swatted Melkor’s sword away while the duck took off in flight and balled up your fist feeling the tensing of the Elves behind you as your intendeds were being restrained from racing out to you by a shielding spell from the Aurors. Heavily your punch landed into his side under the fold in his armor at its weakest spot drawing a pained whining exhale in his drop to his knees making his sword fall from his grip to land hard into the earth. Three steps later towards his advancing friend you jumped up swung your leg over his still extended sword bearing arm, knocking his helmet free in your kick. Folding your leg around his arm, your weight slumping him forward right in the position to crash your forehead into his nose breaking it and covering his face and neck with blood.
Above you the floating Wizards grinned and smirked in your backwards drop to one leg while he dropped his sword that fell heavily to the grass enabling you to sweep his legs out from under him and turn in time to punch Melkor in the face at his reach for his sword. Sauron groaned shifting onto his side with golden eyes glowing beginning to speak in Black Speech causing your hair to stand on end for the chills racking through your body sharply stopping at the sudden appearance of nine black robed and armored figures who all drew their swords encircling you. Sauron hissed at your swiveling inspection of the approaching figures, “Let us watch you writhe in the dirt.”
Melkor just about cackled when his grin dropped at Fred and George landing on either side of you, “Right with you.” Around their hands guards matching yours folded out over their fists eyeing their own three of the nine odd foes.
George said, “I can’t see anything on them passed the cursed blades.”
“Their rings, take their rings.” They nodded and together you charged at the center figure in your trio using the backs of your hand guards to swat away the sword, though in your try to slam into their chest you passed right through them. Exhaling sharply you ducked in time to miss a jab of the second figure’s blade and rolled out of the way from the third then again from the first in a backwards roll placing you straight in front of the bleeding Lords painfully watching you three duck and weave around the nine.
Behind your back Melkor through the throbbing pain in his head blinking through the blood from where your punch had split his skin open he eyed your back and then his sword. Smirking to himself he lifted up and drew back his blade to stab at you only to gasp in shock when you aparated to his side at the mental tip from your father hovering above. A flick of your fingers turned his sword to flowers and in his turn you grabbed a fistful of his hair at the back of his head and kneed him in the face, releasing him to fall to the ground in his gurgling coughs you stated, “Where I’m from it’s considered poor manners to stab someone otherwise distracted.”
Growling loudly Sauron rose up snarling with his sword in hand only to fall back again in your hopping step forward blending into a spinning kick sending him rolling away once your foot collided with his jaw. Landed again your eyes turned to the nine and ignoring Melkor trying to stagger to his feet back to the others you darted ignoring the shouts from the Elves to run away muffled by the Men and Dwarves cheering your efforts so far. Over George’s back in his hunch forward you rolled grabbing the hilt of the sword on the wraith trying to attack him while your three closed in. Shifting in your palm the sword’s curse was broken and in a pulse shifted to a bow and arrow stunning the Elves watching your drop down to notch an arrow that fired off into the wrist of one close to killing Fred.
He caught the then dropped sword from his attacker by the hilt and hacked the hand off one of his trio and quickly snatched the ring he pocketed shriveling the shrieking body to nothing. George caught on taking one of your arrows he charged at another to stab their wrist taking their sword too in your pocketing the ring you jerked off the hand of the one you disarmed. Shrieks and shriveling had you down to six when out of nowhere Melkor had Sauron’s sword again and in a charge at you had you three parting to drop sweeping his legs while George turned that sword to a flopping fish.
Sauron, “Stay down curs!”
On your knees you eyed the group of foes around you watching Melkor and Sauron rising with daggers being drawn out of their belts, smirks from them dimmed when their eyes shifted towards the sparks encircling you and flashing through your now white eyes. Clenching your fist one deep inhale later and your punch slammed hard into the ground halting them in their tracks only to watch you three rise in your draconic spell being uttered. Locking eyes with Melkor a widening of his eyes came in the green apple scent wafting on the breeze growing stronger at the raw power glimpsed for just a moment before right out of that hole a lightning formed whomping willow shot up roaring and ready to fight. Distantly drawing loud cheers from Elrond’s sons knowing what was coming for the group against you, Fred and George.
Panic flooded their hearts in the first sway of the branches while you and the twins darted apart using the violent spark raining slams of each branch colliding in aims to kill the eight trying to both flee and attack you three dove and rolled away from death blows that only angering the tree even more. Above your family watching cheered you on at each skilled dart away and leap onto swinging branches lined you up to steal yet another ring. High atop a reared up branch you caught sight of the Elves open mouthed watching your now apparently kneeling brightly glowing self fired an arrow into the ringed hand of another that in the drop of the branch leapt from to steal the ring off then duck back again in a spin. Straightening up again watching Melkor drop to your foot planting in the back of his knee allowing you a straight shot to his jaw sending him into the dirt again hard while you took hold of another swaying branch.
Climbing trough the tree you and the twins aligned yourselves to take out each and every one of the remaining from the nine, at the eighth you allowed the charm for the tree to dissipate when you called out a bit too sternly, “K!” In a pop he appeared at your side and you asked in a far kinder yet still forced tone, “Dog sock dolls please.” Down to the ground on the shrinking lightning tree you three went with the twins leaping down to amputate the hand of the remaining two wraiths while you darted for the taller bloody pair rushing for the twins.
A swing of your foot had Sauron stumbling and hard you brought your bow up catching Melkor’s arm in it you twisted around his back to release placing him between you and Sauron, who nearly stabbed him in the shoulder, avoiding doing so at the last moment only to have Melkor crash into his chest. Jumping onto his back again you punched Sauron hard in the face and flipped off Melkor’s back, falling hard onto yours when his hand shot up to grab your leg. Right beside you K popped up breaking the Valar’s sneer at your still blood coated face making his diamond edged dagger wielding hand lower slightly.
Yet his eyes snapped back to you at your hands lifting to slice open your palms on said dagger through a smirk at their panicked expressions when the twins had them by their hair. Rolling up to sit you took hold if the dolls shaped like bulldogs now covering with your blood that once on your feet you pressed to their foreheads. Between the warm blood from your open wounds and the thick Draconic you spoke once again their mouths dropped open in silent screams through their wide eyed stares up at your brilliantly glowing self shimmering in spectrums of color to their view unseen to their eyes since leaving Valinor.
The words echoed through flashes of lightning splitting through the sky forcing the wind to whip up loosening your bright blue bun freeing a few curls from your braid to whip across your face helplessly. A few words in the pair gasped while their eyes glowed brightly. Both suffocating to those looking on, rising to their knees to try and clutch at your legs digging painful holes into your thighs at their sharpened finger covers in the snap from K that took their remaining weapons from them.
The bright lights of their Fea being sucked into the dolls caused their bodies to wither and fade on the wind along with the darkened clouds at your blood soaking into the dolls binding them inside turning their stitched eyes to glowing balls in the pair’s usual golden and purple to green hues. At your feet the collapsed piles of armor beside their re-transfigered swords laying a few feet in opposite directions from your group while a second duck waddled curiously in the grass, summoned from a last minute attempt to break free from your efforts by Sauron. Looking up you locked eyes with Fred and George who let out exhausted laughs and came over to you at the dropping of the barrier around the allied forces.
The three of you said in the calming of the winds, “Now, you two will have plenty of time to think about the trouble you’ve caused.” A flinch of a glance over your shoulder brought the cheering forces into view before you looked back again.
With a chuckle Alastor landed in front of you drawing from his pocket a small latched metal cylinder he pressed down that popped open into a round bird cage he eased the door to open for you to nudge the pair inside for them to turn looking at you and the twins battered and bloody from the awe inspiring skirmish. Remus chuckled and turned his head nodding to the charging pair of horses with the Elf Lords on them.
Reaching into your pockets the three of you brought out the nine rings your father produced a jar for asking, “More Horcrux?”
You nodded, “Feels like it. He has more.”
Loudly the horses and Turo neared crossing the field, all struggling to reach you first while Sirius and Remus helped to heal the gashes and bloody noses on Fred and George. Alastor warmly patted you on the back drawing your attention from the panicked Elves saying, “Downright wicked. Lightning Whomping Willow, one for the books right there.”
Weakly you chuckled saying, “Well, had to add a home field advantage somehow against their cursed swords.”
In a few eager strides the horses halted and they all dismounted, straight to your side Maedhros rushed, somehow beating the others, claiming your wrists eyeing your blood coated hands and wrists. The latter he tore his handkerchief in two to bandage both of your bleeding palms until you could see a Healer. In a reach over his arm, once dismounted, Glorfindel drew out his handkerchief wet by his water skin to wipe your forehead and exhale in relief at the lack of any cut there followed by his wiping the blood from the rest of your face as well. A hand eased over your cheek for Thranduil to turn your face inspecting it with a tear filled and stunned gaze before he turned his attention to your still bleeding bandaged hands his folded around for a few silent tearful moments.
Over your shoulder Elros eyed the pair in the cage and asked, “What did you do to them?”
With a giggle you answered, “Oh, just trapped their souls in those sock dolls.”
He raised a brow, “This is normal treatment?”
Alastor answered for you, “Only for those unable to be ever allowed to be free again.”
Elrond, “Free again?”
Remus grinned saying, “For the Wizards that go truly dark we bind their souls in these dolls. They can never free themselves and normally their powers are blocked beforehand, as Jaqi did with her duck charm.”
Maglor, “Duck charm?”
Thranduil eyed Sirius in his fumble into his pockets to draw out a Pheonix Phable he opened and passed to you and grinned seeing that your wounds other than your self inflicted cuts quickly healing as you popped the candy between your lips. Then dropped the wrapper, that morphed into grains for the eager duck at your feet as Remus turned with a dropped of Pheonix Tears he used two drops on your still open palms he shifted the bandages to reveal. Biting your lip you held back a wince in the harsh sting of the now burning wounds in healing itself. Keeping your eyes up watching for Thranduil to look to your palms again. In his speechless inspection he wiped your hands clean mending the handkerchief its owner claimed inspecting it and your palms in awe while Maglor asked you, “Why did you hit them?”
You looked at him and raised a brow, “They drew swords. I’m not allowed to hit them?”
Maedhros, “They drew swords, no one in their right mind would think to punch Sauron and Melkor in the face! Not even our Ada.” That had Fred and George laugh again.
You nodded and replied, “Well I’ve never been noted as the straightest arrow in the bunch on the sanity scale when it comes to picking fights. One thing we Blacks know is how to throw a punch.”
Sirius chuckled leaning in to kiss your forehead, “That’s right Pumpkin. Masterfully done.” He glanced at Remus, “Azkaban then?”
Alastor nodded, “Always worth a shot.”
Celeborn, “Azkaban?”
He looked to you and you replied, “It’s our prison for those who break our laws.”
Maedhros, “You have a prison, for Isitari?”
You nodded, Thorin asked, “What sort of prison would that entail?”
"I would assume like other prisons. Small room. Cold. Dusty. Guarded by creatures that dredge up the worst moments in your life gaining nourishment from your fears and traumatic pasts." For a momentary pause your head tilted slightly at their puzzled and astonished expressions, "Not that terrible all in all. At least from when I was there. Aside from the interrogations that is."
In a glance up to Thranduil and Glorfindel they both eyed your hands as you mentally commanded the metal strips back to your chain bracelets from your fingers allowing them to see your hands fully ensuring you weren’t harmed anymore and were fully cleaned as Maedhros narrowed his gaze at you. “What is that look for?”
“You are children, and you disabled two of the darkest figures in our world.”
With a grin you held back your comment and then eyed the white city as Alastor chuckled turning raising the cage saying to the two, “I hope you enjoy your new home fellas.” Apparating away surrounded by a large group of Aurors to ensure their safe transfer.
On the side Remus raised Gilderoy off his still hovering broom to his feet after a helping of Pheonix Phables and an energy draught saying, “Seems they just drained his energy, and gave him a nasty bump on the noggin.”
“Miss Pear,” the blonde muttered flashing you a delirious wave, “My fellow stunning, smile-,” Into Remus’ chest he drooped passing out again making the later sigh and adjust his hold on the drained Wizard who shouldn’t have gone off alone.
Up at Elrond you looked asking, “How many rings did they have?”
His brows furrowed and Fred lifted the jar in his hand giving it a shake, “Nine more Horcrux.”
George asked, “There many more?”
Elrond answered, “Three for Elves, Nine for the race of Men, Four for the Dwarf Lords and the One Ring.”
Nodding you said, “We’re going to need to talk to the Dwarves then, who has the Elf rings?”
Elrond said, “Your father destroyed Nenya in Galdriel’s possession, I bear Vilya and Lord Cirdan bears Narya.”
Celbrimbor, “Lord Sauron never touched the three rings for our kin.”
Fred and George said, “Just the Dwarves’ then.”
They looked to you and George said, “Four more can’t be hard. Dwarves are shorter.”
Thranduil finally spoke, “Thrain was the last I knew of to bear one of the four, and that was stolen from him by Sauron’s forces.”
Remus said, “We’ll find them, Sirius, a hand please?” He nodded and together they flew Gilderoy off to St Mungo’s to be treated by professionals in case they missed something.
“I should probably get back, I left Arwen and Lindir’s sister at tea.” Still holding your hands Thranduil and Glorfindel guided you aside to have a moment alone with you still looking you over for any signs of pain possibly concealed. “I really am ok.”
Glorfindel said in cupping your cheek, “You are coated in blood.”
“Not my blood, well, more than two thirds isn’t mine.”
Thranduil scoffed, “That is not helpful.” His eyes lifted and looking to his son he stated, “Legolas will escort you back to be healed.”
You scoffed and Glorfindel stated, “With orders to bind you if necessary. Visit the Healers and have this blood washed off you.”
Thranduil stated, “Tauriel ensure there is no escape attempts.”
She nodded and you rolled your eyes turning to the twins lifting your hand to catch the jar tossed your way, “Apparently I’m being sentenced to a bubble bath.”
Fred and George laughed to themselves seeing you led to Legolas’ horse where both Thranduil and Glori claimed lingering kisses they planted on your lips and cast loving gazes at you. Glorfindel stated as Thranduil lifted you off the ground, “We will find you once we return home again.”
Thranduil nodded to his son who hopped on behind you taking the reigns with Tauriel mounting her own horse that sped after his when they took off leaving the others watching you fade into the distance while they decided what to do from here. Turning your head you asked the Prince peering over your shoulder, “I can’t look that bad, to warrant being sent to bathe?”
Legolas chuckled ducking as his horse trotted through the doorway you called feeding into the riding paths in Greenwood he followed to the stables while Tauriel’s horse picked up speed to ride beside his. “You are coated in blood, even without the amount wiped away it is quite alarming.”
“I suppose I am merely used to it.”
Tauriel, “Your battles usually leave you bloody?”
“Yup, nine times out of ten.”
Legolas, “Are you in pain?”
“Well, my face hurts, and my ankle, landed wrong and it’s got a twinge in it. And I’m fairly certain I broke a toe in that kick.”
Tauriel, “We will fill the tub in the King’s chambers and send for the Healers to attend you there.”
Glancing at Legolas you asked, “Is this how it will be every time I get injured?”
Legolas, “Only if you insist on getting injured.”
Scoffing at that you drew out his smirk stating, “I don’t try to get injured, and certainly don’t insist on doing so. However I do seem a magnet for pain. You get injured does he send you off in chains to the Healing ward?”
Legolas nodded, “Yes. Last time I was injured on patrol he removed me from rounds for two years.”
“Wow,” you whispered making him grin as the stables came into view and the few guards left grouped up seeing the blood covering you.
Once there he hopped down passing the reigns to one of the guards and helped you down stating, “Send word to the Healers, Queen Jaqi will be bathing in Ada’s chambers.”
On your feet he guided you to and through the Palace gaining more attention and whispers about your bloody state making Tauriel murmur, “I do have to admit two days is a record time that our Healers have been summoned to aid a resident.”
Smirking up at her you said, “What can I say, it will never be boring living near me.” Making her chuckle along with the Prince.
K ahead of you was readying the King’s ridiculously large tub that while Legolas waited outside you stripped and sank into beginning to scrub from the face down ensuring that the blood all got washed away to K’s dumping the Basilisk Venom he had brought into the jar dissolving the nine rings. Clothes were gathered next and a soft knock drew Tauriel to the door welcoming the Healers inside with your blessing. Out of the tub you lifted yourself and seated beside it you wiggled into your underwear through a warming gust of wind to dry off granting them when you laid back a chance to look you over fully and get to work.
One bandaged toe and several gashes coated in creams later you changed into a fresh pair of jeans and blouse, standing up on your sore wrapped ankle and foot to walk back through the apartment with the duo of assigned guards who grinned to Taule just having put the boys down. Upon seeing you she grinned and came to join you in the hall easing the door shut behind herself to hear, “I just realized we haven’t had an official tea together in a snacks and all way to get to know one another better. If you’re up for it that is.”
Her grin split into a wide smile and she nodded turning to join you into the sitting room where a band of servants had already prepared a tea, snacks and were working on a meal for you. All of which was settled around you on the special chair brought for your comfort with foot stool eased to perfection to support your wrapped ankle.
The doors opened revealing Glorfindel and Thranduil walking through with exhausted smiles coated in black and maroon stains over their armor and capes. “Is that blood?” They looked over themselves and nodded, “Why are you covered in blood? When I left the armies were gone!”
Thranduil, “There was another fleet arriving from the river Anduin under Osgiliath.”
Glancing at Glorfindel he chuckled saying, “If it helps Fred and George cleared out the waters East of Gondor and its riverside keep of Osgiliath.”
“It sort of, doesn’t. How many were hurt?”
Thranduil, “Ah, most of their forces fell by our arrows, the blood was mostly from searching Osgiliath.”
Your eyes narrowed at them and Glorfindel chuckled, “We are uninjured. We swear it. Only a few of the Men of Gondor retained injuries from a few hidden orcs.”
Thranduil nodded, “All of which were healed by your kin and their elixirs. Oh, your father asked us to inform you that the Wizard they captured has been mended and returned home.”
Glorfindel’s brows furrowed for a moment as he recited word for word, “No worse for wear. And something about your enchantment still being intact at why they were unable to drain his powers as well.”
Thranduil, “What enchantment could you have laid on him to enable that?”
Wetting your lips you answered, “Oh, um, when Melkor tried to shoot a curse at me and the duck appeared in his palm, that’s the enchantment. Each time he tries to do magic ducks appear.”
Glorfindel’s head tilted, “That, is an odd spell. What purpose could it serve?”
With a sigh you replied, “He had a habit of taking credit of other Wizards achievements and claiming them for himself and wiping their memories. Charlie actually was the one to use the charm on him, I just reminded him of the name. It’s my favorite disabling charm.”
Thranduil, “Why was he not taken to Azkaban then?”
“He’s more vain and prideful than evil. Since the charm he’s actually been quite useful.”
Glorfindel’s hand lowered to your ankle asking, “How is your injury faring?”
“Just twisted it. Nice and rested again, added some numbing cream and about ready to head out for my practice.”
Thranduil, “Practice? What for?”
“Quidditch, Moran has some ideas on a new play we might try out this season. Figured we might try it on my home court instead of troubling the workers repairing our old one from the move prepping it for this next season.”
Glorfindel, “Surely you could reschedule.”
“Don’t worry, spend most of the time on my broom, tomorrow morning is the big full on workout.” A kiss was given to them and each boy in between who huffed seeing you stroll out of the room post kind smile to Taule. Curiously Legolas however guided the others to sneak over to your home to spy on you along with the boys who desperately wanted to get a better idea of what your true role on this team was for this befuddling game marred with violence you so loved.
Changed to your old Puff game pants and a baggy t shirt over fresh socks and your sneakers. Equally as excited the twins grinned joining you back to the broom closet by the door, each one hung miniaturized on a series of hooks on the door with yours glowing sadly drawing a deflating sigh from you, “Oh,” Fred and George’s brooms also lifted the brooms of theirs that expanded in your palms, the growth revealing the cracks in the shafts of the three with yours the largest deeming them unsafe for use.
Fred, “Damn, thought we had another week at least with these.”
George, “Spose we could drop in tomorrow to buy new ones.”
“2001’s should do for now.” You said opening the lid from the case mounted up for spare brooms with three 2001’s spare from the collection purchased by Lucius years prior in case Draco needed a few more from damages or wear and tear. Sure they weren’t brand new as your group had made good use of the old things for family matches but were all the more eager to be let out of their box.
Into the air the bludgers flew and for the Elf Lords looking on the mini game spent battering the enchanted balls between floating dummies on dud brooms while Troy and Moran guided you through your new weaving path following the plan. Play after play hours it all came flooding back and diverting from the new plans to the crowd of cameras on the other side of the gate around your property. Once landed eagerly the boys hurried over and smiled through the brief trip around the pitch they all giggled through and excitedly boasted about on the way to find Em inside to play as you showered and changed before the dinner being prepped. A warning of Easterlings on the borders of Gondor however had Thranduil and his men joining another fleet of Elves to aid in the skirmish. The sight of the forces upon an already bloody field surely did the trick as they turned tail to the first volley of arrows blotting out the sun.
For all their desire to keep wrapped around you still in the middle of the night neither Lord was home yet and alone from your bed you rose well before dawn to get ready for a fuller practice. Straight into your closet you went, tugging your shirt off over your head with your bra next. A halter sports bra you pulled your tank top back over again. Next you swapped your shoes and jeans for a pair of knee length sweats you added a pair of running shoes on under. All in either a grey or bright green shade to help with visibility in case the mist came in early today. With a sigh you started working your hair into four braids you pulled up into a looped bun halfway to a full ponytail so it wouldn’t get in the way.
Through your house you trekked and passed through the front door grabbing your black spare Nimbus 2001 broom stick along the way. Out to the group of waiting teens beside Troy and Moran both finishing off their oranges you trotted only to spot Oliver’s sour expression before saying, “The Crimson Trotters stole our training spot.”
You nodded and said, “We could try Greenwood. I’m sure Dew Drop and the Guards won’t mind.”
Fred and George grinned, “Ya, there’s tons of empty forest around their riding grounds.”
Cedric grinned saying, “Either way with how soft he is on you they can’t get too upset. Just a few exercises.” You nodded your head and guided them through your enchanted doorway and led the group through to the riding grounds where you crossed paths with Tauriel on her way back from her patrols.
Her smile spread after a greeting nod to you and you asked, “Hey, we need some space to do some of our training, would we be fine out here?”
She nodded and eyed your brooms and the trunk floating behind Oliver, then met your eyes again, “Of course, would you need any supplies?”
You shook your head, “No, we’ve got it all in the trunk. Thank you though.”
With another nod she stated, “I will leave you to it then and inform others to keep this area clear until you are through with it.” Before you could object she had turned and hurried off back to her next post. Rolling your eyes you could feel the race of your men coming back to see what you were up to. Out in the clearing lit by glowing lanterns flown out from the top pocket on the chest you all sent off your brooms into lines for your groups and then stood around the lid of the chest Oliver kicked open.
Waving your hands you all collected your thirty pound weighted balls and turned back to your brooms where you all dropped to a lunge position and passed the ball under your bent leg. In your rise you would shift the other leg out, drop and repeat only to rise and drop down again for the first leg again for fifty reps. In the distance you could already spot the curious guards who had overheard you were training stealing peeks of the odd routine.
After that move you would plant your feet and drop down into deep squats for ten reps. Then hold upright while you raised the ball up over your heads as steadily as you could ten times before dropping into a pistol squat with one leg planted and the other extending in front of you then you would start again for until you reached fifty each. By the third set more off duty Elves had gathered, trickling over from Greenwood with a few eagerly rushing over from Rivendell and Lothlorien after one of the returning guard had rushed over to alert them to the odd training. The Feanoreans being the first to clamber into the hall to watch with Glorfindel after them while your rounds came to an end and the next set of routines began in the nearing sunrise steadily creeping light into the forest.
The final set was finally reached and you would lower down onto your backs for bicycle twists, holding up your body for a joint count to ten with a pause to raise and press the balls to your chests before going again. The next set ending with the ball between your feet to raise up as high and as many times as you could.
Those ended with a crunch up holding your back and legs bent up off the ground tapping the ball on either side of you. After ten taps you would rest the ball on your joined shins planting foot to foot with partners to lower then rise again in sit ups. Grabbing the ball again your feet would plant and you would raise and lower the ball again over your heads and start again on the twisting crunches. At the end of this at your focused furrow of your brow soft giggles were heard from your boys watching from windows above with Taule behind them smiling at your determination while she spotted Thranduil, who had snuck out of his post skirmish meeting to see what the commotion was.
His first sight of you came at your laying flat then backwards arch upwards into handstands around the ball. Lowering each time then rising to roll the ball to the other hand for the gritted joint count to fifty pushups signaling your drop into a planked position with feet off the ground for ten pushup reps and the ball being passed in between until you were in the handstand again. Awed in the distance they all watched your feet lower to the ground and rise up while you cradled your weighted balls, turning around as a group then darting off into the distance making the Elves gasp at your speed. Five startlingly fast laps gaining the attention of the herd of stags you passed later you were the first back to leap up grabbing hold of your hovering broom one handed.
The ball was lowered to between your feet and you followed alternating reps of one handed raises with high foot raises straight up over your heads. Each one stirring up comments and hushed giggles at your focused expression and reddening of the faces of the guys trying to keep up with you and Oliver. Him being one of the few to try like you to at least keep some semblance of a work out halting a painful return to the new season. Those were followed by planting both hands on the brooms to raise your knees in sideways twists to your shoulders before repeating your pull-ups.
The closeness to the teammates behind you raised brows until your turns to face one another and transfer of the balls to a hand while your legs curled up so you were dangling by the back of your knees. In your crunches up you would trade balls with your partners and drop down straight again repeating the trade. The usefulness of the action far from clear at their lack of any knowledge of quidditch.
Though behind Feanor’s back Ron asked, “What’s going on?” Maedhros nodded his head to the training session before Ron chuckled saying, “Oh if you think the training is something I’m certain you’d be floored by their first match.”
Maedhros, “Match?”
Ron nodded with a grin, “Quidditch. Wicked deadly game. I’ll uh, dig up one of our books on it on my next trip out to tea with my T.”
The Elves blinked at his back when he turned to find his intended in the mess of Elves spying on before they turned to see you all dropping down to your feet again for another set of laps only to start over again. With your final lap in the training complete you all dropped your balls to the ground and plop down onto your backs for a few end stretches halted as your head turned to see your boys circling the weighted ball the three of them failed to lift.
Thranduil crossed to you beside Glorfindel and the boys, all beaming at your hidden strength after having tested the weight of the balls for themselves.
Glorfindel, “Simply marvelous Darling. We cannot wait for your first game.”
Thranduil nodded and eyed your hand you raised and turned over revealing the sheet of herb soaked gauze pressed to it up to your lower knuckles accepting Cedric’s help to your feet, “Been off practice a while, have to leave it on an hour,” you said at their continued glances to your hand. “Helps keep blisters at bay.”
He nodded and moved in claiming a gentle kiss from you, “As long as you are not in pain. We have herbs if you are. Those were quite hefty weights.”
You giggled saying, “Well we have to train hard to be the best.”
Again your brows furrowed making Glorfindel ask, “Are you in pain Dearest?”
“Pain comes with the territory. A bath and I’ll be fine.”
Maedhros, “You do all that for a game?”
You smirked at him replying, “Quidditch is in my blood. Long line of players. It bonds people over vast barriers of culture, language, backgrounds, countries even. It’s more than just a game.”
Amrod, “Hard to imagine a game could do that.”
“Give it some time, you might just warm up to it.” Troy and Moran led the way through your doorway heading home again as Cedric and Oliver went to their own rooms to shower and change before breakfast while you left the dissipating crowds to their whims so you could freshen up.
Pt 36
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Ridikulus Pt 34
Tumblr media
Pink and blinking a reminding orb of light flashed in front of you and you sighed heading to your room to change after having quietly assembled the tokens along the wall while Opal slept. Into a dress with comfortable heels you changed then headed down to the sun lit ballroom in your house where the order and DA mingled along with your relatives while Ron was trying to explain the first dance.
Eagerly the Elf Lords passed through the Black Family Manor, to what could only be taken as the ballroom of your home, filled with the teens you had arrived with all to be attending while the slightly timid adults in your family looked on as the young couples repeated the final rotation of the Elvish dance. One by one you flowed in a fluid line forming spirals that split into smaller groups, then pairs. In the pairs you locked arm in arm with Elladan, who was trying his best not to chuckle each time your foot just barely grazed against the side of his in your toe top attempt at trying not to fall in your attempt to move around his long legs in the close dance.
His chuckling ended as Elrond arrived noticing his inching your hands higher seeing how far you would reach to follow the dance rule of not breaking contact. The stern raised brow made you giggle in your backwards turn to join the group again making the twin give one last chuckle then relax his moves easing your difficulties before giving you a bow. In watching, even in your strained stubborn movements your intendeds couldn’t take their eyes off of you in how well you had taken to it.
Next was the slightly hopping dance you had been stolen away for by Ron, who was trying to avoid using Narcissa for the lesson for this particular dance due to the bouncing. Through his offered hand you felt his mental wall drop to share the steps, and he motioned his wand at the record player to flip to a faster paced song and pocketed his wand guiding you into place.
A setting of hands on upper backs and clasped palms later a few backward steps from you as he led, were followed by three more in the opposite direction, before your turn to move together following your clasped palms that ended with two bounding steps ending in a hop. In a gentle shift of your hips in your spot just barely to his right your feet moved in two joint steps forward putting you side by side. Two more steps after sideways turned you both in a circle before your shift to face one another before you would be led backwards three joint steps as your joined hands lowered in a tilt only to rise in three steps forward leading to a spin. The near quickstep dance continued for three rotations as the teens trickled in following along drawing smirks from the impressed Elves at your easy lesson.
Lowly Ron said, “Hey Sis, plans for tea tomorrow?”
“Not exactly, why?”
“Well, um, you see, Tuli has been asking about meeting you properly.”
“Ok well bring her around anytime.”
“Can’t exactly do that,”
With a sigh you asked, “This is another Queen thing isn’t it?”
“Then tell her to come by tomorrow at eleven, or is this an official invitation situation?”
“I think they would accept my telling her. If not, I’ll keep you posted.” His eyes shifted to Tuli who had just entered the hall making you smirk as he made his escape.
A single stolen cautious glance from a certain blonde March Warden earned grins from the fiery haired twins, who circled around with Angela and Katie in hand, one snatching up Ginny, the other the cautious blonde. Who bowed his head and offered his hands to Ginny at her glance at you and Ron, who her brothers made sure to leave them in the path of to force things along. Lowly she stated, “Hands.” Haldir’s brow rose only to have his hands rise to accept hers as she advanced to guide him along into the dance to keep them out of your path.
Anxiously he stole a glance at her parents only to relax at her soft questioning of the next direction, to which he softly answered and relaxed at their contact and apparent familial approval of his attention on the young object of his affections. The arrival of Ron’s intended however brought a turn of his attentions through a spin. You turned to a cloud of mist to meet Hermione’s open side making her chuckle as she stepped onto the floor as your partner while Ron claimed the grinning Elleth’s hand and led her into the group for the rest of the dance and into the second round of it. Thranduil and Glorfindel spent the entire time watching you debating on who would be claiming each dance with you.
The next few were led by Elrond and Celebrian while the formerly snooping Feanoreans entered with their Wives, who had arrived in the second wave of returns, took their hands to help guide things along as Maedhros lingered along the wall asking Celeborn more about you. His questions mingled with his inspecting the lit crystal chandeliers and tall lanterns along the walls in the stone pillars between the tall glass wall bringing in the final flickers of sunlight as the sky started to darken.
Keeping hold of Hermione for a couple runs of the dance until you spot Ron’s head shaking and you huffed faking a need to head to the toilet exiting the room allowing Fili to jump in and steal his own lesson.
“Lindir!” You said excitedly making his brows inch up at your approach on your way to the study on the ground floor. He was waiting for Regulus as he usually did in the main hall always reluctant as ever to just head upstairs to knock on his bedroom door to fetch him. “Just the man I need.”
“How may I be of assistance?” He replied with a quick nod of his head.
“Ok, now you know about Ron and Tuli, correct?”
“Yes, I am aware they are courting.”
“Well, she wants to meet me officially, and I’ve said Ron can just bring her by whenever, but apparently that won’t do, so since you’re Elrond’s right hand seems like maybe you might be able to help me with an official invitation for her to come for tea?”
“Absolutely.” Beside you he walked to your office upstairs and sat beside you to write up the invitation on your personal stationary he added just the right flourish and eloquence to the invitation required to suit the offer and he passed it to you. “This would be the level of invitation they would be expecting.”
“Thank you.” You looked it over then looked to him, “I will try to get better at this so I won’t have to bother everyone else.”
“No. It is an honor to assist you. As for the significance of it, mainly it is due to her being courted by Ronald. Were she a male then a verbal invitation would be adequate.”
You nodded then slipped it into an envelope you gave a wave to turning his head seeing that your owl was waking up from a nap and now stretching readying for a flight. Once sealed through the open window he took off and you giggled showing Lindir into the hall. “Thank you again.”
“You are very welcome. And do not trouble yourself with too much extravagance on the occasion.” His eyes however shifted to the door you paused at and knocked on.
With a nod at the opening of the door you said, “And I will leave you for some privacy.” His lips parted only to shift into a quick grin at closing seeing Regulus in the doorway.
“I’m not too late am I?” Regulus asked with a smirk as you made your way down the hall.
Shaking his head Lindir replied, “N-, no. Not at all.”
Regulus chuckled and extended a hand, “Well now that you are here I can give you a tour finally.” Lindir sheepishly laid his hand on Regulus’ and followed him inside feeling the door closing behind him only increasing his nerves at being alone in a private room for the first time. Showing him all his pictures and trinkets an ambush was the last thing Regulus expected from his reserved One.
All the same when he smiled at Lindir a nose came crashing into his and just as suddenly post face squishing event Lindir had turned readying to flee only to pause with his eyes clenching shut in embarrassment still at the hand clutching his hand he froze. Grinning adoringly at him Regulus tenderly guided Lindir’s hand away from his nose with one hand ghosting his fingers along his cheek tilting his head to inspect Lindir’s face and have contact with him again. Lowly Regulus murmured, “No injuries,” leaning in to stun his One with a tender kiss the Elf melted into with eyes still clamped shut. Just a moment he pulled back to murmur in a certain stroke of his hand along Lindir’s cheek, “I am so sorry it took me so long to find you.”
Halfway to pouting in a try to ready an answer Lindir slipped back to silence at the following kiss and several after he clung so tightly to his One in a long overdue display of his restrained affections for the flirtatious and tempting Wizard he had been waiting for.
For what seemed to be hours the impassioned moment continued until in a break for air Lindir’s forehead tapped Regulus luring out a smirk in a breathy chuckle as he stole a stroke of his nose to Lindir’s luring a blush across his cheeks. “Come, we’re late. Let’s go spin you around the dance floor.” Stealing another lingering tender kiss the pair hummed through contently before he added, “My door is always open, don’t feel you have to wait downstairs. My family loves you, you are welcome any time.”
“What if you are sleeping?” Lindir asked in their path to the door making Regulus smirk back at him once reached the door.
“Any time.” Making the blushing Elf swallow luring him closer to stroke his cheek again, “I will not cross any line you draw for us. I meant for cuddling if you felt brave for it.”
Regulus chuckled, “Just laying together, letting me hold you, or you holding me.” Explaining with another quick kiss in opening the door making Lindir almost ruffle up like a preening bird to be presentable again only to grin at the thumb stroking tenderly on the hand intertwining with his. “When you’re ready.”
Down to the dancing they went and Lindir timidly guided Regulus on the male partnered steps to each while the others from your groups did their best to master the dances.
When the full list had been gone through you’d taken turns with both your men only to have them both watch at your giggle accepting your Father’s hand as he smiled stating, “Moon’s rising Pumpkin.”
Another record was put on in a steady piano formed melody as Regulus claimed Fleur’s hand as Bill took Vivi to join while Lucius and Narcissa joined Draco with Astoria as Neville and Luna all took your places. In a glance at Elrond Ron stated, “Family tradition.”
A sets of curtsies and bows later your joined hands moved to glide your palms together in the start of a Viennese Waltz. Flowing to the melody you moved to the music back stepping with your feet almost touching at the in sync steps parting the Elves’ lips at the exaggerated arm loops and joint turns under locked hands and joint palms before the string of steps with you both facing forward yet moving backwards. Small steps led you in spirals while your arms would drape across your front then arch up over your head for another turn leading into larger circles. Each female in these circles would arch back then straight again only to arch again then spin and be raised off the ground to move into a turn to face the same direction again. Two steps forward later and you were back into another round of small backwards spirals shifting into the larger circles again that looped around to the start of the dance.
All through this those in your bloodline’s skin glowed brighter in the first light of the moon while your hair shimmered brightly. Your first rotation of the dance ended with the teen couples filing onto the floor again soon to be joined by a few of the Elves who lingered for a bit longer with you and your relatives to give them lessons in a few of your classic ballroom dances from your old world. Soon after dipping to a couple dances that the Feanoreans guided the groups through of older Elven dances the returned may wish to have.
Each of their dances and yours were gone through again before you gently tugged Thranduil off the floor so you could accept the glass of juice Glorfindel had poured for you while the boys sat on the chairs beside him swaying slightly to the music. In his same velvety tone Thranduil peered down at you asking, “Are you tired?”
You drew in a breath stating softly, “Not so much tired as my feet are ready to fall off.” You took another sip as the pair looked at you then they realized you must have been on your feet all day and the extra lessons had worn on you even more.
Throbbing feet and an hour of focus on the dancing lulled while the group uncertainly wondered on what to do next. Suddenly a glowing ball of light had you muttering, “Lulu,” And darting through your doorway you called hearing the worried shouts of the Durins raving about through the Royal Wing mingled with Lulu’s wailing cries.
They all turned taking notice of you in your move closer to Dwalin. Right past Diaa and Niro who guided the others to clear a pathway. Inside her nursery you found Dwalin pacing until he caught sight of you and he said, “Jaqi! She won’t calm, I’ve tried everything.”
Moving closer you reached out shifting a strip of her hair off her forehead spotting a telling scaly patch of skin. “Dragon pox.”
He raised a brow as his mouth fell open fearing the worst while Balin behind him asked, “Is it fatal?”
You caught his eye shaking his head, “Not for children. It’s a common illness.” Behind you Remus popped up at your glance towards the mirror mobile with a grin that faltered in his own reach towards Lulu, “You should bring Teddy.”
Percy however near the door met your father halfway taking hold of the sling holding your brother, “I’ll take Fin.” Popping off to fetch your brother too young to be threatened with catching the illness fatal to those his age still un-immune and infants. “You have to come too Hermi.”
Hermione nodded following after him to the isolated islands with the others warned as Regulus sounded the alarm in the Ministry, murmuring after, “I’ll fetch Em,” joining Remus who was on his way to get Teddy.
Dwalin watched saying, “We’re not really fit for a play date right now.”
You shook your head, “No, I know.” A wave of your hand brought a vial into your palm you uncapped and filled the dropper on saying, “This should help with her fever. It sounds a bit strange I know but she’s the most contagious now so we should bring Teddy and Em over to catch it.”
Balin raised a brow, “You wish to infect another two children?!”
You smirked saying, “Please don’t misunderstand this. It is a common illness, for children after the fever is managed it is a day or so of discomfort at the rashes and then they are immune from it ever again. Adults however, they have five hours from contracting it to when the fever hits its high to catch the symptoms and seek treatment or they will die.”
Dwalin, “That, makes-.”
You shrugged, “I know, it doesn’t make any sense but babies have vastly different immune systems than adults do.” He nodded and you wet your lips squeezing the liquid between Lulu’s lips halting her tears in her swallowing leaving only an irritated whine. “Now this should ease things and I’ll get some cream for her skin and some oils for her bath tonight.”
Dwalin nodded and looked to Remus as he appeared again with Teddy in his arms who he set with Lulu in her play area in the sitting room beside Em at Regulus popping up next. With a grin the latter said, “Please don’t worry about her, she’ll be right as rain after the rashes mend.”
Dwalin looked at him with teary eyes keeping Lulu’s little hands from going to scratch herself, “Just a wee little thing. We should be able to protect her.”
Remus grinned and patted him on the shoulder, “It is troubling. And terrifying, I get that. And our methods of handling this may be a bit odd but it is to keep them safe down the road. She won’t remember this.”
The Durins all settled around the sitting room while you popped back up and knelt behind her withholding your groan at your burning thighs opening the jar you brought after sliding a pair of gloves onto Lulu’s hands, “These she won’t be able to take off.” A swipe of your finger later you slicked a bit of cream onto her forehead and then onto each of the patches you could see while Teddy and Em snuggled with her until she calmed as the cream eased her irritation. Both Morphers with hair changing colors in their confusion for how to help.
In a glance up at Dwalin you said, “See, better already. Should last about three hours.” You said passing it to him he cradled carefully before he eyed the vial you passed him, “Warm water, no soap, just that, let her soak and be sure to use a wet cloth to coat her patches before bed. It’ll keep them moist even after you dab her dry and it’ll help her sleep through the night so you don’t have to stay up.”
Dwalin mumbled, “Not that I’ll be able to sleep anyways.” His eyes shifted to Teddy who smacked his lips and then turned his head away from Lulu to sneeze stirring a grin onto Remus’ face. Em did the same and Regulus said, “We’ve got them, bound to be more.”
In another turn of your head you spotted another glowing orb making you sigh, “Off to Rivendell.”
Glorfindel behind you said, “Would it be another case?”
You nodded, “Most likely.” On your feet after you kissed Em, Teddy and Lulu’s foreheads you turned to pass through the doorway giving a comforting comment to the family lingering around. Through the doorway Thranduil and Glorfindel lifted and carried the boys at their feet walking off to find Elrond in the sea of panicking Elves in the scream and wail filled city. Even from Lothlorien more and more children poured in filling the main corridors and gardens. A sharp whistle from you quieted the adults and with a swirl of your hand you brought the fever draught out and started issuing it.
Neville, Draco and Luna arrived through the door with the Twins off gathering more supplies leaving Angela and Katie to help you, and they all started to help hand out the stocked up stash of creams and vials of bath tonic. Off in the distance a notice was sent out with Cho and Dean along with other Ministry members recorded as not having contracted it to go out to the chosen quarantine house. Including Celeborn and the other newborn Elven foster parents also gathered by Percy as a precaution to keep Tin and the other babies safe from catching it yet leaving him anxiously yet contently to explore the mini island town he and the others were taken to for quarantine. Content at least that Celebrian had accepted charge of Lothlorien in his stead for the blip of time until the contagion window had closed again.
By hours end Snape had joined the other professors in forming more creams and tonics to replenish the stores. The panic ceased and though disturbed by the older children the Dwarves brought, at the ministry’s request, to play with the toddlers stirring up a wave of sneezes signaling their contracting the illness, the fostering Elves sat content at least that their children were eased for the time being. Each child had the contraction and issued treatment added to their fostering filed copies of their medical records and all of them were sent home again with a helping of supplies with the rest of the DA there to offer the fever draught when they showed signs of it.
Nightfall broke and you sat across from Maglor as he asked, “You just passed a pox onto a number of children? How are you content with this?”
A soft grin eased onto your face contrasting your now black curls worrying your intendeds along with the tears looming at all you were holding in, kindly offering thanks in accepting the tea Thranduil offered. While Glorfindel raced off to fix you a meal at the growling of your stomach a few minutes prior at lack of dinner yet even after Taule had come to fetch the boys hours prior. “I am content knowing that it is a treatable tolerable condition now rather than when they pass fourteen and the illness becomes fatal.”
At that the Elves’ faced dropped while Amras asked, “How is that possible?”
You shrugged, “Children tend to heal faster. Their immune systems are greatly different than adults. We’re still not certain past that. I know it is troubling, seeing children sick and then knowing that we are forcing that on other children. It, would even seem barbaric to some.”
Thranduil patted his hand on your thigh, “Far from barbaric. A paper cut today over a broken leg twenty years down the line is far more tolerable of a choice.”
You grinned at him and Elrond asked, “It wouldn’t pass to us, would it?”
Shaking your head you answered, “I’ve watched the adults from Erebor and your kin, none have shown the signs. There is a short five hour window we’ve well since passed. The illness came from our world and it seems to remain with us. Though I do have warning charms I’ve left in the mountain and forests to alert us if any of your kin show symptoms.”
He nodded and the rest relaxed in their chairs, “That is comforting. Thank you.”
Sirius however broke your focus and drew you to your feet leaving the table with drink set down as he approached. Exhaling softly he said, “500 cases documented should only be a matter of sunrise for the window to close. Also, Em has been put to bath and bed sleeping soundly as well as Teddy.” That was all it took for the dam to break and mouths on the watching Lords and servants dropped seeing your face scrunch up and a tear was watched in its fall from your cheek turning to a glowing gem sprouting flowers up around it upon hitting the ground, met by others until your father’s arms were draped around you. Resting his cheek on your head for a few moments then said, “Oh Pumpkin, no one in the Ministry enjoys the Pox Push, our worst time of year.” Sharply you inhaled clearly trying to stop crying, nodding in your step back allowing him to wipe your blotchy cheeks.
Long deep inhales and exhales came out in pairs through the last of your tears wiped away to fall as gems from his fingers while the Elves took note of the soft glimmer you were giving off in the moonlight revealed fully in the shifting of the clouds formerly blocking it. “I know.”
Sirius, “You are handling it better than your Mum did. Nearly had the furniture on the roof from her worrying, everything was stuck to hovering, even our bed when she did fall asleep. Nearly broke my arm falling off our bed for some water.”
The image made you grin and nod as his hand lowered, “I’m going to go check on Petunia, apparently there is something in her garden, she said rabbit in her letter but I think we might have some loose gnomes. Please, eat and rest up. Em will be hungry in the morning.” His head turned spotting Ron on his way home from visiting Tuli and he said, “Ah, Ron, how would you like to help me track some gnomes?”
That made the teen smirk and join him on the hunt while you turned to the table again only to glance down at your dress following Thranduil’s lowered gaze to your chest. Sharply you huffed seeing the leak stains making you smooth a hand over your brow and say, “I’m late to pump. I, suppose we could have tea tomorrow so I don’t bother you all.”
Elrond stood with Thranduil who stepped over the bench you were formerly sitting on to walk closer and claim your hand, the former asking, “Pump?”
With a nod you replied, “My breast milk, it almost dried up before Fin came but now it’s picked up again, so um, I have to pump it into bottles for him.”
Maglor asked, “Why would nursing your brother bother us?”
Maedhros replied, “Come and eat to nurse the child. Regain your strength. I would not have stressed you had I known you were still nursing.”
Exhaling again you looked up to Thranduil who had hold of your hand his thumb was stroking through a soft loving grin at you stating, “Please eat.” After a nod you pinched your dress and gave the material a shake shifting it to a pair of knee length sweats and a baggy tank top with your shoes zapping home in the lifting of each foot to walk back to the table. Beside you on the bench a bag appeared with a machine familiar to those having been in your nursery. Under your shirt you eased the cups you placed over your nipples through the front of your fresh bra. And following your gaze the Elves watched you switch on the machine that had them inspecting the odd box that gave off a buzz while you pulled an empty bottle from the bag you removed the top to screw the hose connected lid to the top of it.
Even Thranduil’s eyes narrowed until through the tube from your shirt he saw the milk starting to flow and trickle into the empty bottle making him look at you as you explained, “It’s so we can store up milk in our fridges for the babies so our sitters can feed them when we’re away. Really good for working moms, or adopting parents. We have a whole fleet of nursing moms who’ve been supplying milk for our orphans.”
Arwen asked, “Including you?”
“Well mainly it was for Teddy to wean him onto solid foods while Tonks was away. Counting the Morpher orphans, best to give them Morpher milk, Tin as well, me and Fleur traded turns to give her Veela milk. It truly isn’t as odd as it might seem at first, plus I don’t know how early your babies start to teeth but it helps to keep from being bitten. Hear it hurts.”
Elrond chuckled as Celebrian went into how her twins used to take turns nibbling on her comforting you into eating from the tray that Glorfindel returned with, taking care to watch the bottle that he followed your guidelines to switch to a new one so you might keep eating that he handed off to K saving it for Fin later. Before long you had milked all you could filling two and a half bottles and widely you yawned packing up the machine for Thranduil and Glorfindel to guide you back to your own bed again. The pair wouldn’t be sleeping but with the trio of boys cuddled around you soundly you were off to sleep to try and be ready for the tea the following day.
Between a roll from your side to your back two bodies laying on your chest became three and by sunrise it grew to four when freshly woken Em for her morning creams came to join the pile of kids using you as their pillow. Already her irritation was gone left to a few blotchy patches from the strong medicine and bathing salts now greatly calming the foster parents and Dwalin, who managed to get a two hour nap between applications content that Lulu was nearly back to herself again. More irritated to be woken like the other children and content to be able to sleep some more lulling Dwalin to take another nap as well while Balin volunteered to keep checking on her.
From across the bed when breakfast was settled out on the table in Thranduil’s apartment a pair of warm kisses landed on your forehead from your guys gathering the boys for breakfast. Into their arms the boys nestled while you shifted the covers to slide out of bed keeping hold of Em. A quick changing for her and you groggily went to join them.
Into her seat Em settled yawning widely as you opened her jar of food after having glanced at the slips of paper appearing in front of you reading off progress on the quarantined people and that those with infants had been sent home already, including Celeborn who you flashed a grin to realizing he’d just entered the room to join you. “Morning,” you said as he sat down across from you holding Tin and a bottle from the supply you had delivered to him. “Sleep well?”
“Yes, rather well, and I understand fully thanks to Hermione and Percy who explained the trip was to protect my Tin.” Watching you lifting the small spoon to give to Em while the boys thanked Glori, Thranduil and Legolas who helped to fill their sippy cups and plates. “I wished to thank you, for the milk you have been supplying for my Tin.”
Flashing him a sleepy grin you lifted your own fork to start eating, “You don’t need to thank me. Couldn’t let her be given the wrong milk, and I’m not using it.”
“All the same, this is a wonderful gift, to give to a child, I wished to show you my gratitude.”
“Not as great as you taking her in as your own. No doubt soon enough she will grow out of needing breast milk, your gift lasts forever.”
“There will be no success in distracting me from my gratitude.”
Giggling back you replied lifting your loaded fork, “No attempt to distract here.”
“Good, expect a token of my appreciation before your birthday celebration this weekend.”
You looked to Glorfindel who merely smiled stating, “There is no escaping it.”
With a sigh you said, “Just please nothing alive. Apparently Rohan is gifting me a horse.” Making Celeborn chuckle in lowering his gaze to Tin when her hands settled on his large hand holding the bottle in her staring up at him. When you looked to Thranduil you asked, “Busy day?”
He replied lowering his tea, “Not especially. I mean to check in on our fostered youth and their parents before I take Turo for a run, however after that I am free.”
You glanced at Glori who said, “I am spending the day with the guards in Amon Lanc granting Haldir a day off.”
Legolas asked, “Are you busy?”
“Just helping Fred and George fix up the sign in front of our shop and clean up for our re-opening. Should only take a few hours, then I have to be back home to meet with Tuli for tea. No clue what she is expecting, hopefully just asking some questions would be sufficient to try and get to know her. I really have no clue sometimes.”
Legolas smirked saying, “I could request Arwen to join you if you wished. I am certain she could aid in guiding you through what might be expected.”
“I wouldn’t want to spoil her plans.”
Legolas chuckled and found his feet, “No plans, Arwen rarely sets plans in stone. I will go ask her. I will return shortly.” The last he added at your glance towards his plate.
Up he got and your focus turned to the children distracting you until his return when he tasked himself with their care by the time you helped clear the table to go and get ready for clearing up the shop. With a kiss on her cheek Regulus claimed hold of Em once you were in your room allowing you to change and get ready. Back to his room he went finding Lindir still napping on his bed from helping to care for Em until she had gone to climb in with you. Adoringly Regulus kissed his cheek and sat down coating Em with some more creams before pulling out some coloring books for her to fill in while he cuddled closer to Lindir again.
Alongside Ginny, Haldir tagged along to the shop clearing and aided her inside while you and the twins repaired the shop front display and repainted the doorway. Stealing glances at the clock while the streets buzzed with word that you were open again. From your pocket out came the whistling pocket watch alerting near to tea time. Back again through the streets home you went to get ready for the tea. A quick shower and blast of warm air had your curls dried and weaving itself into a long braid. Black jeans and a nice peach colored blouse later with heeled boots to follow down you went to meet up with the house elves readying the tea and snacks. Soft thanks and a stolen tart later you walked out of the kitchen to the sitting room where you paused finding Lindir and Arwen waiting there.
Their heads bowed and you flashed them a grin hearing him saying, “I wished to join you, if that does not trouble your plans.”
“Not at all.” Looking to Arwen you said, “Thank you. I really am clueless on this.”
Shaking her head she replied, “I am glad to share this task with you. Welcoming others into ones family can be quite trying.”
Her gaze turned and you couldn’t help but smile seeing Em hurrying over to you in a dress saying, “Tea Time!” She scrambled up onto your chair saying, “Mummy I want a bite.” Holding out the rest of the mini tart in your hand she took a large bite and you looked to Regulus who sighed saying, “I tried.”
Shaking your head you said, “The more the merrier.”
A doorbell split the conversation and you could hear Ron saying, “We can just go in.” Hushedly she tried to argue only to pause when Regulus came into view earning a bow of her head making him smirk and guide her and her father inside along with Ron. The latter was ushered off by something she whispered to him earning a shake of his head on his way out again and contently once she had formally greeted your guests and Em she claimed her seat through you settling Em on your lap.
Questions flowed and following the guidance of Arwen’s comments and the allowed comments offered mentally by Lindir you seemed to relax the duo now feeling amply welcomed into the fold. Once they had been showed out by Regulus you leaned closer to Lindir asking, “How did that go?”
To himself he chuckled and replied, “Very well done. Tuli should inform Ron that she has been welcomed and your courtship has been accepted fully by you.”
With a nod you lifted your tea to finish it only to hover Regulus’ cup your way that once he came back into the room made him smirk and take yours saying, “Ooh, the grim.” Looking at you he asked, “What does mine say?” Watching your eyes flickering back from being silver, “Something dark?”
Up at him your eyes shifted, “You’re going to find your lost penguin.”
“About time,” he said smirking in trading the cups again, “been looking for months now.”
Arwen asked with eyes shifting between you, “His cup speaks to you?”
Smirking at her you said, “The tea leaves. I can read yours if you like.”
Lindir fidgeted his hands around his cup asking while she lifted hers to finish it off, “What is ‘the grim’ exactly, it does not sound pleasant.”
Smiling at him you said, “It means I will face death.” Making his lips part, “However finding it in my cup is not uncommon.”
Arwen passed you her cup and seeing a sun inside it you grinned as your eyes flashed to silver watching her waking at midnight to a bite from her bunny giving birth on her bed. Meeting her gaze again you said, “You will have a surprise at midnight.”
Arwen, “A surprise?”
“It is best you don’t know, but it is good news.”
Passing back her cup you turned accepting Lindir’s timidly offered cup that once you saw the harp inside your eyes shifted silver and your grin broke watching his sister sneaking a practice on someone’s harp and the string breaking hitting her in the eye eventually making her blind in that eye. Lindir said, “You are not smiling. Will I face death as well?”
“Do you have a harp at home?”
“Yes, yes, my Ada’s. We do not disturb it since he fell.”
You nodded and said, “Your sister has been sneaking lessons on it while you are away from home.”
“How is that bad news?”
“You should return home and replace the strings. One will break and blind her.”
His mouth fell open as you set the cup aside wishing you had seen something else and Regulus came closer easing his arm around Lindir’s back, “Come, we have enchanted strings upstairs. I will help you replace them.” Placing a sweet kiss on Lindir’s brow helping him up, releasing him only to take hold of Em from you.
Lindir still was near to shaking as Arwen stood saying, “I will find and distract her, do not fret, Lindir, we will protect her.”
He nodded being led away and the Princess turned to you saying, “He will thank you once he calms. The gift you hold is quite extraordinary.” Her voice faded in her hand tapping your hands folded in front of you at your eyes flashing silver making her ask when they changed back again, “You have had another vision?”
“Elrond will be very pleased in a century or so.” Her head tilted slightly and you said, “He will have eight grandchildren.” That had her lips parting and you said in a tilt of your head, “I’ll come help distract his sister.”
Pt 35
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Ridikulus Pt 33
Tumblr media
Into the clearing Legolas slid on his heels down the hill wide eyed looking you over, “What has happened? Two of our guards mentioned Naneth had come to your lands.”
Celeborn stated, “Queen Jaqi passed through to these waters, crossed beyond the falls into Valinor and surfaced again moments later with her Cousins Leta Lestrange and young Corvus. It seems Irmo willed her to sleep, it must have been tiring.”
Maglor, “These are extensive wounds.” He said inspecting the hand gripping the Lord’s sleeve on the arm holding your legs equally as bruised and bloody.
Legolas asked, “Why has she not been taken to the Healers?!”
Haldir, “Queen Jaqi has requested the presence of her Aunt Narcissa.”
Legolas’ gaze however shifted to Leta in her timid thanks to an Elleth who brought a large towel to drape around her seeing she wished to be covered. Stepping around the Lord he came to crouch beside her making her ask, “Where am I? I don’t know where this Loth place is. I’ve never heard of it.”
Legolas nodded saying, “There was a war, and your people used a book to travel here for safety for their children to escape that war. Queen Jaqi led the evacuation. Your people landed across our lands in groups, one in Rivendell and another in the Shire. Since then have granted protective barriers to the Elven lands of Rivendell and here in Lothlorien as well as the Greater Greenwood and the Dwarven kingdoms as well. You are safe here and once her aunt has arrived no doubt they will house you and young Corvus and explain things fully to your understanding.”
Leta nodded then looked to you, “You know her?” Legolas’ eyes narrowed a moment, “I kept seeing her there, in that place, bringing me flowers.” She shook her head, “But I died, I know it. Grindelwald killed me.” Hastily she wet her lips and reached out placing a hand on his forearm giving it a tight grip, “Did they win? Did they kill him? Grindelwald?”
Legolas, “I do not know, I apologize.”
Just as soon as the drama with the spiders had occurred the masses of Wizarding Britain now stared at their fireplaces wide eyed in a wafting sea of feathers the spiders had exploded into now coating the rooms with all connected now green flaming fireplaces signaling the system was now linked. Somehow the system had given one last hyjinx before submitting to work again and through the volunteered group demonstrating that the system was functioning again by heading to the predestined location to return with signed notes. Each link would be checked thoroughly but for now as the feathers were being gathered up people calmed that finally the kerfuffles were a thing of the past and a bit of normalcy could be found again once the lines were open to the public.
An out of place bell from the front door had the trio of Malfoys facing one another before their House Elf returned stating, “An Elf to see you Madame.”
She nodded her head and looked to the tall blonde who bowed his head stating, “Queen Jaqi is in Lothlorien and has requested your assistance.”
“Ah,” she muttered.
And Draco said, “Probably best we all go. In case more feathers pop out.” Brushing a few more feathers off of her back as his father pulled a few from the top of her head.
With a few more feathers dropping off of them the trio followed the blonde back to the archways and through Lothlorien eyeing the gathered Elves speaking amongst themselves
Legolas’ head however turned seeing Orophin helping your relatives down the slick bank where Narcissa and Lucius’ lips parted. Narcissa however broke their silence stating, “Jaqi!” hurrying forward after Draco, who was looking you over.
Draco, “What happened to her?! More feathers, did the spiders explode out of your chimneys too?”
Elrond asked with eyes narrowing a moment, “Spiders?”
Celeborn, “Jaqi crossed these waters into Valinor, and resurfaced with her cousin Leta Lestrange and young Corvus.”
Lucius shifted on his feet looking the duo over then you again, “Huh…Interesting.”
Draco’s brows furrowed a moment, “Valinor, that’s your afterlife, place, right?”
Elrond answered, “Of sorts, yes, our Valar dwell there. If she was allowed there they must have called her.”
Narcissa walked around him joining Legolas, “Hello Leta, may I call you Leta?”
Leta nodded and wet her lips and accepted Legolas’ help to her feet and replied, “Your name is Narcissa?”
“Yes, my late sister married into your line, the Lestranges. Are you injured?”
“No, but they won’t tell me if Grindelwald is dead, if we won the war.”
Lucius, “That is a complicated answer. However, you may come with us and until Thesius can be contacted you are welcome to live with us.”
Leta, “Thesius escaped then? Last I saw him and Newt were facing off against Grindelwald.”
Narcissa, “Leta,” her hand extended to land on her shoulder, “It’s 1999,” dropping the wet witch’s jaw, “We don’t know how you ended up in Valinor, or how Jaqi was able to find you, but until we can have those questions answered it is late, we will fix you a warm bath and let you rest.”
Lucius’ eyes shifted to Corvus, “Would you be wanting custody of your brother?”
Leta wet her lips, “I-,”
Lucius, “Because if you don’t we would be more than glad to care for the boy in your stead, and offer you a home if need be. And we would contact Thesius-,”
Leta, “But, he’s, it’s been 50 years. How could he-,”
Draco said, “Technically Jaqi’s partners are over 14,000 years older than her, and there’s no spilled tea over that.” Her eyes twitched larger a moment, “Yup, big gap, but for Elves that’s like, mid adulthood range, so she’s not that much younger, maturity-wise. I mean you at least got to have tea with him. He never got married, still mad about you.” Her eyes sank and he added, “Think it over, at least.”
Her lips parted for her to nip at one and he continued, “But, good news, we landed in these lands and now we’re sort of Elves now. And a lot of people have been de-aging, including Theseus and Newt, they only looked to be about 50-ish back home, but now they are late 30’s at best, so, you can still get married if you like…”
Leta, “What happened-,”
Lucius replied, “Grindelwald was imprisoned years after your death, Newt aided in his fall along with Dumbledore. After him another Wizard rose to power, Tom Riddle Jr, who our niece Jaqi killed. There were more factions that rose up in his death, whom Grindelwald aided in their destruction to cover our escape.”
Leta’s brows furrowed, “Why would he help you? Or anyone?!”
Narcissa, “Because we had thousands of children from those who were trying to fight, say what you will about his nature and affinity for destruction and torture but he never touched children. Either matter, now they are in our old world and we are starting over here in this one. We don’t know if he’s dead or not, but we’re safe. You are safe, your brother will be too.”
She looked to Corvus in Arwen’s arms cooing in his hand tapping her chin luring out her grin at the boy. She nodded and glanced at your relatives saying, “I do not believe it best I raise Corvus, for obvious reasons.”
Lucius nodded, “Of course.”
Leta asked, “He will be taught well?”
Narcissa nodded, “Yes as I said, my late sister married into your father’s line, we also are part of the Sacred 28, I am from the Black Family and Lucius from the Malfoys. He will be well looked after, given the best foot up.” Making Leta nod again.
Narcissa approached collecting the boy and offering a hand to Leta, “We’ll mind him, you focus on mending,” her eyes shifted to Leta, who eased her hand into your aunt’s, “We’ll get you comfy and cozy with some tea and start slow with what you’ve missed in landing here. World’s changed, so many new things to learn.”
Lucius looked to Legolas asking, “I take it you would want to patch Jaqi up?”
Legolas replied, “Our Healers would be grateful to aid in her wounds. They do seem minor, though numerous.”
Draco smirked drawing his wand drying you and changing your clothes to a fresh pair of shorts and a baggy tank top cut from one of your father’s old t shirts. “Be sure to have some fresh fruit by her when she wakes up, she smells like blueberries, not fond of blueberries. Someone must have hit her with a knockout cloud to sleep like this. See you at the zoo tomorrow. We can hear about this all then.”
Summoning your door to shorten the trip while Lucius accepted hold of Corvus saying with a grin, “We’re going home young lad we’ll get you a nice warm bottle. I think you’ll love your new room, and in a few months you’ll have a baby sister to share it with.”
Looking to Celeborn Legolas said, “I will take Naneth home to our Healers.”
Celeborn chuckled and said, “If you do not mind I shall carry her, due to her tight grip on my wrap.”
Tenderly you were laid out across a plushy cot in the Healing Wing where a team of Elleths got to fetching herbs, oils and creams to tentatively spread across your exposed skin. Your hands coated in everything were wrapped in towels as word through a series of servants had the King and Glorfindel sliding through the entrance approaching the visiting Lord who shared all he knew. Which wasn’t much but inspecting the lingering glow to your skin and hair under the dull bruises and scrapes they could tell you went through a struggle.
Celeborn, “For now, she has been urged to sleep. We might ask once she has awoken. Though young Draco did mention in their home spiders had exploded into feathers, Lothlorien also is now coated in feathers.”
Glorfindel replied, “The lands I awoke in were coated in feathers as well. Manwe ordered my return.”
Thranduil asked as he stroked his fingertips along the side of your bloody bruised stomach an Elleth had revealed to coat it with creams, “What purpose could calling Jaqi to Valinor serve?”
Celeborn, “I was informed it seemed like she was following something. Though nothing was spotted, and she did seem to be blind to it, Orophin had guessed a voice perhaps.”
Legolas looked you over again, “To be called and face such wounds…”
A sigh from you lured their eyes back to you only to watch you mutter in Valinorean, “Can’t you hear them singing.”
Eyes narrowed on the Lords around you and Celeborn asked, “Who is singing?”
Again you sighed out, “The stars.” That parted their lips only for them to all inhale sharply when you muttered, “Dancing with Telperion, Laurelin.”
Thranduil, “You can see the Two Trees?”
“They were so heavy, so heavy, and far,” Their eyes shifted to the base of your bed that at the shift of a finger had vines of bluebells and forget me nots spreading up, your voice faded off as you muttered, “Let the shadow’s fool try me now.”
On the breeze a strong waft of green apples flowed through the kingdom in your breaths deepening making Glorfindel mutter, “Shadow’s fool,”
Celeborn stated after a glance at Thranduil and Glorfindel, “They reminded her,”
Legolas, “Of what?”
Celeborn, “Who she is.” His eyes shifted to you again, “Pluto, their Precious Pluto.”
Legolas gawked at you in the soaking of your name through the group, each knowing their own tales of the formidable pupil of the Masters of Spirits. The one Morgoth knew to kill first before striking at the other Valar. Each opening bloom on the vines around you releasing its own glimmer of light that seeped into your skin healing your injuries in the start of the forest beginning to sing a deep song in their dancing under significantly brighter stars luring all conscious Elves to come out and admire them.
Thranduil stated, “Now that her wounds are healed, we should return her to bed.” Carefully draping your arms across your now covered and healed middle, underneath you his arms eased and against his chest he lifted you.
Glorfindel stated, “Truly, if that is a call to arms-,”
Celeborn, “The scent of apples is a warning-,”
Thranduil turned stating firmly, “I am aware of that. When the fool returns we will be ready.” The Lords followed as he continued, “For now, our Queen is resting.”
Legolas, “I am not concerned,” he stated causing them in the hall to glance at him, “For the ease she destroyed the One Ring, and all those lands her kin have cleansed. Truly any sent after her is no match.”
Continuing on Celeborn replied, “No, not if she has been carrying the Two Trees with her all this time.”
Into bed you were placed and around the dining room table his meeting was moved while Glorfindel laid down beside you smoothing his fingers through your hair, each stroke of his fingers stirring up glimmers of starlight between your now deep silver curls while your past life played in your dreams.
Half an hour before your waking while Glorfindel handled the waking, dressing and prepping of the boys for breakfast Thranduil laid out beside you stroking your cheek feeling a difference in your strength already. The once untapped strength now free flowing without a block from your severed link to your past life you would start to slowly remember over time. Though in the signs that you were stirring to his gentle touch his smirk ghosted out remembering your goodbye the night before and his promise on how to wake you up.
At your deep inhale he leaned in to kiss your forehead, “Dew drop,” you sighed it out and a smirk ghosted across his lips.
“Are you awake?” he asked in your arm shifting and fingers tapping against his chin, the contact causing his eyes to droop in the tilt of your head allowing your lips to ghost against his. Leaning in his lips planted on yours forcing your fingers more across his cheek and into his hair. Around his neck your arms draped in the deepening of the kiss luring him to ease more on top of you, a move easier had there not been a comforter between you.
A pause for air from him had you smacking your lips and asking, “Blueberries.”
Thranduil’s brows inched up and he stated, “Yes, Draco did mention to have fruit waiting for you when you awoke.”
“Draco, how was he? I must have fallen asleep.”
“Yes, it is common for those who return from Valinor to be forced to sleep. Draco was well I hear, curious for what you faced, asked if spiders had exploded into feathers. I hear your Aunt has taken custody of Corvus and someone named Thesius is being contacted for Leta to meet. His marital status was relevant.”
“Thesius is Newt’s brother, they were engaged when she died. I’m glad they took Corvus in. No doubt Lucius is having baby fever readying for baby number two. Spiders, they mentioned spiders?”
“Rumil went to fetch them at your request and stated their home was coated in feathers, something about their fireplaces. But he was specific on spiders exploding into feathers.”
“I must have broken the block somehow. There were so many spiders and no one could see them until I got there.”
Thranduil stated, “Perhaps it best to wait on the full explanation until we are all at the zoo. All the Lords will be there, and we are all curious to hear what you faced in your travels to Valinor.”
“I kind of think I used to be someone very important.”
Again he smirked leaning in to steal another kiss then sweetly hummed, “I know.”
“You know?”
“None can claim a name of a Maiar or Valar for their child without their Fea taking hold of their body. Even Durin the Deathless cannot be named again all the same. To be named after stars or celestial beings is something sacred and allowed rarely. You seem to be taking this well.”
“We learn about past lives in Divinations courses. It isn’t that hard to believe. Though I can’t get any hints of one from you.”
“Because this is my first life. Rarely do we return with different names.”
For a moment your grin flinched and your fingers stroked his cheek, “Were you happy?”
Concern flooded into his gaze as he asked, “When?”
“Before I landed here. Even when you were just in my dreams staring blankly I hoped you were happy.”
“We had each other. Not nearly as happy as we are now, however, there were moments of joy in our exhaustion.”
Over his eyebrows your finger traced making him smirk again, “No wonder these were locked so low.”
Sliding off the bed he murmured, “For now, breakfast, then we can talk about my expression.” Scooping you up he carried your smirking self to the dining room.
The boys smiled at you as you settled into your chair and Legolas helped to bring the food over asking, “Did you rest well, Naneth?”
“Seems like it. You?”
“I did not sleep. Made a round on guard it seems feathers have been blowing from Lothlorien since last night. Their artists are gathering up as many as they can, a few of ours have been utilizing the chance to as well.” Leaning in Glorfindel stole a kiss on your cheek taking the seat beside you. “I would assume your artists are utilizing it as well, Draco did mention an explosion of feathers.”
“Feathers are always useful. Art or otherwise.”
All three boys seemed to explode with questions on how the zoo would be while Legolas and the pair seated near you seemed to be ghosting around the question they wished to be answered as to what happened last night. “Here,” You said after blowing out a marble with swirling clouds inside of it the trio eyed as you went to change in Taule helping the trio to keep distracted for a few minutes by looking at the pictures and plushies you had brought. Lords Elrond and Celeborn came with their children who all circled the trio still inspecting your marble. Staring at the now floating marble lifted from Glorfindel’s palm then let out a blink of light warning them to a mist filling their vision that wafted into the memory of you settled on the bed in Thranduil’s room when you first heard the voice calling you.
Moment by moment they were pulled along with you open mouthed staring at all you had endured and seen. The memory faded with your slump to Celeborn’s chest muttering about blueberries and the trio glanced at one another unable to even think of what to say only to look to you when you came back in jeans and a layered flowing floral tank top tied with a sash under on open cardigan with comfy heeled boots. “Answer your questions?” Em was still waking up after her own breakfast settled in a comfy shirt and plants matching the colors of yours.
Glorfindel, “And adds a few more.” Making you smirk. The boys hurried in and Legolas lifted Estel to his hip while Thranduil and Glorfindel lifted one each of the twins and followed you and Legolas back through your doorway to your home.
Through the halls you guided them to the front entrance to take them out of Grimmauld Place with Legolas asking, “Will we be taking the train as well? I do not have papers.”
Smirking up at him you said, “Now that the Flue System is repaired I can take you through our London entrance in Grimmauld Place. See, the house itself is hidden but our family has vast properties to our name, including one in the heart of London, England. We will have to take the Knight Bus though.” For a moment they paused eyeing the flat you had just walked out of so far from the house they knew it was linked to and they turned as you did in the slide of the buildings together again. “It’s enchanted to hide from Muggles.”
Jostling didn’t come close to describing the ride the men sat wide eyed through while you, Em and the boys giggled at sliding back and forth with Celeborn grateful for your anchoring bubble to keep his chair in place as he held Tin leaving the other chairs sliding around his. Slowly they adjusted to the odd way of traveling until you led the group to stand and exit wondering what was next. It was puzzling to say the least how so many things in your Wizarding world was both amazing and nonsensical at the same time, seemingly free but so regimented to laws that had been so harsh to nearly rob you of your freedom.
On the curb you guided the men down the street through people milling by eyeing the tall men behind you with scattered forced grins at the lot of you all the way to the press surrounded zoo. Gasps came from the boys and after the small speech from the Prime Minister, who smirked at you remembering your being banished from England, a fact now wiped from the Queen’s mind and all record with it, later and you were allowed in. Each Lord around you along with a small group of Durins that Hermione had brought here through your doorway she’d called was introduced to and greeted by the Prime minister and pair of young teen Princes glad to be out of Buckingham Palace for the first time since settling. The young pair of royals drew curious subtle glances from the group wondering why you and Hermione both curtsied even in your place representing Remus at this occasion and buffering in the first meeting of new leaders of the kingdoms around those you had saved.
Just hours, exhibit by exhibit every animal through the protective barriers you witnessed their free roaming animals now happier in the magical near endless lands or waters to call their own. Every fact cherished and with floating magical camera following orders from the boys and men to capture certain moments they wished to keep.
By dinner you were back to your home for them to share all you had seen and let the Lords conference on your memory of Valinor. Every moment scrutinized for details on what the returned had missed with questions between on how long the spiders had descended there as well.
Curiously following a gentle tug you came to one of the larger spare rooms in one of the lesser used wings and pressing your ear to the door you could hear Opal inside making you smirk knowing why she’d moved here. Gently you knocked and a half hearted growl came through the wood making you say, “Opal, it’s Jaqi. I just wanted to ask if you’re in any pain.”
Through the wood you could tell the bristles behind her ears and eyebrows had shifted in a small recoil of her head snapping for a moment out of her protective mindset. “Iron said sometimes females have cramps with laying their clutches. I assume this is the nest you’ve chosen and I won’t force myself in if I am not welcome.”
“I am not in any pain. You are always welcome.” Timidly you eased the doorknob to turn and peeked inside seeing her sideways cocked head with both bright eyes fixed on you. Since your last session had fully healed her left eye and nearly fully healed the right that seemed to her to be growing clearer by the day with your Pheonix candies now working to heal the minor cataract like affliction to her lighter eye. “I have three eggs.”
A smile split across your face in her tail easing out to scoop you inside and bump the door shut again bringing you closer but still not right up to her nest in the room heated by the pile of wood and hot fire she kept lit to keep her eggs warm. “That is amazing. Three babies. I am so happy for you.” You said stroking her muzzle as her forehead pressed to yours. “Would you like me to tell Iron?”
She gave a nod and said, “He shall be pleased. I did not assume I might carry more than one egg from my injuries. Iron was eager all the same to aid in my clutch to grant me a chance.”
“Well you certainly made a great choice, and a great friend. I take it you might want to go to the breeding grounds then for a time?”
“No, males do not Mother the young for our kind. He shall meet them when they are just learning to fly, that is when his role begins.” Her eyes looked you over and she asked, “How are your mates?”
“They are well. Speaking with their friends about a trip I took through an enchanted pond of theirs. It seems I am still puzzling to them. Even myself occasionally.”
Lowly she chuckled and settled more around the trio of eggs on the mattress she’d pulled off the bed frame leaned up against the wall. “They will learn you. And their young seem to admire you as well. Such a large clutch for beginning a family.”
“Well I’ve never been one to follow the normal scheme of things, courting first then babies. You know me. Has to be as much juggling as possible.” She chuckled again and at the slight drop of her eyes you grinned saying, “I will let you sleep. You look exhausted. I’ll post a sign outside and let everyone know this is your nest.”
“Thank you, my dearest friend. Your kindness is the greatest treasure I have ever been graced with.”
Again you reached out to stroke her muzzle saying, “I feel very much the same Opal. Let me know if you need anything. Get some rest sweetheart.” The nickname making her smirk in her body coiling up around the trio of giant Opal like eggs as you made your way out again.
Across the door in various languages with a picture of Opal a sign spread the door to warn others in your turn to head through your enchanted door to find Iron, the Opaleye who had taken Opal as his mate. His excited roars and bounding around drew the Dragon Breeders over who joined in on his celebration with his family on his impressive three little ones to come. Far from the average dragon Opal was seen as far too timid to have been taken as a mate by all but Iron who could see the strength in enduring all she had faced and how powerful their little ones could be. A match that with time and now news of her very fertile status among her kind, who rarely had more than two eggs, had all the other breeds joining in on the celebrations as well. Each sending you home with tokens to hand over to the isolating mother to comfort her with their distant support until the hatching when she could introduce the triplets to them all.
Pt 34
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blankdblank · 5 months ago
Ridikulus Pt 32
Tumblr media
“My husband won’t touch me!”
Blinking in the dimly lit apartment of the King you had been called to by use of the charm you had given the couple in case of any worries after the change. Only just moments from trying to be early to bed at your partners’ requests you stood in shorts and a quidditch jersey from Regulus smoothing your fingers through your loose curls to brush them out of your face to Bilbo’s sigh. “I didn’t say that!”
Thorin, “You said not tonight!”
“Yes! Not tonight, it would be our first time Thorin. I-,”
Thorin, “See! He won’t touch me!”
Lowering your hand you asked, “Bilbo, what were you trying to say?”
Bilbo faced you releasing his hold on the ties to his robe he had been clenching tightly in his fists, “Merely that I was hoping to wait-.”
Thorin, “Well I won’t change back so I can’t see what you’re waiting for. I may look-,”
“Now-, now, stop there Thorin man or woman you are stunning.” That had him look at you with his lips parted, “And you can’t tell me that Bilbo doesn’t love you.” He closed his lips and you added, “and you can’t tell me you’re not scared and hiding in a fight.”
Bilbo smoothed his hand across Thorin’s back, “You don’t have to be scared that’s why I said we could wait.”
Thorin, “There are exp-,”
“No,” his eyes moved to you in your move closer offering your hand he timidly settled his in the palm of, “No expectations, come sit down.” Quietly the pair followed you to the loveseat you settled them in and waved a finger bringing a stool from along the fireplace for you to sit on still holding Thorin’s hand you laid your free hand over the back of. “This is a big change. And no matter what anyone says you have time. We should probably wait another week on the fertility potions.”
Thorin, “But-,”
“I am not saying no babies. I am not taking my word back,” you moved your hand to claim Bilbo’s to lay on his palm you turned over folding the two, “You love one another. You waited hundreds of years for your One, and he loves you and waited decades for you. Let him love you and show you how he will love you. Because you are a family the pair of you, outside your relatives. This has to be strong before you can bring babies into this. You are going to have babies and no one is going to take your throne from you if you don’t meet some absurd deadline. You decided to share your lives long before I promised to help with having babies. He loved you long before the promise of babies.”
At the tears in his eyes you rested a hand on his knee, “Thorin I love you, we love you, you are family and your home is safe, your throne is safe, and Hermi and I will ensure it stays that way. We cut a deal with you, only you. No one is taking anything from you. As much as I hate this excuse it’s true this time your body is adjusting to the surge of new hormones and this will settle. For now if you feel you need it you have my permission to wait on babies, because they are more terrifying than dragons at times. You know it’s true.”
He nodded and you grinned wiping his tear trail away in his sniffle, “For now, take a bath. Just hold one another, if you feel comfortable touch yourself, and I don’t mean sexually, gentle touches. You have to get to know yourself again.” His free hand you guided to stroke the bare forearm of his other arm, “Just touch, see where it’s sensitive, what you like because his touch is going to feel different. I’ve been curious I’ve tried both genders on my missions alone, I know. Then if you want, move to kissing and when you get to bed if you want to keep going, make love the way you have been.”
He blushed and you grinned saying, “Consummation means penetration but it doesn’t specify anally or vaginally in most cases. You are going to have babies and you can have sex tonight. Take the pressure off, if you feel like it while you do it the way you always have if you want to try touching yourself then try it, if you want him to touch you grab his hand and guide him to where you want it. Go slow, take your time, do what you’re used to and the rest will happen when it does. It’s going to be your first time all over again, and it’s no less nerve wracking than anally. The vagina self lubricates but there’s still muscle that has to expand and relax for everything to be painless. So, bath.”
Thorin nodded, “Bath. I am so-,”
“No apologies. I understand.”
Bilbo grinned at you timidly, “Thank you. We hope we didn’t disturb your sleep.”
You shook your head, “Nope, was off to snag a bite actually. Enjoy your night.” You said popping off back home again levitating the stool back to its place leaving the now blushing pair to stand and go ready the bath you had prescribed.
Tumblr media
Staring at the foot of your bed a groan left you feeling your body fighting the chance to sleep right now. Helping the pair had stirred up reminders of your dream the night before and turning on your heel you were back off to Greenwood through the linked door in the hall. Back into the King’s apartment you slipped, closing the door quietly. In their room the boys were sleeping and following the shuffling of papers and deep sighs you smirked finding Thranduil slumped back in his chair in his study. Brows furrowed tightly in his focused stare at the pages in his hands too busy to have noticed you slipping into the room. A turn of his head to grab a journal to confirm something allowed you to reach his side. Suddenly at your knee tapping his thigh his head turned and expression relaxed in his velvety hum of, “You cannot sleep?”
“Got a call to visit Thorin. The window for a nap is gone.”
“Hmm.” His eyes lowered to your legs in your dip under his arm and smirk inducing sideways position to rest against his chest.
“I’m not disturbing you?”
“Not at all.” Reaching for the journal he positioned his arms to have one partially against your back feeling the brush of his hair off his chest over his shoulder. “I only wish I had,” the finger tapping against the top of the pin at the base of his collar to secure the fold hiding the buttons down his chest paired with a bend of his collar was his warning for the gentle press of lips to the side of his neck pausing his train of thought. “More time.”
“You have plans?” the murmur against his neck and ghosting of your lips to the next spot you kissed parted his lips for a deep try for a steadying inhale.
To the left of his adam’s apple you pressed your lips again and he cleared his throat in the next kiss you left on the edge of his jaw, “I have a meeting.”
Weakly he repeated in a droopy eyed tilt of his head in a try to claim a kiss of his own, “Pity.” Victoriously in a rapid drop of his jaw a firm lock of his lips on yours had his hands emptying so he could draw you closer to him. Flush against his chest you melted while he hunched over you at the slide of your legs to his side lessening the space between you even more. Hungrily his tongue and lips aimed to meld with yours in the fevered moment drawing a series of muffled hums from the King clutching the back of your shirt and upper thigh firmly once your fingers had locked into his hair.
Again however he groaned against your lips at the sounding of the clock. Reluctantly panting his eyes scanned over your face and focused on your parted lips pinker than before from the fevered minutes you had stolen.
“You have to go?”
Sighing deeply he hunched forward again hoping to claim a hug only to find himself latching his lips onto your neck drawing a stunned giggle from you assuming he would try to leave a hickey on his neck marking you as his. But against your neck lowly he hummed out, “I have to go,” sliding his lips between oddly placed kisses in a losing battle to stay here with you and finish what you had stirred in him. A final kiss was planted on the other side of your neck and he murmured in a tug of his arms to pin you against him only partly disguising the flick of his tongue just under your jaw. “Glorfindel is in his study.”
Playfully you teased, “Ah so he can turn me away too?”
Up onto his feet he stood releasing hold of you and your legs at his side leaving you standing in his dark eyed sway to ghost his lips against yours again with his body aching to carry you to bed. “He is off rounds tonight. Allow him to sate you until I return.”
Up he straightened breaking the tender kiss you left on his lips to keep from breaking his resolve, “And if I am asleep when you get back?” You asked to his back following him to the door.
“Then I will wake you early for breakfast.” In the doorway his eyes closed a moment and he reached out grabbing the handle on it to pull the door closed causing your head to tilt a moment. Sharply he had turned and again had lowered instantly melting his lips to yours with arms snaking around your back at yours looping around his neck through a toe top stance. The lift of your rise triggering his body to stand up again and in the thoughtless loop of your legs around his waist his hands left your back in the unnoticed turn to pin you to the wall taking full advantage of your shock to tangle his tongue with yours again. From your cheeks to your legs his hands wandered and at your ankles his grip tightened in another groan to your pant for air as his lips sloppily ground into your neck.
Loosening the hold of your legs he lowered you again planting his hands by your head on the wall at his forehead pressing to yours. “I have to stop touching you or I won’t stop.” Closer to a growl at the slide of your hands down his chest he continued, “My Darling Starlight, the things you trigger in me.”
Off the wall he pushed and through the door he went having already captured your hand leading you to Glorfindel’s study where in the press of his lips to your knuckles he mentally whispered, “My love. I will hurry.”
Releasing you again to force himself to a useless meeting already being cursed in his mind for it being held even though he has shifted the meeting himself to keep from disturbing your nap just hours earlier while you were treated by the Healers again. Over his chest his trembling hands smoothed as if to draw out the strength it was taking to keep from sprinting back to you and the stunningly close path to being married you had initiated. Perhaps it was too soon, or perhaps meant to happen now rather than later. Either way he hoped Glorfindel’s lack of experience could calm the fire he felt burning in you hungering for more, or at least keep it to a tolerable smolder until he was able to get back.
Tumblr media
Rolling your head back your body turned and to the open doorway you stepped spotting Glorfindel barefoot and partially leaned back with one leg stretched out unlike the bent twin rocking at the pitiful bubbling irritation of the distraction keeping him from cuddling with you. Over the top of the book his eyes flinched spotting company and sharply inhaling he shifted his book off to the side to see you clearly with a lingering glance over your bared legs. “Unable to sleep my Love? I could read to you.”
“If you like.” Smirking to himself his leg drew back at your shift to slide onto his lap, around his neck your arms draped and instantly his eyes dropped to your lips ruining the ruse and urging you to simply kiss him. Behind your back the book closed and was dropped into the table beside his chair in a stolen nip at his lip. Steadily silent gestures and motions guided him to a comfortable rhythm aiding his chance to tighten his hold around you only tightening at your blind removal of his circlet easing the shift of his blond ringlets in your fingers combing through the section above the ribbon binding the lower section. Vibrations from his deep content hum bounced off your numbing lips that only left his at the sounding of an awkward horn turning your head. “What is that?”
Heavily he exhaled with his head tilting back in a try to muster up some brain power to recall what the horn actually was only to groan at the bumps rising along his neck when your finger stroked along the side of it. Firmly your lips pressed to the other side of his neck and his eyes halted rolling back to say, “A call for report from a guard cycle.”
“Meaning?” You asked before a kiss on his jaw line.
“Meaning, they are calling for their report to be heard. Must have found something.”
“Dew Drop’s in a meeting.”
“Yes,” he said smoothing his thumb just under your lower lip, only to groan again tilting his head back, “I am second to hear the report then.” Looking at you again he hastily closed the distance for a firm kiss and purred against your lips, “Forgive me, my Love?”
Easing out of his grip you claimed another kiss luring him up out of his seat to continue it, “Guess I’m off to bed then. You men and your meetings.” The horn sounded again and glancing at the door you blew a raspberry making him smirk at the expression.
“I do apologize. I will hurry.”
“Careful not to hurry too much, you may slam into Dew Drop, who is also hurrying.” He chuckled in finding his circlet again and walking after you to close the distance pressing his hand into your back guiding you closer to him in a hunch forward. Between your lips his tongue darted and for a few content sigh stirring moments he lingered in that kiss until the sound of the front door opening had him drawing back again. “Enjoy your meeting, Glori.” You said taking his circlet you helped him put on again bringing out a spark in his eyes through his nip at his lip.
A tall brunette entered the doorway drawing his attention over your head and he nodded, “Yes, I am on my way. Any clue what it is they have found?”
She shook her head and replied, “No. No sign of them yet. Though the group is half comprised of our new trainees under Tauriel’s guidance.”
Her eyes lowered to you to bow her head only to pause in your flinch of a grin, “Hi, what’s your name?”
“Marya, Queen Jaqi.”
“You’re a messenger? I do wonder how someone could be limited to messages, I mean Thorin has two personal messengers that’s a job that has got to have a lot of down time.”
Glorfindel chuckled stating, “Dearest, Marya is our best gardener. No doubt simply the closest in proximity to the Royal Wing at this time of night.”
“Ah, well, I’ll leave you to it before I keep rambling.”
Glorfindel chuckled again shifting on his feet giving your back another loving gaze then glanced at Marya stating, “Queen Jaqi is acquaintancing herself with who works where to adjust to Palace life. It is a difference to have so many dwelling and working within a Kingdom compared to their single domestic dwellings.”
Marya nodded in their passing through the front door of the apartment he closed behind them, “I could imagine. Myself and my sister have visited the lands around the Queen’s family home. Sizable and yet none but her tiny Elves dwell there to serve her family. It is impressive. Should the Queen require a message-,”
Glorfindel shook his head, “No, that would not be necessary. I doubt she would require much past directions from time to time, or naming of subjects in portraits. She will learn our home and ways in time. No need to add to your daily tasks.”
Bowing her head she stepped back and turned back to her work smiling to herself at her own personal moment with the odd but admirable new Queen. Glorfindel however turned with brows furrowing slightly in confusion as to what had happened for him to have been called away.
But in their absence you turned not for your own bed but Thranduil’s big with tons of furs you hopped up on it and walked to the bed you burrowed under the covers settling in to try and nap assuming the guys would be taking a while.
Soft whispers you hadn’t heard in years had you sitting up in bed. Tucking your legs in you shifted to your knees and found your feet to walk across the bed to the floor. Peering around corners you followed the whispers to the garden portals straight to Lothlorien. Barefoot through that warm grass you passed the curious Elves looking you over wondering just what had brought you here until muffled murmurs filled the path you had just left to follow an abandoned trail with them calling for Celeborn to come. Down a winding grassy slope you slid and skidded your way to a stumbling stop on a dirt path heading towards the voice growing louder.
A lonely lake of silver water under a flowing curtain of silver water flowing off a cliff was beckoning you closer. From above shouts for you muffled as Rumil and Orophin followed their brother in his race to stop you from touching the water none dared disturb. Across the chilled surface however the water stilled at the lift of your foot, and like glass held firm for your walk across to the silver curtain calling you closer. That same voice echoing from your time in the Department of Mystery where your father’s ghoul had been killed passing through the curtain. At the edge of the water the trio of guards and the freshly stopped Lord Celeborn watched the water snap to icy blue once you had passed through the veil. Lost for what else to do past sending for Glorfindel and Thranduil, to alert them you had passed beyond their reach.
Contact to your family however would have to wait as every fireplace linked to the Flue network was spitting out spiders and webbing left and right urging all hands to aid in the fight. Your call would go unanswered however and for one guard passing through his usual rounds the whispering arch in the Department of Mysteries cracked and crumbled to the ground urging him to find someone leading him to join in as well.
It didn’t feel like water, and into a dusk like place with barely a hint of light to guide your path you turned your head seeing glowing figures milling through what smelled to be a garden. Adjusting your eyes to be more cat like the light grew for you and taking in the stone pillars and arches between fountains full of pearl statues you took a step only to look down. Under your oddly silver mist formed foot the former place it had been now sprouted with tiny buds of wildflowers in a glowing patch of grass. Every inch of your skin seeming more like a flowing stream of silver glittering mist, your hair the same but with a bluish tinge, all reminding you of how you had looked in the Mirror of Erised, a glowing silver ball of misty light. Another step triggered it again and making a semi circle of glowing buds sprouting in the chilly damp grass you confirmed you and your glowing silvery mist coated body were somehow triggering flowers to grow.
A chittering however halted you and tilting your head back you saw what was watching you. Whispering spiders by the thousands just floating in the sky it seemed were spreading word about you and swallowing hard you turned to look over the scattered groups of pale white and pink aura encircled people unconcerned about the hoards above.
Anxiously you wet your lips and continued in the direction you had landed here following the aim of your first glowing footprints and pretended to be oblivious hoping they might not bother you. They weren’t Acromantulas, or any other magical arachnid you could tell from a first glance and trying to remain at a steady pace you tried to keep a calm facade to keep from being eaten. This place was unlike any other but the language you heard in passing stood out as Valinorean.
Passing a few scattered people you made it to a sort of courtyard with a sea of glowing people all whispering about hearing someone was to play their flute. “Saruman.” Hurrying across the courtyard between people you made it to the familiar figure’s side, entirely much younger than you had last seen him but you just knew it was him. Down he peered at you and you said, “Hi, do you remember me?”
“My Lady Pluto, how could I forget you. We had feared you lost to us.” A smirk ghosting across his lips, “Have you been wandering on us again?”
“Wandering..” you muttered to yourself, “Saruman, I need to talk to you, where am I?”
Deeply he chuckled and replied, “My my, it has been a while, these are the Gardens Of Manwe And Varda. Can you not tell by the stars?”
You nodded and looked up over his head again making him smirk until you whispered, “What stars? I only see spiders.”
Upwards he glanced asking, “Spiders? I see no spiders.”
“Really,” You murmured, “That’s comforting..” after wetting your lips you said, “I need to speak to Manwe and Varda then.”
To which he laughed again, “Our Queen and King are in commune with Eru.”
“Uh huh... I’ll leave you to it then,” you said turning to head off away from the gathering group of spiders creeping lower towards the glowing patches of grass and flowers you had left behind you spreading a chill through your veins. Into a full sprint you burst weaving between people who froze to stare at you then to the flowers sprouting up waist high behind you and the birds from the darkened trees soaring after you.
Pained chirps halted you in your path and open mouthed you saw a frost bird chick being wrapped in webs from its nest while its mother fought off a giant spider. Glaring at the creature you raised a hand firing off a blasting spell tearing the spider to shreds dropping the chick you caught and tore the webbing free luring a pair of Elves over open mouthed seeing the sudden appearance of the bird.
“How can you not see them?!” You muttered then looked up firing off your patronus turning everyone’s heads to the now screeching spiders being forced back away from the ice bird now gathering her other chick and the one you had saved to find another place to hide. More ice and thunderbirds came into view with giant Phoenix next to come out of the mix of trees with eggs in their beaks and feet flying to safety while the Elves now sprinted for weapons.
“Where did they go?!” Shouts echoed in the dimming of your light and again you glanced around at the racing spiders coming back again to the Elves squinting in the dim starlight now realizing just how dark it was. A deep inhale later and off you sprinted under the racing spiders flinging their webs back to their former places to coat the sky who swayed in the explosive golden glittering wave you fired off at them giving the Elves and alerted Maiar a good target to work with.
Onwards you sprinted again hearing the whispers egging you closer, “This can only be good. Following voices, fighting spiders only I can see.” Explosions of light freed more hiding birds and baby nine tailed foxes like Novem and his peacock tailed friend to scurry to the glowing patches behind you burying themselves in the spreading flowers springing to life as you picked up speed.
Straight to an unknown ledge you went and before you could stop a shriek escaped you at a swooping spider you dove off into the choppy waters below. Deep under the surface of the water you eyed the pulsing light filled fish circling you curiously unknowing of the dark creatures above. Still as you morphed to a mermaid you heard the whispers growing louder and remaining under the surface of the waters you continued onward magically winding your midnight blue glistening hair back into a long braid to keep it out of your face while around you the water began to glow.
Miles it seemed you swam not seeing the glittering white stags bounding across the choppy surface of the water. A white sheet however sank in front of you and hurrying faster at the tiny arm poking out of it. Around the sinking baby you formed an air bubble holding it in place and upon reaching it your head and arms poked through the bubble echoing with the sputtering cries of the glowing infant.
At once you knew who he was in his pouting stare up at you, “Corvus?” The blonde haired blue eyed boy whose hands curled around the hand brushing his frilly collar from his face. Looking forward again you swam onwards once again until you came upon a pebble coated shore.
Timidly you surfaced behind a pair of white hooves leaving ripples across the surface of the water only to duck down again after a turn of your head seeing a bright white fawn racing after her father now slowing to turn ensuring she had made it. Up again you peeked seeing her reach him and his head lower to urge her onwards from the glowing water bridge you had made more were crossing to the glowing rocks forming a wall around the island covered by a silvery mist not much different from the one coating you.
Wiggling your legs back to normal barefoot you climbed with one hand free steadying you through Corvus’ grumbled in the sling you cojured around your torso your other hand steadied. Unsteadily you crossed the pebbly beach with the help of another young white buck who slowed to help you. His towering body keeping you from being side swiped by more glowing deer bounding across the beach with scattered foxes and squirrels between, the latter clinging to the backs and antlers of the larger creatures.
Up to the rock wall you walked finding a hidden door invisible by illusion and camouflaged rock wall around it leading you through a winding path exiting into a glowing stretch of land with glowing tall grass swaying as far as you could see between brooks and scattered buildings and fountains to the mountain formed palace at the opposite end.
Few people were here but all approached the terrified animals now calming in this place while you crossed through the grass alone. Glancing behind you there was no sign of the spiders and looking upwards you could see bright shimmering starlight reflected in the pulsing light coming from the plants and people below. Those you passed curiously inspected you and the colorful blooms following your timid path to the Palace. Cautiously you used floating rock paths to cross the brooks and continued onwards patting Corvus’ back in broken hums trying to calm him from another bought of crying.
Straight through the open entrance to the Palace you walked eyeing both paths available to you in the dim unwelcoming place echoing of sobs in the distance. “Hello?” You called out with no answer but an echo of those same whispers lured you towards the right.
Endlessly you wandered the halls following the growing sobs when the whispers had been muffled by them. Across a window bench you found her, the woman weeping so soundly, much taller than you nearly at twelve feet with pink shimmering gown apparently floating around her body in swirling clouds mingling with white panels from the belt and ribbons down from her waist. “Excuse me?”
Still her sobs continued but with a gasp you flinched a step away from the man in yellow robes flowing around his body much like hers with glimmering silver skin and amber eyes matching his glittering pools of hair reaching to the ground behind him. “Pluto.”
The name signaled the woman’s turn and the beautiful almost opal like skin in shimmering mists coated with tears turning to gems as she faced you, deep amber eyes locking on you as you said, “I, I don’t know where I am.”
Another whisper turned your head and the man spoke again, “You have come back to us...wandered so far...” his hand reached out to stroke Corvus’ cheek with the tip of a finger lulling the boy into a deep sleep making you look between the boy and him again.
“I’m sorry, I don’t remember you.”
Faintly a grin eased across his lips and he hummed back, “You will.”
Motioning his hand towards the empty hall the woman was now standing in with her own hand extended, tears still pooling down her cheeks coating her floor length chocolate hair with the gems they shifted to. “Come.”
Adjusting your tongue in your mouth in a dry swallow you took a step to join her making the man smile behind you at the golden dust formed butterflies that had been sprouting up from the floor in each of your steps now lighting the hall more and more behind you as they did in his own steps. Around each corner you peered until inside a fourteen foot tall man in a hooded cloak of midnight blue floating around his body and strips of shimmering midnight blue braids hanging down to his knees weighing the material down. He paced behind a woman with peach waves pooling down her back littered with woven flowers and coral gown hovering across her milky glimmering porcelain skin. Her delicate fingers working a spool of color changing mist like thread into another down of the tapestry like the hundreds you had passed to get here.
A curious fox skidding into the hall however halted the hooded figure luring his silvery mist of a pair of eyes straight to you in another glance after the strange whispers had hushed for a moment. Up again your eyes shifted when he had moved closer and crouched in front of you reaching out a hand to just barely ghost along your shoulder sparking up silver flecks in your eyes luring a pleased grin onto his face. “I’m sorry, to intrude. But I was in this stream and then I was in Manwe and Varda’s gardens and Saruman couldn’t see these spiders, which are everywhere...”
The weeping woman asked, “You see them?”
Looking up at her you nodded, “Yes, but no one else did till I lit up the sky.” You looked back to the silent hooded man in his furrowed expression taking in every detail you said, “But they said they could see stars, only there aren’t any, except for here but I only got here by falling off this ledge and into the water, where I found this little guy, Corvus. I guess you could call him my cousin, I am related to him but the exact term is a bit fuzzy to me right now...I’m sorry I’m rambling but I just don’t know where I am and how you all know my name but he said I would remember, I just don’t know how...” Your eyes lowered to the symbol on his pendant around his neck when his hand lowered from your shoulder to your ring. “You’re Namo.”
His eyes met yours and he gave you a soft grin stroking his thumb across the back of your knuckles he then released as your head turned at the growing whispers, “I’m sorry, but can you hear that?”
The weaving woman asked, “What do you hear, Precious Pluto?”
“It’s a whispering...I’ve heard it before...years ago...”
The golden man patted his fingers on your shoulder closest to him and grinned saying, “Then go to it.”
Unsteadily you nodded and turned saying, “If I don’t see you again, it was nice to meet you, again.” Behind you in your hurried trot through the hall they all grouped together chuckling to themselves gladdened at the return of their lost pupil. Even if for a few moments in their halls now filling with butterflies and fireflies floating about peacefully as they once had before the darkness fell.
With a steadying spell to keep Corvus in place you began to run again through the halls following the growing whispers. Out into another garden you raced eyeing the floating bridge comprised of silver and golden mists that shone brighter behind you with the sky lighting up above you and waters below lit up.
Far as your eyes could see a forest and mountain range came into view under skies of more spiders the blind Elves and mingled Dwarves. All swinging wildly into the air while a massive man you recognized from statues in Erebor as Mahal tossed boulders off onto the distance where trees were shifting by spiders trying to attack the glowing rams bleating angrily at the web slinging spiders even they couldn’t see. Behind Mahal a glowing woman clad in hovering vines leaves and flowers contrasting his gem and pebble coated slacks with a metal apron around his shirtless self matching the bands on his upper arms and fingers; her hands working arrows from the fallen trees splitting into weapons for the elves and dwarves trying to join in on the fight.
“Mahal!” You shouted in his lifting a spear she had just passed him feeling his deep hazel eyes on you that lit up at the white lick of flames exploding from your hand taking out the spider that was going to attack him from behind.
Loudly to the side Tulkas laughed crying out, “Precious Pluto, there you are!”
Vana back behind her sister came with Nessa, both in matching flowing gowns made of blue and green flowers shimmering around them complimenting their white gold hair tied back in long vines. Together they eyed the darkness, guiding the bright rams and glowing ravens to the forest with staffs swinging above them colliding randomly with what unseen creatures they luckily managed to hit.
Inhaling deeply again you blew out from your palm an exploding cloud of shimmering gold dust washing over the spiders luring victorious cries from the Elves and Dwarves that had grouped around you noting the infant under your arm. Through the continuing battle you turned towards the forest leaving more flowers in your wake passing Yavanna asking yourself, “What is whispering?”
That turned her head and she pointed urging Nessa after you in the beginnings of another trot through the trees glowing brighter as you passed. Under the winding branches the Valar ducked and wove watching your trot through the roots ignoring the stings and pinches to your now surely bleeding feet after having collided with or skidding off of various surfaces.
Another clearing came into your view and your lips parted seeing nothing but spiders at the edge where the whispers turned to shouts of your name with pleas to help. Exploding around you in another deep breath your dragon patronus shot out lighting and clearing a white fiery path you sped through sending the spiders scurrying for their lives dropping the jaw of the woman racing behind you. Her eyes taking in the thousands you were sending off in waves of shimmering flames now seeping through the forest behind you and the tall swaying grass causing you to stumble more than once and catch yourself with a grip of the fur on the deer racing with you. Each one when you stumbled lowering to aid in helping you remain on your feet.
Up a giant hill you sped rasping out, “I’m coming. I’m coming. Just hold on..”
Up to the top you panted and scrambled with feet sliding across the slick grass until all at once you were left in silence panting staring at a dull silver stump. A good thirty feet across it sat and you approached it panting for air mumbling, “where, a tree?” Hopelessly tired you approached the stump cut and still reaching your waist your hand settled on it and you said, “Can you talk?”
Pressing your ear to it you couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the looming spiders creeping back again over the shifting grass from steps coming up behind you, and in a swing of your hand you lifted the sling off your chest passing the child to the woman, “Could you-?” She nodded cradling Corvus and you turned, reaching up climbing onto the stump feeling the sting of your scuffed shins and knees.
Walking across the top of the tree you felt tears welling in your eyes and bent to kneel as the first fell. “Come on, you just said something,” Lowering your head to the stump another tear fell in the closing of your eyes blinding you to the bright pulse of silver from the stump now sprouting tiny buds across the top of it all around you. “I heard you.”
With lips parted Nessa watched a pulse of silver light shoot up around you into the sky in your weak sob, “I heard you...” The light shooting off brightening the lands around you far off into the distance luring the creatures in the distance towards it.
All at once a flash of gold dull in the distance came into view as you heard a distant, “Someone help me! Please!!”
Lifting your head another tear fell brightening the shine of the silver tree in your lift up to sprint across the stump. A missed landing in your jump off it however had you rolling a few feet painfully on your side before popping up again to scramble down the hill and across the dip between that and the hill the now louder shouts were coming from in the sudden drop of spiders around it.
Up another hill you scrambled and scuffed your legs and knuckles hitting the earth as hard as you could to keep going faster until your underestimated jump had you slamming hard into the golden stump. Clamping your eyes shut you clambered up missing the shot of bright gold into the sky at a tear hitting the stump that sprang to life under you. “Someone help me!” The voice now in a broken plea from the slender body seated and curling up to protect itself inside a withering ball of golden light.
Tumblr media
Onto your feet you managed to drag yourself from the side of the stump, “I’m here.” Your voice raised the head of the woman parting your lips seeing the face of who you had been hearing, “Leta?”
“I know you,” she whispered, “You keep leaving me flowers...”
“Patronus,” at her side you offered her a hand, “Use your patronus.”
Unsteadily she found her footing beside you in the explosion of your patronus again casting off hundreds of spiders as the Elves and Dwarves by the hundred started to flood into the valley between the hills killing the spiders they could see before they vanished from sight again. “I can’t, I can’t think,” she wavered out as your eyes turned to the dark hill behind her rising up when you looked her way.
Giant eyes in puke green came into view while Orome, in woven orange and grey robes flowing around him in shimmering mists reflecting light onto his silver glowing sword and spear, who just arrived with his personal troupe of his best hunters nudged Vana back behind Tulkas seeing she now had the child you had been carrying. In a shrieking step back you felt panting Leta scramble behind you on the glowing stump that kept growing brighter. On the rising body of a giant spider eight eyes all landed on you while the short hairs across its body bristled as her shrill voice called out, “I killed you.”
“Who hasn’t?” A hiss from her came in your step forward that ended in and explosion of blue light from you crumbling hundreds of bodies of her smaller kin luring cries of agony from her as the stunned masses below watched the remains shoot in towards you in a blue bubble. Out again the remains shot and helplessly the webs and creatures inside were sucked then shot out again though this time in a rain of seeds scattering across miles of land through another cry of Shelob now rearing up ready to strike at you. Into her underbelly Orome’s spear slammed and down she crashed still raring to fight only to scream out again at the burst of blue light that blew off two of her legs on the right side.
Heavily that side dipped and in the growing light of the tree stumps she screeched out in agony only to split into five pieces when your curse set off its secondary effect, an explosion of lightning killing her and casting the valley into silence. Brightly across the sky screeches sounded out in the spreading of both gold and silver light as you stepped back urging Leta to do the same. Swiveling your head turned to see if you could see any other threats, distant islands now with clearing patches of webs melting away with the collapsing bodies of the spiders those in the cities below brought them down.
Back to the edge of the stump you walked guiding Leta grinning seeing Mahal there with hands up to help you down beaming at you brightly. Next he helped Leta down while Vana approached passing you Corvus again smiling as you looped the sling back across your torso. On the breeze in a robe and wave of feathers Manwe appeared with Varda clad in a gown of starlight and moon dust with their light reflected in her dark hair reaching the ground.
Manwe stated coolly, “The window to return Pluto is upon us.”
“I, what?”
With a grin he stated, “Deep breath.”
“Wh-,” Heavily a wall of water crashed down on your head making you coil around Corvus with Leta doing the same. Around you under the water you formed a bubble around your heads and looped an arm around Leta’s back feeling her body clenching in panic and led the way to surface where you eyed the crowd of Elves still on the edge of the lake you had entered in Lothlorien now coated with a layer of feathers. Blowing a feather off your nose you turned shifting Corvus on your chest to guide Leta’s trembling self to the shore. Into a sea of hands you stood battered and bruised soaked to the bone clearing your throat as Leta, still giving off a slight golden glimmer eyed them all.
“Lord Celeborn,” the Lord nodded and his name eying the child and woman beside you now crossing her arms over her chest feeling her silk dress soaked through might be a bit revealing at the moment. “This is Leta Lestrange, a distant cousin of mine, and her half brother, Corvus.”
Lord Celeborn replied, “You were gone a mere few moments. I shall stop the messengers sent for Thranduil and Glorfindel and we might aid in your healing.”
You nodded, “Thanks, I doubt I’d ever hear the end of it showing up like this.”
Haldir stepped closer asking, “Are you in much pain, Queen Jaqi?”
You shook your head and said, “Not really. More confused than anything…I wonder, could someone go to fetch my Aunt Narcissa at Malfoy Manor,” Steadily your eyes began to droop.
He bowed his head and Orophin replied, “Of course, I shall go at once.” Turning on his heel to sprint away in the tilt of your head and confused hum in the weakening of your legs as Leta lowered to sit in the grass shifting in sprouting golden daffodils.
Stepping forward with eyes flinching wider Celeborn held you to his chest, “Queen Jaqi?” Lowering his gaze to the spreading sea of forget me nots and bluebells around you.
With eyes closing you hummed out as Arwen hurried over to claim the child in the sling he eased off you, “I taste blueberries, not fond of blueberries…”
The admission parting his lips naming that it was the Valar ruling dreams who had lulled you into sleep. Chuckling to himself he shifted his arm to take hold of your legs waiting there until your relative could be brought to you. “Just what has our new Queen been up to in Valinor I wonder?” Patting his hand on your back, his eyes shifted to Elrond in his panting arrival with the Feanoreans around him who bent to inspect the feathers. “It seems our Queen was called to Valinor and returned with a pair of relatives.”
Maedhros replied looking Leta over, “Welcome to Lothlorien.”
Leta asked, “I’m sorry, where? I’m not very skilled in geography.”
Pt 33
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Ridikulus Pt 31
Tumblr media
With Regulus claiming the week for Em’s care in a sort of acclimation period for him and Lindir to see how their jobs would handle a child between them you were more than able to catch up on some sleep. Free periods at school before lunch you spent in your office focusing on the supplements you were sending off to Rohan to help with the condition so many seemed to suffer from including their Queen. Between shipments your eager owl carried off in enchanted pouches for each afflicted your eyes kept turning to the potion nearly ready for Thorin’s change.
Humming to yourself you were off to stop in at Erebor. Using the door attaching the mountain to Dale you entered and were on the verge of skipping lost in the tune mid snack on a chocolate orange resting in your palm. Weaving through the curious Dwarves you caught sight of Ori who grinned and hurried over halting momentarily from his path to state, “Thorin is in the meeting room just off the Throne Room.”
“Thank you,” you said offering him a slice he grinned in taking and hurried off with a soft thanks of his own while you turned towards the Throne Room. Peering all around at the marvel of a hall you crossed the rail-less bridge following the echoes of low voices to another walkway, at the end of which the guards outside the door opened them and your lips parted. “Oh, you-..”
Peering inside with a tinge of yellow at your roots you eyed the table with Thengel, the Durin men who all glanced up at you catching your brief wave when Thorin stated, “Miss Black, this is a surprise. Is anything wrong?”
Shaking your head you stepped inside stating, “No, um, I didn’t mean to intrude.”
Thorin shook his head, “Not at all. You are always welcome here.”
“Well, I won’t take long, just wanted to say your potion should be ready tomorrow. Around six after classes should do it if that’s good for you?”
His lips parted in a relieved chuckle, “That, would be perfect. Thank you again.”
You shook your head, “Not a problem at all.”
Thengel smirked asking, “Queen Jaqi is assisting you with potions as well? Surely I’d have lost my Queen and our little ones had she not offered us aid.”
Thorin chuckled again unable to keep from grinning, “The potion is to turn me into a Dam so I may carry heirs of my own.”
Thengel’s lips parted, “You are forgoing your throne?”
Dain answered for Thorin, “Our kin would never abandon him in his path to having bairns of his own.”
Thengel grinned at you stating, “Impressive feat discovering such a potion.” He turned his eyes back to Thorin, “Whenever you find the change successful we would be grateful to show our respects to your future heirs.”
Thorin nodded and looked to you, “I do hope this will not interfere with the planning for your celebration, if it would interfere-,”
You shook your head, “Thranduil is the one who settled on throwing the celebration all on his own and insists he has it all covered. This will not interfere with anything, just prepare yourself, it will be quite painful.”
Thorin rumbled back, “A tolerable pain for bairns. I will manage.”
You nodded and said, “I’ll leave you to it, I’ve been charged with taking Tuo out and then told to nap again,” When you looked to Thengel you said, “I hope your people take to the medicine quickly and find some relief.”
Thengel chuckled, “It has aided us greatly already. We thank you heartily and cannot wait to see our gift outshine that of Gondor’s.”
“I haven’t met anyone from Gondor yet,” making his brow arch up, “Tonks mentioned traveling there and Thranduil said something about a coat they might make me.”
Thengel, “Nothing compared to our gift.”
Making you smirk and say, “Well, if their men are as troublesome as Tonks described I may end up returning their gift for a few black eyes.” You nodded your head in his loud laugh echoed by his Men around him including his cousin Halmar greatly relieved taking your momentary grin his way as a sign you were off on a better footing from the first meeting when you had punched him. “Don’t go warning them. I want them honest.” Out again you strolled allowing the now antsy Dwarves just bursting to explode the news all through the mountain to conclude the meeting with the Dwarves to lay the groundwork for a rebirth of their former trade agreements by establishing a friendship and trust.
Back in the heart of the Throne Room you zapped back to the archway in Pumpernickel you used to head straight for Northern Greenwood. Ginny was on a late lunch with Haldir to hear about his day. While Taule claimed another evening with the boys, and Legolas through your duo focusing on your party plans leaving you to go and find Tuo. A long ride found you next eating as filling a dinner as you could muster before heading off to bed early hoping to have some time to get up early to prep some things for the big change the following day.
Giggles however woke you in the crawling of the silvery white curly haired twins crossing from the foot of your bed to your side with Estel behind you already leaned over your shoulder. His wavy brown hair pooling into your face in a peck on your cheek, “We picked berries, Naneth.”
Inhaling deeply your arms circled the trio you kissed the heads on and hummed out, “Berries are nice.” Behind them Legolas came into the doorway and you flashed him a sleepy grin, “Leg, did you pick berries too?” Over his shoulder you saw Thranduil and Glorfindel.
Legolas replied, “I just returned from my rounds and they were gone.”
Glancing at Estel you sighed out, “They are very tall you know,” he nodded, “I do hope you remember what it felt like to be this small when you reach their size.”
Elurin giggled saying, “We will.”
His brother nodded and you combed your fingers through his hair removing a brewing knot there, “We didn’t mean to scare them.”
You shook your head, “They’re still used to only having one little one around. It’ll calm down, they’ll adjust.” Up you slid and sat up in Estel’s path to Legolas who picked him up.
Glorfindel came closer to grab the twins asking, “Did you sleep well?”
You nodded brushing your hair out of your face changing its shade from a burnt orange to silvery blue again, “Have to check on my rainbow spear viper though, I think she laid her eggs.” Curling your legs up your shorts were revealed under your baggy quidditch jersey from your father’s school days.
When your doorway popped up Thranduil asked, “Is that a bad thing?”
Turning around still walking backwards you replied, “No, just have to make sure she’s got enough coal or she likes to spark up and that agitates the Lemurtelba in the habitat next to hers.” Smirking at the men you nodded your head to the side, “Come and see. They love to brag on their nests.”
Elured, “Are they birds?”
“No, snakes.” In his momentary flinch of fear in his eyes you stopped and moved closer to him stroking his cheek with a curled finger, “Snakes are not evil creatures, they speak a different language and are afraid of those who can’t understand them. All they have is their teeth and their bodies. I’ll show you if you like when you’re older, they are friendly and docile when treated with respect, like horses or Tuo and his herd. Their venom could kill or cure, if you know how to use them. My snakes won’t hurt you. They wouldn’t dare.” He nodded and you turned to show them through the Chamber of Secrets snake room parting their lips at the various habitats holding your snakes who all peered out at you hissing greetings to the children you translated for them.
A large pitch black habitat revealed to be a cave with a stepping stone path across a dark river was what the group stared into watching you reach the tree on the other side with a silver slithering snake that parted their lips. The head nearly two feet around on a body that filled the tree seemingly holding this cave up with its endless woven branches looked you over and melted into your palms as you greeted her. At the roots of the tree you pulled back a pile of black leaves revealing golden eggs lighting up you and the tree in your counting the eggs she had laid. Covering the eggs again you summoned a basket of mangoes for her accepting her thanks in her move to eat while you trotted across the river again.
Legolas asked, “How large was she when you found her?”
“Few feet shorter. Found her on one of the last missions I had before landing here. Some idiot from R thought they could use her venom as a weapon.”
Thranduil, “Is that not possible?”
“They are constrictors.” His brow inched up, “There are snakes that poison their prey and those that squeeze them with their bodies. She feeds on mountain goats twice a year and mangoes the rest of it.”
Glorfindel, “Snakes eat fruit?”
You nodded, “A great many things varying with each breed. The meat is for her clutches of eggs, the mangoes help her grow and helps her coat shimmer.”
Estel asked about while pointing at the rainbow colored snake slithering out of its habitat towards you that rose to rest on your shoulders to allow you to show the boys, “This is Dilby, he loves to meet people.” Moving closer you allowed them to reach out and stroke his sides making his coat shift colors stirring giggles from them that triggered his webbed ridges down his back rise. “Only thing you have to worry about with this guy is when he gets cranky in their mating season, they like to bite. Non venomous, but,” he opened his jaws at the stroke of your finger under his head parting their lips seeing the five rows of teeth and four large fold out fangs that extended dripping with blue droplets. “It is not comfortable, but their venom helps re-grow bones. Used it plenty of times myself.”
Glorfindel, “What reason would there possibly be to need to re-grow a bone?”
“You can only break a bone so many times. If it’s bad enough of a break it’s healthier to vanish the bone and grow another.”
Estel, “Does it hurt?”
“Yes, and the potion tastes, well, let’s hope you won’t need it. Certainly not pumpkin juice.” Making them giggle as he slithered down to head for the open pantry for a snack, “Don’t mind him, just off to find a cantaloupe.”
Thranduil, “Does Tulip eat melons?”
“She prefers vegetables. Can go through a whole cart of cabbages a week if you let her.”
Elured, “Who is Tulip?”
You smirked guiding them into her chamber saying, “That is my ancestor’s head,” answering their unspoken question of whose head they next saw Tulip slithering out of the mouth of.
Estel gasped, “I’ve seen her.”
“Yes you have, she is a Basilisk.” The boys awed at her large fangs nearly the size of their bodies and stole strokes on her scales. In her path out to head out to the gardens outside your home you walked into your office to peek in at the simmering cauldron, the boys stayed to inspect more while Glorfindel and Thranduil came up behind you curious what you were doing.
Wetting their lips they eyed your fingers trailing along an open page on a manual beside the small cauldron in the center of a counter Glorfindel peered into beside Thranduil as he asked, “Is that, fur?”
You nodded, “Yes, a lovely shade of puce, should be done in a couple hours now.”
Thranduil, “This is Thorin’s potion?”
“Yup.” A glance at the clock had their eyes follow yours.
Glorfindel, “We should feed you.”
“That would be lovely.” He smirked and leaned in claiming a kiss and turned to gather the twins while Thranduil’s arm circled your back and you leaned into his chest accepting his kiss.
Thranduil, “You did sleep well?”
You nodded, “Feeling better.”
Lowly he asked, “When is the change?”
“Told them six.”
He nodded, “I will clear my meetings for later.”
He shook his head leaning in to claim a second kiss, humming against your lips, “This is an incredible gift, we will be there to witness it, because you do understand our people would wish to use it as well. It would be easier to explain the process to possible couples.”
“It’s painful, not much of a process.” You said leading the way to join the others off to the breakfast prepared with the jam from the berries the boys had picked for you through the night.
Soft clicks and dings sounded in your typing up the copy of your practice OWL and NEWT exams while your students sat going through their monthly exams. You weren’t known for pulling punches, it was a more hands on and entertaining process for your students but the sheer volume of what you covered gave each of them ample topics and history in each lesson for them to fully absorb each. Countless extra tidbits were added to keep things interesting and fill in all the gaps in what the main textbooks covered.
200 pages would be witted down later to edit but sat in the box you had locked it into before the final class before your lunch. Back down in the Chamber you checked on the potion and turned to the selection of books you had pulled together listed for the usual pack given to patients. With Hedwig came a note from Hermione confirming the six o’clock meeting time with a warning that you would have an audience making you groan. “Of course..”
The rest of your classes also had tests leaving your classroom mostly silent, while you readied some more pregnancy supplements for Mrs Granger drawing the eyes of the class when the liquid turned to gel and each scoop you settled on the tray hardening into circles you added to a jar. When all the tests were completed you had finished filling a second jar and a girl asked, “Medicine for your store?”
“No, prenatal supplements. A few relatives are expecting.” A few moments later the clock chimed another hour and you said, “Alright, off to freedom.” Off they did go and turning to your desk you tied a bow around the top of the jar you slipped into a pouch you passed to your owl that flew off hearing who he was flying off to.
It was all planned a brief snack before the trip to Erebor, in the main garden where you found your cushioned stool open between Fred and George who raised their glasses, “Heard from Hermi, we’ve got an audience.”
Chuckling to yourself you took a sip of your tea and looked to Legolas in his asking, “Would an audience not aid in the process?”
Grinning at him you said, “Not much of a process. Just painful. Most don’t want one.”
Beside you Fred spoke as you eyed the trio of boys greeting you in their climb onto their seats claiming their helpings of the snacks, the puzzling gaze wondering how much of their lives they remembered past the burned in day they lost it all including their lives. “Usually it’s just the couple and the one administering the potion.”
George, “Some times the one taking it prefers to be alone with the one administering the potion. All personal preference really.”
A pulsing crystal appeared in front of you as you and the boys were snacking on more of the fruit slices you mumbled, “Mmm, Thorin.”
Glorfindel chuckled as Taule stated, “You go, I will watch the Princes.”
You nodded once on your feet, strolling around the table and crouched down kissing their stuffed cheeks that rose in creeping grins, then you rose and turned to lead your group through your doorway after sending the crystal to Hermione.
Around you the Chamber of Secrets grew and you led the pair back to your office where you collected a small stack of books and levitated the cauldron with the bright pink fur over the top waving as the mixture gurgled underneath. Along the way to the now changed doorway Fred collected a pack of tools from the desk and made for the door that closed and opened revealing the rushing Durins flooding into Thorin and Bilbo’s apartment.
Smiles grew on their faces as they all peered into the odd mixture in the cauldron in your path into Thorin’s bedroom. Anxiously Thorin was rubbing his palms together then met your eyes as you said, “You’ll want to remove your belt and boots if possible.”
He nodded and followed your suggestion as Fred and George popped up into their view helping to unroll the set of tools while you set the books on the table beside Thorin’s bed. Dis eyed the books asking, “You require manuals for this”
You shook your head, “No. These are for Thorin.” Your eyes locked with his, “One for basic anatomy, tips on proper hygiene and the final one is mainly for reproduction and sexual responses.”
Thorin timidly repeated, “Sexual, responses?”
You grinned at him claiming the first tool, a hook with a slotted spoon in your other hand. You peeled the top layer of fur back Fred eased with another hook into a jar then capped it before it started giving off a pink gas leaving the fur melting into a layer of shimmering slime as you raised an avocado looking ball and swapped the hook for a scalpel George handed you to slice around the middle of it. “Our anatomies are vastly different. I am not certain if you have manuals on sexual responses in your culture or if yours match ours, but if they do then that book would help you get better acquainted with your new body and its responses.” He wet his lips, “You being intimate with Bilbo in this body will be vastly different as a Dam, the way we feel things the way or bodies respond are different. Even when you’re alone, self pleasure is a bit different than your current grip and tug situation.”
A blush grew on his cheeks and Dis opened the final manual, “Thank you. It was getting a bit difficult to explain that subject to them.”
“Oh, I will warn you, they are Wizard books, so the illustrations might move.” As you said that Dis gasped at one of them and closed the book tilting it out of Fili and Kili’s sight. “I assure you it is all scientific, not lewd.” Her eyes moved to the cup George slid the top half of the kiwi appearing assumed fruit giving off a scent of pears into a small bowl as you took a small spoon to scoop out the apparent skinless grape then offered it to Thorin, “This will taste bitter, try to chew it ten times then swallow.”
He nodded following the order only to pucker almost instantly at the taste, chewing painfully slowly he got to ten then swallowed watching as you held out the lower half to add to the bowl from George that shifted to a liquid as well you offered to him, “Swish it around in your mouth then swallow.” He nodded and drew in a deep breath and raised the bowl to his lips and clamped his eyes shut emptying the bowl to begrudgingly swish the mixture around then swallow it in as large gulps as he could manage.
Wetting your lips you set the bowl in George’s palm then led Thorin to bed where you sat down and acted as his pillow folding your arms across his chest saying softly, “Just remember, deep breaths as often as you can manage and squeeze my hands and arms as hard as you need to.”
Around you Fred and George summoned the chairs from the other room to set on either side of the bed simply stating, “You’ll need them.”
Everyone settled into them as Bilbo sat beside the bed in the closest ones while Thorin mumbled, “My skin is tingling.”
You nodded, “That’s the first sign it’s working properly.”
He nodded and closed his eyes for a deep breath as he felt his chest tightening only to have his eyes shoot open with a groan at the loud crack of his breastbone cracking that made Bilbo flinch while the others couldn’t help but glance away. Instantly his hands gripped your forearms tightly as the cracks spread over his shoulders visibly contorting them under his shirt as you mentally whispered, “Muffliato,” silencing his pained sounds from the group with only the Twins, Thranduil and Glorfindel looking on still bearing pained expressions.
Each bone seemed to be breaking while his muscles tore then melded back together into their new shapes as Fred eyed Dain at his asking, “Does she feel that much pain when she shifts?”
Fred shook his head, “No. Morpher’s bones, well they shift to a near jelly and then harden into their new shapes.”
George, “For the rest of us there are a few options, all temporary but no less painful. The bones have to be broken, muscles reformed into the new shapes.” His hand settled on Bilbo’s shoulder to crouch down beside him peering up at you softly whispering to Thorin, “It only lasts a couple minutes. Well worth it.”
Bilbo’s teary eyes fell on his, “I, can’t-..”
George grinned at him patting his hands wringing on his lap, “Honestly first time Fred and I made a polyjuice potion we took it in turns. I nearly passed out seeing him shift and he threw up seeing me change. But we got used to it after the fifth time or so.” Bilbo sniffled as he smiled saying, “It hurts watching our loved ones in pain. Even more so when it could easily have been avoided.”
Fred joined him adding his hand to theirs, “You are going to have a baby. Possibly dozens. Trust me, this pain will fade the moment it’s confirmed he’s expecting.”
They turned again to see Thorin breathing steadily in your arms far more relaxed as the shift ended, and you whispered, “Another deep breath.” He inhaled, “Through the worst of it now.”
His hands released your arms now bearing red patches freeing you to ease them over his shoulders in testing squeezes down his arms while Thorin inspected his hands seeming a bit less meaty. Lowering your cone of silence you shifted out from behind him freeing Bilbo to sit behind him to cuddle with and kiss him and you to move between Thorin’s legs you raised up one at a time inspecting each of his joints noting his sturdier hips, knees and ankles. In a peek under the neck of his shirt he grinned then peered up at you as you felt the realignment of his hips bringing his attention to the shift below his waist, “Hmm.”
You giggled grinning up at him, “It’ll feel different for a while.” He nodded, “I think we’ll give you a week to relax to it before we start on the fertility potions, if you still want them.”
He nodded, “Yes.”
You wet your lips accepting his hands to test his movement in those as well, “Oh, I wanted to tell you. Those potions with our people do tend to drastically cut pregnancies down.”
His brow rose, “I don’t understand.”
“We normally carry nine months but with the potions the longest we’ve had was five months.”
Thorin let out a stunned breath as Bilbo said, “Well Dwarves are pregnant for up to four years, so if it cuts it in half then we’ll still have two years to prep.”
“I just wanted you to know. We aren’t certain with our own people so we prep quickly, usually before taking the potion, and with the differences in our races it would be best to do the same possibly.”
Thorin nodded then grinned again claiming your hand, “I can never thank you enough. We, never can. First our home, now this.” Wetting his lips he shifted his legs to the end of the bed where Dis, Diaa and Niro grinned nearing him claiming hugs stealing a feel of his hidden figure.
Diaa, “Now, we have to get you into better fitting clothes to show off the shift.” Thorin nodded then turned to claim a kiss from Bilbo then turned excitedly to redress with the females of his line in his closet as Thranduil chuckled offering Bilbo a wrapped packet matching the one Glorfindel handed him, bringing a curious grin to his face accepting and opening it.
Thranduil, “It is tradition with our people to give seeds in hopes of a fruitful union.”
Bilbo’s grin grew and he nodded his head eyeing the paintings of the flowers on each of the inner packets holding rare flowers, “Thank you. Our kin share that tradition.”
A few moments later as you sent your cauldron back to your office and within a few minutes all turned to see Thorin proudly exiting his closet. Fully crowned in better fitting pants and a deep blue golden edged shirt under a hugging vest with a sash around his waist accentuating his pronounced bust and wider hips then added his boots again offering his hand to Bilbo. “My Love, now we show off the results.”
Bilbo couldn’t help but grin at the seeming glistening dark hair and beard on his Love’s face that seemed a bit more slender but not that much changed. He hopped up accepting help into his fur vest from Frerin then folded his hand in Thorin’s as you eased off their bed to Thranduil and Glorfindel’s sides where they eyed the bruises starting to form on your arms in your walk after the Durins.
Atop an overlooking balcony you watched the Durins pass through the crowding Dwarves with an easy smile at the excited compliments on his successful change between eager glances up at you from couples wishing for the same aid. Blindly Fred opened the cylinder he pulled from his pocket he held in front of you, with two fingers you claimed a swipe and smoothed it over the bruises before he pocketed it again then joined George in popping off to check in on Dudley on the end his first shift with Ginny.
Glorfindel muttered, “That was-,”
“Painful. But he is going to have some very handsome babies.”
Thranduil grinned asking, “Durins have always been fruitful, that is not an unfair assumption.”
“Not an assumption.” The pair glanced at you and you said, “I can feel it, people’s family trees sort of, I can feel them expanding. He’ll be quick to carry, even without the fertility potions.”
Glorfindel, “That is good to hear your gift is quite extraordinary.”
“It has its moments.”
Thranduil’s hand smoothed across your back, “Come, back to the food then we can have our Healers ready a session for you. Your arms must be in pain with those bruises.”
Pt 32
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blankdblank · 5 months ago
Ridikulus Pt 30
Tumblr media
Bent in half in an empty hall beside Vivienne and Ollivier in matching states of stretching the pair found you, having woken to their own mooing alarm clock Glorfindel stroked the chin of to silence. Readied in light robes of silver with matching trousers and boots with varying embroidered patterns the pair were off to breakfast following the servant sent to guide them down to eat. Passing the hall they joined your great uncles mid conversation on their continued youthful pull back to their former appearances complete with the loss of their darkened grey hairs similar to Vivienne’s hair also darkening back to its youthful deep brown. Wrinkles were fading and all, Minerva included had been remarking on the changes you were all facing being taken in link to the change of your ears. Any youthful in heart still seemed to feel the pull while those like Albus and Slughorn held to their aged appearances as a sort of badge of pride for having lived so long.
Yet before question of when you were joining them was voiced you came in and their eyes scanned over the sweats and t shirt you were wearing as you sat to tie your converse on. With your hair pulled up into a messy bun and bangs swaying over your stunningly scar free cheek you peered up at the pair staring at you and asked, “Sleep well?”
Thranduil, “Yes, we did. There is something about that pillow, my head touched it and I was gone. You?”
Eric, “That would be the Hoo-Hoo feathers, help to lull any who rest with it off to sleep.”
Glorfindel murmured, “Hoo-Hoo..”
“Idris, is a Hoo-Hoo. One of the Phoenix family known to have songs to lull people into peaceful sleep, certain feathers on them hold the same qualities. But you have to ask very nicely for them.”
Thranduil, “Ah, most of our pillows hold swan feathers, also willingly granted.”
Minor details were shared and the breakfast was savored between glances at you while Ollivier and Vivienne chatted around you sharing comments through Trina’s feeding of Em. Into the car again and oddly for the men stealing glances at you in your casual clothes far from what you wore to teach they settled still glancing between you and the couple also coming for their own roles as King and Queen they would be disguised for.
Over the city you flew and parked among the lines of other flying cars and got out to join the other actors in line to head for the makeup and wardrobe tents. Overture, Me Who Am I, Loneliness of the Evening, Prologue, Prince returning home from first meeting Cinderella, The Prince setting out to find the owner of the slipper and the talk with the King and Queen about finding Cinderella, exit scenes of town and announcing the Banquet. All of these had been filmed in the past couple days before you had showed up with just your portion of the few ensemble or duet numbers to film in your own locations.
Tumblr media
It was hours before dawn and the first scene you would film was your readying for the banquet. Just past when the step mother and sisters would leave and into the tent you strolled smiling at Bernadette’s announcing giddy squeak. “There you are!” Into a tight hug she wrapped you and guided you in filling you in on all you had missed before asking, “Did I hear right you brought two dates with you?”
Chuckling weakly you changed into the servant costume for Cinderella and replied in sitting for the hair stylist, “King Thranduil and Lord Glorfindel.”
Again she squeaked, “Tell me everything. I know you used to dream about them, I want all the details.”
“Not much to say, I told you about Ones,”
“Soul mates, right?” You nodded, “Which one’s yours?” The corner of your mouth ticked up and she gasped patting your arm taking her own seat, “Both?”
Your head tilted to the side allowing the stylist to braid the side of your hair back that was rippling out into a deep maroon shade. “It seems they don’t want me to choose and they are difficult to choose between. Dad seems supportive, I mean it’s no shock that I might have ended up like him, all romantically free and whatnot.”
Bernadette chuckled and said, “Now you and I both know you are nothing of the sort.” Her hand folded around yours, “No doubt they both love you to bits, why they wanted to come and spend the spare time you have with them.”
In a chuckle you replied, “Films are strange to them, especially any where there’s some sort of mock intimacy in it.”
Bernadette’s eyes met yours in the mirror, “They’re jealous then?”
“They are curious. I’ve showed them the play and they wanted to see how it’s handled.”
Smirking herself as her hair was finished and pooled into a tall feather accented beehive she joined you out of the tent holding the front of her extravagant gown. “Oh we’ll calm them down, surely they won’t be able to do anything but fall helplessly for you as Cinderella. Forgetting all about any petty ideas of jealousy.”
A single glance of you from the distance was all they got while you were shown up to the house being used for Cinderella’s home. But in your absence Bernadette hurried over eager to meet the duo who recognized her from a photograph of yours. Pleasantries were traded and off behind the cameras she showed them the best spot to watch the monitors in seeing the scenes of you readying for the banquet with the Fairy Godmother. After changing again to your tattered gown after being supposedly locked up, weeping only to calm at Godmother singing There’s Music In You. Your half of the Loneliness of the Evening came up next sung between chores to the sun rising to match the Prince’s scenes in the Palace.
Next would be various scenes of you for background images for the opening, cleaning, organizing and various chores before scenes walking to town. The Lords stood waiting at the tables for your first food break watching as your cheek was cupped by a dark haired man with his eyes shut who had kept hold of your shoulder for the stroll down half to set block on his own way to another scene back at the Palace the waiting carriage would drive him to. Catching their stares in seeing a kiss on your bare cheek followed by another Bernadette stated, “That’s Andrea Bocceli, he’s playing the Proclaimer of the Orders of the King. You’ll get to hear him tomorrow I believe.”
Glorfindel muttered, “No doubt he is far more friendly with Jaqi that the other actors. Scarcely pays the others any mind.” His eyes lingering on his hand easing down to your shoulder again in your turn to the carriage.
Bernadette’s lips parted, “Oh honey,” that made the pair look at her, “He’s blind.” That had their brows inching up, “He’s one of our greatest singers from our old world, used to sing with Jewels, scores of plays, operas and musicals. I’ve got a whole heap of pictures with him holding Jaqi as a baby when Sirius would bring her to shows. You see, he’s from a long line of Squibs, scattered Witches in between, but the men of the line have a blood curse they go blind. Jaqi found a spell to reverse it, but if you do it would just skip to his son and continue on, but if he remains blind his son’s sight is safe. His shoes are enchanted to sort of give him a feel for where things and people are, but for his friends he doesn’t mind being led around.”
Thranduil, “Ah, you performed with her mother as well, how does she match up?”
Bernadette smirked, “It’s hard to put into words. She has all Jewels’ talent and then some, built more for somber or drama by what she has to draw from, Jewels couldn’t help but burst into giggles after.” She wet her lips, “She might have just asked for acting lessons first off to be a convincing double agent, but she’s far more talented than she gives herself credit for. Even if she signed the contract reluctantly she actually does enjoy acting. Who knows, could take a couple years off when she’s finished the final two obligated films and get a better contract when you have all settled everything.”
A snack with you ended with a pair of stolen kisses before Luis showed up for his own filler scenes in the Palace. Him, his husband and children all greeted you and the duo fondly before heading off to change when your partners were off with Eric and Roderic for the start of their tour of Paris. Museums would be first with a pass by the Eiffel Tower they would see the following day. Each piece in the museums they were shown only adding to their curiosity on what else the Muggle portion of this country had to hold for them. From the Louvre to a Wizarding art museum they saw the vast difference in style and subjects chosen in the moving portraits both silent at chatty.
Filler and walking scenes between home and town were captured leading up to the big draw, everyone gathering in the town to do a final run through on The Prince is Giving a Ball you then filmed into the following scene where the Prince and Cinderella would first meet and split up again to head home. Lunch was next and with the final bit left you filming your half of the number Do I Love You at the house again mid chore. All of these scenes were little to be intriguing for an audience in being filmed, tedious and detail oriented but around the table you sat at the empty seats on either side of you were filled again by your partners eager to share all they had seen through the stack of pictures you shuffled through while eating.
Behind the monitor they watched the lead into your next slew of scenes, all mainly musical. In My Own Little Corner bled into scenes of readying the three other women in the house furrowing the men’s brows seeing their harsh treatment of you. A pick up of the second part of my own little corner bled into the arrival of the Fairy Godmother for Impossible through to the ride to the Palace in It’s Possible.
Grins were plastered on the duo’s face between stolen glances at others around them with teary or sentimental gazes holding through each number. Another meal break came at the setting of the sun and in the night scenes you began by walking home post change back with one heel singing He Was Tall lost in a dreamy haze reminiscing on the wonderful evening. The arrival of the carriage out front had you hiding the slipper and readying to greet your returning family bleeding into the numbers When You’re Driving through the following number, A lovely night until the Step Mother sent you all to bed and you lingered behind to lowly sing the second rendition of A Lovely Night.
Noting the time the men had hoped you could head back home again, however after another hurried meeting with you a stolen pair of pecks were taken on your way to the scene you had warned the pair of. When Cinderella would be locked up, in a combination of an agreed upon set of hexes, tugs and shoves from the Step Mother stirring up a tension in the air ending at your burst of giggles at hitting your elbow in the final shove post cut. Hugs and giggles came in Bernadette’s path to change with you.
The final collection of scenes were to be the forest scenes. First, It’s Possible for the final stretch of it heading up all the way up to the Palace gates then into the courtyard, from which you looped around and before the men could get a good look at the Palace you were off to film the big chase scene on the marked path to the chime of the giant clock. With hearts racing even knowing looking on what would happen the clock was giving its final chimes and the carriage split apart full speed behind the transformed horses now mice again. Rolling through the grass in the timed crash your dress turned back to the servant uniform as your hair whipped around you violently when you rolled to a stop.
A glance at the following Prince’s carriage had you clambering to your knees and up behind a tree panting in the closing of your eyes to melt against the tree behind you. Smiling frailly to yourself the remaining shoe on your foot was removed and when the other carriage was gone you began your barefoot stroll through the forest singing He Was Tall on the way back to the house again. Once there however cut was called and you were able to change and head back to the house. Nearly falling asleep on the way back you rested between the guys and filed out to help you to the waiting dinner.
Bed came right after and for a hard drop off to sleep you would get more sleep than the night before ensured by your dreamless draught drop you had eaten to ensure only your alarm would wake you. An early breakfast allowed you some time with Em before heading off to set, only over your omelet your eye caught the paper that had been set aside when Vivienne was through with it. Unfolding the front page your lips parted seeing a picture of you in the bog at the Triwizard Tournament with the stoic duo behind you hovering over the water. The headline reading a bid to have you nominated to be listed as a genuine seer with the image of your arrival the other day with the same duo beside you as proof that years ago you had foreseen the fall here in one way or another and had set about to protect as many as possible to arrive here.
Roderic stated, “Surely they will add you to the lists if they haven’t already.”
Glorfindel leaned over and accepted the paper you tapped the image of stating, “Top one’s from the Triwizard Tournament.”
He nodded, “Yes, the bog Ron stated he saw us in.” Tilting the paper he showed Thranduil who eyed it carefully, “What is the story about?”
“Oh, they are saying I knew, at least partly, on the fall here years before it happened so they want to add me to the list of genuine seers.”
Thranduil, “Is it not well known already your abilities?”
Eric, “That’s not the issue, to be added to the list it must be a large prophecy or vision to be seen coming true witnessed by dozens. Only twelve have ever been added to the list.”
Roderic nodded, “And two have been disproved as hoaxes. Jaqi’s is the largest by far, destruction of a whole world and discovery of allies in a new one,”
Ollivier, “There was no doubt on our following her here, merely up until your arrival here and photographs with her none thought to have proof her visions were at least a sign we were meant to come here.”
Vivienne, “But outside of that are you excited for the morning tour today? We are not needed on set until two. We even secured a tour of the zoo.”
The pair sat quietly enjoying the fact they would be spending the morning with you and with them in colorful robes you wore comfy jeans and a sweater carrying Em on your hip after securing your wedge boots. A short flight later you were parked in the group of some of the cast also wishing to see the zoo either new to this one or new to zoos all together. But the odd animals had the men puzzled when seeing the billboards but Em named what she could and following the map you spent the morning allowing the duo to inspect each of the animals and learn what each sign posted said about them. Both a bit saddened that the boys weren’t here but with a confirmation from you a promise to take them to the London Zoo had them grinning so they could help to guide the boys around alongside you with just a stack of pictures to bring home to tide the boys over until then.
Each animal echoed in their mind along with the statements that each zoo would be following suit of the London Zoo, the first of which to have enchanted territories to be closer to those in the wild people could roam through safely to see the creatures in their native habitats instead of cages. It would be a full day outing no doubt and set to open the following weekend with you among a group of other celebrities to bring press to hopefully encourage other zoos to follow suit once they saw how successful it would be for guests and the populations of their animals. Everything seemed spectacular and they couldn’t wait to see it after having seen something they imagined to be similar, your snake room with habitats for each of the snakes to feel safe and happier under your watch. Another sign that your people were actually peaceful and wishing for even the speechless non magical animals to have their own safe homes in this new world to repopulate again.
Work however did call again and this one had the meat of the film for the duo to watch from the sidelines. The start of it being nice and slow where Cinderella frees herself by using a wand her father had left her to unlock the door after having been kept from practicing magic by her step mother after he had died only making her study more while they slept from his old books she’d hidden away. While filming that the Prince and the other women in the film were recording their tries for the magical slipper. Cue the arrival of Cinderella and again the duo noting the sentimental grins of those watching through the proposal and tearful hug you shared.
Explosively the set seemed to flood around the stunning Palace the duo toured through while things were being readied then went back to the director’s sides to watch the wedding including the first of the two kisses. Barely a blink flashed by and it was over, chaste and to the point fitting for a Royal Ceremony ending with the Godmother recapping There’s Music In You. From there a quick change of décor after the wedding parade scene that allowed you both to change quickly the Prince was back again to come and greet the endless chain of women to dance with him while a touch up on the arrival scene to the Palace.
Each lady would dance a circle with the Prince through the sea of waiting Lords to collect the lady and pass them on to another in the next pass keeping the chain of ladies moving, with passing flirtations when each would ease near the Prince again. Through the Palace Cinderella strolled holding the hem of her lavish gown until the doors opened and the big entrance came stunning the Prince. Greetings to the near endless dancing bled into the trip out to the gardens where a second film crew waited to capture your dialog as the Stepsister’s Lament played out inside amusing the crowds looking on behind the camera. Yet in the ticking of the added clock to the gardens the distance between you closed and a tender cupping of your cheek came in a steady press of lips to yours. For the camera angle it seemed very intimate, and yet the angle the Lords were watching from clearly it was forced, but a glance at that screen and they could see why others were grinning madly at the image.
All the same that clock chimed and even knowing the story everyone still seemed to wish that she would get caught and live happy ever after. Still that show was lost and the carriage was jumped into and took off for the Palace to be reset once again for the arrival to the follow up banquet. This second flight away however ended with cheers and claps with a sea of hugs and cheeks kissed stunning the guys until they realized that that was it.
One more flying car ride filled with comments on your final scenes and reactions to it they had seen came before Thranduil had asked, “When are we leaving tomorrow?”
“Um, we actually have to head to the station by midnight to get back in time.”
Glorfindel, “You get no rest at all?”
“I can sleep on the train.”
Thranduil sighed, “Fine, but after class you are coming over to sleep if I have to bring you myself, Darling, you need your rest.”
Tumblr media
A quick stop upstairs for you had you coming downstairs again with your silvery blue hair pulled into a bun and white facial scars back again. The dress you had changed into was silvery blue with ruffled skirt under a mostly sheer top with lace leaf pattered panels covering your chest to your cleavage with short sleeves and a collar secured in the back with buttons down the back of it. The dress was stunning and fit the family color chosen for the dinner with Em in a similar ruffled dress of her own complimenting the pictures captured of you all before you managed to sneak back to your duo with Em on your hip while Vivienne and Ollivier greeted the other guests.
Glorfindel accepted hold of Em while Thranduil asked in a smooth of his hand over your back, “Are you tired?”
Peering up at him you smirked saying, “I’m fine. I can handle a dinner.”
Though the approach of Jean, the assistant who handled the affair of discovering Suzienne’s grave and transferring her to Paris with another familiar face right behind him, Ministère des Affaires Magiques de la France Luc Gerard. An offer of a handshake was stoically accepted in his introduction to your partners. “We are so pleased to have been able to welcome you for a visit, even if it is just for a short time. Have you enjoyed the few sights you were able to take in?”
Thranduil nodded, “Yes, it was quite enjoyable.”
Glorfindel took his glance falling on his to say, “There is a great many things to take in. Mainly the differing cultures between your countries and varied races dwelling together, we have just begun to learn about them, it seems we have a great deal more.”
Luc grinned saying, “Well said. Hopefully we might be able to bridge that gap and become more comfortable with one another in the future. We have heard a great many wonderful things of your lands and people as well, and might we say we have been curious to discover what the link would have been to the pair of you since seeing you following our dear Miss Black here in that bog challenge.”
Glorfindel, “Yes, we saw the picture. It was intriguing when her family arrived in Rivendell months before her and described the challenge to us as for why we seemed familiar to them.”
From the initial greetings to the dinner table it became absolutely clear that even more than you had claimed you were a natural at smoothing differing cultures together and were the grease keeping the gears moving and the conversation natural. Both sides relaxing into the neutral zone you helped to guide the council and Lords into between luring others from the large guest list into a moment of their own focus of your attention clearly brightening their moods the same as your relatives and the Delacours seemed to pull out of them. Name and influence of this half of your bloodline surely wasn’t missed and even in moments of odds with them you still strove to uphold the names you came from while clearly defending, guiding and teaching the Lords one day to be your husbands. Even in your denials and doubts there was no one more suited in their eyes to bridge the gap or to learn how to aid in ruling the Elves of Greater Greenwood.
Doubts clearly weren’t anywhere close to the impression your family gave on if you could join them, barely seven years and you had silenced any doubts possible of what could have come from their lost daughter’s bloodline. Bad choices and unfortunate circumstances or not through the painful rubble of those lost years and pair of women in their line you were the diamond glimmering out of all of it with Em shimmering all the brighter for your determination to keep her safe. Guests soon left and with a sigh you were up at your room changing back again to your jeans and sweater with wedges added again. A glimpse at the clock showed you still had time and closing your eyes you followed the pull you felt to head to the Pearisiyiae Tomb.
Onto the bench outside of it you sat just talking to your grandmother hoping she was at peace and was content with how you had turned out. A hushed whisper from your mother however in your ear sounded that after years of being back with her family she was ready to talk and they were meeting one another. On your feet you stood trusting that maybe one day she would feel strong enough to let you see her and with a token of her favorite flowers left behind. And just a short walk later you stopped in to leave some flowers for Leta Lestrange as well sharing a few words on how Newt was doing and how much she was still missed and always was spoken of fondly. Zapping back again you wiped the corner of your eye at the tear lingering there and you made sure you had everything then walked down to join the others waiting there to say goodbye while Thranduil kept hold of Em already asleep in his arms and grinned seeing you with them again.
Hugs were traded between respectful nods and wishes for another visit soon from your relatives to the duo on your path to the waiting car. It didn’t take long till you were back on the train again laid out on one of the two beds in the now sleeper car with Em across from the duo grinning in organizing the pictures to share with the boys and Legolas when they returned. Four hours you slept through their elaborate plan of sharing the whole trip and offer to take the boys to the opening of the London Zoo along with the clear way they had decided to bring up the travel papers issue with Elrond and Celeborn. This would all work out, meeting the other Ministers and settling at least a friendship with them as there was little trade needed between your people past curiosity for culture and crafted items. Much like the quartet of animal plushies you had brought back for the boys and Legolas they would surely treasure.
One in the morning the train swayed to a stop and in your groggy blink awake Thranduil cradled Em to his chest and Glorfindel helped you up and kept hold of your hand for the walk back from Lower Bulgaria gaining more stamps for their travel booklets only to walk back into Pumpernickel finding it was raining hard. Hastily Glorfindel hoisted you up in his arms saying, “Off to Greenwood. No risking it, you need to sleep.”
A deep sigh from you came in watching Thranduil behind you using his wrap to keep Em covered from the rain on the eager trot to the arch exiting in the main gardens protected from the same massive storm by the canopy above. All the same eyes lit up and heads bowed seeing the Lords returning, yet in their glances at you the reason for your silence was that you had fallen asleep again making the duo chuckle. Carefully tucked into bed with Em by your side they left you to eagerly bring the pictures and the gazelle stuffie you three had thought Legolas might enjoy. Grinning while holding the gazelle he listened to each of the animals you had seen before inspecting the pictures of the museum exhibits, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower and view from the top of it.
Stories of the set were set aside as Elrond and Celeborn came after receiving notice from him that they had returned early. Inspection of the travel papers were taken and altogether it seemed an agreeable deal for the time being to be counted as allies of your Ministry after the details had been shared word for word how you had described it.
Celeborn, “Was her family more agreeable to Miss Black?”
Thranduil, “They were, us as well.”
Glorfindel, “I believe she might have spoken with them to calm them a bit more.”
Thranduil nodded, “Yes, and for all her doubts on being an acceptable ruler it is quite natural for her to ease two cultures into friendship. It was quite masterful her guidance through dinner with the French Minister and Council and other important people in France with us.”
Glorfindel nodded, “Yes, for what little suspicions we might have had on the Pear clan not accepting Jaqi, they seem to be quite in awe of her among the rest of us. Her Great Uncles even remarked how it would have been perfect for her to even have an inkling of interest in performing when they had first met, but to see just how talented she is in various fields. In my opinion I believe they are starting to see her outside of her grandmother’s shadow.”
Celeborn, “That is magnificent news. How was Cinderella?”
Elrond, “Yes, it was quite short notice to bring you along.”
Thranduil inhaled and decided to share the truth, “There are two kisses filmed in Cinderella,” ticking Elrond’s brow upwards, “Just as in the drawn version and in the play her mother performed in they were brief and chaste, from the angle of the camera, while at our angle it was evidently forced.”
Celeborn, “You both seem calm.”
Glorfindel nodded, “Yes, before her trip Jaqi stated it plainly and laid out the whole protocol involved in filming these sorts of feigned intimacies. Once we got to the village they filmed in we met the man playing the Prince and his husband and their children. All very old friends since their childhoods.” That seemed to calm the other Lords more worried on how their friends would have taken the encounter than anything else.
Legolas wet his lips asking, “It is common for actors to kiss in films?”
Thranduil caught his eye, “Apparently some films can grow quite intimate, even involving faked consummation of relationships. However Jaqi was quite clear she does not accept romance centered scripts, I believe the most she has filmed before was a kiss on the cheek for a child one of her roles tasked her to raise alone after the father had passed in an accident, who was played by a child of a friend hired to play her cousin. It was very comforting how clear she was on the rules and what the role pertained, I do not believe it will trouble us in the future.”
Glorfindel nodded, “And everyone watching the tale was equally swept away with adoration for the new recording of the classic tale. Even filmed out of order from the bits we did see it is quite a task to pull a story together, often Jaqi and Luis, who played the Prince were on opposite ends of the city they were filming in. Most of her scenes we witnessed she was alone or with one or two actors in fact.”
Thranduil, “Not counting the day they filmed the wedding and the ball and then banquet in one day. And they had this carriage chase scene, quite intense at moments, it will be a sight, the day the film is unveiled. A few months I believed they said they could edit it and release it widely through the countries.”
Celeborn, “Was Miss Black able to get much rest?”
Glorfindel, “No, she did however sleep on the ride home again and fell asleep when I carried her from the arches in her lands when we saw it was raining.”
Thranduil, “She is resting in our apartment and has been tasked to return here after school for more rest.”
Elrond, “That is good. I would be lying if I did not state we wish to see just how bright her shimmer will grow when fully rested and adjusted here.”
Pt 31
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wn-daydreams · 6 months ago
A New Beginning
Pairing: Thranduil x reader, Thranduil x OC (Ivorphen)
This can be read as a stand-alone but it can also be read as a part two of ‘I Miss you’.
To say Thranduil is difficult to love is certainly an understatement. While he is a good king, ruling with firmness over Mirkwood, relationship-wise he is akin to a baby learning to walk for the first time. Despite being thousands of years old, he has only been in one relationship and it ended tragically. His first marriage was arranged by his father after the latter saw how much time his son was spending at Ivorphen’s home. He loved her so much that her death affected him so deeply that till this day he finds it difficult to look at Legolas in the eyes without seeing her in him. He was certain that he would never remarry after her but how wrong he was.
He met you when he was on a business meeting in Dale. You were a beautiful and kind florist. He had no intention of stopping and buying flowers but the way you smiled at him when you caught him staring enchanted the self-assured and proud king. He ended up buying a bouquet accidentally. The beauty of the flowers and their natural glow reminded him of the flowers he used to give to his first wife when they were courting. During the whole meeting, he was spacing out, lost in the memories he buried deep within himself. Wherever the council of Dale noticed his lack of reaction and were too polite (or scared of his bad temper) to point it out or they were droning out of focus with how boring the meeting was, will forever be a mystery.
After the meeting, Thranduil made up his mind. He goes back to Mirkwood and shocks his guards when he announces he will be back later, for he has to see someone. He takes off to the direction where his beloved wife is resting, the bouquet in his arms. He kneels on one knee in front of the grave of the Queen of Mirkwood. He kisses the bouquet and lays them gently in front of her grave. “Ivorphen, my dear beloved Ivorphen.” He takes a deep breath, closes his eyes and listens to the sound of the chirping birds as the night sets in. “I apologize for neglecting to visit you all this time. While I know this is no excuse, my heart hurt so much whenever I think of you. I have been a bad father to Legolas. I treated him coldly when he needed me the most and failed in my duties as a father. I can never apologise enough for treating him like this to you and Adar. I hope you will accept these flowers as an apology for my lack of sight over what should have truly mattered. These flowers were sold to me by a stall in Dale. The woman (your name), tending to them was as enchanting as the flowers she was selling. She had the most beautiful (your eye colour) eyes I’ve ever seen. Her smile was as warm as the sun. She was very kind and patient with me when I told her I knew nothing of the language of flowers. I wish to ask you for your blessing. I wish to court her. I think I’m ready to start over once more as you asked me to on your death bed. She won’t be able to replace you but I will love her the same way I used to love you. I will treasure her if she gives me a chance. This is farewell for now my Queen. I must depart before the head of the guards sends a search party for me. I promise I’ll try to visit you more from now on. And who knows? If all goes well with (your name) I’ll properly introduce you two to each other.”
That night, Thranduil dreamt of Ivorphen waving at him on a boat while he was on a beach.
He heads back to the little flower stall the next day, hoping to see you there again despite how early it is. He feels giddy like a high schoolboy. He scoffs at the ridiculousness of the excitement and giddiness he is feeling. ‘For my father’s sake, I’m well past the age of being nervous.’
Surprisingly, you were there in all your glory. An ever-present warm smile lighting up your face. Seeing him approaching with a confident stride, icy-blue eyes shining confidently, despite how nervous he is feeling inside at a possible rejection. His mind is loud, shouting at him to be rational about this situation. ‘She might be already spoken for! You will make a fool of yourself!’ ‘She won’t be interested after seeing your scar! You’re fooling yourself into believing you will be able to charm her! You are not young anymore!’
And as he loses his confidence the more he approaches the stall, you grin at him, eyes shining bright with mirth. “Good morning again my King. Were the flowers to your taste?”
He smiles, feeling less tense at your tone. You don’t seem displeased to see him. “I believe the lady did enjoy them.” He doesn’t miss your slight change in facial expression. Your smile falls but you try your best to be professional. ‘Oh well,’ you think, ‘at least he seems less grim than yesterday.’ He looks over the stall, prepares himself to ask if he could invite you over for a stroll before two ragged kids interrupt him. ‘‘Miss (your name), thank you for yesterday. Big brother seems so much better today!’’ Now it’s Thranduil’s smile which becomes tight. ‘Ah? Could it be their brother is a love interest of yours?’
You ruffled their hair and hand them some bread you seem to have saved for lunch. “Here, take that to your brother. This will help him get better soon.” Both thank you and run off to the direction of their house.
Noticing the sudden tension on Thranduil’s shoulders, you clarify. “They are my neighbour’s brothers. He has fallen sick after working too much and is now recuperating. I’m trying to help these boys since they are orphans.”
Thranduil lets out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding. He still has a chance it seems. The instant disappearing tension leaving his shoulders didn’t go unnoticed by you. Thranduil straightens his posture before giving you his best smile. One that backs in the day used to make many elleths swoon, he muses quietly with an inner smirk. “It seems like you gave away your lunch for a noble cause. I would hate for such an action to go unrewarded. Coincidentally I was on my way to get lunch. Would you do me the honour of recommending me the best place to have lunch so that I can take this beautiful woman in front of me to what I believe your people call a date?”
You hum slightly, pretending to give some thought to the offer even though you are jumping around in joy in your inner world. “Well, when asked like this, it’s hard to refuse. Besides, it’s time for lunch anyway. Come, oh mighty King Thranduil, I’ll make you taste one of the best broths of Dale.”
Thranduil follows after the woman, smiling brightly at the prospect of a bright new beginning.
Somewhere in a field full of blooming sparkling flowers, Ivorphen watches as Thranduil listens intently to you as you tell him one of your funny adventures all around Middle-Earth. His fond smile makes Ivorphen grin. Indeed, Thranduil looks his best when he is genuinely smiling.
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Thranduil skateboarding headcanons
Fandom: lord of the rings
Summary: Thranduil reaction to you skateboarding
Requested by: @non-weeb-phobia Hello (*'ω'*) May I request thranduil x human reader headcanons where the reader often goes skateboarding and is quite good at it. So what would he think of it or would he try it himself? What would he think of the little injuries she sometimes gets from it?🥺👉🏻👈🏻
(F/c)= Favorite color
Tumblr media
Very confused when you walk out of the closet (thats were i keep mine I'm sorry) with a (f/c) board with small wheels on it
Keeps asking why you humans have fun standing on a moving board
Says that he don't like it but he really does just won't say
Gets sacred when you do tricks
You fell when he was watching you one time
After that he trys to get you to stop and let you go horse riding
But finds you the next week on the board again
Gets up set when he sees you on it
Asks you why you mush keep going on it
You ask him why you can't stakeboard
He tells you that he's afraid that your going to get hurt badly
And makes you sware that you won't get hurt
But steel gets up set when you come to bed with cutes from falling or when you guys are in the bath
But also says that he can't stop you from doing what you love
(Sorry if this was short)
(Request are open)
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lovemusic26alwaysblog · 8 months ago
Unfinished tale - Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Lúthien bit her lips aggressively, at his sudden attack. It was unfair. She saw Thranduil was smiling wickedly.
"Would you please?" His lips were drawing the victorious round-curved lines, and he turned his back to her.
Aye. She lose.
She was half, unconscious state. Lúthien knew that she must focus at healing Thranduil; but, his bare, hardened - muscular abdomen was gorgeous, and his hardened back was...
Lúthien gulped unnoticeably, and unwrapped his bandages, on his back.
..Full of cicatrics..
She gulped hardly. She heard that he was laughing, but she ignored. He must be thinking that she was still awed, and gulping by his, this gorgeous looks, but no.
She saw the long, white, thin deep scars was drawn on his back, messing her attentions to every thoughts of his deep wound. His back was literally messed with the scars. She moved her eyes to his opened wound again, and now she realized that why he was hiding his injuries at first.
This, long, deep wounded injury was nothing to him; because of the other ones were much more than that. On his left shoulder, there was short, but deepened cicatrics were shaped. She drawed her finger onto the medical ointment of healing the scars, and touched gently, tracing his every scars on his back quietly with her shaking fingers. He stirred at her sudden touches, but he let her to go on, to undisturb what she was doing.
Lúthien kept spread the bitter scented medicines on his back, every place, where the scars were. The solemn mutuality was crossing between the heavy air. Surely, she could never dare imagine about the life, how he lived; but not much like this. It showed that his life was rather more closed to the fire and brimstone, also with swords and weaponries, than splendid, and well - designed life of the Royal family. To protect his own people. But, alas! He failed at keeping his own family safely. That was the most ironical cruel fates of leader: protecting his people, but can't protect his own people. How Irony.
Exchanging his own beloved everything forcibly, withdrawing himself to protect them, burst into the lonesome burdened place. And left whole alone.
This, was the 'Mutual Truths' of powers of ruling, and the secrets, about the unwanted truths of the King, of the leader.
And, this was the truth of the POWER.
Lúthien thought bitterly. She finished healing his wounds. And she prayed silently, with her all heart.
'May the Valar's blessings would guard, and protect you.' She whispered. She wrapped his wounded back again. And she spoke bit cooly.
"You may wear your clothes, Thranduil. It's done!" She rose up, and put the medical healing herbs, and stuffs into her bag. As she speak a bit loudly, he just laughed lightly.
Lúthien was kept thinking about some gloomy things, which made herself feel pain; but she tried to erase that woe, and did think about her favourite things, that makes feel her more vividly alive.
She hummed the lovely tunes of her favourite songs. And yes, it did work. She chuckled with dreamy thoughts within her, and that makes enough to seem herself as unearthly, freewilling spirit, even to Thranduil.
"What makes you to laugh like that, on a sudden?" Thranduil asked with amused voice to Lúthien, who was now dancing gleefully; spinning around on her spot ridiculously, closing her eyes, in front of his nose.
Lúthien answered with dreaming voices, unconsciously. She chuckled brightly. "Well, I do not know; perhaps because of thinking about my favourite things, I guess? Do you want a join?" She offered her one hand gently, her other hand at her back, bowing to him playfully.
Thranduil's lip drawed a 'smirking smile' lines, gently. Why not.
He took her hand softly, and whispered to her. "I think that was the men's line, I remember." He chuckled.
"Oh, my lord Thranduil, there's no men, and women's works are seperated in here; at least not to me. If men could do, then so does women.
I can do men's, and women's both. And.." Lúthien lead him flawlessly, and glanced Thranduil, who was doing women's line perfectly.
Her warmed hazel eyes had met with his shining ocean eyes together, and soon their eye has drawed the shapes of the upside down crescent moon vividly.
"I think so could you. Look at you, you're already doing it wonderfully! Oh dear Eru, I never knew that this ellon could dance his switched lines perfectly! Who would ever know?" She glanced him with surprise. She literally laughed care freely.
Thranduil watched that her eyelines drew curved lines. He smiled quietly too. Who knew? That they would dance, switching their lines.
There was no music, nor starlights above them, but it was just enough with for their laughters.
For the first time, they threw their each burdens away, which weighed their shoulders heavily, from their hands. It was the first time, he laid his heavy weights of responsibilities as the king down, and just being himself, and laughed carefreely.
Thranduil looked around carefully, checking Lúthien was not here with him. He exhaled deeply, and found the spot where he had transported first. He tried to trace where any signs of magic that lead him to here, from the Dol-Guldur. Perhaps, there could be a connection between place by place. Then, it could be dangerous to her, moreover, to this area.
He inhaled deeply, and closed his eyes gravely. He sensed nothing, and thankfully there was no signs of any dangers, except the some strange light.
Yet, it wasn't strange at all. Rather familiar one.
The light came through the air, and stopped in front of him, and soon he knew why, he had felt familiar. Soon, the light grew more hugely, and turned into the forms of man. Thranduil smirked, and shook his head slightly. He spoke with lowered voice.
"So, after all this time, now you found me." He sneered wickedly.
"You... Ha," The tall silhouette of illusion sighed deeply, on his waist his hand was shuddering with between anger and relief, rubbed his eyes annoyingly.
"You're late, Celeborn."
The silver haired, and tall height of ellon was giving him a 'death glare' sharply.
"Can't you just please stop, being sassy for one moment? Huh? Have you gone mad, because of the wound at Dol-Guldur? Did you think that we would not worry you? WHY. DID YOU NOT. SEND. YOUR. SIGNAL, THAT. YOU'RE. ALIVE, YOU, BAS-"
Thranduil saw that Celeborn was clenching his jaw dangerously. He was pressing his anger, obviously. The smile had drawn upon Thranduil's face. He knew that he's speaking like that, but within those words, he knew there was also genuine concerns about his friend's safety, too. He felt sorry, and grateful together.
"Sorry, Ada." Thranduil smiled lightly, and he knew that would make his friend speechless.
"Where's my shy spring boy? And who's this disgusting autumn man? Ha... never mind..
Anyway, where are you now? Where's here?Seems like you're in the chamber; of course not yours. I have tried to track your traces, but.. some familiar power has already erased on it. Oh, don't avoid my looks, Thranduil. How will you come back? I was going to send Feren to you."
He saw that Celeborn was looking around the place, where he, more specifically, his vision, was standing on.
"I have no idea, either. I was unconscious state for three days, and it is today, that I now woke up from the bed."
"Then, wait- who's with you now? Who the Valar had take care you for? I think I must have to thank for saving my reckless mellon, and.. Thranduil, it can't be..."
Thranduil frowned at Celeborn's startled speechless eyes. What had he seen? He turned his back, to see what he was awed with, but when he did, there was nothing only but loneliness air which was so missed before.
"What were you looking at, mellon nîn. There's nothing."
"There was, and not what; it was who... never mind.." Celeborn murmured silently.
Thranduil ignored his friend's oddity, and kept continued his words. There was no more times, for spending like this. He must seek the way, to return.
"Celeborn, I have to return. There must be more attacks, by some orcs, or uruks from the Isengard. Yes, - the Dol-Guldur has destroyed, but not the rest of the others. We would not know when will the evils of darkness ambush us again. And, I have lost enough."
"Can you exactly tell me where you are? I will ask Elrond for aid."
"I think I'm at in the domains of the lost realm of Arnor,"
"Oh - not there again.."
"No, it isn't."
Thranduil turned his back, sighing. And as he heard the firm voice, which was softened, but it was strict.
"Here's not the Arnor. And, as you expected, my answers as healer, would be, NO." Lúthien said firmly, in the darkness. Which makes enough to frightened at suddenness, but when she lights of her chamber again, she had not found out the strange blurring light.
Thranduil thanked for his friend's prompt decision. He did not want to blush his faces with this problem with her. He only just want one thing: no more losing his own beloved people, which makes him to shut his heart and life from the other's, from the world.
"Lúthien, I know what you have done for me, and I am very grateful with that your kindness; which is I can not delay my departure from here."
"Do what you will, aran nín, but after your wound has healed, or at least sealed. My point is only that. Forgive me for being overeacting. But I do insist you to please take care for your own sake too, Thranduil." Lúthien's eyes were pleading, with worrying. She barely knew what costs with the crown, but strangely she thought that could help this wandering ellon. So this was why, she took cared about for him, more than the other.
Lúthien handed him the two, silvery swords, which were sheathed in it's cover, and gently strode to outside of her room.
"I think you could use my chamber for now; as I don't have the another guest rooms or some of that." As she walked away from him, the only one word from this strange ellon, halted her.
"Lúthien... Hannon le..."
She did not turn herself, but she smirked silently, and responded at his words sacrilegiously.
"Lost mae, hîr nín. Staying in here, doesn't mean that I would not ask for your help while you're with me." As she came out from her chamber, she could hear that he was chuckling lightly.
She scoffed at her words too. But as his laughter echoed in her ears, she had to move her steps away hurriedly.
She grasped her chest desperately. It was choking at for some reason; which she does not know about.
Lúthien... Hannon le... His last words made her heart in pain. Lúthien, was that your truthful heart? Was the reason that you cared about him, who you only met for four days, just for the thought that you might could help him?
"Maybe not.." She mumbled.
The beeping sounds were only that she could hear again. Smoking was filling with the forests again, and also her sights, to blur. And someone was crying painfully again. Again. It was him. And he was alone, again. The dead burnt bodies, which had turned into the ashes, and with someone who was in his arms tightly, with no lifes within.
And death, and fire again.
Again, he was crying.
Again, he was standing along in the fire.
She was crying. Lúthien bit her lips aggressively, and ran outside, insanely. She came out from her couch, and ran outside, through the door, and ran.
"Why, why!!" Why Eru, why me! Who the arda is he!! Why he is always in the flames! And who this man, who's driving me insanely!!
Lúthien sobbed. The moan, which was borne from the tears had grew more aloud painfully. She screamed madly. Her heart was profoundly whimpering at this nonsense.
"Who the hell are you... AAAAAHHH!!!!" She screamed, and sobbed aggressively. Who are you!!!! Why are you making me so hurt this much?!!!
"Why are you crying even at in the fire.. Why are you not running away..." Please don't do this to me, Ilúvatar.. I am very vulnerable to carry this. I am weak.
"Who are you.." Lúthien recalled her dreams again.
Previous: Chapter 3 / Next: Chapter 5
A/N: SORRY, I'M LATE. But thanks for patiently waiting! And always thanks for reading my story!
Sindarin translations
Hannon le - thank you
Lost mae - Sleep well
hîr nín - my lord
Thranduil Tag
Forever Tag
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black-raven-writings · 8 months ago
You: I really like you.
1/2 of Thranduil: Why though?
Other 1/2 of Thranduil: Bitch, of course you do!
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letskidnapsenpai · 9 months ago
Thranduil's s/o dying her hair crazy colour
This was request by one really nice (I realized I don't know gender, I panicked) cookie 🍪 :3 And it took me really long, but here you go :3 (I'm not sure if you want to be tagged, if you have problem with it, I would untag you ^•^) Also it's my favorite s/o from human world au, bcs I think it's the only way Thranduil's s/o can have hair colors ^•^
Tumblr media
• You weren't from Middle Earth, you magically appeared in Mirkwood forest one evening. It was shocking for the elven guards who found you, but it was even weirder for you.
• You were on your way home from work and all of sudden you were in middle of some forest surrounded by some tall, pointed-eared human-like creatures.
• You quickly got used to life in Mirkwood and you even fell in love with the elven king, Thranduil.
• One evening you remembered you had something in your bag, that got teleported with you.
• Thranduil was on council meeting so there was nothing standing between you and your-soon-to-be purple hair.
• You went into the bathroom and you were really thankful it wasn't that type of hair colour you have to mix.
• You started applying the dark purple gel into your hair and after few minutes you were done, you sat on floor and thought about you life back home, while waiting for the colour to apply.
• After what you guess was half a hour you washed it off and your hair had vibrant purple colour. Now you just had to wait for Thranduil to come from his meeting.
• You were about to plan what so say to him when you heard door to your shared chamber open. You felt really nervous when you heard Thranduil call your name.
• He turned around with a smile when he heard door open and close behind you, but the smile quickly changed into shocked expression. He didn't know what to say, so he just stood here with mouth and eyes wide open.
• „Before you say anything, that's normal in my world, we colour our hair to express ourselves or to feel prettier, it will disappear after few months. I had some of the dye in my bag, I still have some left, if you want“ The last one was only teasing, but still Thranduil looked at you in horror upon hearing it.
• „It looks great as everything on you,my love. But try to do this to my hair and I will tell Legolas who ate his food“ He responded with smirk as he examined your hair.
• Eleves will just never walk around with coloured hair, at least until you and Legolas have great idea on how to prank Thranduil.
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lovemusic26alwaysblog · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
•The Lord of the rings/ The Hobbit:
<Unfinished tale> - Thranduil x Main OC (ONGOING)
Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5
Thranduil's lament / Teaser1 / Teaser2
<See you again> - Thranduil x you (reader) /(ONGOING)
Part 1
<Gi melin>
<My heart understands yours>
<Forgive me, my love> (One-Shot)
Forever Tag
Thranduil Tag
Okay guys, if there's anyone who wants to be tagged, to know that particular series of my story has updated, please tell me! I will tag you!😊
Always thanks for reading my works with love and adoration!
Love, lovemusic26always
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lovemusic26alwaysblog · 9 months ago
Unfinished tale - Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Lúthien dropped her bow. She was panicked. She ran toward him, who was asking her to let him go, a minute ago.
The wooden bow has lost it's arrow, and fell down into the hardened ground, as she caught his falling body with her embracing. She caressed his cheek softly, which was washed with dark red bloods, and whispered to him. "Thranduil, wake up. Hey, listen to me-"
But he was not listening.
No, no. Don't give into the darkness.. Please- wait. What-
Lúthien's heart begins to race rapidly. Indeed, there was no time. As she smelled the bitterness of dense blood, she realized that her hands were soaked with fluids. His shoulder was deeply wounded. Very gravely.
No, he could not listen.
Soon, the vast darkness of afraid has surround her, and captured her afraid. Her hand was shuddering with pains of her heart. She was afraid. Of what? What are you afraid of, Lúthien? The questions of her mind troubled her, but there was no time to answer about that. She could not let him go, just like this.
"Thranduil, listen to me. Hear my voice. Can you hear me? Follow my voice, and come back to the light." No, you can not go.
"I will not allow you to just flee like this." Wait. Something was wrong. As her hand senses some strange sensations at his back, her eyes has gone widened. She grabbed his armour, and get off them from him strongly.
There was more. Things were going out of her hand. She gasped.
"Oh no. No.."
There was more grave wound in his back. From his left shoulder to his whole back, was stabbed deeply: his wound has already turned into the black, and so did his skin.The wound was only single, but it was deep. Very. His wound was opened. It was obvious that he was stabbed by the Morgûl's poison.
Athelas. The only thought that crossed her mind immediately.
She need athelas.
She seeked for her sack, which she filled with bunches of the healing plants in yesterday. Thankfully, all of them were kingsfoil.
"Legolas? Ionneg-" Oh dear. Yes, she was definitely running out of time.
She smashed the dried leaves aggressively, soon the scents of it's bitterness has spread into the air vastly, as she spread the pieces of healing plants on his enormous wound neatly, on his bare back.
"no, no..." He was crying. He was pleading to someone in his head, desperately. With tears. As his breathing fades gradually, Lúthien's heart pounded more rapidly. He was looking illusions of Mordor.
"please.. not, not her.." His panicked face was painted with white, the death. He was murmuring with cracked voices, the desperate pleas with dropping tears from his eyes.
"Menno o nin na hon i eliad annen annin; hon leitho o-ngurth." Lúthien whispered softly.
"Come back to the light, Thranduil. Hear my voice, and follow. Follow my voice, and come back to the light; where you were belonged to." Please. There's no way. Valars of the middle earth, hear my plea. Please.
And no returns at all. None of them.
The moon and stars were gone, including their blessed lights. No. Please listen to my pray. The darkness has shown itself again.
Lúthien glanced the black skies with torment, and she held Thranduil tightly, who was dying in her arms. Soon, instead the numbness of darkness, the tears with desperate daylights of warmth had filled into her warm-dark eyes.
"Save him please.. It is my one last desire." She cried out in silent.
"What grace has given me, let it pass to him. Let him be spared." Her tear falls onto his red blooded wound, and the black flooding bloods mingled with the silent tears. The pure tear drops on white cheek rolled down into his wound, and merged within.
No one was listening at this desperate longings for help, except the only one. The bright, cold gleaming lights of evenstar were shining upon them. To protect the only hope from the world of darkness, when there was none.
"Let him live. Let mine pass to him. Took the blessed lifes of Eldar's grace of mine. Not his. Save him please. I beg you."
"Let him live." She closed her eyes with grief.
The final words rolled down gravely as her single tear borne with urge onto him.
The grave voice has filled in dark, neutral airs of this numbed hall. His voice with ringing echoes pierced the every kindreds heart, but not this time. It has flipped.
"Rise up, the most beloved child of Eru Ilúvatar." The voice demand silently, but there was the grief within, which can not hide from it. But there was no returning. Only the griefs which can not be hidden inevitably has remained at the hall, and answered with not responding.
"And the one who became hope, itself. The one who beloved to every Valars of Arda. Open your eyes." It was the moment that only when the death has perished away from the voice, filled within the generosity instead, and the one last time that Death took his pity on the life ever.
It was not the first time that he had rose from his throne, but it was for the first time, that he offered his hand to rise up.
"Your desperate plea will be fulfilled." He, the great ruler of death spoke gently. As his word continues, the lightless beacon of life was lit, once again. He smiled with woe.
"You two shall be binded again, by with the blessings of Lady Varda and Lady Nienna." It was the first time that Death was motivated vigorously with Life's passion. Death genuinely smiled as he was glad that he could give her a chance to live. But the inevitable foe always came at last.
"If you chose to be retrieved, than you shall. But there must be the price of the life which you have wasted it. The cost which you just throw your own life away to the death. Choose. What will you exchange it for." It was the bitterness of Life's tragic fate, that Death took a pity on it.
He could not give it all. That was the rule, which applies equally to everyone, in this world; in this arda.
"What will you choose?"
He chuckled sadly. He was so sorry to her, that he could only give her this. As the gaps between the words and words grew more, he can not erase the bitter thoughts about, this peculiar one. She was not different at all: with other greedy ones, who avoids to deal with the truth. She was just like them. He thought.
"I will give you my everything; my memory."
"Your everything?" Death asked to life. He was surprised.
Memory. He chuckled. Soon, he recalled someone same as her. There was someone before her, who bargained with him, few millennia ago; bargained with Death to retrieve her beloved one again. Mostly they were same, but wholly they were different.
"I can give you my everything to return, even what if may costs. But I have nothing. Except my memories. I know, it's bit unfair to you. But, you could use my memory for weaving. And you could use as for the-"
"I did not ask for the usage of your memories. It is the reason which I wish to know.
Why but memory." He asked.
"It is the most precious to me beyond measure, that I could give you. It is the evidence of the hope, which was my own guidance to the light. With this, I could bear every torments of foe's. I could stand every darkness of the world's. Memory is the gift that you had gave me. Thank you.
And I have no choice. This is what all I have." Life bowed to Death genuinely, with all heart.
He was speechless. There was no lie in her. But when the trade comes with the memory, it was dangerous.
"You will linger on in darkness and in doubt. As night falling winter has come without a star; everything will be left, doomed to be fade. Why do you linger here, when there's no hope?" Death spoke hurriedly to her, to warn her.
But as Life watched him, she grinned with grief in her eyes, yet that makes her shines brightly.
"There is still hope. Yet the vast darkness of the doubt spreads unto the world, day by day, but still the hope exists. Still it remains.
My hope is not faded away, so does my sentiments: nothing, but my heart will remember.
If I leave him now, I will regret it forever." This, giving her memory up, was her choice. Death gazed her with an awe.
He asked to her lastly. "Still, after all this time?"
She smiled.
Thranduil opened up his eyes in pain. He whined with uncomfortable feelings. He was lying on his stomach at bed, with unclothed upper torso.
He groaned, as he realized that he was wearing nothing only but his trouser, thankfully. He tried to rise himself up, but that was very hard to be done. So thus, he failed.
Alas! He cannot do anything, til someone help him to rose.
He tried once more to get up, he clenched his hand, and his teeth aggressively. And at last! He could finally rise from it.
He glanced his chest and shoulder, which was swathed with white long bandages, but no white anymore. It turned into the dark scarlet, because of his injury.
"Ha-" How could he just transported to here like this? It was beyond of his power. Even Galadriel can not teleport herself willingly. He sighed and get upped from this fuzzy bed.
He must return, but.. how?
Thranduil sighed. Dazzling morning sunshine crawled into the opened window silently, to warm up the cold land. Following by warm breeze, the sweet scents of sprouts came forth to ease his wandering anxious heart.
"From darkness, I understand the night"
He heard the voice, which makes him in awe. Who might be this one? And there was only one, who could sing like this at in the utmost dark times.
"The trees which I used to know, are now gone"
Thranduil hurried himself to look for his tunic, which he was wearing, before he became unconscious. He knew this voice. No, he know.
"At the edge of the dooms, I saw the light"
As he found his well - folded clothes, he weared it with haste. He knew this voice, and grew to know, grew to- His heart begins to race. He buttoned his wearer very rapidly.
"As the dark grows, the gift turns into the fright-"
The voice was beginning to fade away. It was gradually fading. As the beautiful voice decreases slowly, some urgent step followed the fair sound.
"O Elbereth, the shining star! I rely the world's fate on your lights"
He urges to listen this voice for one last time more.
"I laid my heart onto this middle-earth, as I trust the hope."
So do I. Thranduil hastened his steps.
Lúthien stopped her song. She looked around the trees that are now numbness, and not responding to her songs with gentle whispers as old days.
She stepped toward into the Mallorn tree, and laid her hand on it's enormous branch. She closed her eyes, and whispered into.
"The darkness will fallen. I won't let them make you suffer. Estelio nin, mellon nín." She kissed to that lifeless body of nature's. There was no respond. The world has changed. She sighed.
She looked around the forest, which she was standing in. It may could seem alive, but it was not. It's gradually dying. There was no more lights on this world, that she used to know, and grew to love at last.
"I amar prestar aen" She mumbled.
The sun was shining at all above this land, but it was not same as before. It was different. Sun was cold. There was no warmth in it. Gradually it fades away. And as she thought about that, soon she reminds someone, who was losing his life into the darkness. She worried about Thranduil all day. Thankfully, he did not give up. He endured.
He had suffered for almost three days, unconsciously. First day, his body was gravely burning up, which seemed that he could not make it. As he sweated too much, she rubbed his forehead gently with warm wet cloth. His breathing was still very weakened. She held his hand, which was very cold, as opposed to his burning body. She shed her tears for his sake.
As each night passes; which was very hard times to him, even to her, gradually his fever falls. Every time when he suffers, Luthien was there for him together. At every night.
She want nothing, only but his safety.
'Let him live. Let him came back to me.' Her tear released from her pray, she was holding his hand with desperate hope.
'I beg you, please let him return to me.'
She sighed as relieved that he was alive. She smirked. She recalled the first time when he raised his hands above him, with confused eyes.
"'Vigorous Spring', that fits with him well." Lúthien smiled lightly.
She walked unconsciously, not knowing even that she has been watched. She hummed silently, and watched that the sun has already rose highly above her head. She has to return; she had left him so long. Perhaps he has awakened. She gasped, and blame herself that she was drowned at her minds again and make her steps rush into er house.
And she bumped into something hardened.
She heard someone's groaning. She rubbed her forehead aggressively. Her head was ringing.
As she lifted herself up, to apologise, but she froze.
"Oh, I'm sorr-"
"Are you alright?"
Valar. It was him.
Lúthien's eyes has widened as she felt that her face was burning. Why does he make her blush like this. She wished that he had missed her cheeks had blushes into scarlet red.
But, it seems that can't be happen.
"It seems you're quite distracted." Thranduil was smiling lightly with amused eyes.
His bright eyes were already gleaming with mischief.
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letskidnapsenpai · 9 months ago
Thranduil with s/o from this world HC
It looks like you really liked my last lotr HC so, here you go with Thranduil HC :3 And I would love some requests for him, or for anybody else from my list :3 Also, I know my english is sometimes kinda bad, but it's my second language and I'm still not perfect at it, event though I'm trying ^•^
Tumblr media
• He found you one day sleeping in forest while he was riding on his elk. He was curious about your weird clothes, so he took you to the castle with him and he let you sleep in the royal chambers.
• He ordered everyone to treat you the best and he was there the whole time you were sleeping.
• After you woke up, he asked you where you're from and you had to explain everything about your world and how you got to Mirkwood.
• He called Gandalf to his kingdom, so he can find way to take you back home. Unfortunately, there was no way to take you back home.
• You started to get used to Middle-earth. You started working in the gardens, even when Thranduil told you don't have to.
• Thranduil started to feel something towards you, but he was still in love with his dead wife, so he pretended he doesn't feel anything.
• You befriended Legolas and you two spend a lot of time together, Thranduil got a bit jealous of his son and wanted to get to know you better.
• He started visiting you in evenings, he always bought dinner and ate with you, at first you were shocked, but you slowly got used to the king's company.
• He started giving you little gifts, that got bigger, it started with flowers and after a while it was common to find box with fancy dress or jewelry.
• Thranduil was slowly getting to his old self, he weren't so cold anymore and the forest started to get better too.
• One day he took you for ride on his elk in the forest and on the place he found you, he confessed his feelings for you.
• He started courting you and he soon announced to the whole kingdom then you'll be the new queen of Mirkwood.
• Everybody was happy for their king to finally be happy again and Legolas was happy for his father too. Even though it was a bit weird for Legolas to imagine his father with somebody else then his mother, be knew then you truly love his father and you will be good queen.
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Hi! Can you pretty please do a Thranduil x reader where the reader braids his hair, but like a human way of Dutch braids and stuff? Idk where I’m going with this but I feel like thranduil with Dutch braids would be fun
Hiii :3 I hope then what I googled as Dutch braids is what you meant ^•^ Also, I don't know if you want headcannons or drabble, but I'm felt like this will be better as drabble so I did drabble, I hope you would like it :3
Thranduil with Dutch braids
Tumblr media
You were human, and you weren't from middle-earth, Legolas found you in forest one day while he was on patrol and he took you to his father's castle to explain everything to both you and Thranduil.
You fastly befriended the elven prince and after some time, you and Thranduil started spending time together too. You helped in castle to show everybody your gratefulness for letting you stay here, you were guard and you often went to patrols with Legolas.
One day Legolas weren't there and you got lost. Thranduil went to find you as soon as he found out, but you were nowhere to find. He found you few hours later and you were deeply wounded. He took you to the royal wing and he had the best medics take care of you, he was there the whole time, making sure you are treated goodly.
When you woke up, he confessed his feelings and asked to court you. You said yes and you were both happy, but in the back of Thranduil's mind was a bit of fear, courting for elfs means braiding the others hair and after his wife's death, he didn't braided his, nor he let somebody braid it. Was he ready for this?
After some time, he made his mind. He was ready to have his hair braided again. He sat on his bed and waited for you to start with traditional elven braids, what he didn't expected was then you had different plan. You knew then he expected some traditional elven braids, but it was too boring for your liking, you wanted something unique. „I was thinking and I don't want to do braids that have other elfs, I want to do something different, something from my world, can I?" You asked while combining Thranduil's hair and he got a scared, but he trusted you, so he let you began.
When you were finally ready, you handed Thranduil mirror and he slowly looked at what you did to his beautiful hair. It looked horrible, the braids weren't so bad, just on him it looked horrible, but he knew you tried and he didn't wanted you to feel bad. „It's beautiful, than you my love" He smiled at you and turned around so he can kiss you.
Knocking on door interrupted you. „I'm sorry to interrupt you, my king, but you need to go to council meeting" Servant announced and left. Thranduil turned to you and gave you annoyed look, before he left.
Thranduil went to the council meeting with the braids, everybody looked at him weirdly, Legolas laughted and Thranduil looked even more annyed then ever.
After some time, Legolas left the council meeting, becouse he had "some important things to do". Actually, he sneaked into your room with laughter. „I told you then he will the you yes to everything" He said while closing the door behind him. „I didn't expected him to actually go somewhere with this on head" You were laughing, but inside you were really happy then Thranduil loved you that much then he embarrassed himself just so you will be happy.
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